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Amtrak App

Discover the convenience of traveling with Amtrak. With the Amtrak app you can get simple and intuitive access to all the travel information you need, whenever you need it. • Show your eTicket while onboard, including multi-ride and monthly passes - no need to print • Purchase one-way, roundtrip, multi-ride and monthly tickets • Check train status • Search for station information • Send your eTicket to Apple Wallet • And so much more... With the Amtrak app, you can do it all right from your smart device.

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Amtrak app reviews

  • Terrible useless confusing 1/5

    By TWhitt2057145
    This app seems emblematic of the way AMTRAK runs it’s railroad, confused and in efficient.
  • Lacking 1/5

    By hunt12z1
    The app should automatically populate your reservations if that reservation has your frequent traveler number like every other airline or hotel app
  • Not bad...but not great 3/5

    By iNAN3 SOLDi3R
    Please add a search by flexible date function. Its a bear to search day by day just to build an itinerary. A feature that lets us see when the next train +/- 2/3 days would be great. Also the ability to search the stations across the country, link to their website or community homepage so we can see the things to do in that area. Thank you and I hope this app keeps improving!
  • Useless, never returns a schedule 1/5

    By Forlorn traveller.
    Give it all the information it asks for and then be prepared to wait. And wait. And wait. Don’t bother waiting, it will never return a train schedule. Use the web app instead. Even that is difficult to navigate, but it will at least return an answer. Eventually.
  • Amtrak 1/5

    By usntifkd
    App is fine. Services offered are horrible. Used multiple times and always late. Rent a cab or drive yourself.
  • Apple Pay - It’s 2019 1/5

    By Zachary from Providence
    As someone who uses this app multiple times a week, it’s absurd that I can’t use Apple Pay - or at the very least save a payment method
  • Basic functionality ok but 3/5

    By ffs nicknames taken
    Cancelled train shows as “no status” Used 10 rides clog up the ticket list until they expire Sigh.
  • Every app has option to save credit cards, Amtrak 2/5

    By Summit train rider
    When you want to buy a ticket, you have to enter your credit card information again and again. How come there is no wallet option to save credit cards?
  • Can’t delete unwanted former stations 1/5

    By Niskayuna500$$
    This app is just poor...
  • Very quick! 4/5

    By RobertQwerty
    Much better than the old app I used a couple of years ago. I would make a couple of suggestions: 1. Integrate Google sign-in, and other cloud authentication systems. 2. Integrate Apple Pay, and other payment methods that don’t involve using a conspicuous piece of plastic to conduct transactions.
  • Save CC info please 3/5

    By CoachStacey
    When flying on airlines where I’m a frequent traveler, their apps save all my info. The Amtrak app makes me enter my cc info and address EVERY time, even though I’m a frequent traveler .... way too time wasting when I’m buying 1-2 tickets a week.
  • App Falls Way Short 1/5

    When an itinerary seatch doesn’t work the app just says try again. It doesn’t display results that match as closely as possible. How can I change dates and try again when I don’t know the schedules! Give me as closely matching results as possible!
  • Please add Apple Pay! 4/5

    By Tjseena
    I like the convenience of the app which I use daily. And from a security perspective I like that they don’t save my credit card data. But I really wish I could purchase with ApplePay so I don’t have to enter credit card info every couple of weeks for a new 10 trip pass.
  • log in issues 1/5

    By bsr_lwll
    Never let me logged in.
  • Very poor 1/5

    By rrggss22
    Please...if you’re going to put this out for use, fix it! Calendar doesn’t accept changes, cannot change # of pax. It goes on and on. I do hope you manage your trains better than this!
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By Flyballokc
    I would love to use this app, but good grief
  • Horrible UX 1/5

    By PaDutchBoy
    You need to accept Apple Pay in this day and age. App is down often and difficult to log into.
  • Need to allow credit card number to remain persistent 2/5

    It’s a pain to enter it every time. Also, there’s minimal online help. And navigation is not particularly intuitive.
  • ALMOST useless 1/5

    By NeverEnoughToys
    This app is not useful. I have to track down my reservation number just so I can put that and my email address into the app so it can search for my reservation. Seeing your current reservation is a core function of ANY airline/train/bus app. In fact, I may as well just print the eticket since I need the reservation number anyway! Disappointment continues.
  • Can’t select stations 1/5

    By William-W
    Unusable version. It won’t even let me select stations for travel.
  • Very incomplete. 1/5

    By GaryWGut
    I can’t pull up invoices. Tried to change password gave up after three minutes. Can’t see all reservations or specify a time period. Look at any airline and follow them.
  • didnt show me all available routes 3/5

    By corcordium
    it said most of the times were booked for certain days but when i went on the website, i had no problem finding times i needed. the app is okay overall but that was weird
  • Clunky, but it works 4/5

    By Brobdignagian
    The app looks like a phone app on my iPad. The buttons to move from one screen to another when booking a trip are hidden under the on-screen keyboard, so I have to hide the keyboard to move on. The app doesn’t seem to remember my credit card information from one trip to the next, so entering the information each time is tedious. But unlike another commenter, it has allowed me to use two different cards to successfully purchase several different trips. What I would really like is the ability to use Apple Pay to purchase trips with my fingerprint. Tl;dr: The app is a little clunky, but it gets the job done. Apple Pay, please!
  • Please make this app better! 1/5

    By amtrackappisbad
    Old versions of airline apps are way far advanced. Get with the times!!!! Can’t save a credit card. Can’t find past reservations while logged u see your member number. I could go on and on...
  • Convenient, but needs improved payment options 4/5

    By MerryWeather610
    I book and manage my Amtrak travel via the mobile app, and love the convenience. It would be great if it could store payment info, e.g. credit card numbers, accept Apple Pay, and/or integrate with iOS-managed payment info. Having to enter my credit card info each time I book travel is somewhat painful.
  • Unreliable 2/5

    By Tyler jim bob
    The app consistently reports the train “on-time” regardless of the true status. Even when you are AT the station waiting, the train is nowhere in sight, the app will show “on-time”.
  • Need to save payment info 1/5

    By Lorynmm
    Need to have option to save payment so quicker When you have to purchase a ticket often
  • Less reliable than Amtrak itself 1/5

    By Valerie Larkin
    This app is worse than useless. I attempted to establish a rewards account, which it supposedly lets you do. That didn’t work; I had to go to the website. Then I attempted to book a round-trip reservation. After selecting the trains, entering my personal and payment info, etc.; the app just hung up. I ended up purchasing my tickets by phone, like in the old days.
  • Extremely poor 1/5

    By tryke peddler
    Had use the phone to make a reservation, after an hour of trying I called and the agent and after a half hour he got me a reservation, it was hard for him, DO NOT MAKE NEW AND IMPROVEMENTS ANY MORE!
  • Doesn’t want my money. 1/5

    By mirywi
    Will not allow me to buy. Gets stuck and tells me how to add an international credit card which I’m not using. Insists I live in Alabama which I do not. Infuriating app
  • Train routes and multiple routes will 1/5

    By nhonj
    The app does not provide for different routes on a round trip or the ability to select a route. Multiple stops cannot be selected.
  • Website needs improvement 1/5

    By aartuo
    Can’t find driving directions to pick up a rider !!!!
  • Impossible to book 1/5

    By afteezy
    App never completes a search. Error message every time.
  • Unsurprisingly poor 1/5

    By Chrisalista
    I don't know who runs Amtrak but so far everything they do is of a shockingly poor quality. This app is no exception. Poor user interface (better than previous version), no ability to save your credit card info, buggy. How can we get the Scandinavians to take over our train line?
  • Old app was better 2/5

    By jb302
    Why can’t you change the dates for train status anymore ?
  • Freezes when checking status 1/5

    By Derbina
    This app has had various problems over the years. I thought it had finally improved but now it can’t check the status of my train. Always something with this app.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Gusanote888
    This app needs a lot of work to fix it!!! Horrible experience!!!
  • A few changes is needed 4/5

    By Epmepm
    Over all the app works great. The only grip I have is do not allow you to pay using your points. Unless I am missing it.
  • Does not allow passengers with disabilities to request assistance 1/5

    By mdwilson58
    I ave difficultly walking and need wheelchair or golf cart assistance to track and use one of the portable lifts to board. No way to request assistance as you can when purchasing airline tix. You have to call, hold and talk to an often confused person.
  • Not enough info 2/5

    By Babs or Bobbi
    App doesn’t say the stops the train will make. Doesn’t say how long to next stop. Doesn’t update automatically.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By Friendly Findley
    First I tried changing the number of passengers from 1 adult to 1 senior. After having it change back to one adult three times I figured there were no Senior Citizen discounts and wondered why they even showed that option. Then I tried to enter the dates. I think this app was designed to see how high it can cause someone’s blood pressure to raise. I entered the depart date as 20 January 2019 and the return date as 3 February 2019 using the little calendars they provide. These dates showed up where they were supposed to, however over to the far right is a box that says Today. If you tap on it to change it the only other option is Tomorrow. Ignoring that and just tapping on Find Trains you get a message saying something like you can’t leave and return on the same day. Please consider changing one of the dates. I would recommend saving storage space on your device by not downloading the app and just go to
  • Persistent Bugs mar some potential 3/5

    By xplosneer
    This app has had the time zones coded for Eastern for at least a year, which makes the departure notifications essentially useless. The ticket screen should be condensed because all of the self-ads get in the way and you have to scroll if you have any transfers.
  • Poor app navigation 2/5

    By Joaznit2win
    When in settings trying to check status you can’t close out to return back to homepage
  • Doesn’t work often 1/5

    By Howsey12
    Frustrating when you try to book a trip and it searches and searches and searches and searches and searches and searches
  • Needs work 3/5

    By BeastCoast
    I use this almost daily. The most frustrating issue is the inability to save a payment method on the app. This requires me to whip out my card and enter it every time. Please make it possible to save a card. Also, the instructions on the Amtrak website for using coupons/upgrades are completely out of date and nonsense. There is no “modify” anywhere on the app, just “change ticket” which is scary when you’re just looking for an upgrade and don’t want to lose your reservation by mistake!
  • This app is a joke 1/5

    By Ryan Maloney
    You cannot even select your station when trying to book a train.
  • AMTRAK needs work 2/5

    By vivafelis
    Navigating the app is difficult - can’t update phone - need information to access reservations when logging in should be sufficient - terribly useless error messages - etc.
  • No longer shows room/car info 2/5

    By Vfx pro
    While I like a lot of the updates, the app and e-tickets shared with Wallet no longer show reserved seat number, car, or room number. Annoying to have to ask at the station each time.
  • Unable to select departure city 2/5

    By Rura1234
    I am unable to book ticket through the app. Selecting departure and arrival city through list are map are unselectable and hence unable to book tickets at all.

Amtrak app comments

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