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Amtrak App

Discover the convenience of traveling with Amtrak. With the Amtrak app you can get simple and intuitive access to all the travel information you need, whenever you need it. • Show your eTicket while onboard, including multi-ride and monthly passes - no need to print • Purchase one-way, roundtrip, multi-ride and monthly tickets • Check train status • Search for station information • Send your eTicket to Apple Wallet • And so much more... With the Amtrak app, you can do it all right from your smart device.

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Amtrak app reviews

  • Thanks for hiding the cancel button! 1/5

    By BrooklynChris
    What started out as a decent app years ago has just gotten worse and worse with each iteration. With the latest, the cancel button is buried beneath 3 taps and a left swipe. Took me 10 minutes to find it, plus my reservation made on the mobile app doesn’t even appear on the website, where it might have been easier to cancel.
  • Amtrak Fail 1/5

    By tunesquid
    Amtrak's app is ridiculous. I don't even know where to begin. Leave it to a federal holding to mess up a simple travel app. I take the Acela twice a week and am an Select Executive Amtrak traveler, so I see a lot of what Amtrak does, almost none of it is good. Let's start with the option of being able to store your credit card information, but why would I since I don't trust the site?
  • Rate App 1/5

    By Lima4E
    The app is very bad. Cant book trips, cant access Rewards. Never works as it should neither does booking online. I was able to book online in the past but not since changes were made to the web site. After 20-30 minutes of attempts, I wind up calling then attempt to use voice prompts and finally break down and request a live person. That service always works and is the best!
  • A mess 1/5

    By cwtravels
    I’ve tried to view my reservation and it will not show in the app. I tried the search feature with reservation number and email, as well as the My Trips, yet they cannot find my trip. I verified with my ticket that my member number matches the one on the app. A bad experience so far.
  • Worst app 1/5

    By Hector Borges
    This app is a waste of patience and phone storage. Won’t let me buy tickets, keeps saying the service “timed out”. Won’t send updates if train is running late, doesn’t update my rewards; literally useless.
  • Nearly useless 1/5

    By onthetee
    I can sign in on the website but not here. No one seemed to be able to help. Can’t get my online tickets. Worthless
  • Where is the Information? 1/5

    By Camry full tank
    I was always able to track a train with the old app. This is useless!
  • Payment 2/5

    By consultant S
    App has no link to Apple Pay and doesn’t store credit card info securely. For a weekly rider, re-entering every time I book one way trips through the app is annoying at best. Also doesn’t show purchases from work app and often points don’t post so must call to update. Fixing this would improve rider satisfaction and decrease time spent on calls or dealing with customer service (another issue). Improved employee productivity could result and rider satisfaction could improve too. Better brand recognition could improve Amtrak’s bottom line so money could better be spent elsewhere (like for safety initiatives!).
  • Eh 3/5

    By Rmac139126123
    Its just not designed well. I do like when you hit the ticket that the screen goes full brightness. But other than that its not designed well.
  • Misinformation is worse than no information 1/5

    By lakskfjgngngksksbfb
    Doesn’t save your credit card. Miles are WAY off (showing 24k on one phone, 26k on another and 47k when I login to the website). This is basic stuff..
  • Buggy 1/5

    By Angus Davis
    Latest bug that is annoying is that throughout the app when you open a modal (example: check status of your train), it shows the “Done” button in top right corner to dismiss the modal but the Done button appears outside the app area and overlays on top of the iPhone XS Max battery and WiFi indicator. iOS doesn’t let you tap that area and so it’s impossible to dismiss the modal by tapping done. So have to force quit the app. Such a joke. Appears app has not been tested on XS Max.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By logan$morgan
    Can’t even create the account to get it started
  • Worst travel app I’ve ever seen... 1/5

    By waryappuser
    I just downloaded this app and linked my rewards number. Wow is this app terrible. The trip history and rewards balance aren’t even accurate and don’t refresh for trips you’ve taken, despite the activity and points reflecting in the online portal. How hard can this possibly be? What is the point of this app if you cannot even access your up to date member benefits information?
  • Does not sync 2/5

    By real stnkychezman
    I changed a return trip at the station and the app will not update to reflect the change
  • Please add a feature to save credit car payment 2/5

    By nicakahs
    Needs a feature to save creditcard payment. Also when finding train status( please add what track number to find the train and add the option on the homepage to search by origin/ destination OR train number to eliminatemultipletouchpoints by the user
  • Get the Delta App vendor 1/5

    By TyCarterBK
    This is the worse. Nothing populates except for when you purchase a ticket.
  • Needs to remember credit card settings 3/5

    By TimPash
    I am always on the go and reserving whatever train is closest to leaving when I arrive. The fact that the app doesn't remember my corporate card data is really annoying. I haven't committed it to memory (shouldn't have to) and the app makes me key it in every time. This seems like it would be a simple fix.
  • No access to acct info 1/5

    By MTA321321
    Forced to update app and now I can’t log onto acct through the app. Just keeps taking me back to login screen - I use same login info to access info on my computer web browser. Unfortunately you also can’t access trips you book on Amtrak website when you go into app and vice verse. So ridiculous.
  • New User Bad App 2/5

    By CaliChick00
    I’m new to using Amtrak and the app is missing a lot of great features and the scroll doesn’t work all the time. I have to force quit the app. It would be great if the app showed the train location in real time because you can’t always hear the conductor.
  • Broken UI 1/5

    By ushika
    (Still) Can not scroll on status & search results screens. Also cannot click done/next options at the top of screen. Forced to close and reopen the app each time the status is checked.
  • Scrolling does not work 1/5

    By familypink
    Please fix the scrolling on the status page asap!!!!
  • Barely ever works 1/5

    By Rob H.
    On the rare occasion this app actually works it’s fine. However, it is very inconsistent and most of the time you’ll find yourself running into nonsense error messages or loading screens that don’t actually bring you anywhere.
  • Here is how to increase customer satisfaction 3/5

    By elawyer
    Only do one upgrade per year but do a great one. Annoying to update weekly for almost NO significant improvements.
  • Poor App 1/5

    By SharahJones
    Too many kinks in this app. It doesn’t recognize my username and password now. Says it is sending me a confirmation email to reset but the email does not arrive, in any of my filtered mail files. Different portions of app stop working. Slow to load. Cannot perform all of the functions It advertises.
  • Would be nice if the app would open 1/5

    By Dr.Duck
    Interesting app, wonderful splash screen to start, but the application just hangs and will not open.
  • Amtrak app 1/5

    By Harry_m 3/12/16
    Complete crap - doesn’t work. Waste of time. Worse than their web site. It’s no wonder they’re losing money. Can’t capture a customer even if the customer is motivated. Ah well...
  • Needs Apple Pay 2/5

    By Koranek
    I have to enter my payment information every time I buy tickets :(
  • Marginal 3/5

    By San Diego small business
    App is just marginally better than using my phone to go to the website. Wish it saved credit card info or tied in to Apple pay.
  • Cant scroll 1/5

    By nppr8
    Last update can scroll down on tickets and status screen!!!!
  • App Keeps Crashing! 1/5

    By ViPeR GtsR831
    The app won’t open on an iPhone XS Max. It keeps crashing at the point of initializing.
  • Needs a few more features 3/5

    By Johnkl333
    It’s disappointing that the app won’t update your miles. It’s also frustrating that you can’t save a credit card to the app so you can simply process the request for a ticket instead of having to enter your credit card information all the time. I’m guessing it’s because there’s very little security around the app and they don’t want to develop it further because of the cost associated with securing that level of detail.
  • Broken but forced update now 1/5

    By pL86
    As so many other recent reviews have been saying, the developer broke something as fundamental as scrolling starting in version 3.2.3. They have yet to notice or fix it since they’ve since released version 3.2.4 without fixing the scrolling problem. Now in a move seemingly intended to abuse users even more, they have now mandated older versions of the app which still have working scrolling must update to the latest broken version. Given the choice between a broken app from developers who don’t care and not using the app at all, I’m deleting the app from my phone.
  • Keeps freezing. VERY buggy. 1/5

    By AEC NYC
    Screen keeps freezing! Can’t scroll down, which is particularly annoying since the “accept Amtrak’s terms and conditions” button is slightly below what displays on the check out screen.
  • Inflexibility 2/5

    By 925scooby
    This app doesn’t allow you to update your profile with new information
  • Scrolling still broken! 2/5

    By majime.koala
    As a regular commuter, checking status is critical, however scrolling is broken. The only way to do it is: search for trains between two stations, press the Home button to minimize the app, and then bring the app up again. (iPhone 8 with latest OS).
  • Few useful features 2/5

    By Joe Strauss
    Still not much going on here. My guest rewards balance is still wrong. My TQPs are wrong. I have to re-enter my credit card number every time I buy tix. I still can’t book reward travel in the app. Still no status alerts in the app. My pass doesn’t show up on my watch for quick access. Other than that it’s great. I guess at least it’s not buggy.
  • Needs more functionality 1/5

    By jackson157
    1. Should be able to update changes made online to reservations in close to real time. 2. Should be able to send reservation details to a calendar/email from the app. 3. Should be able to send duplicate receipts to email from the app or have them stored to download online. The need to email for a duplicate receipt is tedious and with as many business travelers on the train daily seriously the app should be able to link directly to the top 3 expense apps.
  • Buggy 2/5

    By nickname4689328
    It’s difficult to modify a ticket. Once you select the revised date it just takes you back to the home screen.
  • Very confusing App 1/5

    If you think the website is hard to use.... I couldn’t even get registered without 4 attempts and finally decided not to trust site
  • Unusable, a horrible app!! 1/5

    By allweatherforever
    Worst app I’ve ever tried to use!!!
  • Needs more features 3/5

    By kburkenheim
    Can’t track train. Does not show route
  • Not great 2/5

    By Cats12345678936474
    Downloading tickets to apple wallet does not work, and train statuses never update.
  • Many usability problems; no iPad support 2/5

    By memocoder
    This app would benefit by systematic functionality testing and user testing. it is getting better, but it has interaction problems, it doesn’t always refresh, and it needs to be more context aware. (For example, it should warn you if you are making plans for a time when you already have tickets.). It should remember information for your fellow co-travelers. It should work with Apple Pay. My latest big gripe: the app does not work on an iPad.
  • Mediocre 1/5

    By funny cant exit
    Can’t scroll can’t save information. Hit the Done sign nothing happens trying to change my address. But I can book here. That is something.
  • Can’t find way to Filter results when booking 3/5

    By Mi4owen
    Surely this is a functionality? Because I could not find this option for the life of me and have to scroll through some 50 results for a given route on a given day.
  • Train status is buggy 1/5

    By cudmore2000
    I need to check arrival time of a train at a particular station for my daily commute. Using the status to check trains arriving at a station only works once. Next time you check you can not scroll through the results. Just updated hoping it would fix and is still broken.
  • Amtrak app is horrible 1/5

    By jalaniiiiiiiiii
    Needed to buy a ticket so I downloaded the app but it kept giving me errors. Not worth the download
  • Latest Update HOPELESS 1/5

    By Hugalex
    Can’t decide what’s worse customer service or this app. Then latest update does not update your miles, does not open the upgrade option on current reservations and many other features. The mobile app is essentially useless. Customer service is even worse. . . .when querying this issue they suggest to uninstall the app and then reinstall. . . Which I told them in my email to them I had already done. So essentially customer service isn’t even reading email they are just sending canned responses. Amtrak should fire the mobile app vendor and get a real partner — like the mobile app provider to Delta (Richard Anderson got it right at Delta). Hopefully he can right this wobbly. . . .train!
  • Can’t Press Top Buttons on iPhone X 1/5

    By Pedro_Perez
    In the last version, I can’t select the “Done” or “Next” buttons at the top of the app, they are too high. Also, the create account page does nothing.

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