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Amtrak App

Discover the convenience of traveling with Amtrak. With the Amtrak app you can get simple and intuitive access to all the travel information you need, whenever you need it. • Show your eTicket while onboard, including multi-ride and monthly passes - no need to print • Purchase one-way, roundtrip, multi-ride and monthly tickets with dollars or Amtrak Guest Rewards points • Check train status • Find station information • Edit and manage your account profile • Save credit cards for quick checkout • Send your eTicket to Apple Wallet • And so much more... With the Amtrak app, you can do it all right from your smart device.

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Amtrak app reviews

  • Update is very slow 3/5

    By tamilanatusa
    I canceled my trip yet showing as active - causing confusion
  • Not user friendly on mobile 3/5

    By Neneaq
    This app is nice, but not truly user friendly when accessing with phone. For example, while trying to book a trip, it only shows you the to and from boxes to fill in. Then you can’t scroll down to select date and click enter/submit.
  • August 2022 Sunset Limited Cancellations 1/5

    By Trchapa
    I am so disappointed in Amtrak and how they handled the recent cancellation of The Sunset Limited’s route from and to Houston/ Arizona. I was not told why the train was cancelled, I was not apologized to, and to further exasperate the whole situation, I had to call Amtrak in order to find out my 2nd leg was cancelled. I had to scramble to make flight reservations and had to spend an extra $330 for flights. Shame on you Amtrak!!!
  • Bad experience 1/5

    By mr d starr
    Your staff has been extremely rude and short tempered with me on this trip. I’ve asked simple questions and consistently get met with rude remarks, staff members that don’t want to help and nasty tones. I’m extremely disappointed with Amtrak on this trip, it’s honestly been so bad I think this will likely be the last time I ever travel by Amtrak.
  • Needs landscape mode 1/5

    By Junkerman72
    Useless with an IPad with keyboard. Needs landscape mode
  • Can’t sign Out. 1/5

    By Statesirreal
    I’ve been trying for 15 minutes to sign out of Amtrak. It will not let me snd keeps appearing even when I delete on my web browser. It was also next to impossible to get in after making one minor mistake. The ensure needs help. Not me. Thanks.
  • You can’t see nothing on the screen 1/5

    By Jamaicansunset
    It’s hard to navigate through the app because everything is scrambled together and you can’t read the screen!
  • The App and their Website are awful 1/5

    By Mildred Moody
    The app is clunky and not user friendly. When you open the app it should easily give you an option to click on your purchased/current trips and see your ETA/train times. Maybe even your current location. To buy tickets it’s equally annoying. As if the designer doesn’t understand how people use travel apps.
  • Amtrak 1/5

    By fltraveller
    This is the worst site. Nothing is transparent. It is very hard to sign in, I had to numerous times. It’s difficult to find my coupons and rewards. I had to write to ask for my points from my last trip. Eventually, I called to set up my trip. This site needs to work efficiently.
  • Loud employees in the car next to business class 1/5

    By James Youmans
    We have a 15 month old trying to sleep on a long trip home, two ladies that work for Am Track we’re have a good old time in their conversation the whole trip, laughing talking very loud; until I had enough and ask another employee if they worked for the train and she was rude and told me to talk to the ppl I was complaining about because she wasn’t working yet. They all were in the same car and it was very rude for them to not care about the ppl who pay for their tickets and give them a job to go to and all before 8am. It’s the last train I will take by Am track due to the rude and unprofessional employees of this rail line. There was also a beverage car between the business car and the car they were in. So there was no reason at all for them to be that loud that we could hear everything they said.
  • train 92 8/3/2022 3/5

    By childgod3
    My train was 6 hour late and then other 1 hour later so a total of 7 hours. Then I was told to call that amtrak would compensate me for my patience in waiting 4 hours in train station. I call the 800 number and it was no help. I have a return ticket back to Columbia SC from Petersburg VA on September 3. I pray that the train will be on time. The service on train was excellent. Just the time waiting was too much!! Harriet Golston
  • Delayed 1/5

    By jerrykutehmt
    I can’t believe that Amtrak made my day get worst. I missed my important meeting. I booked a trip to DC. Time departure at 10:03am then it delayed to 12:02am. What a bad experience !!!
  • App Doesn't Keep Up with New Routes 2/5

    By ElderStatesman24
    There's a new route established between NYC and Burlington, Vermont and I've been trying to use the app to book a ride between two spots on that route except the app tells me the route "doesn't exist." Even though I can check the price for tickets on the Amtrak website on Safari. This app needs to keep up to date on changes or additions to their infrastructure. The app is rather broken as a result of it not being updated to allow me to book a trip on the Ethan Allen Express.
  • The app doesn’t rotate view 3/5

    By Wish it was still good
    Like, many people, I use a pay board case with my iPad, but this app only works in the “portrait” orientation which makes it a real pain to use.
  • Lacking Useful Information. 1/5

    By GlennSoCa
    It’s difficult to find your current trips! It would be great if it showed your status and any trips or segmented that you have booked.
  • Bad app 1/5

    By S dawg
    Confusing with key information (your trip status) hidden or unable to find. Worthless.
  • Needs work 2/5

    By Sheldon Cooper-1-11-2019a
    A manual would help.
  • Good app great options prices can be too high vs rental or even flight 5/5

    By ffffgggopogotoyitnnnr
    Overall I like Amtrak. I think the cars are clean, safe , comfortable and mostly on time. Track problems cause delays on more than one occasion but overall I like using AMTRAK. I would use it ALOT more if pets and bikes were lower priced and overall long haul trips were more competitive with renting a car or many time flying.
  • No delayed updates 1/5

    By Joe Grecs
    App will tell you your train is on time only for you to walk into the station and see that it’s delayed. Garbage app, garbage service.
  • Booking is so complicated 1/5

    By bkhart1
    I am trying to book a trip and I can’t get the app to complete the booking. This is the worst experience I’ve ever had. Plus I had to sign up again because you didn’t have my account from 2019 anymore!!! Crap experience.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By jonathan housinf
    The website is terrible, and the app is terrible. Nothing is intuitive; it keeps pushing me to new screens, etc etc. Frustrating experience all around
  • Don’t pay for upgrades 1/5

    By Gni123w
    I was excited about getting an upgrade to business class from coach class. It was my first time riding in business class. I boarded the train (after everyone in coach boarded) and and I learned that it’s exactly the same as coach. It’s just close to the cafe car (which was mostly closed the whole delayed ride) it was 95 degrees outside and there was no air conditioning (meanwhile coach cars were nice and cool). I will never “upgrade” my seats again! It was a complete downgrade and me , my son, and my daughter didn’t even get to sit together (because of the “assigned” seating)… in coach class we always sat together. They can keep the “free” can of soda! It’s not worth the $120 I paid for “upgrades”.
  • Payment errors 1/5

    By jb frustrated
    No explanation of what payment information is not being accepted. Frustrating. Says I have a confirmation number but no confirmation email received.
  • Rewards not connected 1/5

    By Soundingon
    This app needs work. It redirects you to safari to sign in way to often, including to view your rewards. I don’t think rewards are even added if you don’t do it through the website or over the phone. What’s the point of the app, if you don’t have access to everything you can do through Amtrak here. This app needs to take note of how United or Delta airlines app run. It’s very easy to navigate these apps and everything is accessible. No need to sign into safari to see specific things.
  • First and probably last time traveling. 1/5

    By WearyPowellTraveler
    This has been a nightmare from the start! We were excited based on the videos and reviews. This has been nothing like them. Train was almost 4 hours late and made us 4 hours late arriving. Cafe car severely under stocked. I should have known the price for a round trip ticket was too good to be true. I’m assuming if we’d gotten a sleeper car it would’ve been better. Well this is a prime example of getting what you pay for!
  • Bad at Updating Times 1/5

    By Cascadia GP
    When you open the app and view your ticket, you would think it would give you updated arrival/departure times for your train but you have to actually manually check the status to get updates. Airline apps have been able to give you live updates on the app, why can’t Amtrak figure it out

    By dadsquatcj
    its slow , crashes alot. not intuitive and it takes 4-8 hrs for the app to send confirmation its a mess they need to take it down and start over terrible app
  • Amtrak app 1/5

    By terianmay
    What app doesn’t allow you to EDIT payment options. Do you know what an enormous hassle it is to not be able to delete old cards? UPDATE it already!!
  • The worst app 1/5

    By regular itunes buyer
    Can’t see seats before purchase. Cancelled tickets still showing up , not cancelled. The seat map is distorted with right side of train seats on left side of train. Brings no confidence to travel Amtrak!
  • Not sure 3/5

    By ChiChi Mi
    Not sure of the point of the app since nearly everything links to the webpage.
  • Cancelled trip 4/5

    By CYBarros
    Thank you for cancelling my scheduled trip but I did not know it would cost me $5 to cancel. Seems you should inform guests of that first or maybe offer a full credit for a future trip
  • The worst customer service in the game 1/5

    By f u amtrack reps
    I would cordially like to invite any and all amtrack customer service representatives directed from the app to go f*€£ themselves. I hope the hyper loop does to you what Amazon did to shopping malls.
  • Customer service was awful 1/5

    By xxxzzzsehhhfybs we jvd
    I was traveling from Toronto Canada to Utica in New York and had to add on a second ticket from Utica New York to Albany at the last minute. I then got a call while on the train and said a family member fell sick and I needed to stop in Utica and get off the train. When I got off the train there was no one in site to help me change the ticket for Sunday. I contacted customer service she had me on the phone for 45 minutes and then transferred me to Amy and policies and procedures and she told me that there was nothing they could do for me and all I wanted to do was take a train home tomorrow. I was then told I needed to purchase a new ticket which I have done so but I would like to be reimbursed the $65 this was the worst experience I’ve ever had with Amtrak.
  • Absolutely horrible App 1/5

    By margaretjane1960
    Keeps telling me I need additional code to verify when password is right. So I get code but takes me to previous screen such that I can’t put code in. Have spent so much time on this. I can get through on my MAC but who want’s to lug that along. Also had horrible online experience booking on-line. No ability to speak live with someone that I could find, only Chat who didn’t answer my question, just spewing stuff which had nothing to do with my question.👎🏻👎🏻 And just as I trying to send this, it is forcing me to use a nickname and so far every name I try is taken!
  • Never saved my info 1/5

    By sandislandaun
    Pretty annoying the app never saves my info. I always have to re-enter everything
  • Upbid 4/5

    By teacherncoach
    I presented an offer for an upgrade to business class for our upcoming trip and was told I would notified of the decision hours PRIOR to scheduled trip. No mention whatsoever in any follow up email accepting nor rejecting offer. We were made to wait and hope for upgrade. No communication on your part with final decision.
  • The absolute worst app and service conceivable 1/5

    By Chilly Phil
    The absolute worst app and service conceivable. App never ever ever works after dozens of attempts and no customer service rep ever picks up the phone. Can wait for hours and recordings go on and on with no person. Seems like they attempting to provide the worse service possible and exceeding their goal.
  • Bad bad Amtrak app 3/5

    By i've been workin on the RR
    Have tried to log in for 20 min. Will not accept my Rewards # or password. No verification code arrives in my email. My paid reservation has disappeared and I have no email receipt. Bad bad Amtrak app.
  • Amtrak 5/5

    By SullyMic
    I love the ease of booking trips on the Amtrak app and the representatives that I deal with are always top notch. Moreover, as a disabled adult, I enjoy the services Amtrak provides and the way they ensure that travel is as smooth as possible for people in my situation. In short, I am a big fan!!!
  • Find trains does not work 2/5

    I have a 10 ride pass and need to reserve my ride. Usually I click on find trains and I can reserve the seat. Find trains does not work. I cannot select the stations or the dates or search. I have to use the website.
  • This is really bad 1/5

    By rlhyde
    This is about the most poorly designed Internet experience that I have ever been through.
  • Forces you to buy travel insurance, then double charge you if you don’t 2/5

    We made purchase for a trip on Amtrak for 2 adults. When we went to pay for the purchase, we declined the travel insurance and proceeded to pay with credit card. The credit card went through but the app told us the purchase was unsuccessful and forced us to review the travel insurance purchase option. We once again declined and proceeded to complete the purchase. The app then confirmed the booking with the reservation number. The next day we found out that Amtrak had charged us twice for the same trip, and then we received a second reservation email, but that does not show on the app unless you searched for it. We tried to cancel that second trip through the app, but they would only refund in the form of a voucher, not credit back to our credit card. So I tried “chatting” via text message, turned out it was with a robot, who kept saying that I had to simplify the message for it to understand. So I called them on the phone, and they have kept me on hold for the next reservations agent for over 30 minutes, so I have decided to write this review while still on hold on the phone. I have a sick feeling O will never get an agent on the phone, and the app is meant to first force customers to buy travel insurance, and if you don’t, they trap you by double reserving and charging you. If only half of the people double charged found out, that’s 50% extra sales they made. Not everyone pay close attention to their credit card charges like we do. Then, if you find out about the double charge, they try to make you take a voucher instead, basically forcing you to keep your money with Amtrak. Be careful. I will use this app only to search for trips, but will make all purchases by phone or in person at the station only. Can’t trust this app for purchases! I am still on hold, I will simply dispute the double charge with the credit card and get a refund of my money that way.
  • I am very upset 1/5

    By chocolate 😊
    They should hire friendly people to go check the tickets since this day I had a bad experience with a man who treated me badly he spoke rudely to me and my aunt who was with me also treated her badly definitely very disappointed I couldn't find out the name of that man but he was a fat man, black skin speaks only english and is a bit racist
  • Amtrak app 1/5

    By massimo loda
    Probably the worse app in recent years. It does not save credentials, duplicates tickets and more. I’ve been using Amtrak for years and every time it’s a new negative experience to use this app
  • Worst communication and customer service EVER! 1/5

    By Jbri490
    The app which is supposed to be updated in real time says “service disruption” and shows the train coming 1.5 hours late. We waited. For nothing. In the end my child and I had to walk away from the station and seek help. For decades I have taken Amtrak. I will now avoid them if at all possible. Here’s what happened today. As I get to the station I have an email because I have an account and signed up for delay notifications via email. Says the train is cancelled. No alternative transportation, no “jump on in the morning” no just. Sorry tough luck email but hey, Call Amtrak 877 number for help. I did. Waste of time. 30 minutes twice on hold - dead air hold - for 25+….another passenger had similar experience. At least have the courtesy to say the call center is closed, but no, Amtrak can’t even get that right! As mentioned above, the app showed COMPLETELY DIFFERENT INFORMATION than the email I received. I took a screenshot of yet another Amtrak “resource” saying yet a different thing “unavailabe”….what I have to say is this is completely UNACCEPTABLE!!! Get the communication consistent from one “resource” to another. Dealing with Amtrak lately has been miserable for me and my family. In short take the bus, or pretty much any other transportation except Amtrak at least until they can get their act straight cause it’s a CLOWN SHOW now.
  • Reset password 3/5

    By Lindalva A*
    Every time I try to access the information either on the app or online I have to reset my password and every nickname I have chosen so far is taken
  • Glitchy, doesn’t update, not linked to Rewards 2/5

    By ajvny
    There are several issues with the Amtrak app. First there should be only 1 log in for Amtrak and Amtrak Guest Rewards. The app stalls, doesn’t apply coupons when selected, doesn’t confirm changes in the app (have to wait for emails), not able to edit the number of travelers in the app, no way to link or remember family members who travel together where their info is saved including their rewards number. The experience should be seamless not cumbersome.
  • Hard 1/5

    By abcwali
    Very hard and less options to deal with the app
  • Deceptive 1/5

    By TicketBastarrd
    App repeatedly showed a fare that after I add to the cart disappears in the less than minute it takes to add my personal info and press continue to buy. Then price for same travel doubles or triples in cost. If ticket for travel for that fare is in the cart, one has no time to execute the transaction and loses that fare. It seems rigged

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