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Amtrak App

Discover the convenience of traveling with Amtrak. With the Amtrak app you can get simple and intuitive access to all the travel information you need, whenever you need it. • Show your eTicket while onboard, including multi-ride and monthly passes - no need to print • Purchase one-way, roundtrip, multi-ride and monthly tickets • Check train status • Search for station information • Send your eTicket to Apple Wallet • And so much more... With the Amtrak app, you can do it all right from your smart device.

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Amtrak app reviews

  • Amtrak app 1/5

    By Yuk-Y
    Terrible design. Extremely user unfriendly. One of the worst apps I have installed to my iPhone.
  • Amtrak Mobile App Rating 5/5

    By tich13
    The App is easy to navigate. I like the security feature of not retaining payment information & auto fill of personal information. Less info retained = lower chance of identity theft :) I can do everything through the app and don’t have to access account through computer, unlike many mobile apps!
  • Data mining 1/5

    By coaxelatious
    Should not have to give personal info just to get a schedule. This appears to be so that Amtrak can data mine and sell your information
  • The app is pointless 1/5

    By DP Brooklyn
    It never works. Amtrak should make the current version unavailable, fix it and re-issue a version that will actually allow you to query for trains.
  • Information 1/5

    By Kathy Hates Facebook
    It won’t let me sing in or isn’t holing my information. Neither will it resend for new password! I’d think a company big as Amtrak could build a better app! Disappointed!
  • The worst 1/5

    By monkey fatt
    The worst way to travel!!!!! Tracks were flooded so instead of giving a partial refund for having to take a packed bus MOST of the way to my destination they claim all I paid for was to get from point a to point b!!!! In that case why couldn’t they put me in a plane??? Why a crowded bus??? I paid for a TRAIN so I could sleep and have some space!!!!! I’m going to file a complaint with the BBB and post this disaster on EVERY social media known to man!!!! DO NOT TRAVEL AMTRAK!!!!!
  • Almost unusable 1/5

    By Mikeyd7574476
    The website and app experiences are completely out of sync. My reward balance is 0 on the app and populated on the website. My past trips are not on the website but future trips are only visible on the app? It’s like I’m looking at two different accounts. This doesn’t make any sense! One highlight was how easy it was to update a reservation booked for the wrong day. It is clear that Amtrak is not invested in web or mobile technology.... nor their trains... guess I’m unsure where my money is going.
  • bug still exists 3/5

    By alopa432
    When I try to purchase the ticket from DC to Boston, the app just says error and I have no idea. When using website, it answers my question that I have an error on credit card billing address. Strongly suggest to purchase online, not this shoot app.
  • Editing 3/5

    By TCD97
    It has old information and I am unable to update account info like phone numbers, payment sources, etc. a few small tweaks and this app would be awesome!
  • Uninstalled 1/5

    By klmn20234
    A very poorly designed application.
  • Receipts 3/5

    By Spillhead
    I can’t get my receipts because I can’t change my email address or spelling of name ..,
  • Charged, but got no ticket 1/5

    By lipjoystick
    Charged my card for a ticket, but never sent me the ticket. It was the last ticket for the time I paid for, I am very upset $84 lost and can’t book the date
  • Solid app with an annoying bug 4/5

    By Mia & Brian
    Overall I like the Amtrak app. I find it convenient to book travel, access and store my digital pass, and check trip status updates for the sadly inevitable delay alerts and information. One bug that I find super annoying: View a current/future trip where the origin and destination are in different time zones (e.g., Wolverine 355 Ann Arbor -Chicago). Tap ‘trip tools’. Choose ‘add to calendar’. The event added to your calendar puts ALL of the times in the time zone of your arrival (destination) station. This means that the calendar event’s departure time is always incorrect. For my trip from Arb -> Chi the trip is scheduled to depart Arb at 7:06 Eastern and arrive in Chi at 10:50 Central but the event in my calendar lists 7:06 Central to 10:40 Central. So the event start time is an hour off.
  • Won’t let me pay 1/5

    By Lolo64329
    Freezes every time I try to pay on the app and when I try to pay through the site it won’t apply the discount.
  • Doesn’t remember payment info 2/5

    By 08migs88
    Either allow it to remember payment information or apple pay but having to type in my information all the time is a waste of time. Thanks.
  • Unable to purchase tickets 1/5

    By DJF9947362995
    Could not complete purchase in app. It froze up and would not process payment.
  • Will NOT allow: Auto-Fill / CC Scan feature/ Remembering Info 2/5

    By Jgunter2011
    Cons: App will not allow scanning of payment methods such as credit card/Debit Card. App will not allow auto fill to quickly enter your personal details App will not allow remembering of your personal/payment so you must manually enter all of your information each time you purchase tickets (plus any passengers) which is time consuming if in a hurry. Will not allow multi-day/location pass purchases Pros: Free WiFi on board (all coach/business/travel class passengers) Can purchase any Keystone tickets and good for use on any other Keystone train. You can purchase tickets on board of train ( using Amtrak mobile App) or in train station Clean cars /efficient transportation/smooth ride beats dealing with city traffic in DC/Philadelphia/New York etc Nice clean stations with good snack/food options Quite car options for those who need to be on a car with no distractions/loud noises. Friendly staff Overall if they would make the few adjustments to the mobile app too allow convenience features it would make this app 5 stars.
  • I give up 1/5

    By bbvvcv
    Seen lots of web sites but this one has got to be one of the worst. Solution -fire entire IT staff.
  • Could have been good 1/5

    By The Succ.
    This app could have been very helpful if the cashing out system wasn't garbage that fails 9/10 times and only gives the vague error message of “we couldn't process your transaction” making me input my card details over and over until it randomly decides that its going to work😡
  • No “Track My Train” 3/5

    By LAJones
    It does have Train Status but I prefer the track my train from the site. The map is helpful.
  • Cheapskates 1/5

    By mfresen
    This app, like everything else to do with Amtrak, is done with an absolute minimum amount of effort and budget. It still doesn’t work correctly on iPhone X models (it’s been, what ... two years?), and they will likely never accept Apple Pay or even bother to save your payment info—though that’s probably for the best as I can’t imagine they’d do a great job with cyber security.
  • Fantastic 5/5

    By TMBHink
    A long, long way from when Amtrak was an ordeal of staff’s surly indifference like Amtrak was doing passengers a favor. This app is super. Thumbs up.
  • Payment method is not very easy to use 2/5

    By Taopedo
    The purchase requires to type in a payment method each time. It would be better if we can have a saved payment option. Also it would be more convenient if we can use digital payments like Paypal, ApplePay etc.
  • On stand by 1/5

    By victor19aragon19
    This company is a joke, spend the majority of my 4th of July here at there train station because all there trains are not running on time. I try to make a movement from Riverside-Downtown to LA at 6:05 but the train never showed up. Instead I had to take the Metrolink in order to get to la. Now I am at the LA station, I got a new ticket to go to Lompoc and they refunded me some of the ticket back. Then they got me a new ticket for 1148, thinking things will get better but nope I was wrong another delay but this time I have to wait until 220... there’s words I want to say here but I am holding them back because I must be professional. All I am just saying is I don’t get many days off like this because I am in the military and always busy. Thank you for denying me from seeing my niece and nephews
  • Not useful to find trains, only portrait mode 1/5

    By Dougie Ska
    Couldn’t find train schedules. Too many barriers to be useful. Nice graphics.
  • Solid App! 4/5

    By MaBrMa
    So yea the app can be a bit slow at times, but in all honesty it functions just fine. I used it over 12 times now to get to LA from San Diego and back. You can have your ticket on your phone and you can buy the tickets on the app. I’m overall pleased.
  • Can’t even book a train 1/5

    By jiamingnj
    The one feature you should be able to do. Just loads perpetually and doesn’t show search results. Should be taken off the app store
  • Horrible! 1/5

    By BethamyB
    This app is the worst! It won’t update my contact info so I can’t purchase tix because of the discrepancy. Online is accurate but app is wrong. Tried buying tix for over a week. Gave up! Amtrak needs a new developer!!!
  • A couple of suggestions... 2/5

    By kwaz3
    Add eVoucher data and improve trip reservation process
  • Amtrak is trash 1/5

    By goarty
    This app doesn’t work and is garbage people.
  • Itinerary 2/5

    By pa5786
    I can’t email (or text) my itinerary from the app. I also can’t upgrade my seat. Very unfortunate
  • Bad. No internet connection...B.S. 1/5

    By IATraveler
    Everything else on my phone works.
  • It’s getting Better needs Apple Watch integration 3/5

    By apv9
    App is steadily improving but still lags behind most similar travel related apps. This is a natural application for Apple Watch integration and would be very useful. Including scheduling changes and updates as well as real time train tracking would be helpful & useful.
  • Frustrated Passenger 1/5

    By short4citi
    I really hate that I am not able to keep my credit card information on my app. This adds a lot of time when purchasing tickets. Also, there is a long delay when trying to scroll down for train times. This has been a continuous issue. Please fix your app!
  • Frustrating 2/5

    By Jerzygirl1234
    It’s fine when you first set it up, but won’t let you edit anything after. Very frustrating when you need to update something.
  • The worst 1/5

    By oscarita
    Spent 2 hrs trying to get a Rez on the train!!!! Awful. Where is the bus schedule they speak of?
  • WOWZER how bad! 1/5

    By RonnieJr92
    When I click on “View All Trips” I get a card error code. All works well on my laptop (Current Reservations show up) but not on this app on my phone. Since it doesn’t work on my phone it’s virtually USELESS. 😖
  • Multiple Payment Options 2/5

    By Celtic6185
    The Amtrak app doesn’t allow purchase of multi ride tickets with more than one form of payment. Most employers allow employees to designate pre-tax dollars via Wageworks for commuter expenses. The monthly Max is around $260. They provide a separate debit card for this commuter benefit. Any amount over the max for the commuter card would need a second form of payment. Having more that one payment option would alleviate the need to go to a station to purchase a monthly pass.
  • Get cards error 1/5

    By NanoRon
    The latest version doesn’t work properly. When it tries to get my trip info I keep getting a “get cards error” and it won’t sync my data. Please fix this.
  • Get cards error 1/5

    By Diyinvstr
    App reports a get cards internal systems error and does not load existing reservations.
  • Card error 1/5

    By eleoopy
    Used to be my favorite but why am I now getting card error when trying to retrieve my trips? Ugh how am I going to add the barcode to my phone? Please test the basic features before you roll out the app. Like please
  • Get cards error 1/5

    By dissapointeddeborah
    App worked fine for several months and then quit working. I get an error message that says “get apps card” I no longer can see my reservations or past trips. I have removed and reloaded the app and I still have issues.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By PresJPolk
    Constant errors. Can’t even access my tickets.
  • Super buggy 2/5

    By Lisa_Pisa
    Sometimes it works, sometimes it just... doesn’t. Hard to read, frequent “get cards internal system error”, etc. can’t add tickets to wallet, except when you can. But, it’s the only game in town so we are stuck.
  • Time off by an hour? 2/5

    By Raymondkn
    Waiting for a train in Winslow AZ been delayed the app says it just left Gallup NM at 9:15 but it is 8:15?? I know that is better but all times should be local to me! Unless it still thinks it will take longer to arrive in Winslow, very buggy!!
  • Not easy 2/5

    By GalenK
    Currently having an issue trying to see reservations. I see a Get Cards Error message when I try anything on the app. Just updated the app so that shouldn’t be an issue.
  • Worst website have used in some time. 1/5

    By CondoMedicineMan
    Very difficult to make a reservation. Takes forever. NOT user friendly at all.
  • Not showing tickets 1/5

    By djnjujk
    Worst app ever I missed my train because of it
  • Terrible and buggy 2/5

    By Hunnycaress
    It used to work pretty well. Now I get errors to purchase and now I’m getting some weird “get cards” error, which of course offers no explanation to what that means. I end up having to call which defeats the purpose.

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