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AncestryDNA App

Download the FREE AncestryDNA app today and access the #1 selling consumer DNA test (DNA Kit purchase required). Start the journey to learn about your family story using some of the most advanced DNA science available. Discover the unique family story that only your DNA can tell with a genetic test from AncestryDNA, the world’s largest consumer DNA database. With a simple test, you’ll get meaningful insights into who you are and where you came from and find new relatives who share your DNA. With the AncestryDNA app you’ll get: • Detailed Ethnic Origins - See a personalized breakdown of your unique ethnic mix 150+ regions around the world and learn more about the places where your ancestors lived. • Migrations - Go deeper into your story with more specific details that connect you to the people, places, and migration paths in your family history, all from your DNA. • Family Connections - You could discover a 3rd cousin for the first time by finding living relatives who share parts of your DNA. • NEW! AncestryDNA Traits - Discover 18 fascinating traits your DNA influences. Get the inside story on traits you can see, like a cleft chin or freckling, and things you can’t, like how you taste flavors. AncestryDNA Traits can be purchased along with a new DNA kit, or as an add-on to an existing kit. • Easy to get started - Simply take a photo of the barcode in your kit, follow a few quick instructions to activate and you’re done. • Simple sharing - Show off your AncestryDNA results anytime, anywhere, including on your social networks. • Notifications - You’ll always know what’s happening during your DNA test with status updates. • Purchases - Buy an AncestryDNA test for yourself or gift a test to family or friends.

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AncestryDNA app reviews

  • Exciting things 4/5

    By Mel1Mcc
    The process is easy and I was kept up to date during the process. Then the results were here before I knew it. I was reading about myself. And possible other relatives. My journey is just starting.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By 1crume
    They spend most of the time asking you to spend more money.
  • Surprise 5/5

    By tshatsoff
    Amazing not at all what I thought
  • Famous relatives 4/5

    By Gab the great
    The We're Related section is no longer there or the faqs I found are outdated. See no way to ask a question.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By 123BlueSky!
    There does not seem to be much to it. It is not worth the money.
  • Not happy 2/5

    By jjennin2
    I started the tree before I did the DNA test. My migration that I found was mostly from the North East, where my mom was from. But it only showed where my dads Family migrated to you. Which was true. So I’m a little confused and I don’t feel like there’s enough data to back up everything. Very disappointed.
  • Paulette Lomeli 5/5

    By Paulette Lomeli
    Jaw dropping when you get your results that’s for sure ❤️
  • This DNA test was inaccurate! 2/5

    By Mb loves the sword
    It excluded large portions of my ancestry. AncestryDNA was not right by half on my physical characteristics! If I was guilty of a crime I’d be off the hook in their book! It also only listed 2 of the 5 blood related family members who took the test with me!
  • Thank you 5/5

    By J987654thbb
    It’s amazing how many people are listed as possible relatives. I can’t wait to learn more.
  • DNA 5/5

    By buttery84
    This was awe inspiring to find out where my past relatives where from. It was worth the cost . Enjoyed the matches.
  • I’m not sure if I 100% percent agree with this app because 4/5

    By RosalvaR
    It only sets that I 1% percent African and and it doesn’t even say that I’m Asian and it doesn’t show a few things that my other people in my family are I just think it needs to be updated.
  • Very slow 1/5

    By MKalpha
    The app tells you your sample was received, but they don’t tell you that it means at a warehouse and still has to be shipped off to another lab for testing. Mine was received 2 weeks ago and still has not been tested. When I called I was told it will be another 2 weeks to a month before I would get the results. They should state all of this on the product.
  • Where did my Italian genes go? 2/5

    By Kaylabeth
    After this new update to the database, my DNA estimate no longer includes ANY Italian or Croatian DNA and I know for a fact that my great-great-grandparents emigrated from Italy... This makes no sense. My Italian genes are now being substituted for Russian? I’ve traced my lineage back about 400 years and NOT ONE person in my tree is Russian? I’m very confused.
  • Wrong data 1/5

    By #imitalian
    I am 50% pure Italian and you don’t even have it as 1%!
  • What happened to the app? 1/5

    By Brooklyn Colada
    So I just did the update, and clicked on my app on my phone... and nothing. Just the picture of the Ancestry logo... I’m waiting for my results and am going to be super angry if I’m not going to be able to view it!! What’s going on? Isn’t the whole point of a update to make sure that a frozen screen isn’t going to happen?!
  • Ridiculously Long Processing Time! 1/5

    By Cocojess
    They’ve had my sample for 3 weeks and have not even started processing it! I also have used 23 And Me- I received results in 10 Days!
  • Startled! 5/5

    By Kesa351983
    When I realized I wasn’t just African-American it messed my head up BIG TIME!
  • AncestryDNA 5/5

    By bump cans
    I have taken the test and all although I have not found my birth parents. I am glad to finally know my ethnics Of how I am. And one day to hope that I can find some family members
  • AncestryDNA 5/5

    By akdazed
    I have found I family member that was given up for adoption and lots of new cousin. 💖
  • Bad AncestryDNA Update 1/09/2019 1/5

    By Gate106
    This version of AncestryDNA is not loading on my IPAD. I get the white banner page of Ancestry where it's loading, but then it closes. My IPAD is model A1458 IPAD 4. I am running IOS 10.0.2
  • Super fast and easy 5/5

    By sha82-
    Had a great experience with the dna submission. Was very fast and easy. Took about 20 days from start to finish
  • Cousin 5/5

    By nanci de
    We just got confirmation of a 2nd cousin! My cousin(1st cousin) is a father & grandfather again! We’d have never found him without AncestryDNA!
  • AncestryDNA results 3/5

    By DaGiMaL
    Just got my results back. I was hoping for more where the tree was involved. It turns out you have to buy a membership to see any results there. I have two first cousin matches then an unlimited number of 3rd and 4th cousins which mean noting to me. So I found that to be fairly useless. The ethnicity was interesting but not a huge surprise. The traits were the best section of all it is the most fun and interesting facts that were pretty much right on. I’ll have to give it time to see if I enjoy the rest any more. However I’m sure I won’t buy a membership as the tree is still very manual and not clear.
  • DaveE- Niagara 3/5

    By DaveE - Niagara
    I knew I was Irish....grandparents Johnston and G Grandparents Duffy..surprised about Norwegian.
  • New Nephew 5/5

    By mangelr
    I just found a relative I’ve been looking for all of his life. We welcomed him into the family, after his 53rd birthday. Thank you Lord, Thank you AncestryDNA.
  • ❤️ Love it 5/5

    By GinasMusicBox
    I am drawn to my traits, Spanish but Portuguese is new to me. Colorado is all in family.
  • I’m French and British 5/5

    By Gdansk agog
    I knew it my grandparents on my fathers side were Canadian French they only spoke French so I was told by my mother I never met either side of grandparents or my father my mother said when the came to California at one point they took classes to learn English
  • Not what I thought 3/5

    By Chasing faith
    Very confusing... Not much information on what you're really looking for. Same thing a person could do on family tree. Not worth the money.. Then 9.99 extra if you want more info about traits.
  • Good app 5/5

    By Deaf bear
    I like Ancestry DNA app very much and good information.
  • Information not sufficient 1/5

    By Ala Wai
    The information I’m given is not sufficient. I’m not satisfied.
  • Amazing!!! 5/5

    By Joanna_p
    I am 10000% amazed at the results of my daughter who up until now assumed she was 1/2 polish and 1/2 Jamaican! To see her true roots is mind opening! Thank you AncestryDNA, Im speechless! Can’t wait, now I need to check myself!
  • Worth the wait!!! 5/5

    By Shelbham
    So blessed to see all of the relatives!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By gwinchi
    So happy to find out where I come from. Thank you so much!
  • **WARNING** 5/5

    Its unfortunate that the AncestryDNA's televison ads are geared towards ethnicity percentages since these estimates are anything but consistent. And it’s well known that Ancestry's ethnic results are the most inaccurate of all the testing companies out there— despite their commercials— their methods are not validated by an independent group of scientists and there are not agreed-upon standards of accuracy, according to Sheldon Krimsky, almost 50% of the firms that sell you your ancestry information turn around and sell your genetic information to some other company. Who knows what Ancestry is doing with such sensitive information. It’s scary, and concerning for a lot of people, including myself. I did the test, sent it in without a care, and there was no question behind it. I wondered why the data was so vague and decided to vigorously research Ancestry’s background, as well as other corporations like 23AndMe. It was extremely unnerving to find out only 10 percent of companies offering ancestry tests destroy your original sample; the vast majority hold onto your sample or sell it. So it’s not just the data, but your actual your saliva, that’s being shopped around. And I’m certain Ancestry isn’t looped in that ten percent. I hope that those of you who are considering taking DNA tests— reconsider. It’s too late for me, but maybe just maybe this post will help others out there become more aware of this reality. These companies don’t care about “discovering” ethnic backgrounds, rather, the profit being made.
  • AncestryDNA 5/5

    By Alabama drummer
    I had my DNA tested by AncestryDNA two years ago and was very impressed with the data and how it was presented. A friend of mine told me that I could go back onto the site and see the updated data since about 8000 people had their DNA tested since mine was tested. This added to the database which improves accuracy. It will be interesting to look at my statistics in the future. I recommend giving AncestryDNA a try. Alabama drummer
  • Login 4/5

    By Purlpe Girl
    Like the app but can’t login with user id on app have to go to the website to login
  • Scam. 2/5

    By cfegles
    To get the nitty gritty and find real results you have to sign up for subscription after subscription...
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Gigi11802
    The concept of this is great. The app makes it super easy.
  • After 50 years I was united with my birth family 5/5

    By Candi girl 57
    Thank you ancestry DNA I was given up for adoption by my birth mother who I met at age 21.I was given a name and a college that my said to be biological father attended and that was all the information that I had .I waited over 50 years to build The courage to find out about my biological father and his Family.. thanks to ancestry DNA I saw many matches of relatives including a first and second cousins we shared communications and confirmed that we were family and that was indeed my father. I was completely amazed and in tears to see so many family members over 500 or so for someone that never knew her biological father‘s family I am so thankful to God and ancestry DNA for making this miracle happen. I must say my father passed two years ago but I now share the love of all my aunts and uncles and so many cousins. I have beautiful pictures of the Reunion I would love to share with ancestry. Thank you ancestry DNA for making this miracle possible Sandra Stanfield
  • Don't expect to receive your results right away! 3/5

    By Francois4Good
    The app is fine. But be warned, the process of receiving your results is lengthy (2 months?). I ordered my kit during the Thanksgiving holiday. While I sent my kit back to them right away, they have not processed it yet. And they are still many steps away from providing me with the results. At the current pace, I don't expect to receive the results until after the new year. If you set that expectation (long turn around), you'll be just fine. But if you expect to receive your results within a week or two, you will be disappointed.
  • Options 3/5

    By Elizabeth1978
    I wish more options were available on the app.
  • A question/ asking a second time 4/5

    By Seeking answer
    Why does the third of five images touting the new version indicate Maternal Matches and Paternal Matches when the new download does not include that distinction. It would be immensely helpful if those categories were available. Seeking answer
  • Results 3/5

    By JenniferLHoward
    I got my results today but no where does it show how much Caucasian I have and if it does where that is in my results. It’s very confusing to understand and I can’t find anyway to chat with anyone about my results
  • A work in progress 2/5

    By PKH125
    The first results that I received were much different from what I knew to be true based on decades of documented genealogy research in our family dating back over 1,000 years. As I suspected, as more and more people have taken an interest and participated in DNA studies, the statistics are becoming more accurate. I am looking forward to see what more can be accomplished by this program and interested to hear stories of families finding connections as a result.
  • Love Finding "Cousins" 5/5

    By Miz Waller
    I'm planning a cemetery trip with my youngest son. I especially want to see the places my ancestors lived when they lived on the frontier. My oldest son lived in Md. for awhile so we made trips to several battlefields where our forefathers fought. In my opinion any American who goes to Ft McHenry will be in awe of the bravery of the men who withstood the bombardment Francis Scott Key described in his poem.
  • Ok 3/5

    By Dncnlltt
    I wish there were a way to filter out 4th cousins and closer in the new DNA matches section. I feel that 5th-8th cousins are too remote for the comparison.
  • Monsimrig 5/5

    By Euqinom85
    I feel like this is so accurate! Pretty much what I think I already knew.
  • AncestryDNA Traits not Worth the $$ 1/5

    By PPVoScott
    Most of my DNA traits were way off. I wouldn’t bother spending the $9.99. Makes me question my whole results.
  • Southern European 2/5

    By pipo4321
    You guys as a company really need to improve your samples from Southern Europe Italy,Spain,PORTUGAL, southern France,and Greece! Plz because I went from being 9% Italian to 10% Portuguese!!

AncestryDNA app comments

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