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AncestryDNA App

Download the FREE AncestryDNA® app today and access the #1 selling consumer DNA test (DNA Kit purchase required). Start the journey to learn about your family story using some of the most advanced DNA science available. Discover the unique family story that only your DNA can tell with a genetic test from AncestryDNA® , the world’s largest consumer DNA database. With a simple test, you’ll get meaningful insights into who you are and where you came from and find new relatives who share your DNA. With the AncestryDNA® app you’ll get: • Detailed Ethnic Origins - AncestryDNA® doesn't just tell you which countries you're from, but can also pinpoint the specific places within them, giving you insightful geographic detail about your history with over 500 unique reports. • Communities - Go deeper into your story with more specific details that connect you to the people, places, and migration paths in your family history, all from your DNA. • Family Connections - You could discover a 3rd cousin for the first time by finding living relatives who share parts of your DNA. • AncestryDNA® Traits, now with nutrition traits – Discover 26 fascinating traits your DNA influences. Get the inside story on traits you can see, like freckles—and things you can’t, like how your diet, environment, and genes may influence vitamin levels. Purchase AncestryDNA Traits with a new DNA kit or as an add-on to an existing kit. • Easy to get started - Simply take a photo of the barcode in your kit, follow a few quick instructions to activate and you’re done. • Simple sharing - Show off your AncestryDNA® results anytime, anywhere, including on your social networks. • Notifications - You’ll always know what’s happening during your DNA test with status updates. • Purchases - Buy an AncestryDNA® test for yourself or gift a test to family or friends.

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AncestryDNA app reviews

  • Love it! 4/5

    By BraininN
    I am slightly surprised, but also just confirms what I already knew on a lot of this. I’m impressed! The additional info is definitely something I’ll be looking into.
  • Not working. Keeps saying server failure. 1/5

    By Maryx2
    Not working. Keeps saying server failure.
  • What’s the purpose? Ancestry vs Ancestry DNA 1/5

    By TMTodd
    This app (Ancestry DNA) doesn’t have the message inbox that’s on the main app(Ancestry). This huge flaw was brought to my attention on a FB group. I had messages on the main site/app I had no clue about! Either get rid of this one or merge all features into one. I can’t imagine how many people are missing out on relatives who are trying to reach out! Alsooo the message alert on the main app(Ancestry) should be much much more prominent. Please merge or add message on this app.
  • Do it again; better 1/5

    By LiddleKiddle
    Uh-- takes for ever and ever to load.
  • I feel duped; it’s costing me a lot. 1/5

    By John Support
    The app offers the opportunity to discover new hypothetical relations for a base price. Instead, you find yourself easily spending hundreds and thousands of dollars as part of a scheme that is beguiling. The truth is AncestryDNA doesn’t have the accurate answers, and yet, they promote themselves as such, as long as you continue to subscribe monthly or bi-annually, *for the rest of your life* is you so choose to follow up on new possible discoveries.
  • Genetic Communities 1/5

    By Ryan K 856
    Please fix! I can’t see the Genetic Communities for any of my new DNA Matches except for the ones who have the newer Genetic Communities (the ones that were released back in February).
  • ADN 5/5

    By Pilar Losada
    Qué sencillo proceso mediante la saliva saber de nuestros orígenes
  • $+++ 2/5

    By Mrs Nooski
    Be prepared for very little information unless you keep paying extra for everything. My results were vague and the information that came back on persons I entered for the family tree didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know (unless I want to pay extra for additional info)
  • I don’t appreciate your political stance 1/5

    By blessings poured out 777
    This is supposed to be an app to see our DNA results. Not be indoctrinated to the political correctness that is plaguing our society. Thank but no thanks!
  • Trouble signing in 3/5

    By cocoabdul
    I purchased my dna kit and encouraged family and friends to do a DNA test. Sadly after I switch my phone i cannot log back in to show people my results. I try to log in and I find my account but the results don’t show. Do I need to re purchase or what is the deal?
  • Fun experience 5/5

    By prince boris
    Interesting to know for sure. Matches what my dad had always told me about the family history. Easy and simple instructions to follow.
  • Traits? 4/5

    By Tangoman 322
    The traits add-on did not live up to my expectations. Otherwise, it was fascinating for me to learn from where my family came. It confirms the searches and work that I’ve been doing on our family tree. So I’m fairly certain that it is accurate.
  • Broken 2/5

    By zebrahero
    Anytime I click any of the kit status steps it leads to an error message that says “Server Unavailable” rending the app useless other than taking their surveys.
  • Kinda pointless 2/5

    By triquetra33
    This app has not been very helpful. For every step it tells you to click the arrow to learn more and you get a “server down” message- for EVERYTHING. For three weeks. Waste of time. I should’ve chosen 23 and me instead.
  • Very nice, but not quite the web version... 4/5

    By PolloTec
    The web version shows a little more detail than the app, such as the confidence interval (dotted black line with begin-end markers over the colored bar graph), which is nicer in the web version. Please bring this into the app. Additionally, explaining the confidence interval and how the accuracy of the DNA test works would be nice. It’s hard to understand how the stated regional percentages are made from the DNA data, given the provided colored bar chart, overlapping map diagrams, and confidence intervals.
  • What a mess; quit changing things, apparently taking things away, etc., etc. 2/5

    By charlyew
    Where are Thru Lines, etc., etc.
  • Server? 1/5

    By tggg1rl
    Why when I click on anything in the app does it tell me the server is unavailable? Really annoying after spending so much money on this kit....
  • Accurate - based on what I was always told! 5/5

    By FJR1968
    Growing up - I was always told my family history goes to Wales, Germany, Ireland and Italy. My ancestry results came back with these 4 countries showing the highest percentages - very cool!
  • 🤔 4/5

    By Ashleyraines1
    Wish it could have gone even deeper like I have Native American in me but it’s not enough to show.
  • What happened to my results? 1/5

    By ReRe2737
    My profile and results are no longer there . Wants me to activate a kit I already have results, pleased with them. Where are they?
  • Nonsense 1/5

    By chandler tolbert
    Totally nonsense DNA test. My grandmother is from Sicily and so is her entire family and it’s saying I’m only 6% Italian.......
  • What a joke 1/5

    By Lizzy1989!
    If you want to know specifics about where you’re from don’t waste your time or money with ancestry.
  • Absolutely wonderful 5/5

    Absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much!
  • I had some trouble finding my results 5/5

    By Willowrenee
    However Eurika was such a huge help and we found the solution and she was a pleasure to speak to
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Babyfarts mcgeezax
    Vague, inaccurate, pathetic, slow service. If you wanna know specifics about where you’re from, save your money.
  • Can’t log in anymore 1/5

    By Warlock7
    The change account pop up blocks the ability to log into your account!!! What kind of idiots tested this before shipping? Nobody tried logging in?!?
  • Crashing. Been over two weeks no results 1/5

    By Giopio
    I hand even log in now. What going on? I really hope I am able to see my results soon. Place fix what’s going on. This was a birthday gift, and expensive. And really unfortunate that you have to depend on an app to get your results
  • Update bricked app 1/5

    By EverythingIsA.O.B.
  • Needed features to be Better 2/5

    By 200 in1 app
    It would be better if the AncestryDNA app had the (Matches Map) feature. Because that is one of Ancestry’s best features. Also AncestryDNA needs to tell all of the people who are using AncestryDNA that they need to put a profile picture on their Ancestry account. Because if everyone had a profile picture it would be easier to tell who they were since some people don’t put their real name on their and no picture on their. Since the app already has maps on it it should just add the (Matches Map) feature to that existing map on the app.
  • Help! All of my matches disappeared! 1/5

    By Signgilder
    After latest update I'm no longer able to view any of my matches which were visible before update. Deleting and re-installing didn't resolve the issue either. Please fix!
  • I found my birth family ! 5/5

    By juls c .
    I did the d n a test and within three weeks .... after being adopted & at age 55 now, this is the gift that keeps truly keeps on giving!! To have found my true blood family and to know who I look like ...their love and acceptance from this one a true miracle and a blessing of the best type ever!!
  • So Happy that I checked my DNA Story!!! 5/5

    By windrider991
    When my wife Kristal and I had our DNA checked out with AncestryDNA, I had no idea at all, zero, none at all that I had any Irish in my DNA profile, and not only do I, it’s the Majority single contributor to it!!! This knowledge spurred me on to find my Irish relatives, again whom I never was told anything about, at any time, and behold I found her!!! My Great Grandmother Mary Carr was from Ireland, and she had emigrated to Canada with John Maves, a German. Their daughter, Kathryn Maves is my Grandmother on my mom’s side of the family! This years was the first year that I was able to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, knowing that I am actually Irish too!!! O the joy of it all!!! Not only am I Irish, I also have English, Scottish, and Welsh too!!! Absolutely Thrilling!!! Thank you AncestryDNA!!!
  • Having fun 5/5

    By pattycocacola
    Having a blast with the app. A really fun time and very enlightening
  • Hard to maneuver and experience 2/5

    By Erika McGrath
    I’m disappointed with AncestryDNA. There’s a charge for everything, it’s vague, there is no means to connect with relatives via messages.
  • Misleading 3/5

    By bkeiser
    Too much in app purchase
  • Review is for the app 5/5

    By Cheese n rice
    App: Easy to use,navigate, quick activating the kit is easy and dummy proof. Less than/about 3 weeks to get results during promotional period. Purchased 3 kits and sent on different dates to get an average idea of process time. _______________ Results: nothing life changing or astonishing. If you know your parents, grandparents, and have a somewhat idea on the evolution of mankind or a sense of migration, war, and the slave trade, you’ll better understand why you have certain regions in your dna. It can still be fun to do with family members. _______________ Con on region results: North, Central, And South America are in one region for example. Might not be as helpful for someone who has a dad from N. America and a mom from S. America. It’s not going to be 50/50 or close to it (because of European & African in them), but your half might be even less because together your parents are 30-40% total of this region.
  • Updating the site 1/5

    It’s been 2 weeks and the site is not not up and functioning correctly. I got a message stating update will be done soon apologies for the delay. I add people to my tree and I login in the next day and they are gone. This has happened 4 times. It’s more of a headache now than a journey.
  • Can’t view messages 2/5

    By Emijacsar
    It’s disappointing that you can’t view or reply to messages. That was one of the main reasons I liked the app. But not anymore
  • Review 5/5

    By Dayzeeone1
    So much fun! Best birthday present ever!
  • Horrible joke 1/5

    By kkkkkkkkkkkkikkkkkkk
    57 percent Ireland and Scotland and 43 percent England. That’s it? A joke
  • Had high hopes 1/5

    By DebbsDebbington
    This test… doesn’t work. I had some really high hopes about finding out a lot more details about the places my genes come from, but I also decided to do the genetic traits add on test to see how accurate it was on measurable appearance based traits. Almost none of them were correct, even those that are easily identifiable and pretty well established in other genetic tests (i.e. hair or eye color, earlobe shape, cilantro aversion.) In addition, the ethnic origins directly contradict the majority of well documented history in my family genealogy in ways that are quite literally impossible. Lastly, I was still excited to see some of the detailed regional breakdowns, but I just got some wide regional guesses and generic Wikipedia information about a few countries. I would go ahead and splurge on a more reputable test like 23 and Me instead of going for this.
  • Fast and easy 5/5

    By Jwill9804
    Brought the kit when it was on a promotional deal so with taxes it cost about 71. Results came back really quick. They received the kit March 27, got the results back April 7.
  • My background 5/5

    By vincethegreat1
    I’m surprised of the outcome of the results, I knew some of my background bit not everything. I highly recommend this company if you truly want to know your history culture & where you come from.
  • Loading Screen 1/5

    By Jss R
    I downloaded this app for an easier way to look at my results. It worked perfectly the first time. The next time I tried to log on, it doesn’t even load a home screen. Just a loading sign. Fix this
  • Updates please 3/5

    By Umalazoff
    My traits won’t open up or compare to other regions since months ago, and I got my ethnicity updated last September and my second and third cousins don’t have them!
  • Great but.. 4/5

    By Trexbrett
    This was great and super cool! The only problem is that there’s no way to search relatives so it’s really hard to find specific family member. Please add a search feature!!
  • So satisfied 5/5

    By juju939
    I tested my son to see what his nationality was because his father is mixed with many different cultural backgrounds and I am Pacific Islander, I find this accurate because it has some cousins listed on his father’s side as second cousins which seems legit! I did not know my son would have family is South Whales or England , I always thought he had more of an Irish Descendant but that’s why I think it’s so important to test so you can see what your cultural background is!
  • Kevin marshall 5/5

    By Ellison50
    Very spot on
  • App not working 1/5

    By Desiree Regalado
    Ugh! It’s been days since the app has not opened / worked for me. I activated my DNA and sent it off and now I can’t open it. What is going on? And I need this to access my results later.

AncestryDNA app comments

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