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Anchor App

Anchor is the easiest way to make a podcast, brought to you by Spotify. Now you can create your podcast, host it online, distribute it to your favorite listening platforms, grow your audience, and monetize your episodes—all from your phone or tablet, for free. A RECORDING STUDIO IN YOUR POCKET: Record audio from anywhere, on any device. Visualize, edit, and arrange your audio segments using Anchor’s intuitive episode builder. Add background tracks, transitions, and sound effects from our built-in audio library. Record remotely with up to 4 guests or co-hosts, wherever they are in the world. 100% FREE HOSTING: Host an unlimited number of episodes - no monthly fees, no trial period, no catch GET HEARD EVERYWHERE: Distribute your podcast to the most popular listening platforms, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and more—all with a single tap. CREATE WITHOUT CONSTRAINTS: Easily design cover art for your show with Anchor’s cover art creator. Gather voice messages from your listeners and easily add them into your episodes. Anchor is compatible with most external mics and devices, and you can import your own audio files to achieve your perfect sound. GROW YOUR AUDIENCE: Track metrics from multiple platforms, including unique Spotify stats, using Anchor’s detailed analytics dashboard. Analyze episode performance and listener demographics to learn who your audience is and what keeps them engaged. Transform audio clips into animated videos that are ready for sharing to promote your show. GET PAID TO PODCAST: Earn money every time people listen—no matter your audience size—with Anchor Sponsorships. Record custom ads in your own voice and choose when they occur in your episodes. Download the free app to start your podcast with Anchor’s all-in-one platform. Already have a podcast? Make the switch today at or in the app.

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Anchor app reviews

  • Yay 5/5

    By tristan sans
  • Amazing!! 🤩 5/5

    By waynebutlerisntfunny
    I had no idea what I was doing as far as podcasting. This app makes it so easy to record and get your stories out there. They take out all the guesswork.
  • Why do I need to sign back in after updating? 1/5

    By Themusicman08
    On the last few updates of this application for my iPhone, I’ve noticed that I’ve had to log back in. Why is this? I would email anchor support but I don’t know if they would have any idea either. I’ve spoken to other people who use voice over and they say that they are having the same experience. Anchor what are you doing? Please fix this. Usually when you update an app you shouldn’t have to log back in but with Anchor it seems that this is the normal procedure now. Is there something in the terms that I missed somewhere after a recent update? Going to the help pages and looking at the FAQs don’t seem to answer my questions either.
  • Remote Podcasting is a joke 3/5

    By MatthewMyles
    Downloaded app to remote podcast with colleagues, but the app WILL NOT recognize external usb microphones when using the collaborate section. External mic works great if I am working by myself though.
  • Great job 5/5

    By AntiilluminatiParty
    I can assure you that the Illuminati is a real and activist globalists political organization made from many different secret society’s working together for one goal a one word government. Learn more at
  • Double dipper 5/5

    By Ana Alesea
    Do you know when I first downloaded the app I wasn’t impressed but now it’s amazing best app ever
  • Great app 4/5

    By deliberatespeed
    Anchor is a great app that gives new podcasters and easy, reliable, and efficient way to record and publish a podcast. We only use it to publish, but all the other features are definitely a plus! Shameless plug: look our podcast up, Chris N Bud show!
  • Skthd times 5/5

    By skthdz
    My first pod cas Unedited Voice justification Skthd lockdowns An American Sport origin
  • Audio drift 1/5

    By FB1223451111
    Still has terrible audio drift.
  • Soooo awsome 5/5

    By sawyer locvde
    I loooove anchor! I can upload all my podcast on my cheap tablet in my room for FREE. I love being able to just record podcast and become famous. You can even get sponsors!

    But from what I’ve seen it’s really good
  • Nathan’s school 5/5

    By grandarandim
    I loved Nathan’s podcast! It was so full of important information that all young school age children can use.Keep it up Nathan you’re doing great!!!👍🏼👏🏼😉
  • Deleted my account?? 1/5

    By p3023
    I have made about 5 episodes on my account and the next time I go to check my views and stuff I’m logged out and it won’t take my password. It shows my podcast is up but for some reason won’t let me into it. I have made posts on my Facebook sharing my podcast but it won’t even let me in through that! I don’t want to have to start another channel.
  • Amazing app but... 4/5

    By fixyourappplslove
    It’s a great app for people who want to get into podcasting. I wish it had the option to edit the custom background music on my phone. It only allows you to edit the anchor background music on desktop and that’s only with anchor music. I also think the editing tool could be better by adding fade in and fade outs with our own custom sounds or songs. But overall the app is great.
  • Great for recording and publishing but no good for editing 4/5

    By kymbee88
    Great for recording and publishing but so far I have had terrible experiences with editing using this app. I want to love the editing tools but if I accidentally click out of the editing window (I use my iPad for editing) it exits back to my library and I lose all of my work. This issue is easily recreated and has happened multiple times where I have edited about half of my episode and my child touched my screen and I lost everything or my hand accidentally touched the screen and again, it didn’t save and all my changes were gone. If this bug could be fixed then I would use Anchor for all steps, start to finish.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Flash1704
    Makes my life so simple and easy. So glad I decided to use it!!!
  • User friendly! 5/5

    By Nanfi
    So easy and fun to set up!
  • it’s the easiest way to make a podcast 5/5

    By Chamis20
    The title speaks for itself anchorfm is a one stop shop!!!!
  • I love BUT... 4/5

    By Pop Glop
    I love making my podcast in this app however, they need to enable more editing capabilities. For example more bumper and transition music- Ability to splice things in and out of the podcast. A sneeze button would be awesome. And when I want to do an interview with someone it’s practically impossible. Please please please anchor find a better way for me to interview someone who is not in the room with me through my desktop. It does not work. It works momentarily then cuts out. I’ve had to do interviews with my guests by simply having them call on the phone and I put it up to the microphone because of this. Also I need more insight on my listeners. Do they listen to the entire show? Once l hit 1000 listens I can no longer see a count by count total. All that is available is for example 1.2K or 1.3k I want to see the exact numbers. Example-2087, 2088, 2089 - show me the exact number. And lastly give us small timers more opportunities to have commercials. I have consistent listeners and my listenership is growing but I’m only allowed to do the anchor commercial. Other than that thank you so much for this app it’s been very helpful and I enjoy it!
  • Discovery page 4/5

    By Linc the misfit
    I really enjoy Anchor, but I wish there was a way for me to discover smaller podcasts so that I could make friends and collaborate with people. I find that the discovery page seems to push out podcasts that are already decently known. I would like to find people and podcasts to connect with! Searching for keywords isn’t the best because most people aren’t active anymore!
  • I love this app 5/5

    By Wasden69696969
    I just started and already love it!!
  • First podcast ever 3/5

    So far so good. Still learning what to do as far as edits go
  • Anchor is the BEST 5/5

    By The Mutzie Show
    There is no question that anchor is the best podcast by far. It’s so easy to use even a third grader could podcast. Thanks for allowing us to use you product. YOU ROCK.
  • Anchor 5/5

    By Financially Lit Chic
    I absolutely LOVE this incredible and seamless platform. I can produce quality podcast material from 1 touch of my phone, tablet or computer. It’s phenomenal!!!! Thank you Anchor.
  • Im Anchor-ed in 5/5

    By Mxdyer
    I find this podcast app to be wonderfully divine and most helpful and a myriad of ways and I am grateful to be a part of the Anchor community
  • Great app but.. 4/5

    By doube-A-Ron
    It’s a great app and it is EXTREMELY EASY to navigate and utilize on the go, and to basically publish an entire podcast with NO ISSUES, but I am currently running into one BIG ISSUE right now. If you record on a tablet, or attempt to migrate from one device to the next, the system glitches and thinks you’re making a brand new podcast for the first time, this is VERY FRUSTRATING as it does NOT make it seem less between on the go recording with a mobile device, and at home recording on a pc. I have an account already set up with active episodes, but I was not home so I decided to record on my iPad, but when I finished recording my episode, Anchor believed that this was my VERY FIRST podcast and episode simply because I am using a new device, even though I am using the SAME LOGIN information. Because I had to setup a brand new account (since they app thinks it’s a new account because of the new device) it made me delay my second episode release, as I did not think logging into a new device with the SAME LOGIN INFO FOR THE EXACT PODCAST I AM ALREADY DOING ON THE PC AT HOME, was going to need to be setup again like a brand new podcast. What’s worse is I don’t even know if the information will cross over to all the devices I am logged in under; I might have just recorded an episode that I have no way of monetizing because again the app thinks I am a brand new user, when I already have an account setup and adds on, but this episode I made I guess falls in limbo somewhere and is not appearing on my other devices, only on my iPad. This issue is a big issue and needs to be fixed, right now I am at the mercy of HOPING it will all sync up and have the drafts available for editing on the pc and my other devices.
  • Chica de nada Paul podcast 5/5

    By Qismat ira agentkiss minutes
    Chica CHIKODIN a.k.a. OGULEDO the popular guy in the world now have a podcast it’s being worked on by my people at anchor I love anchor so much it’s the number one way to create a podcast guaranteed I love it I read it five stars out of five star is the best app ever to be I cannot wait for my trailer to be published and start on my very first episode of the CHIKOD I am a.k.a. podcast I’m so excited to start building a podcast for myself CHIKODINAKA
  • It’s great! 5/5

    By wcnabors2
    Anchor has given me a platform to easily make a podcast!
  • Little suggestion 5/5

    By keivansar
    Hi,thanks for your nice program,I think it’s could be great if you made some options to cover background noise completely,and some options to can record twice time or more on one file means option that could be pause record and take rest then after start recording on paused file again,it’s really could be nice if you making this option on your app! Thanks for your attention🙂🌻
  • Easiest thing I have ever done! 5/5

    By #1Butterfly
    Had I known about this, I could have started my podcast a long long time ago. I thought starting a podcast was hard, and that I needed to be tech savvy! Not in the least. Now I have to make up for lost time. Thank you so much for creating this. What forward thinking!
  • So easy 5/5

    By Texasnewyorkhusum
    You changed my life, thank you - the connection to all social media and new WordPress function is absolutely fantastic. I became a writer and podcaster at the same time.
  • Really AWESOME 5/5

    By Ya-Boi_Ash
    guys when I tell you this is the best podcast app, it really is. There’s a bunch of podcast to choose from AND you can make your very own podcast! I just started my first episode and omg its so easy to edit on a phone. This is so underrated , if you like listening to podcast OR want to start one, this is the app for you <3

    By Ghehdjdnbdjajbxg
    I’ve been trying to get my account taken down for a while now but everytime I check it is still there. If one day you decide to take down your podcast you can’t because you can’t have a page without anything
  • Way too glitchy but a good app 4/5

    By Johnny52091
    It’s a great app with a lot of built in features like sound and it’s easily deployable to many platforms, but the app itself is super glitchy and it’s hard to get on the homepage without having to restart it a couple of times
  • Seriously 5/5

    By Speak forth
    Good teaching on words 👍🏽
  • The one to get! 5/5

    By TedMoore
    Look no further—having tried others, including Spreaker, I’ve found that Anchor is more fully featured AND it has NO PAID OPTIONS. in addition, you can MAKE MONEY with Anchor, just by reading sponsored ads. The editor is decent, although you will be better served with a standalone editor and uploading the edited file into the app (so you have more control over your audio). There is a GREAT selection of tunes inside the app for interludes. You will be up and running quickly. Another great feature is that Spotify/Anchor will distribute your podcast to other platforms, INCLUDING APPLE podcasts. Analytics are also included in the app. You can record ANYWHERE using your tablet, PC or phone (features/functionality may differ between platforms and devices) on iOS or Android. I look forward to trying on the Mac, as well as the voice messages & co-host features. My first podcast was done with a cheap set of earbuds & a 7th-gen iPad, but I was VERY pleasantly surprised at the audio quality. One thing to remember is to convert your audio to stereo before uploading. Try it, you’ll like it!
  • Great 4/5

    By ggbrqvo
    I really like your app it’s just it should have an update where you can’t like put it in your apps but you keep it like on sale in kids to make a podcast don’t feel so weird

    By Eazymoney47
    This app is awesome it really makes everything I don’t wanna say easy because it’s easier than easy I love it download it I don’t wanna date download because I don’t want you to compete with me stay well stay blessed
  • Why 4/5

    By Tonyisdangcute
    It won’t let me put my email lol
  • What’s the catch 5/5

    By 😑😌Uh-No 😲😐
    The Process has been simple, Free and very easy. I now patiently await the inevitable BOOGIEMAN to Pounce and Murderously ! ! 😒Bludgeon me Joy..
  • A fantastic app! 5/5

    By Reggie4jesus
    I just started my first Audio Bible Podcast called "Loving the Word". This app has made it super easy, efficient and enjoyable. There's easy tools to play with that you can put music into the background of your show and do many more things with. It distributes the Podcast across all the platforms that you would need to make it successful including Apple and Spotify! Thank you Anchor for helping me make a successful podcast! You guys are rocking it!
  • I love it 5/5

    By Angela3101:)
    That simple I love that app!!!
  • Anchor does so much for you! 5/5

    All a podcaster needs is the audio part for his episode. Anchor helps take care of the rest-background music and ESPECIALLY distribution to other platforms!
  • Amazing for beginners 5/5

    By TheFalconsZone
    Really good and easy
  • Great! 5/5

    By Lajksnd
    Very easy and functional.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Good in Hood
    This is an amazing system that make my blogs easy to convert into a podcast with only 3- Clicks.
  • Great app definitely recommend it 5/5

    By Mr Platformet
    This is a great app! I love how you can record, edit, and distribute all in one totally free app. It’s genius! There is one little problem thou. Whenever I try to record, sometimes the record button doesn’t work. But other than that it’s awesome!
  • Satisfied Author 5/5

    By _1RareGem00
    I’m satisfied with my experience using this app.
  • More category options please! 3/5

    By LIKA 2.0
    Why isn’t there a podcast category for LGBTQ or the ability to select at least two categories for podcasts like mine that crossover into different categories... If I could my podcast would be in Spirituality LGBTQ & Black voices podcasts. There needs to be some diversity there that better reflects who we are and what we are discussing.