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Anchor App

Anchor is the best way to make your podcast. It’s the only app that lets you create and host unlimited episodes and distribute your show everywhere. All in one place, all for free. MAKE YOUR PODCAST * Record your podcast from anywhere, or import existing audio * Easily record remotely with cohosts and friends, no matter where they’re located * Beautiful, visual episode builder makes it easy to arrange the audio in your episodes * Trim or edit your recordings with mobile-friendly tools designed specifically for podcasting * Add smart background tracks and transitions from our huge, built-in library of audio * Collect voice messages from your listeners and add them to your episodes GET IT HEARD * Host unlimited episodes for free * Distribute your podcast everywhere people are listening, including Apple Podcasts, with just one tap GROW YOUR AUDIENCE * Track performance with cross-platform analytics * Share your podcast anywhere with beautiful embeds and videos * Listen to shows on Anchor and discover amazing independent podcasts iPAD FEATURES * Fully compatible with split screen (try recording with the Notes app open if you need talking points!) * Drag in audio from any compatible app on your iPad to add it to your episode builder or your Library

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Anchor app reviews

  • Love it 5/5

    By Re'jon
    New user love it already
  • Why did the “invite” process change? 3/5

    By SubShark
    Before, when I recorded Pod with multiple ppl, I could choose them from an invite list and it would send them a call. Now, the recording starts and then I have to invite via text message.
  • Why’s Guys Podcast 5/5

    I love listening and using anchor to listen to my favorite podcasts — ESPECIALLY! the “ Whys Guys Podcast “ 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
  • Bugs came AFTER the APP UPDATE! 3/5

    By Nanajolie23
    What happened??? I had an entire episode drafted, and segment titles changed, to now updated the app and to come to my segment titles changed back to the original & my recordings are SKIPPING! Please fix this with a GOOD update and no bugs!
  • My first Podcast 5/5

    By COMMUNION5779
    Excellent Simple App
  • We Love Anchor! 5/5

    By ckd217
    I record and edit my podcast in GarageBand so I don’t know what it’s like to record and edit within the Anchor app. And I upload my podcast via the website on my Mac. I use the app for seeing the number of listens and changing the info. So the app works great for me. I’ve never had an issue. Overall, Anchor is an amazing platform and I’m grateful to publish my podcast through Anchor.
  • I DID IT My own PODCAST 5/5

    By seqidma
    I just published my first podcast on It was actually fun if I can do this you can to
  • Love it 5/5

    By Jersey_Rosey
    Can’t wait to start my first episode
  • Very Good Article 5/5

    By Ladigee57
    Yes this Podcast is wonderful and enlighten Short and to the point looking forward to listening to more Welcome Back GCS
  • Great!!! 5/5

    By Ing. Javier Santana
    Buenisima información para emprendedores e influencer.
  • Thots and prayers 5/5

    By proudmary75
    Great voice. I love to listen.
  • Anchor Review 5/5

    By hg_28
    This is the best and easiest app to use I have tried looking for in an app that will publish my podcast and this is the only one that has made it easy to do what I love.
  • Why it’s 5 stars 5/5

    By No__Title
    I live this it’s been fun recording and doing new things. It’s also helping me with my crappy technical skills and it’s easy to use
  • Anchors Away 5/5

    By Blake P Smith
    So I wanted to say a little something about the application for the Anchor broadcast and so far I’m finding this to be very helpful and easy to use. I was always worried about doing a podcast because I thought I was going to have to go buy expensive microphones and headphones and apps for my computer and set all that stuff up with the speakers and wires and all that stuff but… I’m finding with Anchor I don’t have to do all that I can just do it right through my smart phone. And that makes it very attractive since just about everybody has a smart phone that they can download the app to and use this application so easily. So if you been looking for a while or thinking about doing a podcast I highly recommend using Anchor. You can be up and running literally in five minutes. So don’t wait do it today.
  • I love using ANCHOR. 5/5

    By the_nick_name_nonsense_is_lame
    Finally found the missing key to my podcast
  • Does the Job but is Annoying 3/5

    By 🤖💀👡🦊🕸
    Ok so yes, I can upload or record content and they have a nice selection of background music and mix it for me which is all lovely. However the claps and text replies are gone and I really want those back. Also in the past month or so they've made the monetization and advertising parts waaay too intrusive. It used to be that it was just a setting you could turn on and I liked it that way because then it wouldn't bug me. I was annoyed when they added a tab for money that doesn't disappear when you say you don't want to be paid. But now its even worse: while you're editing and managing episodes there's a button for adding ads. I already told them I don't want advertisements! I don't even have a stripe account! And besides I find it disrespectful to my audience to give them ads. Why won't Anchor be respectful of my decision? Because they get their profit from monetization. Please put it back to the settings options and make the money management go away if the user decides not to earn revenue.
  • I think it’s a really good app 5/5

    By Dio1134
    I see a lot of bad reviews and some medium ones. And I’m not sure if it’s because these are extremely professional podcasters that are used to whole studio set ups or whatever, but I’m just starting out and for me it’s easy to use and easy to record and publish something on my mind or something I’d like to talk about. I gave it 5 stars because it’s easy for me, and so far my baby podcasting steps are going. Hitting multiple platforms is awesome. The only thing I’d like that app to improve is the analytics of each episode. Similar to YouTube’s analytics.
  • 👍🏼 5/5

    By spidermans apprentice
    Made it super easy for me to create a podcast and publish it without all kinds of hassle 👍🏼
  • Can’t add people 1/5

    By FB1223451111
    App is messed up. Can’t add anyone to a pod. On iOS. WTH is going on? —- Update: so let me get this right? You completely changed how to add people to your podcasts, nuked the contact lists inside the app, and just left everybody hanging for weeks? Since you didn’t bother to tell anyone or explain it in the app? I don’t know who runs your programming team over there, but that person needs be drug tested if frog marched out of the organization. You did it so you could data mine more customer info like phone numbers and emails. But completely F’ed your current users. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. So guess what we’re going? Looking for an alternative to Anchor.
  • Very good A App 5/5

    By Bpprodz
    Very good app to start a podcast. Very good. One thing I am hoping that Anchor start giving Awards to these who finally got at least 1K listeners. I think this will encourage people to join but stay and keep going. You can feel discouraged when you can’t really get listeners for your podcast and give up. But if someone stays and has reached a significant number of plays, it will be nice for the App to email a certificate to that creator for that and encourage him to keep going. Like YouTube, Spotify and others do. Thanks! LPF
  • Best and easiest way to start a podcast! 5/5

    By theEcounter247
    Amazing and simple, definitely start with this app. Love it.
  • Love it 5/5

    By azbadar
    It’s an amazing app, really glad I found it!
  • Beginner Perspective: Love it!!! 5/5

    By Simply_CSea
    I’ve only been podcasting since last November, and I originally started with SoundCloud. However, SoundCloud wasn’t taking off, and I didn’t like it’s format and distributions. I originally learned of Anchor through another podcaster. He’s been using it for over a year, and I liked how clean everything looked! I had always wondered about getting content onto Spotify, a popular platform where I lived, and he was sharing his podcast through it! Immediately I switched from SoundCloud, and haven’t looked back. It’s nice being available on multiple platforms, how clean and easily navigable the anchor site is, and having sponsors. I don’t rate many apps, but I can really appreciate the foundation that anchor sets for beginners. I talk about this app/site so often that I’ve inspired many of my peers to podcast and share with their friends. If you’d like to hear some episodes, my podcast can be found as “@simply_csea”. I hope you all seriously consider this opportunity. Podcasts are the new books, and I think anchor is the best platform to use. Anchor/Spotify/Apple and Google Podcast... @simply_csea

    By teheheheheh12344321
    Give us the option to continue a podcast if someone calls. Its ridiculous we can be 40 mins in and someone calls and the whole things messed up!
  • Spotify just bought this app 1/5

    By M Bahareth
    Jet ready for the worst, find an alternative for your podcast making app because Spotify just bought ancor and they are going to ruin it sooner than later. Just like Microsoft ruined SwiftKey keyboard and skype and minecraft. So be prepared to find an alternative before you lose your episodes and subscribers. You might one day find a new fee and your podcast is on hold, held hostige untill you pay. This is a very sad day when stupid big corporations ruin really good apps. Don't say i didn't tell you.
  • I’m pretty much an idiot with apps, this one doesn’t care. 5/5

    By Edchism19
    It’s been one of the easiest apps I’ve ever used and it works.
  • Used to be a really good app! 1/5

    By Antoine_A_Davis
    Two of my friends and myself started using Anchor a few months ago to host our show “From The Sidelines” and we absolutely fell in love with it! From creating our picture with the name Logo, to recording our podcast with the simple editing tools, adding music, sounds effects, and recording a commercial, and adding our show to podcast sites all for free was absolutely amazing to us for three guys just starting out and looking for someone to host our show. But the more we recorded our shows (9 shows total) the worst the recordings had became for us. The biggest issue has been recording our show and being booted off the recording 3 minutes in. We just tried to record tonight and we have 6 interrupted recordings that would have taken forever for us to record one 30 to 40 minute show, and let’s not forget I would have had to edit each of them to make it sound like nothing was interrupted. The next issue we started happening was the audio recording. We started experiencing a lot audio cutouts on our vocals, digital interruption we talking which made our voices sound like we were using AutoTunes like a rap artist, and if one person talked over the other it would fade one person out into the background. It’s been tough using Anchor as of late. Before we record we always make sure the app is updated and we are still experiencing the same issue and there getting much worse. Take a listen to our 9 shows and you will hear the audio quality that I mentioned. Since this is your app, you should be able to see how many recordings takes we had to do for each of our shows just to make one complete show. We shouldn’t have that many takes like we are a singing group recording a new song. As much as I hate to say it, I will have to look for a new host for our podcast. Hopefully you guys get it all fix for the next new group people looking to start their podcast show and need a good host like Anchor was in the beginning for us.
  • User friendly and fun 5/5

    By 20 plus
  • Podcast one 5/5

    By RALLO3
    I AM ON ANCHOR 👍🏿😎
  • Download now and save yourself the trouble of going anywhere else 5/5

    By Stan_vanGundy
    Absolutely love it
  • Was a fantastic app 2/5

    By CajunCajole
    I love this app. It’s so easy to use and great for people all over the world to just chat about common likes and not have to worry about being charged out the wazoo by your phone service provider. I tried to start a new recording, as I always do, and add one of my co-hosts last night and it’s pulling up my iPhone’s sharing menu and airdrop menu. This update killed a great app and now it’s useless on my end, which is a bummer because this is the only app I actually love and use daily.
  • Will update if I am wrong 4/5

    By Lokiisagod
    I don’t mean to compare you another app, but Bossjock Studio and Bossjock jr both allow carts to be played while recording. The app is slightly confusing. Do I have to edit in these carts and sound effects AFTER I finish recording?
  • Easy so far 5/5

    By BrokenChristian
    I just made a podcast. I don’t think I realized that I was going to be publishing one right away. Great so far.
  • I will give 5 stars 3/5

    By quettaStubbs
    If Anchor please allow listeners to leave a review ones podcast show...or leave a comment verses a voice message please...heck I will even pay who cares lol.
  • Love Anchor Podcast 5/5

    By VirtuousWoman1014
    Love this platform and how they do the work for You! You don’t have to hop around getting your content out.
  • The Doc Talk Show 5/5

    By Dr.Maryel
    The Disabled Doctor a Public Figure known on FM, A.M. & multiple Digital Streaming & Major Digital Podcasts under other show names has gone “Raw & Real” IE “Unplugged”! The most authentic podcast Dr M has yet put out disclosing personal info in a humorous yet very real intimate insight into her personal challenges as a PTSD victor & T.I. in just 25 minutes giving a glimpse of deep drama she has overcome & is as calm as a cucumber while battling life threatening viral infection & on hiatus from her other platforms takes a huge risk w/ this “experimental -Show” while on bedrest on 3 antibiotics for various bacterial infections dive Dec 26th! Her best work yet from her bed! Looking forward to more episodes . Creator of ApplePodcast “Reality Shift Show w/ Dr Mary McKinley & iHeartRadio “Conversations w/ Dr Maryel McKinley” Former CoHost / Co Producer CBS 97.1 FM Arbitron rated #1 Talk Show in Southern Calif 2005 “All Talk Recovery Radio” & Producer/Co-Host KABC “Back-Talk” Keep it up Doc! ❤️🙏😇
  • Listen to The Kre8ive Podcast! This app is amazing!! 5/5

    By Stpierre7
    I heard about anchor just in time as I was ready to launch my podcast! I did plenty of research and as a new podcaster I hated that I had to pay out of pocket to start something that I didn’t know where it would go and on top of that it was limiting me to time every month! Once I heard about anchor and looked it up I knew it was my podcast home! Quickly set up an account and a week later launched my first episode! So easy to get started! And everyone I referred to start their podcast said the same thing! I wouldn’t recommend any other app for your podcast
  • To new beginnings 5/5

    By Brian (CampbellSoup) phin fan
    This is our first podcast attempt. My brother and I are going to have fun talking about stuff we love and things we believe in. This platform is easy to use and great help on all the tech I am not familiar with. Great sound quality for us to use since we are recording in two different states. Great app
  • Love it! 5/5

    By praizinhisname
    So easy to use! Takes the difficulty out of making a podcast.
  • Yep 5/5

    By Audio Junkies
    Was there at the beginning. Great app.
  • Great app ... but 4/5

    By Saycon Sengbloh
    Great app but connecting to my Facebook business/ public figure page didn’t happen, the app only seems to recognize my personal page.
  • Best podcasting app 5/5

    By Reynell-O
    I never imagined myself being an ardent lover of podcasts yet Anchor really made appreciate podcasts. What’s more, I now have my own podcast and I love doing what I do now. I rate 5 stars straight away!
  • Thank You 5/5

    By Kiiing.fw
    This app is great because if you want to start your own podcast. It’s also great that it will automatically spread your podcast to other platforms and give you the exposure to really grow your podcast.
  • Great app 5/5

    By jbugs27
    I love this app, my friend and i have started a podcast, had no experience and now we’re loving it more than ever!
  • Forgets the days record and upload 5/5

    By M.F.S.
    This app is fantastic! I love it. I record my podcast laying down sometimes right before going to bed. I love that it updates on all platforms. Download it! The best there is!
  • It’s got potential 2/5

    By School Lunch Mark
    So I’ve had this app for awhile now and I am finally able to give an honest review. I co steam with a good friend of mine and out of all the streams, only one works. After our very first one, all these technical difficulties came along. If I host a podcast with my friend and get a notification in the middle of it, my friend’s voice will no longer her heard. Then, the app would crash in the middle of recording. And now, we filmed probably our best episode yet, and it’s saying the podcast doesn’t have audio. I’ve filed a complaint and have yet to hear back from someone
  • Connect, signup and stir up your Spirit of Podcasting 5/5

    By isiuluibau
    A great Platform to Start or continue your gift of Podcasting. Do what you love on this platform; Anchor makes it so easy and Anchor does all the Heavy Lifting, so you can focus on building and improving your podcast-while they help distribute your Podcast to other available and applicable Podcasting Channels with relevant matching for Sponsorship opportunities, etc. I am relatively very new to the platform, so far enjoying the Podcasting Experience; checkout, Kinsman Podcast and Follow me - Remember, Anchor await your talent and creativity. You can Make it very well. Peace
  • big chungus 5/5

    By Fantasy Mashup
    As soon as I downloaded this it cured my ligma made my tap run Mountain Dew and I immediately gained 400lbs. Thank you anchor! Seriously, though, this app is a really easy way to get a podcast out on multiple platforms, and monetize it! I definitely recommend this app (Also listen to my podcast The Fantasy Mashup Show)
  • Why I like anchor 5/5

    By jesusprotectsme
    Well it’s easy to use It’s fun to use It has what I need It’s mobile No issues running the app Always room for more but that is with everything I also like that I can make money from podcasting and I can do it easy on anchor Been on two days already made money . @Anchor thanks for the app and thanks for the support and the chance to have fun on your platform. I have been using anchor for a while I love it but wish that the cpm paid out more. Or even if the sponsors sent u a trial product that way u can feel confident in the product your advertising . . I would love if the sponsors where more than involved with the podcaster . Over all I like the app and use it often

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