Angry Birds 2

Angry Birds 2

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  • Current Version: 2.34
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Rovio Entertainment Oyj
  • Compatibility: Android
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Angry Birds 2 App

Angry Birds 2 supports UNICEF! Join the Bring The Anger event starting November 12. Pop piggies, and show your support! Play the world's best bird flinging, pig popping game! Use the slingshot to fling birds at the piggies' towers and bring them crashing down – all to save the precious eggs. New to the world of Angry Birds? Angry Birds 2 is the best way to get to know all of the iconic characters and experience the fun gameplay that has captured the hearts (and spare time) of millions of players. Decorated Angry Birds veteran? Everything you love about classic Angry Birds games is here with some awesome new additions. Choose which bird to fling when, play with friends, take on multi stage levels, and compete and collaborate with players around the globe. Features: ● CHOOSE YOUR BIRD. Choose which bird to put in the slingshot and defeat the pigs with strategy! ● MULTI-STAGE LEVELS. Play fun, challenging levels with multiple stages – just watch out for those Boss Pigs! ● DAILY CHALLENGES. Have a minute? Complete a daily challenge and earn some quick rewards. ● LEVEL UP your birds with feathers and up their scoring power. Build the ultimate flock! ● JOIN A CLAN to take down the pigs with friends and players around the world. ● IMPRESS THE MIGHTY EAGLE in Mighty Eagle's Bootcamp and earn coins to use in his exclusive shop. ● COMPETE in the ARENA. Compete with other players for some friendly bird flinging fun and prove who is the best. ● COLLECT SILLY HATS. Collect hats with different fun themes and level up your birds' fashion game. ● BAD PIGGIES. The green baddies are back, stronger, badder, and even greener. ● LOTS OF LEVELS. Play hundreds of levels with more added in regular updates and limited time events. ● LEADERBOARDS. Prove who is the best in the world on the global leaderboards. ● FREE to download! --- Angry Birds 2 is completely free to play. Although Angry Birds 2 can be downloaded for free, there are optional in-app purchases available. This game may include: - Direct links to social networking websites that are intended for an audience over the age of 13. - Direct links to the internet that can take players away from the game with the potential to browse to any web page - Advertising of Rovio products and also products from third parties This game may require internet connectivity and subsequent data transfer charges may apply. When the game is played for the first time, there is a one-off download of additional content. Terms of Use: Privacy Policy:

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Angry Birds 2 app reviews

  • Horrible Game 1/5

    By Preston Logan
    The game’s apple system is rigged. Apples don’t spawn enough, and when they do, the game gives you the worst birds that just won’t work, causing you to lose and either have to lose, pay money, or watch an ad that won’t load properly. All of these options give Rovio money while the player has to suffer no matter what. Hatchlings are impossible to support because they require too much too fast, and the reasons above. And when you get an actually good bird, some wooden block will ruin your bird’s ability, forcing you to lose, giving Rovio extra money. Do not play at all costs.
  • Worse and Worser GREEDY! 1/5

    By AlaskaAssisan
    Rovio has gotten worse with the ads and lives left to play! Not fun like it used to be!
  • Broken 1/5

    By pooperdooper1232
    It says reconnect WiFi although my WiFi is perfectly fine
  • Love the game, but... 5/5

    By Sinopa Crystal
    Don’t get me wrong. I love Angry Birds and I loved the fact that you added Stella into the game as a playable bird (one of my favorite Angry Birds) along with others. The one thing I wish you could do is to have hats for the other playable birds (and Leonard), they just feel left out without a hat boost. So please think about, it would make this game more enjoyable for everyone!
  • Some stuff isn’t fair and/or needs improvement 3/5

    By GojiraBoy1000
    When you choose which bird to use, it doesn’t show ALL of the ones you haven’t used yet. Plus the terrain on some levels and stuff is so stupid that it’s hard to shoot a bird towards something. And there’s more.
  • Angry birds 5/5

    By laceyhanson
    Love this game!
  • Just stop updating it!! 1/5

    By Diva1220
    Stop making it an obligation to update this app in order to play it’s very annoying. What if the person doesn’t have enough storage on their phone it’s not fair. Y’all update this app way too much!!!
  • I love you for making this game 5/5

    By Burger bro123
    It’s so fun It’s the best game on earth making Angry Birds three make it even better in this even though I don’t think it’s possible.
  • Amazing but... 5/5

    By 2010hw
    Great game but the tower fortune has bad chances. Another thing is you can only have one special bird . EVERY THING ELSE IS GREAT!!!!😍👍🏻❤️❤️❤️
  • I’d rather pay for a commercial free version 1/5

    By Niecer!
    I’d pay $5 to be able to play unlimited. I’m not making in app purchases so they’re not making any money from me. Not fun when the lives are up fast.
  • Pay To Win 2/5

    By Silo222000
    Getting very, VERY, tired of having to pay to complete the daily boss battles. I’ve been good about not sinking another penny into this game for several days now and I plan to stay the course on that. I’ll just have to say goodbye to the daily’s and focus on other things. Dev is extremely greedy. Not a fan of them, but I do enjoy the game. I’d give the devs a 1 and the game itself a 4, but I’ll meet in the middle at a 2. Paying to be able to complete a task is BS and those daily bosses are almost impossible without paying some days. Very disappointed and frustrated with devs.
  • Good 3/5

    By JimmyPlayer12
    I let my 6 year old neighbor play this on my phone and she adores it. The only thing is she ran out of lifes and kids don’t want to wait till they have more
  • Rampant cheating 1/5

    By Notalittlekid
    It’s a great concept for a game, and the different challenges keep it interesting. That said, there are cheaters everywhere and Rovio seems to be doing nothing about it. Every aspect of the game where you face off against other players is made unplayable because there are too many cheaters. How am I supposed to enjoy a game when no matter how good I get, it’s literally impossible for me to beat most of the players I face off against? Fix your game, Rovio.
  • Oh, yes I do! 1/5

    By Skynner McGee
    • U • N • I • N • S • T • A • L • L • E • D • Your app keeps telling me I don't have an internet connection even though I do, along with a strong wifi signal. I approved cellular data for this game, as well. Absolutely every other app I own that requires an internet connection works fantastically. So, I guess Rovio neither gets my money, nor the other 4 stars, since they can't get their game to work properly. • U • N • I • N • S • T • A • L • L • E • D •
  • Inoperable 1/5

    By Larock4d
    This app isn’t working! Still can’t play this game... Still stuck on the tutorial...App Support ignoring my comments!
  • GROSS. Should be Rated 18+ 1/5

    By The Annoying Truth
    If you hate playing angry birds, but love casino style menu games, watching 30 sec ads (that crash the game), and being prompted to spend $10 to continue, then this is for you. NOT APPROPRIATE FOR KIDS!
  • To Bad 1/5

    By ollipup
    I love to play this game but every time I need to upgrade. My iPad just won't download because of not enough space. Unfortunately I will have to delete angry birds. Thank you for developing a fun game.
  • App does not work after update!!! 1/5

    By Mama_Myra
    I try to open the app but it doesn’t open, it closes right at the start screen!! I’ve been playing this game for several years now. I even started to spend real money (which I NEVER do) to keep playing. My favorite game so far until this happened. PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM!!!!!! I really don’t want to (and I probably won’t) start over if I lose all my game progress!!!
  • Having issues 5/5

    By iListen2ActualGoodMusic
    Love this game but having an issue with the new duel tournament not letting me use spells at the end of my duel if I’m behind. It did the first duel I ever had but now it just blips at that time and doesn’t allow me the opportunity.
  • Game won’t open since updating..... 1/5

    By Gane wont open....
    Updated the game last night, won’t open. Have tried turning off/on phone, doesn’t help. Don’t want to delete otherwise I lose my progress. Last update, if you select a bonus to use, and don’t use it, you lose it. Used to be if you didn’t use it, it went back on your count, so you weren’t losing anything. Not happy with the new updates.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Temmie Chara
    “Connection issues” even though I have good WiFi and data, doesn’t work
  • App stuck on opening screen 2/5

    By FormerAmpMeUser7
    Pls fix ty
  • Upset 😡 5/5

    By CoCoKush76
    I’ve been playing this game for a long time and I’m very upset it’s not working
  • Fun game 5/5

    By nadamajed
    Nice play and birds I loved it so much ..!
  • Loopy 4/5

    By gfdtaer
    Getting too complicated for the occasional user. Need a summary or instruction option.
  • Higher levels are stupid 3/5

    By Ejakez
    They just put pigs out of reach so you’re forced to spend money to complete levels. I’m approaching level 1000 and I’ve come within a second of deleting this game 100 times because of this. Figure out a better way to make tough levels, Angry Birds, cause your tough levels are just annoying now. Also, I can’t reshuffle the deck on my iPhone 10 cause the display is t big enough, I can see the button just barely at the bottom of my screen.
  • Ads on top of ads 2/5

    By Omertà 333
    This is a really great game if you love to watch ads almost as much as you get to play the game! Also, the game makers in their genius made it so you can’t buy away the ads! So more ads! If you beat a level, more ads. Want to upgrade your birds? More ads! Need gems to progress? Watch a thousand ads! You can even spend 49.99 so you can watch more ads! And guess what? For the people who hate watching different ads, it’s 99% the same ad over and over again. Homescape, townscape, buttscape, and even if you a are low functioning adult or a two year old child and decide to download the ads game, you get to still watch the same ad over and over!
  • Constant connection errors. 1/5

    By redbeard331
    Lately everytime you click to watch an ad to get extra stuff (which you need to play the game) it just won’t connect at all, looking at other reviews this is clearly a problem affecting everyone. Please fix this ASAP!
  • Freemium is killing this game 2/5

    By Kingkrs
    The freemium model is totally killing a good game. Constantly bombarded with options to buy gems, cards, power ups and other crap. Then there are the intermittent pop up ads you have to watch. I wish they would go back the the old pay for the game one time so I can play til my heart’s content.
  • Why cant i exit to the game 3/5

    By millwrightmime
    Needs a aY to exit the game
  • Mediocre and Focused on Micro Transactions 1/5

    By User80401
    This game is extremely repetitive and it’s clear the company’s main objective is to milk players out of their money. There are constant ads to purchase various packages and the entire game encourages you to use very limited gems to gain an advantage. Not only that, but there is at least one portion/reward in the game that REQUIRES a purchase- that is simply unacceptable for a game that is supposedly for all ages. I highly suggest looking for a different game and not allowing young people to play this one.
  • App isn’t working right 1/5

    By BAG22
    I have tried repeatedly to contact Rovio regarding a serious problem with the app. Do not download this app! It will rip you off every time. You have the option to watch video adds for free plays, extra lives, etc. They get you to watch the video, and then don’t give you the reward. I’ve been playing t for over a year with very little problem. But recently, they started this cheating you out of the reward. I’ve sent them messages 4 times through the app, not one single reply. Stay away from this app until they fix it.
  • Something’s wrong lately 1/5

    By Fly Birdee
    Lately I watch the video ads but don’t receive any rewards for watching the video. And then nothing works on the screen. I have to restart the game and lose my credits and progress. It’s getting very frustrating. What’s wrong?
  • Great Game if you’re a Whale 2/5

    By shockemc
    This game really takes me back to the early 2000s when I was a pre-teen getting my first taste of computers and the internet. It is like a malware infested computer running Windows XP pop ups open almost as fast as you can close them! This game was clearly designed to take advantage of every whaling tactic know to the industry with “pay gems to keep gambling or you’ll loose everything.” It’s really disgusting how greedy Rovio has become. What happened to the days when I could money and just play the game uninterrupted? RIP angry birds, it was a really great game once upon a time. Maybe some people find this minimization platform to their liking but it’s just too obstructive for my taste.
  • I think angry birds is a great way to waste my times 5/5

    By nolife p2.none
    I love to play angry birds when I have nothing better to do
  • Can’t Play 1/5

    By A. Nonauh Muss
    This game used to be a lot of fun, but for whatever reason it won’t recognize my internet connection. This has been an issue for a very long time. I have no issues with any other game or internet connected app. It needs to be fixed already.
  • Great. ANOTHER micro transaction game 1/5

    By Kamaka33
    This game is unbelievable. I play and I play and all I see are ads, pop-ups, “special offers”, etc. This game shows you a offer or a deal EVERY 15 MINS! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! no. I can go on and on about this horrible monstrosity of this pay to win game. I honestly think every game Rovio has been making, they just get greedier. The ads are also inappropriate and annoying. Not only that, but it costs 350 gems to make a clan. Why you might be asking. Because it makes mola! (I probably spelled that wrong) This game is just so greedy and the levels get WAY to hard. Failed a level?! Then just spend more gems. NO THANK YOU. This is why I’m no longer a fan of AngryBirds, and I also deleted it. Have a bad day Rovio! Goodbye!
  • I am the best...except SOLO...because he buys spells and is that possible !!! 5/5

    By Lousy Angry Bird Player
  • It’s a game 5/5

    By ChardannaeL
    I love this game. Never spent a penny to play it and I never will. The concept is great and I like that I have to work at it to get anywhere. It just would not be as fun if the game give you everything you need to be the best every time you win. It’s a great game to pass the time while I wait.
  • Glitches 2/5

    By Erivershill
    Please fix the glitches after an ad plays. The game either freezes up or doesn’t give you what is promised.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By bleereas
    I'm addicted to this game Angry Birds! I play it everyday sometimes all day long.
  • Having a great time 5/5

    By Toothpick57
    This game is very fun and completely addicting.
  • Won’t work anymore 1/5

    By Shmelba
    Forced to update and now it won’t even load the home screen before shutting out! Support page offers no support to report bugs.
  • Significant glitches 1/5

    By Chick 3148
    You keep "updating" this game because it shuts down following videos & "get a free bird". If you can't fix it, get rid of it!!!!!
  • Options 5/5

    By fansdobe
    Great fun even for a 62 yr old man! Too many options to make points.
  • Rovio is greedy 1/5

    By JAMEY0906
    Great game if you love wasting money
  • Disappointed 3/5

    By Eric954
    Like a lot of others ,I’ve been playing the game a long time. It’s is very addictive and fun plus fills downtime. Game /Advertisements have become increasingly glitchy. I can’t even begin to discuss how much rewards I’ve’s getting frustrating to the point that I may have to remove it from my daily routine. It is important to you the developers to insert adds(I completely understand) but when it freezers and your players are strewed of earned’s just not acceptable..and it happens too often..please fix. Thanks
  • Angry birds rocks 5/5

    By hhfhfggcgdsgchsdjd
    Angry birds is amazing the spells the destroying buildings it’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a video game.
  • Great 5/5

    By dodjdjdh

Angry Birds 2 app comments

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