Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs

Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs

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  • Current Version: 1.1.2
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • Developer: Rovio Entertainment Oyj
  • Compatibility: Android
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Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs App

Join Red, Chuck, Bomb and the Blues to save the stolen eggs in Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs, a mobile Augmented Reality (AR) adventure! Discover the remote island where the greedy green pigs vacation in over 40 fun-filled levels (with more to come). You can see the incredibly realistic characters, along with the entire game, overlaid onto your actual environment, bringing Angry Birds to life like never before. Make your way up to party city through the island’s jungle, desert and frosty hideout, destroying their structures in the most spectacular way to earn maximum stars and retrieve the stolen eggs. Take the slingshot into your own hands to fire off your favorite Angry Birds at structures that seem like they are in your actual environment, whether it be your home, your office or outside at the park. With AR, you can physically walk around structures overlaid onto objects in your own environment to find weak elements, identify different angles for the best accuracy, as well as uncover hidden surprises in order to take on the green pigs, earn more points and unlock more content. You can even make the game large or small to fit your space and customize your experience. Start the adventure today! Need some help? Visit our support pages, or send us a message! Terms of Use: Privacy Policy: This game may include: - Direct links to social networking websites that are intended for an audience over the age of 13. - Direct links to the internet that can take players away from the game with the potential to browse any web page. - Advertising of Rovio products and also products from select partners. - The option to make in-app purchases. The bill payer should always be consulted beforehand. - This application may require internet connectivity and subsequent data transfer charges may apply. After the initial download, additional content will be downloaded and this may include data charges.

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Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs app reviews

  • Amazing 5/5

    By Hehhehhuejy
    At first it seems really easy then it gets harder once you get past the tropical island and to the spooky version of it. There are some ads and it does crash occasionally, but it’s not that bad. Everyone just left a review when it first came out and never checked back in on it. Now it’s better.
  • More levels? 2/5

    By kerridw
    I have passed the 4 levels on vacation mode and 2 levels on spooky level. But that’s all that it’s given me. I would think there are more levels?!
  • Great game but need more levels 5/5

    By Gumburumbu
    This is an awesome game. Been a fan of Angry Birds and AR just took it to another level. I wish that there are more levels to come. I’ve completed all the levels in Spooky Mode and Vacation Mode. Patiently waiting for more levels. Thank you.
  • Great game, just needs more 4/5

    By Kullenmonkey
    This game is really awesome, but it just needs more things and gameplay.
  • Free AR Angry Birds Game?! Yes, Please! 5/5

    By User46893
    Is it easy? Most of the time yes. Are there bugs? Sure. But a free and solidly made augmented reality game built on the angry birds franchise? How could you not give this a shot? I’ve played a fair amount of boring free games on here that have way less functionality and are jam packed with ads that have higher ratings on the App Store and I just don’t get it. Y’all need to rethink your standards if this is anything other than a 5/5.
  • Very epic. 3/5

    By totallytyguy
    This is just Angry Birds, but AR. I’ll take that any day of the week. I would give it a four star, but there are some cons. It can kind of screw your battery life, for one. Another thing is there are sooo many ads, to the point where it loses some of its appeal. But give it a try, cause I know you’ll love it.
  • Crashes 2/5

    By CBOF
    AR part crashing to much it will freeze and can’t make a good shot. You have reset the AR lot
  • The grand return of rovio 5/5

    By please come back grubby
    For the first time since 2015 rovio gets a 10/10
  • Garbage! 1/5

    By RiffRaff1963
    Just downloaded. Wont even start.
  • Work in progress. 3/5

    By Andronicals
    I think this game really exemplifies the potential and and downfalls of ar based games/applications. Pros: - great way to interact with a 3d environment. Fast to pickup - level design has a lot of potential to use different angles, encourages user to move around. Cons: - currently the games levels are way too easy, and are nowhere near the levels of intricacies the original 2D angry bird games had. - the iPhone camera is almost always refocusing as you play the game, making the experience extremely nauseating (even if you don't move the phone, the screen will continue to refocus every 1-3 seconds) - the handheld experience is still a little jittery. Unless if you're playing with your phone on a tripod, the graphics will shake about as you're trying to aim your birds. I hope future ar developers might employ some of iPhones motion stabilization to compensate this.
  • Hmm.The others are all GREAT.. 2/5

    By 5aly1brit8
    ..EXCEPT this one! Upon downloading, it tells you to find a flat surface. ✔️ Surface found and established. It isn't until AFTER beginning a stage that the entire platform just decides to up and trail right the hell off your screen WHILE your holding one of your birds in the slingshot.😒 really?!?! After restarting, deleting then redownloading several times, I'm over this game within 2 hours! Don't bother because I own an iPhone 9 and there shouldnt be any issues. That being said, upon admitting this review, (Since the dev. won't even see this for another couple months) this app will be OFF of my phone and I'll go back with the original Angry Birds games with developers who check in more regularly rather than only when they notice a decline in payments made to the app. Developers: A bit more keeping up with the app is the only way you'll improve and increase any income being made from this app. Otherwise, I'll make sure others KNOW NOT to waste.01 on this app until it's reviews are BARELY above ⭐️3⭐️stars⭐️!!
  • Decent at best 2/5

    By BigginZpantZ
    Several technical problem. When it does work it’s not that fun. Unfortunately I think I paid for it accidentally. If It were free it might be worth the money!
  • Cant exit some ads in guided access 1/5

    By diabsi
    Cannot exit ads in guided access mode useless for kids.
  • Ads automatically open the App Store 1/5

    By TheAmuletSaga
    This app seemed promising, but if an ad is going to automatically open the App Store or possibly something worse, I’m leaving the app uninstalled.
  • Over heats and drains the battery 2/5

    By Jeff656
    My tablet was at 59% in 10 minutes it was really hot and was at 49%.
  • Will it ever work for iPad Air 2! 2/5

    By carter052809
    We would love to play on our iPad Air 2 but cannot and would love for it to be compatible. Thanks. I love playing the game since I was 2 years old now I’m ten but now I can’t play it and it’s so sad 😭😭😭 and my is air2 can you do this and l will rate all your games five star🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅
  • Can’t play 1/5

    By Rin Rin
    Just downloaded app today and I can’t get past the introduction screen
  • It does not work 1/5

    By tyson mats
    I have downloaded the game but when I try placing it on a flat surface it does not work and the surface is not reflective either.
  • 愤怒的小鸟AR 5/5

    By ghjjkkhggi
  • Horrible Graphic Ads 1/5

    By DiscipleOfExp
    The game is fine, but is supported by graphic bloody ads that are inappropriate for kids. Nothing like a slow motion bloody headshot from a snipers bullet to really sell a kids game. W. T. F. ?! So fine, if I don’t want the ads, I’ll pay a few bucks to get rid of them, have a “clean” game, and pay the developers for what they made. Fair and square? Nope. The graphic ads persist. Again W. T. F. ?! I’ll be working a refund and be rethinking using ad supported Rovio apps with my kids from now on.

    By Bobbie & Ryley
    I’ve never had an issue as this with any game. My son is crying as I write this because he was so excited to play! The moment he pulls back to launch, it crashes! NOT COOL!!! 👎
  • Great game but... 5/5

    By TheAngryBird~271
    This is a great game but it would be better if you updated it with tons of more levels and it would be more like able please. Thank you!
  • Excellent reimagining of a classic 5/5

    By David_b
    Angry Birds was a great physics based skill game before they added all the power ups and ads and bloat. This performs excellently on both my iPad Pro 10.5” and iPhone XS Max. I wish there was a non-ar mode (I know, why not play the original games) for times when a clear open surface isn’t available, but so far that’s my only gripe. Ads weren’t too intrusive, but I still paid the couple bucks to get rid of them since I like this direction the game went. Guess I’ll need to check out the VR game soon, hope its as fun and performs as well as this.
  • In game issues 3/5

    By fyrfyter
    This game needs serious technical work. I paid to remove the ads. It removes it from one group of levels and the restore purchases feature doesn’t work. You really need to fix this. Gameplay is fun but it’s a battery hog. It will eat your battery in record time. Buyer beware!!
  • Disgustingly Violent Ads 2/5

    By Spoffordchip
    I would rate this game much higher if you provided family friendly ads. The ones you are allowing to show are disturbing.
  • AR doesn’t add anything 3/5

    By Director_X
    Interesting change in perspective but AR doesn’t add anything to the experience. Let me turn off AR.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Aryan_kabi
    It’s a really awesome game. There are tiny little details here and there that make this game even better. It is very nice to see a classic arcade game turn into an awesome AR game.
  • Can anybody else start?!? 1/5

    By hehevjd
    So I pointed the camera at any flat surface and still I can’t get it to work for now I shall give the game 1 star please help
  • I Was Excited!!! 5/5

    By AntMan0824
    I just literally downloaded the game and I was so excited to literally play it and I love how it’s really really free good job Rovio 👍👍👍
  • Like the view but.. 3/5

    By Jo Dro
    I like the game but it takes so much of battery life. And makes my phone feeling hot. So had to delete the game. Sorry
  • Does not work on my iphone8 1/5

    By hgduijbhgik
    Opens for ten seconds. Then closes and asks permission to use camera. Then. Nothing. This has become a sad once great but no more game. Don’t bother.
  • Absolutely dull and boring 1/5

    By VB4321345564
    Very surprised that Rovio produced such a bore. Stick to Angry Birds 2
  • Well I thought it was a tycoon 2/5

    By Pips MG
    When I got this game I thought it was gonna be a cool Ar tycoon game so after seeing I thought this game was a little bland
  • Great Game 5/5

    By hjjejjrdjdejrdjxjfndxhctbrfhtx
    I love this game it bring angry birds to life
  • Too Glitchy 2/5

    By whbsbskqksvbd
    The platform wood thingy where the pigs stand on is constantly moving. No, not when you are pulling back the slingshot. When you are just standing there. This game is way too glitchy and fidgety, if u get what I mean.
  • Uses a lot of power 3/5

    By McBlury93
    I like the game and it is fun. The only draw back from it is that it uses a lot of power causing my phone to get hot quickly when playing. Hope it’s something that can be fixed with an update because if it wasn’t for that I would give this game 5 stars.
  • Angry birds at 3/5

    By Evil Metalz
    Great game fun to play only problem it over heats your phone after a few minutes of play time I’ll try back after a few updates iPhone 6s user
  • Very Good Game 5/5

    By OminousMan2142
    This Augmented Reality game is great overall. You get to go outside as you are playing a game. You could play and get a long walk and some exercise. I think it is awesome.
  • Battery Murderer 4/5

    By Opskilla7
    i love the game but it’s battery consumption is the reason i had to delete it.
  • Weird 1/5

    By Debstev4
    I cannot play this game. It is just too weird the way the 3-D graphics are. I like it the old way.
  • Waaaaaaaaaaaw 3/5

    By Dominic.V
    It deleted itself
  • Complete fail 1/5

    By electroJdemon
    I do not recommend it. It’s very picky about the placers you put it. I found a perfectly flat and level non-textured place and it didn’t work at all so definitely DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME GETTING THIS.
  • Don’t Force A New Game 2/5

    By Leppard1
    I don’t mind watching an ad during gameplay in order to get additional lives, but don’t force us to play the game in the ad after the ad has run.
  • App keeps crashing and shuts down!!! 1/5

    By Devoted Starbucks drinker
    I can’t even get past the loading screen and AR “find a flat surface”. I CAN’T EVEN PLAY THIS GAME!!!! Fix this crashing!
  • Too many ads! 1/5

    By TheTruthNow
    I understand the need for the developers to make revenue. However the ads are so intrusive that I can’t get past one round without watching an ad for additional birds. And to make matters worse once you clear a round you have to watch another ad. Furthermore the ads are at least 30 seconds long. Sometimes there longer than the actual gameplay. I played a few rounds and immediately deleted the app.
  • Good game but... 3/5

    By Dhdbtjfhtbh
    This game is a pretty good game, but my phone vibrates constantly and is extremely annoying.
  • Crash 1/5

    By Scotty2haughty
    Game crashes before I can get it to even populate the AR play area. Bug needs fixed.
  • Too many gambling ads 1/5

    By WalkaboutTigger
    I have few objections to advertisement-driven apps as long as A) I can pay for an ad-free experience and B) I NEVER have to watch gambling ads. Gameplay is fun though limited to just 4 levels so becomes boring far too quickly.
  • Cool game 5/5

    By annyrutts
    I enjoyed it. The slingshot speed needs improvement. Doesn’t seem like the birds move too fast. But overall I like it.

Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs app comments

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