Angry Birds Dream Blast

Angry Birds Dream Blast

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  • Current Version: 1.12.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Rovio Entertainment Oyj
  • Compatibility: Android
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Angry Birds Dream Blast App

Life is a bubble-popping dream in Angry Birds Dream Blast, a challenging new puzzle game with fun gameplay and content from The Angry Birds Movie 2! Join the movie celebrations and solve puzzles and have a relaxing experience with plenty of laughs. With so many unique puzzles to solve — and more added every week — you’ll be living the dream! Angry Birds Dream Blast is a breeze to pick up and play. Pop groups of similarly colored dream bubbles with a simple tap — pop enough bubbles at once and you’ll earn a Red booster! One Red can take out a row of bubbles, and two Reds combine to make a Chuck, which pops bubbles in four directions. Combine two Chucks to make the extra powerful Bomb booster! Baby Bomb may look funny and cute, but his explosive energy can even clear an entire screen of bubbles! Combine more bubbles at once to create more powerful boosters. It’s a blast! Features: – A great time killer that’s easy to pick up and play! – Tap to pop groups of dream bubbles in a flash to solve challenging but fun puzzles. – Pop many bubbles at once to unleash special powers of your favorite funny Angry Birds friends! ----------------------------- Need some help? Visit our support pages, or send us a message! Like us on Facebook: ----------------------------- Angry Birds Dream Blast is completely free to play, but there are optional in-app purchases available. Terms of Use: Privacy Policy:

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Angry Birds Dream Blast app reviews


    By urkle outof order .cc
    I love this game so much and it’s so addictive I just got it and NO ADDS at all and I love ❤️ that there’s part of the angry birds 🦅 2 movie 🍿 it’s amazing and I think if you want a fun game to play in your free time GET THIS GAME YOU WILL LOVE IT 😍
  • Great fun 5/5

    By Bat13
    Fun and addictive. Only thing I wish they would add is a Zen mode of never ending.
  • They know! 1/5

    By @$RCW&$#
    Level 280. It says “Hard”. Impossible is more like it!! Unless of course you wanna spend your own money to buy more moves... which won’t help.... I WILL NOT SPEND MY OWN MONEY TO HELP THESE [email protected] DEVELOPERS!!! 0 stars for sure!!! PAY TO PLAY!! PAY TO PLAY!! PAY TO PLAY!! Buy more coins please!! We here at Dream Blast need to buy more lube so we can keep jacking off while you super intelligent people spend money on us!!! 🤓🤬🖕 [email protected] OFF!!! 0 stars!!! The fricking developers of this game know exactly what they’re doing. Don’t provide enough moves to clear all the bubbles. No problem, just spend your own money to buy more coins for more moves. [email protected] off [email protected]! Not gonna spend 1 penny on your STUPID game!!!! 0 stars for sure!! 🖕🖕🖕
  • Can’t STOP 5/5

    By Joyce Dee
    Very addictive!
  • 😵😵😵 5/5

    By Meow!This game is asom
    I JUST STARTED AND CANT STOP SO ADDICTED😵!in already lev 3 and it’s so easy
  •!!raise downloads by 10 times 5/5

    By 盘佑及格
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  • Love to play 5/5

    By pchezek
    This is a relaxing game that is fairly simple. Fun to win. Frustrating when you need 1 more move ... so try again! Fun!
  • ANAZING!! 5/5

  • Great game!! 5/5

    By medium627
    Good graphics, fun to play!!
  • Unbelievable 1/5

    By Jeep642
    On top of the free coins and the time bonuses, I just spent 800 coins (that I bought) on one level. That’s more than 100 tries. It would be fine if I only sucked at it but the problem is that at the very start of 3/4 of those tries the game was unplayable (no way to pop or move anything useful) and 1/2 of the rest of the tries became unplayable during the game. Once someone pay for a game, That someone expects the game to be winnable. Otherwise it feels very close to fraud. The vast majority of games this type “reshuffles” when the game becomes unplayable. Of course that would mean less coins bought for the developper. I won’t fall for this. DELETED.
  • Carter best 5/5

    By gdyeqs
  • Keep it fun 3/5

    By Albendure
    I loved this game until about level 250. It was challenging yet it was doable. I could really lose myself in the flow, and that is what I look for in a game. It also provided me with a nice amount of boosters that made the game fun and gave me more control. Then all of a sudden, right around level 250, the boosters quit coming (for the most part) and the levels became so hard to beat with the amount of moves you are allowed. I understand this is how the app makers make their money because it is a “free” game to play but the levels become impossible to complete without purchasing more lives or boosters. Ok I know the levels aren’t truly impossible to beat but it is really hard and basically I just have to play a level for a few days until everything is magically available at the right time and in the right place to complete it. I wish wish wish we could purchase the game for $10 or $20 so the app makers could pocket some $$ and then own a game that is fun to play that doesn’t cost me a $1.99 to complete. It is a fun game but I am not willing to keep feeding it $1.99 to make it fun. I’m not stupid
  • Great 5/5

    By Juggle bed and table
    I play this game and my feelings calm down.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By justwhendee
    Graphics are great. New and different. Just what I would expect from Angry Birds. I’m addicted!
  • Freeze 3/5

    By CMoss84
    Every time I try to watch an ad for more lives it freezes. Please fix
  • Undecided 3/5

    By BeccaBoop2
    I’m very undecided about how many stars I would give this game becuz of some issues but I had to choose something in order to do the review. Let me start by saying I really do enjoy playing this game. However, I dont enjoy the blackouts. This has been an issue since I started playing this game some months ago but it wasnt nearly as bad/frequent as it is now. Every time I have 3 extra moves or an extra life for watching a video, the game always blacks out when I click on the video button. Then when the game comes back up, my special is gone. This is getting extremely irritating seeing as I’m in the 900 levels and sometimes that extra 3 moves is all I need to finish a level I’ve been on FOREVER. Please fix these blackouts so I can continue playing without losing my specials.
  • This is my favorite!!!!! 5/5

    By rrisueno
    This is my favorite Angry Bird game of them all. I’m addicted.
  • Doesn’t even pretend to give you a fair chance to win! 3/5

    By Johnnyspeed65
    This game is no less rigged than any vegas slot machine. If you are not absolutely determined not to spend your hard earned, good money on games, prepare to start spending!
  • Easy 5/5

    By cool car dude
    Is this easy?
  • Great game! 5/5

    By Ilovetwizzlers
    I am almost to level 1000 and I have never bought anything. If you are patient all the levels can be won without spending money. I really love the team. It’s a huge help to have extra lives.
  • Overall a good game but... 3/5

    By Jkishy01
    I like the game for the most part but there are some levels that it seems like the program doesn’t provide enough of the correct colors or whatever for you to win. For example, on a level where you have to clear so many orange colored balls it seems like they don’t give you enough on the screen to destroy in order to clear the level.
  • Be careful 1/5

    By Little Galford
    This game freezes my phone and want allow me to delete it.
  • Fun 5/5

    By Fantasy fun 12340987
  • Tyo 5/5

    By mmopg
    I love this game
  • Excellent 5/5

    By grandmaexcit ent
    Good for concentration.
  • Like what happens?? 1/5

    By Nefptali
    The game get frozen when you gone to win
  • Connect with Facebook, erased all my progress 1/5

    By Miss.piggy11234
    I was so far up the game, connected with Facebook and brought me back to level one
  • Bubble effect 5/5

    By Wyatt.the.wab
    Take the bubble blast effect away. I liked it better before the new update

    By Big Bonee
    I love this game I can play for hours
  • AB Dream Blast a.k.a AB Blast 2 3/5

    By Witti09
    I Know I Don’t Wanna See The Fail Screen. Bomb Cry’s On The Fail Screen. 🤬 I Don’t To Hear Or See People Cry!!! Change Bombs Animation On The Fail Screen And I’ll Give You 5 Stars.
  • It’s like CRACK! 5/5

    By MartiBMD
    Just too much fun & sooooo addictive!!! I agree with other reviewers in that it would be nice to use the infinite lives at a later time. Some of the levels are really a challenge, buts it’s still fun! This is the first time I’ve actually thought of buying extras in a free game too is so compelling to play.
  • Fun game but when it crashes 3/5

    By Mythincperson
    This is a fun game but when it crashes or if you have to stop playing for any reason it penalizes you and takes a life away from you as if you failed the level. This has happened about four times in the last two days.
  • Total crap since the update 1/5

    By screwthisapp123
    I’ll rerate once bugs are fixed. Been stuck on the same level since the new update tire of wasting real money to try and beat a level that rigged because when I use my birds it does NOTHING they explode and none of my colored things count to where they are supposed to. I’m done. Uninstalling. Crap game. Over 600 levels and lots of real cash poured into this game and developers can’t seem to fix bugs..
  • Kills your phone 1/5

    By FOOL4184
    I had to delete this app due to the fact it completely slowed down my phone and sucked its battery dry all at once! Bad deal.. I had really enjoyed the game but it’s not worth it!
  • Chain Reaction Glitches 2/5

    By Welsbacher
    The game is pretty much the same set up as their bubble pop games. Same graphics and the concept is pretty evidentiary. But if you create a game that penalizes you one life and makes you wait for a timer to play again, it probably shouldn’t freeze up right at the beginning of a chain reaction. Three times that happened to me. Just as the first explosion went off, all the others started shaking and did nothing. I couldn’t select any other bird bomb or any matching color bubble. The only thing that functioned was the exit ‘X’ to take you out of that one particular game. Of course by doing so, you lose one precious life. I can’t really say that I’m impressed.
  • I’m sad 4/5

    By helloflowers
    I loved the app. This would be 5 stars. I couldn’t play the app because I didn’t want to join a team. I deleted it sadly. I will get the app again if you give the player a choice to join a team or not.
  • Angry Birds 5/5

    By Evelyn1951
    Still trying to get the hang of it having fun learning as I go
  • Updates? 2/5

    By de scr3w the apple 69 69
    This is the second time that the game has stopped working because it is saying that an update is necessary but there is no update.
  • Higher levels are lame 1/5

    By Garpolly
    Early levels are fun, higher ones are too much of a grind and boring. Beyond level 500, don’t waste your time.
  • So annoying 1/5

    By 666dimon
    Really bad
  • Hit a wall 2/5

    By drdance
    Got to level 310, then unplayable without buying boosters. I am done. Deleted app.
  • Love 5/5

    By ant n pinky
    Fun and relaxing type of game
  • Love, until it steels from you 1/5

    By ksimms5000
    I love this game, but it does offer you special deals. When you try to get them the game “glitches” and you can’t get them ever again. I’ve been loyal to angry birds since the beginning and feel so ripped off now. Buyer beware! Don’t spend money on this game! Go back to the games that didn’t charge you to play, or at least didn’t treat you like they do now.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By sallyparda
  • What a blast!!!🥳😻 5/5

    By Dreams are a blast
    This game is so great!!! So cute characters and the game is so mind blowing! Please make more games like this and my mom even had this game and she loves it! If you r reading this get the game guys! And it has no adds in the game so get this game! And like I said no adds! This is the best game I have gotten!
  • Fun game 5/5

    By old nonnie
    Totally enjoying this game
  • Fun game but... 3/5

    By Tric11
    I agree with a lot of other reviewers. Once you reach a certain level it takes days to pass. Definitely lose motivation to play being stuck for so long. Daily bonuses would be nice. You earn hearts but if you don’t pass you lose them. Don’t mind a challenge but I’m not going to break the bank to beat a level.
  • Great game but store not working 4/5

    By grannyanne
    Game enjoyed by all ages....but, unable to access store...glitch?
  • Dream blast 5/5

    By Lawmomma13
    I have never lost and the game itself is amazing 🤯🤯

Angry Birds Dream Blast app comments

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