Angry Birds POP!

Angry Birds POP!

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  • Current Version: 3.79.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Rovio Entertainment Oyj
  • Compatibility: Android
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Angry Birds POP! App

Bird Island is overflowing with bubbles, and it’s up to you to pop them all! Help your favorite Angry Birds characters burst bubbles, and solve tricky puzzles in a simply delightful bubble shooter. There are plenty of cute animals and extra-cute Hatchlings that need saving, and plenty of piggies that need defeating as well – so grab your trusty slingshot and settle in for some bubble-popping fun! Angry Birds POP is simple and easy to play, just pull back the slingshot, aim and shoot. Match 3 bubbles of the same color to pop them, and repeat! It’s easy at first, but you’ll need to be a star bubble shooter to complete the toughest challenges. Just aim, shoot, and pop through loads of fun puzzles! Dynamic controls allow you to tap, slingshot, or point and shoot to take on challenges your way, and vibrant graphics and animations make every level a treat! FEATURES: – Over 3000 levels! New levels added every week. – Tons of bubble popping puzzles to solve, from simple to difficult. – Easy to pick up and play anytime! – Shoot matching bubbles to pop them. – Bounce bubbles to pull off precise bank shots. – Earn high scores and 3 stars in every level! – Figure out the best way to solve every level – tap into your creativity! – Intuitive controls – tap, slingshot, or point to shoot with precision. – Play fun, limited-time events for the best rewards. – Save cute animals and take on a variety of game modes! – Defeat enemies with the slingshot – those piggies have met their match! – Fun and colorful graphics and animations. – Challenge your friends for the best scores and most stars. – Simple bubble-popping fun for adults and kids alike! Or adults who want to be kids. Also kids who want to be adults. It’s basically fun for everyone! ----------------------------- Need some help? Visit our support pages, or send a message to the stars on our support team! Like us on Facebook: ----------------------------- Angry Birds Pop! - Bubble Shooter is completely free to play, but there are optional in-app purchases available. Either way, it’s tons of fun! Terms of Use: Privacy Policy:

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Angry Birds POP! app reviews

  • So good for kids 5/5

    By fgebd6grut
    Because it can entertain them why not
  • 😒 3/5

    By sugaapple2003
    I love this game but I’m beginning to get irritated by a couple things. (1) The bubbles that I’m about to shoot change color at the last second. And (2) they give me a two color selection to shoot (the most I’ve counted was 15 in a row) even though there are other colors on the board. Please fix this and I’ll come back with a five star rating
  • I really think this game is a little boring 2/5

    By ad no ads ple
    I think that this is a boring game for many reasons. But you guys need lots of improvements for real
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By bookworm44476
    This game is so fun! I really enjoyed it.
  • Updates cause crashing 1/5

    By ChasingDreams
    Downloads updates, doesnt work anymore. Shame, used to be dun
  • Anwar Dowling 1/5

    By Adartist 25
    This game is very hard! I can’t complete the levels! Can someone fix this problem? 😡😡😡
  • I’m watching for 5000 levels in that pop game and 5/5

    By Court889
    We’re almost to 5000 please change the said 5000 levels
  • I love AB BB! 5/5

    By Maureen209
    I love this game because it has Stella and it’s so entertaining!
  • Angry birds pop (since 2015) 5/5

    By NYCgirl2
    I am a big fan of angry birds it’s the best games ever and kick Those piggies butt. Hi This is Stella Rose I heard about that I am in the game and other games too and my ######### Chuck is too in all of the games thanks Rovio you know how much this means to me as a fan-girl Lol! love 💗 Stella Nanarea Rose 🌹🥀🌺🌸🌷
  • Bugs, bugs, bugs 1/5

    By Twerker10000
    I used to love this game but now I uninstalled it for various reasons like when it says you still have bubbles left but you’re unable to launch any because they disappeared. If you’re playing pop a pig, you won’t get any extra bubbles until after you ran out of bubbles. The levels are near impossible when you keep getting 5 of the same colored bubbles in a row that don’t match the bubbles above. Fix this game please.
  • Don’t try to buy anything 1/5

    By Snipewife
    I’ve played this game for quite a while now. Started to have problems with it, so deleted and started over. Then, as I try to purchase coins, I get a message indicating that I’ve already purchased and it is being restored but then I get message purchase denied. By the next day I see that I’ve been charged for the coins anyway. Sent a challenge to iTunes but was denied. Very disappointed in this type of business! No more money from me!
  • Angry bird 5/5

    By thuanhuong
    Very hard to play level beat the clock They didn’t set enough time for it, they make you pay . People paid a lot of money but still can’t pass it.
  • Relaxing, Enjoyable 4/5

    By Ned Hamglaze
    I know there are more complex games but I really enjoy Angry Birds. I'm endlessly amused by the characters little idiosyncratic gestures and expressions and the objective is challenging enough to keep me engaged but so much so to get a sense of dire intensity, it's not getting my blood pressure rocketing. For me? An effectively enjoyable diversion.
  • Downloading 2/5

    By grannyanne
    This game downloads almost every time we go to play it. It’s up to date, so don’t understand why it does this. I’m about ready to delete it!
  • New Games Added 3/5

    By Cruzin' Through
    Why is it you always say you’ve released 40 new games and I only get 20. It’s a constant wait for new games. I have played this game a long time. It will no longer open.

    By A.C.Hill
    i was on level 2150 and y’all DELETED my progress...i am extremely upset. i’m finna get this app cancelled bc y’all just tried me...
  • Julia day 1/5

    By grok lask
    Julia was the time to get back with your family for your family day to see you then you can get your house ready for the day and night with you too see if I get a chance can get it back then come over and see if you get
  • Don’t know what happened! 1/5

    By John7726
    Been playing Angry Bird POP for years, and there must have been an upgrade recently, as I can’t even open the APP! Please fix soon! Thanks
  • Scammed 2/5

    By Savvy G-ma
    Rovio is cheating. It does not give the player enough bubbles to complete games, forcing you to keep buying more, or buy expensive boosts. And I noticed that the more you buy, the less often the colors you need come up to use, thus forcing you to waste some, and need to buy more again! Another way Rovio cheats: when you pop the glass bubbles that are supposed to give you 3 free bubbles, often you don’t get 3! You might only get 2! And when there are multiple glass bubbles together to give you 6 or 9 additional bubbles, watch carefully and you will find you only get 5 or 8. So, guess what? You have to buy more sooner! Another way they cheat you: not all the color-changed bubbles you hit after shooting a “Matilda” bubble will actually pop. Some will remain, forcing you to waste an additional bubble, so you have to buy more sooner! Rovio cheats and cheats and cheats.
  • App won't start 1/5

    By Logan42
    Since the last update, the app crashes when trying to open on my iPad Pro. Used to love it, but can't play it anymore.
  • Soooo mad!!!! 1/5

    By hmhays76
    You updated the privacy and it reset the game !! Now if I want to play it I have to start all over !!! 😡
  • I love this game! 5/5

    By Kimcansew
    I play this game every day. It has thousands of levels and enough variety with the different characters that it keeps the game interesting. Plenty of additional mini challenges too to win extra prizes. I love the costumes for the characters. I’m hooked!
  • Piece of crap 1/5

    By Shanew27
    Tired of this app being the only one that constantly says “You need a connection” hello I’m always connected. Then when you try to watch an add to play the game locks up. Junk!!!
  • Found a Bug but love the game 3/5

    By nospinzone74
    I found this annoying bug that I figured would be fixed by now. I’ve been plagued by this issue for at least a year. When I run out of balls, it asks if I wanted to play on if I watch a video... you get 5 per day. Almost anytime I play now, after watching a video once or twice and playing on, when I run out of balls again and it pops up to play on, it gets stuck. The button is expanding and contracting like it would (game isn’t frozen). It just won’t let me click on it. I have to close the game out and restart again. I’ve tried deleting the game and reinstalling without success. I have a iPhone XsMax. Not sure why this keeps happening.
  • Rewards used to be better - now they are terrible 3/5

    By Autumn View
    The rewards are nothing more than tickets to play a different section. And you can’t even use the purple diamonds for anything - they are useless.m! Go back to giving decent rewards in the actual game instead of these ridiculous side games!
  • Mystar Wizard 2/5

    By Stoic Warrior
    Game is a waste
  • Love this game, but... 2/5

    By Daizy0206
    I would give this game 5 stars, except that for the past couple of weeks, it has been doing downloads” EVERY TIME I open it. And after that is done, if I want to play the game with Terrence, it does another, longer “download”. Fix this and I’ll come back with a more positive review!
  • Fun Game but watch out 4/5

    By Trixermagoo
    This game is fun, but watch the colors of the bubbles you are shooting with. Even after changing colors , the game will change it to an unmatchable bubble so you lose. Period. Saw it do it literally every level when I was on a winning streak.
  • Angry birds pop 5/5

    By Warrenmg11
    This game is pretty fun i love it I'm at level ten I've been playing this for a long time now you know this game is simalor from the game angry birds go that is on my tv
  • Like it but... 3/5

    By hifelicha
    I love this game because it is so fun.👍 I also love all the events. There are lots of reasons that it could be better. The items are super costly and for five extra moves we have to pay 15 gold coins as the coins are really expensive so are the tickets you have to pay for a lot of things👎😭And the levels are to hard no matter how hard I try. Please read this and fix it please!!!
  • Not as much fun as it once was.... 1/5

    By miss the originsl games
    It’s been almost 2 months- Still unable to play this game online, I have to turn off the wi-if, however, these games, the ‘pop-a-pig’ & ‘guest stars’ will not open then. Are you still working on the ‘pop-a-pig’ glitch? Are you still working on the on-line glitch for iPad users? Your Facebook page is of no help.
  • Newest update is terrible! 1/5

    By mjohnson635
    The newest update is terrible! The game constantly freezes requiring a restart after almost every attempt on a level.
  • I’m an Angry Bird! 3/5

    By KitCat 2020
    Love this game, but for weeks now it closes before you can begin playing.
  • Pops 1/5

    By BGinSac
    They haven't added anything really new or clever in about 1000 levels. They add new birds once in a while. Very stingy on giving out gold coins. The hats cost 5000-10000 purple diamonds but you win maybe 25 to 100 at a time. Ridiculous. Most levels they just don’t give enough pops. I’ve been on level 3530 for a week. I don’t feel like that level can be done without spending a bunch and I don’t like this game enough to spend any money on it
  • Not fun anymore BORING!!!' 1/5

    By Betsy4116
    Seasons costumes boring and waste. Is not a reward. Been playing long time. Way up in levels and then all of a sudden all gone and started back at beginning. Can't earn coins anymore. Why bother with feathers? Quests ridiculous to earn 25 measly jewels. Or require you to use power ups to complete and no opportunity to get them. Have to pay for power ups. I'm done. Deleting it. Waited a couple days. Tried again. Still Can't get boosts, can't watch video for 5 lives, can't extend play, just kicks out. Read reviews and realize I'm not the only one. Truly done none now. Bye, bye, bubble pop
  • Angry bird pop 2/5

    By whipit17
    Love this game but it has been crashing like crazy finally was able to stay on long enough to let them know they said they are trying to fix it i am still waiting weeks later starting to lose interest in the game may un install and find another game
  • Es gratis pero por cuanto 2/5

    By mi dulce senor
    Jugué este juego muchas veces y lo volví hacer y en los últimos juegos necesito comprar coins y a como veo se terminan y volver a comprar una cosa es un juego difícil y otra la trampa que hacen en el juego necesito una bola de un color y no sale solo repetidas y cuando me sale es porque ya nomás me queda una o dos y te frustras de que lo lo hacen y lo hacen lo repito una cosa es difícil y otra trampa
  • Doesn’t work on iPhone Xr since the last update. 1/5

    By llaa143
    The app never opens since last update on my iPhone XR. I have rebooted my phone but it still won’t open.
  • OK (for a while) 2/5

    By kdncdr1
    This could be a great game to play. It could be one f those games that you’d want to play every day - for a long time. But I don’t think anyone would find losing fun, and that’s all this game is after a while. I don’t mind losing - in fair fight, but this game isn’t fair. Just a couple examples: If you just need one color(say yellow) ball to finally win a level that you’ve spent days on, and you’ve got 15 balls left, you’re going to get 13 purple balls and 2 green. OR if you need a certain color to make a big play and that color ball is up, ready to shoot - You shoot it and by the time it hits your target, it’s suddenly changed to a different color. I’ve played a lot of games and all of them get harder at higher levels; but they don’t all cheat you out of winning - time after time, like this one. I’ve spent money on a couple games, but this dishonest ploy will never make me spend one single penny. I’d rather just play another game.
  • Change it back! 3/5

    By BeachyLady50
    This game was a lot of fun but changes made recently made it extremely difficult to progress without purchases, which I will not make. The extra help after watching adds should be able to use 5 in a row, as was previously programmed!
  • Freezing up so annoying 3/5

    By Ms NayNay
    The game is freezing up lately when the offer comes up to watch a video and receive 5 more “lives.” The whole page must be logged off, loosing the current progress. If there aren’t any videos to watch, then can’t it just say so without freezing up and loosing the ability to play at all. Your advertisers shouldn’t be too happy about this. I often just stop playing completely.
  • Bug issues 3/5

    By marcnj40
    When I’m playing and a level ends and I can add a bonus to play on, it won’t always let me. The buttons animate, but are not active to select. Please fix ASAP. I’m using an iPhone XR
  • Why 5/5

    By Mamalisa22
    It’s fun:)
  • Fun in the early stages... 1/5

    By Bunny Trails
    ***updated 4/6/20 I may have to just delete this and be done. Every time I try to play, the game just closes. Yes, I waited for a new update. Yes, I shut down and restarted the iPad. What a disappointment. But I suppose my time would be better spent elsewhere anyway. In the beginning it's fun and challenging and you can earn bonuses which are useful, but as the game progresses, you hardly ever earn anything and there are levels which you just get stuck on for ages. It's become frustrating enough that I just stop playing. Sorry, but I won't spend money for boosts. I don't even mind buying a game in the first place, but I won't pay to keep being able to play. I've had other games that I quit altogether and delete. A challenge is fine, but a total inability to pass a level without buying boosts or lives or whatever is just annoying and I'll be done for good.
  • Whoopee, it has been fixed!!!! 3/5

    By GlenAllen230
    UPDATE - Monday evening, 4/6/2020. It still crashes!! Are you ever going to fix it? I am addicted to this game but I am having problems with it. For some reason I get bumped out of the game. I deleted the first app even though I was up around level 4700. I reinstalled and had to start all over at level 1. Now this one won’t go past level 10 before it bumps me out. This WAS my favorite game. It keeps crashing.
  • Crashing 5/5

    By Kimmiesis
    I don’t know what has happened but for at least the last week or two when I try to play the game it crashes. I am bummed because I really love this game. Any suggestions?

    By Racing lover
    Classic Angry Birds apps undergoing testing... - Angry Birds Classic (10th Anniversary / Birthday had come; Add Restore Purchases button) - Angry Birds Seasons (Update Winter Wonderham with Original Purple Background & Theme Song from Seasons version 3.1.0) - Angry Birds Space - Angry Birds Go! (My favorite; & update game to Turbo Edition build) - Angry Birds Epic (Arena Mode gets stuck due to no more Class Upgrades, by the way) Please return the above classic Angry Birds apps back to the App Store soon. Classic Apps that HAVE returned: - Bad Piggies Apps discontinued (but I hope they could return if you, Rovio, compromise with Walt Disney Company):
  • No working 1/5

    By stv done
    Has not worked in a week crashes every time i try to play. Have sent to support, but it is still not working!
  • Your app crashes CONSTANTLY 1/5

    By Greg Lootens
    You folks need to fix this app. I love it but the constant crashing pisses me off. FIX IT!!!!!

Angry Birds POP! app comments

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