Animal house : with Puzzles

Animal house : with Puzzles

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  • Current Version: 1.2.9
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Cheetah Technology Corporation Limited
  • Compatibility: Android
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Animal house : with Puzzles App

Welcome to Animal House, have your own farm, live with many kinds of cute animals. Puzzle and fun games, explore the adventure, collect the cute animals, enrich your farm! Feature: 1.Addictive game play: Decorate your farm after playing the fun games 2.Farm design: Here are plenty of furnitures! Design and decorate your own house. 3.Interesting games: Hundreds of fun and interesting games,you can not stop playing it. 4.Cute animals: Cute animals friends! Invite them to your house! 5.Invite your Facebook friends to help you create your own animal house! Forget the stress of city life, start a new and interesting farm life, play with many cute animals, eventually create your dream animal house! Animal House is a free puzzle game, be relax and forget the worries!

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Animal house : with Puzzles app reviews

  • Why you should get it 4/5

    By tik tok2
    I think it is a good game but the only thing is I think you don’t have enough options to pick from

    By jaimiestar2003
  • Fun but 4/5

    By yasboiii
    I finished the bowling mini game and The duck mini game in a very short amount of time. They’re very easy to pass, so maybe you should make them a bit harder? And also, add more levels!!! Because those are my favorite games and I want more of them! Also the game does get a bit boring, and the credits are pretty hard to get in my opinion once you only have hard games left. You should be able to start over the many games rather than not be allowed to play them anymore because you’re past them. And I haven’t noticed anything from your new nighttime mode update. But other than that the game is fun! The animals are adorable and the houses are great! I love your new Hawaii cottage.
  • Very nice but I have some suggestions... 5/5

    By The 7 C's
    This game is so fun but the only flaw is all the pop up adds.I’m not allowed to use in app purchases so I can’t get rid of that.Also, if you where to add a house that you can pick which pets are in each room and you can create your own pets yourself for about 10,000 plus you can if you want to for about 11,150 coins, create your own mini games! That just will make people sad if those things cost real money because they can’t do in app purchases. If you can add those few things, this game could go from great to fantastic to perfect. P.S. The mini games might be hard for people to do but you can give tutorials to show them how.
  • This game is very fun! 5/5

    By Friendly neighborhood stoner
    I rate this game 5 stars from the BEGINNING!! I love this game and it’s very fun. But the one problem is that there is always one item I have to watch an ad for, can we get rid of these ads?? Please reply. Thank you!!
  • Nice game 5/5

    By Golden Hamster
    I think this game is really cute and fun to play. I love designing spaces like this so when I saw the adds, I finally found a game that I can do that with! Overall a 5 star game. I’m satisfied. 😁
  • I love it! 5/5

    By hi by i see bye
    Omg it’s the best I see so many ads like this and I download them and there not actually like that and I like this because it’s actually the game and it’s mini game also I love it so much
  • This app is amazing 5/5

    By caicait😁✌🏿
    I love this app it helps with stress, and you can decorate your “house” all you want.
  • Love it already 5/5

    By bepedub
    I just got this game and I love it it's so fun the mini games are fun its the best game I have
  • Vanessa Alvarez 5/5

    By Llama2009
    I loved the game even the game to earn coins is super fun I think eny one who dose not have this game should get it 😊🤩👍
  • It’s amazing 5/5

    By hope the cookie
    Its amazeing you play minegames to get coinsand then you bye furnitures and pets
  • Great 5/5

    By Courtneymariex3
    Love it 👍🏻
  • Great game! But... 3/5

    By Ri Kaminari
    There is a bug where sometimes the ad you watch to get certain furniture will not play. Then after you’ve clicked the button, if you go to certain other areas of the game (menu/rewards area) it screws up everything. When you go back to your room you will have the ad blocked furniture set in place, and you cannot change it to any other piece of furniture. This has happened to both the wall and table in my fancy dining room and really inhibits the interior design. The glitched wall is also preventing the wall decor that is supposed to hang on it from showing. If you can fix this bug in the next update and make it so I can change my wall and table again, I will absolutely give five stars.
  • Ughh 1/5

    By neciana
    It’s stupid all these ads u have to watch just to unlock something and especially the game
  • I LOVE THIS APP!!!!!!! 5/5

    I love this app because I love animals and it represents me so much.
  • I love this game 5/5

    By vollyball4
    This game is amazing you can play mini games inside of one big huge game it is just amazing .
  • Best game EVER! 5/5

    By GachaGamer633
    I love it, The mini games wont let me put my phone down. Its the best! I love building new things. Im almost finished with the bedroom. This is the best game I ever played! 5 Stars!
  • Fun bad why adds? 4/5

    By melinoelli
    The Mini games are fun and all but there are sooooooooo many adds. It is extremely addictive but it has to many adds. The adds come in like3 levels. When you make things it gets kinda pricey. Maybe it is trying to price it logically? Any way why should wallpaper be 900 dollars? I don’t buy wallpaper so I don’t really know. You should buy it if you like a thrill but don’t if you hate adds.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By memes are cool!!
    I could play this game for 24 hours and think it was only 20 minutes this game is so addicting and I love it I definitely get it of course if you ever going to get it get it get it get it get it I love it and yah.
  • Please download’ 5/5

    By graypuppy57
    I love this app because it’s kinda like one of the story line type games where you have to fix the house, yet without a story. Instead you have cute animals, which look ADORABLE. I love the fact you can make money, gain achievements, and have fun by playing a mini game. Unlike most similar games this is makes making the I think I spend more time making the money then I do buying the furniture. Overall I would recommend this game for a good time killer, and a way to just have fun. Little high on the ads though.
  • I love this game!!🤗 5/5

    By Ange1616🤗
    So I love this game because I like to play the game to get the money.Also I like to decorate the house.I downloaded this game because I saw adds and it made me interested in this game.Thats why I downloaded this game. Byeeeee🤗🤗🤗🤗
  • So fun 5/5

    By Leo Naj2016
    This game is really awesome and I love it cuz it’s really fun I can play this game all the time but I can’t play it all the time cuz I have school maybe even homework
  • Too many ads 1/5

    By Raantuva
    I can’t enjoy this game. The mini games don’t really reward you enough to advance the game very much and some of them circumvent Apple’s rules about being misleading. I want to enjoy this game, not be harassed by ads.
  • Why do i like this game? 5/5

    By sofia grinevich 3-405
    I like this game because it’s fun and im playing with my sis too and she liked too

    By Em&Em5871
    I love this but I wish there were better/more mini game cause the ones that are on this app are getting harder and boring. I loved the bowling but I completed all the levels and now I have no way of earning money. Please help me and make more mini games.
  • Okay 5/5

    By GalaxyAlpaca🇨🇱
    Only one thing is too expensive 200 dollars just to get the game ????
  • Great Game has some mistakes 5/5

    By Campus life player36
    I love this game but some of the mini games are challenging and have a few mistakes
  • I love animal house 5/5

    By Violet⭐️
    So I thought it would be one of those matching games but the mini games are way better than putting four squares together🏠🐹
  • Little boring but good gameplay name: Damyen game player 5/5

    By damyendhdj
    Some times I’ll get adds but not all the time you know I’m also about to get the dog on the dinning room!
  • Too many ads 3/5

    By cgucguicguuh
    It was really a great game but too much ads
  • This game is awesome! 5/5

    By Norah Flintoft
    This is a fun game for all ages! I really like how you can decorate the house and the games are cool too! This game ( in my opinion) is recommended for everyone! I hope you enjoy this amazing game!
  • Unfortunately Unfinished 3/5

    By 909tellme
    I would be giving this game 5 stars but you can’t even go through all the levels. Either a bug or just unfinished. Glad I didn’t pay to take the adds off yet. Hope they update it soon, really do love the game and art.
  • I Hate it 1/5

    By Player gitl
    I hate the game because it looks ugly
  • Great work! 4/5

    By hebxisn
    I just downloaded this game and it is so fun! All the other games about designing a house make you do 1000 puzzles to get money! It would be awesome if you’d put a code and have to go to your website and type the code in so you could get 1,000 each season ( or christmas, halloween, etc.)! But, I must say, this game has WAY too much ads and kills half my battery. Other than that this game is awesome! -Gabby
  • Best game ever 5/5

    By rukiddi gmr
    So I love this game so much!!!! And I am a huge animal fan because I love them so much and I feel like you guys should love animals to and some are in danger so I think we should help out because they need a loving home to live in so let’s start saving ANIMALS!!!!!!# save the turtles!
  • Five star 5/5

    By by f A tv
    So much fun
  • I have so much coins! 5/5

    By tabitha browns
    my parents they have this game but could not reach my amount of coins! And this game is so decorative my first time playing I knew how to play the mini games! All you have to do in the mini games is click on a spot where the editor allows you to go and when the black is next to you click in and it will be sucked up in your mini games body! As you know how to play the game! Have fun playing it reviewers!
  • It’s good but..... 5/5

    By PrincessMeh
    There is a problem in level 176. When I do the first move the block move right? It is normal. When I about to do a second move, it didn’t show the white circle that glows to tell you where you can move. I did that a lot of times. And they give me ads and when I do the skip level one it give the ad but don’t let me skip it. I won’t stop giving me ads and when I quiz the level or reset it I do ads anymore. I love the game but I’m upset it not working right now. I check everyday and do that level but it stills does that. :( please fix it! P.S. Nevermind when you put WiFi button to turn off and get LTE. It work. Hehehehehe sorry!
  • It’s so fun 5/5

    By Kevin preldakaj
    I love it so fun did you get to play the games to earn the coins to build stuff and yeah and you can also unlock dollars and you can get stuff from them on the app it’s really fun other people of said this should really get this
  • Its a some 5/5

    By pee whacker
    I love this game it is so much fun.
  • 3 stars 3/5

    By JenniV555
    I’m stuck on all the mini games so I can’t get enough cash but before I was stuck it was really fun
  • I love it but... 4/5

    By kitty hanging on a ceiling fan
    Possibly add more games (or game levels) and idk if theres more home shapes but =| But if its all the same.. i hope it changes. BESIDES THAT ITS AMAING!!!!!!!! ¡ love ¡t
  • Download this game! 5/5

    By brookie reveiw
    I love this game I saw so many ads on TikTok but I ignored them but once I tried the game and I fell in love with the app the moni games are amazing and they get harder so you don’t know what is next this game is amazing!!
  • I love it but 4/5

    By adin harper
    There’s not enough games and I cant compete some challenges because of that and there’s lotsss of ads
  • Love this game 4/5

    By Natacheer
    At first I saw a bunch of ads about that game then I wanted to try it out so when I tried it I love the mini games there is some pop-up ads out of nowhere but it’s still really really cool it is my favorite game ever
  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 5/5

    By Roes123456789
  • Inappropriate ads for kids. 1/5

    By Miss.NGEL
    How can an app for 4 years kids asking for them to play interactive ads about kissing and so,,,, Bad management
  • Triangles Stopped Working! 3/5

    By Jenna Drusen
    I love Animal House so much but there is just one problem. I have completed all of the mini games except for triangles. Every time I try to go back to the level I was on, it glitches and the words are shown in a different language (Chinese I believe). There is no triangles shown or anything and it tells me I only have two moves. I would love to continue playing but there is nothing for me to do. :(
  • love it but can’t finish it 3/5

    By Vivioletturner
    when i discovered this game i loved it and i played it nonstop. but now i don’t know what to do. first i finished both houses but then with the update there’s now three houses. however now i have finished playing all the mini games and can no longer get anymore coins so i can’t finish my third house. i wish they would either add more levels or let you replay the levels in the games they already have. again i love this game but i am now at a standstill and have nothing left to do.

Animal house : with Puzzles app comments

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