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  • Current Version: 2.12.0
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Animal Planet GO App

Watch full episodes and live TV from Animal Planet anytime, anywhere. It’s FREE with your TV subscription. Just sign in with your TV provider username and password to get access to favorites like Pit Bulls & Parolees, Treehouse Masters, The Zoo and many more. New episodes are added all the time. BINGE ON YOUR FAVORITE SHOWS + The Zoo + The Vet Life + Pit Bulls & Parolees + Animal Cribs + Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet + Treehouse Masters + Monsters Inside Me + My Cat From Hell + North Woods Law + Tanked + Lone Star Law + Puppy Bowl And many, many more! FEATURES + Live TV + Full Seasons + Browse and search for your favorite shows by genre + tvOS + Chromecast + Save episodes to your watchlist + Closed-Captioning support REQUIREMENTS + Available in the US Only + A Wi-Fi connection is recommended + iOS 9 or higher + More providers coming soon. Visit to watch shows or live stream from your computer. Need help? Visit us at Please note: This app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. Please see for more information.


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Animal Planet GO app reviews

  • Review 3/5

    By birillo matto
    Too long advertising....1min should be enough
  • Good app 3/5

    By SDR629
    I like using it, but for some reason the app won’t let me save my favorite shows.
  • Needs airplay 2/5

    By djroome
    Add airplay option for Apple devices
  • ASPCA 5/5

    By Don't Bogart 420
    I volunteered at aspca sad to see cats and dogs treated that way to see animals treated as such sickens me great app
  • Loud Commercials 3/5

    By Donna - retired
    I enjoy many Animal Planet programs, am willing to put up with what seems like more commercials than normal, and would have given this app 5 stars except for one hugely annoying "feature": when some of the commercials come on they become extremely loud. I mean seriously loud enough to become a nuisance to others. I note the commercials because I will make certain that I never buy their product or service. Can't something be done? I don't have this problem with other apps - just Animal Planet GO so I know it's something specific to Animal Planet.
  • It’s good 5/5

    By Ngvyfhyvjgjgjhn
    It’s a great way to watch your favorite animal planet shows when your not at home
  • To Manny adds 5/5

    By bog Rosey
    When there is an add it skippes part of the thing I am watching.
  • Unique and intriguing programming 5/5

    By Jen. Carpenter
    Always something new and interesting to learn!
  • Paying customer can’t sign in 2/5

    By OpieAndTJ
    Keep trying to sign in on iPhone 6s with latest OS choosing Xfinity as provider—and I DO pay for Animal Planet as part of my cable TV—and it keeps saying Animal Planet is NOT part of my package. Spent 37 minutes on phone with 2 people at xFinity who could not solve problem (and I was nice and patient) then got cut off. Deleted app, reinstalled several times, turned phone off and on. Still can not unlock shows. No problem with NatGeo Go app. Can stream live Animal Planet, just no access to locked shows. I am very irritated! Several days later went to xFinity brick and mortar store. I was eventually told that xFinity’s negotiates rights to these shows and sometimes the rights are no negotiated beyond the xFinity live stream app. I asked is there was a list online and they said that they don’t even have a list. Isn’t that what a website is for—to provide current info. The info apparently does not trickle down to customer support in The Phillipines or their own stores. So don’t be surprised if you can’t unlock content on some apps if you have xFinity as your provider.
  • Mostly Ads 1/5

    By Fantastish!!
    What a pity! Great content, ruined by 1000 commercials for one show. I would pay to get rid of them. Like someone else said I will not be buying from these advertisers. If the ads have the opposite effect, they will stop!
  • Need a TV provider 1/5

    By Rachel FM
    Free trial? Subscription? Anything? I don’t have a tv provider anymore so I was hoping the app would provide a way for me to enjoy the shows regardless. It’s disappointing to see shows I like, locked behind the provider wall.
  • Needs development to fix minor bugs 3/5

    By 1357924680t
    Lot of little bugs with this app. Repeats same commercials. Shows add number you are on even if you are back to watching show. Just needs a little more development to fix some of these bugs.
  • Love it 4/5

    By Ruggles12
    Love it!!!
  • Add Dish as a provider please! 1/5

    By terrytude
    Love the channel, hate the app because it doesn't list Dish network as a provider . It makes this app useless for me.
  • Long commercials 4/5

    By brianna_918
    Love the app, and watching all the shows but hate how long the commercials seem
  • Too many commercials 3/5

    By maddie0976
    The app and the selections in it are fine. But, I wish it was more like Hulu in that I pay a small premium to have the commercials edited out.
  • It couldn’t be better! 4/5

    By acvann
    This app is the best app for tv! But thar is way two many adds! Still you SHOULD TOTALLY GET THIS APP! If you do get this you should watch “Treehouse masters” and “tanked” but if you are in to how to save some animals then you should watch “the vet life.”
  • Foghekg!!! 5/5

    By hfhzkgb
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  • I satisfied 1/5

    By cbroehm
    This will turn to 5 stars once you add Dish Network to the subscription list and getting rid of the add, but for now I will be deleting the app.
  • Useless for cable cutters 1/5

    By cold.geek
    The app says to, “Verify your TV provider...” No option even to just buy an Animal Planet subscription directly, or to watch more than a couple episodes all together. Useless.
  • I love it 4/5

    By Brhejjrnjn
    I love the app but every time I am watching an episode and I exit out I have to start the episode over again
  • App Crashed 3/5

    By WhyOfferThisFBApp?
    App crashes in Apple TV. Tired of having to reload it. Ridiculous! Have no interest in watching animal planet on cable.
  • Stop the adds 4/5

    By curlee72
    To many adds! At lease 4-5 adds every 9-10 min! Everyone hates adds, so, how ‘bout an add before the episode, and then an add after the episode, like YouTube!
  • Not really 1/5

    By AADE educator
    Was hoping I could see it without having a TV service. Nope. Too bad.
  • One ad per minute of show 1/5

    By rmduff
    This is app is useless. I tried to watch a 41 minute show it had 41 ads! I understand the need for ads but this is obscene. I simply will not watch Animal Planet shows.
  • Those ads! 3/5

    By m005kennedy
    Well you get to watch great show but the basically run the same ads over and over again during the same show. It gets very annoying!
  • Kind of works 2/5

    By Kat_b56
    I do not have direct tv but I do have a direct tv now account, for a while I could use my direct tv now info and unlock episodes, now they will not unlock with my direct tv now info. If I wanted a TV account I would have stuck with DISH network, they are better just no streaming only.
  • Discovered while hospitalized 4/5

    By 24hrgirl
    During a long, painful hospital stay, I found Animal Planet and I was hooked! But what to do? Download Animal Planet GO to my iPad and binge watch my favorite shows, of course. And I don’t even mind the mini commercials.
  • I love this app 5/5

    By Mthur1
    I love this app when I miss my show (animal cribs) it makes it possable for me to watch it and it allows me to watch it on the go
  • Too long 3/5

    By Likeice
    I like the app it has all the shows I remember and some cool ones but too many ads and they are just to long
  • I love this app and my bearded dragon loves it to 5/5

    By Bently Durant
    This app is amazing and I love it so much I would Totally recommend getting this app for your bearded dragon would too.
  • Animal planets 5/5

    By Smokeyoftheseas
    This is the best app ever but I wish that the commercials where not so long
  • Do it for free 3/5

    By cupcake wolf100
    So after you watch a few months or weeks you have to pay for it not cool dudes you should make everything free I mean episodes and soooo many adds I agree with the others.
  • Poor quality!! 1/5

    By Sasha1012
    This app freezes up so many times I end watching more commercials than programs. It's very annoying to be into a program then you guessed it--- frozen. I get out of the program go back in and you guessed another 3+ minutes of commercials!! Please fixed this issue!!!
  • Freezes every few minutes 1/5

    By RyPlays
    Downloaded it to try watching Cat vs Dog, and I can't even get through the first five minutes of the show. I've reinstalled twice, had to not log into my cable account as I couldn't open the app (server doesn't exist apparently after you do that), and then have to close the app or reset my phone after a minute of watching. Each time I reopen, I get the joy of watching ads. It's not worth it.
  • When will this app accept YouTube Tv or Hulu as a tv provider? 1/5

    By Esmalove1
    I really want to watch the programs but unfortunately I can’t watch them because my tv provider is not on the provider list. As a provider, I have YouTube tv and Hulu.
  • Add Dish as a Provider? 4/5

    By 0515Cali<3
    I love animal planet, and when I found out there was an app I was super happy! Soon after I downloaded It I went to unlock all episodes but then I saw that my provider,Dish, wasn’t on the list. Maybe add Dish as a provider soon?
  • Ok why so many ads. 4/5

    By Harpersmom8910
    I love the game but to way to many ads.
  • Great, but way to many ads 3/5

    By Jay122016
    It’s great in all but really, why so, many ads. And if you put as many ads don’t put the same ones over and over again.

    By Soph🏋🏽‍♀️🏀🏐
    I am an all year around athlete and I love when I get to just watch my vet shows on the bus ride home from games! Love love love this app!!
  • Great 5/5

    By Jbtrat
    This is A great app
  • Dislike 1/5

    By Teenwolflover1234557273847
    I don’t have cable anymore I was hoping I could watch all the shows but only some seasons are available and the shows I really wanna watch don’t have available seasons so frustrating.
  • ADS!!!!!! 1/5

    By delana Barnes
    When you are watching actual tv YOU DONT GET THIS MANY ADS!!!!!!get rid of all the ads I wouldn’t care if it was a 20 second ad but why 5 mins.But I do like the 2 mins u do get to watch
  • I couldn't be happier!! 5/5

    By Dog Songs
    I grew up with Animal Planet, and now I can watch the shows I loved the most whenever I want. Dogs101 is my favorite show of all-time!! The show introduced me to my biggest passion at a very young age, and I hope to own a dog ranch for disabled and senior dogs after college. I'm currently a junior in high school and my passion has grown to the point where I know so so much about my four-legged friends!! Thank you for bringing the show to mobile devices!! My senior puggle just turned 11 today. Prilli has a long road ahead of her, and I plan on giving her the best life she can have!! I'm so glad I get to re-watch Dogs101 whenever I like. It brings so much nostalgia and it's great. And I'm so so happy that Monsters Inside Me has returned!!! I missed it so much!!
  • i really loved this app 1/5

    By KRISTEN :)(:
    i just to could watch everything i wanted to watch on this app, but after the last update it says that “my carrier doesn’t support this series” then how come i could watch it before the latest update? complete BS!
  • To many ads 4/5

    By Cats18501
    I love this app however, there is way to many ads.
  • Absolute junk 1/5

    By Retired Military Warrior
    70 years is my age Love to watch Animal Planet But you must know my rage When mostly I get is advertisement So to spare you my rant I shall disconnect from this app And hopefully you’ll see that I can’t Tolerate stupid adds that are pure crap If and when you become aware Of client needs and comfort I’ll not be giving you any care I shall search for another port. (DELETED)
  • I wonder 3/5

    By Abdicoelspwkdnodn
    I wonder if the people who made the app ever use it? Repeat commercials? 10 ads per break? Should just watch it on cable.
  • So Great! 5/5

    By Brooklyn Hayes
    I've been watching all my favorite TV shows in the comfort of by bed. This app is so great and easy to sign up. 😀👍🏻
  • Great if you love commercials 2/5

    By Tamberlin
    Ok I really like a couple of animal planet shows. However, its a couple minutes of show then several minutes of commercials. The same commercials over & over & over. Couldnt tell you how the episode went but I can list from memory what products I wont be buying. I already pay for the tv service. I already pay for the data I use to watch the tv service i pay for. Why the heaven help ya am I paying all that just to watch commercials over & over & over & over. Yup Im done.

Animal Planet GO app comments


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