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  • Compatibility: Android
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AnimeGlare App

AnimeGlare, track anime like never before. AnimeGlare lets you keep track of all your watched anime easily and syncs your watched history to the service of your choice. AnimeGlare has an intuitive UI, with just the right amount of information to keep you entertained. Features: - Intuitive UI - Watch anime trailers right from the app - Sync to Simkl - Sync to MyAnimeList - Add anime to different lists - View and manage your profile - Add Animes to favorites

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AnimeGlare app reviews

  • Somethings wrong 4/5

    By Ghoulking or Mike
    Its not letting me watch nothing, when i press the episode i want ti watch it sends me to a loading screen
  • Can’t watch the mha movie 4/5

    By keiko uwu
    It doesn’t let me watch the my hero academia movie hero’s rising i don’t know why but for the rest of the app it’s perfect live it
  • History? 1/5

    By poopismtnsme
    Is there a history in this app?
  • Mostly good 3/5

    By charity9257
    This is a good app and all but it’s really laggy like one time it took 30 minutes to load and I have good WiFi so if you could please try and fix that. That’s the only bad thing about this app otherwise it’s a really good app to have during this whole quarantine stuff.
  • brilliant 5/5

    By Deathwixhz
    been using this app for a while and it’s never failed me B)
  • This is awesome! 5/5

    By human being that respects
    This game allows you to watch anime FOR FREE! that’s honestly really nice especially because of this whole COVID 19 thing going on :)
  • More episode 3/5

    By ghosthunter75763
    So I like this anime app a lot because it has like every anime to watch with no ads it there is only one problem that o have with this app that some of the anime on here does not have all the episodes which really hate so if you could maybe somehow find all the anime I would give you app a five start but for now I will give it a 3 star
  • Eh okay 5/5

    By Natsu the fire
    It pretty good that all
  • The app is good but lags alot. 4/5

    By Yoscar25
    If the app didn’t lag as much it would be a way better experience.
  • Love it but... 4/5

    By ..youngnugget
    So i love this app and all he anime but every time i open an episode it will say (dub) i tap it what do i get (sub) please for the love of everything fix this
  • High 5/5

    By fhigfdg
    Just git it it is the best ghjjhhhn Bbhhgggggf
  • BRUH 3/5

    By YaYeet?
    First few times it worked fine, but I deleted this app 3 months ago, and I re downloaded it because I wanted to watch anime, (doukyuusei specifically) and the KaTe lInK won’t let me hear the sounds, and the other links wouldn’t load.>:( (p.S, The anime is BL (boys love) BUT THE LINK SAYS NO HOMO)
  • :( 3/5

    By You're local gas station
    So when I downloaded this app, it worked perfectly fine. I was watching the first season of Tokyo Ghoul, then I went to watch the second season and now the app stopped working. It doesn’t play the video. It just stays black with the little play button?
  • Great app 5/5

    By labramjames
    i can whach any anime
  • 4 stars 4/5

    By nfbfhjdjs
    It’s ok this app every time I skip it freezes and I try to refresh but it still freezes
  • Tic Tok anime app review 3/5

    By waltergotmepregnet69420
    Saw this on sum guys tic tok and plus I really love anime like us thereslly anything to do while on quarantine like come on
  • After I was done watching one episode of an anime it wouldn’t let me watch other episodes 4/5

    By jpahua
    Please help
  • I like it 5/5

    By ilike it who
    It is a really good app
  • Not bad, however... 3/5

    By greatanimeapp
    The app is well-polished and the UI works well, and I appreciate that it is ad-free. The main issue I have is with the servers. There aren’t many to select , so your choices are very limited. I have found that many streams claiming to be at 1080p are upscaled and are of lower quality. Sometimes, the stream randomly cuts out on you and then it will have to be restarted, which is annoying. Also touching the middle of the screen kicks you out of the stream, and it doesn’t save the timestamp so good luck getting it back up to where you were. I have tried using VLC player, however I have the same issue with it cutting out.
  • Love AnimeGlare 5/5

    By Jack from the box
    Highly suggest anyone who wants to watch any anime/movies with out any ads, to download this app.
  • Fix it please 4/5

    By sincerlyneeee
    Every time I click on a dub link it subbed can you guys please fix it
  • Amazing app😍 4/5

    By uoioi
    I love this app I’m in 5th grade, and I love anime I watch naruto a lot but on Hulu on naruto shippuden in the middle of season three they got rid of dub so it was only I look up best apps to use for watching anime and this app came up so I tried it and loved it! Only one con you should really put a tutorial of how to use it, because it was really confusing how to use the app at first. For a second I thought those we links to other apps like this not shows intill I saw sub and the app in all I would say one of the best anime streams I’ve ever watched.
  • Amazing app just a few dub problems 5/5

    By iced out yeezys
    I love the app it’s amazing I’ve been using it for about 2 years and it’s amazing but I’m now have a problem recently when I click on a dub link and no matter what dub link I click its sub so that needs fixed but other than that keep the app going because it is great
  • Bruh 4/5

    By disherton
    It’s a good app. But sometimes the app just stops working so you have to delete it and then re download it. Kind of annoying but I don’t mind because it has a lot of good free anime
  • One piece 5/5

    By john bon captain ton
    It is a really good app to watch dub and sub anime but I wish you guys would add sub episodes at the end of one piece
  • Subscribe to my YT channel called : Lethal CMB 5/5

    By Sub to my YT: Lethal CMB
    This app is amazing u can watch all types of anime’s my favorites are dB naruto mha and Tokyo ghoul and there all on there I just wish there weren’t as many links Sub to my YT channel: Lethal CMB
  • It loads at the begging for to long 3/5

    By Andrewwweww
    When I’m trying to watch fairy tail and I finish with one video and I go to the next it will just keep me in the loading screen for a very long time plz help
  • It’s good except for one 4/5

    By anime watcher 42069
    It is a very good app but the only complaint I have is when I try to watch dragon ball z there is only one dub option that does not work for some reason so if you can fix that it would be a lot better
  • Nice app 4/5

    By A human8282829933
    I only gave 4 stars because of the adds
  • Great but doesn’t work 80% of the time 3/5

    By jhdsshnvre ★~(◡ω◡✿) oppoh
    That’s all I have to say
  • Brock 5/5

    By daddgaf
    Took a while to use but great app
  • Amazing 5/5

    By xxxxbruhxxxxx
    Amazing I can watch almost any anime I want for free and I never lag
  • Amazing but, 5/5

    By disapointting
    The app is great for watching anime but recently when trying to watch episodes the animation would always backtrack and wouldn’t stay with the audio causing me to have to pause every few seconds.
  • I love this app 5/5

    By iammahiru
    This app is sooooo good it gives you hundreds of anime’s for free!!!!,
  • Meh 3/5

    By pdsapark
    So I used this app when it was not on the AppStore and it was working fine but now it doesn’t load and I’m stuck watching a loading screen forever I wish it would work because I love this app
  • Plz 4/5

    By jk01010101011010
    The only thing that is wrong with the app is that the links take to long to load I left a link loading four 2 hours and I have good WiFi and it still dident play also the google player link is fast but when your watching an anima it freezes and the sound is still playing the only thing I can do too fix it is wait and let it load I still love the app tho but can you plz make the anima stop freezing up
  • mhm 3/5

    By Dr.XxxSpooky
    It’s like it works when it wants to for me it’ll play everything one day and the next i can’t load one episode
  • Great app 5/5

    By alpal_3
    I really love this app it satisfies all my anime needs can watch a lot of stuff and it’s easy to keep up with shows that you plan to watch,are watching right now, shows you put on hold, and shows you already completed it’s so satisfying to see all the anime you watched in that completed tab my only disappointment is that when I first got the app the user recommendations was filled with all types of anime suggested by all types of people and I really loved that and the editor’s choice was way larger than it is now I would like for them to add all that back instead of cutting it short like it is now because there was a whole bunch of shows on those list that was super interesting and I wanted to watch that are gone now because they shortened the list so dramatically that it’s only like 7 rows with like 20 something anime instead of the like 50 rows with almost hundred or so anime and I would really like to see that come back because that was my most favorite feature where when I have nothing to watch I can just hop on there scroll down and find a interesting anime that I can watch I think that’s how I found re:zero and I love that show so yeah I would like to see that get back to where it used to be other than that this anime app is the best one you will find it has all the anime you want to find so have fun binge watching anime
  • Good app 5/5

    By Naruto gang d
    I’m not a bot this app is really good I live to watch Naruto on in and other anime if u decide to download this app make a rate and plz follow my TikTok and but anime gang I play fortnite too so yea download this app if u want @B0.t<—— TikTok Xrolliexx<—— ps4 gamertag
  • Bug 4/5

    By llamas1726
    Over all really one of the best apps that I could find, but recently I can’t watch movies. When I click on the ‘Watch’ button it doesn’t load anything like XstreamCDN links, MP4upload links, etc. it makes me really sad, but like I said other than that it’s really good!
  • What’s wrong with the movies 4/5

    By jax_2.0
    There is nothing wrong but whenever I go to watch a anime movie I’m basically waiting hours for it to get links.
  • It’s good 5/5

    By is this yeet
    Yeah it’s a good app you noob
  • Love it but 5/5

    By needs to hurry up the waiting
    I love how there’s a whole lot of anime to watch and there all in sub and dub but when you watch it in dub it takes a long time to play and it sometimes doesn’t even play like I waited almost an hour for it to play but it didn’t but overall it’s a great app
  • Great! 4/5

    By Niaaaaaaaa ichihaaaaa
    really great application for anime lovers! I’m so grateful! I download other apps and all of them was the whole garbage, but this one is amazing. You can watch any anime you want - with the perfect quality, subbed or dubbed. Also app design is very beautiful and comfortable! Really love it!!!💕🍥
  • Nothing 5/5

    By HiddenBtw
  • I can watch all these shows ad free!?! 5/5

    By #agario_sucks
    The best ios app for anime, no argument.
  • Great app 4/5

    By walter1337
    It’s a great app I have just one small issue every now and again it freezes but the track continues other than that it’s a wonderful app and I’m happy to have found it and I’ll accept the small bug in my opinion it’s far better than Funimation almost everything they have is just in Japanese or you have to pay to watch the next episode here you don’t everything has an English dub and you don’t have to pay to watch it’s the best app I’ve ever found and I recommend it to everyone
  • It’s an okay app 4/5

    By dajvegyGsraha
    This app is Amazing!! It’s a free anime app no payment but the issue is that sometimes I have to wait minutes to get it to start or I just give up 😂 Hey creator can you fix that? But anyways this app deserves all the stars if that little bug can be fixed. But this app is awesome and if you are reading this and you are new you should get this app this app is free like I said it is a good app but just a bug I have but I don’t know anyone has it aswell but it takes a really long time and sometimes it just like stops it’s really annoying!!! 😡
  • 🤡 3/5

    By iHelixz
    This won’t be a very long review but here I go: Anime glare used to work fine when I had it with test flight but now a days links take waaaayy too long to load or the video never even shows up and my cellular data is just fine I don’t know if it’s just me or what... Pls fix, would've been a EZ 5 star

AnimeGlare app comments

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