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  • Current Version: 8.0.323
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Anthem, Inc
  • Compatibility: Android
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Anthem Anywhere App

Anthem Anywhere. We’re here to help you make healthy happen — wherever you go. We completely redesigned the look and feel. It's cleaner, simpler, and more intuitive. • Log in easily and securely with Touch ID. • Always have your member ID card with you. • Estimate costs so you can plan ahead. • Find a doctor or urgent care and get directions. View ratings and reviews. • Check copays, deductibles and more. • Keep an eye on claims (not all plans). • Securely send and receive messages about your plan.

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Anthem Anywhere app reviews

  • Never works 1/5

    By 2fatforsure
    You can’t look at your benefits or do anything other than look at claims or sometimes find a doctor, if that part is actually working. Overall pretty bad
  • Needs update on doctors 2/5

    By Giant Slayerhdh
    Most of the app works great, however finding a doctor on here is a joke. Many of the doctors are not accepting new patients (even though they are listed as accepting new patients) and many of their addresses are no longer relevant.
  • Kinda useful.... 1/5

    By Amyzon71
    ...if you don’t need to do much. The app may at times give you what you need to get the job done with access and claims, but usually it doesn’t.
  • Works sometimes 2/5

    By Kristina1960
    Doesn’t consistently use Touch ID which is an issue.
  • App crashes @ open 1/5

    By Weather_Watcher_55467
    Aug 1, 2019 update showing promise. App opens now, but crashes during login. So close 😉. Keep working on it please. Still running iOS 10.3.3 on iPhone 6S. App crashes and doesn't even open. I wrote a review about this, updated the review a couple times after some app "updates" that didn't fix it. Now my original review has been removed. Shameful really. Just fix the app. (Running iOS 10.3.3 - App requires iOS 10 or above, so it shouldn't be crashing.)
  • Garbage app from a garbage health insurance company 1/5

    By Shdhei3737
    Awful all around
  • Very disappointed 1/5

    By prideday
    I just downloaded the App and it will not allow me to see keeps saying sorry something is wrong 🙄🙄this company has been around for years and is very large..why can’t they have a decent App that works????
  • Worst app i have on my phone 1/5

    By Tmobioo
    I am seriously considering changing insurance company's because i cant see claims, prescriptions, or my policy. I keep getting error messages. 2 hrs on the phone with their app support and nothing has been resolved. I can start my car from anywhere in the world, tourn my thermostat up or down, monitor my security system, but i cant get any information from a company that i pay money to for a service. Wake up people its 2019!
  • Does not work anymore 1/5

    By Me2uHi
    Doesn’t work anymore. After I put in my credentials there is some pop up saying “We’re here to help! Give us a call” and has an “OK” button. That’s it. Never lets me into my account.
  • Search Fails 1/5

    By JimReviews
    When I tried to find my doctor, the app said he wasn’t found. It took quite a bit of guessing to find out that he’s in their system without the apostrophe in his last name. Apparently the app can’t handle that? Then today, I searched for ANY eye doctor near me. The app said ‘Sorry, no search results’ (I live in a major city, so that seems unlikely). Then I searched for a doctor found nearby with Google Maps and has a simple last name. The app found him right away. How can there be no doctors nearby but he’s nearby?
  • Something went wrong... 1/5

    By In a rush for lunch...
    1st experience and it’s a generic error handle message. Tried multiple times over a few days. Nothing changes, same experience.
  • OMG - even just installing this app is a waste of your time 1/5

    By DisappointedAcuWeatherUser
    Installed it. Successfully logged in - but it shows nothing. Not even something basic like showing the ID cards or looking up a provider doesn't work. Bottom line - this app is as bad as it gets from a customer POV
  • “Go to website to view benefits.” 1/5

    By Ghostface Dermatologist
    The title says it all. The app tells you to go to the website because benefit information can’t be viewed within the app. This is what happens when you have your janitorial team develop an app. If I wanted to go to the website to view my benefits, I would have gone to the website to view my benefits. Apple, please remove this app. It is a violation of your terms to have an app that is simply a web view.
  • USELESS 1/5

    By RuddyZooKeeper
    App won’t open anymore ... ever. I am sitting in an urgent care needing this stinking ID card and app won’t work. Not first time. Utter trash. **Update - now app won’t let either parent view our minor children’s ID cards or claim/benefits info. This app is still trash, just in better packaging.
  • Getting Much Better, Finally! 4/5

    By swich2mac
    Several months ago I gave this app a 1 star rating as everything was completely broken. However, in a relatively short period of time (as far as app updates go), the Anthem app has GREATLY improved. Almost all of the jank is gone, things in the app are no longer broken, and the UI is more fluid. Although not yet perfect, keep improving you’re on the right path.
  • Coverage, Claims, Deductible 2/5

    By Badman777
    The coverage for the plan is not included in the app. I’m traveling internationally and can’t find the coverage specifics. Anthem Anywhere....but here.
  • The worst app!!! 1/5

    By BUDDY056
    Worst app ever!!
  • Insecure login 1/5

    By 8 bit snow
    Still no support for password manager input for login. I shouldn’t have to flip back and forth between a password manger and the app to enter my login and password.
  • Can’t reset password this says error tried on the anthem website that says error 1/5

    By Wild4Rock
    Deleting this app it’s worse than the other apps can’t do anything
  • Useless 1/5

    By BeHealthier
    As a State of CT employee the app isn’t worth the space it takes on my phone. No claim data is available in mobile for our plan (that only covers nearly 100,000 employees and retirees).
  • Worse with every update 1/5

    By purpledolphinassault
    Had this app for a little over a year and a half. At first it was okay, it was slow, the UI was ugly, it would crash a lot and randomly log you out in the middle of whatever you were doing. I thought that it was a one star app. After the last few updates I realized that it used to actually be a 3 star worthy app because now it’s absolute garbage. It no longer crashes and is prettier, but logging in without Touch ID for whatever reason is more hassle than it’s worth, after a few seconds it’ll take you to the pharmacy section page for no reason, make you restart whatever you were doing, then immediately go back to the pharmacy page, if you’re searching for doctors it’ll give the list then when you start scrolling it’ll take you to a random doctors page that wasn’t on your screen or if it was you didn’t tap on even to scroll, then if you try to go back to the list you get sent to the pharmacy page again and have to restart your search and rinse and repeat. I would love the convenience this app says it gives you but if I would rather go get a back alley amputation then use this app as it stands for anything medical related.
  • hm 2/5

    By coffeelegs
    billions of dollars and still can’t manage to make a usable app
  • Buggy 2/5

    By gdubh
    Every time I use app to view cards it says “Looks like something isn’t working. Please give us some time to fix it. Then try again.” A couple of months of intermittently trying again isn’t enough time I guess.
  • No horizontal support 1/5

    By Papavalex
    No horizontal orientation support makes this a no go on the ipad.
  • Never works 1/5

    By smcs13
    I’ve only actually been able to use it a hand full of times. Usually nothing is accessible. Got it to work once by uninstalling and reinstalling but next time I accessed it, all the features were unavailable again. Totally useless.
  • Literally can’t even log in 1/5

    By WhiteWidow2JZ
    I can’t even open the app. When I do, it buffers for 15-20 seconds then says “We’re here to help! Call technical support at (866) 755-2680 M-F 8-8 ET” Okay, tech support is not the kind of help I’m looking for when I ATTEMPT to open this app, thanks though
  • Above and beyond useless 1/5

    By K8tek
    You can’t even log in using known good credentials. You would think a $70 billion dollar company could spare a few million to make an app that works for their customers.
  • Don't waste your time 1/5

    By Pwceng17ine
    Save yourself time you'll never get back and skip this app. Totally worthless doesn't even begin to describe this helpless app. The paperwork with my new ID touted and praised this app for all my needs. It won't do anything for me. Not even show my virtual card! Claims, nope....find a doctor, can't halp you there...prescriptions, better check your cabinet because you won't find them here! Just say NO!! The developer should be placed on a deserted island for life so he can't screw anything else up!!
  • App Access 1/5

    By gregsar
    This is the worst app. A company that is Anthems size should be able to create a good mobile app and support it well. I can not sign in to the app. Even after calling help support and changing the password. I can log on to the PC web page but not the mobile. Help support told me to try in a hour, but that did not work. I worked for Anthem IT for over 40 years and Anthem always said the customer was their priority. I guess priorities changed. Come on Anthem developers create a product that works.
  • Super slow 1/5

    By EricSchmidly
    The app is very slow. Every single page takes about 30 seconds to load.
  • Updated the app and now it freezes 1/5

    By Onedarlingchick
    Just updated the app today and was really looking forward to the updated UI and improved login experience. However, the app freezes at the login screen before I even get the chance to enter my login info, no matter what I try. The irony!
  • Leave it alone 2/5

    By Blindchick
    Every time I go to use the app, I have to update it. Allow us to use the version we have and update at our convenience! I don’t want to use data to download app every time I want to check something
  • Easy to use, and very helpful 5/5

    By Sham78429
    Just downloaded the app today to finish registering my benefits and viewing all my information. Very easy to utilize my benefits through the app, especially finding a new physician near me.
  • Needs improvement 2/5

    By Norwes
    App is hard to manage, needs an overhaul
  • CCfabersu 1/5

    By ccfabersu
    Terrible app, always requires updates, offline functions don’t work.
  • This app is terrible 1/5

    By Cecilsoup
    Required to update the app but it does nothing! Can’t even open the original version. What a waste of time and money.
  • Sorry for such a giant company 1/5

    By StockRaphy
    Won the "worst app in my phone" award. Almost nothing works. I can look at doctors in a limited way that's all. I would say this is my second one star out of several five stars. Hopefully you can improve one day.
  • This App doesn’t provide any useful information 1/5

    By jc29h
    Most useful information is not available and the app just tells you to go use the web site. Why bother having an app at all? What a waste of time!
  • Nothing works 1/5

    By payingtocuhforcrapoyservice
    Nothing works on this app
  • Care finder does not work 1/5

    By Mr Caution
    The care and cost finder hasn’t worked since the last update. Not good for those of us in HSA High Deductible accounts whose livelihood literally depends on going to in-network providers only. Shame on you, Anthem app team.
  • Not even worth one star 1/5

    By cummins894
    It’s trash
  • This is a horrible app 1/5

    By A:-)Tom
    I tried and tried to simply submit a password and it didn’t work. Kept saying it didn’t match even though it matched.
  • Junk 1/5

    By 20yrCustomer
    Very difficult to log in. Much more work needs to be done to make this even a reasonably decent app. Cmon Anthem, your customers deserve better!
  • Horrible 1/5

    By TheColorBug
    Either crashes upon opening or doesn’t allow me to do anything once I’m in. Won’t show my ID (which I’ve already gotten an email stating was available), won’t let me view messages, and when I go to the prescription section it just shows a loading symbol but never goes to the screen.
  • Worst app ever! 1/5

    By Munsen2
    How is it that a huge company that makes so much darn money can’t produce a simple app that actually works?!?! I can’t look up dentists or physicians, I can’t change my billing preferences, I can’t even send an email from the app! It keeps coming up with the error boxes! Incredibly frustrating and quite frankly, unacceptable!
  • Worthless App 1/5

    By It's Your Problem
    Unable to print EOB’s from this app. Unable to perform a search of any kind of EOB’s. Unable to view outside of 12 months of data...and if one know’s insurance billing then it’s necessary to view more than 12 months. Example: Never billed by provider for an item dated 5/16/18 and today is 6/19/19. I have no ability to know if this is a valid billing from the provider because I can’t see past 12 months. I AM DELETING THIS APP. BTW...Spent about an hour with technical support. Waste of time. Noticed on other reviews the response is: Need Support? We’re here to help..... C’mon let’s see the auto reply....Give it to me rather than fix the issues...Waiting
  • Not available here 1/5

    By Fast Glass
    Signed in only to find that this app is useless. Cant view my id card. Cant view my claims. Cant view my prescriptions. Every one says sorry have to view this on our website.
  • What’s less than one star called? 1/5

    By Dagin85
    Apparently, I’m not the only one struggling with this app. They took my payment information over the phone for auto pay. Then, 3 months later they send me a bill. I thought I had auto pay. So I login to this app to make a payment. It says they’re open Monday thru Friday like till 8pm eastern time. It was 6pm Chicago time. So still 7 NY. And they were closed already? I put my information multiple times. Fail every single time. System error. I called them today. They were having system problems. All she can say was system this system that. I was finally able to make a payment online. Then get a system that works. I’m sure you can afford that. Trillions dollar worth insurance company!
  • Never gets fixed 1/5

    By Jreplogle
    I’ve had this app for years and literally, no matter how many times they upgrade it, it never works... forced to get on their actual website which doesn’t work much better.

Anthem Anywhere app comments

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