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  • Current Version: 8.0.226
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Anthem, Inc
  • Compatibility: Android
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Anthem Anywhere. We’re here to help you make healthy happen — wherever you go. We completely redesigned the look and feel. It's cleaner, simpler, and more intuitive. • Log in easily and securely with Touch ID. • Always have your member ID card with you. • Estimate costs so you can plan ahead. • Find a doctor or urgent care and get directions. View ratings and reviews. • Check copays, deductibles and more. • Keep an eye on claims (not all plans). • Securely send and receive messages about your plan.


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  • Terrible App 1/5

    By markmm7
    So disappointed with this app. I thought it would be easier to have an app rather than log on to the website but this app is bad. You can’t even get your data to match what’s on the website? Shouldn’t you have all data fed from the same location? I keep getting notifications that claims were rejected but when I log onto the website they show as either approved or pending. All of my claims show as out of network on the app but that’s not the case on the website. All of my doctors are in network. You have a long way to go on the app.
  • Ok? 1/5

    By NS-0059-9600
    This app, as well as the Anthem site in general, is completely broke. I have an established account and have logged in in the past, but can’t log-in, can’t request info to retrieve my log-in credentials, can’t call customer support because the number they provide gives me a robot that tells me to “call the number on the back of my id” card before hanging up. The whole reason I’m trying to sign-in/call is because I need to request a replacement insurance card. Soooo, I guess I’m just not going to the doctor until my benefits renew in November and new cards get mailed out? Thanks, Anthem!
  • Anthem app review 1/5

    By gcorcoran13
    Terrible app so many flaws cannot begin to list all of them.
  • Pretty Bad 5/5

    By DarfNader
    This app is still really buggy, slow, and built sloppily. For instance, you can’t set up text alerts because the data entry field is broken so you cannot add a number to receive text messages. At least it’s on par with the insurance coverage they provide which is pretty terrible as well.
  • App does not work 1/5

    By AIA Member
    I have used the app successfully in the past but it froze today and will not show info. Tried deleting and reloading and that was even worse. Tried calling the number listed in another comment and that took me to anthem customer service and a person who wanted to log into my personal Information. Not what I needed. The APP does not work on an iPhone, I already got all the info from my computer. Had a question to try to solve at the doctor’s office to show them that Anthem had paid a claim and I knew before they did but the app failed spectacularly. They were not impressed with the app or with Anthem at that point. My phone works with my other apps because I thought there might be a problem with it, but no, it is local to Anthem only. So will delete it again. Guess I should not be surprised since app only has a 1.6 rating. I am glad the insurance is way better than the app.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Review by Simon
    Only function that is working is the ID card. Basically no other function or information (claims) can be accessed via the app, which makes it completely useless. Key information can only be accessed logging into the website.
  • Hopeless 1/5

    By MarinFan
    Looks bad and does not work. This comes out of my insurance payments? Start again. This is useless. One star is too high. Deserves less.
  • Great app to use when cust. Serv. Is open 1/5

    By Stebdawg
    Great and easy app to use but only when customer service is open. I can access anything and find everything but as soon as customer service closes the app locks me out or won’t let me access anything with out prompting call service which is closed making this app useless outside of regular service hours. Avoid this app until the developer can figure out how to make an app that doesn’t need a call center to work properly.
  • Never works 1/5

    By Sieray
    This app is horrible! It always crashes when I search for a doctor. I have never been able to successfully use this app. DONT DOWNLOAD!
  • Oops! Something went wrong... 1/5

    By noPe999999
    If that’s your favorite thing to read when looking for answers, then this is the app for you! This app could be so much better if it was informative and actually worked like the Humana app we were using before the insurance switch. Ughs
  • Terrible 1/5

    By TheTsubasa
    This app STILL barely works. I called customer support around 3 weeks ago because I can't pull up my ID card. Support never got back to me and the app still doesn't work.
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By A Plate
    Terrible app. Instead of adding bells and whistles, work on fixing the basics. The subscriber should be able to view their ID card.
  • Barely works 1/5

    By girlneedsmorelives
    You can’t even change the filters in the find a provider screen. Awful.
  • Something Went Wrong 1/5

    By Deleted App 0123456789
    Cannot register after many attempts. I’m deleting this non-operational mess.
  • New update 1/5

    By Reggeameister
    Does not work!
  • Cannot view claims anymore 1/5

    By Sweetthesting
    I have had this app for about six months and everything worked fine until the last 60 days. I am not able to see any claims on the app. The convenience ceases to exist. Per the app I should be able to see claims for the past 12 months and am not able to. I have to go to my email and click on a link sent by anthem and then I can see a claim. I have updated the app in hopes of some resolve.
  • Does it ever work when I need it? 1/5

    By PatmanItunes
    It might have worked once when I needed it. There has been a history of trying to use it and getting messages that said I need to call. This is just to present the card. The latest is that I need to download a new version before I can use it. The version is not that old. It is not a very “usable” app
  • Touch 1/5

    By new2care
    App has great information if the touch would work or it didn’t freeze up. If the information on the app wasn’t good I would give 1 star due to app functionality.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By SLL2018
    Being tech savvy, this app does not deliver. I could not even get past the registration screen without problems. Calling the support number resulted in my wasted time and nothing accomplished.

    By Brazil, IN
    This app is horrible! I can’t even get it past the swirling circles to put in my credentials. It’s always been bad but this is just beyond my tolerance.
  • Unable to login 1/5

    By inologics
    Keep getting “Something went wrong” message. Doesn’t happen on mobile safari or desktop browser. I called technical support, they reset password to test it themselves. Felt shady but let them do it anyway. The technical customer service was very bad, and bad background noise. He was also talking to someone loud and laughing, completely unprofessional! Anyway, they finally acknowledged the problem and said would open a ticket and contact me when resolved. It’s been a week and still wouldn’t work.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By beyond unbelievably frustrated
    All this app is good for is a digital ID card 🙄 I want to see information that actually matters like how close I am to hitting my deductible, or past medical transactions, I want to see what was covered and what was not. This app as it is now is almost completely useless.
  • Completely useless 1/5

    By gapdapsis
    Downloaded app because the anthem web portal for customers is so buggy it doesn’t work 60% of the time. However with the app you can’t submit a claim, check in the status of a claim, or view any of your benefit info. The thing is slow useless supplement to the slow broken website. Anthem seriously needs to get its tech on track - it’s an embarrassment.
  • Pathetic 1/5

    By lreview2018
    Not even able to display the login page! The website is not working either- “find a doctor“ kept loading. Called customer service said the website is not working but the app works fine, told me to download the app. What a bullsxxt! that’s what you get when they offshore the development to INDIA! 👎
  • Worst App I Have 1/5

    By dnrtaff
    This app is great if it ever lets you sign in, which is NEVER! Then when you call the number it asks you to call they can’t help. Been locked out of the app ever since it updated as usual. It’s always “Oops Something Went Wrong” I’m over it! Get this app only if you never want to be able to use it!
  • Finger Print Login 1/5

    By AR 754784
    Update App, and the fingerprint security feature no longer works. Thanks BCBS
  • Garbage 1/5

    By JJ160
    The show ID card function has never worked in the history of this app.
  • Unable to log on 1/5

    By Cocoa4118
    Unable to log on from this app. Back to the computer.
  • Just like Anthem... 2/5

    By HoosierGuy8505
    ... not at all helpful or able to accurately convey information about your benefits reliably.
  • Will it Ever Work? 1/5

    By Wow2TheMax
    This app is always down, and when I can access it, it does not provide the content I am looking for. I pay too much for my insurance to get a third rate app. Fix it!
  • Where’s the App? 1/5

    By M-B Fan
    There are so many problems with this app that it’s hard to know where to begin. First, when I tried to log in, the message said my username or password was incorrect. Fine, maybe I forgot one or the other. Before I could press the link to get my username or reset the password, I got a pop-up saying “We’re here to help.” I had to clear the pop-up at least three time to get the screen to recover my password. After entering all the information, I got an error message. I checked for updates and then updated the app hoping that would solve the problem. Nope, the update didn’t help. I finally was able to get a password reset email. Used the temporary password and tried to log in. Success. I got in and was redirected to a page to reset my password. When I did, I was logged out. So, I tried to log in using my new password, but instead of getting to the main menu (which I could see in the background as the white “working” dots swirled) I got the exact message we see in the Developer Responses: “We’re here to help.” I was then logged out. This happened numerous times. When I finally got logged in, I pressed one blue tile to check my account summary, got the “We’re here to help” pop-up, and was booted back to the log in screen. On my next log in, I got to the main screen and decided to activate the touchID. I got to the account profile and settings screen, but when I moved the slider to activate the touchID, I got a pop-up saying I had to use a password because another account already had touchID enabled. Really? Another account with my ID number? I’m single!! Oh, and when I went back to the main screen after not being able to enable touchID, I got a pop-up saying “We’re here to help” and was logged out. Restarting my phone didn’t solve the problems, either. This was all too much fun for one afternoon.
  • Need support for the app 1/5

    Trying to get into the app and it’s not working. It keeps hanging or frozen and I’m not going anywhere. App to nowhere
  • Can’t scroll 1/5

    By asap72
    Downloaded the app to find out urgent care providers trying to be proactive. The find care worked great, gave me 29 results. Unfortunately I can’t scroll to view any of them.
  • Pointless 1/5

    By poiohio
    If you are using this simply as a digital ID card then it serves its purpose. This app doesn’t allow you to do anything else you would want to do from the website. The iOS website version is identical and useless. If you want to check your claims, how much you owe on your deductible, or anything else you can’t do it from the app. You have to log onto a desk top or true lap top computer to access the real website, and any useful information that an app is supposed to simplify for you.
  • No electronic ID card 1/5

    By Stevo7518
    I read some reviews that stated how to get the ID card how ever “my coverage” does not show up in my plan and I’ve looked everywhere in the app and can not find the IDcard.
  • New app user. New insurance provider 1/5

    By no blinking
    I was able to see my insurance card after escalation to higher level team member. While this issue was resolved I continued to have issue navigating to other areas. Error messages constantly. I removed the app and will try again later. It is helpful to have this App at fingertip because my new insurance is Doctor Specific, not by group of Doctors at same location.
  • “Unable to Retrieve your Information” 1/5

    By The Daily Comedian
    This app constantly loads for up to 5 minutes at a time and often is “Unable to find your information.” Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. When it does though, it’s only a matter of time before you reach another error. This has happened several time when I have clicked on a doctor that I want to see, only to be unable to view the information due to an app error The app fails to fulfill its most basic and only function.
  • Absolutely Terrible App 1/5

    By Mike271821
    This app is awful. I mean awful. Besides it being a web app it’s out of date and just not optimized. The chat feature is full of bugs (sends duplicate messages, constantly exits out of the text box as you type, buttons overlap not allowing you to send, ect). I don’t even care it’s not iPhone X optimized but it just doesn’t work. Get your act together Anthem/BCBS. I’d cost you a few thousand dollars to fix this app. That’s peanuts to you. It would also greatly improve the quality of care we can get.
  • Not useful 1/5

    This app not useful. It should be rewritten from the beginning in order to bring true functionality to the user. If this app was targeted to enhance a user’s tools to be informed about their claims it has failed in monumental manner. There are medical apps available. Anthem should research them to find an app author that could develop an app that will serve the user.
  • Useless 1/5

    By FfftgffgtffF
  • Poorly designed 1/5

    By spankthegreg
    Two quick links up front, no access to the card image. Find a doctor works and find a pharmacy But i already knew those. Iphone 8+
  • Zero should be an option 1/5

    By Z_star3
    Does nothing, not even serviceable to view an electronic health card.
  • No doctor, no appointment = no cost 1/5

    By The Great Anonymous Reviewer
    One way to minimize costs, don’t tell the subscribers how to get a doctor. No appointment so saves on medical costs. Wow nice update guys
  • Brutal 1/5

    By Fermderlay
    It would be quicker to drive to your local library and use their PC to access than to find the same information using this app. Everything takes forever to load, and about half the time it just times out. It’s also very poorly designed and unintuitive. Slick UI but horrible functionality.
  • Needs work 1/5

    By Hlimoges
    I can’t get this app to work...ever. Crashes, does not know my information, continuously searching. Needs improvements fast!
  • “Our app isn’t working right now...” 1/5

    By Displeased Doc
    I received an email offering this new advancement in health service. I downloaded it and the very first message I received on screen was “Our app isn’t working right now.” Really? I’ve already been overly displeased with ABCBS - it was bad enough when they wouldn’t cover my husband’s ER visit last fall for which he wound up having SURGERY. This is just insulting....and loaded with ignorance. Get it together before you offer any other, ahem, “conveniences”.
  • App always says not working right now 1/5

    By Jet lisjsxjeis
    I may try to use this app like 1 time a month and it has consistently let me down. Never does it work on the first try, generally not even the same day.
  • Super Buggy 1/5

    By iPhone user Jim
    Several pages within the app fail to load. The chat feature never works. I commonly encounter gibberish error messages.
  • Does not work, deserves negative stars 1/5

    By tarac1590
    I’ve tried logging in multiple times and this app just does not work. I’ve tried resetting password, using Touch ID, even calling tech support, nothing works. Tech supports advice was to just use the web browser instead. Great. Deleting the app. Waste of time.
  • I'm not even sure how they keep making this app worse 1/5

    By Wolf tiger Shark
    It's clear this app has been outsourced by some exec getting a 400k salary per year. With every update, it somehow becomes slower, buggier, and more inadequate. It's not difficult to hire solid developers, you just have to pay market. This app is what happens when you hire on the cheap. It also seems BCBE execs don't care how bad their app is as long as they have one. No pride, no concern for customer experience. A clear "let's have an app so we can say we have an app, but zero budget to make it worthwhile" project. People need to be fired over this, no questions asked.

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