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Anthem BC Anywhere

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  • Current Version: 8.0.303
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Anthem, Inc
  • Compatibility: Android
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Anthem BC Anywhere App

Anthem BC Anywhere. We’re here to help you make healthy happen — wherever you go. • Log in easily and securely with Touch ID. • Always have your member ID card with you. • Estimate costs so you can plan ahead. • Find a doctor or urgent care and get directions. View ratings and reviews. • Check copays, deductibles and more. • Keep an eye on claims (not all plans). • Securely send and receive messages about your plan.

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Anthem BC Anywhere app reviews

  • Useless 1/5

    By Meman385
    This app does nothing and provides little to no information. Extremely disappointing.
  • Really?? 1/5

    By Narvon
    Wow!! Had to spend 45 min with Support, which only generates a trouble ticket. If my problem is solved, (and that’s a big IF), I’ll get an email response. App, and support, is worthless.
  • I hate this app 1/5

    By kay15151515
    I spent so much time today trying to create a new password. Every time I tried, it either said there was something wrong, or that I needed a stronger password, even though I was using all of their rules. Such a waste of time and huge frustration
  • Horrible: either unresponsive or slow 1/5

    By Laurie 11
    C’mon- was this tested on current iPhone and current iOS? Pages sometimes do not load. Oh and if you need to find a dr. Good luck. Couldn’t search by specialty. Awful.
  • Logged in, but none of my benefits were accessible 1/5

    By Allison__G
    What a lousy app. First of all they only allow you to choose from a handful of special characters on password, so of course I’m not able to use the password I prefer to use. And then after logging in, it only shows me a bunch of terms of service lingo with no way to proceed, any other selections in the app result in some error message about a problem they will look into or that I don’t have access. Anthems mobile app team is a big FAIL. Just look at all the 1 star reviews.

    By Blade102384
    I received an email from blue cross stating I could add my medical ID card in my apple wallet. I re-downloaded the app to add my ID card to my wallet. Behold, I was not allowed to. I am running the latest iPhone XS Max with iOS12. DEVS!!!!!!!!!! please fix this app and let your IT manager know not to send misleading emails out anymore
  • No Access to EOBs 1/5

    By Ktmax17
    The only reason I downloaded this app was to access my EOBs. I can’t believe it doesn’t do this. It’s a waste of space on my phone
  • Really disappointing 1/5

    By Sharkster1
    I cut my finger at home last night and wanted to get it checked out at an urgent care clinic. The search feature is based on zip code, not where you are actually at and the map is really hard to use. Once you choose a clinic there isn’t a way to get it to show you directions.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Grisjohnson
    Ugh. Trying to submit reimbursements it keeps crashing when I go to take a picture. It’s not user friendly. Difficult getting around just to do a submission for reimbursements. Will have to further discuss this with my company.

    By parino
    I wish I could give it zero stars. The function to find a doctor or care, the most important feature on there, does not work. I’ve been trying to get customer support to fix it for 4 months and they have been unable or unwilling to help with the problem. It’s terrible and so is the technical support available.
  • Just awful 1/5

    By MGCVA
    What a pathetic app. Pretty sad Anthem doesn’t have the resources for a decent app. It one that even works
  • Don’t bother 1/5

    By Badrc
    Hi his app is a total piece of $*^£. Almost unusable since it keeps erroring out and having you reenter your credentials. It’s almost useless with only being able to get a copy of your medical cards and good luck if you need to view the back of the cards. I went to the website to see if it would be better and it failed. I would probably get faster answers if I drive to a main office and ask in person.
  • This garbage of an app 1/5

    By Bertin12345
    The app does very little in actually helping you understand your plan, the phone number of doctors still ask if anthem will cover them so why even put them on the list when you still have to call them and ask them call the doctors office again just to tell them it actually covers them. It was not what I was expecting being a programmer I am very disappointed at the amount of money or how cheap anthem is to not even invest in a decent working app.
  • Don’t waste your time 1/5

    By amyegerman
    Logged in and for any feature (claims, prescriptions, etc) I click on, it tells me I have to go to the desktop website to view them. There’s literally no point to this app.
  • This app is only slightly better than having no app at all 1/5

    By Pod Tappa Leo
    It offers only basic information, such as your profile, and the out of pocket amount. It seems to go out of its way to avoid providing any meaningful information or contact info, such as what your plan actually covers, and how or who to contact regarding appealing denials. I could probably ask my dog and get the same answers I got using this app.
  • No information 1/5

    By asmogor3
    I took the quick tour and it says you can access all this information when actually you can’t. Access ID cards; not available, see your prescriptions; not available, see your claims; not available. Don’t waste your time with this app because it just directs you to the website. It is useless.
  • Garbage! 1/5

    By tanynew
    This app is underdeveloped and never works! I repeat this app doesnt work! Im never able to sign in. It’s always lagging and gives me a hard time. Fix this please, it’s very annoying and useless!!!!!
  • App is crap 1/5

    By im a dude
    I chose to die of my illiness rather then to continue using this app.
  • Missing Benefits 2/5

    By midsenior
    Finally got the app to work only to find out that it doesn’t include benefits - thought the app was updated over a month ago to include this info - what gives?
  • Worst app I’ve encountered 1/5

    By reneedmartin
    Never works, can never even log into it after the first time! It perpetually says to contact the 800 number
  • Garbage 1/5

    By DocKludge
    This app is barely a wrapper of the already garbage website. I still do not understand how is possible to build such poor and miserable service.
  • What is this??? 1/5

    By babycakes4060
    It keeps kicking me off, telling me to call tech support, this is ridiculous, the other app was doing fine, what is this ?
  • Awful 1/5

    By garret coty
    What an awful app. It’s gives you random numbers to wrong places. It’s virtually useless..
  • Barely useful 2/5

    By Patrick Kramer
    The fact that you can’t select and copy information from this app has to be the dumbest “feature” considering that it does nothing other than provide a generic phone number to help you schedule and appointment. Imagine writing information on a post-it from your phone then reentering that same information into the phone into a web browser. Now imagine doing this several times to find a doctor. This app keeps changing but it remains as useless as it was when I first installed it.
  • Garbage app 1/5

    By WolfgangTheWolf
    Straight garbage. A monster company like anthem can’t figure out an iOS app. Haha
  • 0 star app. 1/5

    By eime77
    I guess Anthem spent a lot of money for their stupidest app and system. Shame on you! It is always error!!! Change your system provider. Anthem will waste more money if they keep current system provider.
  • Useless 1/5

    By mxlplyx
    I fell down my stairs one evening and went to the ER. I now keep getting calls that I should’ve gone somewhere else like urgent care and that I needed to download the app to find locations near me. I finally did, after the 3rd or 4th call, just to see if there were any options near me that were open at 9:30 pm or so, just to compare. The app pulls up 95 options, between 1 and 25 miles, but fails to provide office hours for any of them. I guess they believe that I should start calling around to see if: 1. Anyone was open 2. If they had X-ray machines 3. The ability to splint my broken foot and have crutches. This is a joke.
  • What’s the point of the app? 1/5

    By juliw95
    I can’t view any information for our plan. I wanted to see our claim information but it says it’s unavailable. What is the point of the app if we can’t access our information.
  • Less than zero 1/5

    By Ectoplasm345
    App was non functional from the moment I tried to sign in. Kept saying that something went wrong every time I tried to sign in. Useless
  • So broken 1/5

    By Ashaleemd123
    Idcard function is broken. Without that and a card it’s very difficult getting doctors to accept you when you go in for appointments. It has been broken for at least 4 months. You should probably send out cards.
  • Absolutely awful experience 1/5

    By TrustedReviews1001
    I tried to log in with my exact correct credentials and it told me they were wrong after a SINGLE try. They locked my account and forced me to call their customer service number. I called them, I was on hold for 25 minutes and when it came to be my turn the automated voice told me “THANKS FOR CALLING, GOOD-BYE” whoever manages customer service needs to be fired. Awful service, worse than telecom companies. Get your insurance plan somewhere else.
  • Is this a joke? 1/5

    By A.Blake
    Want to see your claims? “Sorry, but your claim information isn’t available here. Please go to our website to view claims.” (Though there is a “Claims” button on the home screen.) Want to see your benefits? “We’re sorry, but your benefit information isn’t available here. Please go to our website to view benefits.” (Though you’ll find “Benefits” under “More options.”) Want to search for a doctor? “Sorry, looks like something isn’t working. Please give us some time to fix it. Then, try again.” Oh! Do you want to see your prescriptions? Guess what? They’re not there! Anthem: Delete your app. Seriously, why bother?
  • Bugs in registration 1/5

    By Dagmaster42
    Followed criteria to setup account but it never let me create my account. It said I needed to build a better password but I had followed all the rules outlined. I don’t have time to guess what format you want, show all the rules and specify if a character is mandatory. What a waste of time.
  • Absolute garbage 1/5

    By adam.kenney
    I don’t leave reviews often, but this app really is terrible. It’s riddled with bugs and errors. It only lets me view one ID card rather than both mine and my spouse’s, and it doesn’t let me add the card to Apple Wallet. Lots of visual glitches as well, data fields that are cut off on my iPhone X, screens that jump around when you tap into a field. Feels utterly half baked. Sorry Anthem, but you’re probably in a “throw it away and start over” situation here. You can’t build anything good on top of garbage.
  • Only good thing is Touch ID 1/5

    By Mediaslayer
    This app is the same thing as their mobile web site. I logged in to view claims, press the claims button and says I need to login to the website. Ok, so why have a button? Anyway, log into the website and it is the same view as the mobile app. Click the claims button, same error. No way to force it into the desktop view of the page.
  • Waste of time and phone storage space 1/5

    By Annastah
    Would give 0 stars if possible. Unless you are using the app to obtain an ID card, don’t waste your time. It provides NO information on plan details and has a ridiculous amount of technical issues.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By Pldhaidnsl
    Tried putting my info in but the app couldn’t find me. What’s the point of a mobile app if I have to call the company.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Boots with a r
    So I pretty much can’t check anything. Coverage? Benefits? See my ID card? Nothing. What in the actual hell is the point of this useless app?
  • Website 1/5

    By Cw790c
    Anthem website never works. When are you going to fix it?
  • Useless 1/5

    By Mister Poorboy
    This has to be the dumbest app ever... 10 min wasted trying to compose a password, like if this was the Central Reserve or the Bank of America!!??... Get a grip people, make things simple, easy to use and functional, please.
  • Unavailable through app? 1/5

    By snatch gobbler
    Can’t view claims or benefits through the app? Why have menu items for those things? Terrible design. Deleted
  • No info 1/5

    By Dark secrets
    It’s always down. Need to input my password several times. It doesn’t provide any information. It tells me to go on the website.
  • This app is terrible. Completely inaccurate 1/5

    By Enoughwiththetakennames
    I have that new Anthem plan that is complete crap and no one accepts it. This app will pull from the larger Anthem pool of hospitals and providers but it is not correct. All of the hospitals in my area except one do NOT accept my plan but the app lists them all as “in-network”
  • Just gets worse and worse.... 1/5

    By dr dpz
    Well - was working for a while after a patch. But, newest update is crashing on startup. Is anyone paying attention? Newest update (12/19/18) did not fix the constant app crash on startup that began with the 11/2/18 update. The app had been working fine for several months prior to November (after several updates since 2017 finally fixed other issues. Customer service is useless. They give you a case number and you never hear back from them about progress or solutions.
  • Very difficult to reorder Rx 2/5

    By LRabinowitz
    I’m very tech savvy. This app would probably be most used for re-ordering mail prescriptions. In order to do that, even in the newest version, you must first open this app, search for small text that says re-order prescriptions in express scripts app and clicking that supposedly opens the Express Scripts app. Note that you cannot open Express Scripts directly and order, you must go through this app. Except..... Clicking “open the express scripts app” yields a something went wrong message almost every time. I found the workaround is to open the Express Scripts app and not login then go back to the Blue Cross app click again and it usually works. This is a ridiculous process. One should be able to go to the Express Scripts app directly or be fully integrated like AARP’s United Healthcare. Get it together! Your healthcare provider and are expected to be doing much better with technology. Not only that if you are a Medicare Supplemental subscriber and a Medicare Rx subscriber you have to have two separate logins with this company. It’s all ridiculous especially for the older insured.
  • App does not work with my health plan 1/5

    By Reach Haven
    Disappointing that the app does not support my chosen Anthem health plan. There was no guidance in the App Store description. Did not launch in landscape mode on my iPad. I can understand why others have rated so poorly.
  • Give me the details 3/5

    By chiromomscraps
    This app shows basic information about the plan. The care/cost finder is not working. There are NO detailed EOB’s that explain why the claims are paid the way that they are. I can not tell if the provider claims were paid in/out of network. It appears that many providers are “out of network” with anthem silver, even if they are “in network” with blue cross and anthem. Maybe the crappy info given on the app is to avoid the customers seeing how crappy this very overpriced health plan is?
  • Not terrible 4/5

    By Thatxgirl
    I logged in just fine. Interface is clean and fairly straight forward. Searching for providers was quick. Only downside is I can’t view my benefits on the app. It has a button but says I have to view it on the actually webpage.
  • Lesson learned 1/5

    By TV1966
    Just switched from UnitedHealthcare to Anthem. UH app was flawless. Thought I’d switch to Anthem, assuming their app would be just as good. Lesson learned. Crashes, can’t log in first time with or without Touch ID.... Looking for a provider? No problem....get ready to try several times after sever crashes. Done with the app. Open enrollment is right around the corner. And now, a word from our sponsor offering to help me....

Anthem BC Anywhere app comments

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