Anthem BC Anywhere

Anthem BC Anywhere

  • Category: Medical
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  • Current Version: 8.0.197
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Anthem, Inc
  • Compatibility: Android
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Anthem BC Anywhere App

Anthem BC Anywhere. We’re here to help you make healthy happen — wherever you go. • Log in easily and securely with Touch ID. • Always have your member ID card with you. • Estimate costs so you can plan ahead. • Find a doctor or urgent care and get directions. View ratings and reviews. • Check copays, deductibles and more. • Keep an eye on claims (not all plans). • Securely send and receive messages about your plan.


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Anthem BC Anywhere app reviews

  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Kstar0809*
    It takes too long to load each page and after waiting so long it crashes repeatedly.
  • Claims upload not available 2/5

    By One way please
    While I like that I can look up past claims, there’s no filter and no Touch ID. Currently, I am trying to upload a claim. That isn’t supported on this APP. When I go to the full website and login on my mobile phone, it just throws me over to the APP—which doesn’t support what I need to do. It doesn’t even ask permission. Please get these three things fixed—uploading claims would be my first priority. Thank you.
  • Not as good as the competition 2/5

    By Major Ursa
    There is no offline access to your ID card. You can’t view your claims. TouchID doesn’t work right away. It’s also really slow.
  • Worst ever 1/5

    By Cyanate drugs
    No stability, claims info. erased, message function just doesn’t work.
  • I’d give it ZERO STARS if that were an option 1/5

    By S2K2K
    This piece of garbage won’t even get past the login :( All I get is that ‘working on something’ indicator...spinning round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round Here’s an idea...FIX IT!!!!!
  • JlWhitten, in response to your review 5/5

    By H1malaya
    Dude, give people sometime to adjust to the ever changing world of technology. I’m sorry, your highness, they’re a medical institution not an Apple gig squad. Really?
  • lrmssr 1/5

    AWFUL!!! App is useless. Great idea!!! Have a link on app to get to full site! There is no information here....Need to be able to have more access to my information and not have to log in in a computer. Deleted the app but still directs me back to it.
  • Utter garbage 1/5

    By topcat90069
    The only app that get progressively worse with each update. Matches the quality of the insurance company
  • Worst App Ever 1/5

    By JMom320
    This app does nothing. It has useless features and is not helpful in any way.
  • No ID card? 1/5

    By Retired Loser
    You only had one job - display my virtual insurance card. Fail.
  • iPhone X support 1/5

    By MRamirez73
    Update after update and still no iPhone X screen support.
  • App has become useless to me 1/5

    By Jlwhitten
    I used to like this app. I didn’t have to remember my strong, randomly generated password because the app supported Touch ID. I just touched the home button and I was in. But now I have an iPhone X. And while almost all of my apps support Face ID (in less than two months, no less), Anthem has chosen not to. So the only way I can log in is to go to my password manager, find my Anthem password, copy it, and then paste it into the Anthem app. You say that the recent updates are intended to improve the customer experience of the app. I beg to differ. Getting into my account via the app has taken a huge step backward; so much so that I’ve stopped using the app completely. This from the same company the compromised my identity a few years back. UPDATE on Feb 23, 2018 - So, you made it easier to change my password. But still no FaceID to make it easier to use my unique and strong password. And still no iPhone X upgrade. Nope, not good enough to re- start using this app.
  • Can’t login 1/5

    By Sammala
    Rejects my credentials ...
  • (If it works) 1/5

    By aaortega20
    If it decides to work, it’s not too bad. That’s only if it decides to work. Takes a long time to log you in (if it wants to). It’ll boot you out and recommend you call customer service (if you can actually talk to them). The app developer needs to do a lot more troubleshooting on this app. Getting around the app is ok, not great but ok. You’ll need to play around with the menus to figure out where you need to go.
  • If you can't log in, what's the point of app? 1/5

    By Rkj0053
    An app to keep up on your insurance services, to access your membership info (ID, group #, etc.), and to submit support inquiries... sounds great, right? NOPE! Not when it comes to the Anthem Blue Cross app!! Why? Because you can't even log in!! Opening the app, you're promoted to enter username and PW (like any other app) and hit "submit," which should then let you in, giving access to your info. Well, that very basic part of this app is a complete failure! Attempting to log in just pulls up a message saying something like, "We're always here to serve you... please call membership services at the following number." But even that is a lie... they're not "always" there to serve you, because calling just brings up a recording saying to call during business hours (and even those are super inconvenient: M-F at times when most Americans are busy at work and unable to waste time dealing with their inept insurance company for hours on end). This is a failure of basic app design 101... I'd be more forgiving if some features within the app were buggy, but simply not having the capacity to even log in is straight-up unacceptable! The somewhat good news is that the Anthem Blue Cross website itself can provide some of the information/capabilities one would be seeking from the app, but even this site is buggy in places... for instance, printing a copy of my insurance card directly from there today proved impossible. Luckily, I found a workaround by taking a screenshot of the card and cropping out the rest. This is 2018... having a functional app is no longer merely an aspirational corporate goal; it's a fundamental requirement of the times. A multi-billion private enterprise that we must engage with as Americans living in a country without basic healthcare for all MUST do better by its customers to survive into the future. Insurance companies writ large are awful to deal with, and that fact will be a major factor their ultimate undoing. Voters are already sick (at times, even literally "sick") of our current healthcare system that's been designed and maintained primarily by these companies' well funded lobbyists, and sooner or later, the legislators purporting to represent us mere citizens will have to catch up to this present unfortunate reality or there will be grave consequences for both us (the American people) and those elected officials who've ignored this issue for far too long. Something's got to change; let's just hope it comes soon...
  • How wonderful 5/5

    By GALACTUS4000
    Wow guys amazing job with this wonderful app! I love how it takes 47 minutes to open up! That's exactly what I needed. Thank you so much for making this super "easy" just like paying more for health insurance - that I am required by law to have now in order to pay for other people's health insurance. But hey, I love paying for other people's laziness! (Excluding old/disabled people, they really do need help... seriously that's fine.) What a fantastic system we have! Enjoy my money! Also good job on the app.... sarcasm intended in case you're a worthless no good lazy piece of garbage that leaches off of regular working Americans. Two thumbs up!!
  • Can’t use mobile with my plan 1/5

    By Axel602
    So I downloaded the app, registered and created a password on the app from my iPhone. I then tried to sign in and it wouldn’t let me proceed because I “wasn’t authorized to use mobile!” I called their tech support and was told “my plan doesn’t allow for mobile access!” This makes no sense. I just switched from Blue Sheild and had no problem getting mobile access! Stupid!
  • Worthless 1/5

    By Trying to track progress
    This app constantly shows and error message and is as slow as it gets. I never am able to change my settings as a result.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Evanthecaddy
    Can’t look at claims, change or even look at my account info and there is no search bar. Horrible app
  • Useless App 1/5

    By Wjbertrand
    I tried several versions and they all tell me I’m not set up and to call Anthem. When I called they told me they don’t have an app yet! Most of the time the app won’t even open.
  • If you could give it zero stars you would 1/5

    By CuriousMarc
    What good is an app where the login (yes, the login!) does not even work? And that has opening messages like: "We are here to help! Our app is not working right now." Hilarious and sad at the same time. A disgrace.
  • Really? 1/5

    By tessagfpmom
    Why put out an app that is sooooo flawed
  • “Hmmm... Looks like something isn’t working. Please give us time to fix it. The try again.” 1/5

    By Kao Saelee
    App installed for a week. Completely useless. Always errors out with “Hmmm... Looks like something isn’t working. Please give us time to fix it. The try again.” Seriously? This from a semi-professional health services insurance organization.
  • App won’t open 1/5

    By Obladoblada
  • Completely useless 1/5

    By Barkingdom
    Unbelievably painful... really of no use for anything except maybe having access to a copy of your insurance card... no access to lists of doctors, your claims etc. A true disappointment...
  • Loading issue 1/5

    By Hello upset gamers
    I can’t log in. Even after I restarted the app and my phone. The app stays on the loading page. Those circles keep spinning and taunting me....
  • I tried... 1/5

    By Ajeppe
    One hopes things will change. I downloaded this app with hope the developers were reading the overwhelming feedback that there were things that needed to be addressed. One would think an app rating of 1.4 would be reason enough. Sadly, this is not the case. How is it possible to ”fail” when it comes to sending a message to my insurance carrier? Unless this app was developed for free, Anthem you are either not paying attention to the feedback or ok with spending our money on something that does not work. Either option is unacceptable.
  • More disappointment. 1/5

    By Lumberjackson
    App locks up when I need it the most, trying find local in-network coverage for a sick child. Try resetting the pw, nope. Call the help line we’re here M-F from 8 to 8ET, yeah well this is 5am on a weekend. Thanks for nothing Anthem! A crappy app from a crappy company that offers crappy coverage, but hey my employer saved a bundle! I miss UHC.
  • Morons 1/5

    By Mathew Cordova
    If I already had my member number why would I be using this app to get my member number?
  • Disgraceful 1/5

    By GinnTech
    As the IT portion of anthem is in my home town I interviewed lots of there “Engineers” trying to leave. The poor performance, design, lack of features, and the ones it does have not working is no surprise. Your company makes enough money to hire competent application developers. Yet you hire ladder climbers, CIS degree holders and not CS majors, and under pay. These poor IT choices are representative of the quality of application your company has provided to its members. This is a simple application any CS college grad could make in a day or two, yet some how it rarely works and take 30-60 seconds to load. That’s a pretty lenient SLA you have there. Use the website, it’s not much better, but it does work more frequently than this. Oh and I’m a software engineer for NASA. I may know what I’m talking about.... occasionally
  • How do you make something so awful... 1/5

    By Gevuseum
    Please either find new developers or fire the company you’ve contracted to create the app & mobile site. Your latest update has done nothing to fix the constant errors that pop up when you try to do ANYTHING. Literally this app is completely useless. What a joke of an attempt by one of the supposedly biggest health care insurance providers in the country.
  • Doesn’t work on my iPhone 6plus 1/5

    By Gail Browne-McDonald
    App never opens. Tried deleting and re-installing but get the same response ( or lack thereof) just the spinning circle of wait
  • So slow... 1/5

    By American user sick of ads
    This app takes so long to open, it has no use. I can go though safari faster. I just need something with the ID card that loads quickly. Anthem just make the app fast. No idea why it is so slow and has all these useless graphics. And while you are at it, make the ID card the whole screen and rotate with the phone. It really is not hard to develop an iOS app. Kids can do it between classes. Get rid of your development team and start over.
  • AWFUL!!!!!! 1/5

    By Patton2448
    I am and have been a health insurance broker for 25+ years. This simply means I represent EVERY health insurance company in my home State. The ‘Blue’s’ (like ANTHEM) are unique. Each State has their own but they all fall under the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. I represent several different ‘Blue’ insurance companies. ANTHEM may be the absolute worst I have ever worked with. I represent employers when they decide what insurance company and what plan(s) they will make available to their employees. I have my clients and their employees contact me after I have asked them to try to getting their problem solved by calling the “800” number one time. Guess which insurance company I represent that I get 2x the number of calls from my clients with problems that Anthem simply ‘blows off’. This finally takes me to their App. Go ahead, try to communicate with them securely via his app - for example: let’s assume you are still covered by ANTHEM via COBRA. You will email, call, etc - you will NOT even get a response 50% of the time, conservatively. Don’t choose this company and that will result with you not having to worry about this crappy app!
  • What a Piece of Junk App 1/5

    By shinobi89
    App freezes and you can’t even log in. Another example of why health care in this country is a f-ing joke.
  • An app that doesn't let me login 1/5

    By mveerendra
    When basic things fall off the app is fairly rated
  • App is slow 2/5

    By Iphoneinredmond
    This app is very slow to retrieve data
  • No Fingerprint ID 1/5

    By musicfan728
    Why doesn’t this app have fingerprint login.
  • Won't recognize login 1/5

    By Jsjdjdjdjdjduenxo
    I'm using the app and it wouldn't recognize my login so I logged in on a computer and it worked fine.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By coach1892
    Worst app
  • Is this outsourced? 1/5

    By Cal Lightman
    Feels like this app is an after thought managed by interns and outsourced. Everything requires internet connection. Most of the pages are renders as a web view and not drawn natively. There are so many problems like not being able to search for urgent care centers around me. It totally unusable.
  • Working or dead app? 1/5

    By 92807
    Just enrolled for Anthem BC for December only. Payment email said to download “Anthem BC Anywhere” app for ID cards. Did that (this app) but the only thing the app does is display a message “We’ve updated the app” to Anthem Anywhere and a link to “Get it now” which doesn’t work and just freezes. Ridiculous that the left hand of Anthem doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. Thank goodness this is just for one month of Anthem, because we already have another insurance for 2018.
  • Does not work at all 1/5

    By Goforit17
    Nothing at all works on this app. Says sorry we are working on fixing that. Not sure the point of having an app that doesn’t work ever.
  • Sorry... 2/5

    By Tmc04
    ...this app seems to be broken. Can't access id cards. I've emailed for support but no answer. Don't have an app if it's broken and you don't support it. Update: finally able to log in. Limited info available. Needs touch ID, I don't log in enough to remember what the password is
  • Got my ID card when I needed it 5/5

    By Timmasterson
    Got my ID card when I needed it
  • A Disaster - Worst App 1/5

    Cannot use the find function for anything; constantly returns no results when there are many available - it just plain doesn't work.
  • Does not work at all 1/5

    By TraderJim
    Can't even log in. And I know for sure I'm using my correct username and password. It appears they have disabled all logins fir this app. Bizzare.
  • Little information 1/5

    By Cpcheatrz
    Compared to other healthcare apps, this app has very little information to be viewed.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By holygoat00
    Does not work. I trued to log in and it did not recognize my log in. I checked to make sure I wasn’t making a mistake by trying to start a fresh account. It recognized my info for the account and instructed me to log in. I tried password recovery and it wouldn’t recognize my info after it had just said I already had an account. Insurance companies are scum and I guess I expected any better from their apps.
  • Can’t log in 1/5

    By Caveman Classic
    Stuck on the update screen

Anthem BC Anywhere app comments


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