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"A MUST HAVE APP" by NY Times, USA Today, Lifehacker. Over 20 million people rely on's to-do list & Calendar to stay organized and GET MORE DONE! It's the simplest most powerful task list, calendar & reminders in one app.'s To-do list lets you: ● SYNC SEAMLESSLY in real time between your mobile, desktop, web and tablet. ● GET REMINDERS for a scheduled time or when you reach a particular location, so you never forget a thing. ● WORK TOGETHER with shared lists and assigned tasks, for increased productivity.'s Calendar lets you: ● EASILY VIEW your events and tasks for the day, week, or month. ● SYNC SEAMLESSLY with your phone’s calendar and your Facebook events, so you don’t miss anything. ● QUICKLY SCHEDULE MEETINGS with smart calendar coordination with your colleague’s schedule. ● FOLLOW UP WITH TASKS after a meeting, while it's still fresh in your head. The Assistant takes care of tasks right from your to-do list. For a small fee, it can do your: ● Gift shopping ● House cleaning ● Grocery shopping ● Home Repairs ● ...and much much more, so you don't have to. THE ASSISTANT SAVES YOU TIME FOR THE THINGS THAT MATTER, like being with your family or even reading a book! Want more? No problem. You can also: ● GAIN FOCUS with a daily Moment to prioritize tasks for today, tomorrow, and someday. ● QUICK-ADD tasks by voice, with our smart auto-suggest, by email, or through integrations with Alexa and more. ● BE DETAILED by attaching sub-tasks, notes, and files, including from Dropbox or Google Drive (Gdrive). ● TAKE NOTES whenever you get an idea for a to-do, a book to read, or a vacation to take. Get the productivity boost you're looking for in a single app which combines a calendar, to-do list, and a smart assistant who'll do tasks for you so you don't have to. Getting Things Done (GTD) has never been easier! Use it for home life, work life, and anything in between. People use as a calendar, reminders, task list, checklist, a notepad, a board for sticky notes, a project management tool for small teams, a daily planner, day scheduler, and much much more to reach their goals. Best of all, this life manager is free for basic use!'s basic to-do list + calendar is free to download and use. Premium upgrades your experience and gives you unlimited access to the daily moment, themes, files and collaboration to help you accomplish even more for $2.99 a month or $26.99 a year through an auto-renewing subscription. Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You will not be able to cancel a subscription during the active period. You can manage your subscriptions in the Account Settings after purchase. The Assistant service has a 10-15% service fee in addition to the cost of completing your to-do list task. It's rolling out now, so if you want to get on the waitlist early, just go to sign up in the app. Our Terms of Use: Our Privacy Policy:

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  • Working well 4/5

    By PatonC
    Trying out this as my To Do list. Working well so far. Wish I could edit a task to give it a date in the future.
  • Useless!! 2/5

    By bunnyhop133
    This app is so useless, it doesn't notify you or ANYTHING! Other calender apps do automatically but this one doesn't. I even forgot I had it for a while. So disappointed. Terrible app
  • Calendar won’t enable as default 1/5

    By Shateka Husser, MBA
    My calendar will not integrate with the app so I can add an event.
  • Come fusing 1/5

    By 🧟‍♂️gg
  • Excellent! - I love the “Plan my day” feature 5/5

    By CarlosBdez
    I’ve tried a ton of planer apps and this is absolutely the best out there, the most powerful feature is that it makes you plan and organize in a natural way (Plan my day). It syncs with everything so your information is where you need it. It has a minor shutter when scrolling when you have multiple items, which is weird on the latest iPad Pro, but I’m sure it would be fixed soon.
  • What happened? 1/5

    By Hobbes8585
    Used to use this religiously. Took a small break while trying to use another app. Came back to this and I can't do anything. Laggy, everything is locked behind a subscription paywall. Deleted within about 10 min.
  • Exactly what I needed for organizing lists 5/5

    By detroitjohn
    It’s portable, uploads automatically from various devices, very simple url and allows for lots of variations in list making (categories, lists, sub-tasks in lists, etc.). Plus it’s without charge!
  • Very easy 5/5

    By Grannyjsmith
    It’s so easy.
  • Too many bugs, terrible tech support 1/5

    By Nyx-6
    Unfortunately I no longer use this app and will not be recommending it to my friends. I experienced the same bug multiple times. If I created a task and went into that task to add additional details, all features were not available and if I tried to use them, I was prompted to upgrade to the paid version of the app. This is an ad that swings up from the bottom of the screen when you touch a feature that isn’t available in the free version. However, even the features that were supposed to be available in the free version were not available and I was plagued with this ad to purchase your full version while not having access to the features in your free version at all. Not cool. Your help desk kept having me uninstall and reinstall the app. I corresponded with them over a several week period. That was their only solution offered. I did that on three separate occasions and the app would work fine for a few days until the same bug would return. One even suggested it was my phone and not your app. Oddly enough my husband was using and experienced the exact same bug, though. Maybe it’s his phone too? Doubt it. I don’t believe it was my phone but I guess your customer service team doesn’t want to fix bugs, just blame the user. That’s called lazy customer service. The last time I uninstalled it and reinstalled your app, I lost all of my task lists when I logged back in. I had over fifty some odd items typed into I reached out to customer service hoping there was maybe a way to access a back up, I again got no assistance. Since I had to recreate my whole task list I just switched to a different task list and have had no bugs or problems since. I can’t recommend your app because it’s purpose is to save me time while instead I was left dealing with the frustration of this apps bugs and trying to get help from customer service took up MORE time. Losing my task list completely was a huge waste of my time. I am so relieved I did not pay money for your full version!! Useless customer service and an app with too many bugs. There are plenty of other task list apps out there that work much better. Update: I received an email and review response from the tech support person at, Tali. I found the response to be unhelpful and unproductive as it was mostly just explaining that they feel they did their job and I did not provide adequate description and the information they requested for them to resolve my issue. I feel the need to further explain since I don’t believe that is fair or accurate. Asking a customer for a video of the bug when it is happening after the customer has provided a detailed description of the bug several times isn’t helpful to the customer. At the time of the email I did not have the capability to take a screencast on my iPhone. No one bothered to gather any other information about the situation such as what iphone I had, what iOS version, which app version I was running, etc. Since I could not provide a screencast of the bug I was refused help at that point even though I had provided a detailed description of the bug. I was also told that no other customer had described a bug like that so that was how the representative drew the conclusion that it was likely my device causing the bug. At that point there was no additional help offered to me. In my opinion this is not effective tech support response in investigating a potential bug. They didn't even collect any info on my phone, iOS version, etc as most tech support people investigating a bug do. If I could move this rating to NO STARS, I would. I feel like instead of just saying sorry, and accepting constructive criticism to improve their customer service effort, support is now blaming me for their lack of technical assistance in resolving a bug! Ridiculous and unprofessional..
  • Best app for lists and organization 5/5

    By trevykoz
    Thank you so much for bringing the function back to add info to individual lists. Fantastic app.
  • Not worth a dollar 3/5

    By magsox
    Through my own fault, I apparently purchased this. Total waste of $. Doesn’t stand out, isn’t any better than the next, definitely NOT worth more than a dollar.
  • Will not delete calendar events 1/5

    By Jocasta Culpeper
    Delete a calendar event and it simply returns to the calendar. Don’t plan on changing your schedule if you use Any Do.
  • NOT a “free” trial 1/5

    By Gogreenmcd
    I downloaded this app and signed up for the “free” trial. Canceled my account per the instructions within 24 hours and just received a bill for $34. No contact info on the developer site. Pretty crappy way to do business.
  • Shopping list 4/5

    By susansx123
    Would like to be able to rearrange list according to store islands
  • RICHARD Richman 5/5

    This app is terrific in helping to manage time and your days
  • Clunky - not organized 1/5

    By happygamer4793
    I purchased a whole of premium access and I disappointed. I should have tested this first. I am not able to organize a grocery list by category. Everything is tied to the calendar and assigns today’s date. I find anylist so much more user friendly.
  • Most Excellent Organizer App 5/5

    By MariInCT
    It does a great many things while still maintaining an easy to understand UI. I've been through a great many organizer apps over the years but none did quite everything I needed. AnyDo does. Thanks for an awesome app
  • Great product with a solid foundation 5/5

    By whydontyoudance
    Would love to see design take a louder voice in some of the prioritization and decisions being made
  • Super helpful 5/5

    By crisbragag12
    It’s very good to have this app Keep me on track, from cleaning to appointment, everything I need to remember or do i just write and i don’t forgot nothing, I highly recommend ❤️❤️❤️
  • Wonderful pairing of calendar and tasks. 5/5

    By Telemorris
    I really like this app and I’m still learning how to use all the features.
  • Just awesome 5/5

    The Apple Watch app is everything!!! Thank you for creating the best to-do app ever.
  • Forgot password link doesn't work 1/5

    By azaleacity
    I have forgotten my password. I've tried 5 times to reset my password but the link in the email doesn't work. It just sends me back to the sign-in page. So now my Anydo is a Neverdo.
  • OMG I love it ! 5/5

    By Boliviana
    So I’m still on the trial but definitely keeping it. It is kinda similar to the Omni focus but I like the set up of this one more. Just try it.
  • Nice app 5/5

    By ES238
    I like this app. It is now one of my favorite apps to make important list and for reminders. I like how it syncs with my reminders app.
  • Limited capabilities 1/5

    By CmStreeter
    Compared to Wunderlist and Todoist, this feels minimalistic to a fault
  • Can’t log in. Can’t reset password. Useless! 1/5

    By Lkuosbgtfjebwustvrvdkuc
    I added this app as a skill for my Alexa Dot, and wanted to be able to use it across platforms so added the app to my phone. I was very excited that I would have something simple to add things my ADHD brain would have difficulty remembering. Too bad I can’t even log in! I use my phone’s password generator and with all of the security and privacy issues lately with Facebook I refuse to even consider using that to authenticate an account. When I try to come to the app to log in it tells me my email address and password do not match. So I tried resetting my password. It emails me a link that literally takes me to the login page! I tried it twice. Same thing happened. Can’t reset the password. Can’t log in. Completely and totally useless. I will continue my quest for an app and skill that can be used across both platforms because clearly this is not it.
  • Annoying assistance feature keeps notifying me 3/5

    Don't like the assistant feature. And new feature assistant doesn't stop spamming me by notifications and mail. And I have premium. Why don’t they have an option to remove it
  • Exactly what I needed 5/5

    By Never Lies is a great time management tool. There are certainly some places for the app to improve but I am content with the updates they’ve rolled out. This helps me keep myself on-top of my day-to-day and month-to-month tasks. Definitely recommend!
  • App with a mind of its own!!! 1/5

    By cfisher99
    Had to quit using this app because it eliminated tasks as completed when they were not!! Further, if you enter a task for a certain day and later wish to change it, it will allow it at the time of, but surprise! Once the app is re-opened, it has out it back into the original day for completion. You don’t control your schedule...the app does! Worse than a bad secretary!!!!!
  • tap 5/5

    By yournicknamesstink
    great stuff all around
  • Easy and intuitive 5/5

    By L44la
    I like this app, it has all the features I need, sends just enough reminders and not too many.
  • This app is a lifesaver for me! 5/5

    By Adarim
    Love it
  • App updates remove features 1/5

    By Progresso 2271
    The plan my day is a key feature the recent update removes the ability to schedule a task forward to a specific date or any date past one week. In addition you can no longer assign a task during plan my day. Apps that make improvements then remove the improvements in an “update” create the most frustrating user experience. 1 step forward 3 steps back.
  • Great App 5/5

    By reddy__007
    Update: I reviewed the app and the developers gave a response to my review which solved my problem. Love this app now. Previous Review: This app is great. I like the interface and the creation of todo lists. But the tasks I have completed are deleted. If I don’t want them deleted, I have a long list of todos on my home screen. It needs a inbox kind of thing where the completed todos are stored.
  • Clean and simple 5/5

    By beautifulfeet
    Easy to see what’s coming up. Not too busy.
  • Simple and easy 5/5

    By Sman714
    I was looking for a To Do List and calendar that was easy to use and this is it! It simplifies and brings efficiency to my life.
  • Great app for migrate from wunderlist 5/5

    By lucas_kb
    I was a hard user of wunderlist and after Microsoft bought it they stop to update it. This app it is a great option for people who were used to wunderlist but want to change to a great app. Totally recommend it!
  • Don’t buy this app! 1/5

    By MandaBerger7
    I made the mistake of purchasing a year subscription of this app and I am so mad at myself for doing so. I need something that works seamlessly between my phone and my laptop to keep tasks in order for work and it has been insanely frustrating trying to make that happen. The browser app deletes my reoccurring tasks EVERY TIME I complete it for a day. Some tasks just give themselves a new due date that I definitely did not assign them, and I can’t tag or share tasks with my team without those disappearing as well. I’ve emailed support numerous times and the same person responds days later with no solution. I don’t even think they are understanding the issue at all. Horrible customer service and horrible waste of money. I wish I could get my money back as well as the hours of frustration caused by the inadequacy of this app.
  • What’s the point? 3/5

    By Yodoja reviews
    From the way I see it, this is a cash grab knock-off of Apple Reminders and Calendar. It’s supposed to make you feel good about the app and then want to subscribe for $34 a year. The only thing different about this app is that it creates a sort of friendly environment out of planning your day, as compared to the motto of ease of use with Calendar and Reminders.
  • Good overall 4/5

    By Manoliokiok
    The integration of tasks into the calendar is great. Only thing that's missing for me is being able to input and see the time of completion of a task.
  • Best App yet! 5/5

    By NanoEngineer
    I have been seeking an app to help me in my productivity goals. Any.Do is fantastic! It is easy to add reminders to quickly and keep them organized. I LOVE the separation by date with the inclusion of “some day” items. I highly recommend trying this app if you are looking for a great productivity booster (although it only works if you actually want to be productive :P Lazy days are still lazy days)
  • May finally be giving up on this app 1/5

    By Lyss87
    I really want to love this app. I keep it because I see such potential. However, the bugs that never really get fixed drive me insane. When I click on something I have to re-click because it doesn’t usually work the first time. When I move the order of the lists, a second later they are back to the original order. When I try to click to turn off the alarm notification I have to click multiple times before it takes and it usually causes another action that I didn’t want to happen. I considered it may be that I have the free version but other reviewers with the paid version have the same issues based on reviews. So I for sure am not going to risk losing money for the same issues to keep happening. I regret that I may have to start all over with another app which is a hassle since I spent so much time curating my lists onto this one. 🤦🏽‍♀️
  • So handy! 5/5

    By TCKxChewNrocks
    Thanks for all the effort to make this such a useful app. One of the apps I use daily.
  • Totally worth it 5/5

    By dvelozapinzon
    I really like this app cause It allows me to take my daily duties off my head. Very easy to use and I am using it as a to do list, honestly it’s so much better to have everything on digital !
  • I like it 5/5

    I use Alexa for it and she reminds me, works like a charm...
  • My go to app for life management 5/5

    By Raphaelmarx1
    This app is probably the top two or three productivity apps I have found in any App Store for mobile devices. Changed my life.
  • Persistent sync issues 2/5

    By Itsmedani
    After being told that the web version is the “source of truth” for the current tasks, I started using the web version while at work (instead of the chrome extension which is not being updated). However, whenever I open the app again, it has never synced to the web version. Even after selecting sync on both the web version and in the app, both versions continue to display their respective tasks, and the phone app never updates to the web version. This, of course, makes users less productive instead of more, as we end up having to do dual task removal and addition. Also, when I go into the web version, I have tons of different lists. Multiple personal lists and even multiple Apple reminders lists. I only use the web version and app so not sure why they are not synchronized and displaying on one list only.
  • Works but slow 2/5

    By Nicktoothpick
    At the time of writing this review, I think the developers recently implemented a new layout or style within the app (it looks really nice) but I am noticing how slow and sluggish the app moves when you’re in it. Slight loading times and “lag” on both iPhone 7 and iPad Pro 9.7. Hopefully gets resolved soon, helpful app.
  • used to be flawless 1/5

    By Lomein22
    I’ve been using both their website and the app for almost 2 years now. The app had always saved my life from multiple deadlines and tasks that needed to be completed. With all honesty I couldn’t live without BUT that all changed right now. I don’t know what happened but somehow there are numerous bugs and problems when placing a task. In fact just now, I lost a task in which I cannot remember what it was. This app used to be superb but now it’s full of bugs. Hopefully they update this ASAP. For now I’ll be laying off and use Apple’s stock “to-do list” app the reminders app.
  • Great organizational tool, makes life easier 5/5

    By Happy mom key
    Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all the different appointments/ meetings you have, leave important tasks undone, or lose time easily? is a great way to bring order and reduce chaos. The app is a list making, event tracking, and time management tool that helps you remember, categorize and prioritize. The app is easy to use and has a user friendly interface. It’s a handy way to keep track of events, reminders and basic matters of day to day life. To-do list & Calendar app comments


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