AOL: News Email Weather Video

AOL: News Email Weather Video

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  • Current Version: 5.7.5
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: AOL Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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AOL: News Email Weather Video App

Notifications around breaking news and important emails help you stay informed and connected. Stay on top of today’s top stories on a variety of topics from politics and finance to celebrity news. Plus, check your AOL Mail, send messages and access all of your AOL and phone contacts directly from the app. News • Read or watch the latest news around politics, US and world news, sports, entertainment, finance, lifestyle and weather • Pulled from reliable sites including TechCrunch, HuffPost, Engadget, AOL Finance and AOL Sports • Never miss a story with instant breaking news push notifications • Share articles and videos via Facebook, Twitter and email Email • Fast-loading email • Manage your AOL Mail from anywhere • Access all of your AOL and phone contacts in a single location • Quickly swipe to delete, move, mark or flag emails • Tap once to empty all trash and spam Weather • Check weather in your location with a single tap • Hourly and daily forecasts • Customized notifications Video • Watch video clips & stream NFL games live on your phone • Choose from a variety of topics including celebrity news, animals and top stories Do you have feedback on the app? Click here to let us know: We’d love to hear from you! Please note: This app features Nielsen's proprietary measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen's TV Ratings. Please see for more information. You may also visit Settings in the app to opt out of Nielsen measurement.

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  • Automatically deleting emails 1/5

    By Elaineshouzz
    It is ridiculous that aol deletes messages on the server after 2 weeks.
  • Password 2/5

    By Izzyhuss
    My password changes all the time without my initiating it. I’ve talked to AOL many times. I get no where. I am tired of constantly having to change my password. I’ve been with AOL more than 20 years, it is getting worse. Come on AOL...😞
  • Why am I having a problem? 4/5

    By My Rudy
    I recently changed my password for AOL from my iPad but when I went to my iMac later to send an email, it didn’t recognize my password. I’ve never had that problem before until recently...I have been having many problems signing in lately. Just don’t know what’s going on!
  • AOL E-mail Problems 4/5

    By AOL Email Issues??
    AOL e-mail works fine on my desktop but not as well my iPhone. When opening AOL on the iPhone it keeps requesting my AOL password.
  • Seriously? 1/5

    By lbmac
    Twice a month I get an error message telling me that my password or user name is incorrect. I have to uninstall and reinstall the app and delete of from the mail accounts and set it up again
  • Rate 4/5

    By Maie Ash
    Everything in one place is great
  • Cannot Delete Search History via iPhone 6 3/5

    By GeneticRoadkill
    Safari is now my default browser it used to be Google Chrome). I’ve uninstalled the aol app & reinstalled it in hopes of getting access to & delete my search history. Going to my Privacy Dashboard and my Search History (under Support), I’m unable to view or change anything as all links are blurred out.
  • Group email 4/5

    By kmjnhby
    I may unable to set up with the new format
  • Aol subscribed 26 years 5/5

    By aol-rocks
    Wouldn’t change - obviously. Mostly use email - my wonderful Connection to family, friend & world too. Thanks to aol for always being with me 👏🏻 Aol-rocks
  • One of the worse 1/5

    By Shane_Hall
    This app is truly one of the worse apps I’ve used. New mail never shows, unless I refresh numerous times. That’s if I’m lucky. It’s not user friendly, and poorly designed. Do yourself a favor and switch to another email platform. You won’t regret it.
  • What happened to AOL? 1/5

    By namlieH
    What happened ?? This is worst app on my phone! Cannot get mailing, required to sign in everyday. No way you can understand telephone support staff. Cannot believe I am paying for this service!
  • App sign in 3/5

    By PreferCN
    How can I disable the app sign in? I have to do it every time I need to check emails. I get email alerts and when it sends me to the site, I have to sign in every single time. Too time consuming.
  • Dr. Gerard 5/5

    By Mr GNG
    AOL is a faithful old friend . . . I am too pleased to ever leave. Thanks for the MANY years of GREAT service. Thanks again!
  • AOL is on 24/7 5/5

    By Pacratflt
    AOL is on 24/7 and I use it every day.
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By patricia688
    As an iPhone user it is such a pain that AOL Mail doesn’t open links in Safari. Can’t open attachments to be able to print them or save them. Try to open aol in safari and it pushes me right back into the app. Big thumbs down
  • AOL update 5/5

    By Herkspal
    Love the new app. So much to learn. Everything seems to be right at hand for what ever you want to do. Good job!!
  • Automatic log out 1/5

    By loire 33
    My AoL account log itself out every time I close the app on my iPad and iPhone. I have to completely re log in every time I want to check my email I
  • AOL mail 1/5

    By Bennyseigelthegreat1
    The app does not keep my logged into my mailbox. I have to enter my username and password each time.
  • Another clicks over substance site. 1/5

    By aol nlows
    Your news is garbage, your music is “who?” And garbage, your sports is garbage. The immediate sign of garbage click bait is any story about Ortiz ocasio or whatever the hell her name is. All substanceless click bait. Garbage.
  • Can’t sign in 1/5

    By Dollskillz
    When I try to sign in with my number to recover my emails it says error please fix
  • Emailing is pretty inefficient 3/5

    By FlashZ91
    Whenever I try to write an email in the app, it is very laggy and takes a while for the app to catch up with what I’m typing. I know it has nothing to do with my cellular/internet connection, because it’s the only app that does so. Also, when I try to go back and fix mistakes, I have quite a time doing so, because trying to get back to a specific area of text causes the app to quickly go up too far or down too far when I try to point at an area in my written text, which makes it hard to simply get to the area that I’m trying to. These issues make simply writing a quick email more complicated than it should be. But this is the biggest problem I have with the app.
  • Signing in 3/5

    By Max To The T
    Beginning a few months ago, I now am required to sign-in each time I check my mail on my iPhone. I have no idea what happened to cause this annoying problem. Is it the app or the user? 🤔
  • So many problems! 1/5

    By Blue_Sharpie
    Mails do not open! And when they do,they do it really slow. I have to go to my laptop to be able to open my emails
  • Not receiving email. 1/5

    By WilliamNmd
    My inbox and other state I have mail. When I open mail I find no mail . Latest version iPad. The old app on my old iPad is the only way I can retrieve mail. Issue began earlier in week. Can’t retrieve mail on my phone either. Help !
  • World’s Worst App 1/5

    By FrustrT
    Says it all.
  • Email 1/5

    By xuxaromanov
    I have been using my aol mail for 24 years, and suddenly it Stopped work! Can’t send or receive email! I don’t have a cellular phone anymore! I have iPad and when they try to verify if it is me they say that I have to have a mobile phone! Very disappointed Paulo malagoni
  • Email crazy spam 1/5

    By sage1139
    I used to love This app but lately I have more spam than ever. Each day it is worse. Why are there ads in my mail? This app has gone down hill fast. Very disappointed in app. Plus they keep sending me aol paybill reminder. I don’t have anything with them except email. And why would I pay for email when it’s free elsewhere? I have aol mail since 1996 and never paid for it not going to start now.
  • Ok, but there’s a recurring issue 4/5

    By justbeingherenow
    From time to time, I have an issue with my email. I click on a new mail, and it doesn’t open, it just goes into the old mail folder. I go to old mail, click on it, it opens it for a second, then closes. I click on it again, and finally am able to read it. Rather exasperating!
  • Have to log in everytime 1/5

    By goingtochange
    I have been a satisfied AOL app user until recently. I have to LOG IN EVERY SINGLE TIME I WANT TO CHECK MY EMAIL! This is very frustrating!
  • Signing in 1/5

    By FSU85
    I have to sign in every time I want to read my emails on my phone. Very annoying!
  • I should have kept it deactivated it's annoying 1/5

    By very annoyed with AOL
    Very annoying
  • Emails suddenly don’t load 2/5

    By Staceyjean200
    You can open your app and have emails and then an hour later open your app and you have noting in your inbox, nothing in your old mail and no matter how many times you refresh or even delete and reload the app, it doesn’t help. Very frustrating.
  • Keep having to sign in Everytime I want to see my email! 1/5

    By Oscar534
    Everytime I sign in front my iPhone, I have to completely sign in. Username and password! It's frustrating! Please update it. I also have to update my mail settings when I sign in. I like to see 2 lines in the mail headings. But when I sign in, it goes back to 1 line on the headings. Other than that, it's a great app! Been using it since the early 90s. Once all is updated and fixed, I'll give the app the 5 stars it deserves. Thanks! Update!! No Change! I left this comment several months ago, the developer responded that they are aware of the problem and that they are working on it! It's been several months and nothing! Others have left similar comments. The developer doesn't care! After over 20 years of using the app, good buy! I will use my Mail App!
  • Too many contacts 4/5

    By jlh cpd
    My AOL has way too many contacts and I don’t know how to clean it up The person at the Verizon store said it’s an AOL problem that everyone has. ?? Jim Henderson
  • Problems 1/5

    By Debhalaby
    I am still having issues with my email...I need my emails for work and today it’s not working can you please fix the problem ...
  • Issue 1/5

    By jasminguadarrama
    Saved my password and email with Touch ID on iPhone keeps logging me out everytime annoying to log in everyday I’m the only one that uses my email
  • It was great at first but now I get logged out every day! 1/5

    By Leonel.Arellano
    It was great at first but now I get logged out every day!
  • Won’t work on new ipad 2/5

    By Lolobrownmo
    I downloaded the app onto a new ipad and it never remembers my password and i can never get in. Somehow it crashes giving an error message, “Something went wrong. Please try again later”. On this pad i have no problem using Safari to access emails but not the app😡🤬
  • AOL email 1/5

    By bronx52Ny
    II have tried five times to read the same email and each time I get cut off it moves it jumps give me an an something else It is not useable
  • Most annoying app ever 1/5

    By Marathon puzzler
    Not only do I get spam including ransom spam which I get from no other email platform, I have to sign in multiple times throughout the day. This is absolutely ludicrous and I've seen this complaint from others, yet nothing is done to correct it. I can't wait until I manage to transfer all of my accounts to a different email.
  • Reynolds33409 2/5

    By Reynolds3340900
    Start up time is very very slow. Also I don’t like having to log in when I want to look at my mail. How can that b corrected? Diane
  • Why do I need to sign in every time? 2/5

    By Eyefly1
    If I rated this a week ago, I would have given it 5 stars. Now I need to log in every time. I don’t like it
  • Frustrated with sign out 3/5

    By 14lje567
    I have used aol for 20 years. Since the last update I no longer stay signed in on the app. It kicks me out and I have to re-sign in everytime. I contacted support over a month ago and they said they were working on it 😕. Still not fixed.
  • Major problems within the past few months 1/5

    By san diego fan
    I have had AOL since the beginning. 20+ years. But in the last few months, it’s constantly signing me out and not sending emails. I right now have 30 unsent emails. I’m having to go through all the steps for my IMAP password and have probably spent 10 hours in several weeks having to redo this. Now it’s not even accepting the email for the two-step verification process. I’m having the same problems on my iPad. So both devices. Hard to switch after so many decades, but I think it’s about time.
  • Mistake 5/5

    By Ion Legs
    I really and enjoy aol for many years. I must admit a made a very mistake joint Donald Tramp web site. He be in jail.
  • Dislike 2/5

    By StephanieRubble1234455
    I have always used android, and have had an AOL account for years, switched to iPhone and this iOS version of AOL needs work. Previously, I was able to “star” important emails, which I miss tremendously!!! It was so easy to locate important emails with this feature. Also, It’s also very glitchy, and logs me out constantly.
  • AOL forever 3/5

    By taam1000
    I have had AOL since it was first created. Everyone thought I was crazy for staying with soo but I never had any problems . Until this year, my mail stops working all of a sudden and the only way I can get my mail is by changing my password. I did not have this problem before.
  • Horrible! 1/5

    By Vivrantt
    No access to AOL mail via IOS mail app. AOL App is really bad. Requires that you sign I several times per day. It’s brutal! I have two aol screen names. I’m Constantly having to add both screen names every day. It doesn’t remember both screen names and I’m constantly logging on all day. There has to be a fix for this! Help!
  • AOL Mail 1/5

    By Notanaolfan
    To repeat again. I had to switch to AOL Mail when Verizon sold some their regions to Frontier. At first I liked it because it had a much more robust spam filter. Then, a number of months ago, on my iPad AOL app, it began requiring me to login. This does not happen on my Android phone. When I reported this to AOL, they said they were aware of the issue but had no idea when it would be fixed. Months later, no fix. It’s a pain.

AOL: News Email Weather Video app comments

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