AOL: News Email Weather Video

AOL: News Email Weather Video

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  • Current Version: 5.7.5
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: AOL Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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AOL: News Email Weather Video App

Notifications around breaking news and important emails help you stay informed and connected. Stay on top of today’s top stories on a variety of topics from politics and finance to celebrity news. Plus, check your AOL Mail, send messages and access all of your AOL and phone contacts directly from the app. News • Read or watch the latest news around politics, US and world news, sports, entertainment, finance, lifestyle and weather • Pulled from reliable sites including TechCrunch, HuffPost, Engadget, AOL Finance and AOL Sports • Never miss a story with instant breaking news push notifications • Share articles and videos via Facebook, Twitter and email Email • Fast-loading email • Manage your AOL Mail from anywhere • Access all of your AOL and phone contacts in a single location • Quickly swipe to delete, move, mark or flag emails • Tap once to empty all trash and spam Weather • Check weather in your location with a single tap • Hourly and daily forecasts • Customized notifications Video • Watch video clips & stream NFL games live on your phone • Choose from a variety of topics including celebrity news, animals and top stories Do you have feedback on the app? Click here to let us know: We’d love to hear from you! Please note: This app features Nielsen's proprietary measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen's TV Ratings. Please see for more information. You may also visit Settings in the app to opt out of Nielsen measurement.

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AOL: News Email Weather Video app reviews

  • Bring back the old AOL. 1/5

    By 326Bob
    I have two accounts and one always seems to disappear. In settings, preview I check two lines and it always goes back to one. When viewing emails I prefer seeing 2 lines but it switches to 1 line
  • Not dependable 1/5

    By The-DC
    This app is not consistent in operation, failing too frequently and having to be removed and reset.
  • Logging In/Out 4/5

    By aybhhamth
    I should not have to log in and out to get to my emails. It gets very annoying. Especially during important meetings. I hate to have to tell someone “can you wait until I log in”. Never had to do this before and I have been using AOL forever.
  • Ads??? 1/5

    By Quite Sincerely
    I pay for my internet service, which includes my email. Get your stupid stupid ads out of my inbox, you [expletive]s!
  • Unacceptable m 1/5

    By buxbel
    Mail need to signin each time despite having an acct since 1995!
  • Username/password 3/5

    By Success Game
    E-mail been username/password every time again again during I check up my e-mails in my AOL app . It still username/ password . I tired of it .
  • Love aol 5/5

    By Peachyking
    AOL is the bestes, love aol.
  • Great job Aol 5/5

    By generoo
    Wonderful review
  • AWFUL 1/5

    By iMac and Cheese
    There is no reason why I should have to log in every five minutes.
  • Problems 3/5

    By breadclark
    Constantly logs me out and now can not access the my emails through the app just get a blue screen.
  • Keeps logging me out 2/5

    By Daisydonna
    This app keeps logging me out making me sign in again and then now it doesn’t let me sign in at all
  • Tired of Liberal Slanted News Feed on AOL 1/5

    By PBruen
    AOL news feed is as biased ad they come, only reporting one side of the story and pushing liberal agenda. Dump Huff Post and start reporting news objectively.
  • AOL is the Hacker? YES they ARE! Fake Reviews 1/5

    By Slow-cheetah
    DO NOT USE THIS APP!!! EVER! Well this has come full circle. I in fact called the legit AOl customer service who wanted me to pay for them to "remote access my computer" of course I knew better. They refuse to update so IOS is compatible with verizon mail. So I have two factor on and have to use the mail app password given instead of my own. Explain to me why I looked at the security events and an app password was created from another country along with the one I was using? So how can that happen with two factor? I have reported AOL to the proper authorities to look into my account. Unsecured, and I am on to you....DO not use this APP the hacking started after I used it once. The two factor is a joke. How can I get hacked twice with two factor? I have security on my PC do not trust them when they say you have a virus and want access to the PC. SCAM. The FBI should look into this company fully. I have reported how they tried this on me to them and all proper internet security outlets. ALSO stop the 5 star review that have nothing to do with the app. Like mentioning NOTHING related to the app. Why would you thank ppl for reviewing the app with fake reviews? Because the rating on the app is false. Also love how on PC it says the email site is unsecured. Why??? FIX the security. You think for ONE second people cant sue you for purposely not securing them? WRONG. I have a feeling AOL is going to be in some big trouble in the near future. And the next time AOL employees hack my email they will be caught as my email is monitored by law enforcement now. I will be slowly getting rid if AOL. And reporting the fake reviews on this app YOU reply too! Stop trying to deflect the security issue off to someone else. Americans do not work for AOL. And scammers do. And stop replying to my review over and over making this my fault. Why if they are not scammers and outsource to India the employees give fake names? Jim , Steve , Susie Q come on... You continue to put customers at risk on purpose. Stop responding to me like this is a problem on my end. It is NOT. You are scammers and hackers. I proved it. Only a matter of time before it catches up to you and it is proven I suggest you also stop spamming fake reviews to make the app rating higher.
  • Mail deleted 2/5

    By Ricklust
    Mail gets deleted when opening it ???
  • Stories 1/5

    By eagle015
    90% of your stories are one sided.
  • App keeps asking to login 3/5

    By Allex09
    The app will ask me to login on a daily basis.
  • passwords ad nauseum 1/5

    By 5Ringcams
    lots of wasted time passwording in
  • Too much spam 1/5

    By scorpioswrath
    Use to love this App but lately have been getting to much spam in my inbox.
  • Signing on ... 1/5

    By fghiuhhnjuiiu
    Password sometimes required and other times not so.
  • Have to sign in 2/5

    By Victa1104
    I’ve had AOL for many years. For some reason I could not transfer to new Apple 10XS. So I access my account through the app. After a few weeks, the App started to ask me to sign in and give my password. No options to save password. This is too inefficient and time consuming. I am planning to go with another email to avoid this. Too bad as I love having my AOL identity. 3039191641 Psjpencil
  • Blue screen yesterday 1/5

    By Tigerboots 52
    Couldn’t get on it yesterday on my phone was that related to the Facebook Black out? I was however able to get my emails from PC! Yeah I still have one!!
  • Fantastic 5/5

    By sg031889
    I have always used the aol email platform, lately it has been crashing on the email login I was using. I just downloaded the app today. Seemless! It’s awesome. I just wish they would come out with a black screen set-up rather than the white screen. Much much easier on the eyes.
  • Most of the time it works 5/5

    By duran1789
    But I’ve been with you a long time and sometimes people laugh. But I tell them I’m old to, and somethings get better with age. Thank you
  • No Longer Usable 2/5

    By Bes123456
    I have been using this app for years without issues. Recently, the app constantly signs me out and I need to re-enter log in information. There is no option to stay logged in. Please fix.
  • Satisfied customer 5/5

    By Ed. pledge
    Great service, always.
  • No filter 2/5

    By jmraiff
    I receive too many junk emails.
  • 5/5

    By BigDaddyCool724
    Great app, very intuitive and informative...
  • Propagandist for the left 1/5

    By AOLnotafan
    AOL is anti America’s best and promotes leftist propaganda at every turn.
  • Apple vs AOL 3/5

    By ER843
    On a regular basis Apple IPhone 8 & MAC doesn’t play nice with AOL!! I have to go through hurdles to get my Emails..
  • App won’t refresh 1/5

    By dblack5455
    My email is usually 1-2 days behind tho at times it’s only a few hrs behind..
  • No news link 1/5

    By dontbuytiles
    Every day things come across and if I try to click on it I never get the story. I need to go to another place like drudge to find an article or info. Really poor.
  • Terrible mail service 1/5

    By yachtnurse
    Having to sign in every time I want to open my mail is totally unacceptable. I have tried contacting AOL numerous times for months, even speaking with a foreign representative and have gotten absolutely nowhere. Why, after all these years is this happening??
  • Log in 1/5

    By jhbrdb
    Constantly logs me out have to sign in every time on my iPhone. Thinking about changing!
  • Face recognition on aol 5/5

    By Sr. Nelson
    Face recognition won’t work! It accepts ID but not password ! I get tired of putting password in! How do I fix this
  • Mobile app off line 1/5

    By Rarm0
    My aol mobile app is off line and has been for over a week. I notified you about this, you sent me a code to get in and even with that I still haven’t been able to access my account from my phone. Is there nothing else you can do?
  • WXgggrh 1/5

    By c txf c txt
    Cgrgggbhvhvvhvhhhetgkfgfgtftgcdrrxcff at ysersfgfgcgxugyc
  • Problem Logging In 1/5

    By Titirode
    Don’t need to sign in every time to check mail.
  • Loved Aol Mail 3/5

    By Pumpkin2002
    Until recently I loved using Aol mail. However, for the last few months every time there is an IOS update, I can't use aol mail because IOS will not recognize my password. This happened again this past Sunday and I still can't use aol.mail. About ready to change mail programs.

    By tgkolddd
    Maybe you could squeeze something of interest between your all your annoying ads. PLEASE STOP MAKING THE SCREEN JUMP FROM AN ARROW TO SEE MORE NEWS. TO ONE OF YOUR STUDID ADS OR POLLS!!!!!!
  • Beyond FRUSTRATED!!!! 1/5

    By Mad Mamma 678
    I have had my AOL mail account for nearly 30 years. I would hate to have to move to a new email provider after all this time but it may have to happen if you cannot fix this app. It is extremely inconvenient and frustrating to have to sign into my email MANY times a day. It is to the point where I am missing important information in emails because it is such a hassle to sign in a hundred times a day and I am just so sick of doing it!!! PLEASE ALLOW US TO STAY SIGNED IN AT ALL TIMES!!!!
  • I was... 5/5

    By Ghegeman3
    I was going ti give you a 5 but I want ti take that back because you froze the screen and FORCED me yo write this review. 3/5 stars.
  • Aol - no stars 1/5

    By Scott1504
    This is one of the worst emails you can use, everyday for the past month I try signing in and it says try again later I don’t have time for this. If your support team don’t help soon I’m going to make a yahoo or gmail, this is ridiculous.
  • My rage. 1/5

    By mariellen7
    One minute I am on a website, next minute I am somewhere else answering bothersome questions. What’s not to like?
  • Love it 5/5

    By Artmajor19
    Love it very much. Thank you
  • AOL gets in the way 1/5

    By GoodTimesWoody
    I kept my main email acct since Verizon aquired AOL and have regretted it from the first day All I want is email simple without invasion and interference but all I got was what I didn’t want also the app makes me sign in repeatedly I will be leaving even if it causes me to have to lose an email address I’ve had since the beginning of time Goodbye AOL
  • AOL. I don’t like that you must share everything on your aol or you can’t log in! 2/5

    By Dolzlane
    I like everything except the noise it makes when you get an email. I have to turn the phone off so I don't hear it and I have missed important calls. Is there a way to disable this? I already turned off in settings.
  • Sign in is horrible 5/5

    By Senior 82
    Every time I get one AOL with my password or anew one it is always In valid. I have about 5 books strickly of AOL different passwords. There is no place to sign in so I don’t know how to save it I am getting tired of getting on and have to put in a new password I was coming from Walimart and was adjourned. I s Avvin the eiir
  • Block adds 1/5

    By MommyGrandma
    I really really do not like all the pop up adds and all the other adds selling stuff while I try to read the daily news items posted There should be an option for me to select block all adds
  • Have to sign in every time 1/5

    By CrzyOnRZR
    Since the begging of March, the App is making me sign in every time o want to view my mail. This is ridiculous, it won’t even save the user name.

AOL: News Email Weather Video app comments

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