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Stay informed with breaking local, national and global headlines directly from the world’s definitive source for news. Available on the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, AP News by The Associated Press features a personalized experience containing: * A feed with developing stories from your followed topics. * Customized news alerts tailored to your interests. * Curated content hubs for deeper insights into major news events and story lines. * Award-winning photos, videos and articles from around the world. * Local-interest stories from newspapers and broadcasters.

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AP News app reviews

  • Timely NEWS 5/5

    By Retired 2019
    The reporting of News is important that must reach every individual without bias. AP delivery’s said.
  • Current and bias free 5/5

    By JohnsCreekLady
    Always felll comfortably reading April reports
  • Good newsfeed, so-so podcast 4/5

    By MBcalculate
    I like the news coverage. The “radio” podcast has too many interruptions and too little news.
  • Too many questions whether I like or will rate it 1/5

    By Pigmaniac
    Just let me read it.... If I stop reading it you will know I do not like it
  • Fair and accurate reporting 5/5

    By Union America
    Thank you!
  • Liberal leaning news 3/5

    By fedupwith libs
    Ap used to be fair but since Obama,news organizations are way to liberal in their views they are not for family values the lean toward gays point of view when that is not the way most people think.
  • A plus app 1/5

    By Amberth2003
    I am updating my review. The original review is below. I used to give a four or five star rating, but now it would be a one. I still hate the fact the links for other news stories at the bottom of an article are always the same, instead of stories related to the story currently being read. I also hate that it is basically just trump news now. I could over look all of this, though, if not for the ads. There are live ads on the bottom of the screen, and they slowly grow larger and engulf nearly the entire screen. Also, you don’t get a warning that this is about to happen, and if you touch the screen before the ad pops up, you’re taken to a NEW SCREEN JUST FOR THE AD. Not that they care. Or will even read this. This is the end of the new review. AP, do better!!! The only issues I have are extremely minor. I dislike that the background is no longer black; the white is to bright and it hurts my eyes. I also feel as if there is a lot less variety in the top stories than there was on the old app. A more major complaint would be that the links to other news stories at the end of the reports are always the same. This irritates me greatly, as on the old app these were always the more interesting things that I wanted to read. Other than that, it’s great! Very unbiased, factual, knowledgeable...I love the associated press above all other news apps. None I have tried even come close to this one on any level. Variety, grammar, non-biased, up to date, independent, behind the scenes, etc.
  • Fairness and Truth in Reporting 5/5

    By Qkay
    I believe that the Associated Press is one of Americas finest news organizations. I remember that the AP was spot on during the invasion of Iraq. They questioned the data and information that the public was being given. If memory serves me well, the Associated Press was the only news report that told the truth. As our media is slowly being absorbed by big corporations, I can only pray that AP continues to report the truth. This is essential to a strong democracy. We need more news organizations like it.
  • Good news 5/5

    By Soupiecoockie
    Good coverage lots of details
  • AP app 3/5

    By wgooch
    The AP news app is a good source for reliable unbiased info. But, too many advertisements.
  • Out of control review requests. 1/5

    By Gregveazey
    I love this app, but it asks me to review it every time I launch it. So here’s the review.
  • Literate news reporting 5/5

    By eunonna
    An a feature writer I appreciate well written news stories
  • Aggressive ads. 2/5

    By Tome17480
    Great app until a couple of days ago. Ad pops up and I can’t get it out of the way after several tries.
  • News? 1/5

    By tgfunc
    I want news that’s delivered on facts not opinions
  • Adds Hijack audio 1/5

    By Ken04 Thompson
    Having pop up adds hijack phone audio is unacceptable.
  • RichArd 2/5

    By throwback1952
    Liberal rag
  • Always Excellent Reporting 5/5

    By Lisbeth987654
    I found AP reporting to be timely, accurate, and unbiased. Great app worth downloading.
  • Issues with syncing accounts 3/5

    By Severian14
    I’m a reporter and I have an AP Newsroom account at work that is affiliated with my email address. I have been unable to log into the mobile AP to sync alerts I receive at work. When I attempt to log in, it says my email address isn’t recognized. Perhaps a limitation in the number of devices I can be logged into at once. Other than that, it’s a fine application.
  • So slanted 1/5

    By Time4Reality
    Wish ‘news’ outlets/apps would just report the news without adding or coloring the reports with the bias and opinions. How calling it the AP-Opinion app, that people wouldn’t read it expecting ‘news’
  • Annoying App 1/5

    By Mike Hoovshaalsvoorsen
    This app is worse than a panhandler begging for change. It won’t take no for an answer. Pop ups constantly asking to rate the app and if I want notifications. Here’s your review. Now F off.
  • Dana Joyce 5/5

    By the Joycer
    I enjoy my app very much. There is a lot to read while I’m at home and when I go somewhere, I find other issues to read while I’m out.
  • Boring 1/5

    By drwholikesrealradio
    So far I am so unimpressed. My review? About to push “delete”.
  • AP reports often disappointing 2/5

    By do tec
    As a former journalist for a major daily newspaper, I’ve always relied on the AP to be straight down the center and unbiased in their reporting. However, in the past year I often find it to be anti-Trump and negative about anything he’s involved with. The bias shows.
  • The best! 5/5

    By DaveWagner
    Love it
  • Seems like MSNBC 1/5

    By Jajabdbfishdbfjei
    Not very balanced in their approach.
  • Biased 1/5

    By Ericasepul
    Complete left wing taking point!! Not news. I log on to see what the dems are saying. AP used to be the standard bearer.
  • AP news 5/5

    By Euridycie
    I love AP News!!! You can count on getting the story accurately!!!!
  • AP is the old stand by for reliable, accurate news. 5/5

    By adj7388
    Thank goodness there are at least a few remaining organizations that practice real journalism.
  • Good news 5/5

    By Jonnycakes373
    These folks do a great job of reporting
  • Great news, but slow in coming 3/5

    By supermansmom68
    I appreciate the well written and objective articles, But long before it is written on this app, every large and small news outlet has deemed it obsolete. I cannot depend on this app alone.
  • The Best 5/5

    By NotTheChuckD
    Best News App
  • Just the facts 2/5

    By Truth Seekers United
    For a supposed industry leader, AP blatantly continues to impart a clear cut bias. Your numerous one sided opinion pieces overwhelm your news and diminish your credibility.
  • AP 4/5

    By Patrick Burke
    Love the content, and everything else EXCEPT that g-damned car ad popping up EVERY 15 SECONDS. That was the only reason I gave you four stars instead of five.
  • Fact base news 4/5

    By gofishtv
    In a world where I just want the facts, AP is about as close as I believe I can get
  • To many push notifications. 5/5

    By mike370
    To many push notifications.
  • It’s Ok 3/5

    By Soitsme
    Breaking news is sometimes just news. FYI. Don’t over use the term.
  • I’m not a Democrat! 2/5

    By bml3891
    Extremely left leaning biased reporting
  • ABC 4/5

    By fbranella
    Factual and to the point!!
  • Sorry some left leaning biases still exist 4/5

    By Hardkop
    Too bad. Words like unsubstantiated and unproven are only used for reporting on conservative movements.
  • Slow to load 3/5

    By Apple Crappy
    Lately this app is slow loading. I usually get a time out when an article doesn’t load, have to go back to top story page and try again to get article. I check the AP at least three times a day and this will happen at least once a day, sometimes twice
  • Review: 5/5

    By Emogi fan
    Latest news succinctly written.
  • Not enough news 2/5

    By Mmmmmhhmmmmm
    Lots of repetitive stories or sponsored stories.
  • Review 1/5

    By concerned for fair reporting
    You only report in favor of left. Guess Shepard Smith will be coming to work for AP. Try just reporting all the news & keep opinions out. Let me have the right to make opinions Thank you
  • Great job AP 5/5

    By Lexysteph
    The one the only, Associated Press. Timely information, no paywall, easy to use app.
  • Brainwashing 1/5

    By Iobu13
    If you want to get brainwashed, get this app. They mispresent information.
  • Just Right 5/5

    By DRM ny
    High quality researching, good clear writing, timely updates.
  • Least Biased 5/5

    By byad7
    I can always count on your factual mostly unbiased reporting.
  • Invasive advertising 2/5

    By FSormani
    I have to give you 2 stars because the Lincoln SUV ad that scrolls up toward the middle of the screen anytime you open a news story you want to read. It’s very annoying. It goes against your own credibility and of course you start to hate the brand itself. AP shouldn’t accept/include those kind of marketing plots. News are great. Stories are great.
  • Harassing me to rate it 1/5

    By annoyedonceagain
    This app gets 1 star because it won’t leave me alone about rating it. So, here you go...not giving me time to form an honest opinion = 1 star.

AP News app comments

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