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Stay informed with breaking local, national and global headlines directly from the world’s definitive source for news. Available on the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, AP News by The Associated Press features a personalized experience containing: * A feed with developing stories from your followed topics. * Customized news alerts tailored to your interests. * Curated content hubs for deeper insights into major news events and story lines. * Award-winning photos, videos and articles from around the world. * Local-interest stories from newspapers and broadcasters.

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AP News app reviews

  • Annoying ads 2/5

    By thirstbot
    The ads are everywhere now and there’s no obvious option to remove them. Would probably pay (depending on pricing) but will probably just look for a different news app.
  • Don’t do the updates 1/5

    By klaied
    The app worked fine. I downloaded the update and now it won’t work at all. Nice work there fellas!
  • Excellent source of truthyness 5/5

    By Reviewed by 123456789
    Midstream news source. Not judgmental like some nor as toady as others.
  • AP News 5/5

    By BizeMama
    I’m in a middle school government class and this recourse is a really good non-partisan news outlet!
  • Multiple crashes in just a few minutes 1/5

    By Jordan Brown LA
    Like the title says... just downloaded this because of prompting by the old AP Mobile app, and in reading maybe a dozen stories and editing my list of topics, it crashed twice.
  • Now Ads Central 1/5

    By TreoRenegade
    Lotsa luck skimming the headlines or reading the meat of articles. Ads appear in overdrive, everywhere. Suggestion: stash this in an Ignore folder and rely on the notifications to keep informed. Beyond that, this app has devolved into a horrendously insulting waste of time.
  • Crashing 1/5

    By JKalman
    After recent update I see changes,but I see no change in the crashing,mabe even worse,absolutely ridiculous,I have never seen anything like it
  • Used to be one of my favorite apps 2/5

    By Evee910
    Now it is overrun by ad content so much so that I can hardly tell the news articles from the ads when scrolling through. Moving on.
  • Fake News 1/5

    By Pearlpools
    Typical bias and spin expected
  • Good Source 5/5

    By 9999351
    News not noise. I like it so far.
  • 1 request-Almost as good as old app 3/5

    By veruca25
    Can we add more local news and not have it based on my current location? I used to have numerous locals on the old app-my hometown, my kids college town, parents town etc. im not sure how i can do that anymore.
  • Review new ap 1/5

    By pgh10
    Too slow. Too many freezes. Please fix.
  • Ads 3/5

    By Jim384720999
    There are more and more “Paid Articles” showing up throughout the AP news feeds. If this bothers you, look elsewhere.
  • Now with intrusive ads 2/5

    By DrCharlieMA
    This used to be my go-to app for news each day. But now they’ve expanded their ads which now regularly pop open from the bottom of the screen and are intrusive. They trick you into opening them by placing a small ‘x’ in the upper right corner. When you press that to eliminate the ad, it instead pops open. Really underhanded and poor. I will go elsewhere.
  • New update even worse for iPad Pro 1/5

    By Playslotsogames
    Thought it couldn’t get worse then you added this new format at the top. Just terrible. I love reading an article on my iPad Pro that obviously designed for a phone and half my screen is blank space. Sheesh. Old app was infinitely superior for the iPad.
  • Cumbersome 2/5

    By Jeff.Rowley
    Crashes. Very slow to respond to scrolling, presumably because it is loading more ads. New sections display old news before they finally display new news.
  • AP 5/5

    By 3154 Cebo
    News that matters in a easy to use format.🗽
  • Auto music silencing not ideal 2/5

    By TauraRex
    Silences the music you’re playing automatically so now I can’t play music read news and sit while my kids get to bed at the same time. Reading news nursing and music was also a good combo, too bad. I assume this is because it wants me to watch the videos? Lame. I will find another news outlet I guess.
  • One star for the american airlines popup 1/5

    By jpolo
    AP is now running a video ad for american airlines that covers the article text and continues to pop back up after you dismiss it. completely unacceptable.
  • Needs AI Capability 3/5

    By Family Man - Clay
    News services need to be more intuitive like google and apple news. Would be helpful if apps allowed filtering or AI configuration to enable user to be fed on news based on interest, not just by topic
  • MD 5/5

    By Not Many
    Great for staying informed.
  • Didn’t get any notification like other news apps 1/5

    By jim986543
  • Real News 5/5

    By DPPursch
    Great information at the ready.
  • Crashes at Opening 1/5

    By VidiVinoVici
    Title says it all.
  • Sad times 1/5

    By want a new news source!
    Insulting that even AP tries to spin the news. I don’t care if it’s towards Trump or against. Can’t you just report the news and let the reader come to their own opinion?
  • Liberal bias at AP 3/5

    By Colonel--G
    It is so disappointing to see the leftwing bias that is being interjected into AP writing. When I worked as a reporter for a local newspaper 40 years ago, AP was our main source for non-local content. We could not detect a political bias in the writing back then. The news was reported "straight up". No spin. So sad to see honest reporting dead at AP.
  • Reliable, professional, news. 5/5

    By Mjurrens
    This is one of the few trustworthy news sources that you can cite in an academic submission. I think it speaks for it’self!
  • Great REAL news app — balanced, based on real reporting, and not opinion 5/5

    By iRuthenium
    Great to read actual news, not opinion. Even the media and websites that reflect my leanings have too much editorial bias.
  • Great News Source 5/5

    By Joe 3145
    I really appreciate the site and the bulletins I get. The news is presented without much editorial content! Keep up this great site!
  • Democratic point of view 1/5

    By just facts please
    Glaringly Democrat point of view! Disappointed in AP’s partisanship!!!
  • Great journalism 5/5

    By Aristotle1978
    They seem to be right in the middle or maybe a little right. They are great
  • Don’t send push notification w/o story 3/5

    By trainuserhannah
    One of my biggest peeves with this app is how often a push notification is sent with no accompanying story. It’s annoying to get a headline with no backing article to explain it. If it’s not available with the notification, I won’t remember to come back. Sometimes I get the notification from AP but have to go to other news sources to read the details. Makes no sense!
  • Crashes on launch. 1/5

    By flahute
    iPhone X, iOS 12.1
  • Real news from around the world! 5/5

    By Araz0003
    The title should tell you everything. I’ve learned more in 5 minutes using the AP News app than hours watching CNN or Fox News. You can even customize your feed to show only the type of stories you want to see. If you’re tired of the editorials and mindless drama of cable news, try the AP News app. You’ll actually feel informed.
  • Best for International News 5/5

    By Apple 8 Plus
    I love that you provide Global & National News with in-depth stories ... You really keep me up to date on all topics !!!
  • “Real” News 5/5

    By senta erbe
    If you long for journalism with integrity and factual information, the AP is the way to go.
  • Going south 2/5

    By Game player 690
    Too much bias news. To much sensational news. Your quality is going south. Good luck.
  • Crash much 2/5

    By GirthTanin
    It’s rare I turn away from the NPR news app, but they managed to mess theirs up and no one seems to go backwards as that would self prove they made a mistake. So today I turn to AP and they crash, over and over. 100% crash rate. Well done.
  • Journalism? 1/5

    By mhpdfp
    Martha Stuwart’s first Uber ride is considered a “Top News Story”. What a joke AP has become. App deleted.
  • Missing old features 1/5

    By NG1010
    I miss the previous iteration of the app. You used to be able to filter international news by region which was very convenient. The only think this new app provides is an “international” topic filter. It makes it much or difficult for those who are interested in stories pertaining to specific regions.
  • Ap News 2/5

    By cholla 1
    You would think with all the left wing bias, George Soros guided news outlet, their would be at least one unbiased rag. AP News is not it. I thought this would be different and it’s not. Liberal rag.
  • Biased 2/5

    By John @ Gmail
    Sad that nearly every “news” outlet is decidedly biased these days but AP is no different. Not as bad as MSNBC or Fox but still horribly slanted. The media clearly believes their customers are stupid and we can’t think for ourselves. I deleted the AP app.
  • Unbiased Reporting 5/5

    By Kalola702
    It’s refreshing to actually be able to read unbiased reporting for a change. Thank you!
  • In the wake of lies 5/5

    By CWEmusic
    I have been thankful for the research performed for the sake of truth. In the wake of all the lies it is a saving grace. Thank you AP and company.
  • too slow loading on Iphone6 2/5

    By alxrtmn
    too slow loading on Iphone6:((
  • Spoon fed bias 2/5

    By spicyspoons
    Whether it’s the tone of their voice, the words they use or the facts they choose to omit, AP has shown they don’t like conservatives and obviously are quite left-leaning. If you can tell that individual articles and the collection as a whole are pushing a certain narrative, that’s when you know it’s fake news.
  • Shuts down 1/5

    By 1Trainman
    App shuts down to many times.
  • AP new has always been the best 5/5

    By Hanktht
    AP news has always been the best source for news. Local, national and world new, and they have only made it better and easier with this new app!
  • Reason to use AP as news feed 5/5

    By Jimmy From Chi-Town
    Fox and CNN are putting forth exactly the same type of opinionated, hyped, sensationalized and celebrity focused ‘news coverage’ coming from polar opposite directions. AP reports things that are presently happening without throwing out the opinion or hype. It’s all about real news happenings stupid

AP News app comments

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