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Stay informed with breaking local, national and global headlines directly from the world’s definitive source for news. Available on the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, AP News by The Associated Press features a personalized experience containing: * A feed with developing stories from your followed topics. * Customized news alerts tailored to your interests. * Curated content hubs for deeper insights into major news events and story lines. * Award-winning photos, videos and articles from around the world. * Local-interest stories from newspapers and broadcasters.

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AP News app reviews

  • Nothing but propaganda 1/5

    By Krnewman
    If you want the official party line, here ya go.
  • Wonderful 5/5

    By buffalo ron
    Truly wonderful
  • Great app. Strong work. 4/5

    By bostnlegalfan
    Great app. Strong work. One of the best news apps. The AP presents the full spectrum of news, so one truly gets an idea of the state of the world. Just one nitpick thing: Please add the ability to swipe from one category to another. Too much tapping & searching takes away from the “flow” of your wonderful app.
  • Ads are a little much 3/5

    By Jake_Likes_Poker
    Good articles and pictures, but the giant ads are painful
  • Best app but needs tweak 4/5

    By MrDaveyBair
    This is my #1 news app. But your adds stop me from listening to my music. I have to close the app and go back to my music to turn it back on. If you want users to stay on longer I suggest figuring out how to not have your ads do this. If you make me choose, I just give up on AP and go to a news app that allows my music to play at the same time.
  • Classic, responsible journalism! 5/5

    By Rids44
    AP News, and its app, is not "fake." It's genuine, professional and thorough.
  • Alerts 3/5

    By dude1029
    Enjoy the pop up news alerts but it also triggers the red 1 dot on the app itself which drives me crazy. So I have to open the app to remove it.
  • Just like CNN 1/5

    By Rusailing
    No journalism here, just one sided biased view, not like the elders of true reporters of yesteryear! But, that’s the new world! Wrong is right and Right is wrong! Just look at ALL the new laws, because nobody knows wrong from right, now make a law for morals.
  • Thanks 5/5

    By DGE2019
    Has more news and less social commentary than other news sites.
  • As unbiased as I have found 5/5

    By Blue_7187
    Media for the most part today is biased and only out to get ratings. The AP is the most unbiased as I have found. I wish most media would just get back to solid reporting and no spin.
  • Dog show is breaking news! 1/5

    By nuebrodge
    Nope.. unfollowing
  • Biased & ad-riddled 2/5

    By Bosco Tech
    It's a major news source that barely hides it's anti-Israel bias and goes out of its way to demean the Trump administration, even in articles that have nothing to do with politics.
  • Pleasantly Surprised 5/5

    By jostarr19
    I just started reading the AP app about a week ago and I’m pleased with it. I was looking for a less biased source of info than HuffPost and Slate, not that I disagree with either site; I don’t. I just wanted something closer to the center to round out my perspective and I got it with the AP app. I’m reading it on my iPhone so it’s kind of small. I’ll try to get it on my Kindle 10. Thanks AP!
  • No notifications 3/5

    By imtz86
    Is been awhile that I haven’t received notifications from AP. To me it seems that if this app won’t send out notifications what’s the point of having it installed on my cell. Also I have ask to add widget since 2017 and did not received no feedback from developer nothing. So this App is going to my 👎🏼 down list.
  • Unequaled 5/5

    By Francine Grinnell
    Complete respect as my source- Saratoga Springs multimedia journalist
  • More balance 1/5

    By Irish Dutchman 505
    The AP used to give the facts and let people make up their own minds, but clearly they no longer follow that format. Makes me question non political related articles as well. Rise above the politics and choose facts and I’ll follow you guys once again.
  • App keeps crashing 3/5

    By Nate Douglas the 3rd
    I can't even get through one article w/o it crashing several times. The app used to be so much more stable.
  • Great news outlet 5/5

    By Guerilla Ape
    Very informative and reliable
  • User experience needs work 3/5

    By Sassafras1968
    Love the content but info not well organized.
  • Stop forcing me to rate your app 1/5

    By Jdixiakd
    One star, couldn’t even use it without rating first or risking the same prompt every use.
  • The best source of news 5/5

    By JDK1992
    This is best way to get legitimate news in a world where fake news is pervasive.
  • Please Fix This Bug 4/5

    By lmp96
    Overall this app is great but it has a really annoying bug, when reading and then switching between this app and other apps, the app does not remember the last article you were reading so when you go back to the AP app it restarts the application instead of returning to the article you were reading. I know this is really not considered a bug but it kills the general usability of the app
  • I used to love AP... 1/5

    By RMGondella
    I still might love it, but I will not run on my 2-17 iPad. So who knows? It crashes out every time it start it. I would imagine others are having this issue, but maybe don’t want to write the review. It is highly frustrating, though. 2017 iPad Pro, 12.9, running the latest OS. This is not new — it’s been this way for the life of the iPad. I’d have thought AP would be aware of it, and fix it. Oh well...
  • Great App 5/5

    By Sensei3539
    Great to know what’s going on in this world. This app lets you know!
  • Ap news app 1/5

    By JKalman
    Crash City
  • Unbiased 5/5

    By the croation sensation
    Quick honest news
  • Great! 5/5

    By Wmausa
  • No notifications 1/5

    By jpolen01
    I realized I never receive notifications for breaking news anymore. Please fix.
  • Opinion Free 5/5

    By AndrewRickey
    AP is the news app providing the closest to opinion free news that I can find so far.
  • Use 5/5

    By BadgerBilly
    Easy to use and scroll through the news!
  • So annoying... 2/5

    By Ams13Ram
    If you’re in the middle of reading an article, and have to switch to another app or take a call, don’t plan to go right back to your article. This new version automatically takes you back to the home page. I miss the old version...
  • Tag Howland 5/5

    By tigerwhisky65
    Thank for the great news feed, very much appreciated
  • HUGE ads look like fake news! 1/5

    By RJG179
    The ads are getting ridiculous! They now take up the space of several stories and “sponsored content” is between them. There are now what appears to be equal parts ads and news. As if this wasn’t bad enough, some of the ads are purposely designed to look like actual AP stories or news...in the era of fake news does the AP really want to blur that line? This is getting to be very concerning and not at all right for the AP’s brand. I’ll wait a bit to see if they fix it, but if the AP is starting to look like Yahoo! News.
  • One of the better news apps 4/5

    By sexyyyswag
    For those out there actually looking for raw news stories AP is this me of the better apps. Unlike most news outlets who have politically charged biases AP for the most part is fair and informative. Get you some
  • Intelligent news 5/5

    By booonnnmmee
    Fav news app by far. Thought provoking.
  • Does Brooklyn come with 9 letters. 3/5

    By sighbeyondbelief
    I took my granny to the polls when senator Kelly had a run, actually it was she who hosted me.
  • One sided bias 1/5

    By Basilemike
    These stories are all opinion pieces. It’s like an echo chamber for liberals.
  • Read the AP 5/5

    By Gratefuldiver
    Why read a story that comes from anywhere else, my local paper gets its news from the AP. I read my local news in the local paper, everything else is the AP.
  • AP online 4/5

    By fgorin_mac
    Impartial reporting of events- not false news unless your qualify for DSM axis 2 narcissist personality disoder with sociopathy and attention deficit disorder (POTUS 👀). Weaker on foreign reporting particular middle east and africa. AP has credibility to include overviews to put events together like the Economist into more of a narrative
  • AP news app rules 5/5

    By Vollterra
    Before the Ap news application I regularly read the news on the internet. I tried installing extensions for my web browser, but I still wasn’t satisfied. The Ap news app has helped me to get the news that I know is accurate reliably.
  • Facts 5/5

    By D. B. Cooper 71
    AP uses facts and let’s the reader make up their own mind using those facts.
  • No widget available? 1/5

    By Swaino9
    Would be nice to have a widget so I can view this with my other news sites. Makes it so much easier. Unless I'm missing it?
  • Not Quite a good as the app this replaced...! 3/5

    By Magazine reviewer
    Content and access is good, user interface is ok but a bit cluttered, overall trying to be too laid out and merchandised imho.
  • Not t that bad an app 1/5

    By Jesseyauto
    I only gave it one star because the rating pop up came up first time I was using then wouldn’t leave me alone while I was trying the app to get enough of a feel to give it a fare rating. After clicking not now about five times it got my fare opinion
  • Reports news not opinions. 5/5

    By Katokla
    I can quickly see which articles have agenda. I like news. Report the facts.i have a mind and can think for myself. I don’t read those articles that have a political agendas from either side . I don’t have to listen to repeating news. I read what I want. That is the part I like about Ap news! Thanks.
  • Good news app 4/5

    By jjrjames
    This is a good news app if you want the straight News without Pardison News
  • Wow 1/5

    By elmenaito
    It's been years and you guys still can't show an article when I tap on the notification. How incompetent can your developers be? 🤔
  • Only News 5/5

    By Harley Fatboy Davidson
    The AP is the source for all of the genuine news everybody else reports.
  • Biased reporting hurts your credibility 1/5

    By abbi gregson
    I’m sure you will deny...

AP News app comments

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