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Introducing the New Rental Search App: We rebuilt everything from the ground up, creating the most dynamic and innovative app to help you find the best apartment or home to rent. After three years of collecting your feedback through the App Store, studies, focus groups and more we focused on improving what matters the most to you. Now you’re able to: 1. Access the most listings – Hundreds of thousands of apartments, condos, townhomes, and houses for rent are updated daily by our national research team. 2. Get the best information – Check real-time availability, rent ranges and specials without letting scams or repeat posts get in the way. 3. View more high-resolution photos and HD videos – Interiors, exteriors and neighborhood hot-spots are brought to life by our professional photographers and videographers. 4. Search smarter – Draw your specific target area, find options within the places you commute to, or search in your favorite neighborhood. 5. Take it wherever you go – Start your search on your computer and finish on your phone or tablet! With the launch of the new app, our mission has never been clearer: to show you the most information about the most apartments wherever you are searching. Because when it comes to your apartment search, no one is more focused on giving you more options and making it easy for you to find your next rental! (Features may not be available for all listings.) Rentals app screenshots Rentals app reviews

  • Lots of Scam Ads 3/5

    By apartmentsengineersarestupid
    It’s annoying that you have to create an account within the app that constantly times out and forces you to keep logging in. It also doesn’t help in searching for an apartment when there are multiple ads that are clearly (and sometimes not so obviously) scammers, which not only wastes time, some poor idiot is eventually going to fall for one of them and end up screwed. Other than that, it’s an easy to use app and once you do create an account, the features that help you save/ mark rentals you’ve already looked at/ etc. are convenient.
  • Great 5/5

    By I2ER
    I’m looking for an apartment and everything is easy to read and navigate through.
  • Has made apartment searching a thousand times easier 5/5

    By ItsACoatesThing!
    It’s easy to navigate
  • Best app 5/5

    By rosemary4881
    Thanks for actually making this a user friendly app
  • Helpful 5/5

    By hsv256
    I tried to find an apartment, and within days, on the app, I was able to find the right place. The prices are true to the listing. Never written a review before, but had to give credit when it due. really made it easy for me!
  • Could be better. 3/5

    By Foxrashel
    I’ve been using this app for a couple weeks trying to find my new home and I have three main issues. One of which has only been happening the past few days or so. I keep getting a “service error” “cannot access apartments data” message and none of the pictures will load but all the text will. I’m on my phone and hooked up to WiFi and can access all other things easily. Why is this app the only one? Another thing is that I will find and draw out a map area of the places I want to canvas while looking for an apartment... I’ll look for a bit and then have to do something so I’ll lock my phone and go about my business. When I come back to the app the most perfectly drawn map of all my favorite places is gone. So it seems as though every time I get busy and close the app... when I come back I have to redraw my whole map and find where I left off (hopefully) it’s very annoying. Lastly there is something up with the favorites. I keep finding apartments I like with no heart on them and I’ll add them to my favorites... but then it says “removed from my favorites” so I now have an app that only shows me some of my favorite listings and hides the rest? It’s all very confusing and annoying. If’s app showed as much info on each listing as this one I’d be switching back.
  • Scam app 1/5

    By Halidben
    There are many apts listing but it’s just scam, i visited 2 apts listings but they all fake and a awful scam
  • Bugs 3/5

    By Cee1122
    The app and website are always acting up it’s annoying and now I can’t see my favorite listings or apartments period
  • Needs a filter for lease length 4/5

    By Heyitsme06
    Needs a filter for lease length
  • MEB 5/5

    By Chelly1113
    I just moved in and I love it already! I can’t wait to exercise and get in the pool! They have already fixed some of the small issues we had!
  • Wonderful but has flaws 5/5

    I really enjoy using the app, I just wish I could map an area that includes 2 cities strict borders
  • 🙄Waste of Time! 1/5

    By GladIdidn'tpay$
    1). You can try to filter results and app determines there are maybe 50 results. When you try to scroll to view the 50 results—actually only shows 10 with no more pages. WTW 2). Prices aren’t correct. 3). Availability often incorrect. 4). Filtered for washer/dryer and says ZERO results. Removed it and found 8 with W/D in the unit. Spent more time than if I’d just done a G👀le search!
  • Quality Clients 2/5

    By Tete112
    I am normally a big fan of this app, but I am disappointed that I you are allowing Property Management Companies to post their listings on your site; when they have bad reviews from their customers. I was excited when I discovered a few different rental properties that looked promising until I read the reviews. These different properties were all managed by the same PM company; which further continued my lack of interest to contact the properties. I think it would be beneficial to myself and perhaps other customers of this App to allow us to search worthwhile properties and their management/owners.
  • Well designed and intuitive 5/5

    By Lady gaga haha lol jk
    I been trying to find apartments nearby on the go and this app has all the listings imaginable. I like the commute feature which lets me plan my work around my apartment and find close by apartments.
  • This app is ok 1/5

    By Fizzle30$
    I just wish they won’t advertise rooms for rent this is an app for apartments for rent it kind of gives people false hope
  • Great App 5/5

    By Dwight Schrute III
    Easy to get in touch with the owners, all the info you need, what more can you ask for?
  • I love this app 5/5

    By Erdenebulgan
    This app is more useful and all information exactly right nothing hidden price anything.
  • Scams 4/5

    By Deathlives115
    The app itself is amazing, the service it provides is exceptional. However, my only complaint about the app is not stopping scams fast enough. I do request it works on scams and giving suggestions on apartments that best suits our budget and area we wish to move to until we make the decision.
  • Eh 4/5

    By adam2436
    I love it but it keeps signing me out for some reason and I have to keep signing back in every time
  • Enjoying the app but signs me out every few minutes 3/5

    By aramintahart
    I think its a great app and so far loving using for apartment searching, but the app signs me out every 10 minutes making me sign in to continue. Super frustrating. It’s getting to the point that I’m looking for other apps to use because the re-signing in every few minutes is too annoying.
  • App keeps signing me out—annoying 3/5

    By ameezus🍻
    I love the listings and the simple filter options but the app keeps ending my session and signing me out. I’ve been searching for about an hour and a half and it’s signed me out three times, citing that my session has ended. It’s annoying and cumbersome to have to keep signing back in.
  • Thank you 5/5

    By Dreamy68
    I haven’t found something that just fits for just a single person like myself. I have no pets, no kids, I don’t smoke. I use my headphones while watching tv or listening to music, I walk everyday. Just that’s not enough. I hope to find something that accepts subsidized tenants.
  • Best Apartment Search App 5/5

    By Moonlight Dolphin
    I’m moving in a few months & I’m undecided on where I should live. has given me an idea on the cities I can’t afford to live & the cities that are I can afford to live. I’m very grateful to Thank You. ⭐️♥️👍🏻⭐️♥️👍🏻⭐️♥️👍🏻⭐️♥️👍🏻⭐️♥️👍🏻
  • A Bit Stricter 4/5

    By Oversizelight10
    The app is great to use, however, the filter option for me isn’t allowing as many searches as if it was blank. I don’t what the issue could be.
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By pantagesy
    I’ve downloaded many apt apps and just keep going back to, it’s the easiest to use and great results.
  • 3DTour 5/5

    By vkardashian20
    I love that it gives me a 3D tour so that I have an idea of what it will look like!
  • Love it. 5/5

    By Dong hing ting
    So amazing and simple to use. Love the 3D they offer for some apartments. It’s like I’m touring it from home.
  • Lindo 5/5

    By marino loco
    Me gustaría habitar en los departamentos bonitos es un lugar muy tranquilo
  • Super Useful 5/5

    By ssfnco
    This app is super easy to use & very accurate. You’re able to filter it down to anything & everything that you want.
  • App is great 4/5

    By Thewhiteswan
    Only thing I would like for the app to have is the dates that the reviews are written.
  • Works for me! 5/5

    By Siddhalee
    I’ll write a brief review now, with the possibility of amending it later. So far this app has worked really well for me, and I don’t have any complaints I can think of. But I’m still only looking at the moment, and I know to get the best info on the location is to call. My only concern atm is the accuracy of pricing & availability. Which is probably everybody’s concern who’s using these apps!
  • It’s a great app 5/5

    By titomanito
    Being completely honest I do love this app, it helps out finding apartments very easy I told my family and friends about this app and they found apartments least than a week so that’s why I Rate this app a five star🙏🏼❤️🎉
  • Don’t Bother 1/5

    By Totally Annoyed with this App
    Don’t bother the app doesn’t work. I tried to search online and got results then I tried to switch to the app with the same search criteria and got no results and yes I am computer savvy.
  • Wonderful 5/5

    By nicole44445
    This app makes looking for apartments so simple. I love how I am able to stay on target with my monthly budget and how I can pick and choose what I am looking for in an apartment building.
  • Great 5/5

    By Hhhggdfbg
  • ITS A SCAM 1/5

    By kaaaaarlsssss
    I’d give this app less stars if I could. I’ve done my research on the listings in this site/App and they’re all fraud. None of the listings are accurate.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Cybermak2005
    Simply love this app. Easy to use and very helpful. I was able to get an apartment in my area.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By br1uhnz
    If you move the map, zoom in or out, it competent disregards what you type in for location..fix this crap!!!! Poor interface 😠
  • Amazing app 4/5

    By Rockin'BigMike
    Incredibly easy to navigate and to use. Very user friendly and understandable. Should have more information for each apartment though.
  • Works great! 5/5

    By Ericthturner
    This app is the best you can find when searching for an apartment.
  • Best Apartment Finding App 5/5

    By Asdfkcsyilvdtiveyjs
    I love this app. What really sets it apart for me is that is has many more rentals in lower price ranges than other apps. Compared to another popular app Apartments showed me 118 rentals, whereas the other app showed me 19. I really like the variety of rentals Apartments has. The app works well and the draw feature comes in quite handy! The only app I use for apartments.
  • Doesn’t have everything the website does 4/5

    By Bigmackdogggg
    This app is very helpful for finding a new place. However, it doesn’t have the feature the website has where you can click on an individual unit and see the floor plan and sometimes even pictures of that particular apartment and a 3D walkthrough.
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By MissTawny13
    I use this app every time I move. It is one of the three places I always am sure to use to search for places. It gives so much information about the places available. I recommend!
  • Full of Nigerian SCAMMERS 1/5

    By LamarFromTheKiosk
    The developers need to sort out fake account and bots. I almost lost 5k for house down payment seemed too good to for 6b house. BEWARE!!!
  • Great app 5/5

    By Master FIFA
    Nice app
  • bugs 1/5

    By Toddep23
    I keep getting errors while trying to upload photos from my ios device.
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Shakis77
    I found this app better than any others. You can find more information and different kind of apartment.
  • Don’t move here 1/5

    By Skategeezer66
    I now have 4 maintenance requests open for 16 days. I put in a written complaint and nothing so I called and I got a return message with an apology many days ago and still nothing so then I went into the office after work yesterday and was assured it would get fixed either yesterday or first thing this morning guess who came home today with no repairs done to his apartment. My $500 a month apartment had 10 times better service. Do not move here! #Mountainsideapartments
  • Customer service line 8448760828 1/5

    By DiazLee
    The lady who spoke with me had terrible customer service and kept interrupting me. And also, the app needs to be up to date. It's either the management from the apartments are not updating their information or it’s the app. Rentals app comments

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