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Welcome to the Rental Search App: We have created the most dynamic and innovative app to help you find the best apartment or home to rent. will help you find a rental home, fast. We deliver the most comprehensive results, no matter where in the US you want to live or what type of property you’re searching for. That’s right — is more than apartments. We have apartments, condos, townhomes, and single-family homes for rent. No matter where you are headed or what you are looking for, is right there with you, helping you find the perfect place. Key Features: • More Listings delivers more than 1.1 million listings, including apartments, condos, townhomes, and houses for rent. Our comprehensive listings are updated daily by our dedicated research team, so you know you have the most accurate information at your fingertips. • Better Information Get real-time information on availability, rent ranges, and rent specials. Our listings are CoStar verified so you can trust them to be authentic, reliable, and current. • Customized Searches No matter how you want to search for your new home, has the tools to customize your search results. Need a short commute? Find the perfect location with our Plan Your Commute Tool. Want to live in a specific location? Draw your own custom search area, right on the map. Read reviews, compare neighborhoods by reading area descriptions, get school information, and see points of interest like restaurants, shops, gyms, and banks. Save your favorite apartment communities and share them with friends and family. With, you can search your way! • Online Search Tools is leading the way in online apartment leasing. From our high-resolution photos and 3D tours to quick and easy search filters, we have everything you need to find your perfect rental today. Use to connect directly with leasing agents by email or phone. The app will be your go-to rental resource before, during, and after your move! After years of collecting your feedback through the App Store, studies, focus groups and more we focused on improving what matters the most to you. Now you’re able to: 1. Access the most listings – Hundreds of thousands of apartments, condos, townhomes, and houses for rent are updated daily by our national research team. 2. Get the best information – Check real-time availability, rent ranges and specials without letting scams or repeat posts get in the way. 3. View more high-resolution photos and HD videos – Interiors, exteriors and neighborhood hot-spots are brought to life by our professional photographers and videographers. 4. Search smarter – Draw your specific target area and use overlays on the map to find your perfect place. 5. Take it wherever you go – Start your search on your computer and finish on your phone or tablet! Our mission at is to show you the most information about the most apartments wherever you are searching. When it comes to your apartment search, no one is more focused on giving you more options and making it the easiest for you to find your next rental! We’re constantly updating our app to make sure you have the very best apartment search tool at your fingertips, so be sure to check out what’s new! (Some features may not be available on all listings.) Rental Finder app screenshots Rental Finder app reviews

  • Needs a ‘Share’ button 3/5

    By Jayyykaraaa
    The app needs a share button. What’s the point in having the app if I have to search it on the web to share my finds ? Ineffective if people are trying to coordinate because it’s creates more work. Apps should be the easy way out.
  • Dog restrictions 3/5

    By foofamfoo
    I wish they had a filter for places with breed restrictions. It makes almost useless without it. I am better off just calling the places directly.
  • Filter 3/5

    By Simbad24
    Every time I zoom out or move cursor on the maps it resets all my filters.
  • Forest landlords do you see were you able to get an application 2/5

    By Ratty86
    Force the landlords to say were you have to get a application to apply when it’s on their website whether you have to go in person
  • Needs to change Rating System 2/5

    By Artist from tx
    I use this app, but they need to change the measures by which they factor the apartment score. I shouldn’t see a 4.8 rating on an apartment with two bad reviews and one 4 star. You guys are whats keeping me from choosing predatory landlords, please help me find good ones with your rating system!
  • Not good for landlords. 1/5

    By Beaveruk7
    As landlord, this app is subpar and lacks features to help me manage my Properties’s. The app itself simply opens the mobile versions the website in the app which is a mess than set experience. I cannot even view any documents. A the desktop experience is fine but it’s a shame I can’t manage from my phone.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Ruffin98
    This app needs som serious updates and bug fixes. I never can search for what I’m looking for or it glitches really bad and won’t let type anything in.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By dandelionlion
    This app is full of glitches. When tap/dragging through the map view it auto scrolls the map back to the previous position. Also the little location pins flicker. Overall design looks and feels old. Very 2010. It's like a bad mobile view of a terrible desktop website. Please consider redesigning the app. Completely frustrating experience, hate it.
  • The website is better 2/5

    By katspfnix
    The app version of this service is inferior. Don’t waste the space on your phone, just use the web browser.
  • I love this app! 5/5

    By manita787878
    I’ve never had problems
  • Terrible user experience 1/5

    By Kayysean
    Used the app to check for apartments recently and it was a frustrating experience. 1. The app doesn’t mark the “seen” vs “unseen” making it so hard to differentiate them. 2.when you tap on an apartment it neither highlights the corresponding apartment in the right side list nor opens it in a pop up. All I see is a bunch of green diamonds on the map on the left And a disconnected list of apartments on the right. Terrible. This happens when you are zoomed in and there are multiple units in close vicinity. 3.there is no way to easily X out an apartment and it’s hard to keep track of which ones are a definite no-go. 4.a lot of the pricing information is pre-COVID and not updated correctly. 5. Swiping left while looking at an apartment doesn’t “go back” to results list. All this in like 5 mins of using. I can go all night. You guys seriously need a user experience designer.
  • Was good, latest update messed it up. 1/5

    By DAN94653884
    Was an OK app but the “New and improved filters” update doesn’t allow filters to work. I click on a filter and it hides my keyboard immediately. Going back to Zillow.
  • Can’t share listings 1/5

    By phnzy
    This app is useless if you can’t share the properties with other people. Why take that feature away?
  • Do not trust rate on this app 1/5

    I had a horrible experience in the apartment that I lease from here, but when I tried to write my review They don't publish my review It was fact, but no one care about my reviews They show that the property had 5 star but it is not
  • Nice app 3/5

    By Karyssahtx
    Its nice but only works on wifi, everytime i go somewhere and have the time to look i cant only when im home , and every other time it logs me out even though I consistently use it.
  • Good but buggy. 3/5

    By See_jaye
    The map jumps around and apartment icons disappear randomly.
  • Review on 1/5

    By Moji9767
    I gave a place one star review and it was only review but it is showing 5 star. I contacted customer service and no one is responsible. So don't trust review stars
  • Easy to use but needs more scrutiny and filter options 3/5

    By Dix Princesse
    I really wish they would add a shared living category. The majority of my search results are for beds in a multi bedroom place when I’m just trying to find a single bedroom apartment or studio and it’s frustrating to have to sit there and check each one to make sure. So many postings aren’t what they seem. Other than that, it’s very easy to use.
  • Keeps kicking me off 2/5

    By L-C W
    I would like this app, but I am looking for specific apartments, and when I am in the middle of all of them the app just suddenly closes and loses my place. It’s done it about 3 times now.
  • App is mostly useless 2/5

    By LuxCrawford
    You cannot share the listings with someone, you cannot open a map to see the geographical location. Hot pads is a much better app because you can do all this and more.
  • Continually logs me out / badly needed dark mode 3/5

    By Ltcoop23
    It’s a good apps with lots of features! It works! It continuously logs me out if I go a couple days without checking it. I just stopped logging in and gave up on my “favorites” Also I just can’t check it at night which is when I’m most curious in bed. I NEED a DARK mode!!!!
  • Simple and Very Helpful 5/5

    By Ladykesh
    This app is so helpful. It helped me tremendously when finding my new apartment!
  • Sooo Helpful 5/5

    By kearabby
    This app is so helpful it gives you alerts when new apartments are available I recommend
  • Extremely poor app performance 1/5

    By tellurdogisayhi
    This app is SO buggy and laggy. When trying to move using the map view, it constantly resets my location, and will often times just zoom all the way out showing the entire globe, forcing me to zoom all the way back into north america. Things snap in/out of place when I don’t want them to, lists constantly freeze while scrolling...just an awful awful experience. I’ve stuck to deleting the app and using the website or just finding a better app. I’d give it zero stars if I could.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Pphillips97
    This app has given many options and to be able to search for different areas and compare prices 10/10!
  • Good listings, app has room for improvement 3/5

    By Chriswellerphoto
    I love the listings you have! Nice job. I can’t find feature requests on your blog, so this is where I’ll go. Please add a “share listing” option so I can share with others considering a place with me. Also, please let me exclude places off of searches. Kind of like “I’m not interested” in this trash heap apartment, but I can’t remove it off of my daily search results. Thanks!
  • Missing features 1/5

    By Penfold94
    I’m not sure if these things are bugs or if they are just missing but they make the app so frustrating to use. - no share function - no swipe function for photos - no report function to report listings that are still listed but have already sold.
  • wrong rent prices 3/5

    By kaitlyn branch
    pretty good app, i’ve noticed that a lot of the time the rent prices are very wrong. not sure if it’s just for my state but i always have to verify on the website which gets pretty annoying.
  • Malfunction & Buggy 2/5

    By Msshaw01
    This apps need fixed to update! Noticed that there spot are missing when click on the map. Please fixed it ASAP!
  • Malfunctioning 1/5

    By swash89709
    It’s very buggy. When I click on a listing, it goes to a blank white listing. If I zoom out even a little, all the listings go away.
  • Find a place anywhere at anytime! 5/5

    By Kearsnhagagnkhd12895
    I really love using this app because it doesn’t matter where I am where if I’m in the passenger seat with family or friends I can automatically pull up my application and use the location tool and it will show me exactly what apartments are near me. If I see an apartment that’s far away or oh my gosh that looks so nice I wonder what apartment that is I pull up the app and it literally shows me what apartment it is, the price and everything so to me this is amazing app. Everybody should have if you’re looking for apartments it’s great. It’s free! You can create an account and save all of your favorite Appartments. I have apartments save in so many states since I am a military spouse
  • Parking search 2/5

    By Henryandhyde
    Too many landlords state they have parking but as you read their ad further they will state it’s an additional charge. Would be helpful to note electronic car charging too.
  • Code a share option so I can send listings I find to other people 3/5

    By TJ1632
    Code a share option so I can send listings I find to other people. Roommates, friends, co-signers
  • Worst apartment finding out 1/5

    By kota9857 is the ONLY website that does not communicate back. I’ve emailed AND called, and they will not email me back nor call me back. It’s like these apartments are just for show on the internet, they don’t care if you need a place to stay.
  • The APP is buggy, the APP hardly works 1/5

    By Watch7maker
    So I’m not a “write a review” type of person but WOW is this app awful. This is NOT a review of the listings contained, the ability to sell or find properties, literally of the functions in the app. For starters, the filters are awful. You’ll ask for “a max of $1500” and it’ll show you places from $1499-$3500. How is that helpful? It also shows you a ton of unavailable apartments. Why do I need to see a complex with no availability? Let me filter those out. When I zoom or move the map, I’ll sometimes lose my filters. When I click on a listing, it won’t open up the apartment listing. When I add new filters, it’ll move the map to what I originally searched for instead of the new area I am now zoomed on. And why am I seeing rooms for rent? I don’t want to rent a room It just overall makes it VERY HARD to look at listings when this is how buggy the app is.
  • 3D tour 4/5

    By ooogaboogaboooga
    I love the website, it’s the best one for apartment hunting in my opinion. The app is slightly worse though. My main issue is just how much effort you have to put into 3D tours on the app. After swiping through one apartment I just get tired of it. One swipe turns the camera about 2 degrees. Please fix this. My thumbs are becoming too strong.
  • Good but need a way to narrow search more 4/5

    By anonymouscpamom
    Overall the app is good. But there seems to be no way to eliminate the properties from your search that are per person rates or weekly rates. Searching in a town with a college these apartment complexes with per person rates to rent one bedroom in an apartment with roommates can really clog up your search, and it is not what you want for a family. When you are on a tight budget and set a fairly low rent, they clog up your search even. It is really annoying at times. Then there are the places listed with weekly rates that you cannot even tell are weekly unless the description says it or you contact them. I have not run into as many of those as the per person rentals and many you can tell by the insanely low rate. I would still prefer to be able to exclude them from my search results.
  • Can’t share properties?! 3/5

    By LaydieMalloy1026
    This app is great. I love that it shows so many options for me and my partner and It’s very helpful in locating a place but the fact that we cannot share what we find with each other/ can’t send the location in a message, NOTHING. Has been extremely aggravating. Not every couple has the privilege of being next to each other all the time and this app makes that reality a lot more pronounced. Please fix it.
  • Wow 5/5

    By Retrocali9
    Great service
  • The App Actually Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By A Fellow Developer
    It might be great to find a place, but logging in with the two-factor authentication makes the app reset itself, as if you need to leave the app, you get logged out, and you need to leave the app to get your code, which is then invalid because you left. See the confusion? Save your time and headaches and use a computer to do this. Just because iPhones exist doesn’t mean you need a bad app for it.
  • Waste of money 1/5

    By rented on my own
    Spent the money to market my apartment. Zero results. Spoke with rep who made lame excuse that we have lots of activity in our area so difficult for them to get us hits? Nonsense, right?
  • Buggy app 1/5

    By Straski
    I don't usually leave reviews, but they need to read these! It's impossible to look for something when the app closes your keyboard literally every time you try to type something. You see the commercials for the app and I want to like it but it's hard to when you can't use it...
  • Needs shareable feature 2/5

    By paggi112
    I can’t find a way to share apartment listings anymore..
  • New Update Made Things Worse 1/5

    Latest update makes searching for an apartment difficult. Every time I update the filters the results get stuck on “0”. Nothing you change will yield results even after resetting the filter. You will have to close the app and start again. Super annoying.
  • Decent search engine but DO NOT rely on the skewed ratings 3/5

    By colleequa
    The app is solid for finding different apartment options, but don’t take the listings’ star ratings at face value. I can’t tell you how many “4/5 star “ apartments were actually more like 2.8 stars when I compiled at all of the current reviews and actually did the math. Not sure why they do this but just be sure to look at individual reviews not just the star average displayed at the top of each listing.
  • Wondering 5/5

    By t.roy0064
    Great Helpful App , Very Detail With Affordable Prices !
  • Make Listings (in app) Shareable. 2/5

    By unickroro
    It’s almost 2021. Make Listings (in app) Shareable. If it exists, make it more conspicuous.
  • App crashes 4/5

    By MidoriE2K3
    I love this app, it helped me find one of my apartments and I’m using it to find another. I didn’t give it a full 5 stars because if you’re deep into your search, the app crashes and kicks you out. You have to start all over again so it’s a bit frustrating. Other than that it’s great.
  • Annoying 3/5

    By Ya boy Troy
    Type in areas and it shows no results and says to try spelling it different and still not popping up