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Apartments & Houses for Rent

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Apartments & Houses for Rent App

Designed for the modern day apartment finder, Apartment List is personalized to all your needs & will help you find the best apartments or homes for rent. "This is the ultimate tool for finding apartments." "Killer app for anyone looking for a new apartment." "I've tried the Trulia and Zillow apps and this is better than both of them." Here’s how it works: We ask you what you’re looking for and we search through all available apartment listings to find the best that match for you. You can easily browse through matches and create your short list of apartments you like. You can also book visits to see your top choices. Once you decide which one to go with, all that’s left to do is sign and move in! Key features: ● Personalized Matches We show you the apartments that best match your preferences, even places you didn’t think to search for. ● Categories Matches are grouped into categories that make sense so you can quickly get an overview of all your options. ● The Best Data Every apartment has a ton of high-quality photos, up to date availability and pricing, specials and all the details you care about like pet policy and move in fees. We'll even keep track of updates for you! ● Short List Quickly create a short list of places you like. Compare them and pick your top choices. You can access your list from anywhere - phone, computer, or tablet! ● Latest Page Wondering what's happening with places on your Short List? Wander no more! See all the latest price changes and new units, now conveniently in 1 place Check out the app and find your next home today! We’re just getting started so check back often for awesome new features. Let us know what you think at [email protected] We’d love to hear from you!

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Apartments & Houses for Rent app reviews

  • pointless 1/5

    By CaliGurlAllTheWay
    i made an account online and then downloaded the app for easier access, but every time i open the app, it directs me immediately back to safari....what’s the point of that. just don’t make an app??
  • Why change?!?! 1/5

    By Ashmoses
    Why would you change the perfectly working app? I can’t find anything anymore before I swipe? I get what you were trying to do, but this ain’t it. It’s so confusing now.
  • They have scammers 1/5

    By Karina9009
    Found the perfect little house to rent, I emailed them and it ended up being a scammer. Now I’m curious, is this whole app just a scam? I was really disappointed
  • You ruined the app! 1/5

    By Sundaye Sunday
    The update ruined the app! It is no more work than it is worth! I don’t want to save a location or favorite it until I can see the data on the place!
  • Super useable 5/5

    By Caramk
    Very easy to use and gander at prospective apartments
  • No maps, random listings in weird locations - how come? 1/5

    By Ирааьвдыддыдыд
    The app gives zero * about my location preferences! It keeps suggesting apartments in different neighborhoods or cities. If I add my commute it gets even worse. You can’t click on the map either. How on earth do you expect me to understand where the the intersection of “Lowell street and Arsenal street?” How is that intuitive? I have to google every location on computer, super convenient. Great UX design.
  • Great source! 5/5

    By janethmann
    Really has been helping me find an apartment! It’s easy to use and very effective! Love the features it has!
  • Finally! Best way to search for housing 5/5

    By hgunders
    This is such a great app for apartment or housing! I’ve tried the others and it was making my move coming soon seem like a nightmare. This app makes it easy and fun to search for places and even sends the management companies messages through a seamless way! Love it!
  • My opinion 1/5

    By laannyy
    When i first got on here i was like okay this could be a little more easy but people don’t contact you back after reaching out to them about the places so it’s not really useful unless u wanna quickly see little places here and there to look at but recommend reaching out to owners of the places online hopefully this improves..
  • Why can’t you share 2/5

    By Gerilynnlol
    First off there’s a glitch where you can’t see how far something is anymore but also there NEEDS to be a share button so I can share the apartments with roommates.
  • 4-star 4/5

    By Kennedy880
    Okay. So, the app I really useful and I like it a lot..but it has some problems. When choosing your apartment's rank (hate it, maybe, or love it) I can't ever seem to press on 'love it'. It gives me a notification that it went through but then it never shows up went I go back to that apartment's page or try to find my 'love's. This is frustrating and disappointing because there are some that I'd like to save separately because they would be my definite options. I have saved so many as my 'maybe's that it would be a whole endeavor to search for the ones a REALLY liked again just for me to never have them actually organized. I really hope they fix this because it would be such a useful feature if it worked.
  • Pretty Useless 1/5

    By Zebra Man Tango
    This as was really helpful when I first got it, i could easily put the area I wanted to live in and it would find places in that general area. When it showed me the information for each apartment there was a lot of readily available information for me to see before I even gave it a maybe. Ever since the update,this app is practically useless. It no longer gives me apartments any where close to my selected area (is usually 30 miles away). This new swiping feature takes away the ability to see a ton of information about a place. The only way to see the information is to swipe, which in turn cluters you shortlist so you can forget about easily narrowing down your search. I feel like they added the swiping feature to mimick dating apps, and that was completely unnecessary and ever since then it just got worse. The app was fine the was it was before all that, now all it does it take up space on your phone.
  • Hides Information 1/5

    By Apartment Searcher 2019
    When a apartment is clicked it doesn’t let me see the floor plans available. I really enjoy this app hopefully it resolves the problem.
  • Greatest 5/5

    By aliciaa58
    Easy to deal with.
  • Making me sign up to view anything 2/5

    By Bad_New
    And how do you know how much I make? I didn’t tell you and you were wrong anyway.
  • ALIST 1/5

    By Link lady
    Is this app for apartment hunters? Or mobile home renters?
  • Nothing close to my area 1/5

    By Kathy*Baker
    Don’t have any thing around my area
  • Don’t ever download this trash 1/5

    By tztzwws
    This is my first review in App Store; usually I am very tolerant to pool designed app. But this one really drives me crazy; they care nothing but your private information. I give one star because it is the lowest I can give. I call it trash because I mean it.
  • Great app 5/5

    By lenlogg
    This is the best apartment searching app out there. Try it. You’ll see
  • Great For Searching 5/5

    By Mari Joe
    Great for searching for new places to live
  • Useless 1/5

    By koriblaine
    Trying to log in is endlessly circuitous (keeps asking the same questions without showing me to the matches). Useless.
  • Cannot reset preference and apartment list 1/5

    By n3wbr33d16
    There is no ability to reset the apartment you like or dislike even after one year of previously looking for apartments.
  • Doesn’t work half the time 2/5

    By acire28
    I’ve tried to use this a few different times, it will work for a bit then it will just get stuck on the loading page.
  • Curates the best of everything! 5/5

    By iBlasian3gs
    I’m moving to a new area and this app has simplified the entire experience. From the way they organize and deliver options to the detail of every listing. Great job guys!
  • Annoying 1/5

    By Frizzie2.0
    This app was too complicated and kept taking me back to the same page over and over again
  • Useless 1/5

    By JKocher13
    Showed me the WORST apartments and there “best bets” where a hour+ away for a commute. Better off using hotpads, trulia, or Zwillow
  • Glitches 3/5

    By anggvd
    I can’t send any place messages, there is no send button, only a return button which just goes down a line.
  • The only app for apartment searching! 5/5

    By Rheeva
    I basically created my dream listing and they found it! Almost here a year now. #Buckhead
  • tinder but for apartments 1/5

    By UrMom1999
    why does they apartment ur intrested in have to like you back??? and they whole “match” isnt true it doesn’t stay in the budget or location i want
  • Can’t log in 1/5

    By sdl19121499
    The way it’s set up, you don’t have a username and password so they send a link every time. I’ve tried 5 times and the link doesn’t work. Therefore I am unable to even log in to use the app.
  • Why can’t I log in or even view apartments??? 2/5

    By Customer that's ticked
    I’ve been trying for half an hour to log into any email so I can just look at apartments and it always just says “user must be logged in” and so I re-input information and then I’m back at square one!!! What?????
  • No. 1/5

    By Briana+*+
    I go through all the questions of where I want to live, how much I’m willing to pay, all of that then I asks me to log in and when I do it makes me do it all again. Then asks me all the questions, then asks me to log in again. I’ve gone through this at least 5 times over again. It won’t show me my matches.
  • Almost too simplified. 3/5

    By nnulll
    I like the idea of defining a profile and then letting it present you with matches. I also like the idea of swiping to create a short list. But I do not like fact that I can’t see more detail during the swipe process. If you could make that happen then this would be my go-to source.
  • Looking for Apartments 5/5

    By Jeli&Chris
    I love this app! It just makes my life easier and I feel like I can trust my notifications once I receive them. I entered all my info and now the app helps me locate the best places according to my match! Just love the convenience of it.
  • Yeah but in what town? 1/5

    By NilesBrook
    If I’m looking in various towns and you’re listing only says something like “34 Main St.” That info does NOTHING for me! PLEASE LIST THE TOWN NOT JUST THE STREET ADDRESS!!! Also, you should be able to EXCLUDE places. I’m trying to move to one of the 5 Burroughs of NYC but you keep giving me NEW JERSEY! Finally on the matches page it will say “1 bedrooms starting at $12..” is that $1200 or $1299 or $12.50?”
  • Stupid app 1/5

    By anon LAS
    The app sends me an email of a rental I might be interested in. When I click the “view details” in the email, the app opens but I have to scroll through all the available rentals in my area to find the “needle in the haystack”. Why can’t the link from the email take me directly to the property I’m interested in??
  • Needs Improvement 1/5

    By Guy Who Likes Beer
    App doesn’t apply criteria for searches very well at all, if at all. After entering location, price point and other specs for my search the app basically provided me with the opposite of what I was looking for. The poor interface combined with useless results makes the app frustrating to use.
  • Great 5/5

    By Julie pham 2027
    Useful and easy
  • Minimalistic Mess 1/5

    By Cole1211
    The app looks really pretty. But when it comes to finding the information the matters quickly (like where the place is on an movable map) this app just fails. Not to mention you set search parameters that it constantly disregards. Waste of time.
  • Great App 4/5

    By MajorDez
    Overall very user friendly interface. My only issue is not getting enough details from the photos displayed through the albums. And if I wanted to request a floor plan for the rooms, that could be a great Feature rather than waiting for a email back.
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By jstiles121
    Love how easy this app has made apartment hunting! You put in exactly what price point, amenities, & the location you’re looking for.
  • Absolute trash 5/5

    By SR Ballard
    Just a constant loop of “log in” then “choose criteria” then “log in” etc etc etc. A useless bit of trash just taking up space on my phone.
  • Overall awesome app 4/5

    By moritazxff
    I like this app so much and have been using it for years. However, there are some problems: 1. If u got a really long list of not interested apartments, you can’t find it out once you change ur mind. 2. Still need a search bar to fast get to the apartment you focus on if it is in the not interested list.
  • Awful 1/5

    By EmilyAHatesThisApp
    Never using again, deleting the app, and unsubscribing from their emails as well. When you put in things that are “flexible”, whatever system they’re using clearly mixes up the “nice to haves” with “this is a requirement”. I have pets, I listed pets, and yet I keep getting sent listing that DO NOT ALLOW PETS. Or I set a budget for a 2 bed and get back apartments in my budget...surprise it’s a $2200 studio. I am beyond done with this terrible system. Zillow and are at least consistent and reliable. Hell, even Craigslist housing is better than this service.
  • Absolute garbage. 1/5

    By Thelittlerbear
    This app is trash. I just spent the last 30 minutes cycling through the same questions to try to “see my matches” only to be given a magical email link that sends me through the same exact sequence of questioning. Mind you I’ve already accessed and logged my favorite apartments on the website and should have a log in. I downloaded the app for convenience, but have instead been sent on a merry go round of answering the same questions, then being told to click a magic link, then answer the same questions, then click the same link, to answer the same questions, to click the same link, and so on so forth. I’ve been doing this for about 20 minutes now to no avail. My advice would be to skip the app all together and just use the webpage. The purpose of an app is convenience and this is truly the antithesis. Complete waste of time. Very disappointing. Extremely frustrating.
  • Good overall app to look for available places 4/5

    By tbengal
    I would like an option for smaller complexes, like fourplexes or duplexes.
  • Apartment hunting 5/5

    By 23lovespell
    Love the app. It’s convenient and easy to mange while looking for the perfect apartment for me and my kids.
  • Nice but... 3/5

    By metfme
    Listed housing should include ratings and reviews.
  • App error 2/5

    By Mggifethvdyjvdt35787
    Enjoy the website but have a hard time logging into the app. Every time I go to log in. It puts me through clicking all my preferences and then asks me to log in again and has me start the process all over.

Apartments & Houses for Rent app comments

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