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Apartments & Houses for Rent App

Designed for the modern day apartment finder, Apartment List is personalized to all your needs & will help you find the best apartments or homes for rent. "This is the ultimate tool for finding apartments." "Killer app for anyone looking for a new apartment." "I've tried the Trulia and Zillow apps and this is better than both of them." Here’s how it works: We ask you what you’re looking for and we search through all available apartment listings to find the best that match for you. You can easily browse through matches and create your short list of apartments you like. You can also book visits to see your top choices. Once you decide which one to go with, all that’s left to do is sign and move in! Key features: ● Personalized Matches We show you the apartments that best match your preferences, even places you didn’t think to search for. ● Categories Matches are grouped into categories that make sense so you can quickly get an overview of all your options. ● The Best Data Every apartment has a ton of high-quality photos, up to date availability and pricing, specials and all the details you care about like pet policy and move in fees. We'll even keep track of updates for you! ● Short List Quickly create a short list of places you like. Compare them and pick your top choices. You can access your list from anywhere - phone, computer, or tablet! ● Latest Page Wondering what's happening with places on your Short List? Wander no more! See all the latest price changes and new units, now conveniently in 1 place Check out the app and find your next home today! We’re just getting started so check back often for awesome new features. Let us know what you think at [email protected] We’d love to hear from you!

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Apartments & Houses for Rent app reviews

  • Not worth the download 1/5

    By emilyyyp
    It won’t even let me make an account it says error for the google option and the app crashes everytime I try to enter my email. If I’m giving you my personal information you could at least make the app work.
  • Good app 5/5

    By Tazz050817
    This is a very good app to use
  • Give all your personal information before you even start searching 1/5

    By mia_123!
    I just really wanted to look into different options because I’m moving soon and I followed the search tool in the beginning because it’s either you log in or get started (very misleading by the way). And at the end of the questionnaire, I HAD to create an account via google or give name/email/phone number?! I was so surprised! Like are you kidding me? You’re asking for all my information BEFORE I get to even see any apartments? App deleted 🙄
  • Mostly like this app but... 3/5

    By tf2333
    Pros -the picking of the apartments is a easy and sort of fun process with a tinder like interface Cons -they send you a email that apartment prices have dropped, but for which apartment? You have to click on all apartment choices except the intial one they give you to see the price changes. It would be nice to view all these changes all in one page -crashes a lot
  • Just keeps going through the login process over and over 1/5

    By Kaylee2279
    Just keeps going through the login process over and over
  • Minimalistic Mess 1/5

    By Cole1211
    The app looks really pretty. But when it comes to finding the information the matters quickly (like where the place is on an movable map) this app just fails. Not to mention you set search parameters that it constantly disregards. I understand that they are intending to make sure you dont miss anything. But it just ended up showing me a plethora of apartments that were vastly greater than the budget I had set. Rather than finding what I wanted quickly I had to sift through more listings that I told the app I was not interested in. Waste of time.
  • Unable to edit selected/favorite list 2/5

    By SPowar
    Unable to edit selected/favorite list. I had used it in my last location for search. Now when I am searching for apartments in CA I am not able to remove the earlier list from FL. We should have option to delete or edit selected apartments from favorite
  • Went to home 5/5

    By alrxg1
    I am totally blind and if the rug up to you for anybody The real good at to anybody to you
  • Good Direction, Could use some Other Features 4/5

    By adas9263
    I find this app to be nice for varying what could work for moving into an apartment. I would say that the location range is nice with the map to give an idea of what’s x amount of time from where you are. I would have appreciate being able to see what utilities are included for different apartments. I think that is a huge factor in picking an apartment because that helps with budgeting. I also would have liked to be able to flip through the choices rather than immediately sorting them to “like, dislike or love.” I also would say there was a lack of pictures for some apartments which was also mentioned in another review. I also believe this app would be very top notch if it had reviews or even a link to look at the reviews of apartments you “love/like” This app is like a list of apartments I like that have some of my features that are somewhat close to my point of interest. I will still have to use other apartment websites and google to narrow it really down.
  • Love It 💕 5/5

    By Somalia Mouah 😘
    I recommend using this, it’s really helpful 🤗
  • Casual browser beware. 3/5

    By JBee16
    Downloaded this to casually browse apartments in my area and I guess I missed that when you say you love an Apartment, they share your contact information with the property. Didn’t realize it until I’d already done it twice, whoops. That’s what I get for not reading terms and conditions ;) Seriously though, the notifications and emails are a lot. I love the concept of this app, it’s extremely helpful and versatile and matched me with more properties than I’d found in the past, I just didn’t appreciate the non-stop bombardment of emails, push notifications, badge notifications, etc. It was too much. I’m keeping the app on my iPhone but turning off ALL notification types and have already unsubscribed from all emails (multiple per day!!). Big oof.
  • 🤦‍♀️ 1/5

    By Vickygarcia779
    I get the apartment listing but why does it say housing as well and all it showing me is apts?
  • App 1/5

    By Tmc0613
    Unable to fetch matches?
  • Just starting this... 5/5

    By Kate Wms
    I like the simplicity informative format and the option to to review quickly
  • No map? 1/5

    By just-no
    There’s no map, instead they opted to install a tedious menu system where you must input very specific spelling (must use St. Paul, MN and not Saint Paul, MN), and your dropped into a checklist of neighborhoods. Here, they neglected to put a “check all” button, you must manually check off locations, eve if the city is the neighborhood. To top it all off, when I pressed the big green button to proceed, it dumped me right back at the starting menu. Nice.
  • It’s so easy 5/5

    By bzhagakskbd
    Wow I’m so impressed!! I never write reviews but I was just blown away by how easy and simple the app is. They were so helpful! Gave me soooo many options for apartments in the area I wanted with the budget I wanted! Use this, the app is great :)
  • Please fix the app 2/5

    By Girlwithapptroubles
    I really like this app but since the update I have been unable to open it. The app gets stuck on the loading screen and never loads after that.
  • It's like Tinder, but for apartments 4/5

    By Tokiidokii
    Layout and GUI of the app is very nice. Easy to quickly view and compare amenities and prices for some apts in the area. I largely had a problem with the liking system. Didn't particularly enjoy having my cell automatically called or emailed at every single 'liked' apartment on my shortlist. It was just a list of possible apartments so I could compare. An option to not be immediately called would be nice. And It was a bit difficult to compare distances for some reason with the layout of apartments.
  • This app gives the places your contact information 1/5

    By 1-2-3-4 no more
    I signed up on this site to review what was available and see the rates and I started getting phone calls and email non stop from apartment complex’s . This is not what I expected. If I had of know this would happen I would never had signed up for this app. Then it will not even post without a stupid nickname for The post.
  • Good job! 5/5

    By Antoniochau
    It is so faster to get the results. Thanks.
  • CS 2/5

    By Disgusted in TX
    The app is ok but some many properties do not show up on the app. Have to use another app to ck apartments.
  • Error 1/5

    By asiajax335627
    I keep getting the same error that it can’t fetch any matches. I’ve changed the preferences so much to try and get this to work and still nothing. It worked better before the upgrade.
  • Stuck in loop 1/5

    By SandInVagina
    After I finish doing the apartment search, it asks me to login, then repeats the search, then login. Never able to use the app. Help please
  • Discrimination 1/5

    By Discrimination!!!
    I’ve been turned away because I’m an SECTION8 Voucher Holder. RealitOr’s sand Orr landlords are leaving the wrong contact number... There are not a lot of house apartments, Only apartment homes and they are the ones who told me BLUNTLY “NO WE DONT TAKE THAT” I have emails from them saying this!!!
  • Awesome app makes apt hunting easy 5/5

    By Lindymae
    It is easy to use It helps you calculate your ideal rent amt based on income It helps you find apts with in a certain commute distance from work It’s all in the app and it is soooooooo handy!
  • Worst app ever! 1/5

    By ScienceGuy1234
    I spent 20 minutes putting in my information and still had no results. I logged in using my Facebook, personal email and phone number. Yet, I still was not able to get any matches in my area. I strongly feel this app steals your information to sell it. Don’t waste your time like I did!
  • Honestly this *could be the best rent app ever 3/5

    By BlessedRocker
    This app is pretty amazing. It's the tinder of apartments, she makes it really easy and straightforward for finding your perfect apartment hookup. Hahaha Here's what it needs to get to 5 stars: 1) The ability to change liked->loved, and vice versa, once you learn more about a place 2) The needs to be a search bar. I accidentally right or left swipe some places, and I wanted to add then to a list. 3) the moment you "like" or "love" a place, that place gets your phone and email in a automated message from you saying "please contact me I want to learn more because I'm interested to live there". But I'm not, I'm still just deciding if I even want the first date, and now they're all sliding into my DMS and hitting me up like I'm ready for a long term relationship. Let me narrow down my Prospects and then have a button "contact my love list" etc 4) I ended up signing with an apartment not on the list, so it might be worth having a sales rep calling or emailing every apartment with stats saying "we the fastest growing and #1 app for apartments, please add your listing to our app" and get more in there. They're at about 20% coverage.
  • SCAM 1/5

    By Buytheappdoit
    was just involved in a scam through this app. It said the home was for rent but when i called some numbers, i confirmed the house was actually already sold. Why are they posting stuff that isn’t real?! SCAM SCAM SCAM
  • Atención 1/5

    By viento69
    Por favor quien quiera que sea que maneje este website tienen que mejorar la parte donde uno no recibe respuesta de ningún agente. Uno envía mensajes y nunca responden. Y así no se puede!! Hay ovaciones que me dan ganas de borrar el app pero aún lo conservo para ver si mejoran gracias.
  • Criteria is meaningless 1/5

    By Clydell R
    Totally ignored boundaries supplied. Not worth the time to download. If you do - do not give your true email.
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By mia_april11
    This app is amazing my family and I have been trying to move for weeks now we found this amazing app that well help
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By Queen_kitty_lover
    Took me forever to make an account in the first place which you can’t do on the app despite there being a section for it. When I was finally able to make an account they couldn’t find any matches no matter how many times I changed things... nothing worked kept getting errors left and right be waste of time.
  • Emails 1/5

    By @kylesethgray
    Too many
  • not good 1/5

    By Wabamshroostoodles
    i got this app a while ago and i hoped it would help me find apartments, but it hasn’t. i took the little quiz and put in my preferences and it said “error finding matches. come back later.” i have tried everything i’ve changed my preferences i’ve turned my wifi off i’ve done a whole lot and i’ve has this app for a longggg time. it hasn’t changed. it gets a star tho because i do get emails about apartments from the app. they do follow my preferences but i wish i could see them in the app instead of thru my email. the app doesn’t work for me.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Pharaoh Jay'd
    I am absolutely loving this app so far, it put all my options in one place and it shows the price & floor plan. I can’t wait to take the tours
  • Won’t let me log in 1/5

    By Jen0c1de
    Tried logging in. Was texted a link but the link takes me to the site. I want to use the app but it seems like it’s just a roundabout way to get to the site. Meh.
  • Lots of Bad Recommendations 2/5

    By sierra_b
    I took the time at the beginning to answer all the questions about preferences, indication that location was the most important thing. It showed me about 10 apartments that fit (in theory) what I wanted, but I ended up not wanting them. A 5th floor apartment is not ideal with a dog, etc. Now it sends me 1-3 emails a day saying it’s found “perfect” matches, 95% which are NOT even close (30 min+ drive away) from my ideal location. I would rather not waste my time looking at 5 apartment listings per day, just to see that they are all too far away. I guess my priority preference of location didn’t matter...
  • Searching For A Safe Environment To Live A Better Life .🙏🏼🌊💭 4/5

    By LeahJakes
    Just Looking For An Affordable Place For My 13 years Old Son , His Dad Passed While Alone With Him , Dr.Said To Try AND Move Him ASAP ! It’s Just Not That Easy ! I’m 58 and Had Him At 46 ,We Are in A Large 3 Bedroom No Utilities included! He Stays in A Divided Room With Me , Hopefully I Can Move Out ? Credit Score isn’t That Good, We Get SSI , And Death Benefits 2,300 About A Month ?

    By Albert ngo
  • I remembered it being better 2/5

    By BigTownsBurnALittleFaster
    I had downloaded it a couple years ago and was satisfied with it. But now, it seems super glitchy, and it’s weird that I cannot see a description of the place before swiping. I’m not interested in swiping based solely on pictures 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Trese007
    I really like this app so far. The apartment updates are prompt and it’s easy to use. You can contact managers/owners directly from the app. I definitely recommend checking it out.
  • Not working 1/5

    By ruffriderndark
    I haven’t gotten any matches. All I’ve gotten is errors.
  • Zillow is much better 1/5

    By Smootlips
    I wanted only to move to one city and I set up my account for that city only. But no. I get rentals in every city except the one I want. All this app does is clog my inbox.
  • Bad app!!!! 1/5

    By johannaclear
    I keep typing in 11226 BROOKLYN area code And this app keeps alerting me about apartments in NEW JERSEY I CANNOT STOP IT
  • No address 1/5

    By USN_Daishi
    Can’t even bring it up in another app. It’s just a photo on a map
  • Prices are constantly wrong 1/5

    By Babygirl lover
    The app is a good idea that’s why it deserves a one star, but when I thought I found a good apartment I sent a message and assumed I was communicating with an agent and turns out the house was for sale and not for rent. I texted the agent that I found and asked just to confirm because the rental application had way too many grammar problems and stated they were going to mail the keys to me once I had payed the down payment and then figured it was a scam. All the prices I have seen I have double checked against Zillow and every time I check, the prices are doubled than advertised.
  • ??? 2/5

    By Funandjoy0401
    Not as easy to navigate as I had hoped.
  • Error 1/5

    By Fmac33
    I keep getting an error loading message so I’m not enjoying this app so far
  • Better than the other apps 5/5

    By Sierranicole18
    This app has more selections than the other apps

Apartments & Houses for Rent app comments

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