APM: Marketplace Radio

APM: Marketplace Radio

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  • Current Version: 2.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: American Public Media
  • Compatibility: Android
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APM: Marketplace Radio App

Can’t get enough of Marketplace’s unique view and reporting on the global economy? The newly-updated Marketplace iPhone app gives you the ability to listen to all the Marketplace programs -- plus create and build your own custom Marketplace show, by assembling a playlist of stories that interest you. Read and listen to global headlines from the Morning Report, insights on the changing digital landscape from Marketplace Tech, and the in-depth reporting and interviews you expect from our flagship show, Marketplace with Kai Ryssdal. Plus we’ve built a version of the app specifically for the iPad.


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  • Too buggy, and recently they are too political and too much biased 1/5

    By gDimiApple
    Crashes all the time
  • Market Place podcast 4/5

    By Xaxier7
    Great podcast keep up the good work.
  • Marketplace Makes Me Feel Smarter 5/5

    By RayMcKayHardee
    In a brief time every day, Kai Ryssdal, Molly Wood, David Brancaccio, and Co. celebrate financial information with easy application, cool music bridges, and making SENSE of the DOLLARS AND CENTS that drive Economics. Its "interesting economics", no longer an oxymoron.
  • Marketplace has made me financially literate 5/5

    By Yowzoe
    Content: A Perceptive and enjoyable creative daily interviews and analysis--love it. I'm hooked. App design & function: B Has improved a lot.
  • Bugs 3/5

    By Asshahakf
    Theres an annoying bug where only the first 2-3 minutes of the marketplace episode play. Then you have to restart the app and the stream repeatedly until it finally plays a full marketplace episode. It has been this way since I first downloaded it months ago.
  • . 2/5

    By overbp
    Love the Marketplace stories. The saved list is not "permanent", the list gets erased after about 2 weeks. I would like to save stories for a longer period of time. I would like the ability to fast forward through audio clips.
  • Can't listen as much 3/5

    By Greenpgs
    I love the content of marketplace. That goes without saying, despite the fact that i just said it. App pros: navigating is easy App cons: if you are on good wi-fi or have good connection the stories play just fine, but when it does not is in the opposite situations, like when you have poor or spotty connection, thank you Sprint, or slow wi-fi. The storie just stops playing rather than buffer and continue from where it stopped. You have to start the story again, from the beginning.
  • Works but painfully 3/5

    By stephen•ph
    Swipe swipe swipe swipe click click To listen to stories you have to cue each one up. Not good for driving. Where is the "just keep playing" button? It's hard to believe that in 2016 app creators can issue such a simple app executed poorly.
  • Good app 3/5

    By Curdle1
    The main frustration I have with the app is how slow the picture for each story loads and interrupts my place when reading/scanning the stories. It is very annoying when it happens for each story in the list.
  • Useless 1/5

    By jientho
    I would give this a negative star if I could. I listen to podcast only offline, with this new version I can no longer tell whether the episode is downloaded or not. I don't think it's possible to listen to it offline at all, every time I clicked on a "saved story" offline, it starts downloading. it can't download because I am offline, of course. If any stories were saved, they were erased by that action of downloading anyway. It seems that there's no real "saved stores", they are merely bookmarks. I was able to save episodes with the old version, why did I download this new version? It ruins the listening completely! Fix this please! Or at least put up the old version. It would save my live if I can get the old version back. Don't they test the app before releasing it? You truly get what you pay for.
  • Alarm Not Working 4/5

    By Combosoundcloud
    Does the alarm work for anyone else? Mine turns off the alarm when I close out of the application...
  • Now up to 5 stars with v2.3 4/5

    By Ranger203
    2nd review update: I've added a star to give them a total of 5 stars now. they did a good job making some better audio support that most other apps have. You can now pause/play from the lock screen and auto resume when connecting to Bluetooth in a car for example. I listen to 2 or 3 of the marketplace pod casts every morning on my way to work, and it's nice to see it pick up right where I left off when I get back into the car. nice work app team. it's the little things ;) v1.2 review: Since this lay update it meet most of my key criteria. - quick access to the Latest podcast. I use this app while driving, so the one touch playing is perfect. - plays in the background. this is a must. in fact I am listening to the podcast while writing this review. - access to all 4 marketplace podcasts on one screen, marketplace, money, morning, and midday. - download/saves the podcast. nice touch. u don't have to redownload it if you have to stop the podcast suddenly. - no longer crashes.... How to get that 5 star review... - add in a fast forward/rewind. if this option exists, it is not intuitive to find. if I wanna go back 60 seconds I have no idea how to.
  • No fast forward 1/5

    By phobos3
    Only an idiot would release an app wo that. Even the mobile web site has ff
  • Love the show hate the app 2/5

    By psnorb
    This app seems to shut down at least twice every time i use it. I have an iPhone 6 updated. I have the app updated, and I'm getting quite frustrated with this app and I may stop using it if it is not fixed soon. Add a buffer, let me load the show at home and listen in my car when i am driving. At least remember where I am so when i restart the program I don't start from the beginning. Add more controls so i can skip to the next segment. I listen to a lot of books on tape. I may be spoiled by the Audible app. The marketplace app is primitive in comparison and probably costing you listeners. I still love the show. Please fix the app. PSN
  • iOS 8 offline podcast 3/5

    By Dysmal
    Love the show. Latest versions of the app are a step down. What's the deal with iOS 8? Since 8, I can't consistently download podcasts on wifi to listen to offline. It says I downloaded but I don't know for sure until I'm offline and learn the hard way. I'd love to find a howto to see what I'm doing wrong or at least find a support contact link. App gets 3 stars purely because I love the show despite this headache.
  • Love this app, until it crashes five times in a row 1/5

    By Jself
    The app is great, I love the UI and the navigabity. But it crashes on me about once a week on average. It always crashes on the marketplace episodes themselves, and it almost seems like certain episodes are the result of the problem because other days I can listen to three in a row and it's perfect. The old app used to have the same problem for me but more often. Please find a fix!
  • Happy 5/5

    By RyeWit
    Happy to have all my marketplace in a single location!
  • Great show! Terrible App 1/5

    By Npr freak
    I love Marketplace and really enjoy it on th The radio, but this app is so full of bugs and missteps that now I almost only listen On the radio. For a show that seems to have it together, it is poorly represented by this App.
  • Great content but....... 3/5

    By Worthless_APP
    Bottom line great content but the current version of the App consistently crashes and really detracts from the quality of the content. Please update
  • Extremely slow and laggy on 6+ 2/5

    By 0oyujieo0
    Extremely slow after update which makes it worse
  • Please update for iOS 8 and iPhone 6/6+ 3/5

    By aviation76
    Nice layout. App is sluggish with iOS 8. Please also update format to support iPhone 6/6+ screen sizes.
  • Lack important features 4/5

    By Dj tall trey
    I admit this App is a must have one. But I wonder why it does not continuously play saved programs like it does with regular daily programs. In other word, I enabled "continuous play" feature but it works only for the unsaved programs. Also, I would like to see many complete transcript of those programs in the next upgrade. Thanks.
  • Finally, they got it right 4/5

    By ClassicalBoy
    This is the app that Marketplace listeners deserve. Reviewer 'Stevation' is dead wrong: this app is light-years ahead of the mobile site in terms of navigability, reliability, speed, and functionality. I gave up on Marketplace for a long time because of website glitches, unreliable iTunes podcast posting, and more, but now I'm consuming more stories than ever and loving it. Thank you, APM. UPDATE: Docking one star because the app doesn't support Lock Screen pause/play functions. Marketplace is 30 min long! This is an essential feature!
  • Disappointing 2/5

    By Gopher80!
    Looks like a nice app but podcast crashed repeatedly on iPhone6. Tried deleting and reinstalling but still had the same problem. Maybe they just need an iOS 8 update.
  • It's ok... 2/5

    By Fishdude3000
    I like listening to Marketplace but the app is hit and miss. Podcast controls are tempermental and not very responsive. Podcast may cut out after a few minutes or halfway through or may just skip to the next segment on the playlist.
  • Not as good as the podcast feed 2/5

    By Alex ML Keyes
    The app is beautiful but as far as I can tell there is no way to download all stories for offline listening in an easy way. For all-in-one podcast subscribers who ride the subway, just downloading anything posted that morning is an easy solution. With the app, I have to worry about each story.eas
  • This WAS A Good App... 2/5

    By esavageus
    When you could listen to Marketplace Money from beginning to end without interruption, for example, this was a good app. Who decided that breaking up a program into segments was a good idea? When exercising or driving, no one wants to stop every few minutes to start a new segment. Did someone get paid to mess up a good thing?
  • Great App 5/5

    By Eli Ham
    Timely news from a great source in a fantastic format. An app I use everyday.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Josh l b
    Modern, streamlined, and responsive, the app from Marketplace provides and excellent source of news in a convenient format that includes the articles and audio we've come to know and love from this beloved news source. I highly recommend this app to anyone who desires a fast and efficient recap and analysis of today's financial (and maybe not so financial) news. Great app!
  • Mobile website better than this 1/5

    By Stevation
    Marketplace is my favorite radio show, and they've completely screwed up this app. It's a shame. I have to use the website on my phone. It keeps getting worse with recent updates. Now it won't even play an entire segment without crashing and then you can't make it go back to the spot where you left off. It's dangerous because I like to hear it when I drive and now I'm fiddling with this stupid app. Skip the app and use the mobile website.
  • Finally! 5/5

    By Alejandro 2
    Great product!
  • Buggy! 1/5

    By DockMan990
    That says it all. Never a really dependable app before, now it's literally useless. The complete opposite of the show itself.
  • What happened? 1/5

    By JMRhino
    Used to be a great, simple to use app. Now, with no downloads / caching and a terrible menu interface, it is unusable for listening to Marketplace on my drive home.
  • Please bring back the earlier version! 1/5

    By Fan from NJ
    Did anybody think of talking with the users of your app? We would have told you one of the best features was being able to download shows for later listening. Please fix it!
  • Ruined my favorite app with bugs! 1/5

    By Watpol9
    I used to use this app every day, and it was my predominant news source. This new version is so buggy it's useless. Last night I spent my whole 20 minute bus commute trying to listen to the show and never got it to work. Click on a show and it doesn't download. After several tries it may download a few minute segment. The other night I got it to download what I thought was a whole show, but then after a minute or two of listening it started jumping around between segments within the show. In the old version, I could download the whole show and then listen to it in the basement gym where I have no Wi-Fi or 3G access. Now I can't seem to get it to ever save an episode; it always goes back to one episode it saved from last week. How do I uninstall this and go back to the old version? I can't believe that a group that can produce such a good show could come out with such an incredible disaster to ruin our access to their show.
  • Episode interruptus 1/5

    By GregAuto
    I drive through rural dead zones on four trips a week. Previous app versions were great because full episodes downloaded immediately so I had a buffer across the dead areas. Appears to stream now, so programs drop. Need Kai in full doses.
  • Wow 1/5

    You ruined this app with this update
  • Bug, thinks it is off line most times I start the app 1/5

    By MKEastsider
    Really horrible upgrade. Bugs. Doesn't see connectivity (wifi or LTE) most times I launch it.
  • The update ruined it! 1/5

    By Freddo92103
    This used to be one of my favorite apps. I would use it literally every day to listen to the marketplace pod cast. I now find it unusable. Not that the app is broken - they just screwed up the design so poorly that I'm not able to enjoy my podcasts anymore.
  • Power hog 2/5

    By Loosingjuice
    This new version sucked 20% of my battery in less than one full podcast. It never happened before, so I can only assume it a power hog.
  • Go Back to the Old Format! 1/5

    By graylocks
    I liked having access to complete shows. I do not like the piecemeal approach being the only option.
  • No downloading episodes? Boo! 1/5

    By Ssbud
    The whole reason I had this app was to download and listen while on the road. The last version wasn't great, but at least it had that basic function. This new version looks fancy on the surface but has lost major functionality. Regretting I updated it.
  • Best way to get marketplace 5/5

    By SpillyMcDeez
    Love this app, well designed and very easy to use.
  • It's OK, sort of 2/5

    By Texas reader
    Since the podcast app turned into such a terrible experience I switched back to this. It's got some issues like it will crash if you touch the play button before the download is complete and it keep download the Marketplace Specials from last bloody September. It still beat Apples Podcast app but really, you want to be compared to that?
  • Don't bother downloading-this app lacks important functionality 1/5

    By totally random name
    I really like the Marketplace shows. They are wonderful radio. Unfortunately, this app is terrible. It restarts a show every time you pause the show and close the app. This would not be a fatal flaw by itself, but for some bizarre reason, there does not appear to be any fast forward or rewind functionality. I would recommend not bothering with this app until such time as it is repaired.
  • Good App but frequent crashing and limited content 3/5

    By bx01z
    I use this app frequently and it crashes often. Typically, it crashes if I try to press play before all of the episodes queued are downloaded. I sometimes have to use Apples Podcast app instead due to crash-frustration. It would be nice to view the website within the app and it would be nice to have the additional audio referenced in episodes that say more information is available at marketplace.org. People using this app are the most constant consumers of marketplace and this app would be better if it was more inclusive of all things marketplace.
  • Crash! 1/5

    I love Marketplace, but this app crashes more than crash test dummies. I just use podcasts.
  • Doesn't Work 1/5

    Great content. Terrible app. Crashes repeatedly even after shutdown and relaunch. Save yourself a lot of wasted time and frustration. Same content is provided via Apple podcast app.
  • Wish it worked better 1/5

    By Cash Nasheri
    The app closes sometimes when you try to play an episode. It doesn't download automatically. When you press play it shuts down. When it work it works well but it doesn't work well consistently.
  • My 16gb doesn't have room for your cloud 3/5

    By Jewsus83
    Why not have the option to stream like the rest of your public radio app brethren? Also, I really don't have the space in my little phone to hold 7 days worth of podcasts. I wish there were a clear after 3 days option. Right now the min is 7 days. Okay hope that was constructive. Love the shows, not the apps. Also. Your music is kickass.

APM: Marketplace Radio app comments


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