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Apollo for Reddit

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  • Current Version: 1.2.1
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Christian Selig
  • Compatibility: Android
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Apollo for Reddit App

"Apollo is the best Reddit client I have ever used. Period." - iMore "Apollo makes the wild world of Reddit more accessible than ever before, and it may just be the best designed social feed app I've ever used." - MacStories "Apollo is the only Reddit app you need." - TechCrunch "Beautiful, modern, and fast." - Mac Rumors Apollo is a beautiful Reddit client built for fast navigation with an incredibly powerful set of features. Thanks to features like the Jump Bar, fully customizable gestures, and a super-charged Media Viewer, browsing Reddit has never been this amazing. It's created specifically with iOS design guidelines in mind, so it fits right at home on your device, and with input from thousands of Redditors helping sculpt and perfect it over several years before launching: - Jump Bar, for super-fast hopping between subreddits - Super-charged Media Viewer for an amazing experience viewing images, GIFs, videos, albums , and more from a variety of sources. - Tabbed interface for easy navigating - Incredibly powerful Markdown composer for writing comments and posts - Full inline Imgur uploading, both images and albums - Large or compact posts depending on your preference - Dark mode (can be automatic) - Fully customizable gestures - Safari View Controller for browsing articles and links - Inline previews of media in comments - 3D Touch support - Beautifully organized Inbox - Filtering and blocking - Face ID / Touch ID / Passcode lock - Moderator features - Tons of settings to tweak - GIF scrubbing to go backward and forward in time - Multiple accounts - Powerful search - Full Markdown rendering - Unobtrusive Volume Indicator As well as much, much more and it's constantly evolving. If you have anything you'd specifically like to see, come to the ApolloApp subreddit and we'd love to hear it! Apollo is an unofficial app, and side effects may include an incredible browsing experience.


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Apollo for Reddit app reviews

  • Can you mark flair when submitting posts? 1/5

    By texjer
    Not gonna pay money to find out. Please answer and I’ll boost the rating. Did a google search and only found results for the unicorn sea creature app.
  • Gold Standard for Digital Products 5/5

    By PeopleLiker
    The free version was so good, I bought the paid one just to thank the developer.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Solid Program
    This is App is significantly better than the official Reddit App.
  • You have to pay to upload! 1/5

    By Kjatus
    Prefer this App over the official Reddit one. But you have to upgrade to Pro to upload images.
  • Left-Handed Mode 5/5

    By Jake072
    Hello! I love your app but I would love it even more if you could please add a left handed mode! Inverse buttons while using my right hand would make navigating the app for us lefties so much easier. Thank you, that would be awesome! :)
  • Best reddit app 5/5

    By alsonotkenm
    Apollo is the best reddit app I’ve ever used. It has great functionality and a beautiful aesthetic.
  • Great 5/5

    By Ruzzle777
  • Simply the best reddit experience on iOS 5/5

    By Chromo_dynamic
    So intuitive, so easy to use. I’m glad I can use this amazing app to fuel my reddit addiction! Also get the Pro version. Very worth it.
  • Not something I want my name attached to 1/5

    By A worried addict
    It’s definitely a 4 Star app
  • Multi-account sign in broken 2/5

    By AndyAndyAndy3
    All of my accounts randomly got deleted from the app and attempting to sign in to a second account no longer works. It just signs in and asks permissions for the first account again. Don’t ask me to rate.
  • Best iPhone Client 5/5

    By DaBull
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By Ayniss
    No promoted posts, and overall better than the official reddit app. My only issue is that when I’m listening to music, gifs will cause the music to pause when they come on screen. Not sure why since they’re just gifs, not videos.
  • Read the Release Notes 5/5

    By krevbot
    That alone should be enough to prove that this guy a) knows what he’s doing and b) cares about great app development.
  • Great app 5/5

    By abbaflabbajacks
    I’ve been an iPhone user for years. I’ve never found an app worth paying for until this one. Very clean, very easy to use.
  • Perfect App 5/5

    By Son_of_Jacob
    I have had a smart phone since near the beginning (2010-ish). This is the first app I have ever purchased and the first app I have ever rated. It’s that good.
  • Big old good boy 5/5

    By Incredible!!
    What a good job you did :)
  • For the real reddit 5/5

    By Kyotime-
    This is much better than offical one. I can save for gif!!!
  • Fantastic 5/5

    By nomccabe
    Best Reddit app
  • Doesn’t hide 3/5

    By What????t
    Overall it’s one of my favorite reddit apps. Easy to use. However, when I hide posts and then refresh the dashboard, all of the posts I hid come back.
  • Just Amazing 5/5

    By Aquaflare8
    The app, the developer, the experience of using the app. These are all things that seem to be continuously growing in a positive way and I really do recommend this app.
  • So much better than official Reddit App. 5/5

    By Lolztar29
    My only complaint is inability to move the “skip to next parent comment” button like you can on the Reddit App.
  • Best Reddit app out there 5/5

    By KimKayAnn
    Apollo is easy to use and has the features you would want in an app. This app most closely resembles Reddit desktop ( not the less desirable new version)
  • Good App, could use some possible UX tweeks 4/5

    By Repo2
    It would be nice if there was a bit of a grace period for having to unlock the app again with touch id. Sometimes my screen will time out and it's annoying to have to unlock my phone and the app again. Toggle blur for NSFW posts. Haptic feedback when tap-to-close closing comment threads. It would be nice to peek and pop the image and the comments together, not one or the other
  • Literally better than reddit itself 5/5

    By Penguin_Games
    “Like, a really smart and stable app” -Donald J. Trump
  • Excellent Reddit app! 5/5

    By U never no
    Easy to use, very intuitive! Better than the regular Reddit mobile app for sure!
  • Best reddit app on the market hands down. 5/5

    By ParadoxMatthew
    Christian really is a 5 star developer and should be a role model for any future devs.
  • Oh you have to pay for the app to actually post a new topic? 1/5

    By B5g2
    I was using the Reddit app for the longest time. Got a new iPad mini and decided to give Apollo a shot. Seemed great at first but started to get frustrated at the fact I couldn’t figure out how to post anything. Upon researching this, I now find I need to purchase the app in order to “unlock” this feature. Nope.
  • The best Reddit App 5/5

    By allen ma 876
    Can't fault this app. Use it daily for browsing my favorite subs, and am constantly impressed by the flawless user experience; a model app that as a developer I strive to achieve. Well worth my money. Hope the dev keeps it up.
  • Good Reddit app, with one huge flaw. 3/5

    By __Geronimo__
    The app is great. I’m a beta tester as well (since the very beginning) and the app has steadily improved since I first started using it. There have been great strides made. In my opinion it’s one of the best looking Reddit apps available on iOS. It also offers a large degree of customization for gestures, themes, and accessibility features. The app is also reliable and rarely crashes. So if you tried the app in the past, and had issues with crashes (memory leak?) I’m happy to report that the issues seem to have been fixed. With all of this praise it would be easy to think that the app is darn near perfect. This isn’t the case, and unfortunately the one major flaw the app has, is a bit of a deal breaker for a lot of people. For reasons that have completely escaped me the developer of this application decided to forgo the use of the Notification Center. You heard that correctly; there isn’t any way to get message, comment, or post replies other than opening the app and checking for them. This is a deal breaker and ruins what is otherwise a great app. For the life of me, I haven’t been able to understand this poor design choice. Notifications are a necessity at this point, and I can’t think of a single social media app that doesn’t implement notifications. Really disappointing since this flaw forces me to use other Reddit apps. If the developer adds the much needed notification feature I’d happily increase my score to five stars. The rest of the app is really that good. Without notifications though, the app is crippled, so it’s receiving three stars today.
  • Very Nice Reddit Skin! 5/5

    By Noahholland200
    I commonly use this over the Reddit app, and although it’s hard to get used to at first, it becomes a lot more fun to use once you learn how to use it!
  • Best Reddit app I’ve ever used 5/5

    By StevSarm
    There’s no better app. Not even the official one.
  • Alien Blue All Over 5/5

    By the real diablo
    This is by far the best replacement for alien blue I have found. If you want a good reddit app look no further, seriously this is better than the official app
  • Fantastic App 5/5

    By SunShineRecorder
    Easily the best of all Reddit clients, which says a whole lot considering there are some other really good options. The developer is active and open with the community and continues to create something special.
  • Satisfactory. 5/5

    By Extra Moist
    completely adequate.
  • You should be able to post without spending money 3/5

    By An angry potato
    I understand that you guys need to make money, but putting an essential part of Reddit is a bit of a problem. The app itself is amazing and is hundreds of times better than the official app but putting something as essential as posting something to sub is a bit too much. This app has so many amazing features that it really is worth it to donate some money, but putting something that important behind a paywall rubs me the wrong way. I really would rate it 5 stars if it wasn’t posting that was behind that wall
  • G u c c i 5/5

    By blindforlove
    The gestures are very intuitive and the developer seems to work very hard to keep the app updated. 11/10
  • A great way to use Reddit on mobile 5/5

    By Jashter
    I have used every Reddit app available on iOS, and Apollo is it. It simply works. Everything is customizable, from the way it displays posts, to which gestures do what. You can even customize the icon. It surpasses the official app by miles, and is completely worth the small price. If you are looking for the right app to use Reddit on your iPhone, this one is it!
  • get apollo 5/5

    By carter thump
    as someone who used alien blue until it stopped being updated, apollo is 10x better. you won’t regret getting it!
  • Best Reddit App out there 5/5

    By DeathtoRap
    Has many features and smooth design.
  • Great app 5/5

    By yeeeeyeeeeee
    The app is formatted perfectly and very easy to navigate
  • Excellent reddit app. The best available for ios. 5/5

    By aclockonmywall
    This app, even the free version, is far superior to reddit’s offering. For a few dollars, you unlock the full and deep customization features of the app and support the development of the app in the future. Excellent stuff, can’t recommend enough.
  • Amazing app! My favorite way to browse Reddit on Mobile! 5/5

    By xdxguy
  • Please add more subreddit filters 4/5

    By 2cray2throwaway
    I need to block more shitpost subs that keep popping up on All but have reached the max cap of 100. Please add more!
  • Wonderful app 5/5

    By Jace wilson
    There isn’t a better ios reddit client out there. Works amazing and has a wonderful developer who is always looking to fix bugs and communicates with the community.
  • Recent update ruined swiping 1/5

    By sdoregon
    The dev turned the sensitivity of swipes down which has ruined the swiping gestures. I frequently have to attempt swipes multiple times making what used to be a very pleasant interaction model deeply frustrating.
  • Freaking Outstanding. Tried and True 5/5

    By mflorer
    I’ve been using Apollo for a while now, and I must say... this app is BY FAR better than any other Reddit app available on the App Store. I’ve tried a few and have found not one better. The entire experience is exactly what one would look for when browsing Reddit. In fact, I prefer using this app over browsing from my computer. One thing I like most about Apollo is the developer’s attention to people’s wants/needs. He genuinely cares and that can be seen quite clearly through my use of this masterpiece. This dev is who all devs should aspire to be. /u/iamthatis, you are my hero.
  • Great 5/5

    By Donnie Doiskavic
    That is all
  • Great App 5/5

    By Nick Carrasco
    Initially the app had technical problems to which some features were not available. With the recent update, the app fixed a great amount of bugs and issues it was having. Phenomenal display with the feed.
  • Pretty awesome except for one miner setback 4/5

    By pandamax
    Well, I love this app. Kudos to developers. But there’s a tiny issue when it comes to saving gifs, some times the app won’t save certain gifs. Hope this get fixed soon.
  • Superior to Reddit APP 4/5

    By 4ssignment
    I know you guys gotta make your money but at least let us create posts without having to pay.

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