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  • Good content; no external video on iPad? 3/5

    By jefe2000
    Love the content in this app. Great stuff! I can’t figure out how to play video on my iPad to an external HDMI display. The audio goes to the external display, but the video stays on the iPad, so only three stars for now.
  • 62837 5/5

    By DanNeighbors
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  • doesn't work on catalina 1/5

    By lilmonimoni
    doesn't work on catalina
  • This App ruined my phone 1/5

    It seems like a good app too bad I couldn’t use it because my phone start acting up when I tried to open the app. It’s been turning on and off, I force restart it and still wasn’t enough had to restart settings and delete this app to work again. Now I’m scared if I download it will happen the same thing. UPDATE: My phone is still turning on and off. I am extremely mad that a single app destroyed my phone omg. Who is going to be responsible fr this?
  • Good but crashes 4/5

    By gustapro
    Pretty nice app, but it’s been crashing like crazy every time I open and do something it crashes. And sometimes is even if I don’t do anything.
  • New year, same problems 1/5

    By lpr2012
    Every year I’m so excited for WWDC, and every year I’m so disappointed by how bad this developer app is. This year the iPad and iPhone version doesn’t crash as much, but now the Apple TV version doesn’t sync at all with the iPad/iPhone/Mac version. Like why the heck not? The Apple TV version also crashes every time new content is available on the main WWDC tab. There’s no way to mark an Apple TV session as watched. Finally, the Mac version of the app gets hung up all the time. It just stops playing the video and spins. Sometimes pausing the video, going back to the menu, selecting the video again, and playing resumes. Other times it will cause the app to crash and when you re-launch, the video will start from the beginning. I seriously don’t understand why this app is so incredibly terrible. You watch all these sessions about what not to do in an app, and even have Apple reject you many times because your app does these things, and then the Apple developer conference team puts out an app with all these problems that would get others rejected from app review.
  • Code Copy Not Working Right 3/5

    By Fltof2
    The "Code" section is nice, but the copy and paste functionality doesn't seem to be working other than for individual lines, and you can't drag a text selection. I'm using Developer Version 9.2.1 (921.2.2) with MacOS 11.3.1 on an M1 Air.
  • Sync with Desktop 3/5

    By Herr Rogers
    Although I’m signed in on both the desktop and iPhone, it doesn’t seem to sync my bookmarks or videos I’ve watched. Super annoying. Also, why is it asking me to enroll when I’m already enrolled?
  • No 1/5

    By straight from da 90's
    Don’t download it doesn’t mean it’s a waste of time
  • Good App 5/5

    By Marvel901
    I been using this app for some time and it’s a good app try it out and you’ll find something about the app you will like so give it a try.
  • Developer tool 5/5

    By apple tool
    Can I get my test flight invitation code please
  • Please, I need some help 3/5

    By Porojnicu
    Hi, I have downloaded the test flight app and I didn’t get any code to activate that app. No public link and no email. What should I do. How it’s working. Thank you!
  • Too complex to use. 1/5

    By Goo1825
    This app needs some design overhaul. I cannot find basic stuff like videos!
  • Not running on MacOS 10.15.7 1/5

    By THGD
    This product page says the app is compatible with MacOS 10.15 or later, but I have been trying to run it under macOS 10.15.7 on an iMac and it crashes immediately after every launch. The crashes persist even after deleting and reinstalling the app. If it is incompatible with macOS 10.15 Apple should say so.
  • Crashing on launch 1/5

    By daverobeson
    Can't review any changes, because it won't launch.
  • Latest Update crashes trying to open 1/5

    By Amazing Iceman
    This latest update keeps crashing when trying to open it on macOS Catalina.
  • Crashes when trying to lauch on late 2012 iMac 1/5

    By CagleRacing
    Nothing much to review because the app immediately crashes when I try to launch it.
  • Crashes on launch 1/5

    By bradfordpear87
    I guess one way to improve the interface is to just get rid of it.
  • Great Until Updating 3/5

    By BDollar
    This is a great program, but updating takes a minimum of 2 days. So I no longer try to install it. Life is too short
  • Company worth trillions? 1/5

    By worldanon
    Apple worth trillions but connectivity issues to even enroll? Pathetic. Liberal logic.
  • Rename it Developer Crash 1/5

    By dale.eshelman
    Update.... I’ll be damned. Two months later and still crash not fixed. Because that is all it does on iPhone XS Max iOS 12.4. Can’t upgrade phone because Apple famously employed its new feature - eliminate compatibility with older Mac OS devices. On the plus side I bought a refurbished 2019 which is my $3500 bookend because I can’t even migrate data from older Mac to the new bookend iMac because migration assistant, or rather Apple, has decided they need to reset all administrative passwords and promote ALL limited users to ADMINISTRATORS rather than my password server!!!! CONGRATULATIONS APPLE for enticing me to buy into a lockdown worse than CA and NY combined since September 2020. Now it is December 2020 and don’t expect Apple to end lockdown any time soon.
  • Great! 4/5

    By zaneenders
    Love the app and being on anything. Can we get the Xcode documentation on here. I would like to look through it on my launch with out my laptop.
  • Crashes iPad 14.0.1 1/5

    By andy_0
    Will not open. Crashes on launch
  • BOOO 1/5

    By Classydojo
  • Useless on iPad Air 4, iOS 14.3 1/5

    By DelawareMathGuy
    Crashes on startup. That is all.
  • Crashes immediately 1/5

    By Larikang
    I see the word “discover” for a split second and then it crashes. Nice.
  • Still compatible with iOS 12 5/5

    By Tim D cook
    This iPhone has iOS 12 and had it downloaded before this and still works fine (thanks apple!!!!)
  • Crashes on iPad 1/5

    By SigmaFly
    Crasahes on 2020 iPad Pro, that’s just embarrassing for a developer app to not work on premium hardware.
  • App crashes on open 1/5

    By Kazi Sorrentino
    Can’t even open this thing
  • Convoluted MESS 1/5

    By Hippymule
    The UI in this developer app is a mess. There's not directions on how to sign up, and nothing but useless videos. I can't really use tutorial videos if you hide the option to enroll or submit anything. I can't believe a multi billion dollar corporation is allowing this sub standard nonsense, and some shmuck is making 6 figures for this sloppy mess. Time to endlessly dig through your terrible documentation and mediocre Youtube tutorials to figure this out.
  • Useful 4/5

    By coughski
    Useful, but missing some basic features on Mac, like multiple windows
  • Can't install anymore 1/5

    By NaxthorTM
    On my new Macbook Pro M1 it will not download. It just sits at installing.
  • I recommended 5/5

    By mostafahsh
    Very good
  • Awful and inconsistent icon 1/5

    By devinside
    Please reverse the icon or remove the white outline. It doesn't fit with the rest of the sysmtem, even in Big Sur.
  • Can I make apps 4/5

    By hansel norville
    It is a good app I guess but how do I make apps? I really want to create apps so I can do stuff.
  • Not true Xcode 1/5

    By Curtis.ramirez
    This isn’t the Xcode you’re thinking of. They hyped this like it was going to be the full Xcode experience on your mobile device. It seems like it’s just a tutorial app on what Xcode is. But it is not a developer program like it is titled. Waste of time. Honestly feel the reviews are fake or forced by paid users.
  • Nice but needs a little work 3/5

    By Starcraft387
    I do like being able to have access to all of these videos and presentations from within an app instead of having to wade through Apple's developer portal to find what I'm looking for. However, it is missing a couple features that seem like no-brainers to include. One is the lack of a search bar. If I want to find something like the WWDC Keynote videos, I still have to scroll down the sidebar and try to guess which category it might be filed under. The other that I've found so far is the fact that videos do not play fullscreen by default when you press the "fullscreen" button. You need to fullscreen the app first and then the video will go (almost) fullscreen. There is still this annoying lingering bar at the top of the screen that you can't get rid of even when playing in "fullscreen". Furthermore, the cursor doesn't disappear when playing a video fullscreen, either. You have to manually move it to a corner, but you can still see the tip of it. Other than that, this app is pretty convenient.
  • Overpriced 1/5

    By NoMore42
    The Apple Developer program is nothing but overpriced junk.
  • Playback Speed Control Clunky 3/5

    By Coalesence
    Thanks for a developer app! Really appreciate the work that is going into it. I know it's new, but I have some feedback about the playback speed control. It feels like a toddler's toy when I have to "mash" a button and go in cirlcles to select the playback speed I want (while missing content as it passes through the 2x setting). A quick fix would be at least a modifier key to go backwards through the order. ;) But eventually it would be nice to have more fine-tuned speeds options and the ability to quickly select the right speed from a drop down menu or something.
  • Why no iPad support for Xcode? 5/5

    By ifoundmyfitbit
    If iPad is supposed to replace a computer, then why can’t you bring Xcode to iPad?
  • A nightmare to enroll 1/5

    By Ethaye
    Scanned my ID and got a message asking me to contact support team. Did so but only got kicked around a few times and was asked to upload photos of my ID to a site *twice*. Then they told me they to had to escalate this case to the operation team and they could not provide an estimation on when it will be reviewed. After a couple days I asked them to contact this so called operation team for an update and was only told there’s no way to obtain an update unless the operation contact the support back. Now I’m just here sitting and waiting forever, which is a completely unacceptable customer experience
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Daniel Springer (iOS Dev)
    Canceling a video download crashes app Cannot remove a video from Continue Watching
  • Great app 5/5

    By iiGalaxyKoala
    I use it mostly to watch the Apple Events from every year and mostly about other information too! 🙂
  • Glad it's finally on Mac, but the text resolution still needs improvement :/ 3/5

    By CodeSwiftUI
    I love that the Developer app is finally available on Mac, though I found the low resolution text kinda annoying to the point where I ended up only using the app during WWDC. And I think the last update worked on that, but it's still pretty blurred, so it would be really great if you could fix that :) Thanks!!
  • Wallet 1/5

    By ggyy7890
    Can you fix the Apple Pay can’t use
  • Ability to renew Apple Developer Program in app 5/5

    By threcius
    It would be better to be able to renew Applde Developer Program in this app in China like the iOS version of this app. A lot of people havd difficulty to renew Apple Developer Program in China with Credit Card, so this would be a nice feature.
  • Fix the audio 2/5

    By Koynoyno
    Audio quality is awful on the speed different than 1x EVEN AFTER THE UPDATE. I have the same problem with Safari and this is the only thing preventing me from using this browser as I hate to watch videos on normal speed. I've sent multiple bug reports regarding this question and there are a lot of Reddit topics about this problem as well. Please fix it.
  • Great 5/5

    By Doelilnad
    Got it
  • Not functional on the Mac 1/5

    By T.Cakes
    This app should not have been released on the mac store, as it does not work. Works fine on the iPad and iPhone, but I'm reviewing this on a macbook.