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Apple Podcasts

  • Category: Entertainment
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  • Current Version: 3.7.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Apple
  • Compatibility: Android
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Apple Podcasts App

Discover audio stories that entertain, inform, and inspire. Explore shows you’ll love from entertainment and comedy to news and sports. Features: • Stream millions of shows. • Save your cellular data and listen anywhere. Simply download the episode to your Library. • Continue listening on all your Apple devices and see your latest episodes in Listen Now. • Find the most interesting shows picked by our editors, and the most popular shows in Browse. • Explore updated categories, and collections curated by our editors.

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Apple Podcasts app reviews

  • How do you take a poor app and make it worse? 2/5

    By 212 Dad
    Apple Podcasts is already a terrible app, but the new update is HORRIBLE!!! I had to reset all of my preferences, it keeps puting and playing "deleted" podcasts in my queue, it defaults to some information page about the podcast instead if playing it. There is probably more they made worse, but it was already terrible. It doesn't actually download podcasts most of the time, so when I go to listen to something and don't have Internet, it sits there trying to download something that it says is already downloaded. The speed control is not granular enough. Why are the only choices in a list next or last? I could go on and on. I give it 2 stars because finding a new podcast is pretty easy and it doesn't crash. I went through the painful task of figuring out how rate this stupid thing just to tell Apple how horrible I think this app is. Hopefully they will fix it - in a good way this time.
  • My Subs are not saving.. 3/5

    By Smitty-J
    With the new updates for iOS all my podcast selects have disappeared. Now I am required to sign and or subscribe to the podcast that I remember I had subscribed to previously, if I can remember all the names. I am also required mark all the episodes that I previously payed before as payed. This has made me want to change my podcast streaming app.
  • Each update reduces utility 1/5

    By AwareOfTheTyranny
    The recent update is a step in the wrong direction. Any podcasts that I listened to regularly, but was not subscribed to has been relegated to the ether. Having to hunt them down individually and subscribe to each of them seems like a step in the wrong direction. Also, with each app update at least one podcast that I’ve been subscribed to and listened to for years marks each episode in the as unplayed and starts downloading all of the older episodes. Maybe the exercise of marking each of the individual episodes as played and removing the unprompted downloads is Apple’s way of getting users familiar with the new user interface.
  • More of a long Adverstisement 2/5

    By TommyDnKC
    I've listened to ten episodes, after hearing the host Mark interviewed on a distinguished podcast. This podcast serves primarily to sell/promote their online products. The products are the "investors toolkit", which to make any sense you then are advised to purchase their "basic" coaching, in which you're told a "few" of the "secrets", but you're still struggling and the answer is to then buy the 'elite coaching'. And even then, to the host and his co-hosts own admittance, they hold back some of the "secrets" that have made them successful. Pros: Interesting guest every once in awhile. Cons: Biggest was a large waste of my time. This podcast very much reminds me of the old-school gambling radio shows, where its pre-recorded and if you wanted their "locks" of the week(for betting), you'd just need to pay them a fee to get their insight. Same business model, but with land. If this subject interest you, find an expert who has written books on the subject, instead of one who makes all his money from never-ending "levels" of premium priced coaching. Interestingly, when you do get to the ultra pricey 'elite' coaching... your craiglist posting somehow starts to get offers. I'm not mad at their scheme, but people need to be aware. Thanks.
  • Rem 3/5

    By Mrs.brady
    Sweet app, I have a 4, and I couldn't find this app until recently
  • A solid Podcast Player.Period 4/5

    By racerhomie
    It may slow down on really Old Hardware.But beside a few a bugs on iOS 7 ,it has been a joy to use .The UI is simple and The Content is Great. Both Liberals and Conservatives can enjoy the content , and so can independents.So I hope when I upgrade to iOS 10 in 2018 ,I will continue to get an A Grade Podcast Player.
  • Works poorly 1/5

    By WarriorKalinda
    Every time I open the app, it spends a lot of time and data downloading the same 10 podcasts that were ready when I first installed the app. Over and over I mark them as played, only to have them return each time I start the program. It does the same thing on the built-in version for newer phones, but I hoped this glitch wasn't on the app. It makes it completely unusable. I'm about to delete it and try a competitor.
  • Wow dude I Gess you like it 3/5

    I kinda did not get it at all So I gess since yo made it I'll give you 3 stars You just download it to iCloud not iTunes
  • I love it 5/5

    By Ashton reeves
    I love listening to joe santagato,shane dawson and rhett and link its the best way to keep up with their everyday lives🙏❤️😍