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Discover podcasts that entertain, inform, and inspire. Explore shows you’ll love from entertainment and comedy to news and sports. Features: • Stream millions of shows, from the biggest names to the best independents. • Access premium shows with subscriptions. • Follow shows and save your favorite episodes to your library. • Listen seamlessly across all your Apple devices. • Easily discover new shows through expert curation and personalized recommendations.

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Apple Podcasts app reviews

  • 3x listening speed 5/5

    By bugs 2022
    Dear Apple, I listen to the podcasts at 2x speed but still a little slow for me can you please add two enchantments: A. Can you please 2.5 and 3x speed reed B. Can you please have the podcasts read pdf so I am able to read downloaded pdf books so I can delete other reading apps Thank you
  • It works, interface is clunky 2/5

    By Devo422112
    Most people listen to podcasts in the car. If not driving, then doing some other activity that involves their hands. This interface is one of the worst for navigating through content.
  • Simple, Good Web layout 5/5

    By Onyi😎
    Podcast has been my go to app and a another great way to spend my free time when there is nothing else to do do or I when I would like to learn something new.
  • best podcast UI/UX 5/5

    By Dancer4EV
    Easy to use. Plenty of good content.

    By maggie my dog
    idrk i’m even writing this i’ve never used it
  • Bible in a year 5/5

    By a.franks
    Easy to follow. Wonderful commentary
  • Stud show 5/5

    By 71 North
    Great show with genuine warriors on here. Thanks
  • The silence of the Conservatives 3/5

    By cucuy family
    I've noticed that I can find lots of left leaning podcasts. But I can’t seem to find any of the conservative podcasts I like listening to. I’m no hard core conservative, but it really upsets me when voices are being controlled and censored. Unfortunately this is the world we live in and it needs to change.
  • Love Podcast 5/5

    By Vapeman#36
    Great you have plenty of Israeli options and other news too and, amongst other things.
  • Huberman 5/5

    By Cyndance
    Im loving the content and delivery! So good !!
  • 1 star because of all the amateurs 1/5

    By Richyrich1111111
    Seems to me no one wants to work these days, Half the podcasts are a joke. No one cares about your bad hair day or pointless convos with your girlfriends or guy friends. I don’t care about your tiktok learn to make money or add value to peoples lives. Sorry not sorry.
  • Who Knew Learning and Loving could be so much fun? 5/5

    By Dropdead Cookie
    This is my very first podcast review and I feel compelled to highly highly highly endorse this very moving very intimate conversation that I feel privileged to be part of. Keep up the good work and let’s go team!
  • Crazy good 5/5

    By freem1
    I’m pretty sure these guys are crazy but they are entertaining.
  • History 2/5

    By Jewl242
    Apple Podcasts don’t save search history and they barely show the podcast you last listened to in your listening history. It’s so frustrating for me and i’ve lost so many good podcasts because they weren’t in my history and I didn’t remember the name of the station because I had just started listening. It’s so frustrating.
  • LOVE the content, HATE the app. 2/5

    By 4rtm
    This app is so hard to use. I’ve been using it for years and constantly feel lost & frustrated. I am not a newbie to tech, and have experience in user experience design. This is possibly the worst Apple app. Please redesign!!
  • Libros para emprendedores 5/5

    By PorfinClaudiasedecidio
    Excelente autor, me encabeza el material, la narrativa es clara y concisa con sentido de humor que lo mantiene uno atento. Excelente material!! Me encanta !!!💖💖💖💖🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️
  • Educate your mind 5/5

    By obbink
    Excellent researcher and Christian speaker on what is happening in our country…our world.
  • Annoying. 1/5

    By LDering
    Every time I open the app it’s stuck on a certain Podcast. Even through I’ve been listening to a new show! I have to go find the one I’m listening to and find where I left off!
  • The only app I actually hate 1/5

    By YourBasicMelissa
    You have to clic too many times to get a simple episode. The icons are counter intuitive. Hate it more every year
  • The Charlie Kirk Show 5/5

    By Gailcav
    Very wise man
  • Kash 5/5

    By wow1v
    Very informative and stays on subject. I learn a lot along with receiving substantial insight about current events.
  • Love them! 5/5

    By LynnC55
    These girls crack me up. So glad they are doing another podcast!
  • Buggy App 1/5

    By G-ermanium
    This is the buggiest app I use. I never see timely updates when it gets buggy.
  • A break 5/5

    By RickyBobby86
    Finally found something different from the repeat of every song to the disappointment of government failure. Listening to fiction stories to this week in history will always keep my mind captivated.
  • Real and raw 5/5

    By Kavenk
    Girl make more this podcast is so good and the 1st episode really helped me so much
  • The best thing for people who are serious about winning! 5/5

    By sierratroyer
    I love the show! No ads, nothing being sold to me, and straight to the point equals entrepreneurial bliss!
  • Exactly what I needed 5/5

    By Foodslayer80
    Jenna Thank you for the tools you giving us mommas. I actually took notes on your podcast and can't wait to use my notes in my home with my children. This is exactly what my heart needed to hear today. Please keep doing what you are doing you are changing homes, changing hearts and helping us mommas. I truly can't explain how badly I needed your podcast. The way you deliver the message is loving, caring and you truly want us to learn. Thank you over and over again for this podcast. I especially loved the ending where you prayed over us. I was able to close my eyes, lift my hands to God and pray with you. I felt Jesus around me, I felt the love. I will be praying for you momma and this amazing podcast! (( hugs))
  • Coaching at Its Empathetic Beat 5/5

    By SueB_MileWalker
    Andrew La Civita - amazingly insightful, Coach! Always showing up with your A game, at your empathetic best, with Your insights and tips for follow through.
  • I Love this for US 5/5

    By Wking0210
    I’m so happy to have a space just for people of color. As you can see by other commenters… the “Chalk brigade” is always out here to ruin anything that isn’t for them. But this is OURS and we LOVE IT!!!!
  • Best GM/DM podcast 5/5

    By Adultish
    It’s the best, helped so much in running my first campaign.
  • Great Show. 5/5

    By CameliaWill03
    I love this podcast and enjoy the various topics.
  • Praying 5/5

    By mirianaEP
    Lord teach me how to pray for father Mike and all our priests, religious sisters. Brothers and missionaries in the world
  • Need a sway to keep history 4/5

    By AnneAlethia
    There needs to be a way to keep history of podcasts listened to, without saving the whole podcast.
  • Can’t ever save recent played podcast 1/5

    By Smart Person 9.0
    This app is crap absolute trash how does it have such high rating. It keeps reverting to random podcasts that you are following instead of something you were listening to 30 minutes ago. That moment you realize Apple people can’t make a working iOS app.
  • I freaking love this podcast 5/5

    By Leisha1226
    10/10 highly recommended. I love the energy.
  • The Best 5/5

    By Culehand80
  • Apple Podcasts 5/5

    By Fiona Elizabeth Yamin Denehy
    Apple Podcasts is one of the best apps for podcasts
  • I hate this version of the podcast app 1/5

    By Wordbuffer
    I hate this version of the podcast app.
  • Lovely 5/5

    By Solykk
    Hi The app is awesome But sometimes the playback speed 1 1/4 is fast and 1 is slow Will there be a fraction in between? 😅
  • Lifelong Learning 5/5

    By colttaylorseddy
    Best platform to learn, grow and develop as a professional, spouse and parent. Very easy to navigate through shows/episodes, etc.
  • real outlaws 2/5

    By buzz dewitt
    The platform is nearly impossible to use. I am surprised anybody listens. The program was fine.
  • Great Coverage 5/5

    By Mathias Ssemanda
    I came here for The Prince Podcast about Xi Jinping— Arguably the most powerful man in the world.
  • Great Reseller Podcast 5/5

    By Part time Paul
    Finally an entertaining reseller podcast!!! I’ve listened to a lot of reseller podcasts (A lot of them!) and they all sound exactly the same. Usually these reseller podcasts go like this, Here’s me telling you about all 20 packages that sold this week and I’m going to fill up this 30 minutes of the podcast by going over them one by one. (ZZZZZ- that’s me falling asleep half way through them.) In the last 5 minutes they get super excited and state here are the bolos for the week! What they don’t tell you they’re not really their bolo, but the same tired bolos that you’ve heard and seen a million times from other resellers like, Revere ware pans, don’t pass those up! Your podcast is unique, you never know where it’s going and you barely talk about reselling and bolos. It comes across more casual - like friends catching up and annoying each other. Keep up the good work.
  • Wendy Bjork Covid long term segment is a must listen 5/5

    By Amyrh3314578
    As soon as I heard this, I forwarded it to a friend who clicks off so many symptoms discussed here struggling for answers. Thank you for having guests that have meaningful information to your audience.
  • Don’t be fooled by the boosted reviews, this app is a mess. 1/5

    By bntheWilderness
    Don't be fooled by the high reviews for this app. Apple is bringing the reviews for individual podcast shows and using them to help boost this apps rating. The podcast app, in it's current form, is almost completely unusable. AirPods have a lot of issues staying connected while using this app (this doesn't happen on any other app), the podcasts you're listening to often pause, then when you go to play them again that podcast has lost the location you were at. It's an embarassment, honestly. Why doesn't this app work as well as some of the other Apple apps? I highly highly recommend going elsewhere for your daily podcast consumption because this is just going to leave you frustrated with the overall experience. Apple, you can do better than this.
  • So applicable, and relatable! Love it! 5/5

    By 8405mdell
    Easy listen, applicable and relatable. Love the perspectives and how they present real life.
  • Love 5/5

    By PenPenPenny!!!
  • Good to hear your voice again! 5/5

    By Tophersky
    Great stuff Kevin, so glad to hear you once again! Keep it up, stay healthy!
  • Best Fantasy Advice Period! 5/5

    By Edwin McCora
    The show where you get to hear more than one opinion and the guys are not scared to disagree or agree. Perfect!