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Apple Store App

The Apple Store app provides a more personal way to shop for the latest Apple products and accessories. Get recommendations based on the Apple products you already own. Find out which accessories are compatible with your devices. Easily upgrade to a new iPhone from your current one. Keep track of your orders wherever you go. And sign up for hands-on sessions in store. You can even use Apple Pay to check out from your iPhone when you visit a participating Apple Store. Note that the Apple Store app and certain features are available only in select countries. How your data is used To confirm compatibility and recommend products, the app will access both the services and the name, model, and part number of devices linked to your Apple ID. To turn off this feature, go to Account > Settings > My Devices and Services.

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    By iHxetrz
  • Things are a little too over priced 3/5

    By Gamcor5
    I think we all can agree that the last version of this app was very good and is possibly better than this.Everything is great but I went to the game and tows and found a ball for 99.95 USD, then I found a wireless controller for 50.00 USD. WHY THE FREAK IS A BALL MORE EXPENSIVE THAN A WIRELESS GAMING CONTROLLER! Apple if you are reading this I beg you to change the price on a few of the products in the store.
  • Yeah 5/5

    By landon0902
    Love it the app
  • The worst ever 5/5

    By the wrost ever
    You should not buy
  • Hello 5/5

    By qweerrtyyuuiioop
    Thesmootheone wrote a review about this app that I do not agree with. She wrote it was a horrible app and you should not use it. THIS IS THE APPLE STORE APP NOT APPLE MUSIC
  • You’re falling way behind Apple! 1/5

    By 1tjsepe1
    I spent many $1000’s on Apple products over the decades (latest iPhones upgrades for me and my wife, iMac, iPad upgrades) Well I don’t have any major complaints against your products, nevertheless, your upgrades since iPhone 6 and several iPads have been quite meager to say the least. Take the LG G8 ThinQ for instance. I won’t embarrass you here on this review as to the phenomenal features and capabilities of this phone for more then 1/3 less of the price! Since Steve Jobs passed on… You guys have been struggling to keep up! You have the money… Buy whoever you need to give a hefty salary to start making masterful upgraded features again! Also… And most importantly… Make it a bit more open and compatible with android. Too much self or sole proprietor subscriptions we have to purchase to have ease-of-use and smooth transition too many apps
  • E 1/5

    By Ten points to gryffindor
    Stop emailing me PLEASE
  • Military store in Apple store app 4/5

    By Fox McLain
    I’m only writing this here because I cannot find a place to make suggestions for the Apple Store app. I’d like to suggest that you add the capability that when you sign in with your Apple ID, that you can link the military site to it so people that have verified their credentials can shop that site via the app verses opening a browser window in safari or firefox. Other than that. It’s a great app.
  • i tunes card 4/5

    By reckless.Isty
    I want to buy I tunes card by Gift voucher. is there any way?
  • Ship location 3/5

    By SFOhio
    If there is a way to edit the shipping location details before purchasing with Apple Pay, it is not intuitive. Had to place a long call to customer service afterwards to do so.
  • Becoming more and more dissatisfied with apple products 1/5

    By yallsuckas
    Products my be convenient but every product I’ve purchased seems to have a time line where it just begins to break. Planned obsolescence 100% totally.
  • Not Good!! 1/5

    By -EddMac
    Want an Apo, not another new iPhone!! PLEASE!!!
  • The BEST! 5/5

    By MamaMcCauley
    Rarely, if ever , do I experience such courteous, knowledgeable customer service as you have w/Lara! Thank you! Mama McCauley
  • Apple money 5/5

    By jellyhotlanta
    I just Love how much easier it is to pay for everyday things. Coffee at my favorite coffee shop, I just let them scan my phone for Apple money and I’m on my way!!! ❤️ Thank you this App Rocks!!! Busy Mom Solo
  • step ya game up 5/5

    By Tishaila
    So my phone isn’t letting me iMessage or FaceTime. It’s happening to all my friends and now I can’t contact my mother. Please fix this whoever is in control.
  • Unsatisfied too 5/5

    By compburnout
    I agree not the phone I thought...prob switch back to android soon
  • To CRISTa 14022 3/5

    By little dutch51
    One voice does matter! And you’re completely right about the Apple phone as well as the other Apple products. They charge top dollar for other products but put many constraints on how we are about to use this technology that we pay premium prices for. There are some remarkable things you can do with this phone in terms of photo editing and many other things that the cheaper phones can’t do. Perhaps well you have your $775 phone you can venture into some of its attributes and that might make up for the things you lost and give you more enjoyment for now. I think it’s so important that none of us feel like our voice doesn’t matter. I have the same reaction to many times that especially when it comes to these corporations we just have to speak up.
  • Ipad is dead 1/5

    By mlgipad134 (fortnite user)
    Look apple, you disabled comments on youtube so this is it. Your stupid 400$ piece of trash won’t charge. If steve jobs was alive, the 64gb would be 200$. And made in usa not stupid china. You have to do something my brother was so upset. Do something with your “made in china” thing. Give back our money or give us a new ipad. You killed our enjoyment. I thought apple was a nice company made their devices fast strong and beautiful. But i was wrong. Why don’t you make your stupid trashes strong? Or made free fix? Or do how to fix the problem? I don’t want to destroy another tablet. Give our money or give new ipad or fix this one. Read this comment.
  • Apple iPhone X 1/5

    By Shinystars222
    It it so sad that no one will take responsibility for the performance of this phone. This very nice-looking phone is not working well at all. I have made numerous calls to AT&T as well as Asurion concerning coverage that I am paying for on the phone. Each agency blames the other. No one will accept responsibility nor replace this useless device. It continually drops calls, cuts out during a conversation, etc. I have no alternatives to find a replacement. I am locked into a contract with this phone. I would not advise anyone to purchase this particular phone for any reason.
  • Omg easy quick would recommend 5/5

    By Chas fla 1
    OMG So easy to use! Quick order time. Worked with Apple Pay! Thanks I would recommend for all ages and tech abilities!
  • For just a few countries 4/5

    By iJemeli
    Need to be available in more countries
  • Love this app 5/5

    By haywutsuphello
    I love this app so much it’s so convenient for me to see all the accurate prices and everything is so easy to find i got both my Apple Watch and iPhone from the app i couldn’t live without it
  • RockJock PA 1/5

    By rockjockpa
    The App Store removed Inconvenient Facts app. Why?
  • Apple app 1/5

    By Leoiki
    Hi this is Darnell Leoiki and I would like to Cancel my Apple Music. My number is 8082857145 if u need any information please Apple Music. .
  • I 5/5

    By freechicken
    Hey I like it

    By fed up with improvements
    WHERE IS THE OPTION TO REVIEW THE “APP STORE”? “Free” apps requiring subscriptions should be clearly stated. The App Store should have a separate category (OTHER THAN “Free”) for apps that actually require a subscription in order to use it. Such apps listed as “free” are disingenuous, misleading, and sleazy. Please stop allowing the practice without requiring a statement on the FIRST PAGE of the description, in large bold font, stating that a subscription is required to use the app. Developers will argue that such a notice will reduce downloads. Well, yeah, fewer people will be duped into downloading an app they don’t actually want, and downloads will be based on merit rather than deception . STOP PROMPTING ME TO SETUP APPLE PAY! I don’t want to have to keep clicking “ Not Now”. Give me a third option: NEVER! I don’t want Apple Pay, now or later. Period. I don’t want it. Why do you keep PUSHING apps on us with no options? I’m DONE setting go up my iPhone - I’m NOT going to be setting up Apple Pay now or at any time in the future - I DON’T WANT IT! I DON’T WANT FRICKIN APPLE PAY!
  • Needs to be cleared I don’t use it. I’m connected 1/5

    By None 305
    Can’t see most of this I’m connected to everything privacy can connect throw it. O
  • Dumb app 4/5

    By Cardi B 1$$$
    This app does not show the picture of what you want to see
  • Good 5/5

    By Vytoka
  • Yeet 5/5

    By more yeet yeet
  • Make the account independent of the account in settings 2/5

    By g04w47
    I use different account for iTunes Store and apple store but I can’t use the app as I can’t login to my apple store account independently. I know if I log out/in in the settings app it’ll work but it’s ridiculous as I have to switch accounts every time I want to shop through the apple store app.
  • Apple store 5/5

    By baldlfkfhfhsbs
    This app is convenient for any time of a new app, but it seems to not take order request correctly
  • Charged the wrong account and won't let me switch 1/5

    By HodgesHodges84
    I made a purchase through the Apple store app, trying to use my gift certificate credit. I place the order, then I happened to find out today that the purchase went to a separate credit card without my knowing at the time of purchase. I called a representative to try to get them to switch it to the get certificate balance, but they said the order was already invoiced and I could no longer make the change. I also couldn't be issued a refund for the order until I receive the product in the mail, at which point I would have to return it, then get a refund, then order a whole new product again with the gift certificate balance..... Did not expect that ordering from Apple would be such a mess.
  • Very good mate 5/5

    By Bridderblog
    I love all the features it is very detailed and I like things detailed. That you apple for all of the things you do for everyone around the world. Why do people criticize apple when they have you something that you are typing on to type this. Think before you do thanks.
  • Self Checkout Glitches 1/5

    By KeepOnRunnin93
    Major problems with self checkout. Had problems getting it to work to start with. Finally bought an item and couldn’t get a receipt which obviously caused lots of problems leaving the store. Horrible experience.
  • Thank God I’m a veteran 1/5

    By D C Stanberry
    And respect my last few minutes I have concluded I cannot wait Apple courts will decide and maybe get your form but out of my country I kick people out of their own country next You I will keep everybody updated on the review part until I’m giving a gag order or it’s settled it’s out rages to be miss treated by a foreign company we cannot tolerate this nor will the president Donald Trump he hates China I’m becoming disgusted with Apple I believe that gives just can’t come and grout he didn’t like with the Chinese detail and I don’t like what Apple To me To see in the area arguments or you can contact me and settle this out of court take your choice
  • I want to cancel a subscription to Calm app 3/5

    By renegade mimmie
    Why is it so hard to get help to cancel a subscription
  • Easy 2/5

    By Sunshine0386
    Very easy but also very bland and boring
  • Duplicate/Multiple purchases 1/5

    By Grounds fir divorce
    I made a purchase on this app and it was duplicates and charged to my credit card over 20 times. Then a refund was refused saying the purchase was final. I had to contact my credit card company to address the fraud.
  • iPhone 3/5

    By MoonlitDoomZero
    Don’t get me wrong. The iPhone isn’t a bad phone. However, I own an iPhone and an Android. The iPhone pales in comparison to the Android. No questions asked. For one, the Android has a SD Card Expansion Slot, something that Apple did not incorporate, at least mine, into iPhone. Android has more apps and usability than Apple by far. Apple costs an arm and a leg for less. I can pay the exact same amount for an Android of better quality than an iPhone. In other words, Android has beaten Apple (especially Samsung’s phones). Apple has many great and wonderful products, but, they need to work over that iPhone and catch up to the times before I will buy another.
  • Hi my name is mason I need for delivery 3/5

    By mason sobhan.
    From Apple Watch
  • Cool 5/5

    By hdkekejeh
    Yeah it’s a very cool company
  • Up 1/5

    By AwesomeGirl2038
  • Was going to install and spend $ 1/5

    By Shadoe Haze
    Shop for a new iPhone... But since you won't let me download even free apps.... Guess I'll get the new Google Pixel. Congratulations, you played yourself.
  • Apple store blocked by Apple in Sudan. 1/5

    By @Loss
    I have bought a new I-pad Pro for more than one thousand dollars since it was released in October 2018. And I have used several older I-pads before that . I used to live in the United States, but now I live in Sudan . Unfortunately in Sudan I cannot update any of my I-pads , and I cannot buy or use any app from Apple Store because these Apple services are unavailable in Sudan ( Blocked by Apple ) . I am surprised that Apple sells products that it does not support with such updates and app services ! ??? I understand that Sudan was once under some USA trade sanctions, but these sanctions were were cancelled by the Obama administration more than two years ago . Why Apple is continuing to impose its own sanctions against Sudan ?? Please unblock updates and apps services for your customers in Sudan. That is the right thing to do . @Loss
  • ? 1/5

    By c00lkid69420.
    why can I no t unitale this
  • Very Bad Service!!!! 1/5

    By Mwilborn
    I’m leaving over an hour later and NOTHING was done to my 6week old phone that I have apple care on! I’ve been to this store since it opened and usually have acceptable service....but not today!

    By Xcat07X

    By DLAGamer
    This pisses me off so much!!! By not providing a headphone jack, you guys are clearly forcing us to get airpods.. 😤😤 I lost my headphones and it is a freaking struggle for me to go in the store and look for iPhone 7 headphones!! It is just so annoying! What is the screen smaller!! That is the second thing that pisses me off! The freaking screen is smaller that the iPhone 6 screen!!! Ok...SO WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THE IPHONE 7 LITERALLY!!!!

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