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Apple Store App

The Apple Store app provides a more personal way to shop for the latest Apple products and accessories. Get recommendations based on the Apple products you already own. Find out which accessories are compatible with your devices. Easily upgrade to a new iPhone from your current one. Keep track of your orders wherever you go. And sign up for hands-on sessions in store. You can even use Apple Pay to check out from your iPhone when you visit a participating Apple Store. Note that the Apple Store app and certain features are available only in select countries. How your data is used To confirm compatibility and recommend products, the app will access both the services and the name, model, and part number of devices linked to your Apple ID. To turn off this feature, go to Account > Settings > My Devices and Services.

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Apple Store app reviews

  • Apple Care 5/5

    By 🈷️💮㊗️🉐✴️📳🈴🈷️☢️🈸🈷️
    The new version of this app has to have a lot of fun for home and the app itself works well and do things in our homes but what about Apple Care?
  • Far worst 1/5

    By iphneloyalty
    You guys are horrible and lazy and don’t say what your advertising
  • والله يا هلا 😃 😁 و غلاً 5/5

    By " الحلوووووو "
    والله يا قلبي والله ما عندي شي والله العظيم سلام 🙋 👋 كيف حالكم طيبين والله يا رب العالمين يا ربي الله يا سلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
  • Awesome 5/5

    By bfghdrjkyeeypj
    Awesomely I think that this app is awesome highly recommended
  • THE WORST! 1/5

    By idhwoidheuidh
    I am trying to get a apple pencil but it doesent work with apple pay! Its says “your account regions are blah bla blah” AND I CANT GET THR APPLE PENCIL I HATE THIS STUPID APP
  • Overwrites Address 1/5

    By Beginningmeditator
    When I checked out I entered a billing and shipping address. After I completed my check out, it overwrote both my shipping and my billing address with an old one saved with Siri. I know they aren’t the ones I entered because the old billing address was in a different state and wouldn’t work with my card. I had to call FedEx and have them return the package to sender. It was a huge hassle and the app should use the address I enter.
  • Fckku 1/5

    By ứ chế cái lozzz game
    Trash product
  • Forcible update or unable to use. 1/5

    By RYCwithMRT
    I have used my iPad Air for 7 years and it’s on iOS 12. I wanna buy a new one (Air 4th Gen). Requires iOS 13 or later!?! Why you idiots are trying so hard to keep your customers out of your house??? Beyond shocked.
  • Censorship 1/5

    By liv_omj
    Apple made the decision to remove all social media platform apps ran by conservatives, for example Parler, and have silenced a sitting president simply because they didn’t agree with him. Trash!!!
  • Is a nightmare 1/5

    By Coronado10
    Apple products are good, until start having problems with the iPhone and never get to solve the problem. So apple products became disposable, Chinese 👎
  • Apple is rubbish 1/5

    By nazi apple
    I will be selling all my Apple products and never buying another Apple product period! You take apps the public likes and ban them well remember without customers your platform is nothing and you’re about to see me and my family and the business we own/run will be Apple product free everything we own Apple is going as we speak
  • APP Store 2/5

    By gfhvfcb
    I can’t open the app
  • Free Parler 1/5

    By Water2soul
    I do not agree with apple restricting Parler access.
  • Apple 1/5

    By Brysonb3
    Awful services!! Apple is such a bias company, it gets butthurt when they come out with an app that doesn’t support their agenda or side. #Trump2020
  • Bad performance 1/5

    By AppGroup/80AC
    Works very poorly
  • 1984 1/5

    By William 2.9
    Pigs 🐷
  • Good, but will not add 1/5

    By Catty Nanav🐱
    It will not add money
  • Good App 5/5

    By AcKindaSus_08
    Better Than
  • Un-American 1/5

    By dj jazzy128
    Blocks apps that believe in freedom of speech. Wish I had known this before buying this crap phone.
  • Two-Factor 1/5

    By BobFelix
    I didn’t know where else to put this. So I’m putting it here. I absolutely resent Apple’s two-factor. It is forced on us without asking us whether we want it or not. I do not want it! I do not need it! Maybe the FBI and the CIA need it but I don’t. We should be able to choose. Apple is acting like a dictator.
  • No longer can support a company that’s against free speech 1/5

    By Rich6744
    As someone who left a socialist country, and who’s worked in other repressive nations on business , I’m STUNNED that apple would ban Parler! Free speech and the FIRST amendment is about hearing ALL forms of speech. If what some says is wrong then let their ideas be exposed and debated in sunshine. What you have done is no different than China Cuba and Venezuela. I cannot support a company that would take part in destroying the Cinstitution of the greatest country of freedom in the planet. No further support from me, and I truly believe Steve Jobs would be rolling over in his grave if he could witness Apple today.
  • Screwed 1/5

    By asakdien
    If you have an iPhone6 or older forget it because you need iOS13 or newer to download. How dumb is it for Apple to not support its OWN app!? Don’t they want people to use the app to purchase other Apple products? Just seems stupid.
  • App Store 5/5

    By candy r boyd
    App Store had apps I had never seen before. The apps were very fun and useful
  • Markshowband 1/5

    By markshowband
    Doesn’t work on 12.5.1. Should I throw my iPad Air away?
  • 20210119-Update does not load 1/5

    By Rick the V
    fix it
  • I can’t even open the Apple store app itself 1/5

    By kittycupcakes01
    It says it needs to be updated but is stuck on “updating.” I tap on it just for it to disappear then reappear that I have to update. So annoying.
  • iPhone’s are no better than Samsung 1/5

    Well let see, I just paid 1,400 for a Samsung ultra note 20 and I uninstalled that Cvirus app, then two days later the last thing on my screen was a big purple nothing and the phone was dead. Now I bought ANOTHER UNLOCKED PHONE, this time I only spent 700. Glad that’s all I spent, between the apps I can’t get, my reviews DISAPPEARING, and apple’s apparent censorship of free speech, next phone will be a satellite phone, I understand that you can even get smart satellite phones. Hopefully if I have to go to those lengths, it will be “SMARTER” than these other companies phone and management. We shall see.
  • Apple store app 1/5

    By william prues
    The app no longer works with 12.5.1 on 5s phones. Says I need 13.0 iOS. Can’t use Apple Store or Apple support. Why would they allow 5s phones download 12.5.1
  • Ban on Freedom of speech 1/5

    By sickofzukenfarts
    Apple is one of the first to take a step into socialism and turn its back on a large group of reporters, bloggers, veterans and those who dare to search for truth. Apple is part of a much larger wave of anti American traitors, tyrants, socialist and communist who use their wealth to suppress your freedom.
  • Useless 1/5

    By MrArizona!
    No longer compatible with an iPhone 6(not 6s) requires iOS 13 or later, my iPhone is up to date with iOS 12.5.1 and can no longer use Apple Store app. Apple must not let apps be updated to future versions of applications if no longer available on the device in use. Forceful hardware upgrade.
  • Apple is horrible!!! 1/5

    By M77954
    Apple is horrible - can not trust the company!!!! Give us back our FREEDOM OF SPEECH and stop taking away apps from the American people because you don’t feel they fit YOUR beliefs! Such a disgusting company! Shame on you Apple!!!!
  • I'd like't but their is a problem 3/5

    By ابو ليث من بغداد
    I've got download it for a couple of months and i did like it but today i just open the app and there was a writing say's there’s an updated for apple store and i go update it and now it’s won’t updateing
  • Apple 5/5

    By Jalayne 101
    I hope you guys read your reviews. Being greedy is Not the answer. Be Warned!!!!!!!
  • Stopped working with iPhone 6 1/5

    By frog xyz
    Subject says it all
  • Apple is prejudiced 1/5

    By MnAmom
    Apple, you are the WORST !!! I can’t wait to dump my over priced phone for something more affordable. Bring back Parler to the App Store. Why are you afraid of free speech? Please spare me any explanations that people on Parler were inciting violence. There’s plenty of evidence that people have incited violence on Twitter and Facebook over the course of 2020 and you didn’t dump them from the App Store.
  • Not what it used to be 1/5

    By Lоli Hеntаі
    The platform is difficult to navigate in comparison to previous versions.
  • My next phone upgrading is not a IPHONE 1/5

    By Nic3179793618
    My one star is for taking off things that may not be liked by you. ITS NOT ABOUT YOU!!!!
  • Apple censorship 1/5

    By Silberfuchs of Dalaran
    Apple, our journey has been almost a decade. Your recent decisions on censorship has brought me to this point. I will be purging all apple product from my home. We’re though. Thank you for showing your colors.
  • Clean, Simple, Beautiful, and Straightforward 5/5

    By NeeCee21
    You see I am the type that doesn’t like apps to give a slew of confusing options and unnecessary content and spam. ASA is an app that gets what you want with the least steps as possible. And it’s beautiful to boot! Thank you Apple for making shopping easier, especially through these COVID times 😁💕✨
  • Truly upsetting to see 1/5

    By jamesjr193193
    It really is depressing to see Parler be kicked. Hitler is alive and well running Apple!
  • Review 1/5

    By Hotrod Rusty
    Apple is a scam! When buying a new phone!
  • Apple TV bait and switch 3/5

    By Trum4455
    I purchased two new Apple Products this year. Each one constantly sent notifications to use THE FREE APPLE TV APP. Seeing the ad the first time, I attempted to use the free year, but was only able to watch Apple TV once. It then disappeared, AND I never was able to reactivate it. After buying a new IPad, I wanted to try the Apple TV for sure, so I set it up.. I could never get it to work on my TV, so never used it at all. The problem, I inadvertently signed up for an App called AIR APPS PRO. This began charging my account $4.99 A WEEK! Since I occasionally make purchases, I didn’t pay much attention to this, but finally realized it was recurring weekly. I have spent an hour cancelling this, second attempt as the first one was not successful.. I finally called my bank and made a formal complaint. When I tried on the Apple end, I got the message there was no charges available to dispute, I called the phone number and the message said No representatives available, call could not be completed, and they sent a text to the dispute page. My bank easily credited these charges back, helped me ensure the subscription was cancelled and hopefully will send a message to Apple, but I doubt it. This is a pure scam, and I hope this helps just one person avoid even one weeks charge. I’ll skip Apple TV for now, delete the free year on principle, don’t use it anyway. It is one thing to subscribe and forget to cancel, but to have an app attached you don’t want or need I call fraud. Hope this review helps. CAVEAT EMPTOR
  • £$ hungry greedy company. 1/5

    By Lamina999
    Tired of not being able to download free app because my pockets are empty Can’t wait to throw y’all away after 10 years
  • Mmm 2/5

    By chikis/
    No está en español y la presentación para descargar la app está en español
  • Apple 1984 1/5

    By conserative mike
    Sorry to see Apple has taken a position to silence conservative value. Once my apple products need upgrades I will be buying other products Sad to see you go you were a great company. Christian conservative Mike
  • Make a screen mirroring app 5/5

    By Daegan!!
    Wish u guys would make like a screen mirroring app and put it on xbox or something im looking for a decent free app i can screen mirror my phone screen to my xbox id trust apple more then some random app
  • Apple is a being un-American & a bully 1/5

    By loveandrage
    Apple is dropping and threatening Apps like Parler who refuse to track and censor their customers. Apple needs to quit being the social police and trying to control the flow of information. It is un-American to limit speech!
  • Sad time for Apple 1/5

    By Terrysubury
    For the past three Christmases in a row I bought iPhones for family and this past Christmas I bought three I watches. I am very sad that I invested so much of my family‘s money in a company that censors freedom of speech. I picked Apple to support an American company and now I feel deceived. There will never be another Apple Christmas in our family.
  • Once again 1/5

    By Chas0321
    Apple is confounding. In the midst of a pandemic Apple acts as if life doesn’t get interrupted. Apple is also impossible to reach — apparently I sent my watch back without deprogramming it but is there a way to remedy the problem and to send in my password? Of course not. So Apple sends it back so it continues its burden of non biodegradable pollution of the planet and deprives me of the trade in value. Nice job Apple — nothing like knowing of just how dehumanizing AI will be in the hands of a monopoly.