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Apple Store App

The Apple Store app provides a more personal way to shop for the latest Apple products and accessories. Get recommendations based on the Apple products you already own. Find out which accessories are compatible with your devices. Easily upgrade to a new iPhone from your current one. Keep track of your orders wherever you go. And sign up for hands-on sessions in store. You can even use Apple Pay to check out from your iPhone when you visit a participating Apple Store. Note that the Apple Store app and certain features are available only in select countries. How your data is used To confirm compatibility and recommend products, the app will only access the name, model and part number of devices linked to your Apple ID. To turn off this feature, go to My Devices in Account Settings.


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  • Unnecessary door slam 1/5

    By chrismurray11
    The app functions well as long as you’re constantly updating it. Apple forces you to use the app to buy anything - apparently it’s website is reserved exclusively for desktop users - and then always requires the most recent version of the app. Instead of “it just works” - the old slogan of Apple when it was rising to prominence - we just get a door slam and have to update the app. No other app I use requires the most recent version to simply use it and I likely wouldn’t continue to use that app if it did. No idea why Apple continues to seek to alienate customers. If I wasn’t this deep into the Apple ecosystem I would have finally decided to take my business elsewhere. It seems Apple is actively looking for ways to make their products less functional. Update 8-12-2018: Unsurprisingly, I go on to consider buying an updated iPhone for my mother and BOOM! Doorslam again, must update app to continue. Removed another star because I just updated this (totally functional) app a couple months ago and, yet again, another completely unnecessary update forced down my throat. Why constantly try to make it more difficult for customers?!?!
  • Because 1/5

    By 4F4469A3B
    Because I can’t comment on the actually AppStore app. God. Let me tell you how horrid you’ve made it to use now. You can’t find anything. Trying to actually find good new stuff is nigh on impossible unless it’s some crap chosen by your boring editors. Why in God’s name did you remove collections? Are you idiots? I was happy with the old AppStore. I could actually find stuff. Now half the stuff I paid for is gone because you had to force every app developer to conform to your crap. And I cant find anything worth my time. Mostly because there is no freaking way to. I’ve been with y’all since the beginning. And now. I don’t know anymore. With everything else. You guys are gonna end up a dead company in ten years keeping this crap up.
  • So Flaw 1/5

    By The__Sage
    Hello to whom it may concern at Apple, The fact that auto-brightness is now under accessibility options is the reason for this 1 Star review. Not to mention EASILY breakable phones (preventable, but revenue generating), slowing down older phones via updates (causing people to want to buy new phones even though theirs are 100% physically ok), not supporting flash, changing the headphone jack to monopolize the port, etc. I’ve only spelled about your flaws in the iPod/ iPhone industry however many exist in your computer industry as well. Such as saudering parts which are normally easily replaced and preventing updates to devices which are powerful enough but too “old.” Try honest business in 2019, I’ll bet it works out better for you. Thank You, Nathaniel Talley
  • Talk about rigging and censoring 1/5

    By Josh E2000
    I’m giving this 1 Star is because someone name Tim Cook wants to censor Alex Jones
  • Can’t update my apps 1/5

    By MissCapricorn
    Why can’t I update my apps ..... and this stupid iPhone keeps freezing up wth
  • Virtual Reality 4/5

    By CaptainBlu622
    Personally, this sorta seems like a marketing trick, a free app that makes it easy to buy more products from Apple. It is, actually. But it does sell pretty decent things, but can you sell Google Cardboard?
  • I love it, but please allow a way to add gift cards from Wallet. 4/5

    By ScottN
    I love this app, buying items by scanning with my phone and not having to wait in line is incredible. The only bad thing about this app is there’s no way of linking a gift card in your wallet with the app (even two Apple employees at the store confirmed it). In wallet, a gift card has an Apple Store icon but clicking it does nothing but open the Apple Store app. It doesn't apply the gift card to the purchase.
  • Getting boring 1/5

    By Chuy @ Sacramento CA
  • My iPhone 6s 5/5

    By StacyH007
    I have a used IPhone 6s and I was right in the Boost store before the 90 day warranty was up as they'd promised my boyfriend to send him an email after giving me a confirmation number. I've been waiting on the box to put the faulty phone in as well as then to send my replacement phone. This is very wrong
  • Banned Alex Jones for hate speech? 1/5

    By Ihop23947
    LOL questioning the official story isn’t hate speech. It’s also protected by the first amendment. It’s deeply disturbing what is going on right now. The mainstream media controls what we know, search engines like google censor what we know, Facebook is censoring speech and now apple joins the party. I didn't know I lived in communist China. I WILL NOT be buying the next iPhone. I’ll save my thousand dollars.
  • Great App Such Store WOW 5/5

    By addi-bb
    iPhone I can haz faster with App WOW!! Go to store learn all things! Photography brain can haz? Moovie editing brain can haz? With app brain CAN HAZ WOW!
  • Worst app 1/5

    By apleenvy
    Obscure 2 is said to be exclusive app for free. But when I click on the link to download I see error processing. Tried almost for more than 10 days before I realized this app is a bluff.
  • Games 2/5

    By wisebubbles
    How do I cancel games I am being charged for and have tried to cancel. I don’t want to pay for any games. I want them all cancelled.
  • 12.9 inch iPad Pro 5/5

    By Ndongo M
    You guys need to get it together and create another fabulous giant iPad for those of us who don’t want a laptop.
  • Easy up grade 5/5

    I ordered the upgrade to X it was at my office in less than an hour and set up ready to go love the new service great service
  • Don’t! 3/5

    By SSJim
    There are problems. I can’t change stores.
  • Canceled Orders 1/5

    By justcallmekd
    I’m not happy with the app. For some reason it keeps canceling my order. And I need my new laptop before school and it canceled the day before it was supposed to come. And I purchased an iPhone X and an iPhone 8 and it canceled after thirty minutes !! I deserve a FREE iPhone X, iPhone 8, and MacBook Pro with touchbar!! Just saying.
  • Great way to shop 5/5

    By gizmo1221z
    Easiest way to browse and buy your favorite Apple products and accessories. I especially like being able to shop for Certifed Refurbished, bought 2 iPads this way. Self-checkout at the store is so cool! Wish more retailers offered this.
  • Find 5/5

    By billsailor
    Looks like I can’t get to load all my phone because App Store has a balance on Hulu that I can’t get too. For $11 and cents
  • Confused 1/5

    By DJ Storm J
    Where does it allow us to search for apps like it was before?
  • App update 1/5

    By cale8675309
    I had to sign into the Apple store just to get the app itself to update... 😐 what is the deal with that?!

    By danwert
    Imposible iniciar sesion con mi ID de Apple y contraseña. Me da un codigo, lo ingreso y no me permite iniciar sesion. Que pasa?
  • Arrogance 1/5

    By tash13579
    Arrogance sums up the customer service experience. What a waste of a good product
  • Never Have Had A Problem 5/5

    By Clurichaun
    First, this is a review about the Apple Store App, not the Apple Store, the App Store, your phone carrier, etc. I’ve pre-ordered through the app, scheduled pick ups through the app, plus you can shop around just as well as going to the website. As for Apple‘s service, in general, I have had their employees bend over backwards to help me out. The app is great, what happens after using the app is another issue.
  • Do not purchase through app for store pickup 1/5

    By JantzenCrews
    I purchased AirPods at 7pm for store pickup (said it would be ready by 8pm). I showed up at store at 7:30pm. The store rep said they couldn’t help me and that I would have to wait for processing. 8pm came and the store was still empty so I asked another rep to check and he said that I would have to wait as I continue to see them bring AirPods out for in store customers. 8:15pm came and I called Apple Support, which called the store to ask what was taking so long....the store rep reassured Apple Support that it wouldn’t be much longer. 9pm and the store is closing....frustrating and I asked to speak to a manager. The product came out shortly after I ask to speak to the manager.....only 1 hour over due!
  • 영국과 비슷한 물리학의 나라 한국 애플스토어 방문기. 5/5

    By Lheéi-LhaåiHyiunn.
    Apple Watch Series에 필요한 Nike+ black/white 밴드(M/L)를 구입하러 한국시간 Sat, pm12:00에 한국 강남에 있는 신사동 가로수길 APPLE STORE에 가니, 이상한 얼굴윤곽을 한 여직원이 내게 신분로드맵을 요구하며 해괴한 전화를 걸라고 내내 이상한 짓을 했음. 나는 이에 응하지 않고 잠시 다른 고객분들 틈에서 생각에 잠긴 뒤 이 이상한 serena라는 외국인 이름을 가진 여직원이 국제사법심의를 거칠 필요가 있음을 애플사와 유럽의 왕립법원이 있는 귀국에 건의드렸음으로 해당 미친 여직원은 금일 사해되었기를 바람. 유럽입자물리연구소 정책집행위원장 이라현.
  • suggestions 2/5

    By FlaMingO Loves
    HOW about you bring back the reverse image search on our iphones so that we don't have to do it on our computer. I used to be able to do the Reverse image search but now I can't. Bring it back pls.
  • Money 5/5

    By angred person
    Everything is so nice I can’t afford it
  • Apple 3/5

    By Diane Pappas. Soccorso
    I need software update
  • Very annoying thing 3/5

    By staunchnortheasterner
    I don’t like it that the icon to look at my favorites in the top right goes away in the Search and Bag tabs. Please fix this, Apple. I’d appreciate that.
  • Please (to apple App Store makers) 5/5

    By Fo,fo
    I don’t even know if this is the right place to do this, but on the App Store used to be able to go in the cloud in the apps you have already downloaded. And now you can’t do anymore I’m just wondering if someone could bring that feature back because my family and I and most people know really miss that features or you if you could please add that bag isn’t even the right app to do this on. But it was on the App Store or you could see apps you like have it already downloaded or‘s have some time downloaded and I would like that feature bad because if you didn’t know the name of an app he used to have and want to re-download it you could just go in the cloud and look for it. Please make this come back I don’t even know if this is there an app to do this on because it’s on the App Store that this feature used to be on.
  • 😓 1/5

    By GBMV6Speed
    Are you guys going to step in and help me out or what? I can't believe you haven't stepped in to help me take care of some of these disputes I'm dealing with. I need urgent assistance.
  • SLO mo 1/5

    By Twenty nine 20
    Why are all of my slow motion videos all of a sudden not playing ?
  • 5.5 5/5

    By DemproSF
    Thank you :)
  • Update don’t work 2/5

    By hisvoice7
    I’ve tried to update apple store app but can’t.
  • . 5/5

    By Samster009
    I just wanted to write something.
  • Could do better. 2/5

    By TxnMariner
    I purchased a copy of Lion so I can reboot my MacBook but it takes FOREVER to get a key code sent through email. I could understand if they were sending a DVD to my physical address, but come on - it’s a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD! If I were to buy a game on Steam, they do not make me wait 24-72 hours before I can use the product I paid for. Two stars for slow service and me being on hold for around two hours yesterday with customer service.
  • Unable 3/5

    By 1bagman
    Despite repeated attempts unable to update app
  • Am a god 5/5

    By RealGayK
    Am a god make me number one or I take your Minecraft account
  • Not easy to cancel appointment. 2/5

    By Redapple8
    Can’t find for cancel appointment at app and email.
  • Nice app for official order 5/5

    By 22-89
    I ordered my iPhone X on this app, a nice experience.
  • Screw you apple. 1/5

    By xcalibur76
    This isn’t about the app.its about you apple.You are a dumb idiotic jerk.i dropped my iPad a couple days promised my you backed it up so I could get a new lied and you didn’t .now a got a new one and all my info is gone and everything I spent money on and I worked hard on..... IS GONE Screw you idiots that are stupid jerks
  • Terrible customer service 1/5

    By Joe t 773
    So my poor 7 year old son that lives 800 miles away from me broke his iPod Touch. Considering this is the only way we get to see each other is on FaceTime. So I went online today on the app and bought him a new one. I picked my closest location for pickup, which is less than a mile from me and paid for it. Figuring I could get it, reinstall all of his apps and get it to fedex by 7. Went to the store to pick it up and the app chose the one downtown? Oh well not a big thing, nope, huge thing. Even though all of these stores are owned by Apple they can’t simply transfer a purchase to another store. All they can do is refund your money, within 3-5 days, and sell you another one. Talked to customer service, and she said this happens all the time, and it’s not right but there’s nothing she can do. She was extremely polite and apologetic but I asked to speak to a supervisor just to vent, when I got him he was combative, it was my fault that the app picked the wrong store. All I wanted was validation that it’s a stupid policy, and I got none of that. It almost makes me want to switch to Samsung after being an Apple user since the first phone.
  • 1-star dedicates to Apple News 1/5

    By feit717
    Since this is the only Apple app I am able to rate and review, apologize ahead to Apple Store team, I actually think this app is all right. To Apple News team: I disliked every freaking news about celebrities and entertainment, yet I still get headline story like “You Know What Goes Nicely With Lea Michele's Sexy White Bikini? Her Giant Engagement Ring”. what’s wrong with you guys
  • Just Needs One Thing 4/5

    By tatlist
    I love this app. It is super easy to use because of the user interface. It is simple to find just what you are looking for. The only thing that I wish it would do, is to allow you to share the items you have saved as favorites, to someone looking for gift ideas for you.
  • 5/5

    By felita7777
    Downingtown I FelicitaPerez
  • Trying to look like aSamsung 2/5

    By entrun
    Enough said...
  • Really convenient 5/5

    By DaveDaTruth
    Makes shopping for your Apple products and accessories easy
  • Ivysanantoniotx 1/5

    By ivysanantoniotx
    My new phone was not ringing got tested but am at applr store and they refused to teplace my phoe while it still undet warranty. They are mot honoring my inconvenience
  • 15-20% Off! 5/5

    By AidanDoesApple
    if you leave any item in your bag for a week or so, you’ll receive a discount for 15-20 % off.

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