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The Apple Store app provides a more personal way to shop for the latest Apple products and accessories. Get recommendations based on the Apple products you already own. Find out which accessories are compatible with your devices. Easily upgrade to a new iPhone from your current one. Keep track of your orders wherever you go. And sign up for hands-on sessions in store. You can even use Apple Pay to check out from your iPhone when you visit a participating Apple Store. Note that the Apple Store app and certain features are available only in select countries. How your data is used To confirm compatibility and recommend products, the app will access both the services and the name, model, and part number of devices linked to your Apple ID. To turn off this feature, go to Account > Settings > My Devices and Services.

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  • Impossible to upgrade 1/5

    By arsenal_74
    Tried to upgrade my iPhone. Put in details over 10 times and kept hanging on the final page then taking me to the start again. Spoke on the chat to someone from apple and was literally told to uninstall and go to webpage. What’s the point of the app. Would expect better from Apple
  • Military Discount 4/5

    By Texansjr10123
    Awesome app BUT! Would be more awesome if you add IDme for military members through the app to get the discount at the checkout. Instead of having to to go to that separate website.
  • Quick and intelligent 5/5

    By JJesberg
    I encountered an error when trying to purchase a product through the apple store app, but immediately it gave me the error: I hadn’t updated my card’s expiration date. Sending me right to the setting, I updated without extra navigation and was able to continue my purchase with ease.
  • Iphone 12 upset 1/5

    By bronxNNY
    Here is why I’m upset being a apple user never thought it be apple on not include charger and headphones with there iphone by the time I upgrade my new iphone my charger cable need replace for them not to include them make me want to go to another cellphone like Samsung where they do include accessories sometimes extras on there phone
  • Country selection 3/5

    By akshayrkalra
    Please provide India as an option in the country selection. Since, India  store online is now open.
  • WARNING ⚠️ 1/5

    By et,
    Apple no longer gives refunds on any APP purchases. BE AWARE — SPREAD THE WORD!
  • Cannot log out 1/5

    By Biscontin
    Cannot log out from my iCloud account and log in with my Apple Store account. Basically I cannot use the app. Lost all my previous purchase history. Nice move 🤦🏻
  • Not letting me update 1/5

    By oboubwfouhwrouchrw
    It won’t allow me to update so now I can’t even download games
  • Only primary line can upgrade 1/5

    By TDC0430
    Only can upgrade primary line on Verizon. I have other lines in my account that I want to upgrade but can’t on app!
  • 😡 1/5

    By Bri_2048572920-0375
    I am so unhappy with apple, discontinuing phones faster than I can upgrade. 3 years is not old! This iPhone 12 design is stupid. I love my 8 Plus. The rose gold is perfect and I love the glass back and thin sleek look. I’ll keep this phone as long as I can. Might have to switch to Samsung.
  • Most countries are not supported! 5/5

    By ksockdnspjwd o
    I am from Algeria we have many authorized resellers But we don’t have Any Websites or availability in Lists of supported countries! You have to add Algeria Please we need That.
  • To be honest... 1/5

    By Mr.Br540
    It’s just a huge ol pile of cow crap!! But hey, some folks are lucky nuff to put the crap on there strawberry’s and they soon mature into beautiful natural sweet tasting berries
  • Ghost in English jug and 3/5

    By joe_wethebest
    ✅ Ttt Pogo
  • Ffff 3/5

    By Yeshua21K
  • I just want my money back 1/5

    I just want to know why i can’t get my money off of my apple account that i put on there. that does not make sense. i have about $300 on there because I wanted to buy an iPad that i HAD to send back because the battery died every 30 minutes. Yet i can’t get my money back because i did not use a card or pay cash. But transferring the money off my card was basically paying for it with a card. I don’t even want to wait until the 25th of November for the new one to get delivered but I have to because I CANT GET MY MONEY BACK. everyone I talked to at apple has been very nice about it saying they are sorry. but i just think you guys need to put a WARNING SIGN that you won’t get your money back if you put it on the account.
  • Unusable, wrong account , can’t change 1/5

    By tb2112
    I can no longer use the app as it switched to wrong account with no means of changing it that I can find. Too much work to log out of icloud just to switch accounts , make a purchase , then switch back. Was going to buy the new iphone. Will buy using a computer when/if I am ever allowed back in to my office.
  • Error with payment processing 1/5

    By Gus dm3
    Spent over 30min this morning attempting to get the new iPhone 12 Pro. I had set up my order days ago like it suggested. But when I went to pay, error...error...error, over and over again. Finally, I gave up. When I tried again a few hours later, my order information was gone and now the expected delivery date isn’t till end of the month. Not sure if I’ll bother updating this year. Apple, you might want to make sure your tech infrastructure is working before you do a major product release.
  • Don’t waste your time 1/5

    By thisappisactualgarbage
    Horrible application, got my pre pre order setup the night before the iPhone 12 pre order release. It doesn’t matter that I spent the time in advance to get everything setup when you have a garbage app like this that can’t process the order. I ended up going to the actual Apple website to order the phone and it worked on the first try. Don’t even waste your time with this app, just use the website, it made it so now I have to wait an extra 3 weeks for my phone.
  • Slow, can’t connect 1/5

    By tara ln
    Wanted to use the app to buy the new iPhone this morning because Apple claims it’s easier, but it took 25 minutes to get through the checkout process. Kept getting errors to try again, action was unavailable at this time, and checkout would look like it was trying to open and then stop with no message it had failed. Frustrated this means the delivery date for phone is 2 weeks after initial estimate
  • Bad broken app 1/5

    By applestoreappistrash
    Tried to order new iphone for 30 minutes. Kept bugging out and canceling order. 0/5 stars would NOT recommend
  • Slow and full of bug during checking process 1/5

    By A仁
    The internet interruption made me being late Just a few minutes in the checking process. It caused 10-day late deliver than my friends.
  • Trash 1/5

    By Not so big anymore
    You had one job. When I tried to preorder my iPhone all I got was errors and ended up needing to go to the website.
  • Not working 1/5

    By Imkahlon
    I’m trying to place an order from past 20mins and the app is saying, “an error occurred”, why ??? 🤦🏻‍♂️
  • Worthless 1/5

    By PW272
    Definitely do no use this app during a launch, use a computer !
  • Horrible launches 1/5

    By K Forf
    You know your going to get flooded on launch days. Either let vets, teachers, etc. use there discount in app and make it fair for EVERYONE, or spin up more servers. It’s not difficult
  • Can’t get in 1/5

    By gifusteyrhxgsyc
    I can’t get in the app because the iPhone 12 isn’t available for pre order but I just wanna check wher my package is at
  • Cant use iPad to buy an iPhone with payments? 2/5

    By nidafo
    It’s silly that you can only use an iPhone to buy a new iPhone 12 pro that utilizes the monthly payments option. Why isn’t this feature available to iPad and MacBook users when trying to switch from android to apple. Makes no sense to make it more difficult for people outside the ecosystem. These are net new customers in many instances.
  • Purchase history 4/5

    By CajunsQueen
    It would be nice if it were a lot easier to see itemized purchase history - specifically in app purchases.
  • I can’t update it!!! 1/5

    By pStacyh
    Impossible to open Apple store! It says: you need to update and it just clothing each time. Already uploaded phone, nothing works

    By silverado•
    Sniper 3D Assassin has continually disappointed players with unresolved problems. The game would be great if they would address the cheating and bugs that constantly pop up. It’s been a nightmare!
  • Apple Watch Problems 1/5

    Just bought a brand new Series 6 Apple Watch less than a week ago from Best Buy and I am already having problems. I was not able to swipe up or down to access the notifications or the control panel. This has went on all day and had to force restart my watch to get it to work again. I was able to access everything else except that. - I am not happy with my most recent buy. If this continues then I will be asking for a reimbursement.
  • Good App 1/5

    By Perera89
    It seems like a good app to me, what seems stupid to me is that Apple removes the chargers from new cell phones, I don't know if they are so bad in sales or so in need of generating more money, the brand is simply declining, I think this is my last iphone! It is a pity because the brand was good, however its "novelties" are old acquaintances in other brands, Apple is ashamed
  • Don’t hide info 1/5

    By Staron5
    Apple, people WANT to know amount and type of DDR your iPhone 12 (all models) have
  • Recent update forces you to use iCloud Apple ID 1/5

    By Another Former Player
    The issue of having a different billing AppleID and iCloud AppleID has still not be resolved. Please revert to the old method of giving the option to manually select. I can’t use the app now to pre-order my phone for the upgrade program because I’m locked into the wrong ID; this is stupid at this point. Please fix this. ***Previous Review 2*** The issue from the previous update that forces you to use your iCloud AppleID has not been resolved. There is absolutely no reason to take away this option from use. I don’t care if the iCloud ID is the default, but give me the option to switch it at least. Please revert back to allowing us to choose which AppleID we wish to use. See previous review for details on this issue. ***Previous Review*** The most recent update now forces you to use your iCloud account for all store interactions. I’m one of those people who has the predicament of having an Apple ID/email that is different from his iCloud account/email, due to having an Apple ID for purchases before iCloud, .me, and even .mac existed. All of my purchases for the last 18 years have been associated with an email that is not related to my iCloud email. As a result of the last update, the Apple Store app now forces the app to use my iCloud Apple ID. I don’t want to have my purchase history split across two different emails/Apple IDs. Forget even just from a consolidation standpoint; I can see this becoming an issue going forward with some purchases made for software or in-app purchases on one ID and having others on a different ID, but not being able to be logged in with both to access all my purchases. Until Apple devises a way to allow those of us with old Apple IDs to merge with our iCloud accounts, I don’t wish to change the ID that I have associated with all of my purchases for almost a decade. This app has now become completely useless for me by not allowing me to select which Apple ID I want to login with. I just purchased AirPods a week ago and after this update can no long see any of my previous orders or their status through the app because I made them through my billing Apple ID and not my iCloud Apple ID. The website is the only way I can interact with the store now. Please add back in the ability to chose the Apple ID you want to use, there’s absolutely no reason to have removed this functionality.
  • iPhone Pro max 1/5

    By Jumpinfrog647556
    The phone is so heavy my poor little pinky that has to carry the bottom of the phone and now my pinky suffers a red inflamed callus.
  • Disconnect iCloud! 1/5

    By ian111456
    Why connect iCloud account with apple store? How am I gonna buy new iPhones in the US if I have an iCloud account in another country? So inconvenient. Was gonna buy the new iPhone 12 pro but not anymore.
  • HOW?!? 1/5

    By Ex-sell
    Okay. My birthday is July 8th. I have been trying to buy a new Apple tablet since June. My iPhone 6plus won't update so I need a website or an app that still supports 9.3.5. I just want to pay in full for a brand new 128GB Gen-8 IPad with wifi only. But if I only have an older Apple device that's not working optimally, how can I buy a new device on a website and app that won't let me do it unless I already have the new updated device? Aren't you as dumb as a ball of rice on this? Oh my god I have been through heCK trying to buy an Apple device because I like them. I went to an Apple Store with fifteen crisp $100 bills - no lie, in a white envelope. I was turned away by a solitary doorman who said I had to make an appointment just to find out if the store had the item in stock. OMG! HELP ME GIVE YOU MONEY! I just want an iPad. I'm literally a begging customer. You HAVE to be losing sales on people who just don't care as much or who refuse to wait so long. It's October and I'm still trying. Somebody wish me luck or I might not get it. -in which case, neither will Apple.

  • Unnecessary door slam 1/5

    By chrismurray11
    The app functions well as long as you’re constantly updating it. Apple forces you to use the app to buy anything - apparently it’s website is reserved exclusively for desktop users - and then always requires the most recent version of the app. Instead of “it just works” - the old slogan of Apple when it was rising to prominence - we just get a door slam and have to update the app. No other app I use requires the most recent version to simply use it and I likely wouldn’t continue to use that app if it did. No idea why Apple continues to seek to alienate customers. If I wasn’t this deep into the Apple ecosystem I would have finally decided to take my business elsewhere. It seems Apple is actively looking for ways to make their products less functional. Update 8-12-2018: Unsurprisingly, I go on to consider buying an updated iPhone for my mother and BOOM! Doorslam again, must update app to continue. Removed another star because I just updated this (totally functional) app a couple months ago and, yet again, another completely unnecessary update forced down my throat. Why constantly try to make it more difficult for customers?!?! Update 11-26-2018: ANOTHER door slam! Welp, definitely not buying from Apple since I’m forced to use the app instead of being allowed to use the website and of course the app requires an update to function. Typical Apple. Update 1-15-2019: You guessed it, another doorslam for yet another update pushed out just 10 days after the last time I was doorslammed. No browsing for accessories or AirPods today. I just don’t understand why Apple makes it so unnecessarily difficult to even consider purchasing their items or 3rd party licensed accessories for in-store pickup. Definitely won’t be buying anything today after all. 6-17-2019: Will I get the typical Apple doorslam? You bet! Guaranteed lost business for Apple yet again. Too bad I’m not allowed to use the regular website since I’m on a mobile device - that would just make too much sense for Apple. Once again, Apple being Apple. This could all be so, so easy, but that’s just not how Apple does things. 7-29-2019: The battery life on my AirPods isn’t where I want anymore - only about 3 hours of music playback after 2+ years of use. Considering how much use they get, honestly, I’m pretty happy. The mic has gone out, however, so I can’t make calls. I’ll buy some new ones and keep the old ones at the office...oh, wait, no I won’t because of an Apple Store doorslam! Instead of just going to the Apple Store a few blocks from the office and picking up some new AirPods, I’ll just not buy them after all. Why can’t I just use the website OR not be forced to update the app every 2 weeks just to make a freaking purchase?! Another lost sale, Apple. 9-11-2019: Absolutely love my AirPods but had to replace them after almost 2.5 years...DOORSLAM! 3-12-2020: Wanted to buy AirPods but got yet another doorslam! 10-13-2020: Was considering finally upgrading from my iPhone X but, yep, DOORSLAM!
  • Oof but still love 5/5

    By Matthew Demissie
    Ha yall outdated the photos on the app.
  • Still badly broken for some 1/5

    By Arkanjil
    Someone had the bright idea of having this app automatically sign into tour local iCloud account on the device. Well & good, but some users still have a separate Apple ID for iTunes & purchases, and we always will apparently, as Apple won’t let users merge accounts. There is no way that I can find to sign into a different Apple ID if you use one for purchases. There are directions at one point, but they are literally nonsensical. There’s a place in your iCloud settings where you can control which apps use iCloud- but again, this app doesn’t follow the rules and is unlisted. There is no way to send apple feedback on this issue besides reviews, as on the Apple feedback webpage, this app is not listed with the other apple iOS apps. UPDATE: you can now submit feedback in the app. Convenience over usefulness seems to be the working mantra for Apple these days, but this issue is especially aggravating. Punishing older customers for issues that they can’t control is extremely bad form.
  • It works. Should be an app clip 3/5

    By no skiers allowed!!
    It’s fine it’s just the Apple store in an app. Seems dumb to have to download this every time I wanna browse the store for new products and don’t want to use the worse browser based version. Also seems silly to have it on installed when most people realistically use it a couple times a year. This seems like the perfect thing to have one of your new app clips.
  • Amazing apple 5/5

    By morrisrin
    Easiest way to buy apple products
  • CEO president of rockstone music inc. comi 5/5

    By jamadan Sunyatta
    i have used Apple product from the beginning I believe in it I had to search far and wide to find Apple computers but I stick to my feelings and I was right but I still something missing to be perfect I am a musician songwriter Apple is the computer I use for all of my compositions in my musical career but now I feel their not enough information given to the beginner in other word I don’t want to go to Mars just yet but I feel I will you will get there in Time and Space can I tell you that I have seen it standing on a rock in Space and the father show me the darkness and the light back on earth my final solution is rockstone time and that is built but there is a right time for everything thank you for your help I appreciate it and will always be an Apple man for my musical career
  • I’m mad Apple 1/5

    By 🐚🐚🐚🦔🦔🦔🦔🐾
    Look I hate you now Apple I’m done I’m going to break this tablet I Well help fortnite ok Guys help fortnite #freefortnite Thanks for reading “ Apple”
  • Pending charge 1/5

    By _ŒÂ◊
    I bought a watch. Picked it up the next day. A second pending charge is still on my card. No help from support.
  • Defective equipment 1/5

    By hopkins58
    Apple had a special on I phone11 . And would purchase your iPhone 7 within 14 days of sale. My iPhone 11 was unable to turn on so when I had a day off I took it to the Verizon store. They found the iPhone 11 had debris in the charging port. They were able to remove it and replaced the cables also. By this time I had only a couple days to get this old iPhone 7 shipped it showed up a couple days late. Lost my discount. The apple representative was rude and refused to listen. Last time I purchase apple products. G Hopkins
  • Wonderful!!! 5/5

    By Addy7378383
    I love this app so much! It’s so helpful and easy to search. I have a suggestion though, maybe you can engrave more things than words like signs like these : ✬♥︎✰☾☽♡❀☆★⋆ (if you can do that) also make it so you can engrave more devices like some phones and some iPads (again only if you can make that possible) anyways thanks for reading! :)
  • Finding what you want 2/5

    By speed cube champion
    The app is good but it has a lot of flaws. However there are a some good things about the app like customizing. Once you find your product, you can customize and order your item strait to your door. But fining your item is the problem. I am trying to order something for my little brother, and it is the back of a case to the iPad Air 3. I typed in iPad Air 3, and an iPad didn’t even come up. Apple watches and corded came up instead. This has happened many times with other products, and the app has a absolutely terrible search engine. If the app had a good search bar it would be a great app. If apple had its search bar fixed, I would have orders the case from apple, but because I can’t find it now I’m going to order it off Amazon

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