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Apple Store App

The Apple Store app provides a more personal way to shop for the latest Apple products and accessories. Get recommendations based on the Apple products you already own. Find out which accessories are compatible with your devices. Easily upgrade to a new iPhone from your current one. Keep track of your orders wherever you go. And sign up for hands-on sessions in store. You can even use Apple Pay to check out from your iPhone when you visit a participating Apple Store. Note that the Apple Store app and certain features are available only in select countries. How your data is used To confirm compatibility and recommend products, the app will access both the services and the name, model, and part number of devices linked to your Apple ID. To turn off this feature, go to Account > Settings > My Devices and Services.

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Apple Store app reviews

  • Great app 5/5

    By qwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
    It was good
  • How much $$ 1/5

    By figsRgood4U
    When you see an app you are interested in but I never see what it’s going to cost me to buy it. Why isn’t others talk about this issue? It bothers me when I download an app where is this feature showing up? Am I the only one concerned about how much or am I not looking in the right place?
  • Broken 1/5

    By Fwc0574
    Does not update when clicking on the Update icon. iPhone 14.
  • Very, very disappointed!! 1/5

    By sully 45
    My iPods pro recently stopped working properly. When in transparency and noise cancelling mode they have a constant loud static noise. I found online that this product had an issue and it was recommend I visit the Apple store to have my iPods checked out. I went to the store and they tested them and told me they were fine-well they are far from fine!!! They offered to sell me a new pair and I politely declined. I suggested they actually try them (the covers had been removed) and they said that is not the way the test them? All I know is that the product has an issue as reported and is no longer are of use to me. A clear example of poor customer service. I have replace them w/ an non-Apple product and this poor experience will influence future Apple purchases. Very, very disappointed!!
  • Doubled my order 1/5

    By L_Brandeis
    Apple Store app said my order of an iPhone failed and to “try again.” I did and I received two iPhones. I tried to cancel the double order. The phone wasn’t going to ship for days. The service rep said it did. It shipped anyway. AFTER I received the extra phone, I received an email from Apple that I could just decline the shipment. That email too could’ve been sent days earlier. Now I have to go through the hassle of returning the extra phone which I didn’t order.
  • Save money and a headache—order from Amazon 1/5

    By Steve-I
    Tried to order AirPods using the app. Delivery is delayed. Customer service is incapable of fixing the issues. And they are cheaper on Amazon. So my advice is order through Amazon instead of Apple because it has better supply chain and logistics, better customer service, and lower prices.
  • Great App - Missing Timezone Support 4/5

    By Drew Peterson
    I noticed that when I order something and have it delivered via courier, the arrival time is off by an hour. I live in CST, but I'm currently visiting an area in EST. The arrival shows the incorrect time. I'd recommend updating the app to account for where the user is currently located, and reflecting the right time based on time zone.
  • Apple account balance is useless 1/5

    By JIian Zhong
    Unprofessional Apple staff and DO NOT deposit your Apple gift card balance into your Apple account. I was told I could use my Apple account balance to pay for my iPhone repair, but when it was done the second day, I was told I couldn't pay from my Apple account balance. However, I could have paid for the repair if I hadn't deposited my Apple gift card balance into my account. And eventually, I paid by my own credit card and left the Apple account balance unused. In short, once you deposit your gift card into your Apple account balance, it will have very limited usage. You can't use it combined with installment, can't use it for repair. That's just from what I know. Come on, it is already 2022, how can Apple hasn't fixed it? How can staff's answers be so confusing?
  • More support 4/5

    By King Marco II
    I hope Apple will support Vietnamese soon, next time !
  • Apple Store won’t update or open 1/5

    By SpartaChris83
    I tried to check on an order and it is requiring me to update the app. It fails every time I try. All other apps would update. Tried restarting phone. No luck.
  • App Store 4/5

    By IsabelYoutuber
    I want to gets app but every time I click to get an app it doesn’t download, it starts downloading for like 2 seconds then I don’t get the app and can you fix it? And I disappear from apps too so please try to fix it I’m asking nicely
  • Terrible iPhone 14 Pro Max Ordering Experience 1/5

    By Clny9
    Hi Apple, I ordered a new iPhone 14 Pro Max and entered my credit card information for paying the taxes & citizensOne loan, but for some reason Apple charged a different card linked to my Apple account WITHOUT my permission, intent, or knowledge! I spent 3 hours with customer service explaining the problem, which they concluded they ‘could not resolve’ or ‘do anything about’ A simple new charge to my intended form of payment and a credit back would suffice! This is Amazon level deception.
  • Doubts 2/5

    By TMJR3636
    No bueno
  • Hate 1/5

    By Hammyhead2
  • Can’t update 1/5

    By pcribari
    Can’t update this app or the other 5 native apps in App Store ….
  • Update doesn’t work 1/5

    By Kaannyc
    Update doesn’t work
  • Update of disappointment 1/5

    By Koa Foster
    I downloaded and updated the iOS 16 and now I can’t hear when on speaker phone. How does this even happen. Please tell me how to fix this terrible problem.
  • Put back MT4 MT5 1/5

    By G30rg30
    It is unbelievable how this “cancel culture” ban apps for their own personal interests and not for the common people usage needs. 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼
  • IPhone 14 More Like Wasting Money 4/5

    By Anthony Is A Bro
    Bruh Make The Prices More Cheaper!
  • My Zeroth Review 5/5

    By Amy Mary Ho
  • Where is Google? 1/5

    By noclare
    Google was easy to access but has disappeared with the latest “update”. How to find it again?
  • Self-absorbed system 1/5

    By sbd-frustrated
    This grasping, haughty, and obtuse company puts so many barriers to speaking with a human, it’s unbelievable. Their glitch—rich online help system (and I use that term under duress) was obviously designed to do anything to avoid necessitating hiring intelligent people. Trying to make a reservation at the store to work through an issue I’ve struggled with for days!!!##**##!!! It’s a dead end and the sorry excuse for a robotic phone attendant is annoying with its supercilious tone. And get this: when I requested “annoyed” as a nickname I was informed that name is taken. Surprise surprise.
  • Just love all the new safety 5/5

    By grizzly bur
    I am very impressed by apples new safety apps and how their current apps continue too raise the bare. Imagine one day you mite never have to worrie about getting hacked or someone dual sim carding you. Thank you apple and all the developers that care about use users hats off to all of you!!!!!💯
  • Apple phone 1/5

    By billygack
    I hate my apple phone my calls don’t ring in I have to no look to see who has called them call them back This is a sorry phone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop
  • The Upgrades 1/5

    By jadon said ut
    So, yea I don’t like appple because I have 2 daughters and only one of my daughter phone upgrades automatically but my other daughter’s phones doesn’t.I got confused so I called apple but when I call them no one answers so I try again but no one answers so now I just upgrade my daughters phone since it can upgrade on it’s on. Apple please fix this issue. Also, the Apple Store now using password which is annoying because my daughters love roblox but they come to me saying,” Dad can you put in the password”. This had got me confused because when did you have to start using a password to update a app but when I put the password in it keeps saying it’s wrong. Apple please fix these issues it’s kinda getting annoying.
  • Terrible iOS update (iOS 16) 1/5

    By Ellllhp
    What a terrible update. Once I updated, my internet got really terrible. My wifi cannot even function anymore. And what’s worst, I don’t have the main functionality of the iOS 16 on the homepage. Please fix.
  • highly satisfied about your products 5/5

    By paytonrad12345678
    I love y’all’s stuff I have a Mack book air a iPhone and air pod pros and a Apple Watch series 3
  • Simple and effective 5/5

    By Dohiqasha
    I like the setup of the Apple Store app very much. I tend to use the app to see any updated promotions/discounts on Apple devices.
  • Not happy 1/5

    By dekutheGURLL
    I was on for my new phone and it stole my money
  • Una de las mejores compañía 5/5

    By diablo y sicario
  • Recovering emails and Apple ID 1/5

    By bootie-cake
    Too hard to recover emails account and Apple ID
  • Mine 1/5

    By buggg hugc
    Apple store toook 10.15 from my credit card doesn’t show anything I’ve bought or even haven bought or tried
  • Update required but doesn’t install! 1/5

    By gregwk
    Crazy to have this kind of problem with the latest iPhone hardware running the latest iOS version, but this app simply doesn’t install. You click install and it just disappears. What kind of QA did Apple do on this app? I mean, it’s the *Apple Store* app for iOS. Kind of important if you want to sell your goods online. And yet, it’s completely non-upgradable and non-functional 🙄
  • 💀 1/5

    By stewpedkureraian
    I thought that was App Store so I used it wrong. 💀💀💀
  • Apple is prohibited of selling iPhones in Brazil 1/5

    By Leudne26
    I find important to make people aware that some countries do not fall for the lame excuse apple gives for selling the iPhones without the ear phones and mainly the charger connector. Have you seen the price drop after Apple removed these items? Do you REALLY think apple cares about the environment????? Prof that Apple couldn’t care less about the environment is Apple changing the lighting port USB ( which is universal, everybody has it) to the disgraceful and ridiculous USB-C, making people buying MORE product because apple changed it’s connector. Environment? Right. Apple is PROHIBITED as of September 2022 of selling in Brazil ANY phones without a cable charger + plug and ear phones. The brazilian lawmakers understand that one can’t sell a product missing the essential item for its functionality . We should BOYCOT apple and never buy a chargers from them. I do have an apple phone, but I do not buy any accessory made by apple. It’s just disrespectful how apple deceives its consumers. Just disrespectful and greedy.
  • Pleaseee 3/5

    By ddddddfffffggggtvwtgeggs
    Apple we neeeeeeddd to be able to record and listen to music at the same time it’s so annoying when I’m listening to music and then I try to record it stops
  • Beautiful app. Please make products in cart tappable. 4/5

    By dandelionlion
    This is a beautiful app that is very enjoyable to use. There is one basic functionality missing. Items that appear in the Bag are not tappable. The only way to view the product’s detail page is to search for it and find it that way. Highly irritating. I’m super surprised something so basic is missing from an app from Apple. Separately, also hate that the app is auto-opened constantly and requires an update almost every time. This happens when tapping an email link or a search engine link. It’s again really irritating. If I want to open the app, I’ll open the app. Might uninstall it :( I use the website to shop and purchase for these reasons. Apple, please fix this!
  • Here’s The Thing About Shopping With Apple 2/5

    By Joe JFisherman
    I would just like to say here that I don’t trust Apple when it comes to anything and here’s why: I have had such a horrible experience with Expedia I cannot even see straight right now. During my insane customer service nightmare with them in which their support team literally butt-dialed me twice before actually calling me back to tell me that upcoming trips sometimes only show up on the browser and not in the app. My trips don’t show up? In the Expedia app? The app that is literally a trip-organizing travel agent? The medium here being, the app version of the browser product that does the things that the browser does, but on the app? You guys, this app has a 4.8 average. Half the reviews aren’t even reviews of the app, they’re confused people reviewing their trip on the App Store and they just leave it up because it benefits them. This entire system is a horrible racket, and to bring it back, here’s Apple trying to sell me on their own stuff like I should trust their kingdom at all. I don’t know what to say. Nothing will be done, I have no threats, but for obvious reasons, I have absolutely no reason to trust your review system at all, ever. I hope you understand, and I hope someone over there is at least a little ashamed. You guys are propping up an app by a company that literally admits itself that the app is not a good reference because it’s literal main functionality is broken. What is happening? If you delete this I’ll repost elsewhere. Take responsibility.
  • All Apple products are overpriced and overhyped trash 1/5

    By Liono786
    Apple products should be investigated by the Government. They all begin having problems as soon as the warranties expire (iPhones, AirPods, iPads, iMac). This is truly a horrible company that makes trashy overpriced tech products. Apple is a great marketing company but a horrible technology company. I personally cannot wait to get out of the horrible iOS ecosystem.
  • The order status info leaves a lot to be desired 1/5

    By DJ Scorchie
    I placed an order with 2-hour courier delivery. The status on the app showed “preparing for shipment” and “delivered” on the same page, and an hour past my window I still did not have product. I decided to call in even though the app should tell me what’s going on or give me options. Good thing I called, because the order wasn’t coming and I would need to initiate a refund by call, which would take several days for the gift cards to be sent back and the card charges to be reversed. The order status obviously needs to be upgraded with true status, and to not allow conflicting statuses. Orders that won’t be delivered should be shown. Refunds for non delivery should be in the app instead of taking a 30 minute phone call (the chat wouldn’t let me do it). Luckily this gave me time to think about my high dollar impulse buy and I decided to keep my money.
  • Apple Store App would not update 1/5

    By Ed Nonymous
    The Apple Store would not update on iOS 16. Please fix it
  • Love It 5/5

    By Marvel901
    I love this app keep up the good job.
  • Avoid this App for purchase 1/5

    By Rtyhddfgyy
    Used Apple Pay during checkout, however, the App used completely wrong information and resulted in a failure of payment later on.
  • no 1/5

    By 🍬🍦🍫🍰🍿🎂🍩🍮🍪🍭🍨🍧🍡
    no just no.
  • Cancelled order 1/5

    By Thossucks
    This has been my worst experience I pre ordered my phone with this stupid app. I was scrolling through my order and pressed canceled by mistake it didn’t even prompt to make sure it just straight up canceled my order. Apple get your software developers some feedback I’ve never been so upset
  • I my is Delaney 5/5

    By sfdgsgdffx
    I my is Delaney
  • Won’t update 1/5

    By Gorunnow
    Getting prompt to update app. App won’t update. All other updates on phone current
  • Works great 5/5

    By JCD89
    Have used it to buy iPhone, Apple TV, and accessories. Zero issues, and app is smooth.
  • Great experience, but… 5/5

    By BWW2015
    I would like to be able to get a Veteran & Military discount on the Apple Store app instead of just the website.