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The Apple Store app provides a more personal way to shop for the latest Apple products and accessories. Get recommendations based on the Apple products you already own. Find out which accessories are compatible with your devices. Easily upgrade to a new iPhone from your current one. Keep track of your orders wherever you go. And sign up for hands-on sessions in store. You can even use Apple Pay to check out from your iPhone when you visit a participating Apple Store. Note that the Apple Store app and certain features are available only in select countries.


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  • Make it so I don’t have to buy newer Apple products to keep my stuff up to date. 1/5

    By DRAGonvale I love That app?
    Otherwise I’m switching to Microsoft. Also add mods.
  • Please stop automatic downal iOS update apple. 1/5

    By 伤心QQ
    Please stop automatic downal iOS update apple. Or I would never buy iOS device again.
  • Apple Music needs to be free asap 1/5

    By IndyCol
    I dont get how apple music isnt free. If we buy the phone why do we need to pay for music, thats stupid. let it be free, youll get more customers for apple if you guys did this.
  • To inside Writer! 1/5

    By KatieS32404
    Who do you think you are to tell someone what they can and cannot say in a review? And to say that she’s not being an adult or he whichever it may be. Get off your high horse and get a life. If you don’t like what that person had to say in their review then read someone else’s and shut your face. I totally understand what they’re saying and if it took 100 for them to get it published then I am so for their patience and understanding that they had the courage and strength to keep on writing until they got through and published! What a joy to see someone keep going till they got what they wanted and almost a crime to see someone like you try to tear them down. All I can say to you is you must be jealous that you were never able to accomplish something like that.It’s very obvious who the insignificant and accomplished and poor little child is. Poor baby do you need your mommy to change your diaper?
  • Dissatisfied 1/5

    By Nicoleage
    I absolutely LOATHE the fact you HAVE to enter payment information to function ANYTHING. RIDICULOUS!!! Makes me wanna switch back to android.
  • F U APPLE 1/5

    By Kb12933
  • Dear Apple 1/5

    By C0wb0y1986475374
    This is not about the app more about my phone I have the iPhone 7 buuuut.. my phone is somewhat broken I always lose my charge. Ohh try turning off all your apps! I’ve done that! Then try turning off all your apps then shutting down your phone. I’ve tried that too! My iPhone is broken please respond and give me some suggestions I seriously don’t know what to do. Sincearly. The writer of this note.
  • Buggy and there’s no way to report the bugs to Apple 1/5

    By ndirish2001
    I discovered a bug in the app that won’t let me pull up details for any order that was delivered using the 2-hour delivery option. I reported it to the Apple support team through Twitter and they directed me to submit a bug report using the general Apple feedback page, except that the Apple Store iOS app is not even listed as an option on that page. It’s very disappointing to see this pass-the-buck mentality at Apple.
  • Does what it says. 5/5

    By Gamercube827money
    Self explanatory
  • P!$$ED OFF 3/5

    By Irishrink
    How DARE you take Good Friday & EASTER off OUR calendars!! 😡
  • Help with mail and password!!! 3/5

    By char fruland
    I continue to have issues with my email and password accept ion. I have AT&T as my carrier(may change after this is resolved) And I have worked with many techs...patient and helpful... And now at.t is telling me to get in touch with Apple. I now have been told they had trouble but now it is fixed!!!! I am now begging for a correction to this ongoing issue . I am a senior citizen nut but have had no problems related to that. My email address has never changed but I have changed my directed. Waiting for your help and thanking you in advance... Char Email address frulandc&
  • Apple Fan Girl 5/5

    By Broken bridges
    I rather wait an pickup a new iPhone later because Who wants to go threw all the stress going online. I like going into AT&T an looking at the iPhones an figure out what size phone to get probably the 8 plus.
  • Cdizzie 5/5

    By Outlawsvo
    What a moron
  • Messed up X preorder and scanner doesn’t work 3/5

    By chaostheory
    Overall good except for two things. 1. My iPhone X preorder was messed up because Apple wrote that “no signature was required” for which ensued about 8 hours of wasted time. 2. The scanner doesn’t work. Yes I know how to use a app bar code scanners. I use it to log my snacks and check prices. I mean I don’t understand how you can get something that is neither new or novel on the App Store - wrong. It doesn’t work. Some nice employee in store must of noticed my frustration and helped me check out after a while.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By ScottMcMe
    As a loyal apple user since 1987... I am disgusted with the products this company is putting out these day. The user-friendly features and intuitiveness of Apple products is a thing of the past. Siri is trash... speak to text is nothing but a source of frustration... the OS is becoming less intuitive with every update. If you are considering and Apple product, save your money. If you are a life-long Apple user like myself, start working on your exit strategy. Things are only getting worse. What a disgrace to the legacy, brand and products Steve Jobs helped bring to market.
  • Turn automatic updates off if they bother you! 5/5

    By PhelineCat
    I see a lot of complaints and low reviews that have nothing or little to do with the store… like when I saw a podcast player get a lousy review because "his voice drones on & on"- not understanding that was podcast, not the player. Don't ding the Apple Store because your Christian dude took your money and left, because they were sold out of a product or anything else that's about the products. Or your review. Rating the app on the handling of your review is … hmmm … well, unusual. (Since you've had so much bad luck with it- 120 tries?- maybe you should make certain you're following the correct procedure.) Just answer, "how does the store work?". It works fine for me.
  • New up date for me 4.4Or IOS 11.2 1/5

    By crasy dane lady
    It has messed up my camera, it was perfect, screen shots stay to long, I edit in photos , also some of the letters just raise up and sometimes they stay until I turn the phone off. I have a 6 Plus 2 yrs old . I’m not going to purchase 7 or Any other style. Need help in removing this new update . I want my old one back .
  • Doesn’t work on cellular data 1/5

    By sdoowhsoj
    I very rarely give reviews for apps but this has annoyed me so much to the point where I have to say something. The app literally does not work at all on cellular data. It tells me to connect to a WiFi or cellular network despite being on full bars LTE. I’ve even seen the issue while connected to WiFi but that is far less common. Seems like a pretty big miss on apples behalf and hopefully gets a fix soon.
  • Problem with iTunes Gift Cards and Apple ID.. 2/5

    By JJMM1776
    If you have iTunes Pass which is an iTunes Gift Card in your iPhone Wallet App then listen up. Don’t ever change your Apple ID or your screwed because your iTunes Gift Card is LOCKED to a specific Apple ID and if you change the Apple ID associated with the iTunes Gift Card the iTunes Gift Card will then be useless because when you Redeem an iTunes Gift Card you LOCK it with an Apple ID and there is NO way to change that I can find. This is very dumb. Most Gift Cards you can assign an Email/Password of your own choosing to manage the Gift Card Account. But with Apple your LOCKED without any options. Best option is to avoid Apple Gift Cards and purchase a MasterCard or Visa Gift Card and do not put in Apple Wallet which is a useless App.
  • iTune open this iPhone 5/5

    By TomN.D
  • Removed ability to book appointments. 1/5

    This app one served a purpose because it allowed you to book Genius Bar appointments and leave a message as to what problems you're having. Since the release of this app, Apple has removed that powerful functionality and turn this app into a another "shopping" app to buy their garbage. I'm on installing this app because they've taken away the only functionality I've ever used it for. If I want to purchase something from Apple there are enough ways to figure that out without needing this piece of junk.
  • Very modern 5/5

    By ElliottPro01
    I love the Apple Store app. It’s so convenient and simple. It’s very stylish and engaging. Making purchases is so simple and I love that I can use Apple Pay. You can learn about the product you are purchasing directly from the app. I love that I can track my orders right from the app. The only thing I would like to see is that if I want to use two credit cards to make a purchase on the app I can do so.
  • iPhone 6 1/5

    By Lil Bird FSR
    All of the sudden my phone goes slower than dial up, is that it? I have to buy the new even crappier phones to get the same speed for another few months? I used to be impressed with the I products, now I’m just [email protected]&$;
  • Cannot make genius appts 1/5

    By puponpup
    I downloaded the app to make a genis bar appt. Despite there being a button for this in the app, it doesn’t actually let you do it. Instead, it leaves the app and opens a webpage in the Safari app.
  • Still no way to have multiple payment methods saved 1/5

    By mmos
    It’s absolutely ridiculous there is still no way to store more than one payment method. At a minimum the app should let you choose between a personal and business profile for payment & shipping info.
  • Completely full of BS! 1/5

    By SarahSle
    The fact that you hold my apps hostage for lack of a credit card # is preposterous! Even when I already paid and own those apps! This company will see no more $ from me!
  • Best Shopping App 5/5

    By ElliottPrayer
    I love the Apple Store App. Its so useful and convenient. It engages you when you use the app. It’s so simple to make a purchase. I love that I can learn through the app about products. It’s very attractive looking and eye catching.
  • Apple 1 Watch 1/5

    By Meesha!!1213
    Not accurate when hiking, climbed 4000 feet and it said that I climbed 1 floor
  • Another trick to force you buying new phone or upgrading 1/5

    By Daveeyt
    To use this app you now have to update to IOS 11 which I am not prepared to do on my iPhone 6. I am considering an alternative brand of phone next time. And to say I have more apple devices than I can easily count says a lot. Apple need to be fair on upgrades and stop forcing them on customers every which way they can. This is just another scandal on top of the recent battery issue.
  • ? 1/5

    By jeanclaudedusdelasavoielibre
    After the downgrading with updates now we can’t even charge with non official cable. So you know what apple ? Next time I will buy a SAMSUNG. A real phone maker. You destroyed the dream of Steve Jobs by making your brand disgusting. What a shame for your company...
  • @CDrizle - thanks bruh 3/5

    By JammingJoeyy
    Keep it 💯
  • Works ok for most things 3/5

    By Patches_O'Houlihan
    I couldn’t figure out how to write a review of the products for the life of me. Other than that it works pretty good i guess.
  • Done 1/5

    By Delanir
    I’ve been an Apple person for years, but I’m done; it is slowly going downhill.
  • Lollll😂 5/5

    By Brianei
    I don’t know why you guys are taking these reviews so seriously half of them isn’t even about this app,But I think this app is good to use.
  • no good for my iPad 1/5

    By Notadailyuser
    this app cannot be used on my iPad because it requires iPad only accepts upgrades to "9.5 up to date". can't use this app
  • Short Pump store review 4/5

    By Loopycann
    I’m taking the time to write this because not only was I disrespected and treated extremely unfair the manager,Lucy, I spoke to about it took care of my “problem”with the product( she issued a store credit after checking the # and file on the past visits)and listened to my concerns about Daniel and his nasty way of treating elderly people. She sent me HAPPILY on my way in under 15 minutes.”THE PROBLEM”- For the 3rd time my $350 Beats studios quit taking a charge.On all three previous occasions I have used this store for exchanges since they chose not to attempt repair( I assume it might be factory defect and not worth the labor costs of Apple repairing them)ALL of them were inoperable at 4 months w/8 months left on factory warranty.Well when I arrived at the store in the beginning ,I was directed to Daniel for assistance. While he was currently engaged w/another customer,another lady in line initiated a convo about the economy and how well Trump was doing with jobs.When my turn came ,right away Daniels tone was hostile but I thought maybe it’s because there was a line so I did my part and attempted to be kind and patient and explain what was going on. He said in a not too friendly snark ;”they didn’t exchange those past headphones!Not here!”??..I assured him that yes they did. Matter of fact they actually exchanged them last time w/o even having them inspected because they pretty much knew me and the ‘problem beats’by then and switched them out that same visit. “Oh no!no,not at this store.”I asked if I could drop em off and wait till they called me at home in a few weeks. “No. You gotta wait,and you better get used to waiting because I can’t get you to you in under 5 hours ”I know you are busy but I called ahead and was told to drop them off.“ Nope. When you get the third email come back to the store if you walk around the mall”Then he turned his back and ignored me. REALLY APPLE?Where the heck do you find these Prima donnas? There was NO reason for such a hateful interaction with one of your customers of 3 iPads,4 beats,ipods. With treatment like this,i guarantee you won’t be number one much longer. Your employees are going to destroy your hard work.Why so harsh? New treatment?Don't know but that really doesn’t matter now does it? You can thank your nice manager ( tall w/ light brownish hair&beautiful soul) Lucy (I believe she said) for the 4 stars. ‘Danny’ deserves only a spanking for his snarky attitude and insolent mouth.
  • Waste of time. Can no longer make store appointments 1/5

    By DaidNBK
    Want to save time and make a Genius Bar appointment? Not any more
  • ITunes U 4/5

    By Kamarri1203
    Hi. I would like to know what I am paying .99 cents for something. I want to know what is this for?
  • Darsoft Inc. 1/5

    By Pizococonutz
    I contacted Darsoft Inc. because I had to reset my iPad Air and reload my apps. When I went to download my “To PDF” app so that I could log in and see my Sermons, I could not. I then contacted the support team only to find out that 1. They are closed and 2. They are no longer offering support and / or updates to any of their apps. I want to make you aware of this so that all of their apps could be removed from the App Store to prevent people from buying their apps. Their apps do not need to be in the store if they are closed. They did a really bad job because they not inform their customers that they were closed or even closing down. I wonder how much people are still downloading their app or had to go through the same thing I went through and lose all of their documents. Apple please remove their apps from the App Store ASAP, as I could see this being an issue to customers that will immediately blame you for this, since this is you App Store. Thank you for looking and greatly appreciate your immediate attention to this matter.
  • Fire any developer or product manager that had anything to do with iOS 11 1/5

    By Bnieco
    Hate to be rude like that but it’s easily the worst iOS I’ve ever worked on. Bugs are EVERYwhere. Try a feature you haven’t used in a while and about 70% of the time you’ll find a fatal, show stopping, data loss kind of bug. I’m actually thinking of ditching all my Apple products and going droid. My immediate family owns 4 phones, 5 iPads, 4 appleTV’s and I’m still thinking my life would be better with out Apple’s current complement of software. I’m in the software industry and have been for many years so I’m ok with the occasional glitch. But the iOS that’s out there right now (11.0 - 11.2.1) isn’t even worthy of the label of beta. An early alpha at best. I’m not even a rant kind of guy but it’s overwhelming how horrible it’s been for months now. Why leave this feedback here? Has to be left somewhere because no one in care is acknowledging the issue. I’d probably revise this review if things changed but I seriously doubt I’ll be a customer that long. IOS 12, 13, and 14 should all be dedicated to no new features and only making iOS actually work again. It might actually take that long.
  • Alternative Apple ID login 1/5

    By tocoolu3
    I have two separate Apple ID’s. The Apple Store app won’t let me choose which ID to sign in with. All my purchases have been made with one, but the app insists on logging me into my iTunes ID instead. Deleting the app til further notice.
  • Who 1/5

    By Juliolele
    I searched for msn app and the top app on the list to download was the fake fox news crap app.
  • Can't add gift cards 3/5

    By Buck Wheet
    I cannot figure out why I can not add Apple store gift cards to my wallet anymore.
  • AirPods 1/5

    By Nate2581
    As large as Apple is my wife had found AirPods that were three hours away and they could not send them to a store closer for her to pickup. I am extremely disappointed in a company that I have supported because I believe in the product. This was going to be a Christmas present that will not be opened on Christmas Day.
  • I Hope You Lose Multi Billions in Fines and Lawsuits 1/5

    By Capt. Action
    Your actions of slowing down phones is a betrayal of trust to society. Tim Cook, you should resign. You and your current team have the lost the trust of even some of your most devoted users and subscribers to the Apple Life. Never will I buy an iPhone while you are in office. I will move our company to Samsung devices and I will ensure that at every turn i can find a way to financially penalize you for your greed and betrayal of your users and to society. You took advantage of your base, you lack the morals to even wear an Apple logo.
  • Shame you n you  1/5

    By Tv watcher73
    Shame on you  for the battery issues. You are s heart company and you are all about the money, F U , apple. You greedy A holes!
  • Response to Trash’s review 5/5

    By Inside writer
    Geez...take 2 chill pills. I promise it will be ok. You do know that there are things happening in this world like oh....I don’t know CHILDREN that have never even heard of a phone. I would hate to be around you, if your review annoys me this much I can only imaging how annoying you are. Verizon has its problems, but guess what? Sprint, at and t, etc all have problems. Verizon is at the top of the chain though. Although you sound like a child, I assume you’re an adult; get a life and grow up. Anyone who has time to write 100 reviews is probably living off the govnt and using child support money to buy Apple products anyway. Get a grip and consider your issues to not be so dramatic. There are ways of leaving negative reviews but most go about it in a mature way.
  • Apple has disappointed me lately 1/5

    By Alex pilot
    I’ve been a super Apple customer for years and years now and they’ve treated me fairly up to now. I made a purchase of an app that was junk and I paid $40 and when I ask for a refund they flat out tell me no. Burn me and I will not stay with your service. Apple store and Apple you lost a customer over $40 bucks that has spent over $10000 in your products for more than a ten year period. Shame on you! People be aware they are NOT the same as they used to be. I for one will NOT purchase anymore apps. So sad apple so sad.
  • Tengo un iPad mini y ahora no puedo tener la aplicación 1/5

    Tengo un iPad mini y no puedo tener la aplicación.... Me podrían decir como hago para obtener una versión que la acepte ???
  • Why iphone X is not recognized correctly? 3/5

    By Nettex
    at this time we’re unable to confirm compatibility message.

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