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Apple Store App

The Apple Store app provides a more personal way to shop for the latest Apple products and accessories. Get recommendations based on the Apple products you already own. Find out which accessories are compatible with your devices. Easily upgrade to a new iPhone from your current one. Keep track of your orders wherever you go. And sign up for hands-on sessions in store. You can even use Apple Pay to check out from your iPhone when you visit a participating Apple Store. Note that the Apple Store app and certain features are available only in select countries. How your data is used To confirm compatibility and recommend products, the app will access both the services and the name, model, and part number of devices linked to your Apple ID. To turn off this feature, go to Account > Settings > My Devices and Services.

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Apple Store app reviews

  • Pls 5/5

    By I am reporting you13463354546
    Hi apple if this is u I need to tell some thing and ask ok so I have the App Store obviously and let me tell u something THE GAMES ON HERE IS TRASH pls fix this idk why it’s trash but ya pls fix it bc now I’m stopped playing games on ipad a android is better then App Store pls fix it Thx 😊
  • User “unfriendly” 1/5

    By Ramsnazz
    When attempting to buy a limited edition Apple Watch that just happened to be out of stock, the app simply kept the Add To Bag button grayed out after selecting all of the purchase options. VERY frustrating and required a call to support.
  • Absolute worst preorder experience 1/5

    By FutureGUIs
    As has been typical the pre-order experience is aweful especially for return customers in the iPhone upgrade program. The whole Apple Pay but not Apple Pay setup to upgrade failed miserably again
  • Why no option to sort?? 2/5

    By Jeff DeWitte
    The App Store app really could benefit from being able to sort by rating, cost and year of release. It's really frustrating when you're searching for a specific kind of app such as a game and you're bombarded with unrelated items, outdated items, or items that are purchase only. I can't believe that this feature doesn't already exist! Also - Don't believe these five star ratings for Apple apps. These are obviously people involved in the Apple company, friends or family, etc. people that blindly rave about anything Apple are not helping make the company better. Don't even try criticizing anything about Apple within the Apple online community forums. You will be asked to leave for one reason or another. Or the conversation will be deleted as it goes against their "rules". Truly more like a cult.
  • Spams my settings app to setup for my "upgrade to my new iPhone 1/5

    By boyfromthedwarf9
    No option to turn off the notification spam it sends to my Settings app.
  • Anncadena 5/5

    By mlchell
    Nauraz 12!
  • iPhone Upgrade Program Disaster 1/5

    By geol9
    App pestered me to wake up early for the pre-order. 4 hours later, 2 phone calls and I still havent been able to place an order.
  • DELETE SHIPPING Address 1/5

    By baekgwajeom
    why can’t we DELETE shipping address? i want a completely EMPTY address. stop storing my information and forcing me to input an adresss
  • Can’t Even Look Around 1/5

    By dioscurijm
    So I can’t even browse the app … because Apple assumes I want to pre-order a new iPhone? “I’m early,” huh? “Enjoy the extra sleep,” eh? I guess this is someone’s idea of humor, but to me, this is a pretty good example of how tone deaf businesses can be — especially when they’re arrogant enough to think they can treat people however they want while making their billions.
  • Stop charges like clime 1/5

    By why cant this go through
    I saw no way to stop or decline this purchase….. It even has an auto renewal….HELP

    By ndundged
    👩🏻‍❤️‍💋‍👨🏾 I love how we’re able to edit the skin color 💕💕 means so much to me
  • Can’t pre order 1/5

    By WmH2
    Get error message that says that the “item isn’t available, please review your order and select another item”. This is after you have selected the iphones configuration, trade in, carrier and Apple care options. The next screen stuck at “select accessories”. Won’t let me skip accessories. Just stuck at that screen. At which point the only option is to force quit the app and try again. Stuck in a loop. 🤦‍♂️
  • Donot want people upgrading their apple devices!!! 1/5

    By Converted Apple lover
    That is great that app only supports IOS 13 & above. It should allow us running the IOS version before then, how else that we can get the latest and greatest Apple devices!!!
  • Great app! 5/5

    By 485483
    Easy and quick to order products! Also excellent customer service. I had originally inputted the wrong address by accident and was able to quickly resolve the issue within a few minutes! I would definitely recommend this app just for the quick and polite specialists.
  • Needs ability to switch accounts 2/5

    By aaplsauce
    i have multiple IDs and need to switch between them. but the app is locked to use the system iCloud account. this app needs the ability to log out and switch appleIDs at the users will, independently of the OS settings.
  • This review is for their website 1/5

    By stephanievega3
    This site is so hard to navigate Thru is horrible I’ve been trying to find something for almost 30 minutes it is ridiculous it should not be rocket science to try to find something in a website I shouldn’t feel the need to contact customer service because this site is so obsolete and unnecessary complex. I’m so upset this is just so ridiculous.
  • iPhone 5/5

    By dxbh dvy dy dvy g d
    Su dto hirdhi guys gfygrfugdrugruchxrihxrihOhrcihrixhi into h rourihedibrirdoedod hirhsugexzxicrbisdu muse
  • Old customers doesn't deserve to buy new devices 1/5

    I am writing the comment on my iPod touch. I fully understand that I am not having a iOS version ≥ 13.0 as the device is too old. However, I don't know why I can't install Apple Store with an older iOS version. Even for an older version of App. Does old customers not deserve to buy a new device and have to use old ones? Or Apple encourages customers use a different brand?
  • Useless 1/5

    By RunSpired
    Redesign makes finding anything abysmally hard, scheduling appointments is no longer possible, and the helpful in-store check-in is now gone.
  • Can’t disable calling 1/5

    By Zpad2
    I only use the chat feature and don’t want people calling me and I also want to disable the possibility of mistaking initiating a group call. There needs to be an option to disable calling
  • Dude 1/5

    By Mr. Whiskers Mom <3
    Why isn’t there a tambourine or kazoo emoji, severely disappointed. Didn’t know where else to complain so here I am.
  • poor delivery 1/5

    By slimtdj11
    u dont get all ur items u ordered & they blame covid for losing or inconvenience you but half ur stuff get there & they dnt care.
  • I'm 54 and would like to.keep all of my pricey 5/5

    By mr.perfecked
    In one place locked .I might let a friend use my phone and keep it all where they can't get to it.thank you.I watch porn!
  • Unnecessary door slam 1/5

    By chrismurray11
    The app functions well as long as you’re constantly updating it. Apple forces you to use the app to buy anything - apparently it’s website is reserved exclusively for desktop users - and then always requires the most recent version of the app. Instead of “it just works” - the old slogan of Apple when it was rising to prominence - we just get a door slam and have to update the app. No other app I use requires the most recent version to simply use it and I likely wouldn’t continue to use that app if it did. No idea why Apple continues to seek to alienate customers. If I wasn’t this deep into the Apple ecosystem I would have finally decided to take my business elsewhere. It seems Apple is actively looking for ways to make their products less functional. Update 8-12-2018: Unsurprisingly, I go on to consider buying an updated iPhone for my mother and BOOM! Doorslam again, must update app to continue. Removed another star because I just updated this (totally functional) app a couple months ago and, yet again, another completely unnecessary update forced down my throat. Why constantly try to make it more difficult for customers?!?! Update 11-26-2018: ANOTHER door slam! Welp, definitely not buying from Apple since I’m forced to use the app instead of being allowed to use the website and of course the app requires an update to function. Typical Apple. Update 1-15-2019: You guessed it, another doorslam for yet another update pushed out just 10 days after the last time I was doorslammed. No browsing for accessories or AirPods today. I just don’t understand why Apple makes it so unnecessarily difficult to even consider purchasing their items or 3rd party licensed accessories for in-store pickup. Definitely won’t be buying anything today after all. 6-17-2019: Will I get the typical Apple doorslam? You bet! Guaranteed lost business for Apple yet again. Too bad I’m not allowed to use the regular website since I’m on a mobile device - that would just make too much sense for Apple. Once again, Apple being Apple. This could all be so, so easy, but that’s just not how Apple does things. 7-29-2019: The battery life on my AirPods isn’t where I want anymore - only about 3 hours of music playback after 2+ years of use. Considering how much use they get, honestly, I’m pretty happy. The mic has gone out, however, so I can’t make calls. I’ll buy some new ones and keep the old ones at the office...oh, wait, no I won’t because of an Apple Store doorslam! Instead of just going to the Apple Store a few blocks from the office and picking up some new AirPods, I’ll just not buy them after all. Why can’t I just use the website OR not be forced to update the app every 2 weeks just to make a freaking purchase?! Another lost sale, Apple. 9-11-2019: Absolutely love my AirPods but had to replace them after almost 2.5 years...DOORSLAM! 3-12-2020: Wanted to buy AirPods but got yet another doorslam! 10-13-2020: Was considering finally upgrading from my iPhone X but, yep, DOORSLAM! 9-9-2021: Eventually updated the app so hey, shouldn’t be a problem to go buy a case right? Wrong! Another update needed to browse iPhone cases - thank goodness they made yet another unnecessary update to “improve” our experience. DOORSLAM! Literally every single time I consider buying an Apple product I get hit with a doorslam. Why not just allow me to use the website instead of a non-functional app that I don’t want?
  • FIX FINDER 1/5

    By DilRyeMaster
    why in Steve Jobs’ name can’t Apple develop a non-torturous Finder? cAnT tRaNsFeR tHoUsAnDs Of FiLeS wIThOuT cLICkInG 4,000 tImEs!!! You’re nothing but another PC manufacturer now. Release yourselves from life, thanks.
  • Apple Review 1/5

    By fbhsjsjsmdndn
    Slow shipping times and lots of delay, do not recommend.
  • U need this 5/5

    By the best crazy girl
    If you don’t have this u have no apps
  • Misleading presentation 5/5

    By ddujdr
  • System upgrades ?? 2/5

    By Horrible App purchase support
    Been using the app for years only to find out I’m not able to purchase certain items. Able to purchase $80 iPad case but not $99 Magsafe Battery. “ask associate for help” No thanks there’s a reason to use the app… no need to talk to anyone. Contacted support to be told “we are updating our system” Really? you can’t update a barcode in your system? sad… going to Uninstall app and simply use Amazon.
  • Support 5/5

    By pluguglies
    Case was dealt with promptly and professionally Thank you

    By unadulteratedtruth
    There is no excuse for airdrop still being so unreliable. It is truly amazing how difficult apple makes doing little things like file sharing. You guys have been aware of this issue for over 3 years now. Still you do nothing! Your products are becoming a serious pain point in my media production and handling processes. If you are thinking about buying a headache apple product make sure to read the negative reviews and problems people have. There really is no excuse for the airdrop problem.
  • Apple 1/5

    By Babyface336
    I have a iPod gen 6 and I can't update iOS so apple store is inaccessible for me now what a joke
  • Bad 5/5

    By jjinhbygib ygvu vgygvv
    It is bad just bad
  • Please read this 4/5

    By kittylover_$.$
    It’s pretty good except I got this gift card for Apple yesterday it’s was to pay for something but I decided to do it the next day I went on the Apple store to see I have only 2 dollars left I asked my family members and they said no they didn’t and I’m so mad it’s a waste of money for me
  • Lousy customer service 1/5

    By srogoff40
    The app won’t work with my iPhone 6 which is fully up to date with 12.5.4. Then you click on App Support and of course you get nothing. Total crap. Has apple stopped caring?????? Seems like they have. Even the LinkedIn app has stopped working saying it isn’t supporting the older app - but Apple fails to explain what we can do about all this. Crap.
  • Will not update!! 1/5

    By nickus1982
    App will not update on my iPhone. I have the latest update as well as rebooting my phone and still nothing. Guess it’s just not meant to be.
  • Mac Book Pro 1/5

    By MB31082021
    I bought a Max Book Pro 13’ by the end of 2016 in an Apple Store in Miami. I have other apple products and have trusted the quality applied to them for many years, witch made me make a high investment in buying a product with a higher cost compared to others from the same segment. From 2017 to 2020, the Mac Book was rarely used, since I only used it for my PhD classes and activities. During the last year, it was used to work from home because of the Pandemic. In May/2021, I had some personal problems and left the Mac Book without use for about a month. After that, when I turned it back on, I noticed it was running a little slow at first, but then it started working normally. After this day, the next time I tried turning it on, it simply wouldn’t and ever since that day, it never came back. I was always very careful with all my laptops. The last one I had was a Sony Vayo that was used for 9 years. I am the only person that uses them and I follow all the instructions to keep them in their best conditions, always. I don’t leave them charging after they are fully charged and only put it to charge close to when it has no more battery power. It also was kept properly stored in a case and left in a place with air conditioner. I couldn’t imagine that a Mac Book would work for less than 5 years. I thought In a few years I was going to be able to hand it over to my daughter and buy me a new one. Up until the product stopped working, I was absolutely satisfied with it. It never gave me any trouble. I have had many iPhones and also have an IPad for more than 5 years that always worked as they should. Buying a Max Book Pro 13’ was the highest investment I have made for a product under its category, however it was the one that gave me the fewer years of use. I’ve heard that the newest Macs aren’t as good as the old ones and I guess that seems to be right. In case there is no solution for my Mac Book Pro 13’, I will certainly be buying a laptop from another brand and this will sadly, no longer be an Apple client.
  • Wow apple…… 1/5

    By Tsumioji
    I am so tired of apps leaving the App Store they DO NOT stay in the cloud They ARE NOT accessible under not on this iPhone/iPad You CANNOT TRANSFER the removed app using a computer connection or any other hardware transference method I remember when you bought a cd rom that was YOUR CD ROM I am utterly SICK of apples misinformation poor service centers the Genius Bar and the fact that apple care plus MEANS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING Who ever is running this company has NO respect for its consumers and NO respect for its original founder. Please someone make a better system So disappointed APPLE gets rid of 90s app and puts lackluster replacements some that don’t even import ones photos or videos 𝙋𝙐𝙏 90𝙎 𝘼𝙋𝙋 𝘽𝘼𝘾𝙆 𝙉𝙊𝙒 𝘾𝙊𝙊𝙆! Jobs treated his customers with WAY more respect than this very disappointed in what USED to be a fairly good company
  • Apple store 1/5

    By Reb google user
    Bought a new I phone. Poorly laid out. Most important and probable uses are hidden and not highlighted. Searches do not turn up the probable item being looked for.
  • Apple Update 1/5

    By 510078996
    Stupid Apple update screwed up my phone. Apps aren't working right and I don't want your f'ing Covid updates.
  • Apple is full of commie SRA pedos that spy on you!!! 1/5

    By Seandogg000
    Look into them...and their friends at pedobook.
  • Make it easier to use Apple Gift Card 3/5

    By newsreader1999
    When someone checks out in the Apple Store, the checkout screen should show the balance available on any Apple gift cards the shopper has and ask if the cards should be applied to the purchase. I had a gift card in my iPhone wallet, but the Apple Store app did not offer to apply it to my purchase. It should be extremely easy to use an Apple gift card in the Apple Store app. Amazon handles this type of thing well.
  • This app is awesome but 4/5

    By sky the s girl😎
    This app is perfect but every time I try to get a new game it won’t let me because every detail has to be perfect in your password for example uppercase and lowercase
  • why? 3/5

    By FukkOff818
    why can’t we rate or at least comment on apps that come with the iphone? 😒
  • Safari Capchat 5/5

    By (Franc
    Firefox focus has a content blocker feature that breaks safari Capchat and forces the user to use Firefox.
  • This is the excellent application. 5/5

    By Kawser15511
    This is the excellent application for apple lover.Here you can get many different types of iPhone,Mac,apple watch,Apple Card etc.There are many excellent products included in this application.
  • swljljsvuubidrcxsvfzes 3/5

    By Phoneutria
  • hey 1/5

    By I Cant Get Skins
    apple please don’t make iOS15 have cp pls if you see this
  • Hi hi f 5/5

    By jg I ig to rest fy red
    I ook DD i G garden TV the y therrrf hi r y it’s ezrzrrrze dearh I ugly try FF good try Io m us is inu icee ok I yes