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The Apple Store app provides a more personal way to shop for the latest Apple products and accessories. Get recommendations based on the Apple products you already own. Find out which accessories are compatible with your devices. Easily upgrade to a new iPhone from your current one. Keep track of your orders wherever you go. And sign up for hands-on sessions in store. You can even use Apple Pay to check out from your iPhone when you visit a participating Apple Store. Note that the Apple Store app and certain features are available only in select countries. How your data is used To confirm compatibility and recommend products, the app will access both the services and the name, model, and part number of devices linked to your Apple ID. To turn off this feature, go to Account > Settings > My Devices and Services.

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  • Apple = Great Service 5/5

    By Ira McCown
    I love my new IPhone 8+ and the techs at both the store and over the phone who are always patient with me and answer my questions so that Newbie me understands. Plus I love ability to take free classes at Apple Stores that explain so many of the unique features of my 8+ !
  • C C info 1/5

    Why does every app ask for C C info? I’m not giving out credit card info for every app. Most of the time I’m just updating the app. So please advise how I opt out of sharing my CC information with everyone. Its suspect to have that popping up every time. Don’t need to upgrade or participate in any apps if that’s the case.
  • Annoying useless updates 1/5

    By LoLaMC
    Why is Apple constantly pushing needless (for the user) updates of this app by making older versions unusable? I mean, the user experience is still the same, i.e. poor if compared to Amazon. Actually, when people can finally buy Apple products from Amazon, I wonder who will actually use the Apple Store anymore... The world has changed and Apple is in denial if they think they can still dictate the terms under which consumers acquire and use their products, apart from the few fanboys that are left out there.
  • Not user friendly 1/5

    By Scrapper55
    We buy a new phone on average every two years. I thought it would be fun to try to use the app to buy the new phone. I created an order for an iPhone 8, and twice during the process selected pick up in store. I was all done, I thought, hit place order, and the next thing I know I’m getting an email acknowledging my order will be shipped to me for delivery in three days. No, no, no! I immediately went to the store, asked for their help. They had me call AppleCare OK so I did. They canceled the order - in theory. Two hours later I get an email telling me my shipment is in process, complete with a tracking number, and I will receive it at the end of the day Tuesday. I called back again, confirmed that the order was actually cancelled, and now am waiting to see if the phone shows up and whether or not I actually have to return it. And I’m also waiting for my $750 to be refunded to my checking account! Which, even though the order was canceled within two hours, will take five business days to refund.
  • Jony ive is a notch scammer! 1/5

    By NotAPPLEcable
    Who else likes 5% of their entertainment screen blocked??? I dont!
  • Best thing 5/5

    By pizzarapcool
    Apple is the best thing ever now your even making it better with online shopping🤯
  • Unhappy, 1/5

    By piker hauler
    I am trying to contact apple to no success I need to talk to someone about issues on my iPhone ,I am loosing the update value, on 21 apps ??And what is the 32.00 dollar bill for on my VERIZON bill, when did you start charging for apps on the iPhone????!!
  • I Thnk b biiiiiiiiig baed 1/5

    By Dyl pikle
    1/5 would not use again, coostomer surbice wazs baaaaad broter
  • Worst experience ever 1/5

    By upset76133
    Will never get another iPhone
  • Initial hamebase 5/5

    By Love love it and it is free!!!
    I fell glad that apple has an initial home base for the sale of there products, the way they precisely made this as user friendly to. I hope that will continue with their breakthroughs in technology.
  • Can’t buy a phone with it 3/5

    By Subaru owner since 1976
    Tried to buy into the upgrade program and purchase an iPhone XR but after 30 minutes and three app crashes I gave up. App bogs down at the billing and shipping address stage. I did get far enough in the third attempt to get to the payment section only to learn that I can’t use a debit card. Not an issue for me but FYI.
  • Yet more flaws... 1/5

    By SendingOutAnSOS
    Slow, clunky, hides the ability to make Genius appointments (but you can schedule an appointment to waste more $ on overpriced/low quality products). And now the app has taken away the ability for users to rate and comment on products. Yet another how Apple under Tim Cook’s leadership is hiding more and more information such as specific sales numbers and customer feedback.

    By How do you paste
    This is my second time writing to Apple. Please stop billing me $14.05 each month. Explain to me what your billing me for. I don’t play music on my phone. Please email me and explain this charge. I live Pension/Social Security, can’t afford the extras. Thank you. Andrea Arrindell
  • Clean and Simple 4/5

    By Kyle Giffen
    I’m pretty happy with the Apple store app. It’s very clean and very easy to use! I only wish you could see your order status with in the app. Other than that I think it’s perfect!
  • Eazy and Fast. 5/5

    By Narek0709
    Great app. Haven’t found any bugs or glitches. Super easy to find what you want and what’s new. Also has other products such as accessories made by other companies. Overall great app.
  • Hey 5/5

    By nolly!!
    And then you
  • Gift card suppport 3/5

    By davidfig93
    It’s literally impossible to pay with a gift card with Apple Pay workflow. It’s only available via the other payment forms flow and it’s super annoying to go through the process of adding everything to Apple Pay and then not be able to buy something properly because you don’t have the physical card at hand to input manually only cuz you are paying part of something with a gift card. Ran into this issue now 3-4 times
  • Le puse 3 estrella porque solo esta en inglés debería estar en varios idiomas 3/5

    By el cuijo
    Le puse 3 estrellas porque solo está en inglés
  • This app is the best 5/5

    By Ereny Tawfeek
    I love this app because you can get what ever you need
  • Force upgrade! 2/5

    I use this app to research/plan my Apple product purchases and it does a good job for what I ask of it. Unfortunately the app will no longer launch without first upgrading. Is there a compatibility issue between my IOS 11.?.? And this latest version? Or the version I’d been using without issue?(I’ll fill in the version numbers shortly). If it is a compatibility issue SAY SO in the upgrade notes please.
  • Why am I forced to update the app just to use it? 1/5

    By bcast23
    I just wanna see the products. Why does it require an update to browse the store every time??? I may as well just go to the website for all the trouble this is
  • Broken on fresh iPhone X install 1/5

    By recent_convert
    I’ve had my phone less than 24 hours and the database of apps is already corrupted and unable to update anything.
  • Appel products 1/5

    By lowery trees
    I’ll never buy another Appel phone again 2 phone booth junk ! That flicker n don’t understand what you r saying.
  • Can not Get Authorized on Verizon 3/5

    By Waiting for an iPad version
    With the most recent update to the app, when I get to the “Carrier Account screen,” I keep seeing an error message stating that my Verizon account information can not be found. In addition; have entered my wireless number and 4 digit account pin correctly; also, with the previous update this was not a problem and, is not allowing me to place my order for the iPhone XS. Please update the app so that these problems can be resolved. Thank you
  • Education Store for College Students 3/5

    By WhatsUpGente
    I wish you would add the education store for college to the app.
  • Not for app but for the app that you use to download this.... if you created it. 1/5

    By Roobug90
    No joke Apple if you created the App Store then there needs to be a few changes, somethings that were in the old App Store but now are removed like a page where games already downloaded go and when deleted you can find them there because I have been having problems finding games, that is the only thing I want changed if you didn’t create the App Store this isn’t your problem but if you did this is your problem
  • Don’t expect to stay supported 2/5

    By mark1221
    With the latest iPad announcement apple has finally proved that they don’t care about their customers. I was looking forward to the Apple Pencil 2 announcement and come to find it’s not compatible with my 2nd gen iPad and it doesn’t even have nicer nibs on it for better art. Going forward there looks to be zero support for previous iPad pro owners. Apple grabbing cash and throwing old customers to the wind. It’s about time I look at a google phone and a Wacom tablet instead. 🤔😒
  • Not too concerned 1/5

    By Mamasharipha
    I can't get it to ever open on my watch. Is this operator error or is it something with the app? Not too awful concerned about it. I just moved it to the uninstall option on my watch.
  • Terrible service. Poor call center. 1/5

    By PS111
    It would be easier to order and manage with Amazon. For a $9 item having to be on phone for 15 mins and hearing scripted messages from an actual person was quite terrible.
  • Not sure I like my new S6 phone 2/5

    By scottpromen
    Starting to think I phones are junk my phone does a lot of neet things but a company that uses glass screens are designed to break and need to be replaced often also any phone that the consumer can’t replace batteries is either a poorly designed phone or designed to not last long I think this will be my last apple product also have I pad that belonged to my deceased wife someone in Tennessee hacked my I pad now I can’t retrieve my wife’s pictures and all important info is kind of worthless it seems to me that I pads were over designed to make you buy a new one good product but if I can’t reset it or retrieve info is also worthless
  • What can I Do? 2/5

    By emtf1999
    Hi I’m trying to buy the new iwatch series 4. I live in Georgia and I’ve been in 2 apple stores and none of those two seems to have it. What can I do? I need to buy it as soon as possible, and if I buy it online i will have to wait 2-3 weeks and I can’t wait that long.
  • What happened to customer service? 1/5

    By KC8905
    This used to be a great app. You used to be able to make Genius Bar appointments right in the app and walk into the store and get help. You can’t do that anymore and you can’t get in touch with the store unless you go there. Now calls to the store go to Apple Care which puts you on hold for a long time and then of course can’t tell you if the store can help. This is LOUSY customer service- and the old version of the app was obviously designed to make things easier for Apple as well as customers. When you’re charging a thousand bucks for a phone and 2k or more for a laptop, maybe don’t make your customer service crappy and treat customers like it’s 1970 (or 1870) and everyone knows you have to go to the store to deal with a merchant. Bring back the old app!
  • Not satisfied with Apple service at all! 1/5

    By KilleenKen
    Basically, no matter what problems you have, Apple wants to d... around, hoping that maybe you won’t call back. It takes them way too long to resolve any issue. And then they put it off to some discussion group, people who claim they don’t get paid, that may be true or not, but it still takes too long for some result I also, along with my family, have been an Apple customer for years. Not satisfied at all. Have a nice day. Also, all the apps that I’ve paid for approximately 4+ years ago, or being held at Ransom. It’s extortion. I cannot re-download my apps , that I’ve already paid for, or cannot download my albums, that I’ve already paid for, unless I pay a bill, which is way less than what I’ve already spent. It’s really, really, sad I’m thinking about switching also. Been an Apple customer for 15 years, and this is what I get. Have a nice day.
  • Over priced and cheap charger with earphone adapter 1/5

    By bobman stream
    And this is the flagship iphone Tim Cook has taken a page from the US Auto makes Thanks for the big step backward Tom
  • Apple Service Deteriorates 1/5

    By ofeliamaria
    This is the second time we’ve had a problem ordering from the online apple store. It’s ridiculous that it’s easier for us to drive to a store to buy apple products instead of being able to order them online. Isn’t being online the purpose of these products? Both times they were quick in taking our order, but not quick to fill it or even refund the charge. In fact, we ended up canceling our order and driving to the store instead. Steve Jobs we miss you!
  • Bad iPhone Xr order process 1/5

    By Fraggin' awesome
    Disappointed to say the least. All kinds of redundant questions asked even after logging in with Apple IDs etc
  • Why you guys need a credit card with money for apps updates and get free apps 2/5

    By Yoma20
    I don’t understand why I need to have money in my card for updating my free apps or the apps that I already pay and also to download free apps it doesn’t make any sense. Apple you guys should eliminate that and let us updated with none of these problems
  • IPad 5/5

    By Natzla
    I received excellent Customer Support and Service yesterday from the Apple store in Manchester Mall. I would recommend highly! Thank you!
  • Pointless 1/5

    By bamarudd20
    All it does is take you to safari. So basically this is a useless waste of space.
  • Apple you really should fix Siri 3/5

    By Cartoon spider man
    You probably could make the best voice assistant if you guys put time and energy into making Siri the best. You guys at Apple have always done good with software updates and bugs and if you’re that good Siri should be the simplest thing for you to fix.
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By Jonathanmike911
    The app works and does its job
  • Great customer service 5/5

    By Fchgfc
    The service was amazing when I used the app on my old phone to get this new phone it worked like magic I recommend getting this app
  • You worked for me... 1/5

    By bmurr40
    Until tim cook decided to manipulate what I can and cannot see. You just made a final decision.
  • Stolen credit card information 1/5

    By ky billie
    I ordered new cell phone , and my bank informed me that my credit card info has been stolen through this site . Charges were made and I am mad!
  • Apple store: I’m in love with my EX....... 2/5

    By lonhg dhloung
    I didn’t have that great of an experience I ordered some stuff on the Apple Store and it was supposed to be delivered in three days. Of course after three days nothing showed up and I used Apple gift certificate to pay for it and had to call customer service and I don’t know I think I called T Mobile by accident so I called them back and they said they were Apple but the prompt came up walking to T Mobile can I help you. It’s kind of ridiculous that T Mobile and Apple work together. They just don’t work together productively counterproductively I should say this despicable they ended up helping my whole entire account and I couldn’t find my guess certificate and on top of all that I don’t know where Apple went used to be my fruit bowl..
  • Long Wait Time! 1/5

    By tenderlover69
    Am looking at all the reviews here when it comes to refunding and I tell you what Christmas was the worst time. I spoke to 5 different customer care representatives when it came to my refund. I NO longer deal with the customer care for APPLE because the customer service is horrible!
  • Fr r 2/5

    By Nuaditu2
    CFCfrrrrrffcf g fforce c crtrtif lffrrrfcrv CFCr vc FB. F gg vvcg f got Forrest’src vroom Friday
  • Good app 4/5

    By tim ceo
    The only thing Apple needs to add to this app is augmented reality for Apple products, see Apple products in 3D on your night stand or Office table.
  • Hope it doesn’t has charge and lte problem that xs series have 1/5

    By Kevinn Den
    Charge and Lte problem?

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