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Apple Support App

Need help? Apple Support app is your personalized guide to the best options from Apple. Find answers with articles tailored to your products and questions. Call, chat or email with an expert right away, or schedule a callback when it’s convenient. Get a repair at an Apple Store or a nearby Apple Authorized Service Provider. Apple Support is here to help. Note that certain features are available only in select countries or regions.

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  • Amazing 5/5

    By zach169628
    Helps me know what to do
  • Payment system 1/5

    By darron567
    Accidental purchase makes no sense my younger sibling hands me the phone with my Touch ID already up boom I buy a 7.99 +tax game so I go to cancel it cause I don’t have the money what’s the solution must pay the money before I can get a refund cause I didn’t have the money to buy it. Now tell me what sense does it make to charge me when there’s no money to be taken but yet still buys the game. If I go to a store buy something and I don’t have money what’s gonna happen they say sorry and put back the item and I go on my way. Apple support ? You don’t have money ? Well we’re gonna charge you so you have to pay it or else you can’t use your App Store or update anything till it’s paid well you don’t have the money ? Oh well what you gotta do is get the money then pay it and then POSSIBLY be accepted for a refund. WHAT ??? It makes no sense !!
  • Chat connections fail frequently 3/5

    By ddownn
    The ability to find help and connect with an advisor is really great. However, nearly every time I’m in a chat, the app keeps saying “We haven’t heard from you in a while” even while I’m typing, and too often the message I send is apparently not delivered. And if I switch to a different application to get info like a serial number for instance the chat session becomes completely unresponsive and gets ended. In short, the chat functionality is extraordinarily buggy and often results in complete failure and ends up being a waste of time. When it does work, it’s great.
  • Hard if not impossible to make a reservation at the Genius Bar. 1/5

    By Felina788
    Why can’t I simply and directly make a reservation at the Genius Bar?
  • Disconnects me from my Advisors, and an annoying keyboard bug! 3/5

    By 101ToonLink
    I think the concept of an app from Apple to help their customers with Apple Support is a convenient and awesome idea! But, there are some glaring issues that seriously needs to be resolved. While talking to Apple Support via the Text Chat method, occasionally, I’ll get disconnected from the session, I’ll see no response, before eventually saying that it was disconnected by an advisor. Also, if you tap the down arrow at the top right corner of the screen, it minimizes the chat, which is cool, since it allows you to look at other stuff while awaiting a response or looking at something. You can even receive notifications when your advisor responds while you’re outside the app, which is awesome- that is, if the keyboard didn’t disappear with no way to pull the keyboard back up when you return to the app. At this point, your support is pretty much done for, and is forced to do nothing but end the session and hope to dear lord they understand that you aren’t trying to be rude. I was recently trying to get in touch with Apple Support with some assistance about my AirPods, but got disconnected from the chat method twice, before eventually calling Apple Support via phone thanks to a great representative who left a convenient number to call since I briefly explained that I was talking to someone else but was unexpectedly disconnected, and he was very understanding about it, so he gave me a number I could quickly call. And the lady that answered the phone was also very nice and understanding of my experience. Fortunately, since I’m an Apple Enthusiast, I know how to deal with this, but it still doesn’t take away from the fact that these issues are so annoying!
  • Defective iTunes cards 1/5

    By bogus cards
    Funny when u buy iTunes cards brand new and they say already used out off gate buy hundred cards and 8 don’t work and apple says ther used abut at same time they tell u how to fix if happens But 25 dollar iTunes cards all day with no problem Buy a 50 or one hundred and have a problem they tell you it’s a scam I will never buy iTunes again and passing the word around , sems they would rather blame somebody else instead of checking there glitches in system , and to call my personal friends scammers is a slap in face u people are bother but scammers your self,,,, ha some issues better check your quality control
  • Poor performance 1/5

    By P off 1
    I bought a MacBook Air through Costco and have not been able to get it set up. I called Costco Conciaire and was transferred to Apple Support. The young lady was very polite and professional but all that we tried was pointless. She advised to take to a Mac store and the earliest appt I could get was 5 pm 01/05/19. I have spent a lot of money for what looks to be an expensive paper weight.
  • Useless app 1/5

    By dennisHs
    Doesn’t tell me anything , cannot set up genius appointment for bricked device , cannot add device
  • Chat feature is glitchy 1/5

    By adityac6
    When talking to an apple employee, the chat is very glitchy. Chat messages send out of order.
  • Two critical bugs 1/5

    By EddzGamez
    Sometimes I send a message, but the Apple Support member does not receive it. The entire point of the app is to allow the user to communicate to get help, and it cannot even do that. The second bug I encountered is that the messages appear out of order when I send them. This leaves me unable to see if there are any new messages by just looking at the bottom message, and I have to look at the time stamps or the message content just to see which is the newest one. This version is buggy and should be updated.
  • Apple Customer Service 1/5

    By ControllerCat5
    Apple has the worst customer support model I’ve ever experienced. Worse then cable TV. My fiancé is handicapped and we have been to the Apple Store 3 times to try and get a battery. With no success. I think they just want try and up sell you to a newer product I refuse to have to wait 5 hours so someone can tell me something I already know. I need a new battery!!!! And rude on top of it. Park City Store in Lancaster PA. Avoid it. Customer no service. They won’t let you leave your phone and pick it up when it’s finished. Disgusting!
  • Thanks 5/5

    By Elkton Elks
    I had the good fortune to speak with one of your typical, knowledgeable techs. Kudos to her in Southern Arizona and Apple Care. 5 stars for her invaluable support! Ken Marshall

    By Winnie Diuno
    I have been an Apple lover and possibly one of your highest personal-use purchasers. Every phone, computer and related products I buy for my family and friends is Apple. The support staff are excellent and try the best anyone can to help with the recent slow and malfunctioning iPhone XS Max and MacBook. The Engineering Team should step up their game otherwise loyalists like me will for the first time in about a decade explore alternatives!! These problems are getting exceedingly frustrating and seem to defy solutions. When I googled, I discovered they are not isolated problems.
  • Gr8 app 5/5

    By drummerbronx
    Each time I ask a question they would do a thorough search to solve the problem.
  • Bad interface 1/5

    By bonemamxeno
    I tried using this app and my responses were not being sent. They just sat on my screen below new responses from the “person” on the other end. I was connected to Wifi so there shouldn’t have been any issues.
  • Disgusted, disgusted!!!,, 1/5

    By piker hauler
    Why can I no longer update the apple apps , all my apps call for a update, all ALL efforts fail ?? Why ????
  • Bring back chat option 1/5

    By TrumpSucksD
    Apple decided that the chat option wasn’t needed
  • itunes 5/5

    By pirooz63
    Apps are not upgraded in volume. Please submit iTunes a new version with the ability to display and download software
  • Not supported for service 1/5

    By ShinyHappyHead
    I had four charges on my iTunes account I didn’t make and I was submitting a case for it, and I would get roadblocked on a screen that states “We’re sorry, this product is not supported for service.” The app is useless.
  • Doesn’t let me select South Africa as my location 1/5

    By You make it so difficult!
    1 word: Pathetic!
  • App error caused me to get booted from chat support. 1/5

    By Sqamantha
    Great concept and trash execution. I’ve been trying to resolve whatever dumb issue my phone and Mac are having with each other and during the VERY time consuming chat support it’s like the app stops sending my messages to the Apple rep? So then it thinks I’m inactive and it boots me. Same exact thing has happened twice, while the reps (or possible bots) were on the right track to help me and about to transfer me to an advisor I stop getting their messages and they stop getting mine so get kicked from the chat. Exhausting over a dumb issue my Mac shouldn’t be having in the first place.
  • Why not installed by default? 5/5

    By dhnyny
    I can't understand why users are made to search for and install this app. Why isn't this installed by default?
  • Messaging and storage 1/5

    By mrs scruffy muffin
    I have dropbox and iCloud with plenty of space. My deleting all or most of my info doesn't help. I cant install updates or sed messages. I can only receive and reply. Apple has been great for years. Has it been sold to another corporation. I hate windows but may have to go back to it. Thank you
  • Apple care. 1/5

    By refuse apple care
    I did not order Apple care on my iPhone 6. How door this get on my phone ?
  • Old dog trying 2 learn 3/5

    By Jp12-9-18
    I have a few devices on my account. The problem is I only have one device. This is my first Apple phone. So I am worried about people being in my account. I keep getting told for the age requirement they have me at is 4. I get told I cannot go in to a cloud cause there is none that is open. It has been an experience so far let’s see how it goes from here on out.
  • Chat buggy 2/5

    By MMazor
    Displays message out of order
  • Why you help just by calling??? We need chat! 5/5

    By Ramin_me
    Before apple support contain chat support. Now you just try help with call! Non english language, couldnt speek english! But such me can type!
  • Need 2 Report a Theft 1/5

    By PeaceCorpsSteve
    I recently downloaded 3-apps which I tested extensively before purchasing. 2-days later, Apple updated my phone, rendering useless the $13 in apps I purchased only 2-days prior. Having followed protocols, I still haven't received a refund. In most areas of the U.S., this is referred to as "theft".
  • Stollin money 1/5

    By no time for silly games!!
    Apple on line help is useless waste of my time! I had money in account for my use to make purchases from iTunes. It’s all gone now plus 4 $25 dollar gift cards given to me last Christmas. They are worthless now as I tried making purchases with them. I spent so much time trying to tell of these problems to Apple. They finally responded saying there was nothing they could do ! Great so I lost over $100.00 thru Apple.Naturally I refuse to do anymore business with Apple or ITunes . Glenn Pfau. MJ P [email protected] Com
  • Even more frustrated than ever 1/5

    By Chrissy834
    Downloaded this app when I started having problems with my phone. Hoping for a solution that wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg I open it up and it tells me I had to update it, weird because I just downloaded it. When I click update it just brings me back to the AppStore where it shows no update. SO FRUSTRATED WITH APPLE.
  • I updated app but it won’t open 1/5

    By Glasslady48
    Ok it’s telling me I need to update the app, that was done 2 days ago. So when I try to open the app cause it’s clearly updated, it won’t open.
  • The support app needs support 1/5

    By Pinky902
    Well done releasing an app that cannot get you out of an upgrade loop Sorry y’all This is sad
  • Continually prompts to update the app 1/5

    By PappasPK
    But no update is available. App cannot be used.
  • Keeps telling me to update. 1/5

    By dmustach
    Keeps telling me to update before I can use the app. IT’S UP TO DATE!!
  • It keeps asking for an update that doesn't exist 1/5

    By S O'Donnell
    And so I can't use it. Worthless.
  • Good job 4/5

    By Havoc 9994367812
    I have found that this app works well enough. Small problems can be easily fixed with the tips and chat. Larger problems require the Genius Bar at an Apple Store. Those who cannot figure out how to get an appointment with the Genius Bar are just too stupid to own an Apple product. Get on your browser and search for your local Apple Store. Location and phone number are shown. CALL THE STORE STUPID, MAKE THE APPOINTMENT!
  • Great app 5/5

    By 318_Dallas
    Perfect support app
  • Get support 4/5

    By icyvick
    My Apple ID has been disabled and I would like to have it back what can I do
  • Orders 1/5

  • Excellent and Outstanding Service! 5/5

    By BlazeItDoge
    Mike from Apple Support was very helpful and friendly over the whole process of getting refunds for unauthorized purchases. I would definitely recommend this app in the future to anyone else who needs help over this whenever they have an Apple related problem!
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By anon not possibke
    Apple is increasingly about limiting access to help while charge the most they can.
  • Weak supporting 1/5

    By Doctor Saberi
    Hi, one app on app store named ماهواره جیبی has pornography channels pack to see porn channels live!!! I report this to you and you say me go to our website and feedback from there and there bring me to your app, did you leave me?
  • IPad Mouse 3/5

    By Racin Fanatik
    I just recently bought a Bluetooth keyboard case and I bought a Bluetooth mouse along with it. I tried to pair it but IPad does not support a mouse. I would be nice to have an IPad mini that supports a mouse. Thanks!
  • Best support ever. 5/5

    By Vis Berg
    One of the reasons you buy an iPhone, Apple Watch, Mac or anything else is because they have excellent support. I’ve never had a bad experience with their support.
  • Easy to schedule 5/5

    By Jon Kessler
    Makes scheduling service appts really easy. Nice that they include third party repair spots as well as apple stores.
  • Worst customer support 1/5

    By called2serv
    I had the most horrible customer support and nothing got solved
  • Worthless 1/5

    By Action6874
    Totally worthless, not worth the effort!!!
  • Can’t view appointments 1/5

    By eggimage
    There’s absolutely no way to edit or even view existing appointments. Lots important functions are also missing. Please get someone capable to manage this app
  • It wouldnt let me refund my $20 thing that i purchased on accident 1/5

    By Knife Bugs 2 stars
    I accidentally spent $20 on a game and i keep doing things to refund it but it wont work

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