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Apple Support App

Need help? Apple Support app is your personalized guide to the best options from Apple. Find answers with articles tailored to your products and questions. Call, chat or email with an expert right away, or schedule a callback when it’s convenient. Get a repair at an Apple Store or a nearby Apple Authorized Service Provider. Apple Support is here to help. Note that certain features are available only in select countries or regions.

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  • App is good. Service is excellent. 5/5

    By Suburban_Sanitized
    The app works well enough, but the best thing is that Apple puts analysts behind it that continually deliver great results. I’ve spent years in tier 1 and tier 2 technical analysis roles and The service I receive from Apple Support is on par with the level of service I tried to deliver with every call and every issue.
  • iPad automatically sets voice override 1/5

    By The Hess Man
    And typing Correct password Voice Override Disables my iPad over the last 3 months how to fix my iPad without iTunes ? I have no laptop only an IPhone 7s Plus !
  • POF account 5/5

    By 1234beachball
    How do I cancel my POF account ?
  • No opportunity to schedule appointments 1/5

    By Bruce765
    I wanted to schedule an appointment with Genius Bar but the app keeps returning to the troubleshooting area. It doesn’t show the nearest Genius Bar locations or the ability to schedule an appointment.
  • What are you people talking about Apple support is great... 5/5

    By TAZ617
    Some of you guys like to complain for no reason. There’s been times where I was lost but contacted Apple support and every time I did they helped me with the most hardest things that I went through and thought it wasn’t possible but it was possible I just want to thank the support team for doing the best that they can to help the people.I see no reason why this app shouldn’t get at least 4 to 5 stars keep up the good work Apple support team!!😎❤️
  • Bad Apple support 1/5

    By Rmmnaticoke
    Apple’s customer service is sliding so low. Horrible. No wonder why the stock price is falling.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By swingingforsix
    Easily the best service appointment experience I have ever had with a manufacturer! Feature rich, intuitive, and right in the device. Could not be easier.
  • Help 1/5

    By crasysammy20
    Hi guys can some one help me on this I don’t buy anything on I tune the only I have is I cloud account and there is a lot off charges to my card and no one can help now my account is booked
  • A mess 1/5

    By Daniel Springer (iOS Dev)
    -Unable to connect -Chat messages aren’t kept in chronological order, making it impossible to follow a conversation or tell when a new message arrived. -Representatives also complain about not receding images or serial numbers I send, and conversations end because the bot asks “are you still there” and doesn’t realize that I respond “yes I’m here”. -Sometimes the input textfield disappears, making it impossible to reply to the representative. It’s a mess!
  • iPad / android / mail / login in and out. 1/5

    By None 305
    I bring my iPad but it’s not working. I put it in hot water. On the stovetop Android software is all over my device. I can’t update ITUNES. The mail for updates is from me. To me lollipop lol I haven’t been able to log out because of another ID was signed in. I’m not understanding it.
  • Information Availability & Shared By at this App!!! 5/5

    By Bobbi-B.A.C.H.
    Barbara Ann H-L. I am most pleased at this App the information I need is available to you 24/7. How wonderful it is to be able to share my feelings about my Apple products any time of the day or night!!! Now if I have a problem it’s answered much more easily and the chat system is great. Also I am most pleased with my ability to share how others feel about their products. I find it very interesting and informative and fun and I enjoy what you can learn from it. Thanks again Apple for this great application. Yours truly Barbara Ann.
  • Most reviewers are having a bad day—it’s a support app 5/5

    By IU Kelley Business
    Apple can run remote diagnostics if you give them permission with this app—you are required to do so if you want to add Apple care after the day you purchased. They can see if you dropped an older phone in water & shorts the speaker, ringer, mic, ring vibrator, etc. They can generally tell when a touchscreen is damaged—a crack would be is a touchscreen. You can use this to verify warranty status, price & set up a repair or MAC genius appointment. It can pull up most of the information needed automatically...Mac ID, Apple ID, carrier info; serial number, etc. Much better than regular online. This app guides you to a number of faq’s & technical articles based on a few questions. A lot of us already know most of it, but if you get stuck on something, it helps you pull up relevant is much easier to filter with this than a web browser so you only get info on your device. Other users complain about this, but this helps you learn about the machine that you use everyday. With how much time we spend using a phone, tablet, pc, laptop, smartwatch, game system, Apple TV or streaming device/ Game system, it is good to figure out & understand mistakes & problems so you don’t repeat. Furthermore, this system eliminates the need for Apple tech support staff to use human support time on issues that you can figure out. This lets them devote more time to those issues that people cant. Ten support staffs that spend their day fixing problems like having them plug in their computer (after pulling it out so they could carpet clean or something). Those are often long calls..given the person on other end. Support staff that mostly ends up solving stupid dumb problems doesn’t learn & get better like ones tackling the real issues...other things go down hill documents, flow charts, references that they use today aren’t imagined. Besides, If you can’t find an answer or are still lost, it gives you options for support...if you choose phone, you can have it call you back instead of waiting forever on hold. Plus now they aren’t on near the wait they would be if they just had everyone call & used fifo, & they can devote more time.
  • Useless 1/5

    By jazzy44453
    They are very unhelpful. I had a charge for something and I was asking about and they ask like 5 useless questions and then I didn’t get my refund because of a policy they made. Don’t download this it is very useless.
  • Unhelpful product 1/5

    By rocky265
    This app is meant for all Apple users but doesn’t have every country for people to use so how is that supposed to benefit your brand
  • Just needed to know iOS version of my iPad mini, no help available 1/5

    By Coyote Al
    The topic I need help with does not exist so I was unable to get any help. I need to contact apple...
  • They getting worse 1/5

    By victorchavusa
    The app Making you many many questions to finally telling they have to call you! then they called you but not at the time it was scheduled
  • Genius 1/5

    By mad831
    What a great copycat tool to play games, lie, cheat and steal from your family. Purfect Xcode for being a manipulative boi or gurl. Amazing how gullible some of us truly are.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By happilywedgal
    1. Installed app 2. Did a search on wtc is wrong with spotlight search since last update 3. Nothing found & option to “chat” offered 4. Uninstalled app 5. Leaving this review
  • This app is awesome and very helpful! 5/5

    By SuperSeabee
    I got much, much help from this app, costumer service was awesome as well!
  • Warning this App is tainted! 1/5

    By Dr.Doomed
    This App is associated with Google, if you download it you might as well get a Malware & Virus riddled Google controlled 🤬 Android cellphone 📵!
  • Useless 1/5

    By Call first
    As said in other reviews accomplishes nothing except wasting your time .Just CALL for assistance .Would give zero stars if it was up there
  • Scam 1/5

    By Kaki K.
    I was told by employees at the Genius Bar that this is a scam. It’s not actually Apple. It seemed weird so I hung up before they gained access to my computer. Then I called the Apple store.
  • Why do it three simple steps when you can get a degree on appointment making. 1/5

    By Ana in SATX
    What used to take two minutes to do (set an appointment to get your device fixed) now takes ten minutes. Once you select your device you scroll through the multiple choice questions, then, after you select the issue that almost describes you problem, you can get called now, called later or chat JUST TO SET A STINKING APPOINTMENT. Who is the brain child behind this ever so useless app? We pay for AppleCare Plus and when you need to use it you nearly have to have a degree to set up an appointment? What a joke.
  • I’ve talk to at least three different people and they still haven’t Solve my problem 1/5

    By cynthia brickey
    Just a minute I have a $14.98 charged to my iTunes that I did not make it I cannot seem to get any resolution on it
  • Useless 1/5

    By BowmanDiesel
    I downloaded the app because I needed help with changing a setting and the website didn't work (other frustrating story) this app is nothing other than that same library of information with no way to actually get help. I feel like I'm using my old Samsung! Update: maybe this app only works on the latest devices, mine is one generation old smh
  • Worthless for anyone who knows tech. 1/5

    By Lerneaen hydra
    Asked 4 questions and then said update your phone and if that doesn’t work see the Genius Bar. And after having them double check my phone number, I’ve now gotten 3 scam calls, even though I have a good “scam call blocker.”
  • Awesome app. Extremely helpful. 5/5

    By Amped24
    I want to say thank you to Selina for helping me with my issues with safari. She was extremely helpful and kind. She answered back very quick and solved the problem in minutes. I highly recommended everyone gets this app. It’s super helpful.
  • Apple Support Rocks! 5/5

    By nursewrena
    Every time I’ve ever used Apple Support I’ve received excellent timely assistance. I’m an older lady with little tech experience & Support has kept me from dragging my devices into a specialist on more than one occasion. They give me the option of phone vs Support thru chat. I have nothing but praise for these kids! Thanks Apple!!!!
  • 10/10 recommend 5/5

    By MADDIE . T
    thought I crashed and broken my MacBook but turns out it was an easy fix
  • Nice privacy 1/5

    By nice privacy
    I get fake people from Egypt and there is no privacy I had my phone off and look at my email and it’s says Apple granted access I can’t wait for response
  • Its cool 4/5

    By rhmnjohn1134
  • Can’t book Genius Bar 1/5

    By Giant Sedona
    Still can’t find how to book genius Bar appointment. Iam out side waiting for store to ipen now. Downloaded new apt for support and still can’t figure it out. Ive used i-phone since they came out so Zim not stupid.
  • YouTube Music, YouTube Premium 1/5

    By Dennis Lip
    I want to CANCEL this subscription. Don’t want.
  • 1st class service 5/5

    By JoMoto84
    I will always be an apple customer not just because of the product design but I don’t think I have ever had a bad customer experience with apple. There are times I had to come out of pocket but they are quick to make it right if it is covered by their warranty. I have been using iPhone for over a decade now. So there has been a few service calls. I recently had an issue with my Apple Watch display. I have a box in the mail so I can send it in for repair/replacement. The next day! 1 quick phone call and they call you!
  • Useless - cannot find an apple store in the US 1/5

    By luvesji
    No apple stores shows on the map for the US, therefore preventing me to book a Genius appointment
  • Apple iTunes, unhappy customer 1/5

    By Astar120
    I looked into iTunes when I first got my phone (a 6s mind you) I probably even subscribed once, A WHILE AGO, but I didn’t keep the app long because of not only the reoccurring monthly membership charges but the other extra charges like, 43.00, 55.00, 34.00 and so on. Which usually developed way over 100.00 per month, BUT FOR WHAT??!!??!! There were never no explanations of what I purchased or didn’t purchase! So.... I’ve unsubscribed 3 times now and am still getting charges! Cant find customer service on iTunes and Apple support just beat around the bush!! Last month I’ve had over 200.00 in charges! But for what!!!!
  • No help - and bad suggestions 2/5

    By K Farn
    Ask a plethora of non essential questions, my issue was “FaceID has been disabled”, per the Apple support website, there is nothing I can do on my end to enable it, when I explained this to the chat support rep they agreed and asked for my country and zip code (even though the app asked if it could use location services previously) - upon giving them my current zip code, they recommended a service location of my home address, instead of where I am staying (250 miles away), even though there is a Apple store/full service center 10 min from the zip code I gave them - so they accessed my personal data on my phone instead of looking at the information/answer I provided in the support chat - SO: questions asked were 90% pointless and unrelated to the actual issue, I had to direct the chat rep to the article mentioning that I could not resolve the problem (had hoped they could possibly enable it online), then directed me to the wrong Apple service center w/o access to actually schedule me an appointment - total waste of an app and time
  • Request For Face Cam Facebook LiveStream 2/5

    By Xicreno
    Nowaday Live stream with face cam is most popular in all kind of life style. i wanna suggest for live stream app with face cam without using PC.
  • THIS APP IS FAKE!!!!!! 1/5

    By CARDINAL4-20
    Doesn’t work like they say it does and basically makes you have to call up Apple and talk to an Apple representative just to get the support you needed because the app is just nothing but a joke!!!!!!!
  • No ago so want support 1/5

    By ShawnaMarieMc
    I don't want the app but I still want support
  • Think about if you even NEED AppleCare or Support 1/5

    By Cjax75
    Unless your screen is cracked, it won’t help you. The support you will receive is reset or set an appointment.
  • 👌 5/5

    By purya karimi
  • This app is a piece 1/5

    By CountMontevideo
    This app was suggested by Apple after being unable to open the App Store. Well, I can’t open the App Store again, so I open the support app and it won’t offer any support because it wants to be updated; but I can’t open the App Store! Absolute rubbish.
  • Service 1/5

    By PRCoffee
    Absolute worst
  • Super helpful and friendly 4/5

    By crystiemeow
    I had a virus on my computer and they were super nice to help lead me throughout the entire problem. However, the app itself was quite laggy
  • No opinion giving giving and no other technical asking option 2/5

    By King of nangal
    Garage app, because this app haven’t any opinion giving option nor other technical questions asking option. Update apple support, come in 2019.
  • Useless App!!! 1/5

    By Romona4589663
    Don’t bother with this app. It’s a waste of time, doesn’t produce any results, is a rip off, and doesn’t even deserve the one star I gave it.
  • Pointless app ??? 1/5

    By coralreef77
    This is infuriating trying to stop a payment for something. And an app that does absolutely nothing for any purpose at all Pointless, like Pence
  • Update loop 1/5

    By suxxxxxxxxxxxx
    It just keeps saying update.

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