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Apple Support App

Need help? Apple Support app is your personalized guide to the best options from Apple. Find answers with articles tailored to your products and questions. Call, chat or email with an expert right away, or schedule a callback when it’s convenient. Get a repair at an Apple Store or a nearby Apple Authorized Service Provider. Apple Support is here to help. Note that certain features are available only in select countries or regions.

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Apple Support app reviews

  • I 5/5

    By sttaar
    The first one
  • Useless App!!! 1/5

    By Romona4589663
    Don’t bother with this app. It’s a waste of time, doesn’t produce any results, is a rip off, and doesn’t even deserve the one star I gave it.
  • Zero help with refunds 1/5

    By Qui Tam
    Don't even think of using this app for help with refunds. Once you submit the refund form, you'll get an automated reply (there's no obvious human review), and you'll get no explanation or chance to appeal. There's also no way to submit documentation for a refund request, even when as in my case the third-party app agreed I was due a refund. (Apple has a non-competitive monopoly on the billing process, so the third-party app could do nothing.)
  • Pointless app ??? 1/5

    By coralreef77
    This is infuriating trying to stop a payment for something. And an app that does absolutely nothing for any purpose at all Pointless, like Pence
  • Update loop 1/5

    By suxxxxxxxxxxxx
    It just keeps saying update.
  • Great Help 5/5

    By PSMinn
    Whenever I’ve kind of an error or problem I get excellent support and advice from Team Apple. I was from the other side of the world; Asia. This app is the one of the great ideas of Apple’s customer satisfaction service. Cheers!
  • Apple’s Calendar 1/5

    By Hbright50
    I don’t know where to turn to ask this question so I’m starting here, if it’s wrong perhaps I can be directed elsewhere. Why does the calendar drop reminders after a month or two? What if you need to refer back to something that took place? This means you need to record things somewhere in addition to the calendar. My question is: Why?
  • Great support 5/5

    By soonerfan71
    Timely and accurate information with excellent results.
  • Terrible app 3/5

    By Jude-d
    Even if you can find the apple product in the app, you’re restricted to choosing an existing support topic for that product. A problem I have with VoiceOver has no existing support topic.
  • Hit & Miss Tech support. 3/5

    By nthom3
    As a family we have been using Apple products since the introduction of iPhone. Apple used to be the overall best in support overall. Now we use this app, and you never know what you get! What a shame Apple, can we trust your support, usually it is more troubling for me to contact you than to try and resolve things my self. I feel that apple is no different than any other company, just pricier, I will have to make the transition to other products, I feel I have no choice, and I know Apple does not care about losing older customers.
  • Don’t expect to get your problem resolved. 1/5

    By johnlicas69
    You should just call your credit card company and cancel it there.
  • Speech less 1/5

    By PaNg !!!
    I didn’t get to any real conclusion so I called AT&T a gal with the name “apple” gets on the line It immediately lost train of thought! I’m a tool, not a toy APPLE
  • No More iPhones! 1/5

    By Gymnast007SkyAngel
    My location was on my new iPhone 6S without my consent. Go in to settings then go in to where your name is and then share my location then i seen “share my location” was on. And i have IOS 12.1.4 on my new iPhone 6S too as well.You may want to rethink how safe iPhones are.Because they share your name and location to the world without your consent.I will never buy iPhones anymore! Take care everyone.
  • Broken 1/5

    By drjwr
    Doesn’t open after update. On the occasion that it does, site won’t open. XS running latest 12.x. Another Apple joke
  • Oxymoron 1/5

    By fuahfuahfu
    The phrase “apple support” is an oxymoron. Absolutely useless. I receive notifications that my apple accounts have been hacked, itunes closed. So I use the app to ask for assistance to fix these issues. I get no useable response from them. Once I pay off my iphone i will be going back to android. Apple sells overpriced phones so once they get your money you’re on your own. I rate the app 0 stars.
  • No help AT ALL. 1/5

    By It'sL17
    Legitimately no help, this has been the worst experience. Was happy that one person was able to get their money credited back to them because Apple DOES NOT STATE that it takes literally forever for money to be transferred into a bank account. I am in an absolutely desperate situation right now and no one has even tried to help me get my money back to me even after two grueling calls. Both calls were their terrible tech support people running in circles, very confusing and helpless. THEY ARE NO HELP, DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME. I am very stuck at the moment and Apple has my money in the air right now, absolutely ridiculous.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Mysubscription
    They will ask you 10 questions as an introduction they know everything about you your software but as if it is theater drama show they will build introduction rather solving your problem right away. They will ask you every no need useless question. Because they have lot of free time doing that rather focus on real issue and fixing that right away. They gave me a suggestion that I need to fix my Bluetooth and phone receiver because there is hardware issue but after a few days when I stopped looking at their new phone everything got sorted out automatically. So basically they are pushing you to get frustrated by old phone so you can upgrade to new phone. Recently I visited their email phone update advertisement and I ended up seeing my current phone battery draining and all apps WiFi connection issues etc which will work fine after a while when I stop seeing their ads. So the apple support is a nonsense. It is all created by apple marketing team and they will make sure to sell you their next phone so they keep making free money for useless things. Even their features are not customer friendly. I know this review might be removed because that’s what their PR team does all the time. Anyway they preach freedom of speech but bash any such reviews.
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Apple_kadin
    The process of getting a appointment is easy Love You Apple
  • God 5/5

    By karim from iran
  • Wonderful customer service 5/5

    By bellanjj6580
    I am new to iPhone and I called Apple Support for help with setting up my credit debit card I got a wonderful gentleman by the name of Courtney who was extremely patient kind and professional and help me figure all my problems out very good customer service Thank you again Courtney
  • Just make the Genius Bar appointment. 1/5

    By thelarix
    It all seems to be going well, as it’s easy to see all your devices there. But then you start with a chat. My first one came and went before I had a chance to say anything. We seemed to be getting somewhere on the second one, then “Chantel“ had me open and run a diagnostic. Which seem to hang. And I found our chat had ended. So I opened another chat. Which also ended abruptly with no resolution. Finally, after wasting a half an hour with this app, I made an appointment with the local Genius Bar for tomorrow afternoon instead. Frustrating.
  • Great customer service but... 1/5

    By Richie $Rich$
    They have good customer service. Always fast and prompt but I've had issues with technical support understanding more complex issues even when selecting a certain category of specialty when it comes to a problem. I've actually been able to figure out some difficult issues myself before support was while texting back and forth. I understand there's human error in everything --- but I don't think that should happen. Especially since I don't hold myself to high level of expertise when it comes to an iPhone. I'll give them credit on always being quick to respond but that goes hand in hand with having expertise in solving issues. Otherwise it's frustrating
  • Apple don’t welcome “Contact us” 1/5

    By Steveanh
    Hi customer service guys, We need to discuss about payment methods for icloud and apple products. We have limited time, unable to spend hours for phone calls with you guys. What’s your email address?
  • Apple Pay is a hit or miss joke more of a miss 1/5

    By Boulder8052
    Everything Apple lately has been crappy including Apple Pay. Even at places where the symbol is sitting there on the register or on the debit machine are use my Apple Pay and it always says declined I have called Apple support numerous times and they said they’ll fix it I’ve tried numerous places… Apple cash is garbage google actually works use Google pay if I can give a -0 just due to all the time I have lost trying to buy gas or other things with Apple Pay with the stupid Apple logo all over the store and then to get to the register and not be able to purchase anything and get in barest in front of other people makes Apple Pay cash garbage. Just like this phone Apple is about the worst company out there all proprietary and all they care about is money. What they don’t care about me getting my money I am done using Apple Pay it’s more pain than it’s worth I’m using Google Pay from now on at least that works everywhere.
  • Terrible 2/5

    By Shpilla
    I feel like I have an Android phone when I use this app.
  • Service 1/5

    By l lowery
    Why in the last week or so, I am having to wait so long on downloads. Think that I will try another carrier! It has just been doing this lately. Usually descent service, but it is horrible now. Love LL
  • No Real Solution 1/5

    By IronRey
    They ask me to jump through hoops like turn on and off the phone, reset this and that... not really diagnosing the issue but prescribing treatments that I’ve already tried or telling me to do things I cannot do like pull the Sym Card out and put it back in... as if I had the tool to do it just laying around somewhere (I also not going to improvise something). Then she stated that I declined to do what she said... that’s not true... there is a difference between not being able to do something and declining to do it... I did not do it because I was not able to, not cause I did not want to do it. Anyhow, their grand solution?!? Reset to factory settings... if this was the solution to an issue, I would be fine... but it’s not because they don’t know what is wrong?!? They also say back up the phone before you go to the store... as if it was easy?!? It takes hours to do this and or money to do the iCloud... so annoying that the recommendation costs money even though they have no way of actually diagnosing the issue. To truly know what is wrong, they should run a software diagnosis that tells you what went wrong and then how to fix it... turning things on and off randomly is not a solution... that is guessing and maybe getting lucky.
  • Prompt chat assistance 5/5

    By Skellerdoors
    All my frustrations with Apple as a company aside, I downloaded this app specifically to use the chat function, and I am really happy with the help I received. I waited under 60 seconds both times, and my reps were both knowledgeable. In both cases, they helped resolve my issues efficiently. It certainly beats the pants off of tediously googling and combing through tech forums.
  • Don’t waste your Time 1/5

    You will chat with someone and ultimately get nothing done
  • Not helpful at all 1/5

    By JulianaMae90
    I tried getting help with a dictation issue on my Apple Watch 2. I started 2 chats, which both ended abruptly and without warning by the advisor after I had already started their troubleshooting instructions. I later received 3 emails saying they had tried to call me to help resolve my issue. My phone never rang, there were no missed calls, and no voicemails. This app is completely useless. The whole point is to avoid having to drive down to an Apple store to help fix your problems, but it looks like that’s the only way to do things now. Don’t download this app. It’s a waste of time.!
  • ADT 5/5

    By Cindaweeeeee
    How can I get my ADT security app that is on my iPhone and iPad onto my Apple Watch as well?
  • Apple support 2/5

    By TazzaRazz7
    I’m writing in because this is my second iPhone. My problems begin when installing to iOS 12.4. My phone crashed and I ended up with several apple ID’s I called support and I didn’t not get the help. My Apple ID was an Email address that I did not ever us as an apple . Support had me stay with that Apple ID and I waited 2 months until someone could help me out and they would not let me chose a id of my own and I than wouldn't have had to wait 2 months and I have more problems than ever! Also they assigned me a alias and didn’t tell me. I didn’t need anymore funny business with Apple id’s like alias's as they said it was a courtesy from Apple. My phone now has 4 different phone numbers embedded in my passwords in settings and they don’t delete no matter what I do and neither my carrier or Apple has solved the problem. I feel that I’m also talking to hackers instead of Apple employees!!! I’ve said that to my husband than read the reviews tonight and something has to be done about it! My phone is so screwed up and my Apple Pay money keeps disappearing and also my purchases disappear ! No one has fixed my phone or even offered to service it or recommend what to do about it they just fix something else and don’t check out what is really causing the malfunction or identity theft. I have had a Apple rep view my credit card on my mac and their no supposed to view financial info. So yes I believe it’s shady with Apple support! They need to fix the problem before it fixes them w
  • App Store 5/5

    By granger howell
    I need some help and App Store will not let me download
  • Issues 2/5

    By andresitotexas
    The personal are very talent but, it needs to fix the chat, it’s a nightmare because you lost the conversation and you have to start a new chat losing the previous one. Please fix it.
  • Bad experience 1/5

    By Zeus the king 1982
    They really have no much to do ... too much talk but no power to replace or fix. The whole idea is making sure you buy the next product rather than truly support their old products.
  • 🙏 thank you amazing products 5/5

    By ArtificiallyInt3lligent
    Apple products are 🤙🏻🔥hoping that I can explore the brand the company and its features more👿 keep inspiring and intriguing the 🌎 Apple, its developers and tech team,🎩 hats off to you for amazing line of products. 💥🏆
  • Not impressed with the new appointment format 1/5

    By Ingprop
    I tried schedule an appointment at the Apple store. Took me a long time to first figure out how. Then when I finally got it scheduled it ended up being at the wrong location. Neither place would take me since I was “late.” I NEVER schedule appts at a second party store. Only Apple stores. So I wouldn’t have chosen an alternative location nor would I have chosen a different location than where I’ve been going for the last seven years. Very unhappy with the app!!! I have been an Apple customer since the iPhone 3 so not impressed.
  • I tube charges 1/5

    By yawma1
    You continue to take money after money out of my account but I can not find out for what.i have tried to call only to be told to go to the website, and that won’t tell me what the charges are for. Is it too much to ask for a person to answer the phone? If I cancel my bank card it will stop it all. I know what part of it is but not all. If you care please call me at 4055903427. Freda amway
  • Please add suggestions section to the app 4/5

    By Ibrahim RI
    The application is great, but there is no suggestion section in the app, I know suggestions are available in the feedback app for the beta testers, it’s great to have it from us too, isn’t it?
  • G 5/5

    By twinkletwinklelittestar
  • I can get better customer support from a vicious murderous pit bull 1/5

    By Star Wars back
    I can get better customer support from a vicious murderous pit bull. I have a pair of absolutely defective AirPods and customer service is trying to get me to buy a brand new pair because I don’t have a warranty. They didn’t even give me an option for them to be sent in to Apple to prove their defectiveness. The least you could do is take $160 out of you 1 trillion dollar account and give me a refund for your company’s mistake. The sad thing, is that Steve Jobs legacy of full customer service has not lived in and the company has become a money hungry trash hole.
  • I-Phone 7 No Service Issue 1/5

    By mcclurediving
    My daughter’s I-Phone 7 had the known problem of not connecting to wi-fi. She took the phone to the Apple store and they said “no problem...we’ll send it in to get fixed and it won’t cost you anything”. They then called to say it would be $50 to update her battery. She said “no”, not realizing that they WOULD NOT EVEN FIX THE PHONE”!! So Apple is requiring her to pay $50 for a problem that Apple software created!! We are SO disappointed in Apple’s customer service!
  • Apple Calculator 1/5

    By BoShmais69
    an important question ,, Why there isn’t an Apple Calculator for iPad !?
  • Can’t get support 1/5

    By Dogmop1
    Over the last several days I have tried to contact Apple support through this app. And nobody ever calls me back but then I get an email message that says we tried to contact you but we’re unable to reach you. My phone never rang. I keep trying to get the issue resolved but because it’s hard for me to contact support I have not had much luck in getting the issue resolved. I am very frustrated by this app. I deleted it and I’m going to reinstall it and hoping that will help. I don’t know. I will update this review if it does get fixed.
  • Real People Really Helped 5/5

    By Tedroponix
    I’m new to Apple Wallet. Needed to transfer from Apple Pay back to my bank in able to get fuel somewhere that doesn’t use Pay. I’m a single dad, 6 year old little girl waiting for me to get her from school. I didn’t know transfer to bank would take 1-3 business days. I had no money to get fuel to get to her. I contacted support in a near panic. They couldn’t stop the transfer. After 30 grueling minutes a supervisor credited me enough to get to her. Unbelievable. Very touching. The true humanity of the act makes me your biggest fan. Whomever you are and your company, thank you from a struggling father and a little girl. This family never forgets this kind of thing.
  • Wonderful 5/5

    By My has made my life happier I
    Thanks for helping old people like me..less than 2 minutes I hold on line, and a lady on the phone walked me through my issue.. Veronica
  • Apple app is crap. 1/5

    By CheckFuse
    When you look at the description of the app, it shows a wonderful interface for making an appointment at an Apple store. However when you download and install the app there is no logical place or feature for making an appointment at an Apple Store.
  • Where is new “tab” for articles? 5/5

    By Business for All
    Where is new “tab” for articles? And, where in the app can I locate quality programs? (Easily found on the website).
  • Apple Has The Most Outrageously Overpriced Products 1/5

    By Wanobioo
    Yet, it looks like here and there Apple is not making any sense, money wise, iPhones and Macbook’s comes with a lot of bugs, and “Kill switches”. I’m not even sure if this is related to Apple huge profits, or if they really lost track of their technology, customer services, and thousands of new employees not having a clue of the Apple products. There’s more employees than buyers per square inches in any Apple store acting like securities. The Apple experience as soon any of us step in the stores almost feel like you are going there to stole something from them, or they rush you to buy what you are looking for right away. It’s all about profits. Now going to the point. My wife iPhone 6s stop working without any reason on august 2018, I may said the iPhone came damage since she bought at the Apple store on 2016, Apple genius bar previously fixed the brand new iPhone months after she got it, later on, we took the same defective iPhone once again to the Apple store and they didn’t have a clue what was the problem other than it won’t turn on anymore, one of the Apple tech guy at the Apple store said hard drive was defective once, then I was like what? An another guy came to me saying something else, oh well, not more warranty so they kindly offered us a deal like we could buy another of their unsold, already defective iPhone 6s model at discount price of $399, making us to believe, that’s the only thing they can do for us, later on a guy came to us saying, any used Apple device older than a years, it’s already an old device. Hence It may be replaced asap. Around Thanksgiving 2017, my wife 2012 Macbook Pro sadly stop working without any reason, then around Dec 2017 we went to buy a new Macbook pro, now as I’m writing this review we must back up the files on the time machine and dropped the brand new Macbook Pro to the Apple Store, since they believe the screen flickering issue is relate to a cable, screen or GPU. Here we go again. One more brand new device on the way for repairs, Really? Not learning from the mistakes and nonsense with Apple, we just bought two new iPhones Xs few weeks ago, both of them are already showings bugs, there’s an issue with the Apple ID showing the same phone number twice, while that happen, the sim card kind of stop making calls or working, I called Apple and after one hour waiting on the phone while they check something, their suggestions for me was to go and talked to the carrier about the duplicates phone numbers showing on the Reachable at on my Apple ID, then replaced the sim cards for good, guest what? I got two new sim cards already one for my iPhone and another for my wife iPhone, not only the issue still there, now my wife iPhone is creating the same issue, I already follow the Apple Recommendations like signed out from my iCloud and Apple ID few times now, reset the network and else. It’s a big nonsense to reset or go back and set up the iPhone as new once again, since the bugs issue still there, the Apple genius bar people didn’t even know what’s the issue, then now my wife brand new 2018 Macbook Pro screen started flickering like crazy, Apple just said they are going to keep the new 2018 Macbook Pro for 96 hours in order to opened and make sure everything is fine. I’m getting beyond frustration here. Is it me or I’m not the only one believing we should get our money back to call this not so good business done in the small court claim, I can bet right now after the new repairs on my wife brand new Macbook Pro $$$$, I almost believe few months will pass by and it will stop working. I strongly believe Apple is just a BIG RIPOFF. I can properly say base in my experience what they do isn’t business anymore.

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