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Applebee’s App

We’re bringing your Neighborhood Applebee’s right to your fingertips. Through the Applebee’s new and improved app, we’ve made it simpler to order ahead, search nearby Applebee’s locations, and get the latest news and updates.

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Applebee’s app reviews

  • Applebee’s Atascocita 5/5

    By tete-90019
    Perfect and friendly customer service
  • Missing options 3/5

    By Sssshhhaaauuunnnn
    The app works as intended for what it is. Never had any issues with it. However, there are many options such as choosing a dipping sauce or rib sauce that don’t have all, if any, of the options. So you still have to call in your order or request it at pickup.
  • Massive waste of time 1/5

    By Greg435434
    Tried to order as guest, used “5off25” for a first time order, and at the very end after entering credit card information and then tapping “checkout,” I’m told I need an account to use the offer. So I have to back all the way out, sign up, and then redo my entire order. Finally get to the end, tap checkout and get told “the sum of your selected payment methods must equal the order total.” Nobody has an idea what that means or what to do about it. We wasted 20 minutes trying to order through the app before giving up and ordering inside.
  • 🙄 1/5

    By Lychita
    This app is worse than useless
  • Edit and notes 2/5

    By Mikeindyoi
    Can’t customize an order or do substitutes Or provide notes. Easier to do on phone
  • Assplebees 1/5

    By gta v man
    Me and my wife (my wife and I) -.- have been trying to order for some time now and the app refuses to work and fails everytime I try to make an account. God please give this app/ company the aid it so badly requires.
  • Step up your game, devs 1/5

    By YourGirlTeesh1006
    Aesthetically, this app is great. Functionality wise? Awful. This app doesn’t acknowledge what hours all locations are open, so if I ever select to place an order, it always says “Closed” and doesn’t let me place an order, no matter what location. I’ve deleted and re-downloaded the app multiple times, and I’ve had to resort to using the actual Applebee's website on my browser to place orders to-go, which is very inconvenient considering that has the tendency to mess up as well. Not to mention the menus are inaccurate... Look, this app has great potential and people obviously seem to be working on it considering the patch notes (despite their vagueness), but as of right now, I recommend the developers to stop focusing on looks and actually get the thing to work... I get that y’all are trying, but you guys are working for a chain that boasts a big name. Please try to back it up and prove that it’s actually worthy to be downloaded. 🤷‍♀️
  • App not working 1/5

    By Samland87
    App not working, I can’t order!
  • Awesome !!!!!!!!!!! 5/5

    By hitddg
    Lamont was sooooooooooo nice & sweet ;)) Arlington, TX
  • The restaurant doesn't acknowledge the app 1/5

    By Eddiethreat
    TLDR- do not use the Applebees app. I ordered food, and when I arrived they claimed to have not received it. I showed them the confirmation email, they still said I didn't order. I was then pretty frustrated, I tried to get my money refunded, they refused, said that I needed to contact the app, but that they will put of my order if I want. As I had no choice because I Didn't want to absorb a $50 bill, I gave in. I then had to set there , this was taking well over an hour. They offered no drink while I waited, I received no apology because they think it's the apps fault. This is bad news, I like Applebees alot, I am a techy person, I know I did everything correctly. Honestly I do not plan on going back to Applebees again, but I do plan on sharing this experience
  • Needs improvement 3/5

    By Slow roller
    Placing order was simple but once off confirmation page couldn’t find order. Needs to keep order history to facilitate pulling up at restaurant if needed. App has favorite order feature but not clear how it can be used.
  • Not a full menu 2/5

    By Subaru12
    Why doesn’t this app give a full menu? I have to call the restaurant to add side of sauces and order food I know they have but don’t show on app example onion rings...come on. Calling is what I’m trying to avoid but it never fails!
  • Terribly broken. 1/5

    By Gribbly Snard
    Waited forever for the menu to appear. It never did. I could find what I wanted. But selecting the add to order button did nothing. Eventually gave up and went to go to the website on a regular computer. Also extremely buggy as well.
  • Lunch! 5/5

    By A.R.Ward
    My friend & I came to Applebee’s for lunch. Our waitress Sissy is amazing! Very friendly & super informative! She’ll tell you how to get free desserts!!!!
  • Meh. 2/5

    By elamadon0228
    I can place an order without any issues, however, I can’t customize anything. There needs to be a feature to allow users to make typical customizations or substitutions. For example, I should be able to say no tomatoes, add cheese, or request extra sauce when placing an order, just like I can in store. .
  • Please, fix your f’ing app! 1/5

    By grindstaffsl
    I used to order on this app frequently (we live in a small town and this is one of the few restaurants available to us). Many of the items you try to add to your order do not let you proceed properly. It absolutely will not let you check out- EVER! It’s been like that for quite some time. It says “error validating basket.” I’m positive that this contributes to you losing business.
  • WATCH “total” AMOUNT PAYING 1/5

    By chloemange
    first of all, the online website is so difficult and glitchy. it wouldn’t let me change my store location. so i got this app thinking it would be easier. NOT. they need to fix the apps system because it definitely does not add up the numbers properly. took my coworkers and i 45+ minutes to put in our order. we tried using a $5 off $25 coupon for using the app for the first time, we were getting our order together and our subtotal was $27 and it wouldnt take the $5 off ?? so we made the subtotal $30 and then it kept saying it didn’t equal the right amount and when we were adding a tip it wasnt letting it work either. so we said screw it and didnt add a tip (lol dont kill us) and it went through and it said our total paid was $22?? which is interesting because our total WITHOUT tax was $30 and then the $5 coupon would’ve made it $25 and then some tax. so wheb we saw $22 we were very confused but said whatever. then i get my confirmation order email and see that it charged me $30?? we looked at the details and the tax was $2.28 and then it DID take out a tip of $3?? so whatever that makes sense that a subtotal of $30 -$5 coupon +$2 tax & $3tip. =$30 ish dollars. but the process of this was such a HASSEL. im not complaining about the $30 or anything its just annoying that the app was completely messing up the numbers in the first place making it so confusing. also it IS weird that it took out a tip when we opted out. BUT we were going to try to tip anyway in the first place if the app was working. this was such an annoying process and it really makes me not want to use the app again or even order from apple bees. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS APP. lol shoulda just called an order in.
  • Carside orders 3/5

    By T.Jolly
    There needs to be a place on the order app where customers can put specific requests on their food orders. Like if they want it plain or a certain type of dip or extra dips or extra cheese etc
  • Missing and/or Disappearing Menu Items 1/5

    The app doesn’t have the same menu options as in the store. For instance I like a steak and grain lighter affair dish, but there is no category for the lighter dishes and I can never order this item (can if I call). Sometimes too other categories just randomly disappear. Today I was going to order a burger, but the burger category isn’t there today (was last week). Oh well, decided it was probably better to save the money and make something at home anyways.
  • Could Not Place Order With App 1/5

    By JodiP1977
    This review is for the Applebee’s app, not the restaurant itself. I could not place my order through the app, I have used it before but it would not work today when I tried to order. The whole purpose of the app is the convenience & it failed on that! It should not be a problem for a company of this size to have a workable, user friendly app. Also, there needs to be a place to add special instructions on each separate item you order for a variety of different reasons. I’m sure adding the app has increased Applebee’s business at every location they have, put some of the increased revenue back into creating & maintaining a user friendly, workable app! If this is not done, that revenue is going to disappear plus more because of customer’s increasing annoyance & frustration with the entire Applebee’s chain!
  • Prices wrong/ forgot item 1/5

    By Mouser guy
    So there aren’t many locations in LA, but I had a gift card. Thought do I sell it or do I go, it was Alhambra, not too far so I went. Placed my order right around my gift card balance with tip, the receipt I get in my email added 5 extra dollars, annoyed but not the worst thing that can happen. Get there a couple minutes after the expected pick up time and the front girl has no idea what I’m talking about, wait about 10/15 mins for someone to show up and she doesn’t know where my order is. She comes back after another 10 minutes with the order, reads off the physical receipt she has that everything is there. Price ended up being a third different price in store, which was closer to the initial price. I though ok, I won’t write a bad review. I give her the gift card and extra money and it takes her about 5 to come back with change, had I not added tip already I would have just left. Then I finally get out of there almost a half hour later, food is cold when I get home, and part of my meal is missing. It’s not even on the receipt she gave me, but it’s on the receipt in my email. All and all, The worst first time experience I’ve had with a restaurant, I’m in Alhambra often as my brother lives there, will probably stick to family owned/small businesses who put care into their service and food.
  • Good idea poorly executed 1/5

    By WWhoMee
    Try to get prices coupons and ‘deals’. No joy. Perhaps Applebee’s could hire ciders that understand UI dedign
  • Vincent 5/5

    By Niiyaj
    1 Margaritas on Wednesday Applebee’s is the best come on down I also get a free brownie for this 5 star review
  • Error validating basket 1/5

    By Imravon
    Won’t let you order....I hope they fix this
  • Required options 1/5

    By Wtchhuntr
    The app doesn’t let you pick the kind of sauces you want on the ribblet platter so I wasn’t able to place my order.
  • Gift cards 1/5

    By Suzshep61
    You can’t store gift cards on the app? Cmon.
  • Can’t get past car information 1/5

    By coast nm
    I try and checkout, the app asks for the make model and color of my car and won’t go any farther. So I have to go back and select pickup inside so I can proceed with the order. The app needs fixing.
  • Love Applebee’s – not so much the app 1/5

    By infocus
    Overall: Not intuitive to use and lacks flexibility for customizing orders, e.g., item replacement, number of orders. Absent is the ability to store credit card info, or better yet set up for Apple Pay. ....................................... Alternative - Five Stars rating Call the order in and you can take advantage of “To The Curb Service.” Con: you still can’t pre-pay to expedite/ facilitate pickup. ....................................... By Comparison: Panera’s app a good example of an app that works. .......................................
  • Could not checkout 2/5

    By Dsv-215
    I was able to build order but checkout button did not work.
  • Can't place order 1/5

    By Kojeating
    As simple as that, I get all the way to the end then nothing.
  • Wont register that I had entered vehicle info. Could never check out 1/5

    By BxrWuv
    Nissan Quest minivan red
  • Poor quality 2/5

    By deangelo070179
    I actually like Applebee’s however the company seems to be its on downfall. I was attempting to place an order online, however the menu hasn’t been updated to reflect its current new menu options. This is an example of poor customer service and failure to maintain customer satisfaction. I am unable to select for the foods i like because they are not provided on the app as it is in the restaurant. I am going to need you all to do better!
  • Cannot pay and place order 1/5

    By Hangry616
    Got to the step where I would normally enter my credit card information and it tells me I have no card information saved. There is no where to save it or add it, so I am unable to place an order online. This is the case with the app and the website.
  • Bad Customization & Glitchy 1/5

    By Registered76
    I went to order a steak and it had “choose a first side” seven different times before choosing a second side, creating a dilemma where it multiplied your extra charge by 7 and made your order look like you were ordering multiple sides. Also, on all the pasta dishes you cannot customize anything other than Parmesan. Where’s the option for no chicken? Or switching chicken with shrimp? So much for the mobile coupons they’re always giving out...
  • Does not work 1/5

    By JM8312012
    Doesn’t work, can’t place order. Also people at the restaurant wouldn’t take my online coupon code and or help me with app.
  • App not working, won’t let you place and order😡😡😡😡time to move on to another restaurant 😊 1/5

    By Crzyann
    Another customer lost, thank your app for this
  • Can't place order 1/5

    By xPW1nH43ej276
    As others have said I can't place an order the app just says the order is on the house but you can't actually submit the order... This is ridiculous. Just add Apple pay and Google pay (for Android) as your payment methods and be done! I don't want to give you my credit card details of you can't even handle making it so we can place an order. Edit: latest update just says "something went wrong" when you get to the checkout screen... Something did go wrong Applebee's hired whoever's working on this app.
  • Glitchy 2/5

    By HayleighJ14
    Kept telling me to add information after I already did. Then you have to go inside for “curbside” service. Stupid.
  • Apps 1/5

    By Niccckkkckckk
    I would give u a 3 Star bc the app was average, but the ONLY reason i get apps for big food chain is for the point system, with which you don’t have, therefore a one star from me. I would hope you would reconsider doing that.
  • Cannot place order 1/5

    By Racer83L
    A while back this app worked. Now I cannot place an order. The newest update won’t allow you to choose a salad dressing when you add a salad to a meal.. and at checkout it says “no payment necessary, this one is on the house” But it doesn’t let you checkout In the last I would enter a credit card and it came back with a different last 4 digits and say that it wasn’t working. The other day their website certificate was expired and I couldn’t even go to their site on a desktop computer. Get it together.
  • New Update 🙄 3/5

    By Tray Diane
    The option to pay inside is not offered anymore. You must pay before pick up now. Can you at least add Apple Pay. Thank you.
  • Pretty Useless... 1/5

    By pokeyron
    Unable to join the wait list from the app. Deleted.
  • Won’t process credit cards 1/5

    By Shadowskillz34
    Put in the whole order and then it won’t process your credit card. Aggravating
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By Deana C.
    The app used to work great but it no longer works for me. I’ve deleted and redownloaded and it still doesn’t work. Very disappointed!
  • $5 off for first order using app is bogus 2/5

    By Poer den
    Offer code 5OFF25 for using app on your first order is BS. When placing order there is no place to enter code when checking out. Picked up order and mentioned it to the employee and was told it automatically takes it off the total. Checked email receipt when I got home, no discount, lied to. Don’t waste your time downloading this app.
  • Broken, can’t select carside to go 1/5

    App and website both will not accept carside to go. You always get an error to add vehicle make and model even though it’s filled in.
  • Good, one problem 3/5

    By Gcm707
    App is fine except for using gift cards. If your order total is higher than the amount on your gift card and you need to use a credit card for the rest it’s a bit confusing to get it to work. The first time I ordered it ended up not using the gift card at all and used only my credit card.
  • Credit Cards don’t work 1/5

    By Mogashizzle
    90% of the time I use this app it won’t accept credit cards - technical issues... so they just won’t get my business. Being forced to order by phone is also frustrating when they point you back to the app.
  • No go! 1/5

    By Ashleyy58
    Can’t even download the app 😡

Applebee’s app comments

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