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Arena of Valor

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  • Current Version: 1.21.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Tencent Games
  • Compatibility: Android
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Arena of Valor App

Experience Arena of Valor, an epic new 5v5 multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) designed by Tencent Games! Call on your teammates to join you in the jungle! Crush your enemies in classic 5v5 combat in real time! Draw first blood, carry your team, and become legendary in the arena! DC LOGO, BATMAN, WONDERWOMAN, SUPERMAN, THE JOKER: TM & © DC. Features: - Classic 5v5 MOBA, Perfected for Mobile - Traverse a classic three-lane arena filled with nooks and crannies between towers. Watch out for enemies lurking in the brush and uncover secrets that wait in the jungle. Intuitive controls specifically designed for mobile will have you racking up kills with ease and make you an MVP in no time! - Growing Number of Legendary Heroes - Explore and command a roster of over 40 fearless heroes and counting, including a variety of Tanks, Assassins, Mages, Support, Warriors, and Marksmen. Build the perfect team to crush your opponents in battle! - The Ultimate MOBA Experience - First Blood, Double Kill, Triple Kill… all the features that you know and love right at your fingertips. Discover and dominate all the gameplay modes, including 5v5, 3v3, 1v1, and a unique “Hook Wars” mode that will challenge your skills and make you a true champion! - Fast Matchmaking & 10-Minute Matches - Team up with players all around the world in an instant. Carve your way through jungles, lanes, and towers, draw first blood and destroy the enemy Core. Carry your team to victory in less than 10 minutes! - Join Your Friends in Fierce Team Battles - Enjoy fast-paced combat and forge alliances with players around the world. Interact with friends and guild buddies every day using real-time voice chat. Share the load, work together, and fight strategically. Team up with your friends in Tourney Mode and soon you’ll be able to create your own league. Arena of Valor is the new eSport for your mobile devices. - Got What It Takes? Free to Play Forever - In Arena of Valor, it’s all about skill. We strive to create the most riveting and balanced gameplay, so you can turn the tide of battle and vie for glory no matter the odds. Win or lose, every action counts! Contact Us: Facebook: Youtube: Twitter: Instagram:


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Arena of Valor app reviews

  • Allahuuuuu ekber 5/5

    By ananas abi pro gt
    Vallaha güzel oyun deneyin de akşamları doğru düzgün uyup eğlenin
  • Fun, fun, fun, fun! 5/5

    By Animeismygirlfriend
    You can play as Batman; choose a hero and save the world.
  • Bad 2/5

    By Aaaqqlosos
    I was play this game when I has been fighting the network it go to bad
  • Good game but glitches and terrible community 3/5

    By MikeBKLYN629
    The game itself is pretty good... but lately it has been lagging and disconnecting me... and it’s definitely not my speed or connection so it’s on their end. But regardless you get hit with a reputation penalty when you get disconnected. Hope they fix that eventually. And the community of people playing is pretty bad. It requires good team playing to win but too many people just do what they want for their characters and then you lose after spending like 15 mins playing one game. It’s a big turn off
  • Rank system is defective 4/5

    By Bleiked
    I like this game, it’s very fun but I hate when I go rank because there are a lot of toxic people and afk, but the worst this is that I lose because of them and I lose my start, I have a week playing in plate and a can’t go gold because they go afk. Please make worse punishments or at least when there is an afk other others players don’t have to lose ranking points
  • Improve matching 3/5

    By yudong009
    (Thanks for reply. My comments about iphone x adaption was old, and the last upgrade addressed it. ) Another thing i want to mention is, improve matching. Sometimes one or two members are just too weak comparing with the rest, and with those teammates there is nothing but to lose. Is it a goal to drag winning rate down to 50%? Add more controls when matching, like a option to disallow time-limited free heroes. Sometimes one side is clearly stronger than the other, for example, 4 members winning rate 57~60%. Whats the deal?
  • Trick on spinning 2/5

    By 布拉迪路飞
    If you don’t want player to get the top prize then don’t set that into your spinning system. I have at five times got spin on the perm new character but system always magically jump to the next. Tencent May play this stupid trick in China but not here. You have a lot of competitor and be cautious don’t get fire on yourselves.
  • This game so unfair 1/5

    By 别逼逼!加油!
    I don’t know how u keep this game working, in this morning , I play with a stupid teammates, just cause I kill one jungle , he and his fiends report me after the game , and he say a lot of trash Chinese in this game cause of my name , I report those guys too , what is result? I got -15point and can’t play this game, they don’t got any punishment, this game racial? And u system never check what happen in the game, U punish a player just because of many people complain one guys. Are u check they are a team or do I find the reason what they companies a player , not , u system so stupid , I so regret to pay money in this game , so unfair game
  • Ping 1/5

    By Ghalu
    My ping is sooo low even in high connection 😩 i cant play need asia server
  • stupid game always delayed 1/5

    By fk arena of valor
    worst game I've ever played
  • Avoid 1/5

    By templecc
    Playing this game has been fun. But I was literally reported for being new to the game and not being a great player. During the match, a player was verbally abusive saying things like he hoped my mom died. I was penalized with the rating system while the verbally abusive player was not. This game will not be worth playing until they work out their unfair rating system. Avoid.
  • This is just a copy 2/5

    By Xx_articfox_xX
    I mean I like the characters but, I just don’t like the graphics (plus this game is just a copy of mobile legends). (Also mobile legends has much better graphics). The characters are fine. But in the end nobody really cares what you think. It’s what you think. And I think it’s just a copy of mobile legends, a way worse copy of mobile legends, also it is very unorganized but mobile legends is way more organized. So I would highly recommend you to get mobile legends.
  • Afk people 1/5

    By Jose M91
    terrible community afk people everywhere and the penalty is not hard
  • Bad play behavior ruins a great game 1/5

    By elizisaiahbeth
    I’m new to this game, and learning as I go. When I’m thrown into matches, and don’t do as well as other players, those players can “report” me, causing my “credibility score” to plummet. My most recent encounter came from some punk who got upset because I got his favorite character, and I wouldn’t surrender the character to him during the loading period. He reported me as soon as I died in the match, and messaged all my other teammates to report me too! To add insult to injury, the automated message I get from the designers of the game demand I “take each match seriously”. I’m taking this game seriously! But it’s a game! And I’ve only been playing it for a couple of weeks! It burns me up that the developers allow such bullying during the match, and after the match. There’s no way to challenge the reports either. Ruins an otherwise great game.
  • Game review 4/5

    By Thebeastgamer123456789
    Great game but if I could change one thing it would be that it is too easy to lose credibility score by being reported and I can’t tell you how many times I have been reported for doing absolutely nothing but I still lose credibility and it makes me mad at the game
  • fun game but reporting trolls stinks 4/5

    By Riggly
    game is fun just like LoL but racist names are Everywhere & there’s no place to report them.
  • Lol 1/5

    By Jimmy0378
    This is basically a weaker version of VainGlory.
  • Eh 3/5

    By bob mcbib
    Good game but the system of other players reporting you and losing rep because they are sore losers on your own team is broken
  • Needs age filter 1/5

    By Crisofero
    The game is awesome. The BAD part is the legions of 11-year-olds who curse and give bad reports. They ruin the game. I deleted it. Is there a way to allow older people their own matches?
  • Unable to Log In 2/5

    By dafelixii
    Today, the game wouldn’t log in correctly and forced me to log in through Facebook. I tried, but the virtual keyboard would not pop up! I hen attempted to log in through guest/gamecenter, which it might have deleted all my purchases. I can’t even tell, because after it said it might have deleted my stuff, it still wouldn’t let me log in unless I used my Facebook, which it wouldn’t let me type and info in! I love this game and spent A LOT of money on it. It would be nice to get this fixed or a reimbursement for my purchases!
  • Why 1/5

    By hellsingq8
    Why can not I log on to Europe? Only I can log in to the US and there is a very high comment. They also advise me on the server Europe because of my location but I can not enter there
  • Now are best 5/5

    By Captain vie
    Tnx for fix bugs
  • Good game but... 1/5

    By NoviS Ha
    They should review how they do their matchmaking... it is unbelievable how unbalanced it is. People don’t have the same level in rank and it is totally unfair.
  • Favorite Mobile MOBA to date 5/5

    By LeafButt
    Honestly, I’m always skeptical when it comes to mobile games. As most people can agree, all the games these days seem pay to win or are a cash grab scheme. I can honestly say that’s not the case for AoV. It’s honestly the best MOBA I’ve played on a mobile device ever, and really keeps me entertained for hours on end. The intro video is very well done, and I’ve watched it over a few times not gonna lie haha. The tutorial was easy to follow, and the prompts you get throughout your early play time easily let you know where everything is that you need. Gameplay is very smooth, frame rate hasn’t been an issue yet, neither have the servers. The community is very good as well, and their discipline system more effective than most I’ve ever seen. If you’re looking for a top class MOBA for mobile, or an overall fun game, this is the one for you. Much love for the devs!
  • Good But... 4/5

    By Iv""an
    This is a really great game but it has a few flaws, the control are fairly easy to get used to. And the graphics can be very very immersive and impressive. The only downfall for this is that there are characters in the game that aren’t available for certain people just because of the country they live in. I would really love to give it a five star but only if all the characters, were available to all players, no matter where they were.
  • Best mobile MOBA ever!! 5/5

    By abramtko
    I enjoy this game very much! The detail of the game play is amazing and the heroes are hands down the best around. It does need a few minor bugs and fixes like constant lag during gameplay and making the main base tower a lot more stronger to destroy. Once the heroes have reached their full maximum capacity level with abilities it makes it easier to destroy the enemies base tower. This goes for all towers through the map. If Tencent can make this gameplay a lot more difficult, then it can be more competitive. Other than that, I love this game! Keep up the good work Tencent team!
  • Best MOBA, believe me... 5/5

    By Ejay the great
    Had previous issues with hero imbalance, but devs listened to the players feedback and fixed it... Why its unique? Arcana system to customize your play-style. Many characters, and always new ones coming out. Each character is unique and requires players skills to get good at... Overall with quick matches for an amazing adrenaline spike like none other! Congrats Tencent!
  • Amazing Game 5/5

    By Samyueru Berisu
    The time you put in on character development is phenomenal and really makes the game worthwhile. My personal favorite has to be Iliana. So to say, this is a fun game and deserves credit, but I would just like to point out that the weekly gold cap should be increased to 6,500 as to put the more expensive heroes in reach of two weeks. I know I would lose interest if I have to spend more than three weeks of farming just to get one hero. Although, maybe adding gold rewards to the end of competitive seasons might alleviate this problem.
  • ok 5/5

    By Evéo
  • Awesome game 5/5

    By Rosie2247
    I play two MOBA games on phone. And this is one. I love the fact that it is so balanced and the real challenge isn’t unfair skills with the characters but is contesting with the skills of the players. Many pc MOBAs I’ve played have had this problem. Love what you’re doing keep up the good work
  • Can’t login with Facebook account 3/5

    By 56playgg
    Can’t login with Facebook account
  • Customer Support 1/5

    By JR Boog
    There is a glitch with the Win Rate % for Ranked matches. I have won 6 of my first 11 Ranked matches but it only shows 2 wins out of 7 matches on my win rate. I went on a 4 game winning streak lost one then won another. So I am only getting credit for losses and not wins. I have included screenshots of my match history in my customer support messages but have yet to receive a response. I need someone to get in contact with me as soon as possible.
  • LoL on the go! 4/5

    By Techsnake
    I love MOBAs like LoL or DotA, and having one on my phone is amazing, while it is much more simplistic than its PC counterparts it’s still a lot of fun and hell now that it has freakin’ DC superheroes it’s even better, now don’t worry that it’s “a rip-off” because it’s published by Tencent, the parent company of Riot Games, and it shows. In conclusion, it’s a fun, simpler League of Legends that fits in you pocket.
  • Spent 5 for voucher and didn’t get vouchers 3/5

    By legionreviews
    I really like this game, but it’s buggy from time to time I spent 5 dollars yesterday cause of a voucher event and didn’t get anything loggin today
  • Not good 1/5

    By AlbentGamer
    Ml is better than yours
  • Good game but.. 4/5

    By Naifian Drak
    When is Batman coming out in NA? And will he be free? I downloaded this game FOR Batman and I see him in the tutorial, but he isn’t in NA servers
  • Balancing issues 3/5

    By SwagLikeGandhi
    Don’t get me wrong it’s a really fun game and cool concept with DC hero’s being implemented, but the game has some serious balancing issues. I’ve been playing League of Legends for years and can tell you when a moba is balanced or not. Some hero’s abilities are just too powerful/cooldown is too short. Has great potential tho, especially for a mobile MOBA.
  • League is just plain better. 1/5

    By Metalgugo2016
    I know the rito created this game too, but honestly the main core game is just miles better. Disregard the whole PC to phone comparison. There is just no skill to be found at all in this game. It’s either pick someone that can easily just 1v5 or just scales better into late game. Also personal issue, there really is no such thing as team work or communication at all whenever I get into a match. Yeah pings are there, but these pings don’t tell much. Just feel like its multiple miles steps back from the original and I do get the limitations of just being on a phone, but I’m just going to stick with what I know best and that’s the og LoL.
  • Developer 1/5

    By henrystewart24
    I have a problem with the fact that I loose credibility when the game freezes or closes while I’m in gameplay and then I get reported by everyone and loose like 10 to 12 points for something I can’t control. Also how come while being in gold rank matches I get people in my team that are god awful isn’t that the point of rank system to or lv system to play with people of equal talent. Their has to be bigger punishment for feeding and not loose stars when your teamates quits in middle of rank match
  • SCAM 1/5

    By HotLloyd
    I bought something for $9.99 it charged my paypal $21.75
  • Doesn’t start at all... 1/5

    By blurr95
    The game doesn’t even start...
  • This game 5/5

    By Sea bell
    This game is good.
  • Didnt like my review so they deleted it 1/5

    By ★Fated§øul
    I posted the recent update flaws and they deleted my review. Good to know this company has to much pride to listen to someone that actually plays the game ( game needs to be fixed or just remove it from app store thank you). Fix the issue with crashing midgame and penalties for it, fix the extreme lag during matches/team fights to be exact.all of these issues were not in the game before the recent update
  • A request 5/5

    By Reza_h2
    Its fun and i love it but i want to bind the game on my gamecenter account after i bind on facebook but its not possible ... plz make a way Thanks !
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Italiangodfather109
    Playing on WiFi it still doesn’t work it lags so bad you have to restart the game then it won’t reconnect you so you can’t do anything and finally there’s the “credibility points” screw that are you seriously stopping me from playing because your game is terrible???
  • 這個遊戲應該要做好隱私保護 1/5

    By 美國個人隱私保護委員會
  • Flawed system and policy 1/5

    By Major deal breaker
    AOV has a flawed policy and system where if you get dced you cannot log back in until the match is over. Then you get penalized for total of 11points so you cannot join ranked match until you bring credibility score back up to 90. If you get reported while you have credibility below 90 cause you have bad casual match then they automatically deduct 7 points without reviewing the incident. I brought this up to customer service to reinstate 11 points because it was system flaw they basically said “sucks to be you, can’t do anything about it” I’ve asked for the refund on what I spent on so far because I don’t want to deal with those kind of system issue and customer service
  • Server Not Responding 3/5

    By Td.Bayss
    Im New And When I try To Login In a New acc It Says Server not responding I Tried All servers Same Happened Im On Asia...But Recommended Server For me Is Europe So can U fix it?
  • stupid system 1/5

    By Jamsdre
    fuking system someone careless with the game . Reported just get a warning . Stupid game
  • Matchmaking is atrocious 3/5

    By Strange Shaman
    This game is somewhat enjoyable, at least I thought so at first. But now every time I try to do a 1v1 battle it pairs me against level 30s who are gold/plat or higher. I’m level 16... I don’t even have the gold to buy the Arcana to match these player, even if I had the same amount of Arcana slots unlocked.

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