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ARK: Survival Evolved App

***PLEASE NOTE: This game is officially supported on the following devices only: iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPad Mini 4, iPad 5th Gen, iPad 6th Gen, iPad Air 2, and all iPad Pros.*** Dive into the ultimate mobile dino-adventure with ARK: Survival Evolved! A massive game world combines with 80+ unique dinosaurs and primal creatures for you to capture and tame - making for a survival experience bar-none. Meet up with other players and friends in this Jurassic-era world, to form tribes and work together to build colonies of survivors. Based on the genre-defining adventure from PC and consoles, ARK: Survival Evolved challenges you to survive and thrive on a mysterious island, where you start out alone and unarmed. Gather resources and craft tools to build shelter and hunt. Expand your domain while capturing and taming dinosaurs to do your bidding. Make new friends online, form tribes, and build mighty structures to defend against man and mega-predators alike! Features of ARK: Survival Evolved include: - 80+ Dinosaurs: Use cunning strategy and tactics to tame, train, ride and breed the many dinosaurs and other primeval creatures roaming the dynamic, persistent ecosystems across land, sea, air, and even underground. - Discover: Explore a massive living and breathing prehistoric landscape as you find the means to survive, thrive, and escape on the Ark. - Craft and Build: Using any means necessary to survive, craft weapons, clothes, and items, and build shelters, villages, or even large cities. - Survive Alone or With Others: Group up with, or prey on, hundreds of other players in a large-scale online world or choose to go it alone in single-player mode. - Join a Tribe: The 'Tribe' system encourages cooperation, by supporting dynamic parties to share resources, XP, and re-spawn points. The game includes an optional Primal Pass subscription available on a monthly or yearly basis. The subscription removes all ads, gives you a 2x XP boost, and provides access to both preferred servers and to preferred slots on free servers. Subscribers receive an insignia next to their name to indicate their status as Primal Pass holders and will receive special news and updates from time to time. When you purchase the subscription, payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Subscriptions automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period at the rate of your selected plan above. Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings on the device. Privacy policy: Terms of use: Support Email: [email protected]


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  • Updates are mean to make it better, not worse 2/5

    By GTE yy
    I stopped playing the game after the most recent update. 1. I am getting more game lags, more apps resets and lost progress, more losing tamed creatures than before. 2. The dinos are all more aggressive in the wild which it’s no fun while explore the map or getting resources. just imagine everyone wants to attack you when you set foot outside which it rarely happen before the update.
  • Fix this 2/5

    By Vraj_Patel_13
    Just cause a person does not play for a week does not mean they should have there hard work go to waste. I stopped playing for a week and lost my things, base, tamed animals and had to restart at level 1. Please do something so you don’t lose your hard work
  • Please 4/5

    By minecraft man that me
    Can you please explain why on my ipod when i go to play single player it crashes if you dont fix this or im delete ark and i have primal pass and ive payed each month please fix
  • Amazing game 5/5

    By 123toeasy
    The game is amazing but it needs to have instructions on how to do the spin move on the ptredon
  • Ark Improvements 5/5

    By FreshMello2016
    Ark is an amazing game that I’ve just gotten to explore the shallows of. The one thing other than crashes that I think the game could do is consider offering voice chat for tribe members or something.
  • Frozen loading screen 1/5

    By sean8449
    The game doesn’t work it is stuck on a loading screen with the ark symbol on the right side please fix I have already tried everything bet I lost my single player game and can’t even see anything beside a blank screen and the ark symbol
  • Great Graphics, Fun Game 5/5

    By AnimalA23
    I’m going to get straight to the point: this is a very fun game. Although it’s frustrating when your dinos get massacred by a Therizo, it is not hard to get back on your feet. This game involves a lot of grinding, so the game progresses slowly. UPDATE: Cave difficulty: I play on an easy PVE server but cave difficulty seems to have skyrocketed since the update. For example, I used to run the Hunter cave frequently for chitin, but now as soon as I reach the deep areas of the cave, I get swarmed by Arthros and Boas. Even the supposed “easiest” cave is nearly impossible to navigate now. As soon as you reach the Clever Artifact room, you’ll get swarmed by Arthros and Boas to the point where you glitch through the cave and die. You can’t even run away, as they get you glitched in a corner. And if you do manage to kill the horde, good luck getting through all the dead bodies of snakes and bugs. My entire tribe with flak armor and advanced weapons has gotten wiped by the insane amount of Arthroplueras and Titanoboas flooding the halls of the cave. Please reduce the amount of creatures spawning in caves at a time. Seriously, I am level 73 on an easy PVE server, the Volcano Cave should not be this difficult, especially when I’m equipped with a shotgun, sword, and grenades. UPDATE: Invisible Alpha Rex: I wanted to level up, so I decided to fight an Alpha Rex in the snow, but then died. I respawned nearby and flew over to retrieve my stuff. I was relieved to see that nothing was there. I started getting my stuff when suddenly I took damage and died. Again. Turns out the Alpha Rex was still there but was invisible for some reason. It was visible after that. PROS: - Taming dinos! You can tame and ride dinosaurs by either feeding them or knocking them out. Better dinosaurs can take a long time to tame, but it’s always rewarding when you finally tame that Quetzal you’ve been spying on. - Building! Just like any other survival game, you can build and customize your own base using tons of materials available throughout the world. Don’t worry— trees, rocks, and bushes will respawn after a while if they’re not too close to structures. - Goals/pursuits! The game has many challenges for you to complete. Scattered around the map are Explorer Notes that give you tons of EXP. There are caves to explore if you’re prepared enough. I’ll warn you that caves can be frustrating, especially when a horde of centipedes break every tool you own while Titanoboas knock you out. - Multiplayer! There are many multiplayer servers of different difficulties that you can choose from where you can create a tribe and collaborate with others. I don’t recommend PVP if you’re easily frustrated by constant raiding. - Graphics! If you have a powerful device, you can switch the graphics settings to the max settings for amazing graphics. CONS: - Difficulty. Although the game itself is easy to master, players who have no experience with ARK will have difficulty learning the game. For example, it can be difficult to set up your first base or tame your first dino without the help of YouTube tutorials. - Less features than other platforms. There are much less dinosaurs in the mobile version. It would also be nice if the DLCs were added. - Lag. If you play multiplayer servers, lag will be a big problem. The servers used to crash at least 3 times a day, which was unfortunate if you were fighting during the crash or big lag spike. Although the lag has decreased some since the new update, it is still a problem on multiplayer servers. - Patience. You will need a lot of patience to get through the game. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I’ll warn you that the game involves a TON of grinding and patience. Some dinos can take hours to tame. You also can’t be too ambitious with your goals. Even though that level 50 Rex looks cool, your level 13 survivor cannot tame it. It’ll take a lot of leveling up and grinding to be able to do lots of things. - Pay to win: There is a premium currency system that can greatly enhance your multiplayer experience— Amber. It can be used for lots of benefits that can give certain tribes huge advantages. It’s not hard to obtain amber, as you can find it harvesting random rocks, as ore, or by watching ads. If you’ve read my entire review, thanks. All in all, this is a very enjoyable game and I recommend it very much. However, it’s not for every type of player.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By please do this to the game
    This is so fun but I wish that you could make it more easy but overall it is amazingly good.
  • Lag 3/5

    By ITZ JA BOii
  • Great game. One problem 5/5

    By WiseBeasty
    I love this game, and have played it for about a week. Recently though, every time I open my inventory, it crashes, and I can’t play the game. Please fix this so I can play again. EDIT: Thank you so much! This game is incredible! Good luck! ~WiseBeasty
  • Laggy, crashes at least 20x, 2/5

    By Nice88889999
    Fix or 1star
  • Ark is the best 5/5

    By wadeybug309
    When I looked up “dinosaur games” when I saw ark immediately downloaded it. When I started playing I loved it. Ark is the best!
  • Better graphics.... 5/5

    By XtrmeCouponer
    I love this game I always wanted to play it. I don’t have a computer or a Xbox so I only watched videos of it but now it an app and I play it almost all the time. I just wish it wasn't lagging so much and I would love if the graphics were a little more detailed. Like the reflection of the sky on the water the plants moving with the wind and the Dino’s should have detailed skins
  • Creative Mode 4/5

    By Almost-there-gg
    I love this game so much, but I wish that there was a creative mode for mobile. As of right now the game makes you mine and collect all of your own resources. This is fine if really want the full experience. I know that Ark is meant to give you that feeling, but when your mining day and night looking for resources it drains the fun. It is still a amazing game and one of my all time favorites. Add a creative mode and it’s a five star review. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    By oshesh
    Alright, let’s start of this off by saying yes some of my Dinos died from over population. But most of my favourite Dinos died. I play on PvE server and when I checked my tribe log it said “Phiomia died from health dupletion”. Not just my phiomia died my level 88 castoroids died too. Please fix this even if it’s a bug.
  • Extra 5/5

    By JakePaul is cancer
    Hi I enjoy the game very much and I wanted to ask if you can add some things in like unofficial servers and admin commands to the game in the future.
  • Best Game Ever But 5/5

    By Jhavanakay
    You need to add where you friend could join you single player game or add mods but one of the most Important thing we need to be able to adjust our gather rate and our xp generation or add like the other maps like aberration or the center map or ragnorok and add tylocoleo and the Dino's you don't have in the game yet put it were the please note is so people don't be wonder is where's the other Dino's at
  • I wish I could play 2/5

    By ArkFan100
    I keep going into single player and multiplayer player and I keep crashing!
  • Glitchy, but it’s Fun! 5/5

    By Equestrian2345
    This is one of my favorite games in the AppStore! My only problem is ever since the last update my game has been crashing a lot and getting really glitchy. Please fix it!
  • Good but broken 3/5

    By The Kajigernator
    This game is a very fun experience for those who love dinosaurs. But this game is extremely glitchy and I lost both my pteradons after they started circling each other and disappeared forever. Ark should definitely fix these glitches or else it takes away the fun from the game. Additionally, the maturation time for certain creatures are way too long. For example, it takes about two weeks for a mosasaur to mature. That’s insanely long
  • Add this 5/5

    By lilipopdumbo342
    Ad boss fights creative and dlc’s
  • bug! 3/5

    By night owl🐱
    Single player game, domesticated dinosaurs disappeared without reason
  • Severs? 5/5

    By Don't play this double crap!
    When will we be able to host private servers with admin commands?
  • WAY TO HARD 3/5

    By ilovemobilegames
    The Dino’s are way to strong and kill you as soon as they have the chance. Then you lose your stuff and spawn randomly
  • Needs one more thing maybe two 5/5

    By Xcspi
    I would love admin commands in solo like in the console and pc. Also i think everyone would love it. And the other thing I would like taming speed,exp,commands,etc I would love to be able to change the speeds so the solo can be a little be easier or if we want to mess around with it. I really do think that you guys should add this or at least maybe test it in the game.
  • Not fair 2/5

    By alondraz_here2
    I think it should be able to work on all devices some people can’t afford expensive phone and iPads or tablets
  • Amazing game 5/5

    By Dingle berry joe
    An amazing game thought the accessional glitch Just a minute ago 1:02 on Sunday July 15th I was walking through the cave where I am supposed to find an artifact and I was walking and all of a sudden I fell through the map Please fix and if able please put me back with my stuff then please
  • Losing amber 4/5

    By R6GEG8R
    Lost all 15 of my Amber and I wanted to purchase something but game crashed and lost it all plz fix! Thx I’m on a iPhone 6
  • I loved it but the new update 3/5

    By BloodMoon57
    I have been playing this game nonstop when it came out. I got all the way to level 50 and bought the primal pass but when this new update came out first thing that happened was I just tamed a level 25 carno and it just disappeared so I tamed another one and then I couldn’t go anywhere because my game would keep crashing and when I try to update the app it loads fully but when I click on ark it says this app can not update right now and I have done this 10 times now but has failed so please update the game so this problem happens to no one else.
  • Great game just one request 5/5

    By Pete Zambrzycki is cool
    Please add unofficial servers
  • AWESOME 4/5

    By Ninja-Fortnite
    This is really good (Edit):it won’t download I changed 5 to 4 just because I respect this game
  • Needs a few tweaks 5/5

    By Brett. B
    First off, ankylos need to be able to fit under a two tile tall ceiling. And single player mode needs an option to increase the difficulty, and increase wild Dino levels.
  • Fix’s some bugs 5/5

    By Finito2004
    The game keeps kicking me out of the app. But other than that it’s a great game.
  • Many bugs 3/5

    By Jz sbxjxmzndbdbdjx
    I love the game, but I feel like there are some minute details that were focused on instead of game breaking glitches. For example: every time I die in a cave, my body falls through the floor, and I permanently lose all my things, because my inventory is now stuck underground. Also I noticed an issue with bringing tames into caves. I can bring them in just fine, and they still function while in the cave, but if they do not leave with me, and I try to summon them to me, they just cease to exist. It seems like the caves are the glitchiest part of the game for mobile. I feel the focal point in the programming should have been on the caves Instead of on the door mechanics preventing you from walking through them, or preventing them from closing while you stand in the frame. The last thing I feel is broken is the number of creatures that spawn in the caves. I had 30 rifle ammo, 40 advanced pistol ammo, and over 50 shotgun shells. I was firing them out of a standard rifle, a fabricated pistol, and a pump action shot gun. I didn’t even get half way to the artifact of the clever before running out of ammo because things wouldn’t stop spawning, and because there were so many in there in the first place. I finally got to the area with the body of water containing like 50 mega piranhas and encountered a couple of giant centipede creatures, despite the fact that I just repaired the sword, it broke almost instantly. I understand they have chitin exoskeletons, but if that stuff is so strong that it breaks a brand new sword after a few swipes, then why does it have crappy defense, and have garbage durability? Either the chitin Armor needs to be buffed, or the instantaneous sword breaking needs to stop. The is no logical reasoning that justifies this. The even more broken thing is that when I went to attempt to retrieve my stuff, I went back down there with a crossbow, some stone arrows, and narc arrows, while riding on a doedicurus. I got further just riding on it and swinging its tail around than I did with 3 different firearms, and a munitions closet worth of ammo. The worst part however is that once I got the artifact and I was on my way out, all the enemies had spawned back and killed me and my tame. That makes 2 artifacts I have lost due to the fact you can’t place them in a storage closet. Honestly I wouldn’t expect anybody to beat this game on mobile as it currently stands. All that aside, I love the ability to tame creatures especially since it is fairly easy. Got 2 argentavis, a Rex, and an ankylosaurus. They come in handy a lot in terms of hunting, resource gathering, transportation, and general defense. I also adore the versatility one is granted with the building mechanics. All in all, the way I see this game is you trying to take a great game and bring it to mobile devices, but somewhere along the way, there were a few hiccups that got overlooked. I would just love to be able to play the game through to the end at least once, but as it stands now, in order to do this, a character needs the most advanced equipment just short of tek tier just to enter a cave. Please fix it. (P.s. I personally would greatly appreciate the addition of the dlc islands like scorched earth and aberration. I know that is a lot to ask, but I am willing to wait for it to come out just so I can buy it and play it.)
  • Greatish 4/5

    By unhappy gamer 42
    This is literally the best game ever! It’s awesome that Ark has come to mobile. Of course it does have its issues. The game lags all the time and frequently crashes, especially when you try to level up.
  • Won’t download 4/5

    By thisappistgeworstonthestore
    I wish I could play this game because I loved to play it on my pc, but it just refuses to download on my iPhone 8+, it’s very disappointing ): please fix!!
  • Great but nothing compared to pc 5/5

    By Michy boy
    I’ve played pc on ark since it came out, I got it on Xbox and I have no PS4 so when I heard it’s coming out on mobile I was really excited to play on the go. But there are some things you should definitely fix, one thing is to add unofficial servers, to make single player customizable, though people would say oh it’s too op! All the ads for more xp and taming no just when you want to customize let it turn that off it’s a good balance right there. I know it’s a mobile game and all and it has great for as it is, but this is just me I usually play with higher settings that low so when I play on here I’m always going to settings trying to turn it up lol but in conclusion Great game! Can have improvements like I said before, I can’t wait to see what you do!
  • Good but needs some fixes to be great 4/5

    By Honestlyjh
    The lag is real. Not always but seems like during peek play hours it lags bad. Checked my internet and everything. It’s definitely the game. Can’t see very far with the scope, the farming take FOREVER to produce crops. And I mean FOREVER!!!!! Please shorten that time. It’s a mobile game. No need to spend three weeks growing one crop. The game has a great concept and I will be looking into buying it for Xbone.
  • Excelente solo le falta que también esté en español 4/5

    By Joel AU
    Ojalá lo pongan en el idioma español para los que no hablamos inglés haci sería perfecta para todos la aplicación
  • Whhhhhyyyyy 4/5

    By Seano2006
    I love this game but there are a lot of bugs. One of them is that when im flying sometimes i crash and when i get back in the game it says i died of fall damage. This happened 40 minuets ago right after i built my first fabricator and i almost lost my flyer but got it back. Another is lag ANOTHER one is my items wont craft. Plz fix all the bugs. Edit: the crash happened again while i was looking for obsidian to craft a GPS. The crashes are annoying and makes me lose my stuff. Fix the crash bug soon please!
  • Fix the lagging🤬 5/5

    By Jabeion
    It’s good but I play it on my iPhone 5 and it lags like crazy I can’t do anything without it lagging and it always lagging when I’m moving so you better fix until you do I am going to delete it starting know I really love this cause new update snakes and new looking bears but I want to play so please just stop it from lagging on my iPhone 5s thanks fix it please 😅
  • I'm the one who cussed at u fix game on Xbox 1s 1/5

    By gourdramon3
    I can't tame Dinosaurs unless they are passive tame on my Xbox 1s I tried so many times but none of the dinosaurs were hungry :( oh another review today yeah I just used ancient amber to get the important stuff back change the review to 4 and a half. Oh and another still same day there is a spino in my territory and it's dangerous maybe make the spawn area safe from aggressive dinosaurs bigger than parasaurs, well and on other devices when there's more than one spawn point keep away the really hard to kill dinosaurs like wolves once on Xbox Wolves killed me a few seconds after I spawned so yeah make spawns safe to live in. Same day funny so many reviews but I had 4 wood walls I placed one it didn't appear so I only placed three walls plz fix. Oh yeah same day on iPad u can ride moschops now plz add and add the other arks like scorch. Next day I'm so sad I crashed it paused I removed the tab the came back in I wasn't ridding pteradon then I fell to my death plz fix I'm so sad. Shoot I found the pteradon but not my stuff u must fix. Oh now the enable wandering never works on my tames Seriusly I just want my tames safe wile I travel by pteradon.
  • Love 5/5

    By cuntbitchwhore
    Love this game now the sound isn’t working
  • Love it, but come one we gotta talk about the crash. 3/5

    By SailormoonShawtie
    I freakin’ love this game!!! But it’s just for someone like me since I play so much I don’t want to be collecting raw meat and killing a Dino and then all of a sudden I see my wallpaper. I’m like “what the..” please fix the crash on IPhone lol it’s not just me.
  • 闪退 1/5

    By 134k24
    为什么我每次进联机的服务器,过一会儿就是闪退?!iPhoen 6splus~
  • No. 1/5

    By KingPancakeXLII
    Honestly, how in the name of Aries is ANYONE supposed to play this on mobile? Plus, where’s the world settings? To the people that can actually play this, kudos to you; you are not human.
  • Not workin for iPod 5 1/5

    I’ve been trying to play but, always leave me at a black screen forever:(
  • Fail To Watch 5/5

    By Dgalex33
    Honestly, I love ark. I think it is just the best game on the AppStore so far, It’s amazing it’s thrilling it’s challenging and really makes you think plans to raid people, and make defense mechanisms when you play. Best Game out yet. But I’ve been recently having a problem or a bug where it doesn’t let me watch ads for Amber please let me know as soon as possible what to do!
  • Good but could be better 5/5

    By harleyquinns Daughter
    The game is ok and I give it OK because it’s very very laggy And Also it Will say the danger is away but it’s not and so when you think you can take a break you can
  • iPhone 6s 5/5

    By Ddjejhe
    Does this game work well enough to play for iPhone 6s?

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