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Arlo App

Arlo is the worldwide leader in Smart Home Security, and the creator of the world’s first ever 100% wire-free, weatherproof 4K UHD security camera. Arlo security devices make it simple to protect and connect what matters most. Stream live video, play recorded clips, easily arm and disarm your system, and stay aware of what’s happening. And, with Arlo Smart and Rich Notifications, take immediate action on alerts without unlocking your phone. Arlo even works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, SmartThings and IFTTT so you can build a safer and smarter home.

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  • The update is terrible 1/5

    By to12340987
    We had the previous version of the app & loved it. Now we are continuously logged out, geofencing does not work correctly. The system has become worthless. Very disappointing.
  • Constantly loses connection 1/5

    By drmacht
    Didn’t use to happen. All of a sudden it has trouble connecting and can’t find the base station. I haven’t touched or moved anything.
  • Update is a total disaster 1/5

    By mageintonnga.
    Since the update I’m not able to use any Arlo device. The app does not find the base, the base does not find the cams. It’s been months like that. How can a security system company be so irresponsible like that? They force you into a software update and then the “premium” product does not work anymore. Really upset and moving to another security system.
  • fix this thing 1/5

    iphonex, latest os, does not work. who does your qa? can’t login. can’t stay logged in. can’t share with anyone else. wt?
  • Old app worked better 1/5

    By Paul Ruiz III
    Between the firmware updates and the forced app update my base station is offline a lot. My cameras seem to die faster and geofencing doesn’t work well at all. Also my doorbell keeps disconnecting to the point that I have factor reset it and add it back to the network.
  • After a year, I’m finding it pretty useless 1/5

    By Simi Dave
    Why? Where do I start? With the video doorbell, I’ll get an alert that someone’s at the front door. Oh. But the app won’t open straight away. No. That takes six to 8 seconds. Long enough for someone to steal a package and be gone. And, even after it opens, the video clip won’t be available for a few minutes. So, from a security perspective, what’s the point? Moving on to my H3 camera in the front of the house, you can’t set activity zones unless hard-wired. I don’t have it hard-wired; I have it connected to a solar charger. Since I can’t set activity zones, you get an alert for every single car that drives past, no matter how you set your sensitivity. Also, the Arlo Pro3 frequently won’t record for days at a time. The WiFi connection to the base station is fine. I’ve spent several hundred dollars on equipment, but it really doesn’t provide much security. Their “technical support” consists of on-line forums without real answers to unique situations. Not a fan, but looking for alternatives to our over-priced ADT. All in all, it’s the software, and THAT is in Arlo’s full control.
  • Love my Arlo HATE the App 2/5

    By *Nicole 009*
    I really do like our Arlo. When it works it is really good however the app seems to have so many glitches and seriously why would you have a flashing light whenever there’s an issue (the device is in a baby/child’s room). The old app was much more reliable. Money and time needs to be spent to get the current app updated!
  • It has nice features and annoying flaws 2/5

    By Magic7115
    There are a lot of features these systems have making them appealing. I am not happy with the night IR picture. I have not learned how to focus the cameras, if it even possible. Too often I get a message “not able to reach the server” and I have has Spectrum repeatedly check my end, and all is ok. Biggest gripe .... takes far to long to bring a camera to ‘live.”
  • Camera issues 1/5

    By Dj155
    Ever since the 1st of the year I have been having issues connecting to my cameras
  • Scary 1/5

    By NicknamesAreSoStupid
    This thing has gotten buggy lately. I can’t always close out a clip anymore and close the app, it keeps my playing the audio in the background until it ends. Not the same thing as actually keeping it open to watch along with other open apps. Just now I freaked out because my phone was making noises and I hadn’t even been using the app. I couldn’t tell if it was coming from Arlo or from a phone call or what, noise just randomly started playing while I was on facebook. Turned out the app was playing my last video clip without me even opening the app, nor had I previously played that video, it just seemed like it had a mind of its own. I don’t like having my phone hijacked, not a very comfortable feeling.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By wthless
    I regret spending so much money for my system. Unreliable. After less than a year one of the cameras stop working. 75% of the time the other cameras don’t pick up motion.
  • App is SO slow! 1/5

    By SLAYcoulee
    We really appreciate having these cameras as part of our security system, but I am constantly frustrated by the app. By the time I get the notification and get the app to load, it’s been over a minute, which is far too long for a camera feed to be valuable.
  • Not worth it 2/5

    By Biggbear17
    This system has too many glitches, you have to purchase a subscription to add cameras or other devices. I would def research other brands that are capable with Alexa
  • I wouldn’t buy anything from them again 1/5

    Horrible app, kick you out, so you’re thinking you’re being protected but the app is not even working bc it logs you off at random days.
  • Great for my needs 5/5

    By Clydewatcher
    I have used Arlo cameras fo about one year now. The cameras work great and I have not had any issues. Battery life is good.
  • I’m in love❤️ 5/5

    By legaljacked
    We’ve had our Arlo camera system for almost 2 years now & added a 2nd camera late last year. Just in time for “Porch 🏴‍☠️ “ season. We’ve never experienced a package gone missing yet, but it certainly is an added level of safety & security. My home office is also on the lower level of our home, so it’s especially convenient to see when delivery drivers are stopping by. The system and camera installation were very intuitive and from start to finish took me less than 15 minutes. PS: I just bought the rechargeable battery system and it’s well worth the investment.
  • Refresh library 2/5

    By starfall88
    You guys really need to add a pull to refresh to update the library. I often got a motion but no video on library until I close and reopen the app.
  • Video since the Big update. 2/5

    The video is awful since the update. Never before the update could I not see the video at night. Now I can’t see hardly anything but darkness most of the time. We have done nothing outside as far as lighting it’s the same since we first purchased our cameras I’m thinking about getting new cameras and do away with my arlo 2.
  • Geofencing not working 1/5

    By fghhjkuyytbnjkll
    Geofencing seems to have a constant issue, in particular if more than one user. I am getting tired of calling support.
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By MikeDaud
    Arlo cameras work great but the iPhone app is a daily source of stress. The geo fencing is very unreliable and the app is not much help.
  • Constant connectivity issues 1/5

    By michi921
    Ever since Arlo changed to the new app. The cameras barely ever connect and I try taking out the battery and restarting and disconnecting NOTHING helps. A waste of money and I have a ring doorbell that doesn’t have these issues at all. Look for another camera because the app will never connect them. I never write reviews and I felt entitled so people don’t get scammed in buying cameras that never connect !
  • arlo love 5/5

    By Eltricia
    Love, love. Love my Arlo!
  • Changed subscription rate after purchasing 3/5

    By finding a name thats not taken
    I no longer recommend this camera system. It's only redeeming feature is that it's wireless. The system i purchased was expensive, and included 6 cameras at no charge and no subscription. After 2 year Arlo changed their rate structure, and now forces the customer to purchase a monthly subscription to view 5 cameras. Do not purchase additional cameras to swap out when batteries need charged, or cameras to view other zones as needed. You will only be able to view the 5 subscribed cameras. The image quality just isn't great and Support is also questionable. I started my case on 12/26/19, and after several calls & emails over a 6 week period, just received an answer today 2/12/20. Case 41356007.

    By Layla's Nana
    Alert came in, video took 4 minutes to come in. FIX IT! Very disappointing!
  • Can’t view timeline on Arlo Pro 3. 3/5

    By DonHN
    I am using an iPhone X and I can’t access the timeline for either of my 2 Arlo Pro 3 cameras. Works fine in the browser though for some reason.
  • problems 2/5

    By GEM911
    base station keeps dropping the server now it cant even connect
  • Shame on you ARLO! 1/5

    By Ajay Link
    After recent updates Arlo won’t record movement but will receive notification also won’t go live and will stay stalled on “connecting”. Was perfectly fine up until these last few months... my guess is they are rigging old cameras software so you would buy their new equipment. I’m working hard to figure out this bug they have created in the software. Shame on you Arlo! Customer service is horrible. All they say is restart base station or remove battery or blame it on signal. I suggest if you are looking for a surveillance system look elsewhere.
  • No recordings 1/5

    By lmc#
    Having trouble recording in library with movement daily
  • Arlo 2/5

    By Santos_863
    The app takes a long time to push notifications anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes. Previous app took 2 to 5 minutes. I thought this was an update to improve an push notifications in 1 min. Or less My 4K ultra cameras been lagging video footage . When I play videos and then get off the app sound still be playing in the background, when the app is not even open. Gets annoying when I play two videos and then I click on the next one and it freezes. I’m getting aggravated and to the point where I just want my money back and hand back these cameras. Even when I have the cameras on 4K live feed there’s allot of lag an pixelation.
  • Closed Arlo App Playbacks Audio 3/5

    By Hubert619
    Hello, I’ve been an Arlo cx for 4yrs, using Arlo App on IPhone (updated version), when I playback a video, & then minimize the app the audio plays randomly even when I have a completely different app open or when the phone is not being used. Something to look into thank you. Other than that no complaints about functionality.
  • Extremely slow to load. 1/5

    By Nikwil89
    Really slow for the app to load after a video has been recorded on iPhone X, have to force close and open the app multiple times for the video to show up on library. Fix asap
  • Horrible choice 1/5

    By celesticless
    I’ve had this camera almost 2 years and it’s been the same problem the whole time. I tried to ignore the issues and “like” the Arlo because of its hefty price and I wanted it to be worth it. Definitely not. We use the Arlo as a baby monitor and sometimes once you open the arlo app and load your live camera, it takes about 30 minutes to load. So usually I end up going in and visually looking at my son and wait for the monitor to load up. When im on the go and I get a notification at my front door, it take 30 minutes to load it so by the time I figure out who’s breaking in, I’d be dead. Please save tour money and opt for Ring or any other carrier other than Arlo.
  • I had 4 cameras and last month I had 4 more installed. Now you have changed something and it takes 2/5

    By berthipolite
    At least 2 minutes to get the pictures. Sorry but a lot can happen in 2 minutes.
  • Great design and Quality 5/5

    By f#7tkevj
    The ARLO app is easy to use and has all of the features I need to monitor my home. It also has the necessary features to maintain the system. The live 1080p stream is jitter free and delivered without delay. I installed a 5 camera system to a complete operational state in 4 hours.
  • No longer works! 1/5

    By Skhdidjjdi
    After last app upgrade, my app cannot longer connect to my cameras, and it's impossible to contact customer service!
  • Don’t waste your time or money 1/5

    By Asudneg
    I’ve had this system for awhile (3yrs) and it started off good but it is unreliable, and not worth having. It doesn’t pick up movement after many tweeking and cuts off from power often. Replace batteries and then it goes offline. I’ve installed about 5 more for friends after I first got one but they like me are aggravated at arlo s inconsistency in performance. Look elsewhere.
  • Very hit or miss 2/5

    By kile 1
    Sometimes it will connect sometimes it won't. Geo fence is about the same. Was really hoping for better.
  • WiFi channel arlo base 2/5

    By Grilledcheese92
    Make it so we can set the WiFi channel! The Arlo base and your regular router can’t be on the same WiFi channel! Causes the cameras to be slow and sluggish! Offsetting my router WiFi channel by one has fixed my problems. It seems though that the arlo base likes to be on the same WiFi channel as the router!!
  • No audio notifications now 3/5

    By Typhanus
    After the most recent update about 4 days ago, the app is no longer showing audio notifications. I get the emails for them, and I get motion notifications, but audio no longer notifies me. Please fix this!
  • WOW! 1/5

    By LIrog
    From 5 stars to Zero. What in the world happened! This WAS perhaps the best and easiest system to setup. After a short 6 months 2 of the 3 Pro ll cameras stopped recording which is very strange because my original 3 Arlo cameras still work fine going on two years now. So the Pro ll was supposed to be a better system. Every time the add an update they mess another feature up, for example they’ve just removed “manage cameras “ from the settings so now theirs no way to switch cameras ....... why in the world would that be a good feature to take away? Their support is non-exsisting ..... now I have 6 cameras only 4 are working, no help or support in sight. Only thing now is to return the pro ll cameras ..... eat the cost of the other 3 cameras .... and NEVER RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT OR COMPANY ..... going as far as bashing this product all over social media .... I see nothing but going out of business for this company.
  • Sevalance 5/5

    By Al Eide
    Everything that passes through is detected
  • App bug 5/5

    By jdhfitioehj
    App interferes with Apple AirPlay. If I am casting Hulu to the appletv and go into Hulu app, it will break the connection between my iPhone and the appletv. I use many apps and this is the only one that does it.
  • Interactive Notifications 5/5

    By 7jonny11
    I love that you can view your camera right from the lock screen. Whenever I get noticed that a person, or vehicle or an animal and even a package. Right from the lock screen I can 3D Touch into the notification and a snapshot of the camera is shown. I can go even further by seeing the live footage. All without having to fully unlock my phone, then lol for the app. This is an amazing app
  • Arlo 4/5

    By ginghamd
    Great, simply great!
  • Two Thumbs Down 2/5

    By Jenny•NJ
    Arlo’s review rating shouldn’t be allowed to ride the coattails of the legacy app. Had I known Arlo would separate from Netgear just weeks after I bought them, I would have NEVER gotten them. It’s garbage. One camera records nothing for 5 mins at a time. The other misses action right in front of the house. Can’t set up zones unless wired. Uhh, thanks from those of us who have the Pro 2 wireless cameras. The red numeric notifications that refuse to clear (ie. stuck on x number of movements for DAYSSSS and won’t clear) even with the most recent app update. Sometimes loads, sometimes doesn’t. I seriously hate these cameras.
  • Awful 1/5

    By Klebe71
    Should be a class action lawsuit
  • Long time user’s opinion 1/5

    By ReidiPad
    I don’t have time to list all the ways these arlo cameras malfunction - there are so ways in which they fail. Buy another brand! I’m not sure if I’m allowed to specify a brand, but all others are less expensive and three I’ve tried are quicker, give better nighttime views, and none have failed thus far.
  • Slow. Faulty. 1/5

    By mrjrie
    In an era of great and fast technology this app is definitely lightyears behind! It takes forever to play the live feed and to play the latest recorded movement! I have no problems whatsoever with my internet as the base station is connected by wire directly to the modem. Also the cameras does not capture the whole movement if motion sensor is triggered. I’ve had recordings of pigeons flying or trees moving with the wind for a minute but when it comes to people it only records 10 seconds and some videos are recorded late when all I see is the back of the person’s head. If it wasn’t for the convenience of it being wireless and accessible on my phone, I would’ve gone for old school regular wired security cameras.
  • Live stream no longer works 1/5

    By dieseltrain123
    I can view live streams any longer since using the new app. Please fix.

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