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Arlo App

Arlo is the worldwide leader in Smart Home Security, and the creator of the world’s first ever 100% wire-free, weatherproof 4K UHD security camera. Arlo security devices make it simple to protect and connect what matters most. Stream live video, play recorded clips, easily arm and disarm your system, and stay aware of what’s happening. And, with Arlo Smart and Rich Notifications, take immediate action on alerts without unlocking your phone. Arlo even works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, SmartThings and IFTTT so you can build a safer and smarter home.

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  • Double Notifications 3/5

    By The Mwenye
    I’ve been getting double notifications for each event since migrating to the new app and I absolutely hate it. Sometimes the app does not ask me to login, it just opens up.
  • To catch a thief. 5/5

    By SThoMatt
    I bought an Arlo system with a single camera a couple years ago and honestly hoped I would never need it. Well last year I needed it. My house was broken into while I was at work. I work third shift so cameras were using the night vision mode and was still a good enough to make an ID of the guy. Showed the video to my landlord who quickly recognized the guy from the neighborhood and then once the sheriff’s office got the video they were also able to positively identify the guy. Thanks to Arlo another idiot is off the streets.
  • New App.... 2/5

    By jason70!
    Since I downloaded the new app..... I’ve had to reset password countless time, I’m getting double notifications on every camera I have I have linked to the system. And also, the counter does not go away after I’ve seen the footage. Do something..!! I like the arlo system, but if this keeps up it will be gone....
  • Very slow 2/5

    By gbjok
    After reading the reviews, I see I am not the only one with some of the same problems. I’ve had the Arlo system for about 6months and was great in the beginning until I notice how slow the cameras are. It picks up 10-15 seconds after actual movement. Very frustrating and it does not make me or my family feel real secure.
  • Very disappointed 1/5

    By MichelleeRuiz
    After switching over to this new app everything works terribly now. Even though I have my brightness settings up to 100%, when I go to the live stream it looks very dark and nothing like the image it shows me when im in the brightness settings. The image is now 100x’s more distorted and you can see the little pixels moving over in the stream. My camera didnt even alert me that someone was standing at my front gate just staring into my yard, if it wasnt for me checking in on the live stream I never would have been notified!! And I know for CERTAIN that its this new app that is at fault because I still have the Arlo Legacy app on my other phone and the stream looks perfectly fine on there, unlike on this new app. I barey switched over to the new app today because we have to switch over by the 30th but my god if they knew they werent ready to bring out the app why the hell would they screw us all over like that?!?!?!? App needs waaaaayyy more upgrading and possibly the firmware to the camera as well if this is how this app is going to show the stream. Very disappointed and it hasnt even been a year with these cameras. Would not recommend them any more.
  • Mode 3/5

    By Eleven11_
    The mode tab no longer works. Just says “getting information” forever
  • No better 1/5

    By MikeF315
    Got excited reading the change log. So big deal they finally fixed the badge count that never should have gotten broken, but geofencing still doesn’t work, unless you call once in twenty working.
  • Better before the most recent/last update 1/5

    By Layla's Nana
    Too much lag time, was much better before the update. Fix it !!!!
  • Highly Irritated 1/5

    By jrnee0382
    Most companies just roll out an update without the user having to uninstall one version just to install one that doesn’t work. The instructions to connect are not working. I use to be an advocate of Argo now I just want my money back.
  • What a waste 1/5

    By Big Bossplaya
    Trash app doesn’t work right
  • 2.9 update 1/5

    By mongokev
    What is it with these updates? Every time we get an update Arlo seems to screw something up, I can’t watching saved videos in landscape mode doesn’t give me the option, my recordings takes longer to show up in my library Please fix all the problems ASAP
  • Disappointed-again 2/5

    By Wgh176
    I get 2 notifications for every motion event - when it actually records. It’s very inconsistent, some days it lags behind and misses whatever set it off and other days it records shadows changing on the ground or leaves blowing on a tree. Getting more and more frustrated especially since I’ve recently purchased 2 additional cameras based off the last app update being more stabile and reliable.
  • App causes phone to crash 1/5

    By MeTooAlsoAgain
    Since the latest update, every time I open the app it causes my phone to reset. Very annoying. Also, the newest update seems to have gotten rid of the ability to login using Face ID.
  • A little slow 4/5

    By Important message:
    Great features Just needs someone to crush the bugs and how laggy it is. Otherwise, fast internet will do well with this app and their cameras.
  • What happened - was awesome now horrible 1/5

    By Dave Rosenthal
    Pixelation, missing triggers, can you fix this or not?? Went from the best system to the worst. Using Arlo pro gear in case it matters. Please help!
  • DO NOT BUY!!!! 1/5

    By Yosman 1
    I don’t know why this alarm system got any high marks by anyone, I don’t think I can trust these marks. This system by far is one of the worst electronic devices that I have ever bought hands down. I’ll give you the pros and cons as I see. You may have a different experience but I doubt it Pros No wires Easy to install Cons Syncing to base unit took way too long After finally syncing the base unit all of the sudden didn’t see the cameras Multiple times of disconnecting and connecting to finally connect (20 to 30 minutes per camera) Send invitations to other emails access to view Took about 45 minutes to finally have one email access Sent invitations to two other emails and with multiple attempts they couldn’t access the camera and had to use my e-mail. When they accessed the camera using my e-mail, I lost connection. Batteries need to charge less than two weeks. Pulled camera off the wall and attached the charging cord and the wall socket that came in the box, but no indication on the camera to let you know that it is charging and the app had no indication of charging. After multiple tries to charge utilizing different cords and wall sockets, the app finally showed that the camera is being charged (one of the cameras and I have 4 cameras) Tried to charge additional two cameras, but as many times as I plugged and unplugged the cameras, the app would not show that the cameras as being charged. To top it all, now the cameras are not recognized by the base unit and nothing works. The bottom line, if I need to spend so much time to get these units to work, the ease of installation and the no wires is not worth it at all, I think I have spent way too much time on these units while a wired system may take more time and effort to install, it is way more stable with better features. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY, my unit is going back to the store!!!!
  • Cameras not working after update :( 1/5

    By papichulo651
    Just updated about an hour ago and now 2 of my cameras I cannot connect. I know it’s not my cameras because I put in new batteries 2 days ago and was also getting notifications 2 hours ago from my now offline cameras. Read the reviews and I knew something was going to happen. Arlo doesn’t even have the correct picture of new app icons on its preview.
  • Excess notifications 3/5

    By rugmankc
    Since the new update my notification number inside the red bubble on iPhone home screen do not go away. They keep increasing. I did delete app and reinstalled. This has been mentioned before here and on support site. I called support and no help. Just said this is first we heard of this and will send to engineers. I hope I am not getting just lip service. I spent a lot of money on the Pro and expect a quality product. Will this be fixed? Confused on how to append a review. But the notification count is now fixed. Thanks. I still have more pixelazation in new app. And delays from being notified of motion and being able to see the event. Signal strength is good.
  • Way, way too slow! 1/5

    By Pool app
    Have to wait too long to loan. Won't always load on my iPad.
  • New application is frustrating - geofencing is a nightmare 2/5

    By zfowler
    This review is for the new arlo iOS application, not the hardware (as it should be on the App Store in my opinion). Everyone leaving reviews on the entire Arlo system should do so on amazon, Best Buy, or wherever they bought the hardware. App Store reviews are exactly that... app reviews. Anyways, the new app has introduced a ton of new issues with geofencing. The app notifies me that I have left my house 10-15 times per day when I’m working from home and have never left. The older app didn’t do this. Please fix this issue Arlo! The geofencing feature is the only thing setting you apart from your competition. Your competitive advantage certainly isn’t your hardware.
  • Use the legacy app as long as you can. 1/5

    By Litebulbfame
    Suddenly all my arlo cameras are alerting me for every little noise and motion; and the new Arlo app won’t retain any settings when I try to update (incl don’t notify me and sensitivity). Use the old Legacy app as long as you can!
  • Fix update pls. 2/5

    By Negromo
    After last update my cam wired (battery is damaged ) is not show in app anymore. A message saying “charge batt “ is show instead and cannot access the device anymore from the app. Thanks.
  • Beta test you app better. 1/5

    By oldstoneface11
    Once again, you’ve rushed an app to market without fully testing it. The bug in this one is multiple notifications for one event. Hopefully you fix this quickly unlike the time you released firmware that drained batteries in a week.
  • Worst Geofencing app ever 1/5

    By Barmat
    This app’s geofencing feature is broken and has never worked for almost the 2yrs I’ve had Arlo. Avoid this app and cameras like the plague.
  • Inconsistent new app 1/5

    By PorkyPiglet
    I’m now getting two notifications for one motion alert. No wonder the stock isn’t doing so well.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Eng9yfd
    Always lose the devices. Can never connect the base station or cameras.
  • Nothing but issues with this new app 1/5

    By Karli.B.
    The previous app was fine, I had no issues to speak of and was very happy with my purchase, the product, and the experience overall. We use the baby monitor and since this new app (which was mandatory for us to get, as the old one will stop working on 09/30 🙄) the sound will randomly shut off and I cannot get it back functioning properly unless I completely restart my phone. Not simply close out the app entirely, but shut my phone off and turn it back on. Again, since we use this for my child, this isn’t something I have to do every once in a while— it’s *every day*. Sounds in other apps will work fine, but this one requires a complete phone reboot 🤔 There have been nights where (thankfully) I heard my daughter crying down the hall and woke up, wondering what the heck went wrong with the monitor and how long she’d been laying there crying. There’s also more video lag than before and we’ve had to wait ages to use the microphone feature sometimes (or it times out entirely). Such a disappointment to “upgrade” to a system we thought would work better as a monitor, only to not have it function properly upon the new app installation 😖
  • Slower and no more AppleTV support 1/5

    By Zomganickname
    This app is slower to load everything than the old app and they dropped AppleTV support which is something I used often.
  • Still has bugs 5/5

    By Chew Becca
    My geofencing arm and disarm just turned on then off within the last 10 mins of me being a statue sloth on my couch. Still appears to have geofence bug present. Hope it helped. Otherwise has been fine since the new app.
  • Cameras are useless without this app working 1/5

    By Chloeonthesun
    And the app doesn’t even work!! None of my cameras are picking up motions, I tried all kinds of troubleshooting and none worked! This only happened after the recent update. Now my $300 cameras are useless; so much for a security system.
  • Aro getting bad 2/5

    By Admas 12
    Arlo getting bad
  • Save your money 1/5

    By The BIGMike007
    Honestly don’t know where to begin with this, first complain battery life if you live in a busy street or anywhere things move often you better invest in a dual charging port for the battery I maybe get two days out of them? Second it doesn’t matter if you filter through arlos smart choices because it’ll pick up everything having you sit down and sort through all the clips waste of time and option settings. Third the connection time between feed and live is ridiculous people are frustrated in waiting or even trying to get connection because it failed two times already just forget. Lastly I think for the $1000 I’d wish I wold have saved my money and went else where it’s not worth it decent picture is all you get.
  • Notifications 1/5

    By AnZhuo Tang
    Since the update, when I am notified of movement the app sends me 4 notifications from one camera. What’s going on Arlo? Please fix this!
  • Only getting worse 1/5

    By Hung so lowe
    People have spent large amounts of money on your product! It’s just like others said your so called security cameras are not working properly. The cameras are not picking up cars driving by my house, sometimes they do but the cars are almost out of sight. This is unacceptable for a security camera! I have 3 bars on the cameras so it’s not my WiFi that’s the problem. So please fix your software problems with these cameras as the older software worked better.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Braindeadfreak
    They have rendered the whole system useless with this new update. I can’t connect to the cameras at all.
  • Need the old app back 1/5

    By DML65
    Until the new app works why can’t arlo allow the old one to continue to be offered and now was such a horrific upgrade done without testing.
  • Uncertified accessory 1/5

    By FuccDiss
    Still shows uncertified accessory for my Arlo pro 2 in HomeKit.
  • Lagging issues with live video captured 1/5

    By CHEast2020
    The cameras are delayed for 2 minutes. Than I get a notification. Friends ask me what camera devises do I own. I use to tell them Arlo. Now with the new app software issues. I cant recommend this product at this point until everything has been rectified. Real Bummer
  • Just garbage 1/5

    By ConradStrughold
    I’d have to say that this app has become little more than a way to waste some space on my phone. The new app has never once managed to sign in to my account. Nope, not once. The “legacy” app works as it always has. Would someone remind me why I am being made to switch from an app that works to something that doesn’t? I’m not sure who put this app together or who was ostensibly managing the project but that manager needs to be sent on his way. I feel he was doing his take on the infinite monkey hypothesis but instead of a monkey typing infinitely on a typewriter and perhaps writing Shakespeare he was placed at a computer and the arlo folks figured “there’s a chance he will get us the code we need, and if he doesn’t, well it’s the monkeys fault” Y’all had one job. Put out an app. Based on this laughable failure, how do you still have jobs?
  • Useless, slow to trigger on motion, dead cameras 1/5

    By Mike………………..
    Installed new version, no real NEW problems yet. But Arlo is pretty much useless and has been for a year or so, because it is so slow to start recording, whatever triggered it may have left 20 seconds before recording starts. Not all cameras recording anymore... some cameras turn red(night time mode) in day. One camera EATS BATTERIES, it will not allow firmware to be updated. It’s a useless brick. I own 2 systems, 3 out of 5 cameras work properly, the one is stuck in red mode, one is useless brick... used to recommend Arlo, not anymore. Hope they can make it useable again Also it doesn’t require you to log in anymore. Just launch the app. No security
  • new update is horrible 1/5

    By Purple catss
    The new update that we HAD to get is horrible .. the view is now pixilated (millions of jumping squares) .. the old app was working great .. please fix
  • Still buggy 3/5

    By gila03
    Wouldn’t recognize my location for gps alarming
  • The numer on fron not going away and it’s false 1/5

    By Pietrzyk1985
    Guys ones you change the app not working properly! I soended lots off money for this cameras and this is garbage! You servers are so slow ! Nothing working good now ! The numbers off motion is false and not going away when you already look them Find fix instead doong some stupid updates! Very unhappy costumer! This supposed to be security cameras not not working piss off plastic So better fix the problem or give people money back
  • New App is terrible for my LTE camera 1/5

    By William Med
    The legacy app works great for my Netgear ATT LTE camera but the new app had terribly glitch with the video stream. Makes the $400 camera I just purchased absolutely useless. The old app is still on my phone and works perfectly. All my home cameras work fine in the new app but the LTE camera is completely useless!!! Hope there is a fix in the works soon.
  • Arlo is a dissapointment 2/5

    By nutzrslo
    Terrible updated version it is SUPER SLOW!!! Fix this!
  • Duplicate Notifications in Notification Center 2/5

    By Lori-a
    Supposedly the badge count issue is now corrected (TBD), but now I'm getting duplicate notifications. I've read online that if you had uninstalled and reinstalled the app to try and fix the Badge issue, that it would now cause this issue. Hoping for a fix soon because it's gotten so bad that I'm about ready to uninstall.
  • Can’t discover Arlo 1/5

    By Oboe an
    Had no issues with the old Arlo app. Downloaded this one, and now my Arlo isn’t discoverable by the app. Tried factory reset and still can’t discover. I re-installed the legacy app and no issues. Why would Arlo change something that worked to something that doesn’t?
  • Please Fix! 1/5

    By Tlordz
    The new version of this app works for about 1 day. Then it will try to load and crash. If I redownload and reinstall it works fine again. Fir about 1 day and then starts crashing again. Please fix this.
  • Home screen badge count 2/5

    By Fish slayer guy
    The home screen badge count was said to be corrected in the most recent update. IT HAS STILL NOT BEEN CORRECTED. I have been dealing with an inaccurate badge count for well over a year. Lame.

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