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Arlo App

Arlo is the worldwide leader in Smart Home Security, and the creator of the world’s first ever 100% wire-free, weatherproof HD security camera. Arlo cameras make it easy to keep tabs on all the important things in life. With the free Arlo mobile app, it’s easy to tune in wherever you are with just a tap of the finger and get notified whenever something moves or makes a sound. Arlo and Arlo Pro wire-free cameras can be placed anywhere, even outdoors, while AC-powered Arlo Q and Arlo Q Plus cameras with 2-way audio is great for indoor video monitoring. Arlo works with IFTTT, SmartThings and Stringify so you can build safer and smarter home.

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  • Can not download the app 2/5

    By rio123455677
    I reset my camera so i deleted the app and tried to download it again but i couldn’t. Any help???
  • It's ok but needs work 3/5

    By OffshoreWally
    I love the concept of issues are they get triggered by any little thing....from small animals like squirrels to even shadows of trees and apparently even by sunlight! On bright sunny days I've had upwards of 30+ alerts inside an hour. And no matter how I setup the camera it still does it. Been on the forums....made a pvc visor for them....sensitivity all the way down etc and still go off. However if you can get past the annoyances I do like them. I have 4 cameras total and gives me some peace of mind to be able to log in and see what's going on.... even with the false triggers. Update 5-19-19 Ever since the first of the year or so the geofencing option has not worked right. Reading the forums there's a lot of people with the same problems yet nothing is being done about it...I love this feature but it's getting annoying when the system doesn't arm when you leave the zone! What good is it if is it's not working properly???
  • Do Not Buy 1/5

    By matt w w
    Can’t trust these devices, they go offline frequently, sometimes days at a time.
  • Needs a lot of improvements 1/5

    By pan and zoom
    I wish I never bought this junk.. The mailman or a package delivery can walk right in front of the camera and won’t detect them but a car down the street it will pick it up. A big waste of money
  • Alert Notification Tone 3/5

    By HKM77
    Although I am enjoying having Arlo and it works very well I am really disappointed that such a leading security system app doesn’t have the option to customize your alert notification sound. I have an iPhone and the tone/sound that goes off for my arlo cameras is the same one for my text messages and there is no way to change this!?!?!?! Come on Arlo, you can do better than this! With all the apps and technology out there I am baffled that you haven’t integrated alert tone choices as an option. Why?! We should definitely be able to change our notification sound to make it different from our phones default messaging sound!!! Please fix and update this.
  • Love the physical product..but 4/5

    By islandblue
    I can write and critique the system to death but it serves me little here. I have the Arlo, Arlo Pro and Arlo Pro 2. All cameras are very good in their own right with each an improvement over the earlier version. I’ve not ventured to the Arlo Ultra since the pricing is a bit out of my league for what I use the cameras for. Kudos to Netgear for making the base stations and cameras compatible regardless of which you’re using. The one real gripe I have is the Activity Zones. After mounting an Arlo Camera, when has any space(Den, living room, bedroom, garage, yard, driveway) been the perfect square or rectangle from the viewing angle? Please Netgear, allow the functionality to draw/create more polygon shapes for these zones. I find it defeatist having to place a square or rectangle on a triangle shaped zone that I need to monitor.
  • Arlo App Not Working Properly 2/5

    By Chris G Extremely unsatisfied
    The app I use was previously set to automatically overwrite old videos but the option no longer works in the app. It has the option still showing but will not let you select it. When looking for support all you get is forums to look through. No real help.
  • Arlo Pro cameras 1/5

    By kkoo 00
    After updating my Arlo App on my phone, even though I set the mode is recording video when motions detected, but still could not record the video only receive notification.this part the old version is doing better than this vision. this is very rarely happens before updated. I wish it can get improved soon
  • Geofencing does not work most of the time 2/5

    By Instrapops
    Most of this app works well but the geofencing does not work most of the time. Many times I thought that the system was on only to find that it never changed mode when I left the fenced area.
  • FYI 1/5

    By KendyMolinar
    My app since the update keeps crashing intermittent could you guys check it out thanks. I ready to sell these cams if something doesn’t get fix soon! It takes forever to get a live shot please get fix or ill be getting the other cams available
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Unruly Pain
    When I purchased my first set of Arlo cameras I was so pleased I outfitted my home and our vacation home both with complete set ups. Over the past two years I’ve invested a lot into these systems solely because they were subscription free. I’ve lost several cameras to various software glitches that have killed their functionality and now I see that although I can keep my system subscription free because I bought it before they changed policies, I feel upset that this company has allowed me to spend so much money on a system they no longer even offer. I have a spouse with Alzheimer’s and have recommended this system to countless other caregivers who are all on tight budgets. I can no longer advise my friends to buy this system and I’m very disappointed. I am grateful for the usage I got from this system because it helped resolve a few important issues but I will be looking elsewhere for my future cameras. I will absolutely refuse to pay a subscription for a system that I can easily monitor myself. It feels like Arlo has been deceptive about this and I don’t respect that.
  • No... 1/5

    By Rivha
    1) missing videos 2) decides when it wants to record motion or not(it’s supposed to record all the time). Was working just fine and recording everything, never moved it and it plugged into power outlet 3) going live while there’s motion is a nightmare. Works when it wants to. If you thinking it’s internet bandwidth: I have a 1 gig. 4) I’m thinking I may switch to Nest’s wired solution 5) contact me and I’ll just give you the 3 cameras and the base station. It’s crap!
  • Good choice 4/5

    By litlgeezer
    I purchased Arlo camera package. Been very satisfied with performance. 4 stars only because as far as I know I can’t change the sound. I would prefer to be able to choose a distinct alert ring tone.
  • What does it take to get reliable geofencing? 2/5

    By Beach local call
    I’ve had this system for almost 2 years. Overall it’s a decent system, however, geofencing has always been an issue. Works for months on end and then bam, back to having to open the app, go the mode screen, deselect “geofencing” for another mode and once I select “geofencing” again it’ll register that my device is within or out of the geofencing zone based on my location. Please correct this issue...Yes, my settings are correct. iPhone 6 running 12.2 with Arlo app up to date.
  • LACKING 1/5

    By 🐼ㄗ丹れ刀丹
    Really, when im inside my house fearing a intruder, do you really think i enjoy a white themed app lighting up my face? Its like HEY INTRUDER I CANT SEE YOU BECUZ OF THIS DUMB APP BLINDING ME, BUT HEY HERES A TARGET FOR YOU! It needs to be black, period. Lacks interactive advance notifications (view vid from lock screen)
  • Works - sometimes 2/5

    By Big gamers
    Have the baby monitor and it will crash and then you don’t know until you hear the baby crying in the next room. For how long? No idea. The buttons in the app often disappear and you have to click to a different screen to get them back. The sound cuts in and out constantly. It is workable, but far from flawless. I think this level of serviceability would be ok for home security, but it needs to be improved to be a good baby monitor.
  • Geofencing is a bummer. Hardware excellent 2/5

    By bowman2001
    Geofencing doesn’t work. Tried everything to make it work. iPhone X and iPhone 7 fully updated. Location for Arlo app always on... it’s either one of the phone unavailable or wrongly out of zone or in zone. I did a full reset of the base and reinstalled the apps again. Same issues. I’m thinking to return it. Hardware on the other side is excellent.
  • Still Buggy 1/5

    By Retro-Classic-Rover
    When changing the camera’s motion setting, the screen won’t go back after tapping on Save or Cancel. Seriously, does anyone at Arlo use their own software and hardware?
  • Charging Fault 1/5

    By The PC Principal
    Horrible. I’ve tried charging the camera for the last few days. I’ve read everything online, tried several different things, but continues to say “A Charging Fault has been detected.” Camera has been dead ever since.
  • Crashes all the time!! Not good for keeping an eye on baby 1/5

    By michellef_babee
    I love the camera quality I have for my baby monitor but it constantly quits out and I can no longer hear my baby. Very unfortunate because this camera works fine on my home app but it’s terrible on the Arlo app which makes no sense
  • Needs FaceId login 5/5

    By Mersad S.
    It’s a great product and great camera. Works amazing
  • Doorbell 1/5

    By noahTing
    Can anyone tell me how to connect the doorbell
  • Good but could be Better 3/5

    By keeso
    It would really be nice to extend the actual recording time to 15-20 seconds for those of us that don’t have a subscription
  • very good wireless camera 5/5

    By Jiddahdhuddhd
    Arlo pro2 is a very nice wireless camera. I have been using it for over a year and don’t have any connection problem, it is always stable. The only complain is that if you have bad and slow wifi, you will receive a slower notification. Well i guess it is not arlo’s problem. Overall, it is a good and convenient product, will recommend to everyone who needs a smart and easy set up camera!
  • 100% PURE BILL SHUT 1/5

    By Imrodimus
    Spent hours trying to connect to HUB... fail... reinstalled app, tried to connect to HUB... fail... restarted my phone, checked for updates, check for S.T.D.’s... fail, fail, fail... Customer service requires you to put the call on speakerphone while you examine the grip around your ankles... I’m done! Going back in the box and I will throw it at the poor sap at the store who sold it to me.
  • Checking Firmware Again?!? 4/5

    By CGRuel
    Every time you try to sync a new device the base station searches for new firmware. Doesn’t matter if it’s been 2 minutes since the last check. So trying to add four new devices you have to go through the firmware checking process Every. Single. Time....Which takes about 5 minutes. I’m pretty sure the company is not releasing new firmware in a minute intervals. If you close the app because you’re tired of staring at your phone for five minutes...guess what?! You get to go through the whole process again! Hurray.....😑
  • Ipad home screen 1/5

    By M5beast
    It would be nice to see all my cameras on the home screen again, each camera in full screen with 6 cameras isn't working so well... Bring it back please... And please stop selling your door bell until you get the camera to actually work when the doorbell is pressed. Recall?
  • Good but.. 3/5

    By o3karina
    I purchased Arlo pro 2 system and what I noticed was that motion cuts of recording when there is motion. It does not record throughout all the motion. Hopefully it’s just a glitch and will be fixed. Also, I really hope they make an update to wear I can see all live videos when I log into the app. I used to have a different security system and right when I logged in the app it showed me live pictures of my home. Arlo, Please fix this issue. Cameras should be live as soon as I log onto the app. It’s not good to have to click on the actual camera in order to view the live picture. Other than that, I haven’t noticed anything out of the ordinary. Please fix the login issue with the live picture !!
  • Downloaded video not showing correct date/time 1/5

    By Netsie1
    4/3/19 — Over a month later and still waiting on the update to fix the downloading issues. Arlo has really disappointed me! Please fix!!! Videos I need to save DO NOT show correct date and time! ** Just updated and downloading with correct time and date still not working!!! App use to work good. Lately is hasn’t been working right. Slow to load. When I downloaded videos to my photo library it use to save it with the date and time that the video was actually taken, now it saves it under the date and time I downloaded the video to my library. Please fix!!! I need videos to show correct date and time!
  • To Developer 1/5

    By SamHumph
    I've had this app on my old IPad 2 for several months and it worked perfectly. It stopped working this morning, and when I tried to reinstall it, it says only works on IOS 11 and higher. Can I no longer get the older version for my IPad 2? This is very frustrating as I am not buying a new iPad just for this app.
  • Trash 1/5

    By Sir Bartolome The Third
    My password magically changed itself and now my reset link is telling me it’s expired after I so easily created a new password, geniusness at the engineering department.
  • Arlo 1/5

    By Disappointed in Bay Area
    Terrible app. Even worse tech support. Do not purchase Arlo products or you will be sorry. Not customer friendly and terrible products that do not work as promised. Then no support and they charge you.
  • Arlo pro 2 and app 3/5

    By perian199$
    I bought the Arlo pro2 5 packs and the base station and I have to say the quality and convenience are unmatched. I literally was able to get these camera up running in about an hour total. However the reason I’m giving this app 3 stars is because I feel like the connection and integration of the app itself doesn’t highlight the camera ability for example when I try two way talk sometimes the sound on the camera is very choppy
  • Would love if the app were better 2/5

    By Homeboy7
    The camera is good overall (we have the baby cam). Has two way talk, sensors, and the works. But the app is terrible right now. The camera is constantly glitchy, crashes more than doesn’t. Sound is glitchy, the icons on the screen disappear and won’t reappear. The picture has never been good since we got it. We’ve tried running it at a lower frame rate with no luck. We have 250+ download and 130+ upload speeds with fiber and this app is constantly buggy. Hope the devs can clean it up a bit. Need either a overhaul or a really big update.
  • Great concept but way too buggy 2/5

    By MrVargasm
    Half the time I try to view a live view of my cameras, the app freezes. There are a lot of bugs on the app for the system being so expensive. I’ve had the Arlo Pro 2 cameras for almost two years and I haven’t seen much improvement at all. I actually liked the older version of the app better before they completely changed everything but that was equally as buggy. Two stars only because they are great cameras but I can only see things after it happens as the live view will freeze most of the time. It is not my internet either because I don’t have slow speeds and I have top of the line router & modem.
  • Can fail you when you might need it most 2/5

    By Forsberger
    Just don’t depend on this system for security. It might be good for monitoring things like dogs in the yard or other low-stakes situations where it won’t matter if the camera drops offline without warning or explanation (or easy fixes,) but if you are depending on it for footage in a serious situation it’s just not reliable. And the cameras are expensive. If they were cheap I could understand some spotty service but they just don’t work well enough at this price point. I don’t normally write reviews, I’m just currently frustrated and want to warn people that this “friendly” looking system and UI is not entirely dependable.
  • Ridiculous... 1/5

    By connsmit5555
    I bought a new iPhone X’s max which has the new A12 chip..for some reason arlo decided to update their app to be USELESS on newer A12 devices. You are NOT able to stream live video on these phones, and that’s not the problem. If they would’ve just made an update to patch this issue then all is good. BUT!!! They decide to IGNORE the 20 PAGES!!!!! Of comments about how the app is broken and continue to release updates that ignore THE BIGGEST issue they have right now. THIS IS RIDICULOUS THAT THEY ARE IGNORANT OF THEIR OWN SUPPORT PAGE!
  • Used to be great... 1/5

    By Jw23.
    ... now I get notifications, but there is no video in the library.
  • Support 1/5

    By Joey Tory
    Although when you set it up correctly.. You get a good view and good sound. BUT... My password notes were lost.. I have a 95 year olds mother I like to keep an eye on, especially when I'm out of town. 3 hours of repeating same steps. No live chat. No support. No help. No phone number to call. Customer service is very important.
  • Needs option for multi modes 3/5

    By sayrejm
    For the love of all that is holy... ADD OPTION TO PROGRAM BY SCHEDULE and GEOFENCING!!! Geofence is awesome except it won’t arm when you’re home sleeping at night. And scheduling is awesome except it won’t arm when you leave for work... DO BOTH AT THE SAME TIME!!!! It can’t be more than a few lines of code to add!!! Here’s what I want: arm when away except from 9pm to 6am arm wether home or away. ITS NOT HARD!!!!!!!!! Also... Why doesn’t it record video just because I’m watching the camera live? Don’t NOT record just cause I’m currently watching the camera live!!!
  • Crap Update 1/5

    By Yellow_Duck_Productions
    Recent update erased my schedule! Developers are clueless!
  • Cameras are good, app is not. 4/5

    By Tephytutu
    I like the baby monitor itself but the app Is being frustrating. I have Apple products and the app crashes daily (almost every time I go into it) to view either of my boys rooms. I even bought a different brand device to try and it still crashed. The rating is for the arlo baby camera, but not the app.
  • Inconsistent and mostly not great 2/5

    By tsazbFAM
    I so regret buying these cameras. They go offline frequently. Now the motion detection is not working. They have been frustrating and nearly useless. I get far better results from a different (and much less expensive) system I purchased. Wish I could return them.
  • No MFA, can’t save CVR, weak alexa integration, to expensive 1/5

    By ebuhrendorf
    I can’t believe Arlo doesn’t have real security including Multi Factor Authentication. The Continuous Video Recording feature is useless since you can’t save video from it. They actually recommend you download a third party screen recording app to your computer to save video. The CVR is highly unreliable too. Can’t toggle modes with alexa. Can’t get verbal notices of motion alerts. Way too expensive.
  • Geofencing is broken!!! 1/5

    By AnotherDisappointedArloUser
    Recently upgraded to Arlo Pro 2. Geofencing reverts to Disarmed when I’m I. away mode? Seriously? Using with a schedule for Home and Custom mode for away. It should never fail over to Disarmed! Please fix or I am returning.
  • Notifications are horribly implemented 2/5

    By Happy2000
    You can’t set a timeout for notifications, so if an object moves in-and-out of frame (walkway, cars on a street, pets, etc), then you’ll get a notification on your phone every several seconds. Arlo only suggests turning off notifications (which is lame), or repositioning the camera (which is lame). A simple user-controlled setting like “Notify me once every N seconds” would do the trick. Instead, get ready for hundreds of notifications per hour! So lame.
  • Cameras great / support non-existent 3/5

    By bad, bad, bad movie
    Cameras and system is great. No complaints. I decided I wanted to add a subscription to my system. The app shows I have no current subscription in settings. Instructions state to select subscriptions in settings and click “edit”. There is no “edit” to click. I have deleted app and reinstalled it repeatedly. I went to web browser on my desktop. When I try to add a plan it asks me to log in and then puts up a warning: “oops. You are not allowed to make this request. If this was a mistake, please contact Arlo support.” No email provided.. on hold for eternity when calling and no one ever picks up the line, and online chat just keeps “waiting for available agent”. I get the message, Arlo! You don’t want my money... I’m done trying to give it to you.
  • Doorbell motion toggle broken 1/5

    By tnfirebird
    Not sure if this happened in the last update but the toggle for Motion Triggered Alerts won’t operate for the doorbell. Don’t make me dump this for a Ring. Fix it please.
  • Used to be great 1/5

    By Meritguw
    Some updates have been great. Others horrible. A while back they added a feature where you could call 911 or a random number right from the app in case of an emergency. Well, the most recent update made it so you have to be a paid subscriber. That should tell you a lot. Find another camera option. I recommend something with a hard-wired power supply.

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