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Arlo App

Arlo is the worldwide leader in Smart Home Security, and the creator of the world’s first ever 100% wire-free, weatherproof HD security camera. Arlo cameras make it easy to keep tabs on all the important things in life. With the free Arlo mobile app, it’s easy to tune in wherever you are with just a tap of the finger and get notified whenever something moves or makes a sound. Arlo and Arlo Pro wire-free cameras can be placed anywhere, even outdoors, while AC-powered Arlo Q and Arlo Q Plus cameras with 2-way audio is great for indoor video monitoring. Arlo works with IFTTT, SmartThings and Stringify so you can build safer and smarter home.

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Arlo app reviews

  • I don’t want your extra services! 1/5

    By ahfunaki
    Stop trying to get me to buy them!
  • Great potential, very buggy app 2/5

    By Jamiesmynamie
    This app has the right idea in allowing you to monitor your baby, the room temperature, humidity, air quality, but is extremely buggy to the point where it is a pain to use. It shuts itself down about 1/4 times I open it and it will not connect to the device every often or so. The worst and scariest part of this app is that the video will freeze on a screenshot from earlier in the day when I first open up the app, and that screenshot is frequently of an empty crib, so it scares me every time I open the app and see my baby missing. A ton of small things like that make this app a pain to use.
  • Too many ads 1/5

    By Eepopork
    Used to be a great app to go with great cameras. Now every time you open it you have to click away their ads telling you to upgrade to more storage. I know how it works, I read the instructions, if I need storage I know how to do it. Stop pestering me.
  • Love it 3/5

    By Boone5347
    UPDATE: 1/15/19. Down to 3 stars because of the tedious AD to upgrade to cloud services EVERY TIME I try to view my library. I will never upgrade cloud services now out of spite. Quit pushing customers away with the constant ads in app. It doesn’t work it upsets more people Now that your new update brought back the battery and signal status right on the main screen I can now give this the 5 stars it deserves. Thanks for listening to everyone! Great product and app
  • Please fix Geofencing!! 3/5

    By waolson74
    Geofencing is not working as expected. I have a phone out of the zone and one phone in the zone yet the system still arms. Geo fencing is such a great concept but if it doesn’t work is useless.
  • They removed manual recording 1/5

    By yourReviewerMe
    You guys think removing manual recording from non-premium was a smart move??? Wait till all my friends return your product. I will make to spread the word of a cheap product owner taking decisions like these
  • App freezing 1/5

    By Jack app apple
    No sure what update messed up the app but it keeps freezing when trying to stream the videos.
  • Slow to load triggered video clips 1/5

    By YoungJediKnight
    1/14/2019 - Still having trigger issues, I walked to my car in my driveway directly in sight of the camera and no trigger. Also loading the library or info from the hub is extremely slow, it takes minutes. 11/25/2018 - Update 2.6.2 is not detecting motion. I’m literally watching cars and people move past my Arlo Pro 2 camera and my sensitivity is set at 90% and the motion detection is not triggering! Yes, my motion detection and audio detection is on in the settings. Even with the new update I still see very very slow load speeds for the recorded video feed when the camera is triggered. It doesn’t matter if I’m on WiFi or cellular networks it takes entirely too long to load. System does have some issues with stability as well but the biggest issue is trying to access a previously recorded clip right after it occurs. I sometimes have to close the app and open again but that doesn’t always do that trick.
  • Used to be great, now not so great 1/5

    By MsCotton
    App crashes more than works, since the last update. By the time I see the video which takes forever to load after having to dismiss that extra service advertisement screen, someone could’ve happened . Arlo you’re not secure.
  • Fix the crap app... 1/5

    By Th3Randy
    Constantly asks me to upgrade to Arlo premium and I already am a subscriber. Not to mention, the zones work like crap....constant notifications for moving objects outside of set zone.
  • Basic Plan Gone 2/5

    By Duwaynethetub
    Now that the basic plan is gone every time I go to look at my library I get a pop up asking me to sign up. I am not paying you monthly so you can tell me when a squirrel runs by
  • Ultra 1/5

    By Jim the Man
    App does not work with Ultra. Keeps crashing!!!
  • Arlo Microphone talk not as smooth as ring 3/5

    By BreatheOfTheDragon
    Everything is great except when trying to talk through the app with the microphone. It’s just not responsive like the ring application my friend has it’s frustrating.
  • Locking up on XS Max still 1/5

    By user193837
    App locks up my entire phone after trying to view live feed. I saw posts about this from November that end with it claiming the latest release fixes it, but that is not the case for me. Can hardly even hard reset phone when this occurs.
  • Constantly Crashing 2/5

    By Jim Shoe08
    I’m not sure what’s happened but the latest version of this app crashes my iPhone EVERY time. I have newest iPhone with latest updates too. Using the mic to speak to people on the video does not work well either.
  • Arlo Baby Review 2/5

    By medmom17
    This baby monitor is amazing. It has crystal clear picture, awesome features like playing music and checking the temperature, connects really easily to WiFi and is easy to set up, and it super cute. The alerts feature is so great and makes me feel secure about having my baby in a separate room. There is a slight delay which can be annoying, but overall this is an awesome device. The app, however, is incredibly buggy. When it works, it is a dream. But it crashes every other time I open it, and constantly switches over to the non-baby monitor version, so I lose all the cool features (music, temp, etc) intermittently. Its design is annoying and not intuitive, and I’m constantly searching online to find solutions to weird problems, like how to turn on the “always listening” feature (which is great until it turns into an insane echo-fest from a double sound glitch). I am not a technologically illiterate person, and I know other people have similar issues from the reviews I’ve read, so it isn’t user-error. All in all, I would definitely buy the camera again and I recommend it to everyone. But I would honestly rather have to purchase a $20 app that actually works than use this garbage app.
  • New update 2/5

    By TxLa
    Lastest update 1/19 Now I cannot take a snapshot while viewing it live. Please change this
  • Stop posting ads to app 1/5

    By Ilikefrogz
    Ad for additional cloud services now pops up every time I try to see clip feed.
  • I love my arlo 5/5

    By Hda28
    Never had real issues with arlo except from the first arlo pro, but after upgrading to arlo pro 2 the experience got even better. Just upgraded today to the 4K cameras couldn’t be happier.
  • Two systems, 9 devices, NO recordings since app update 1/5

    By Sarumdipity
    Two systems, 9 devices, NO recordings since app update. FIX FAST or ROLL BACK!!!!
  • Unreliable 2/5

    By jfitz78510
    Sometimes it works great. Camera itself is wonderful, but the app is mediocre at best. The app doesn’t load the camera, sound is snotty and the temperature and quality tracking is very inaccurate most of the time.

    By PF77
    For a week now I have not been able to connect to my cameras. No live video feed. The camera picks up motion and claims to record but does not display any recordings. This does not provide any security whatsoever. I re-installed my Arlo and synced the camera but still malfunctioning. I then read the reviews and it seems many people have the same issue with the new app and it sounds like people with older cameras are getting screwed. Arlo are you scamming users?? Please fix this ASAP.
  • Crashes my iPhone X’s Max 2/5

    By pfielding123
    Does anyone even test these releases before pushing out? My very expensive investment in Arlo cameras has been unusable now for nearly a week because I can’t access from my phone while on vacation. How disappointing.
  • Keep crushing!!! 1/5

    By BB4780
    Can’t even view the app for a couple minutes, it’s keep crushing!! Horrible and very annoying. Please fix it!! Spent so much money on the cameras, can’t watch the videos, what good is it? And what’s with the annoying subscription solicitation? Horrible horrible....
  • Help!! Class Action Lawsuit! 1/5

    By I Like My I-Pad
    What is wrong with you people? You took a perfectly good app and totally screwed it up in the last five updates! Now I can’t even record in live view and to add insult to injury I have to deal with a pop up ad trying to sell me your cloud service! Please roll your lousy updates back and STOP fixing something that wasn’t broken! Are there any lawyers out there willing to take these bozos on! No disrespect meant to clowns. P.S. my iPad freezes for about a minute when this piece of sh** app loads!
  • Great all in one baby monitor 4/5

    By mschen21
    This has been a great baby monitor for our first child. The ability to watch him and also hear what he is doing has worked really well for us. Especially being able to automatically record movements and audio so we can look back as needed. Two issues that bothers me are: the app crashes unexpectedly sometimes when I set it on monitor mode overnight. (I’m on an iPhone X, which should handle the memory load) this is an unfortunate issue because I’ll wait up to my baby’s cry down the hall instead - which I might not hear for a couple of minutes. The other issue is when you set the app to monitor mode, then go to another app or set your phone to sleep. After 10-15 mins, when I want to return to the application to see my baby, the feed starts to have an echo. Which means that it is somehow started another instance of the video, along with the first instance of the video feed in the background. This gets annoying because I’ll then need to fully close out the application and then reopen to get rid of the echo. Looking forward to the next fix :)
  • January 2019 release 2/5

    By Jrandyw
    I was hesitant to update, and man, I wish I hadn’t. This version hangs for several seconds at start up. It’s also very slow at loading camera and library thumbnails. And, they removed the ability to record when viewing live. The only positive I can point out is that when you view live the huge alarm button does “slide up” after a moment and thus doesn’t block your view of the upper part of the screen. Please don’t make silly suggestions about my phone being too slow or lack of bandwidth. This was working great on the previous version, I got annoyed with the alarm button, checked for updates, installed update and started having all these problems. Closes all other apps on my phone. Did a bandwidth test (30Mbps down, 11Mbps up). Still same problems persist.
  • New update crashes iPhone XS Max 1/5

    By jmat72
    Unusable on iPhone XS Max. Don’t update. Hope they fix it soon.
  • Slow and lots of false motion events 1/5

    By Zen367
    The cameras are slow to start recording after motion is detected and throw a lot of false motion alerts. Also trying to fast forward (scrub) or rewind a recorded event with any reasonable precision is nearly impossible.
  • Buggy Version 1/5

    By TexasZeus
    This version disabled my activity zones since I'm not using AC power. I didn't know it wasn't working until tonight, 4 days after update😡

    By idrinkduff
    Current version 2.7.0 keeps nagging you to upgrade to a paid subscription every single time you open the app and try to view a notification under library. No it’s not a one time ad like before, but a constant ad. I didn't receive this camera setup for free, i paid $500! so why spam me? terrible product, stay away
  • Missing manual record with recent update on iOS 2/5

    By LA126
    Not sure why it was removed but it needs to be put back on and another update immediately. The manual record helps when the cameras don’t pick up something on their own or cut off as I cannot seem to get mine to record longer than 29 seconds. I have legal issues with my neighbor so it comes in handy with the many cars and people going up my private drive.
  • Newest update flawed 1/5

    By goldeneye702
    App freezes on my iPhone XS Max. Audio still works but video does NOT work. Can’t exit the app once frozen... it eventually crashes and then takes me back to the lock screen.
  • Alro security sets 1/5

    By AeaMaue
    Takes to long to set up you have too take everything down! Too much to reset doorbell gives you a longer problems too reset waiting 6hours! Replacing everything 3 inches apart is right waisted time for connectivity problems too stop! Making mistakes with unknown phone number to answer your door. You only really thinking of police relay not hacking crap,slamming,freeze ups, from fake curriers looking for free services talking on your doorbell! There home unknown where and far away for it too work properly!! Hate crap that give problems your still can’t fix threatening callers already on phone line! Perks that jack off all day everyday! Now too constantly resetting networks!!
  • Bugs make this app almost unusable 1/5

    By SCAxeman
    Unfortunately this app does not work well with the new iPhones. While I can get a quartet of cameras set up with the app, any attempt to view the live feed of any of the cameras locks up my iPhone XS-max, requiring it to be restarted. The only way to view the live feed is to get into camera configuration, and choose ‘camera positioning’ view. The whole point of getting a matched set of cameras was to be able to quickly and easily flip through the live feeds on the exterior of our home. That isn’t possible with these cameras and interface. Unfortunately, they’ll be getting returned.
  • Crashes my XS Max...unusable 1/5

    By Steta7
    Not sure who QAs their app but the latest version is unusable on my XS Max....crashes and and freezes my phone. Never had a problem prior...this stability issue needs to be fixed ASAP
  • Just ditch Arlo 1/5

    By Hugoponders
    The app alone is enough to want to ditch Arlo, what with it perpetually trying to upsell to you. It’s annoying and no, Arlo, I just want to see who was at my door, I don’t need your paid cloud services. But that’s not all! From cameras that maintain a connection today but not tomorrow, base stations that randomly stop working and need to be replaced (and not for free), and apps that stop being functional (at all!) for weeks on end, just trust me. Return those cameras you just bought and get something else instead.
  • App is bad. Very bad 1/5

    By Chiller1371
    All the new updates supports the new cameras and glitches the hell out the older type cameras. Plus the App is also very buggy
  • The camera system is great but... 2/5

    By ksnds
    Every single time they update it - it will stop working for iPhone XS MAX. they’ll fix the issue and when another update comes it will stop working again. I am tired of constantly calling customer service to get this issue resolved.
  • Fix this! 1/5

    By Tru Stry205
    Can no longer sync my Arlo and Arlo Pro cameras with latest app update. New products don’t mean you take away the ability to sync older modeled cameras. Fix this!
  • App require you to look at ads every time 1/5

    By Dachman
    Latest update forces me to look at ads every time before looking at my recording clips. Ridiculous!
  • Awesome app! 5/5

    By jpin84
    App works seamlessly with my iPhone. Picture is crystal clear and takes great videos. Definitely worth the purchase of the cameras!
  • Great Hardware. Poor Software. 2/5

    By Da Evil 1
    I bought the Audio Doorbell and 2 Pro 2 Cameras 2 months ago and it’s been a horrible experience. They hardware is exceptional but the audio doorbell calls always fails and the linked cameras fail to show the video. It’s works perfectly for after the fact but not when someone is actually at the door. I am hoping they fix the software soon through some updates.
  • Arlo is deceitful 1/5

    By dschaub672
    Don’t buy Arlo, they do not keep their promises. They lead you into buying very expensive cameras with a 7 day free subscription with cloud storage, and they change the terms of the agreement. Don’t trust them!!!
  • Ver 2.6.2 crashes my iPhone XS Max 1/5

    By unusaurisrex
    The latest version, which I downloaded 2 days ago, crashes my new iPhone XS max. It is virtually unusable, making my Arlo unusable. I am able to open the app and press play. I get about 30 seconds of audio, and then my phone either freezes, requiring a reboot, or the app crashes. It appears to be a known issue with many iPhone users posting on Arlo’s website since yesterday. You’ve got a lot of angry customers presently unable to use their stuff with the latest update. Please fix it.
  • iPhone X’s max keeps Freezing and crashing 2/5

    By soloschwartz
    When I open the app it seems to be functional but when I touch the play button or hit full screen mode the phone freezes for several minutes and then the App Will crash seems to be happening with the new update
  • Version 2.7.0 1/5

    By Walk my way
    This version has made the preview clips so small that you cannot discern if they should be viewed for critical info. Please return to 3 clips per line in the library. There is no setting to adjust this.
  • Remove add on suggestions 2/5

    By ejb*^+
    Love arlo but I’ve watched the app get worse with the constant upgrade suggestions. I’ve already bought the product. If I want to upgrade I will. I don't need to be reminded every time I look at my library to upgrade to cloud storage.
  • Push for paid Arlo subscription 1/5

    By iAladdin
    Now I have click out of an add for paid subscription every time I access my library. Why?!

Arlo app comments

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