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ArriveCAN App

Notice: Starting October 1, 2022, all COVID-19 border requirements, including vaccination, mandatory use of ArriveCAN, and any testing and quarantine/isolation requirements will end for all travellers entering Canada whether by land, air or sea. ArriveCAN no longer collects information on behalf of Public Health Agency of Canada. ArriveCAN still contains Advance CBSA Declaration, which allows you to answer customs and immigration questions up to 72 hours in advance of flying into Canada. It is currently available to international air travellers who enter Canada at selected airports. By submitting your customs and immigration information in advance, you will spend less time at a primary inspection kiosk (PIK) or eGate when you arrive at the airport. This contributes to shorter line-ups in arrivals halls. At the border, you will be prompted to scan your travel document at a primary inspection device and confirm your identity. Once your identity has been confirmed, your Advance CBSA Declaration will be retrieved from ArriveCAN for you to review and certify. If changes are required, you can edit and update your declaration prior to certification. Use of the Advance CBSA Declaration feature of ArriveCAN is entirely optional. Please refer to the accessibility notice for this app: This app supports English, French and Spanish (displayed in the language of your device). For more information:

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ArriveCAN app reviews

  • Problems w iPhone 13? 3/5

    By scidderdoggy4567
    Anyone having trouble with iPhone 13 promax not working with Rivecan? My old phone, and 11, work perfectly, but for some reason the app keeps getting hung up when I try to put in the date of arrival. This never happened with my old phone. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the app four times. It’s maddening. I won’t even have to use it after October 1!!! Grrr.
  • Easy to fill out 🤗 5/5

    By skwimguy
    Easy to fill out 🤗
  • Awesome App! 5/5

    By CD and GD
    So easy to use, huge improvement over earliest version!
  • Super easy 5/5

    By excited to visit Canada
    A lot easier than I thought, no glitches! Just have your passport, vaccination card, port of entry and hotel address for scanning/entering.
  • Something not considered 1/5

    By Kid-Leo
    Apps asked if you have been any other country than USA in last 14 days. We had left Canada then wanted to go back in. You cannot choose Canada as a previously visited country? Basically it forces you to falsify your answer in on this official app. Inexcusable for a government issued app.
  • Excellent ap 5/5

    By MonicaKarna
    The process was made easy to understand and user friendly. I wish all countries used this format.
  • Well done 5/5

    By fibko
    Thank you - very efficient
  • App is easy to use 5/5

    By nicsmom97
    But there should be an option for driving through and not stopping in Canada for people going to New York.
  • The car or marine aspect 4/5

    By sam99980
    I struggled with this part because we are driving onto the ferry so that we have transportation while we are on Victoria Island. After searching and searching I gave up went back and THEN realized the marine portion was where I needed to be.
  • Hard to navigate app for day visitors. 3/5

    By sosters2022
    App was had to navigate and understand what to do when just entering for one day.
  • Moose hunt 1 5/5

    By moose hunt 1
    Pretty easy to use
  • Terrible app! 1/5

    By canada boo
    Awful, truly.
  • Seamless process! 5/5

    By Muriel Goldstein
    This is one of the most user-friendly apps I’ve ever used. Well done! Looking forward to visiting this beautiful country.
  • Horrible service! 1/5

    By olsezam
    I can't believe this. So much anxiety and frustration for your customers! Unnecessary and absurd. One should be able to show the proof of vaccination while checking in, without using an app. Without wifi or without ability to download an app, what are we as customers supposed to do? "You need the app or you won't fly, Miss." was the answer of the check-in crew while I asked for assistance since my wifi wasn't working. Terrible solutions and no help at all. I will be spending a night at the YUL airport, not even traveling for days. This system is absolutely rubbish and I can't believe you make your customers go through this.
  • Review of arrivecan 3/5

    By Jeanne-Beannie
    The travel farm did not give me the option of traveling through Canada without staying in Canada overnight. That was confusing.
  • ArriveCAN -thank you 5/5

    By PA travelers
    App was helpful
  • Needs user error messages 4/5

    By NMR-Jock
    This is a nice app, and pretty much required to get into Canada, but the inputs can be picky and when it won’t store/save info, there is no indication of WHY. Entering my vaccination images, it would not accept them - changed orientation, tried closer/further away, etc- no go. Googling found a 2 Meg limit in the image size. I was going to a hotel in Canada. Entering my destination address was ok, but wanted an apartment/room number - digits only no explanatory text. Some feedback on bad data entries would be very useful, perhaps with explanations of the input requirements.
  • heil555 1/5

    By Heil310
    Way to difficult to use
  • ArriveCAN is a horrible app 1/5

    By Karla K + K
    If I was not of some intellect I would have been able to complete this form! It is the most confusing, non user friendly thing I have ever tried to fill out! It gave me more anxiety than try to pack 10 day worth of clothes in a suit case weighing 50lbs!!
  • Easy and convenient 5/5

    By Lummiguy
    As far as government designed web portals is concerned, this is as good as it gets!
  • Hawkins 5/5

    By hjh49
    Easy to work with. Thanks
  • Port of entry issues 1/5

    By CeboPrice
    I had no problem entering my passport and my vaccination record. But I’m taking Amtrak for a 1-day trip to Vancouver BC and back to Seattle. I couldn’t find out what my port of entry is after being on the phone with Amtrak and Canadian officials and Arrivecan assistance. I was finally told I could put any port of entry as long as it’s for the same mode of transportation. Then, an address of where I’ll be staying in Vancouver, which I won’t be, was required. I finally googled a hotel and put its address. Now praying that I don’t get rejected for putting wrong information. Very frustrating experience with Arrivecan.
  • Not a place for transit 4/5

    By katyj2019
    No problem filling the form out until it came to the question about arrival destination. I will be in transit on the way home to Portland, Oregon USA. Your form only accepted a Canadian address and there wasn’t an option that I could find for transit. The Vancouver airport wasn’t listed as a destination. ( or I missed it)
  • Very easy app 5/5

    By Martoonski
    This was very easy to manage especially compared to the app process to enter Hawaii which was a nightmare.
  • Rediculous 3/5

    By Gnomeynec6691
    Even though it looked very slow at customs it took us an hour to get through. We should have been told about the app on the plane. We have friends who chose a different cruise than we did just so they wouldn’t have to go through Vancouver airport. Canada is going to lose visitors due to this system. I saw elderly in tears because they were so frustrated.
  • Control people 1/5

    By enditnowass
    This is absolutely ridiculous.
  • Thank God it’s over 9/30/22 1/5

    By wa8991
    The communist Canadian government is tracking your information. The app doesn’t even work right.
  • Great easy App 5/5

    By RangerForLife
    The instructions were clear an easy. Just research your port of entry as it is easier to select when asked to choose.
  • Quick and easy 5/5

    By 2manymiles*
    The process was easily explained and simple to do. Now to see how easy it will be to go through Border Entry is the question. We shall see.
  • Easy to complete. 5/5

    Great App, easy instructions to follow.
  • Pain 1/5

    By Old Coder Tim
    Don’t like it
  • Trash 1/5

    By hehwhjdnn18828
    Invasion of privacy, you submit all your info then have to do the same in multiple systems. You have your vacation RUINED by having to rush back for a required covid test buried in your email when they could have notified you on your email. Don’t come to canada.
  • ArrivCan 5/5

    By AELGray
    Arrive can is one of the most user-friendly travel apps I’ve ever used It’s reassuring to know how seriously the Canadian government takes entry during this pandemic
  • A Learning Experience 4/5

    By Gercollins
    I had to go into the document process several times to follow the correct thread. However, once I got through the entry phase (coming in by ferry) the app was easy to follow.
  • Which port of entry? 3/5

    By chinobau
    I could not find out which port of entry in Victoria did my cruise ship dock in to answer the question. Would help to list in parentheses the port where cruise ships dock
  • Straight forward 5/5

    By Mark2
    Couldn’t get the passport photos to work but a simple manual entry system was provided.
  • Ship missing on list 3/5

    By ukitus
    Had to use another ship name as Prima not listed
  • Decent and can use some upgrades 4/5

    By gracelessAtom
    Actually impressed but had to research the obvious (to those of you more experienced than me) like the name of the port of entry at I-95 and Canada route 401. Also the zip code for the hotel provided by the app was incomplete and then rejected (by the app)
  • Confusing for cruise ship travelers 1/5

    By Too many comm ads
    Too complicated!
  • Review 5/5

    By LRVDA
    Very user friendly, simple and convenient. 2 thumbs up!!!!
  • Inadequate 3/5

    By Silver table
    Unable to see this type. It’s invisible. Also unable to opt a passing through selection. Could not give the destination of New York. Had to choose a Canadian address. Not staying or visiting Canada. Just saving time to New York.
  • Crashes in iOS 16.0.2 1/5

    By TPDavies
    I have used this earlier this year with iOS15 with no problem. Now after my update today to iOS 16.0.2 this app freezes at “Date of [email protected] then crashes. Useless like this.
  • Easy 5/5

    By xerozicy
    Very easy to fill out!
  • Overreach of government 1/5

    By Kinginthecloudsig
    When the government extorts your freedom of movement to force you to take a medical procedure, you’re not living in a free or safe state.
  • Website glitched continually 2/5

    By Brenda FPE
    It wouldn’t save photos of my vaccinations. It wouldn’t take second traveler. I ended up entering my husband as a solo traveler because it wouldn’t allow me to enter myself. And when I was entering me as another solo traveler, it entered both of us. Hopefully all goes well at the Coutts Border Station.
  • Very fast 5/5

    By Billyskull69
    Convenient!!! Billyskull69
  • Oh Canada! 5/5

    By mik0623
    ArriveCAN was easy to use and very efficient. Wish our government could be as efficient. Thanks, look forward to visiting
  • Buggy 1/5

    By kristilee415
    The app won’t let me submit the correct travel time - it keeps moving the dial back to 9:33am. Which is really nerve-wracking since it could cause issues for me at the border! If you’re going to require us to use one specific app to get into Canada, make sure it works first!
  • A great app 5/5

    By vvbxxxrty
    Very speedy with clear instructions. The only issue is if one is just passing through Canada from and to the US, it's hard to find the required address in Canada to submit. And everyone has taken my nicknames!