Asana: Work in one place

Asana: Work in one place

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  • Current Version: 9.45.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Asana, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Asana: Work in one place App

Asana is the easiest way to manage team projects and your individual tasks. From the small stuff to the big picture, Asana organizes work so you and your teams are clear on what to do, when to do it, and how to get it done. USE ASANA WHEREVER YOU ARE Access Asana on mobile or on the web. Project management doesn’t stop at your desk—no matter where you are, stay focused and keep your team’s work on track. GET ORGANIZED Set up different projects to bring your team’s work together in one shared space. Break the workload down into manageable tasks and give them a clear owner and due date. Choose a project view that suits your style—lists, kanban boards, or calendar. IMPROVE FOCUS Boost your productivity with My Tasks, where you can see all the work that’s been assigned to you in one to-do list. Prioritize your work easily—drag & drop tasks into Asana’s built-in sections, create your own custom checklist sections, or sort by different dimensions. STAY CONNECTED Keep collaboration going, wherever you are. Communicate with your teammates by liking, commenting, or attaching files directly to tasks. And get automatic updates about the projects and tasks that matter to you delivered directly to your Inbox. AND DO EVEN MORE— ALL WITH ONE TOOL Visit the web app to see how all of your projects are progressing with Portfolios. Personalize task management with Custom Fields to capture important information about your tasks. Choose timeline view for projects to see a Gantt chart with task dependencies. And unlock the ability to track company goals and milestones with Goals. Join more than 100,000 organizations and millions of users worldwide who trust Asana to stay organized and in control of their work. Asana’s WORK GRAPH represents every task, project, and goal in your organization. Which means the Work Graph creates integrity, visibility, and coordination between every team and every department. All in one place. Download the Asana work management app now. By downloading Asana, you agree to our Terms of Service, which you can find at

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Asana: Work in one place app reviews

  • I’d rate Asana 5* anyway, but 5/5

    By Said It, Meant it
    the most recent patch notes from March 20, 2023 deserve a five star review all their own.
  • pleexy and Todoist pro make it fire 4/5

    By Thisisart
    You gotta trick it out just right but after taking off a month to build a system for managing projects, I ended up reluctantly deleting every other app and using asana (my least fav). BUT- then I found out it can be pushed to Todoist pro with pleexy and wow… yes there is so many settings you have to tweak to make it flawless. I have to rely on screenshots to make sure it’s exactly the same for each client I setup. But dang. I get Todoist interface, plus exact time notifications without paying incredibly steep price for asana. Keep in mind, I have the asana setup perfectly using templates I created from paid courses, so for example… my friend already has asana with everything he needs to do. But he never checks it. I come in and make a new project and simplify his goals and tasks, boom, now he’s using it everyday. That’s the big game changer. Aside from Todoist being able to flexibly change things around AND get calendar notifications at exact times I need. The free version of asana app alone is limited without this, and therefore, 4-stars at best.
  • iPad app severely lacking 2/5

    By slimfender
    Why can I not expand a single task to take up the entire window using Focus Mode (Tab+X) like I can on Desktop????? Why can I not open multiple windows?????
  • Show subtasks or don’t bother 1/5

    By ike77777
    Forced install is truly some new jack swear word. Come on now.
  • Customer Service is the worst!! 1/5

    By KPuma2020
    The workspace is great however, customer service is the absolute worst. Good luck if you ever get locked out of your account or need any kind of help ever. They do not have a number to call and all the "help" links just take you around in circles. It is the most frustrating thing. And they say that they will email you. I have been waiting 3 days for a response without being able to access my jobs. I would try a different workspace if you plan to have any help.
  • Almost a 5 4/5

    By Robert Vandolin
    Product wise I love Asana. I have to manage multiple different clients so I was in a hustle to find something that could work for me. I tried a couple other programs and just didn’t like them. I have a routine down with Asana and really helps me keep on track of things. Plus, when I get a team it’ll be nice to scale. The reason I subtracted a star is for their sales tactics. When showing you the prices they show you a price per seat. After going to check out you realize multiple things. First that price is the annual price, you have to pay more for monthly. Second they automatically put you with 5 seats which might trick people into thinking you have to do 5, but you have to go in and edit it to two seats. That’s the next problem, you can’t do only one seat. Even if there is one of you. You have to pay for two. All of this was very frustrating when I was deciding to pull the trigger and purchase the product. To top it off I contacted their sales chat and asked for a human. The bot prompted me a few questions then asked how many people were on my team. I answered less than 15 and the bot gave me FAQ’s then turned off the chat. A clear sign that they don’t care about you if you’re a small business. If that were fixed I’d give it a 5. I recommended them to a few people, but unfortunately I had to warn them after that portion. If they just changed that it would be awesome!
  • Stay Away worst sales team worst customer service 1/5

    By @Marisabel
    I brought my team of 20 people to this product. What a nightmare. Sales team goes dark on you. You get no responses. Hard to reach out. I regret even mentioning this software. Nice tool which is a shame. No communication. Do yourself a favor, STAY AWAY.
  • Needs more customization for notifications 3/5

    By Cole Pant
    I wish I could turn off emails, as I am getting notifications on my phone from the app and then another notification that I got an email. There should be better options for how to receive notifications.
  • Bug 4/5

    By Cathy Lu
    I love Asana as I can use it on any devices and wherever I go. It keeps me updated and get things done! Problem: there’s is zero customer service with a person. This phone app has bug. After creating a task, I can’t type anything in the description as the keyboard is missing. I don’t know how to give them a heads up beside publicize it in this review.🤷🏻‍♀️
  • Looks simple but feels clunky to me 3/5

    I don’t find this app to be very intuitive in design. I find myself wasting time by looking for simple functions, such as setting privacy. I expected more transparency in settings and more fluidity in project management - based on the sample pictures here. Maybe it is more simple to use than it seems at first glance, but I found the setup to be confusing, possibly because it’s geared more for teams. I’m a Solopreneur so I have no team to share projects with. Therefore, constantly seeing prompts to invite team members or to share a project or to even have a project set to “public,” just makes no sense for me. It can be a little defeating and overwhelming to be consistently reminded that everything is a solo activity. I think it’s an awesome team app option that is free and ..for anyone who wants to take a little time learning how to access the mobile app functions or better personalize the project tasks, it is most likely a winner. But solo artists and entrepreneurs should keep looking. This is why I am more neutral with a 3 star rating. It’s not a bad app, it’s just not feature rich or intuitive enough for my needs. To clarify, I’m looking for quick and easy note taking and brain dump features in a clean and intuitive app layout that features project management through fast and easy task organization. If it takes too long to fumble for settings then I’ve already forgotten what I opened the app for.
  • Wish there was a little bit more. 2/5

    By Boobooroni
    I use the Asana app daily. It’s a vital part of my workflow. Unfortunately the mobile version is not as flexible as the desktop and I do most of my work from my iPad. I wish I had the option of utilizing the desktop version on my mobile device. Will this ever be a reality for users?
  • Love Asana 5/5

    By Mininistry
    I couldn’t do my job without it. And if you’ve ever had to use something like Workfront, you’ll appreciate Asana even more.
  • Great App! 5/5

    By Jennytoomuch
    Love how easy it is to navigate around and set the priorities in the order I need and when it’s something that’s not complete I can easily drag it to the next day. I won’t use any other app!
  • More difficult to use than before 3/5

    By Cai050
    Back in 2016 and even 2021, this was easy to use and explain to others. Now, using the app on my iPad, the features are difficult to find, there are glitches (the side panel shows my a task’s details when I’m on the homepage looking at my favorite projects). It’s a bit difficult to work for me. However, compared to other project managers it’s still easy to comprehend once the project and tasks are set up, and it’s cute. I’ll stick with the web version for now, the app needs some work.
  • Widget 5/5

    By Vahepetr
    you can make the widget so that we can add our all tasks and not just for today. Thanks
  • Free app then charged 1/5

    By Kimberley421
    False advertising told app free then wanted to charge to use. I felt scammed! Very disappointed!!
  • Ok, I guess… 3/5

    By AcuDrew
    It apparently has some pretty cool cross-device and cross-platform features, and multiple people can work with/from the same lists/projects. However, it lacks some very basic functionality like rearranging/reordering the list of projects. So, it looks like I’ll be working according to how Asana likes to work instead of how I need to work.
  • Customer service??? 2/5

    By justb143
    We have been dealing with a double account now for over a month. Customer service is only via email. Though they continue to link my account to another company that I don’t own, which that they did without my persuasion, they are not solving the problem. They Keep emailing the same fixes that don’t work, and do not provide any human to get on the phone to get it resolved. I would love their platform, if they weren’t so messed up in the customer service department. Though it will be a HUGE undertaking, I am now faced with having to take our entire company setup offline, and to some other platform. We have spent hours and hours setting this one up. This is costing our whole team money. But honestly, we have come to the end of our rope with this crew.
  • Great app but could be better. 4/5

    By SamTotman
    I’ve been using this for quite a while now. It’s great for keeping your projects balanced and progressing. My problem is there is no way that I can tell to create new teams on the app, so you are forced to get on your computer and use the desktop version. This is a cumbersome procedure and does not seem to align with the company’s goals. It’s supposed to help keep your tasks moving, not bogged them down. Great concept overall, but it needs an update.
  • Poor or unintuitive multi org function 1/5

    By C0J7
    Can’t seem to switch between orgs. Tap the org all it says is switched to the same org im already on no option to switch or add org….
  • Features not the same in web, mobile 1/5

    By FM_M
    It would be great if this had all the basic features that even the free web version does… but it doesn’t, and that boggles my mind. For me, the biggest thing is that the app doesn’t support tags, which we rely heavily on in Asana. Try to log in in Safari on my iPhone or iPad and… it just redirects you to the app, or if you delete the app, it directs you to download it. Why even have an app if it’s not going to have feature parity (every method of accessing Asana should have parity with the other methods), and why *completely block people* from using your web site to get to the features your mobile apps lack? Tbh, we wanted to expand our use of Asana, but dumb (because this is basic stuff they haven’t fixed in years, and shouldn’t be too hard to do, and are table stakes) stuff like this is just hamstringing our use of it and keeping it really limited.
  • Perfect tool 5/5

    By Soundsgood Ministries
    Perfect tool to get stuff done. Collab on a project. Streamline communication and more. Thank Asana team!
  • Inbox section not working on ios app 3/5

    By Chessiepie
    The app has not been letting me see my inbox since 1/23. I’ve deleted the app, shut my phone off, logged back in. I think it’s a bug since the inbox section was updated yesterday. Can this be fixed soon?
  • Good app but screen notifications do not work. 4/5

    By Cx10000
    Good app but screen notifications do not work.
  • Love It! 5/5

    By Peridorian
    Best and most flexible “To Do” app for sure!!
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By xOblondecutie
    I am probably the most unorganized person ever lol. This app is simple to use but effective. I use this app for College assignments. It lets me choose to look at my tasks via calendar, board, or list. I love the board it’s more organized for me. I love that you can check things off and the reminders it gives you.. I need lots of reminders lol. It’s also nice that you get like a month free trial without putting your card information in. Definitely recommend!!
  • Works very well to manage my personal life 5/5

    By Beliyou
    I use this app to manage our household. School/ kids sports activities: house projects / family trips etc
  • Crashing 1/5

    By PeachyKKeen
    App continues to crash when trying to open tasks even after deleting and reinstalling the app multiple times
  • Really great but a couple steps from perfect 4/5

    By SarahFizzy14
    I love asana and use it daily but there’s a couple of things I think it could improve on. First, I agree that there needs to be an offline mode where you can at least view tasks and edit projects that no one else is a part of. Additionally, I’d like to be able to see a calendar view that shows all the projects I’m a part of at once so that I don’t have to open and close all the projects to take a look at my day.
  • Crashing 1/5

    By Anthony3133
    App has been crashing randomly in tasks. I have to delete and reinstall every time
  • Horrible billing process and customer service is non responsive. 1/5

    By Bracer3
    Be sure you understand the way that they bill. They will automatically put you with 5 seats and say they are charging you 24.99 for five seats…No it is 24.99 per seat, per month. That is $160/mth after you add in all the fees. For a glorified check list! Don’t waist your time there are way better programs out there for less.
  • Frustrating mobile experience 2/5

    By MichaelRad
    Great desktop app, but this doesn’t translate to the mobile app. Unable to comment on tasks because the text field disappears / doesn’t expand.
  • Does not allow linking to other asana tasks 3/5

    By J Hulett
    Feature unavailable in mobile app.
  • Love the app 5/5

    By didushrurojd
    I think so it’s a great app just it Bugs sometimes so I need to relaunched the app
  • Persian language please 5/5

    By رام ۲۳
    Please add and update language in Persian ❤️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • New bug, can’t log in 1/5

    By TheFascination
    There’s a new bug that makes it impossible for me to log in. My company uses a single sign-on provider, but as soon as I switch to my authenticator app, the SSO panel in Asana disappears and I have to start over.
  • Gr8 5/5

    By objectiveandfair
  • Could be better 2/5

    By Ed1980xyz
    No way to delete tasks or sections on the mobile app makes it super frustrating. I have to keep going back to the desktop version. Don’t understand why they don’t enable this feature on mobile - it is very disruptive to workflow.
  • Not a pleasant user experience 2/5

    By Productivity seekerr
    I find the user interface very cumbersome to navigate when hopping between multiple organizations. Also, the iPad app freezes when I try to add tags.
  • iPad app broken with stage manager 1/5

    By polygoo
    Images don’t load correctly at all, please fix
  • Can’t create new tasks 1/5

    By cfblocker03
    The button doesn’t work. I type in the task, press create, my phone vibrates and then nothing happens. No warning copy or anything that shows me how to fix this.
  • Missing Narwhal 5/5

    By BriarRoseLife
    I’ve used Asana for some time because it’s the most comprehensive task/project organization app I’ve found, very beneficial to my work and saves my sanity memory-wise. Just a quick note to say that I miss Narwhal terribly. Unicorn is sweet, but Narwhal is my favorite. Any chance he can be brought back into rotation or randomized? He made me smile every time.
  • Keep me logged in! 2/5

    By yogabbathegreat
    I get logged out so often and it is by far the most annoying part of my Asana experience. Please fix this 😅
  • All Hail to Asana 5/5

    By Sus2013www
    Asana, let me count the ways I love thee… I love how you have so many free functions…I love how easy you are to use…I love how you have a board view, a list view, and a calendar view—easily changed, depending on your preference…I love how easy tasks are to move around… I love that there are tasks > sub tasks > sub-sub tasks… all easy to assign to different team members. I can go on and on.
  • Unable to Create Project via iPad App 3/5

    By MusicMoviesApps
    I'm using iPad Pro and trying to create a project but I'm unable to create it. No option to create, only to search existing projects. Doesn't work if trying to create from search term when pressing OK, pressing Enter on keyboard, or pressing on the text box or search area.
  • Widgets 5/5

    By snow-raven
    I’m a big fan of Asana, especially the narwhals. Could you please work on some widget improvements? I have a lot of things I track in Asana without specific due dates, so being locked into things that have an actual due date TODAY only is annoying. I like the way your “my list” tab functions, with today, tomorrow, and upcoming. Synchronizing the widgets to that would be highly desirable.
  • This work app sends me notifications on the weekend - do better 1/5

    By atl_nate
    This app is used primarily for my work, and it is sending me notifications of my to-dos over the weekend. I’m sure a small percentage of users might use this for personal reasons and want that feature, but it shouldn’t be the default behavior. The default promotes a toxic work culture. Try harder; do better.
  • Buggy 2/5

    By flyingrunion
    When I try to add a task, with an assignee and due date, the screen goes blank. I just updated to iOS16. Please fix this glitch.
  • Sad 1/5

    By YouvanYakk84
    Why doesn’t the widget work?