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Change the dating game with the refreshed Ashley Madison dating app! Connect, chat, and hook up with a multitude of people like you in your area. Find the meaningful connection or no-strings-attached encounter you’re looking for. Whatever, or whomever, you’re searching for, Ashley Madison can help you level up your cheating game. With more than 75 MILLION member accounts worldwide since our inception, we welcome you to try the exciting and diverse world of discreet married dating. No matter what your current status is, the Ashley Madison app could be exactly what your unfulfilling marriage or boring relationship needs to spice things up a bit. Experience a brand-new world of dating. WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT ASHLEY MADISON: - 100% free to download and easy to get started - Create your profile with one easy click and unleash your affair - Find, connect, and chat with other like-minded members anytime - Send winks, get noticed, and discover other Ashley Madison members in your area ANONYMOUS. DISCREET. SECURE. - Total control of your private photos: reveal a little, or choose to reveal a lot … - Disguise and blur your photos to protect your anonymity - Regular app security updates keep your data and information protected - Discreet and secure billing to keep your activity secret - Security of your personal information is crucial: we never sell it to any third-parties MORE THAN 15,000 NEW DAILY MEMBERS. - Ashley Madison is the most widely-used app for married dating anywhere on the planet - Find like-minded members near your location quickly and discreetly - Take Ashley Madison with you when traveling to explore a lot more than just the usual tourist spots - Whether it’s a friend with benefits or even just a one-night stand, we can help you find what you’re looking for Life is short. Enjoy it to the fullest. Services received through the Ashley Madison mobile application are governed by the Ashley Madison Terms and Conditions: and Privacy Policy:

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ASHLEY MADISON: Life Is Short. app reviews

  • The real deal 5/5

    By quriosity101
    This delivers exactly what it promises. Of course courtesy and respect do go a long way in your interactions here. I have had success and the people are real.
  • Concerned citizen 1/5

    By Stoney068
    Site is a complete scam. Charges men but not women. Most women are fakes just messaging you to run up your bill. (Numerous small messages). When you try to write a long message, they cut it off, so you have to send several. Yes, every message costs men, not women. And the women won’t chat outside the site. There’s a lot of better options than this scam.
  • Dont Download !!! PLEASE READ 1/5

    By Fk U Ashley Madison Scammers
    They STEL your profile pictures then they make them bots to scam people !!! if u are a girl STAY AWAY!!! also about 20 profiles were pictures stolen from instagram profiles, I sent messages to the girls on instagram with the ashley madison profile so they are aware STAY AWAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By worstdatingappevr
    Every little thing you do costs tokens, from reading a message, sending one, anything.... total rip off of a dating app and not monetarily friendly. Utter scam
  • Charging men 1/5

    By EAskate
    You shouldn’t be charging men to talk / message women on this app. I simply won’t pay.
  • No happy 1/5

    By fake AM SITE
    This site is full of fakes & scammers I would like a refund
  • Membership fees 3/5

    By 62stud
    Why doesn’t am cater to men the same way u do women. And make prices a little more affordable and when to purchase a plan that should include free messaging until ur paid membership expires. Make it easier to be on the site. No hidden costs so everyone can enjoy being on here. All the extra surprises kill ur website. I just want to be able to message and hopefully connect with someone
  • The worst app ever ! 1/5

    By Dave magic
    Men please do not waste your you’ll have to buy a credit ! If not this will run your pocket ! Just go to other app this app is a waste of money !
  • The worst app ever 1/5

    By randomblueshirtguy
    Profiles are all fake and they literally ask you to message them so you spend more money. Horrendous scam and if you are a guy don’t even bother!
  • A complete waste of time 1/5

    By steady920
    Do not do not buy credit. It’s all bots
  • Password reset 2/5

    By RicanItalianArab
    Never got password reset email and it’s saying my account is locked out something. No emails in my spam or anything.
  • Not happening 3/5

    By Cougars Turnmeon
    No luck. Thinking of using another site
  • Scammers 1/5

    By adrain lovel
    First 3 match’s where scammers, and I feel like the rest where made by the app to get u to pay for the $100 messaging fee
  • AM 1/5

    By pmacci
    Total waste of time and money I will not be wasting another dime!
  • Scam 1/5

    By noahlibe
    Incredibly expensive. Tons of fake profiles. Search parameters mean nothing — I got fake overtures from women 5,000 miles away. Pretty sure SM is generating a lot of the messages, not the actual fake people. For what I paid for a month of garbage I could have gotten six months of garbage on Tinder and a few pleasant dates. Depressing.
  • Nickel and Dime 1/5

    By Vtine523
    Try not to take a breath without shelling out a few coin
  • Total waste of money 1/5

    By Orion9xx
    Don’t waste your money…. They charge you for every message you read. Talked to a few woman and burned through $80 in no time. I’m deleting the app.
  • Scam 2/5

    By agsnfi
  • Huge scam 1/5

    By AH819643
    95 percent of profiles are fake, and most of the rest are not what you’re looking for. Messaging someone costs $3 per message, and you’ll have to throw out a few dozen before striking a profile with a real human behind it. Worse than worthless.
  • Lots of fake profiles 1/5

    By Lucky7strike
    Second time on here over the years. Lots of phony profiles.
  • App won’t open. iPhone XS 1/5

    By 01sinner
    Since the update my app won’t open or scan my face. It just sits on the black AM screen.
  • So many issues!! So disappointing! 1/5

    By scrapping4ever
  • Unbelievable 1/5

    By <3(3)
    Shouldn’t need to pay that much to chat
  • Too many bots 3/5

    By Rockme_2
    I’m sure there are women that use this app but most all the messages are fake accounts trying to get you to use your credits so you have to buy more. Recommendation they send you will be 200-2000 miles away from you. Use it if you want but watch out for fake bot accounts.
  • Female Bots Galore!! 1/5

    By iZen 2.0
    I have “women” with no profiles and no photos trying to contact me from literally hundreds of miles away, wanting to meet me!! Some are even trying to meet me from another country!! REALLY? Clearly, bots can’t read a map. These are just female bots, or people sitting in a call center, acting like interested women, trying to get me to contact them and spend $$$$$ asking to send me their “private photos” and sending them messages, all of which costs $$$$$. I bought the smallest package of 100 credits at $.65/credit, and each photo or message cost between five and nine credits!!! That’s almost $6.00 per message!!!!! Guys…. Don’t make the same mistake I made… Save your money!!! This is a complete rip off! Read all of the other One Star reviews… They’re all saying the same thing. We can’t all be making up the same story.
  • App won’t open 1/5

    By JakubWrobel
    App won’t open after the latest update. Garbage.
  • Over all crap 2/5

    Keep having to uninstall and reinstall the app just to get it to work for one time login after that one time I login it doesn’t work again so I keep having to revert back to the webpage. Pictures keeps getting taken down that show no nudity or anything such as and I keep having to re-update my information about me because mysteriously vanishes as well. They charge you for everything like receiving and sending messages and I don’t see a cheap option to buy the credit to utilize the message option. Overall not a great platform
  • Fake profiles 1/5

    By Willram9
    They don’t verify profile a lot of fakes ones.the messaging is expensive and they don’t refund when you message fake profiles
  • $85 to say hey 1/5

    By DragonYangEarth
    You can not message anyone unless you want to pay a minimum of $85 to buy tokens. Yikes
  • 99% of are fake profile 1/5

    All fake profile. Don’t waist your $$
  • Update 4/5

    By Slim9172
    Needs new update! Force closed all the time since the last update. Please fix
  • Too expensive for what it’s worth 1/5

    By Jdreitz
    The credit system is a rip off. Credits to send chats and message people. Won’t be on this app long.
  • Review 1/5

    By Mitty2013
    There seems to be quite a large number of fake profiles, and auto bot replies. The price structure doesn’t reimburse a patron if a fake profiles are identified. Should have a annual flat rate membership instead being charged by email. It forces people to move off line and unable to communicate on AM which defeats the purpose. Members should be required to have picture posted to view upon approval. AM needs to tweak the site so there is engagement, if a person doesn’t check their profile after 30 days move to a dormant status and remove after 60 days.
  • App won’t open 1/5

    By yellowZ51
    All I get is the Ashley Madison open screen. I was able to access the actual app one time. Has been locked up since then. Now when I use the web site in Safari in my iPhone, it has the open app prompt at the top which causes the page to not be able to scroll up to edit the more section at the bottom of the search filters. Garbage.
  • $$$ 1/5

    By Remember 911
    Every attempt at a conversation is blocked by constant attempts to spend your points. I believe there are fake profiles out here who’s job it is to keep you buying more credits
  • App won’t open after today’s update 1/5

    By Flipping joke 1234567
    After today’s update the app won’t open. Care to fix it?please
  • Shady app 1/5

    By Yourmommasuc
    Ok guys, here the 411 on this app. It requires you to pay for every message you send to the other person. This mean a fake profile can keep on baiting you to respond and you keep on spending when you send the message back. Extremely bad platform and dating model. You’re just going to ring up cost without results. I question the legitimacy of the users on this app. Don’t waste your money guys
  • Overpriced! 2/5

    By Taphz
    You have to buy a minimum of 100 credits and conversations take 5 credits per message. When each credit can cost $0.83, it is horribly overpriced. Needs to allow for single message purchases and take out the buy 100, spend 5 at a time crap. How about buy 20 and spend 1 at a time. It’s a clever marketing technique for people to buy more but avoid it all, not worth it.
  • Great app 5/5

    By adult video chat👉🌹u
    I have used AMs service in two different states. I just wanted a good man who was in the same situation as me. I did find amazing respectful handsome men both times. Let me tell you though it takes some work and persistence. There are a bunch of scammers on here trying to get you to give them information and then turn around and try to open your business up to the world if you do not pay them. a lot and play games same as some women. I have found if you keep trying eventually you will find that ONE that wants the same things you do. My previous relationship was three years long and we have remained friends. We moved out of state. Found my new guy and we have been together a year. Thank you AM.
  • Gouging 1/5

    You guys are quite bold in your pricing and how this operates
  • Not worth it, too expensive 1/5

    By ContentJoker
    So at first I was like finally something good after making everything my way I finally found someone to talk to then I had to pay ! You can’t say hey without having to paying almost $100 ? What if I don’t even like that person in the first 2 sentences ? I’d be wasting my coins or whatever, but it’s too much for very little change of anything, plus there’s not much people, probably better in a big city. Not worth the download.
  • To many fake account 1/5

    By Madmadgic_00
    I have been on the site just under a week. 99% of the accounts are bots or spammers. Every time you send a message it cost you a certain amount of tokens. Essentially, they want to you send messages in order to waste your tokens without getting anything in return. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY. People are better off staying with a basic dating app like Tinder, Bumble or Hinge.
  • Waaay too expensive. Exponentially more people would use this if it were cheaper. 2/5

    By Zenxooo
    See above
  • Credits 1/5

    By to neie
    I’ve sent multiple messages about your credits. I bought 50 to start, sent two messages. One message to two different ppl and all of a sudden I was out of credits. Why? How?
  • No verified profiles?! 1/5

    By Jaybhakta913
    Is that the reason for their claim of having more profiles of women than men? If the profiles were verified there would be less real profiles of women than men! And people can stop scamming and wasting your time while you’re searching for a partner! Because there are 9 out of 10 profiles on Ashley Madison is fake or asking for money elsewhere.
  • Paying to talk 2/5

    By Nuke5897
    Kinda kills the mood
  • Don’t waste your time or money 1/5

    By Dr.Cop
    Only fake accounts and bots.
  • Levi 1021 2/5

    By Levi 1701
    Too many scammers. And collect messages are typically a waste. Go back to just messaging.
  • Credits? 2/5

    By shooting deal
    Paid a fair amount of money for credits, and also to get 30 days free replies, but it seems like they’re drying up faster that the water here in El Paso! How does this system work?!
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