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  • Current Version: 2.1.0
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • Developer: Ubisoft
  • Compatibility: Android
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Assassin's Creed Rebellion App

Join Ezio, Aguilar, Shao Jun, and many different Assassins simultaneously for the first time ever! Assassin's Creed Rebellion is the official mobile Strategy-RPG of the Assassin's Creed universe. Exclusively developed for mobile, a new version of the Animus allows us to experience memories from the past and play with different Assassins simultaneously. Gather powerful Assassins in a single Brotherhood and unite against the Templars and the opression raging in Spain. BUILD YOUR OWN BROTHERHOOD • Rediscover the legends of the Assassins Order like never before. • Team up with more than 40 characters, including legendary ones as well as exclusive brand new characters. • Train and promote your assassins to the highest ranks to strengthen your Brotherhood forces and defeat the Templars. MANAGE YOUR HQ • Develop your fortress as your Brotherhood grows, increase its power and improve your Assassins’ skills. • Build new rooms, craft new equipment, gather resources or create new medicine. • Collect DNA fragments to unlock new heroes and upgrade their abilities. INFILTRATE TEMPLARS STRONGHOLDS • Send your Assassins team on covert missions throughout Spain. • Choose the perfect combination of heroes to achieve the objective. • Develop your own strategy and use your Assassins’ unique skills to infiltrate the Templar strongholds and stop their plans. • Fight your way through, or apply a more stealthy approach? Choose wisely. JOIN TIME-LIMITED EVENTS • Discover new settings and different eras from the past in the time-limited events. • Earn additional rewards, and get a chance to unlock new rare Assassins by taking part in time-limited events. • Join other players worldwide to compete in the leaderboards. Reach the top of the leaderboards and loot even greater rewards! ANIMUS PREMIUM ACCESS - MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION - Increased Daily Login rewards - Increased Daily Objective item & resource rewards - Faster daily Rift Tokens regeneration - Faster activity timers in all HQ rooms - The subscription payment will be charged to your iTunes account at the confirmation of purchase. - Your subscription will automatically renew itself unless you turn off the auto-renew feature at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. - Your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. - After your purchase, you may manage your subscription options and turn off the auto-renewal function by going to your user Account Settings. - Privacy Policy: - Terms of Use: Join the community for the latest news: Facebook Youtube This game is free to download and free to play but some game items can be purchased for real money. You can disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings. This game requires an online connection - 3G, 4G or Wifi. iOS 8.0 or later is also required. Any Feedback? Contact: Need support? Contact:

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Assassin's Creed Rebellion app reviews

  • Took my DNA and didn’t promote hero 1/5

    By Starfox7079
    I had 50 DNA fragments of Luis and I press promote. It took the DNA fragments and did not promote. It took me a week to grind for those fragments.
  • Wont load 1/5

    By Solja Is BAC
    I wish I could give no stars but I downloaded it did the update and it just stays on the loading screen
  • Amazing game 5/5

    By cowards102
    I love the assassins creed series sense it came out this game is absolutely amazing would recommend
  • This game is bad compared to the real game 3/5

    By xlphie
    This game is nothing like assassins creed like everything seems planned out already we downloaded this game for a taste of the real game in our hands and we’re presented with this I expected real controls real combos real parkour not whatever this is
  • Crashing and Freezing constantly, Please fix! 1/5

    By tua04422
    Really like the game. But yesterday after some update or download it started crashing. Now it crashes after every mission I complete. Please fix! Update: The crashing issue continues. But worse, I can’t complete Mission 18. Every time I accomplish the goals, the app freezes. Again, please fix!
  • Game 5/5

    By Ericjr690
    Love the game
  • Full of bugs! 1/5

    By Mommjjvtby
    Didn’t have problem playing for several weeks, now I can’t seem to load this games.
  • Awesome 4/5

    By yoo6754
    Awesome, awesome. One thing that could do equally well, is you made a Renaissance world and a colonial one as well, what you could do is make another app for the colonial assassins and make a homestead the fortress, I bet that would do almost equally well as this app.
  • Buggy but I like the game 3/5

    By Mmmmm roar
    The game mechanics are interesting and I like it, but I think it becomes boring because the story doesn’t seem very good and there’s no real action. All you do is level up and farm. There isn’t much character development. The battles can be quite buggy if the command prompts are out of view, it won’t let me zoom out to reach it because it keeps centering around the character. Auto also makes the dumbest choices and I accidentally hit it and almost died right away.
  • Great game!! 5/5

    By SpencerWillis
    Really good game includes all of the assassin characters!
  • Good but keeps on crashing 1/5

    By zephos33
    Ever since the last major update, the app keeps on crashing after a few missions - its especially frustrating if it occurs during a helix rift mission. Tried reinstalling, restarting my device.... - nothing worked. Please fix it or at least not debit rift tokens before the mission is complete.
  • Fun but crashes 3/5

    By Dustinkimball
    The game is intelligently designed but constantly crashes for me
  • New contents and monthly update please!! 1/5

    By Honeybooboo637
    This game is getting boring with no new content for over 2 months. All you do is rush now. Where’s the fun on that but people still dump money into it. Smh! No wonder the devs are out on the beach drinking a corona with our $$.
  • Fantastic! 5/5

    By GameBoy11776600
    A great game. Love it!
  • Awesome gAme 5/5

    By assassinprosforlife
    Gaming is awesome but this game takes the original game assassins creed and turns it into a game for kids like me
  • Constant crashing overshadows decent game 2/5

    By pyroclasm239
    This is a fine gatcha game leveraging a deep backlog of characters and lore from the AC universe, and plays like a blend of games like Fallout Shelter and tactics games like XCOM. However, technical flaws really mar what otherwise could be a fun time sink - this might be one of the most poorly optimized games I’ve ever played (I’m on a iPhone 6S). People who are on newer hardware may not notice, but the slow load times and lack of responsiveness is incredibly frustrating. This alone might not sound bad, but recent updates have caused the game to crash every time a mission completes. On top of that, many limited-time missions paid for by in-game currency crash midway at a noticeably higher rate than that. If I can offer some advice: 1) if you’re going to charge people in-game currency to participate in limited time events, charge them when they actually finish the mission instead of beforehand. That way, people just waste time and not their virtual money. 2) Please work on bug fixes and performance optimization OR just stop supporting 6S and below.
  • Is there anything planned to further develop the game? 4/5

    By neilcafferty
    Great game but I question whether or not there is anything being done to provide new content. End game can be completed at level 25ish and rotating “special events” is not anything special. This game needs guilds/clans to make the players feel connected. More communication would be great. If not I’ll probably fall off because, the initial appeal for the game has fallen off.
  • Good job 5/5

    By ξαυ
    Keep up the good work
  • Great Game! 5/5

    By salsjdise
    The game is fantastic but it keeps bugging out to where I have to sign into the game over and over.
  • More crashes than Burnout 2/5

    By therealmccarth
    My favorite part of this game takes place every thirty seconds when it crashes.
  • Almost 5 stars 4/5

    By Vanitize
    I love the idea and the concept of the game and everything seems well balanced. The only thing is that the game crashes way too much. The game crashes about every 6 mins which sometimes makes it annoying to keep restarting and playing. It works on my phone according to the details but I hope the crashes can get fixed soon
  • The worst maintenance I have ever seen 2/5

    By kkeyounan
    This is, literally, the worst maintenance, that I have ever seen. I am using an iPhone 6s, and the game always always crashes! More frustrating, it always crashes during the mission. You spend forever waiting for Rift tokens to refill, and spend it, and it crashes!!!
  • Great! 5/5

    By zekson98
    This game is keeping me for hours! Just few minor bugs to be fixed and it’s gonna be great.
  • Great game, super buggy 3/5

    By ScratMandoo
    The game is amazing. Well, the game is amazing when it works. Expect the app to crash every 3-5 minutes, and often at unfortunate times. Additionally, there are lots of additional bugs to watch out for. For instance, when the camera pans to the next available action, sometimes it bounces back to the selected character and stays there. So annoying. I’m still playing the game, but if I had known all this at the beginning I might not have even downloaded the game. Hope this helps!
  • Too difficult at higher levels 3/5

    By Ctdemonet
    Once you reach around level 30, the game gets too difficult to play. You don't earn enough tomes to level up your players so you have to spend days to weeks grinding tomes to level them up. Then, it costs tens of thousands of gold and dozens of hours to level them up. This becomes very unfair when you are trying to compete for leader boards for hero unlocks and items. The game needs to be adjusted so either the tomes provide more experience or less are required to level heroes. Because I am at level 33 and it takes days to grind up green tomes just to level up one person, then their power level is too weak to compete in events. Really a huge turnoff
  • Crashes Constantly 2/5

    By QuantumExplorer
    Okay, so this is my very first review and let’s just say, it’s not a praising one. I just installed this game yesterday and have been playing around with it whenever I was free. But sadly, every 2-3 minutes the game crashes. I have a IPhone 6+ with more than enough storage to play, though I keep encountering this problem. After every stage it has a message that says, “Please do not turn off your device,” then it automatically crashes. I have not had this problem with ANY other apps. The details say you need an iOS with version 8.0 or above and I have updated my phone to 11.0, yet the game crashes. 3g, 4g, or wifi, it says. I either have LTE or all bar wifi. I tried both. Guess what? Crashes. Putting aside the crashing, this game is pretty fun with generic controls and an exciting background story. Although I do wish you can get DNA easier then just completing quests or paying a lot money just for a few. If you have 6+ or lower it will most likely crash, but if you have above that, it may work without running into this problem. Please fix this problem that obviously many people have, then will I rate this game higher. Thank you for listening.
  • Good but crashes after a few minutes 1/5

    By Fexcat
    It’s an awesome game, too bad it keeps crashing after a few minutes....
  • RPG!!! 5/5

    By El Bory Joel
    Good strategy game
  • Wouldn’t Recommend. 1/5

    By Sealstea
    Game is fun for the first day or so of learning it and finding out what needs to be grinded out for the end game. But once you get to the third area you may as well throw you wallet at this game. Can’t progress a story line mission without having 3 assassins over 980 power, which means they will need to be at least 4 star assassins. It can take weeks to upgrade one assassin from small amount of fragments you get per hero. All in all, don’t get this game unless you want to spend money on Ubisoft.
  • Loving the game 4/5

    By Grm Jester
    While I am enjoy the game, it is so fun to play. The only thing I don’t understand, is why I didn’t get adds until I made a purchase, before then no pop up adds. I would like to add the daily events on Monday Thur Thursday are twice a day but they are not far enough apart, they are at 10am and 4 pm some of us work during both events and miss them completely.
  • Art is too kiddish 3/5

    By Lionheart777
    Would like the game more if the Art didn’t look like it was for little kids.
  • Awesome and most best if not the coolest but...... 5/5

    By drenevarez
    I loved the game everything about it was awesome but the game kept crashing I hope they fix it cause it’s annoying. But over all it’s amazing. ( best free assassins mobile game )
  • Stop exiting the game 4/5

    By Catfishbilly0420
    Awesome game. A little bit glitchy but still great.
  • No crashes before update 3/5

    By Xavi9717
    It’s been about a week now and the game crashes daily, pretty much every time I boot up the game. I usually don’t complain about this because it’s an easy fix, uninstall reinstall etc... but when looking through the games support it tells you to factory reset your phone. Umm seriously? This tells me you don’t know what’s going on and do the extreme to potentially fix it. Game is great but this is starting to become very annoying
  • Buggy and slow 2/5

    By Hoseinnnn
    Very buggy game for simple task as main menu or even loading a picture. Ruin the fun of it
  • Good game that needs improvements 3/5

    By Fenix705
    I’ve been playing this game for awhile. Very addicting to play but some of the things that could cause me to stop is there is a point where it just gets boring. It takes to long to progress. The connection problems cause you to lose chances on levels which is a must to progress. This is getting to the point of pay to progress.
  • Need To Read!!! 4/5

    By EzrealDeLeón
    First off, I love Assad is creed, it is my favorite franchise and I love ac rebellion as well. Second, every thing hear is constructive criticism, I’m not throwing hate at the creators. What AC Rebellion does well: Rebellion is a fantastic envision if of the ac games made within the limits of phones, it takes great aspects of the universe and adapts it. Rebellion uses percentage based outcomes as the basis for any action; freeruning, attacking, lock-picking a chest, ext. Even when you don’t see it, your characters weapon has a hit chance. The gameplay is simplistic yet still interesting. What AC Rebellion could do better: 1. Why in the world is Ezio incapable of preforming the leap of faith. Sorry, had to get that off my chest. 2. Intel should be used not for playing the missions, only for rushing then. One should be able to play as much as they want without needing to worry about intel, keep the mission limit, lower the production rate and the capacity of intel, and make intel only necessary when rushing a mission. 3. There should be a room in witch characters can learn some new skills, and improve any they already have. For instance, Ezio (after coming to Spain) should be able to learn the leap of faith, and practice/improve his assassination ability. 4. Bring back events to get unique characters (from other games), such as Kasandra. It makes no sense to have a one star legendary character that you cannot promote ever again, eventually you’ll have some 5 star legendary characters. 5. Higher tier characters need so much DNA to promote its outrageous. All character should be grind-able via legacy missions. 6. Characters should gain XP from playing missions, it’s training but with higher at risk, maybe only a little every time they do something; heal a teammate, kill an enemy, or climb a wall. 7. There are 3 sections to the base, all of the rooms you fan get fit in the first 2, add more rooms(like a skill improver room). I love this game, and want it to do well and be better. That is why I criticize it so hardly. Creators, you have a great game and if you do read this please, Ezio + leap of faith = 100% better game, I’m an Ezio fan by the way, if you couldn’t tell.
  • The game has me stuck on leve 3 1/5

    By Tenchi 21
    Every time I log in it tells me to pick up daily objects rewards and it won’t let me get them because I have not reach level 4 ! 😤😤😤 . There is no back way to exit the screen and go back to the Main lobby 😤😤😤 fix this bug !!!
  • Hello 5/5

    By GoldenErik
    I think the game is amazing and the story and everything is cool.but I think some missions are too hard even when I train my assassin’s its still hard.I think what this game need is more assassin’s.Like Arno he was apart of the assassin creed unity game.If u add him I would love this game more.
  • Crashes 4/5

    By Bb46615
    Fun but crashes a lot.
  • Shiity update 1/5

    By Sarmed2000000000
    Update has caused to become unplayable Cant rush cant do anything
  • Wish it had a zoom 5/5

    By Breed37
    No zoom
  • Stopped playing almost immediately 1/5

    By Icey6969
    Forced tutorial 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻. Would give zero stars.
  • Fallout shelter clone👎 1/5

    By runaway11189
    It doesn’t feel like an assassin creed if feels like they took fall out shelter and put the Assassin creed skin on top of it
  • Interesting 2/5

    By Mojo_nes
    Fun progression and diversity of characters. Turns into a big grind if you don’t want to spend money and constantly crashes between missions. Takes too long to level up characters to be able to progress through the story mission.
  • Loved this game but.... 2/5

    By bmad36
    Latest update made in inoperable. It just sites in the loading screen forever..... Would have given it a 5, but simply can’t any longer because it no longer functions.
  • The intel problem. 4/5

    By Gileon Teor
    Don’t get me wrong, the game is AWESOME. Really love reading the bios for each character and seeing how they matched with the game storyline. The combat system, is a great idea as well. The missions you go on is not stale and boring, like mundane grinds of dungeons, it offers a variety of ways to get through it, whether it’s disabling traps or climbing obstacles, or just killing everyone you can find. So believe me when I say it’s awesome. BUT!!! You can read other’s reviews for details into them. This is a problem I feel will lose this game’s future players. THE INTEL PROBLEM. Now, I’m only level 10, so I don’t know if what I say is very valid or not. I don’t know if I have enough experience to call this a “major” problem or not. AND ITS NOT! It’s just that... INTEL TAKES A WHILE TO REGENERATE. Sure, you get more intel storage the more you level up... but the difference between your assassin’s generating intel and the amount of intel you can generate until you’re filled to the max... is GROWING. The more missions you do, the less intel you’ll have. Sure, you can wait for 7-9 hours for intel to generate, but there’s a MAX cap you can generate, which, for me right now, is 55. And I can store 160? Around there. If I want my intel to be maxed out, I’ll have to wait nearly a WHOLE DAY for it to generate. PLUS be up every 8 hours to collect them, which I probably will be late for anyways, so the max intel I can generate within a day is 110. So that means: NO MISSIONS UNTIL THE NEXT DAY. If I want to “grind” at all. Idk. Maybe it’s just me, but yeah, that’s my thoughts. Sorry for being picky about it. BUT I’LL STILL PLAY THE GAME.
  • Fun game, when it works 2/5

    By AHCLemist
    Nice aesthetic and a cute look. Easy to pick up and learn but still has some depth to the strategy aspect. There is some grinding if you don’t want to spend money, though that is something to be expected of mobile apps by now. The biggest detractor for me was that the game started to crash every time I completed a mission, asking it close to unplayable.

    By KMJSnipes
    It can be a fast pace and slow pace game, the game is quite simple with a lot of options for assassinations. A lot of customization and heroes to play as! You should play this game it is also very addictive!!

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