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AT&T ActiveArmor℠

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  • Current Version: 6.1.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: AT&T Services, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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AT&T ActiveArmor℠ App

AT&T ActiveArmor℠ Mobile Security(FREE)* Download to activate the free app and services for an extra layer of protection that helps you easily secure your data, manage nuisance calls, and more. • 24/7 Automatic Fraud Call Blocking: Detects and blocks calls from likely fraudsters before they reach you. • Spam Call Blocking: Blocks or sends calls to voicemail if identified as a Spam Risk. • Nuisance Call Alerts: Labels potential nuisance calls from telemarketers, surveys, and more. • Nuisance Call Controls: Choose call categories to accept, block, or send to voicemail. • Unknown Calls to Voicemail: Automatically sends callers to voicemail if they're not in your address book and blocks other numbers in your personal block list. • Personal Block List: Add individual unwanted callers to your own block list. • Device Security Helps protect your data from mobile threats: • System Update: Keep up to date with operating system changes with reminders. • Passcode Check: Ensure you have a passcode to help keep your device and data secure. • Breach Reports: Get alerts about company data breaches, along with helpful tips. AT&T ActiveArmor Advanced Mobile Security (In-app $3.99/mo. purchase) ** Includes all the functionality of AT&T ActiveArmor Mobile Security, plus added protection: • Public Wi-Fi Protection: Get your own private connection (VPN) – to protect your data on public Wi-Fi networks. • Identity Monitoring: Get alerts and advice if your personal info is leaked. • Reverse Number Lookup: Shows caller details when you enter a U.S. number. Up to 200 queries per user within a 24-hour period. • Caller ID*: Gives you caller details. • Safe Browsing: Avoid suspicious sites – surf the web safely. Mobile Security & Advanced Mobile Security* Requires download of ActiveArmor App & acceptance of terms of service and a compatible device running iOS13+. Data charges may apply to app download/usage. Eligibility: Consumer and business wireless accounts with eligible service and AT&T HD Voice-enabled device. Non-AT&T Customers: The following features are only available to AT&T customers: Auto-Fraud Call Blocking, Spam Risk Labeling & Blocking, Nuisance Call Alerts, Nuisance Call Controls, Unknown Calls to Voicemail, Personal Block List, Caller ID. Some features may not work while roaming internationally. Details at For complete terms for AT&T ActiveArmor, see Details at **Advanced Mobile Security Subscribers pay $3.99/mo. Auto-billed every month through your iTunes account unless canceled. Subscription automatically renews and your account will be charged $3.99 unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. To manage your AT&T Active Armor Mobile Security (“Active”) subscription, go to iTunes. Once your Advanced subscription is canceled, you will be downgraded to the basic, free version of the app. To remove the service entirely, you must cancel within the app or via myAT&T, after your iTunes subscription period ends. Payments are nonrefundable (subj. to applicable law). Public Wi-Fi Protection. Requires setup; the feature is automatically enabled when your device joins a public (unencrypted) Wi-Fi network unless an alternate VPN service is active. Does not work when using certain video streaming apps or Wi-Fi calling on certain devices. • Identity Monitoring. May not detect all compromises or leaks of your personal data. • Reverse Number Lookup. Limited to 200 queries per user within 24-hour period. Requires activation. • Caller ID. Must be in AT&T HD Voice coverage area to be alerted to caller name and location. • Safe Browsing. May not detect all suspicious websites. Requires activation of Public Wi-Fi protection to be enabled. For complete terms for AT&T ActiveArmor, see Details at

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AT&T ActiveArmor℠ app reviews

  • Hmmm 3/5

    By Hulla blue
    Is it really doing what it claims? Why does a spam call ring through if it states spam & blocked in the app. So confusing.
  • I expected better from AT&T 1/5

    By Kingdom_man
    I believe the concept is good, but this app isn’t ready to be released yet. Developers have a LONG WAY TO GO. So disappointing
  • Not worth the headache 1/5

    I got more spam calls after I downloaded this app.
  • Doesn’t work on international calls because they limit the digits you can report 1/5

    By Not Omega
    This app is slow to respond and misses calls; it takes forever to navigate the app pages
  • Bogus 1/5

    By outpost555
    This used to be free or part of it so they discontinued the free one to push everybody into spending money. I w thank youont give them a dime.
  • Problem 1/5

    By pr makes ithappen
    I am nearly 80 yrs. Old and was having all kinds of problems concerning my phone. I desperately needed to talk to a “person” not a computer. I have spent hours trying to take care of my phone issues. I finally got through to an AGENT by the name of Aeicia. Bless her heart, she was patient with me and took care of everything for me. I could tell you how you need to take care of your aging customers but I doubt that you care. It’s very sad. I worked in the customer service field, in a bank, for 41 years and customer service is a thing of the past now. I still may find a new mobile phone company because of what I have experienced with AT&T. My advice is that you need more Aleicia’s. at your company. Please forward this message to someone at AT&T who cares….hopefully there is someone. Sincerely, Patricia Ann Ritter
  • Ugh 1/5

    By 19nana51
    Not user friendly or as good as Call Protect. Options should be allowed. On verified numbers ( those that are in contacts list) name of contact should be displayed. People know names, not numbers. Call log keeps coming back even after deleting multiple times. Call Protect much better. Extremely slow to load, even with hi speed internet service.2/5/23-call log continues to not clear after deleting. Please show contact names, not just numbers. Nobody remembers numbers
  • It’s inaccurate 1/5

    By Ugh why can’t this work
    This app initially helped me discover that my identity had been compromised on the Black Web. Now the app doesn’t allow me to enter in specific info like it used to and I’m paying for it through AT&T
  • Please help Jason van Slyke 2/5

    By j0692
    I’ve contacted Att, they could not help! Every time I try to turn on the network encryption it says my cell phone data is off?? My cell phone data is never off. All other aspects of the app work .
  • Randomly blocks contacts/no support 1/5

    By Jethro7274
    The app has recently been randomly blocking people in my contacts list and when trying to get support via the app the only thing you’re directed to is app update support nothing more technical. Deleted.
  • Not a good app. 1/5

    By Bob DP
    ATT has not fixed any issues reported by customers who complained the app stopped working after a few months. Any of the fix’s posted did not work. It began to block my permitted calls. I had this app once before and it did the same thing, so I deleted it.
  • Made me think my phone was broken 1/5

    By JJohnJJ
    Last OCTOBER I started having trouble with this app. I was missing incoming calls from callers not in my address book and they were going straight to voicemail. I cleared all of the filters, at least I thought, and continued to have trouble. Out of desperation I removed the app. The problem persisted. The ATT store couldn’t ID the problem. Apple support could find an issue - twice. I did a complete reset of the phone, wiped everything and started over. No joy. Hardware and iOS diagnostics were ran and phone was A-OK. Did more research on Google and just randomly wondered what would happen if I reloaded the app. After reloading the app I found that the app was still active - somewhere. So removing the app and even resetting the phone doesn’t clear the settings. I hope someone at ATT is reading this because it’s a HUGE FAIL ON THE PART OF ATT. The app leaves residuals when uninstalled. The ATT store and support folks are apparently clueless about this bug. DO NOT INSTALL THIS APP. IT IS NOTHING BUT TROUBLE.
  • Beyond annoying 1/5

    By OVER IT_1
    This app is so fkin stupid. Every time I click on the app, I get a pop up box that tells me I need an active cellular connection. Wifi should work just fine, it works just fine with my other apps and it worked just fine when the app was under/known as call protect.
  • Caller ID doesn’t work 1/5

    By Lopperjod
    Caller ID doesn’t work. Good luck getting customer service.
  • The block everything app 1/5

    By I am that one girl
    I had been receiving a lot of spam calls & text messages & one day I even got a text message from AT&T advertising it’s Active Armor App. So I checked into it & it seemed like it would be worth trying. For several months it was doing exactly as it was supposed to, blocking all the incoming spam; NICE! But suddenly, after the first several months, I was receiving text messages & voicemail messages from people on my contacts list informing me of their attempts at calling my phone & that every time it would go directly to voicemail. AT&T’s Active Armor was blocking every single call to my phone for the next several months, frequent callers from my contacts list, everyone! That was not acceptable! I finally had to go to an AT&T store because I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t get incoming calls & the lady at the store was very helpful & figured it out for me. She had to delete my profile/account on the Active Armor App then removed the app from my device & everything went back to how it should be, fully functioning phone service! +Please note that during this ordeal the only thing malfunctioning was incoming calls. I was still able to make calls, send & receive text messages & I still was able to use the internet*
  • Submit Logs 1/5

    By Christopher "CJ" Herring
    It always says system unavailable and to try again. Then I’m constantly sending logs yet nothing gets fixed.
  • I can't even set up an account. 1/5

    By BaffleBlend
    It won't even let me past the "Select your level of protection" screen. The "Continue" button does nothing.
  • Does not initialize 1/5

    By Enilohclyteca
    Has never initialized in 3 months. An live call with a slick but unhelpful att customer representative implied to me that many subscribers have this problem.
  • Horrible app. Even more horrible support by at&t 1/5

    By Flip25flip
    Brand new iphone and app does not work. And at&t’s response. Delete and reinstall!
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By J knight
    Won’t register. All iPhone updates installed on 13 Pro
  • Cannot complete registration 1/5

    By VeniceJess
    I can’t use the Call Protect app now, and then every time I try to set up this app, it says “cannot complete registration”. I’ve deleted and re-downloaded it several times, and I have an up to date iPhone 14.
  • Fix didn’t work 1/5

    By DekeGTX
    Tried to upgrade from Call Protect. ActiveArmor installed, billed me, and won’t register me or set up service. AT&T and Apple blame each other. Two hours of combined time and no resolution.
  • Broken app, released anyway 1/5

    By pteazyl
    Won’t register, right from the jump. The landing page includes a prominent clickable to send a data log when the app fails to work. Embarrassing failure for everyone involved.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Trench1232
    This doesn’t work. It keeps saying to go to the website to set up. The whole point of an app is so you don’t have to go to a website.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By for-real!!
    I can’t get to work at all. It gets stuck on continue. If I am able to get past continue, it just spins. That’s all I have been able to do. Don’t advertise something that doesn’t work.
  • It will not let me into the app 1/5

    By robbiec31405
    It won’t let me into the app
  • Not good 1/5

    By Musicalminnie
    Will not let you continue once the App is downloaded to phone. Waste of time
  • App won’t load 1/5

    By No_Name_damn it
    It appears from the recent reviews that we are all having a very similar problem — THE APP WILL NOT LOAD!!! For about a week now I have been receiving a “hang tight…“ message when I click on the continue button, followed by“Unable to continue registration. Please try again later“. In reviewing the other reviews, I observe that most of them are negative for more than a week now and revolt around app set up or app login features. Maybe rolling back to a previous version might mitigate some of this chaos that you have created?
  • Only works if pay for subscription 1/5

    By AT&T’s Customer
    This app does not work if you are attempting to sign up for the fee-free version. However, if you select to sign up for the monthly subscription, it works just fine. What a disappointment! If you are going to advertise a perk to your customers, make sure it actually works as advertised - be better AT&T.
  • Block spam with SCAM 1/5

    By Fether tween my toes
    When you get the app it asks you if you want to subscribe for $3.99/month, OR use the free version that blocks spam calls. If you click on the the free version it says “hit a snag” and send you to the black hole of the ATT website. Oh, but if you click on the $3.99/month, it’ll work right away. This app is a SCAM to force you to spend more of your hard-earned money.
  • Doesn’t activate w/iOS 16.3.1, buggy VPN 1/5

    By Eight Hours Day
    Had app before iOS update, but VPN was buggy and wouldn’t save safe networks. Reinstalled app w/iOS 16.3.1 and it won’t allow you to register for service. Tech support is clueless about the issue and doesn’t know what to do.
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By RyanMeehl
    Downloaded the app to hopefully eliminate some of the spam calls and cannot get it to setup and register. Called AT&T sat on the phone for over an hour and they basically said we have no idea.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Superman_Earth23
    I’ve tried several times to register h and it keeps telling me it can’t do it and to try later.
  • Old app better 1/5

    By Kirk Alwine
    Can not erase call log for months
  • App refuses to identify I’m on the ATT network and won’t screen my calls 1/5

    By Scott g 76
    Completely useless, I have ATT, yet when I access the “Calls” feature it just keeps telling me that I have to be on the ATT network to use the service…which I am!
  • Zero stars 1/5

    Can I give zero stars? Maybe it’s me ,,, my house in in an area with no mobile service but 1/2 mile down the road the coverage s great. At home, I use WiFi calling. The app will not work unless there is a cellular connection. A spam call on cellular or Wifi is still a spam call. The app should work on Wifi. - prior to the updates, it worked, and was awesome.
  • Not Free 1/5

    By Ginasue81
    We just tried to download and it will NOT allow you to select the free choice, makes you check $3.99! So the advertisement is false!
  • Can’t Choose Free Version 1/5

    By Dpaulhesk
    With latest update, I cannot select the free option. Radio button won’t click and “continue” only selects $3.99 per month option.
  • Problems connecting to cell data 2/5

    By TheDwightster
    The intentions are good for this app but unfortunately there are problems that forced me to delete the app until an update fixes the problems. When the app is installed it works with WiFi, but blocks cellular data. I have to go to settings each time I am away from WiFi and manually turn off VPN. Otherwise I cannot receive or send date through a cellular connection. Please fix ASAP. Thank you.
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By lemon head 4567
    I would give this app 0 stars if I could. It won’t even let me select a package to set up the plan. The app just crashes or freezes.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Startà
    This app is trash compared to AT&T call protect don’t properly notify u of blocked caller reverse numbers is wack and like the free service no caller ID like the old edition don’t block the websites don’t even keep updated information on the black web nor send notifications when your information been compromised just not worth the 3.99 at all this totally should have been a free app I wish I could have gave it no stars because that how bad it is compared to the old edition
  • Texts don’t come through 1/5

    By Iphn5
    Texts stopped coming through from unknown sources. When you have to get a code to prove who you are, texts don’t come through.
  • Don’t block fraud 1/5

    By whichnamesarenttaken?
    All the reviews are upset because it’s blocking their wanted calls, but I can’t get it to block enough calls. I’ve had 10 calls today as compared to the 4 that it blocked. The old app was better
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Fwfd454
    Install app and selected the free option and it just gets stuck there. Nothing happens just locks up. Tried deleting and reinstalling several times, but with same result. It’s a crime that ATT wants to charge 3.99 to battle something they should supply for free since it’s their network that get compromised. Can’t wait for a class action lawsuit,
  • App not accessible to those who are blind and who use voiceover 1/5

    By TallyChip
    The app is not accessible to those who are blind and who are using voice over. Controls are miss labeled, they are you not standard, almost completely inaccessible. Very poor design.
  • Auto-connect VPN does not work correctly 1/5

    By Kasbar9
    Enabling “Auto-connect VPN” also toggles on “Safe Browsing” and therefore turns on the VPN even if I am on a secure WiFi network. There is no way to only enable “Auto-connect VPN” without also turning on “Safe Browsing”. This seems to be a long standing bug that hasn’t been fixed yet. I used to be able to only toggle on “Auto-connect VPN” and have the VPN only turn on when needed. Please fix this.
  • Can’t even set up 1/5

    By tech~goddess
    Program is trash. Doesn’t even work on the first setup screen. iPhone IOS 16.2.
  • Works when it works 2/5

    By jasonqsmith
    When this app works, it’s great, but most of the time it just freezes up.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By 124257579586
    Never displays any calls in my caller log when opening the app so I cannot report a phone number to never call me again it is annoying