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AT&T Call Protect

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  • Current Version: 1.9.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: AT&T Services, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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AT&T Call Protect App

AT&T Call Protect uses the power of the AT&T network to automatically block potential fraud calls, show warnings of suspected spam calls and gives you the power to add unwanted callers to your personal block list. Also includes access to AT&T Mobile Security which helps protect your phone from mobile threats. Req’s download of separate apps. Avail. for AT&T postpaid and business wireless customers with eligible wireless service. Excludes government, FirstNet network and AT&T PREPAID. AT&T Call Protect: - Automatic Fraud Blocking: Detects and blocks calls from likely fraudsters - Heads up on Suspected Spam*: Warns you of telemarketers and other suspected spam calls so that you may decide whether to answer, ignore, or block - Personal Block List: Allows you to add unwanted callers to your own block list - Report Spam Calls: Help identify suspected spam and likely fraud calls. Your reports help us to continually improve our service for everyone AT&T Call Protect Plus (In-app purchase): - Custom Call Controls: Take more control by choosing entire Categories (Telemarketer, Political Calls, etc.) of callers to allow, send to voicemail or automatically block - Enhanced Caller ID*: Identify your incoming callers by name and location - Reverse Number Lookup: Enter a U.S. number to get caller details. Up to 200 queries per user within 24-hour period. *Available in AT&T HD Voice coverage areas AT&T Call Protect: Automatic Fraud Blocking: May inadvertently block wanted calls. Suspected Spam Warning: May allow service messages and/or other permitted calls. Personal Block List: Permits blocking of individual phone numbers (excludes unknown numbers). Manage all settings via app. AT&T Call Protect Plus: Subscribers pay $3.99/mo. Auto-billed every month through your iTunes account unless canceled. Subscription automatically renews and your account will be charged $3.99 unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. To manage your AT&T Call Protect Plus (“Plus”) subscription, go to iTunes. Once your Plus subscription is canceled, you will be downgraded to the basic free version of AT&T Call Protect. To remove the service entirely, you must cancel within the app or via myAT&T, once your iTunes subscription ends. Payments are nonrefundable (subj. to applicable law). Custom Call Controls: All call categories, except Fraud, are automatically set to allow. Manage all settings via app. Eligibility: Compatible device is required: iPhone 6 or newer running iOS 9.3+ and includes AT&T HD Voice-enabled smartphones. Smartphones sold by other carriers may not be eligible. Rates: Data charges may apply for app download and usage. Other charges and restr. may apply. For complete terms for AT&T Call Protect, see

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AT&T Call Protect app reviews

  • It Don’t block a lot of spam calls 2/5

    By eyes cant see fine print
    I have to manually go in and block them This app could be a lot better considering it’s offered by att.
  • Messages 5/5

    By Shane coomer
    I wish messaging could get spam caught
  • Lots of Spam comes thru from Taiwan 2/5

    By ATTFrustration
    Many spam calls are not identified by the app. When I manually block those calls, they still come through unlabeled by app. Not limited to Taiwan number, but inordinate amount of calls coming thru today.
  • Life changing 5/5

    By djrodrian
    This app is a MUST HAVE in the war against robo callers. Stops about 70% and then you blacklist the rest. Totally sweet, nice job AT&T this is one of the most important apps you can have if you want you phone to stop ringing Nonstop.
  • Call Protect 5/5

    By 66Sux
    This application is just to friggin sweet. It catches 99.9 percent of all spam-solicitor calls. If you don’t have get it. It’s free with the service. Great job at&t!
  • This app is useless 1/5

    By Pgp3911
    The app will tell you if it’s a spam call but now block the call, if they know it’s a fraud call, why does the phone still ring. We need something that stops people from calling or just stop the phone from ringing when it’s a nonsensical.
  • Needs to block more robocalls 1/5

    By BillA17
    Blocks very few robocalls - why? ATT has the ability to block most
  • Brenda Hicks 1/5

    By Pansybfb
    I still get same amount call since sign up. They latch on to Oklahoma number they are foreigners that don’t speck good English. I get from 10 to 14 a day. This bad because this Business phone.
  • Concerned 2/5

    By Bejucaleño
    Calls are not getting blocked.
  • Best app ever! 5/5

    By Bestwarrantever
    Nuisance calls, obnoxious people, hard way to make a dime, absolutely the worst hated type of phone call to get… Etc. needless to say this takes all of them and pushes them away from your phone. Love the app!
  • Not blocking the calls .... 2/5

    By Zombie pawnage
    I am still getting robo calls and what not since I have installed this app. I don’t recommend it.
  • Quit working 1/5

    By lagooncher
    2 weeks ago it quit working. No calls were blocked. Every piece of garbage came through waisting me time. Make it work!!!!
  • Does not work on FirstNet 1/5

    By Texas A Big Place
    The app does not run on FirstNet. Says we hit a snag, system offline. Try again later. Has been off line for days.
  • Nuisance calls actually increase 1/5

    By Greatest Command
    After signing up I received 10 nuisance calls within just a few hours. I’ve never received that many in such a short period of time. I need to answer unknown calls because it could be a physician. I’m MPOA for a disabled person. I really need the nuisance calls to be filtered out, but no such luck. Out of desperation we called AT&T and demanded they block all calls from the area code for 8 of those calls. Guess I’m hoping a physician that happens to have a phone with that area code won’t need me.
  • Protection that is great to have. 5/5

    By Penrod 7
    Worth to have for sure.
  • Blocks very few calls 1/5

    By tomFromFishers
    Not very effective
  • WARNING 1/5

    By alybelle007
    Do not get this app it dose not work the PIN number thing didn’t work it finally worked after the 19 try and read the contract first this Is a warning do not get
  • Hardly worth the monthly fee. 1/5

    By Jt_flyer
    Sell phone service then sell a service to help make the service acceptable. Looking for alternatives... including phone service.
  • Not so great 1/5

    By ifallthenicknamesiusearetaken
    I don’t quite understand the point of letting the alerted phone numbers through. If you know it’s spam or a telemarketer, block it. Also, it does not help with calls with the same first 6 digits that are spam or telemarketers. Not much help, altogether..

    By Shagwell mcgee
    Thanks for making us pay for something you should ALREADY be doing as a company. It’s almost like AT&T doesn’t mind there being Robocalls, since it’s just another way for them to siphon $4 a months out of their loyal customers. Perhaps they’re even the ones behind robocalls so they can profit from a problem they are creating. You’re a disgrace as a company and this is my last month with AT&T. You’re one of the largest companies on planet earth, and you’re telling me you can’t find a reasonable way to block out some punks on laptops without putting this burden on the loyal customers who ALREADY pay you? We ALREADY PAY YOU you clowns. What do you call a phone bill? We pay you for quality service, openly allowing robocalls on your network IS NOT QUALITY SERVICE.
  • Weak to catch telemarketers 2/5

    By 99 guto
    Very disappointed with AT&T call block. Most telemarketers still Goes thru.
  • Review 1/5

    By logan ross007
    I get a spam call and I answer it then have to block I did that before I got you app
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By chatsdee
    This app is a waste of time. Maybe two out of 50 calls are blocked. I pay a fortune for AT&T phone service you would think they would not ask you to pay for caller info.
  • Unhappy 1/5

    By Seanovoxo
    I receive countless phone calls daily from telemarketers and scammers. This app has done nothing
  • App not verifying. 1/5

    By StillHavingIssues
    I have tried over the past few weeks, to get this app set up on my phone and it will send the verification code but when I enter it, it says the system is currently unavailable. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the app multiple times and soft resetting my phone and still nothing. I even went into the AT&T store to have them add the feature to my account and it still says the system is unavailable.
  • Doesn’t work anymore 1/5

    By Jayme916
    This use to work great but now it doesn’t block the identified numbers. Still getting spam & robo calls all day. Wish y’all can fix it
  • Att should be doing this already 5/5

    By attshouldbe
    Att should have already be controlling spam and this type calls. This helps but really should be something Att controlling.
  • Not catching enough calls 3/5

    By Jhb9383
    Not catching enough calls!
  • Does Not Work 1/5

    By Swift260
    Fails to label spam calls and calls that are NOT spam, like when my dentists office calls, are labeled spam.
  • It works, but you have to stay up on it . 5/5

    By Vivo 3
    I like it , just wish it would block know telemarking numbers . You have to go into app and manually block the number. So far we’ll over 1000 calls blocked .
  • Works great 5/5

    By jordandyck
    Works great have way less calls.
  • Good one! 5/5

    By kslmns
    Had for a week. Love it!!!
  • Helps 5/5

    By A Seeker of god
    I am please with the app. It informs you when your software is out of date. It blocks calls from scams automatically and it come with other helpful tools
  • Slow and crashes a lot 2/5

    By ReadyLine_Inbound
    Slow and crashes a lot when manually blocking numbers. Good sometimes
  • The news reports give false hope 3/5

    By Agent Morb
    AT&T might be putting emphasis on this app/tool, but it’s only about 5% effective. I get 3-4 robocalls a day. A year ago it was 50-75% effective. The entire telecom caller validation system is broken. This app will not help much. HOWEVER, it doesn’t hurt. So do use it. And report bad calls, that’s all that can be done until the telecoms fix their caller validation systems.
  • First work well 2/5

    By Nikkigolden8
    It only blocks about 10% of incoming robo calls.
  • Junk 1/5

    By Tupelobound
    How is it that company like AT&T that profits... in the BILLIONS... cannot deliver on a simple app? I’m exhausted at the idea of going into detail here. But here is s small example of how bad this app is: I get an unwanted text. Excited to try my new app... I immediately open it and navigate to the “Report SPAM texts” section. It displays 4 bullet points: 1- Press and hold the text message until a list of options appear. 2- From the list of options, click More. 3- Forward the text to 7726 (SPAM) 4- Respond to the AT&T text message with the text message with the texter’s number. I do as instructed... except that when I “Press and hold the text message until a list of options appear” NOTHING happens. I’m pretty savvy with work arounds when it comes to glitches. But here? There are none. Believe me... I’m exhausted and don’t want to bore you. And to boot every once in a while I get the annoying message: “WE HIT A SNAG... the system is currently unavailable. Try again later. Ok” Seriously AT&T? Get your act together.
  • Allows spam calls to get through 2/5

    By wjrhtj
    Needs to be improved
  • Not happy 1/5

    By Ema1185
    I was paying for this, but I STILL get spam calls and now they’ve moved to text. I’m a little tired of having to go through the steps five times a day or more. Not worth my money, sadly. Moving to robokiller.
  • Not getting better 2/5

    By G602.1
    I don't like that AT&T charges for the fully featured app, since as a company they essentially created the phone system and are somewhat responsible for the lack of verification of the caller's phone number. I don't like that entire area codes can't be blocked and that text messages can't be blocked based on message content or from inside the app. There are apps that can do these things that I mentioned (at least some of them) so I plan on removing this app.
  • Scam 1/5

    By Cdmitchjax
    I’ve had AT&T wireless for 10 years. Rarely had telemarking calls. Once or twice a month. I don’t give my number out as a rule. On advice from a family member I downloaded this app. Two days later I began receiving 2 calls a day telemarketing. Two months later I have blocked 150 numbers from spam callers. Tell me ATT isn’t behind this.
  • Review 5/5

    By Tax Gran
    Great get 50 robot calls a day do answer under know number or caller . This has been great 👍
  • Works intermittent at best. 1/5

    By 15678944567765433568965577655
    I have had this app for two weeks. In this two weeks the app has worked a total of one day. This is not good customer service. I paid for the up grade and can not cancel as the app is always off line.
  • The app doesn’t appear to do anything 1/5

    By DRHdesign
    07/18/19 The app doesn’t appear to do anything. It has not blocked any of the Unknown or robocalls. Not sure with all the technology we have why can’t AT&T stop these repeated calls before they make it to our phones.?
  • Minimal protection 1/5

    By Wsh40
    Blocks about 1% of robo calls
  • Crap calls 1/5

    By Babsgrbabes
    I’m getting numerous calls that aren’t for me or there’s nobody on the other end!
  • Works great if you take time to report and block 5/5

    By Akafraggle
    If you spend a minute a day to report all the telemarking calls it really works.
  • Unwanted calles 5/5

    By Inez255
    This is by far the best app I have down loaded it’s great to have and help me block unwanted calls !!!
  • Free 1/5

    By Blankey No Peck Peck
    All of this should be free.

AT&T Call Protect app comments

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