AT&T Navigator: Maps & Traffic

AT&T Navigator: Maps & Traffic

  • Category: Navigation
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 5.13.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: AT&T Services, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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AT&T Navigator: Maps & Traffic App

Get real time traffic, maps, offline maps, voice guided directions and more with AT&T Navigator. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Benefits: Beat traffic, find cheap gas price options easily, share your travel details and discover local places all with AT&T Navigator. Get traffic updates, GPS-enabled multi-route recommendations, one-touch traffic avoidance, downloadable maps for offline use and more. Features: +Compare gas prices, find the cheap gas options, and get directions with the press of a button. + Find favorites using more than 142 million local reviews and ratings from Yelp® and TripAdvisor®. AT&T Navigator will be your trusted guide to let you explore with detailed maps and recommendations. + Contacts are integrated into the search bar. Simply type the contact name and select a contact from your address book to retrieve the address and route. + Voice navigation, compatible with blue tooth, available with paying service.

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AT&T Navigator: Maps & Traffic app reviews

  • Download 1/5

    By Smith30121
    Won’t let you download off line maps
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By casperdilbert
    Never works correctly closes out all the time!! Fix it!!
  • Nothing but aggravation 1/5

    By Pj Schott
    Gives street name instead of route number, which is useless in the greater Boston area. You only know the street name if you live there. And at 45mph easy to see route numbers. Now app crashes constantly and is totally useless.
  • Such old listings 2/5

    By For the love of real estate
    I cannot rely on the listings in AT&T Navigator fir several years . Old out dated
  • AT&T 1/5

    By badenm62 main
    We don’t have at&t! mom said
  • Crap 1/5

    By Wemr
    I want to cancel
  • Overall a Great App 5/5

    By DMF1953
    After years of use, the app has only gotten me lost twice. That FAR surpasses other apps or actually gps programs. There are some aggravating, but correct, directions, but not enough to quit using.
  • Leaving Navigator 5/5

    By The True Ghost
    I loved the service when I first got it several year’s ago, but there just isn’t a need to pay for a navigation app anymore. There are just to many other options available and frankly it’s a waste of money. Don’t get me wrong I loved the app the whole time and it’s only ever had small glitches, but I can get the same information and route guidance from google maps or the standard maps app. So I am leaving ATT Navigator and putting that $10 a month to better use with something that ads in my business productivity. Now, this is just one business owners opinion, and the fees are tax deductible (taxes are my business) but save your $10 and get something else that will help you be more productive!
  • Heads up 1/5

    By Gergan
    When I type in an address and AT&T nav shows me the route instead of the icon going the same direction as I am going it’s headed down. I have searched the site and I cannot find a way to correct the direction of the icon. I have used AT&T nav for many years. I am due to renew in late March but will be canceling me subscription if this does not change or if someone does not tell me how to change this. Text me at 561-801-2024 with a message or instructions to call back.
  • Cancelled my subscription 1/5

    By Touch driver
    At one time the benefit of turn by turn voice without an Internet connection was worth the $70 per yr. but after decades of being a loyal User of this app. Its time to take advantage of the better vslue others offer
  • Navigation 1/5

    By Shellidog
    I’ve had this for many years. I’m having problems now with the program running in the opposite direction. I tried to use it from Minnesota to Texas. The little vehicle would go backwards. Instead of running on my side of the road, it would be on the other side. I’ve reached out to you, and you’ve not responded back. I don’t see the advantage of keeping something that doesn’t work. This program has bugs, and needs to be fixed. That’s why I want my service cancelled.
  • Does NOT sync between devices 1/5

    By Odd Duck8
    This app just doesn’t have good support. It won’t sync between devices like most apps will. The map display no longer works like it should because instead of showing you driving along the road as it displays in front of you, it may show you traveling along sideways. This makes it difficult to tell which direction you will be turning next be glancing at the screen. It is also not oriented by north at the top (which would at least make SOME kind of sense rather than randomly moving sideways on the screen). When you finally get frustrated enough to call support, AGAIN, they barely comprehend what you’re asking. The guy I got kept asking me if I wanted to sync between my other maps app to the AT&T Navigator app. I had to explain 4 times that I was only wanting my AT&T Navigator app to sync between my iPhone and iPad. Should be fairly simple, right? NOPE! Can’t do it at all. Come on AT&T, step it up! I’ve tolerated this mediocre app for at least a decade or more, because it will hold favorites, but only in the device used to enter the info. So I’ve spent at least $1200.00 for an app that no longer does what I need it to do and has never synced correctly across devices despite both devices being set to sync to the cloud and to automatically update.
  • Newest version 12/18/19 1/5

    By Demonstarting
    This version is very BAD! Don’t buy it until they fix it! The new version makes it EXTREMELY hard to navigate with becasue the simulated roadway doesn’t project in the usual and same way as it did before. They appear to have tried to have the direction of travel track following the actual direction (NSEW) that you are traveling but this means that sometimes the simulated roadway is moving on screen in the opposite direction and then you have to mentally change which way you turn. As an example, if you are traveling south, the app assumes the top of your phone is pointing north so the direction of travel on screen is downward, so instead of the simulated roadway being in front of your “Arrow” icon (representing your car) the roadway ahead of you is off the screen at the bottom. This makes it impossible to see the upcoming turns! You MORONS need to put this back the way it was!!!! I would rather go with GOOGLE Maps for free than to pay for this crappy app again if you keep it like this!
  • Maps 1/5

    By dmglicine
    Writing in maps to small now
  • AT&T Needs To Update this Navigation Maps 1/5

    By Professer Mike
    This app is so old when I was using the app to go to my family house upstate I told me to turn right and when I turned right there was a tree there so I urge people who ever uses this app please tell At&t to upgrade this so called navigation system it’s 2020 and they have a old navigation system bad for customers and for people using this app in the nearest future unbelievable AT&T have major improvements to make and we all might have to go on strike to see some improvements
  • Poor or none existent traffic conditions report. 1/5

    By matolisano
    There has to be a better way. It's just a map. No warnings of road conditions. Graphics are great but I need to know what I am heading into. $9.99/ month is expensive where other maps apps are for free and more reliable. Unless there are MAJOR IMPROVEMENTS I'm not recommending at this time.The best I can offer is that it has potential.
  • Wouldn’t Travel Without It 5/5

    By lizzibeegood
    Reminds me of speed limit, gives me plenty of notice when turns are coming, good estimates on travel time, and gets me around road construction, traffic issues, and accidents.
  • Why keep this app? 1/5

    By KathieUNC
    I’ve had this app for 20 years and haven’t even used it since I found Waze 2-3 years ago. It’s unreliable, basically worthless, and way past time for me to drop it. I’m doing that now!
  • Not even the free basic works 1/5

    By Scorpion3378
    There is others grate navigation for free, and this one not even the free basics works fine.
  • Easy five stars 5/5

    By Thatch Zen
    Easy five stars
  • Needs to offer alternate routes 3/5

    By Valmaxsam
    It would be nice for Navigator to offer alternate routes.
  • Works great 5/5

    By Retiredbellsystemtech
    No problems using this navigator. Love the features and wouldn't be without it. A lot better than the "free navigators" that come with your phone.
  • Seriously upset 1/5

    By Yayabadgirl
    Have used this app for MANY years. Pay extra monthly for each phone on our phone plan. Have gone to AT&T store several times. They are NO HELP AT ALL. asked why I wasnt using google maps and asked if I wanted the navigator app removed from my plan and bill. NO. I WANT THE APP TO WORK!!!!! Am frustrated and ANGRY
  • Still good 4/5

    By srmj624
    Have used this app for years. Does the job. Easy to use.
  • Terrible! 1/5

    By do bot get
    Will not work most of the time does not let me enter my home address. I’m cancelling. Total rip off worthless!
  • Enjoy GPS 5/5

    By enjoy gps
    (Furious, no support fo) why are you paying $400 dollars monthly that’s a ripe off I only pay $9.99 a month and my service works fine
  • Can’t subscribe 1/5

    By Conwayguy301
    The app downloads but won’t let me subscribe. It just give an error message Error purchase failed. Please try again later. [The parental control settings prohibit the ability to charge purchases to this consumer. Only the account holder can remove this restriction.] I do not have parental control set up on my iPhone
  • Love that you have REPLAY 5/5

    By SiennaMom
    So many times there are distractions or poorly marked roads, and it’s SO helpful to be able to hit the top left corner on the screen and have the directions repeated. Please don’t ever take that away!!!
  • Basic app it work.May not be for everyone. 1/5

    By Maveium
    Very basic mapping app. I notice reviews on how people suggests using other completing maps to Navigator app user. Well they’re correct. They do offer way more options for free and less hassle. I really don’t see how switching carrier would help, like on reviewer mentioned. She really needs to be accept the fact that technology will change. You need to learn new stuff and completing app do have a better interface. If your looking for very basic app-this is it. It may not be the mapping app for everyone.and no you can’t transfer you favorites to other app because it the competing app that won’t let you transfer favorites from their competition. So stop blaming the app and the carrier for everything. It’s a basic app. It works. But if your are looking for better option look at the competitors.
  • Obstacles (too many 'roadblocks ') 1/5

    By Transplanted World Traveler
    No unobstructed access without CONSTANT (automated) redirects to the paid subscription "options." I find these obstructions arduous and aggravating which drastically diminishes my probability of spending more money on a company that has such little regard for customers.
  • Needs Improvement 5/5

    By 04larson
    This is a great navigation app but needs to be updated to be similar to VZ Navigator. And needs to now support iOS 12.
  • Still no proper support for larger screens and higher resolutions. 1/5

    By Richard Wessels
    Not sure how you are getting around the requirements for all apps in the App Store needing to support the iPhone X and higher. But until this is fixed, it’s one star from me.
  • Simply awful 1/5

    By HU and I
    I pay for a useless service. Heading north to Sedona and navigator says good traffic. Now I’m stuck nearly 2 hours in stand still traffic that has been ongoing for hours prior. I will be dropping this useless dis- service
  • Awful 1/5

    By love entertainment
    This is a terrible app. I needed directions to a location for an interview and I was directed to a highway that would have taken double the time needed to get to the interview. It didn’t recalculate. I didn’t get an overview of routes to choose from. I couldn’t get a map with marked streets to see where I was going to decide on a better route than the one the app was showing. I had to call to get directions and was late. This app is not worth the money. It should be free until they work out the bugs. I hope that’s soon.
  • AT&T Nabigator 1/5

    By Gantaro7
    Re-added this app today. Remembered at least one reason why I dumped it a year or two ago. If I hit the send a text to let someone know I’m on the way feature, there’s no cancel option. If it’s there it’s well hidddn. Have to close the app and start from scratch. Sticking with the free iPhone Maps app
  • Went down hill and never found its way back!! 1/5

    By Dawgs22
    Use to swear by this navigation app. Had a long time. Friends used to call me when they were looking for a place to go and asked me to put it into my navigation app and tell them how to get there. Once the problem started nothing ever got done about them. When you type in an address and there’s no letters or words that appear in the box.... talk about frustrating!!!! I am happy to say goodbye to this app!!!! Horrible!!!
  • NG - and would rate a zero if possible 1/5

    By na$101
    App Looks like a bait and switch app; with auto charge click to premium the default setting!!! This type of installation practice should be illegal; if it’s not already. Basic “free” is slow and detail??? Recommend staying with google maps and internet which are free.
  • Same maps with a charge. 4/5

    By Eat Earn Redeem
    After going through places I normally go I compared navigator to google and it’s the same. Not all roads are shown and the off highway roads are non existent. Maybe it’s just me but I’m going to keep my 9.99 a month.
  • Invisible ink 3/5

    By Beph_ann
    Cannot see location address you are typing into address bar. Also seems to be using back roads instead of highways.
  • Ok but 3/5

    By Slepper5
    I can never figure out how to end my trip
  • Works Great on iPad!! 5/5

    By ITOlG
    This app works better than my car's (750Li BMW) navigation and is less expensive than Sirius XM navigation.
  • Blank search bar 2/5

    By More space [email protected]!%!
    After the last forced update, my search bar remains blank when typing an address. This makes it difficult to find locations. I’ve sent feedback multiple times just to be told to use another app in the meantime. But it’s been 6 months now! The countdown to cancellation has started!!!!
  • This app is garbage 1/5

    By dante31105
    This app should be banned from the App Store, when typing in the search field the letter are not present thought they are being typed, the road and the route being travel always separate and I can’t tell where I’m driving on the map also I pay for the subscription and it still continues to tell me my license for it is expired contact tech support. I contacted tech support and they said they were rolling an update out.... that was a year and a half ago. Switching to Verizon all together so long att.
  • No navigation support for iPhone? 5/5

    By Horsenut44
    I have an iPhone 8 Plus and I use it. Maybe double check???
  • Use to be the best app 1/5

    When the developer use to maintain this app it was amazing. Now you can’t see your text and it doesn’t seem current. I dont feel like AT&T should charge people for something that doesn’t work. Please get it together!!
  • Please add a HUD display 👍🏻 4/5

    By PROBEE 116
    Good app, would be nice if they added a HUD option.
  • Invisible Search Bar 3/5

    By UESGuy
    When you type into the input field for a search, it is invisible. That needs to be fixed ASAP. Otherwise it works well.
  • Nope 1/5

    By not2luckee
    Drove around in circles for half an hour. Kept changing directions & sent me into countless u-turns. Not for me.
  • AT&T GPS APP 2/5

    By Irish55j
    This app is no good. Kept on putting my cell number in and waited. Nothing. Did it again and nothing. I was supposed to get a text with a message. Never came in. This app needs to be looked into. Very disappointed with AT&T.
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