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AT&T ProTech

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  • Current Version: 2.4.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: AT&T Services, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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AT&T ProTech App

Help and support for your technology is just a tap away! AT&T ProTech provides premium benefits with your enrollment in AT&T Protect Advantage. * With the AT&T ProTech app, you will enjoy virtually unlimited access to our team of trained support experts. We can help you set up a new phone, get connected to your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, apps, speakers, smart devices, car, and so much more. The answers to your biggest tech questions are right in your pocket. It only takes one click to call or chat with an expert today! Plus, you can free up your device's memory with easy access to AT&T Photo Storage! We’ll help you seamlessly and securely back up your device's photos and videos. To give you the best help possible, a ProTech support expert may ask to view your screen. Depending on your device, we may need to request administrator access to provide remote support. This access will only happen with your permission and will be disabled when the remote session ends. For continuous improvement of the ProTech app, real-time user analytics and crash reports may be collected. Reach out to a ProTech expert today. We’re here to help! * AT&T Protect Advantage subscription not required for limited ProTech benefits. Learn more at

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AT&T ProTech app reviews

  • Services 5/5

    By Sasha819
    I have found the service you provide great and appreciate keeping me safe
  • Chat review 5/5

    By wjtater
    Just wanted to say how great Allison was in helping set up a replacement phone from one that wouldn’t stay on long enough to transfer data.I give her 5 stars! I hit the wrong star in survey so I just wanted to clarify.Sorry about that Allison. You did a great job👍
  • ProTech Glen B. is a true pro 5/5

    By Eliora71
    ProTech Glen B. is a true pro - helpful & sympathetic. A.T.T. has been our provider for a long time, but we are the more loyal party. Even so, they now are using a good tech team here. Glen showed both knowledge & sympathy as he dealt with a tired, frustrated senior.
  • Worked great the first time 2/5

    By Ender20
    The first time I used the app it was great. I just tried it today to get my daughter’s phone fixed. When I came to the verification screen it said it was sending me a text to verify. I never received a text. I selected the resend tile a couple of times and I still never received a text. Now it says I’m locked out for 24 hours due to security reasons.
  • Useful Tips 5/5

    By Petrarus
    ProTech gives many useful ideas and information to keep the phone performing at it’s maximum level of operation.
  • The ProTech Advisor 5/5

    By dtrottster
    The Protech Advisor was wonderful. Everything got done and repaired, not like the person at AT&T office in Anchorage at the Dimond Mall, who was an idiot, and did not know anything
  • No longer have Direct TV 5/5

    By loosing pack
    We no longer have Direct TV, so we would prefer to get info on using U-verse.
  • Bad customer service 1/5

    By vieira007
    I am totally disappointed with AT&T service. I have been here in Brazil for more than a week I paid for the International plan so that I can use my phone in Brazil. And until today, I couldn't be helped by customer service or technical support. No one can solve this problem, I pay for a type of service that I'm not using, that's not fair.
  • Highly recommended 5/5

    By RebelleCrone
    When I have any kind of iPhone problem or question, the AT&T ProTech team is always there to help me out. Highly pleased with this app and the people that are always there to help me out.
  • Thank you! 5/5

    By Baronesa Matilda
    Got all my questions answered. Keep it up and thank you!
  • Doesn’t seem to do anything 1/5

    By Bob cfii
    I installed this because they said it would test my battery but then there is no button to test the battery. So I used the chat and they said they can’t test batteries that is a different company. So I couldn’t find anything this app did that was useful.
  • Wonderful 5/5

    By Savy711
    Ms. Denise was able to point me in the right direction and I had my claim filed in less than 10 minutes, Love it!
  • Love Ya! 5/5

    By Go OSU Cowboys
    Excellent service! Your staff rocks! So professional and personable! If you’re hesitant to give ProTech a it! You’ll be a very satisfied customer!
  • Service temporarily unavailable 1/5

    By beccalove18
    The entire time I have had this app (7 months) and have tried to accept the terms and conditions on the first screen, I have received the same message over and over again that the service is temporarily unavailable and the issue is being worked on. This is very irritating. Please fix!
  • Calls dropped. Pitiful. 1/5

    By tried4nicknames
    Three appointments in the same evening where calls were made to my phone and then dropped. Two of the three rolled to the post service survey without any contact with a technician. If I could speak to someone, they might be able to help w my syncing problem, but ATT cannot keep the line alive. Wasted over an hour trying to get help and am terribly sad that my phone upgrade doesn’t even do what my old phone did. This app is just a way for ATT to get you out of the store and settle for less functionality. At least I got a better camera....
  • My phone and hermitage store 5/5

    By raggs3940
    Went and got this new phone ( 11) , Mark was great with transferring everything for me, as I’m not new phone smart , everything was great Cept my email didn’t transfer , so I went back and asked fir help , I must have the virus;(,,( which I don’t), but I prolly would have gotten more help and attention from they’re garbage man , :(, I did as c asked to check with spectrum as they are my internet/mail provider and they sort of thought that ATT&T should have gotten it going fir me , I went back to the AT&T store,( hermitage pa) and they were done with me in 5 mins , saying they can’t help me at all and good luck , this pone still doesn’t work right . And freezes up now and then, I’m seriously afraid to take it to store as I feel I’ll get turned away again , I’m sorry this is so negitive but it’s honest , Gary
  • Can’t even get past the first step 1/5

    By RNerd77
    I downloaded this app and entered my mobile phone number as requested as part of set up, and it couldn’t send a verification code to my phone . I kept trying as directed and then it locked me out. This app is therefore completely useless.
  • The Solution 5/5

    By The original Solution
    Since I purchased my new iPhone 11, the Protech app and their associates have been more than helpful with my questions. Their problem-solving has been on point. When I call they’re ready and able to respond quickly. Thank you. You all deserve a raise.
  • Pro Tech 5/5

    By Gee-Rome
    The service is productive and Pro Tech fixes the problem with & without waiting for my complaints; I love them! Kudos! They know their products!
  • !!! 1/5

    By elia8770
  • Scam 1/5

    By madbigbuttgranny
    They probably pay for all these reviews because no one is actually coming here and actually complimenting them. First asurion never responds back to email, you talking to a robot the whole time , when you message them they take forever to respond back and when you realize they. Did. Respond back they end the conversation because you took to long to respond also if your trying to file a claim for your phone when it’s broken how are you supposed to do that when this is the only way especially here in Hawaii
  • Bad 2/5

    By JxxxxxxSxx
    Bad connection in Alaska,internet slow. When I’m in some store’s the phone doesn’t work....
  • Mr Swope 1/5

    By Jessswope
    My ProTech will not open
  • Gustavo 5/5

    By Gustafuen
    Pro-Tech is a great advantage to have because they always come thru and resolve any issues that you might be having with your Iphone or any other mobil device that you might be having problems with.
  • Retired 5/5

    By maggy brown
    Very happy and satisfied with ATT technicians. Thank you
  • ALWAYS HELPFUL BEEN WITH ATT 10 years now 😎 5/5

    By xxtrans amxx
    BEEN ATT CUSTOMER 10 years now always the best 😎
  • Worthless customer service aka tech support 1/5

    By hdhe544
    Their “tech support” is a bunch of customer service that don’t know anything other than chat with their techs, wasting everyone’s time. Waiting for the techs to answer them for them to answer you, what a garbage system they created....wasted days with this tech support that don’t what to do...what a crappy system...AT&T find another company, they are making you look bad bad bad..0 stars for them.
  • Very helpful associate 5/5

    By cell phone helpless
    The young lady was very helpful and knowledgeable. She made me feel very comfortable. I want to thank her for all the help she was to me I am 70 years old, I don’t understand how these new phones work and I always worried that I will mess them up. But she made me feel good.
  • Bad Txt person gets my phone Nbr from my profile n uses it wrongly?? 4/5

    By Rita jr.
    How can I keep this person who sends my txt to Eugene & they have my first name too - weekly n 2 times a week out of my phone & all their bad txt n advertising n using other companies name in txt to Eugene/ not here n my first name Rita? Why can’t AT&T stop this? •This has been going on since the pandemic virus started around that time frame. This person/persons change numbers all the time n I block them n send to 7726 - AT&T Spam & this is still going on. When will this end ??? RitaHellmann
  • Very professional and caring 5/5

    By cocodmp512
    I have been with AT&T for over 20 years. I really enjoy using Pro Tech when a have any issues with my phone. They always are very patient and they take take of their clients. They resolve all of my issues in a timely manner.
  • Pro tec Review 5/5

    By coily goily
    Pro tec is absolutely awesome. I love it. It is the best thing that has happened to me. I have learned so much about my IPhone, and am enjoying navigating all the options it has to offer. I am thrilled to be able to call Pro tec and they can walk me through what ever problem I am having. Thank you.
  • Retired Trucker 4/5

    By Old dude 420
    I was a Verizon customer until after I retired. I sure could have used this service back then. I would not have been disturbed while driving by B.S. calls. But I still like having it now, my phone rarely rings except for legitimate and personal calls. “SCAM” has apparently become the way of life for the lazy!!!!
  • It was challenging 5/5

    By Nicknames arent easy
    Love the folks at AT&T, great professionalism and smooth service for the most part. My first experience using the Assurion coverage was not at all a good one, although it was an unusual circumstance. IPhone 11, structurally the thing is just a slim chunk of glass. Mine fell into a concrete slab and shattered the back- - the screen was cracked as well... but it was still a functional device so they wouldn’t replace or repair the thing. I paid a cell repair shop to install a new screen when it finally gave up the ghost so there’s another 200$ spent. The poor thing was kept together for MONTHS before it finally lost too many pieces to function at all, just before a completed backup no less. Finally, since the phone wasn’t usable anymore I got a replacement sent to me for the surcharge of 200$. I pray the ProTech is a more substantial alternative.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By koolkim26
    The gentleman who helped my husband was amazing ! Very knowledgeable and patient !!! I was so impressed with him !!!
  • Review 5/5

    By Baby Mia
    I love this support app
  • Favoritable 4/5

    By Dada/Mrs. Sum'aku H. Ali
    Salaam I actually new how to really knew how too use it better I would give Pro Tech the highest score. But I’m but I’m learning as I have time to do! So right now it one of The Holy Months for Muslims Ramad- and. Thank you allowing me for the opportunity. 🙏🏿🕋. Dada/Mrs. Sum’aku H. Ali
  • AT&T 5/5

    By Tncj1990
    Great app! Awesome. Would tell anyone who had AT&T to make sure they get this. Thanks for making such a great app!!!!
  • ProTech offers great service and their answers are easy to follow 5/5

    By Dabsntn
    Try them out no matter what issue you have with iPad, iPhone and much more.
  • Ms AL 5/5

    By Shorty L.
    Love having Tekemarketer calls & Spam Risk shown on my iPhone. It is great not having to answer them since Pro Tech sends me a note. No waste of time listening to them!! Fantastic!!!! I love AT&T & thanks for Pro Tech!!!
  • Great to have pro tech, just a click away! 5/5

    By Gma Nonny
    My daughter gifted me this phone. With them not close to help me, I now have this great team to help me out! So patient and always respectful. I did not grow up with this technology and my grandkids can run circles around me when it comes to all of this. Thank you AT&T Pro-Tech. You have saved me!!
  • I phone 8 plus 5/5

    By cristyarcangel
    Great support
  • Great protection package 5/5

    By Berrypair
    I love the detailed info that’s clarifies coverage options. Att has outdone themselves
  • What a joke 1/5

    By Saeulf
    8 people put me on hold none of them finished the claim all for a battery replacement this stay at home isn’t working for them everytime they place you on hold someone else picks up and starts over. No joke this was a 2 and a half hour nightmare I finally hung up!!
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By mamalobo5
    I’ve been trying to figure out how to fix my phone, and trying to message for some help but it keeps saying not available. It’s starting to get really frustrating. I’d call but that is what is not working on my phone.
  • Wendy 5/5

    By LadyHardHat1019
    My tech was excellent in all this craziness w this pandemic having not only this service but excellent service is amazing
  • Al 1/5

    By Kofa of PA
    Customer service was horrible needed battery replaced in iPhone took way to many calls and extremely long hold times, they kept transferring me until I finally lost it and demanded to talk to a supervisor, entire event took 2 or 3 days
  • Zoskie 4/5

    By Zoskie Zoskie
  • Good but expensive 5/5

    By Diana Anglada
    Nothing comes for free. It is a Good but it comes with a price. Should be free.
  • New to ProTech 5/5

    By zyxSamcba
    Just got ProTech app so I am a newbie. Had my iPhone for five years but I am not very adventurous. ProTech tip are changing that. Thank you ProTech.
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