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AT&T TV is the streaming app you use with your AT&T TV or AT&T TV NOW service. Experience live sports, news, shows, events, and binge tens of thousands of on-demand titles - including hit movies and the most talked-about series. Watch your recorded programs at home and on-the-go with our cloud DVR and quickly find what you want to watch with our dynamic and easy to use interface. If you love your entertainment, AT&T TV is where you want to be. Please note: this app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which contributes to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. For more information visit:

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  • Why does this get worse over time? 2/5

    By tunable
    Last few versions performance is worse and now skip controls and remote on Apple TV don’t work correctly. These kinds of issues shouldn’t pass basic QA testing let alone make it out to end users.
  • Should be no star 1/5

    By Roxxriva
    Does not work with Apple TV.. always need to delete the app and reinstall ...
  • Please fix the app for Apple TV 1/5

    By Ashurica8067
    The scrolling is delayed and slow. The app freezes now. Also when trying to play “recorded” shows it plays something entirely different. Please fix, none of the troubleshooting works.
  • Not Accessible to Blind users 1/5

    By IkariWarrior007
    The voiceover screen reader is not able to navigate through the different options within the app. It is not very responsive. Voiceover cannot focus on anything in the screen. This needs to be fixed immediately. Under contract and are not able to use the application either on the phone or through the Apple TV app. If I try to cancel my contract because your app is not accessible they will charge me the early termination fee. This is unfair to hold us hostage to an application that we are not able to use. AT&T on their website says the day are champions for accessibility… Time to put your money where your mouth is! #A11Y
  • New update killed it 2/5

    By Celes684
    I used to really like my AT&T TV Now, but they made an update a few weeks ago and it’s horrible. Their lag on forward or reverse of recorded items is awful and they blame it on your network (blame the customer!) It’s harder to select something you want to watch because the scroll is super slow because of their (your) lag, and it’s super easy to accidentally delete recordings. AT&T clearly does not care about quality of service or about its customers.
  • Record programs not working correctly. 1/5

    By Gatorgirl509
    App is not recording correctly. Either there is a loop in the recording that takes you back to the beginning in the middle of watching it or the audio is not working.
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By ahdkfusgtbicsha
    SOO slow and laggy!! Nothing loads!!
  • Fixe 5/5

    By jose nery
    when moving the control is a little slow they should fix that! 2 Please add subtitles in Spanish very important to the Spanish speaking market and fix when a show ends our program sounds too hard to fix that
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Lisa "Z"
    We just switched to AT&T TV from Spectrum and I am now regretting my decision. The AT&T app for Apple TV is horrible. I am 3-4 minutes behind when watching on my Samsung Smart TV or Roku at least with the Spectrum app I was only about 30-45 seconds behind cable. If AT&T can’t fix this I will definitely be exploring other options.
  • Awful 1/5

    By ajharri1990
    The new app is awful
  • Worst tv app out there 1/5

    By PlanoDave
    I’ve tried all the main live TV apps and this is by far the worst in both performance and functionality on Apple TV. The app is slow to respond, it takes a few seconds for a show to play after skipping ahead. This is not a wifi issue, my Apple TV is using a wired connection and had no issues with YouTube TV. When trying to search ahead in the guide it jumps all over the place, forget skipping to a day. When trying to look forward, it goes back to current. I constantly get network busy messages. Once again YouTube TV worked flawlessly on the same connection since AT&T reps always try to blame your wifi for issues. Functionality wise there is no way to pause live tv or rewind live tv unless the show is recorded to the dvr. That’s one of those things that is just expected these days. There is no ability to fast forward while seeing what you are skipping so you know the commercials are over. You have to either guess how much time or skip 15 seconds at a time which causes buffering and network busy messages. Love the little preview window while searching forward on other services. If I weren’t getting this at a discount along with unlimited home internet with a bundle I’d go back to YouTube TV in a second. Even so I’m considering paying the extra $15 a month for unlimited internet and the full price for YouTube TV. That’s how bad this service is. The developers really need to take a look at their competitors and take notes.
  • Overall good and I hope it continues to improve 4/5

    By pppkitty
    I’m very happy you can now watch shows while browsing other apps on your device. My 2 biggest beefs - When you leave the ATT app and are browsing other apps, if the audio was muted before you left you have to go back into the ATT app to unmute. This often causes my second beef below. There should a way to unmute whether you are in the app or not. - When you go back into the app while watching something it almost always barfs, closes what you are watching, doesn’t save your position, and refreshes everything. It needs to be able to refresh/re-enter the app without hosing up the current stream.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By rosso parker
    Channel order is by network In ABC order and can’t change it. The app has shows broken up by type but they don’t get all of the correct channels. Audio drop off after a few min. The TV is in order by channel number. No way to go back and check what you previously were watching.
  • Improvements needed 2/5

    By Divergirl727
    As most other people said, there are some improvements to be done. 1. When you are watching live TV and you pause, when you restart it, it goes right back to live TV. Not cool. 2. During a recording playback, there is no way to fast forward without just clicking the 15 second forward button 100 times. You should take suggestions from YouTube TV. 3. The app commonly glitches out during live and playback shows. I have extremely fast internet so it isn’t because of that.
  • Worse by the day 1/5

    By floorsac
    I have had this app and service for at least 3 years. When it works it is great...but that is few and far between the last few months. It buffers about every 5 minutes during prime time evenings and gives me notice the network is congested. It is not the service. The app skips and buffers no matter if I am using cellular data or internet. It is ATT TV that admits it is a “congested time” I have att on my phone and it disconnects and then ask me to sign in again two or three times a day. I have the app on my TV and the same thing. I think they own the word “ oops” or “ Humm”. So tired of seeing that with the spinning circle. I understand reception and area for service, but same area, same home for 3 years and same phone for almost a year. If your system can’t handle the volume, stop selling subscriptions!! Service what you promised and/or pay for better engineers!!!!!
  • Submitted information about this fraudulent service to media outlets 1/5

    By Stintshot
    After the last update which fixed nothing, I have begun submitting my information about the fake updates to multiple media sources. The updates are nothing more than to list update records for the app. As a software engineer, I’ve tested and determined that since October 2020, each update has had zero change.
  • Poor support for AirPlay 2/5

    By Clecat
    Many features of the app work well and are easy to use. AirPlay, sadly, is not one of them. I like to send the audio via AirPlay to speakers (HomePod and HomePod Mini). When I do this, however, the video is grayed out on the screen, there’s a big pause symbol in the center, and a message displays indicating it’s playing on AirPlay. Combined it makes watching anything impossible. I can’t fathom the thinking behind this. Why prohibit users from using AirPlay speakers? Please, please fix this AT&T. When a user engages AirPlay, the screen should not look any different. Many other app developers and streaming services understand this and offer seamless and unobtrusive application of the AirPlay functionality. -Eagerly awaiting resolution to this frustrating occurrence.
  • Lazy or oblivious? 1/5

    By PinkiesOutNYC
    Welcome to the AT&T new app? These app updates have mentioned in the description for over a year. I’d classify that as NOT new. Is this intentional, overlooked? Please let the consumers know what they can expect with changes and ditch the antiquated canned descriptions.
  • New version of the app has limitations 2/5

    By savagepete
    Even with the new version of the app you still can’t cast recorded shows from the library. Very disappointing.
  • Love ATT tv 5/5

    By rachelle65
    Never had one problem with it. Excellent selection and service thru our roku. Wouldnt change a thing!!
  • Channel line up 5/5

    By Mikey z50
    Dose AT&T tv plan to add more channels to its like up in the future ?
  • Buffering to much 2/5

    By ME TOO. 70
    I move six months ago they told me all I had to do was unplug and plug it back in for streaming every since I’ve done that but face 24 seven I am not a happy camper I just tried to call I get over the water I want to speak to someone that’s right here in the United States and it actually starts buffering anytime after 2 o’clock Mountain time I believe it is
  • Absolutely embarrassing 1/5

    By huffdaddymac
    This app is slow, often unresponsive, and just downright shameful to be approved by Apple.
  • No Stars 1/5

    By Increase font
    This has to be the worst app in the history of online tv apps. Everyone associated with this horrible app should be fired immediately. Then a competent team should be hired that knows something about developing a tv app. Any knowledge would be an improvement over what the current idiots have devised.
  • What did you change 2/5

    By bdo3198765
    Long time user... like since the beta trials. Overall, I’ve been pleased with the service and the improvements made since launch. However, the latest changes to the Apple TV version of the app are flashy but unfortunately carry significant lag while trying to use the app. Please fix this problem. I want to continue my service but I’m fed up with the deficient user experience.
  • Everything Lags 1/5

    By toothless
    All controls from the remote control lag. Skip fwd 15 seconds and back 15 seconds both don’t work. Horrible user experience.
  • Lags on AppleTV 1/5

    By 455HOL3
    I used to love this app but since the latest update it’s been working so bad that I had to do something I hardly ever do - write a review in hopes of someone here reading it and taking action. Ever since the latest update the app interface lags unbelievably slow. Takes forever to load and to change channels. I’ll rescind my one star review when this is resolved.
  • From bad to worse... 1/5

    By John Schult
    I’m not sure who is writing your Apple TV app for you but they seem like amateurs. I am sure there is no way the app could be more unresponsive. I use a lot of streaming apps and this is by far the worst. Sluggish, annoying, and hard to use. There seems to be very little focus on how a user might actually use it. ProTip: Check out YouTube TV to see how it’s done. What made you think opening the last channel someone watched when the app started was a good idea? It’s an app, not an actual TV. Pretend you have an opportunity to reinvent TV because you quite literally do. The app used to be somewhat usable, meaning it was at least responsive. However, now it just makes me mad every time I open it. Nothing about this app makes me want to use it.
  • Bed app 1/5

    By Mrtydbowl
    Hate that I have to have AT&T to watch the braves. Terrible app
  • Cannot access this app 1/5

    By casheets123
    Well I just switched to AT&T TV so downloaded this app and I cannot even sign into it. Hugely disappointed because this is much more expensive than YouTube TV to get a portion of the other features/channels I had there.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By nakzocovia
    The most worthless app ever made, can’t even login.
  • Good , but 5/5

    By wildelephant
    As a subscriber I like the app but the channel guide needs much improvement
  • tvOS related 1/5

    By Wesmangolfer
    Specifically relating to TVOS - Apple TV boxes…this program is rendered useless since the recent updates, 3-4 weeks and running….It’s buggy, remote no longer works/ app is unresponsive, the app on Apple TV platforms hardly ever loads properly. Note: using Apple TV boxes, latest editions, up to date firmware (apple & ATT app updates)
  • Scott 2/5

    By Doodlejumpingalldeway
    on older Apple TV tvOS 14.4 app Build 34563 v4.0.4 (in the apps about info) and 4.0.3 seem to not hang like previous versions requiring restart of Apple TV, but have very slow startup and very slow response to user remote input from either Apple TV remote or iPhone remote app. 4.0.4 update ~seems~ to have a slightly better response more of the time than 4.0.3, but still very sluggish. Can take over 1 second to display the response to each swipe direction or select input from remote. Since it queues these up can be very problematic. This doesn’t occur in other similar apps like BlazeTV. Requires a lot of patience and very slow deliberate user input to navigate screens. User input prior to last updates was better, but those versions would hang. ATT TV Now notified me early Mar 2021 the cost of my package would be increasing an additional $9.99/month!
  • Absolute Worst Ever Television Streaming App 1/5

    By kjstephe
    Try Fubo. Try YouTube TV. Try literally anything except this app. It crashes constantly, lags, is in no way user friendly, and they even pay freaking ads WHEN YOU PRESS PAUSE. This service is garbage. Don’t waste your money. We only have it so we can watch NHL and plan to switch immediately once hockey season ends.
  • Not sure what happened 2/5

    By OnlyLadyDC
    Update 3/31: Apple TV app continues to crash. You can’t increase the prices and not have a functional app... I had Directv Now for a few months last year and loved it. I signed up for it again but it doesn’t work the same. The auto play doesn’t work when watching a series and I can’t access my library because I can’t seem to get pack the “beta recording” banner. So I have to search for what I want to watch because I can’t see/access my library.
  • Absolutely garbage 1/5

    By supercolbert
    This app is barely functional 20% of the time on any device. Slow, bad quality, and lags behind live tv by random amounts. It’s absurd that we are forced to use this trash to watch MLB.
  • Full screen 3/5

    By Russ4653
    No option for expanding to full screen in iPhones. Samsung phones has it why not iPhones
  • App is unusable 1/5

    By MarkHuckaby
    With the last update it is almost unusable. It is profoundly slow to load and the remote is very slow and non-responsive. You can’t effectively scroll through the guide because it scrolls so slowly and stutters. It’s horrible. Fix it!
  • Are you still there? 1/5

    By BitingChaos
    Are you still there? Are you still there? Are you still there? This is what this app keeps asking me. THE DEVELOPERS OF THIS APP ARE IDIOTS. Are you still there? Are you still there? It's asks me this multiple times while watching TV. Yes, I'm watching. I bought a TV, paid for Internet, signed up for TV service, and put on my favorite channel. Why wouldn't I be watching? It randomly interrupts the news, movies, kids' shows, etc. I change to a new channel, "Are you still there?" I put on a program for the kids, "Are you still there?" Yes, you stupid app.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Rhino Dino
    This app used to be fine, but with the latest updates it will not open. I just get a blue screen.
  • Recordings are like Casper 2/5

    By Beke25
    Seeing how the Xfinity app worked and now having to deal with ATT because Xfinity isn’t in our service area is taking a little getting used to. I definitely went backwards using this app. No casting, streaming is iffy, no deletion folder, restriction on how long you can keep recording, always crashing which annoying results in you starting the show over again or remembering where you stopped, slow response to command, etc. Now add the fact that my recordings are all of a sudden disappearing from recording list. ATT please fix whatever bug is causing this.
  • 16 commercials consecutively 1/5

    By nancynursy
    The app/movie will get stuck snd after commercials will spin and spin. When the movie or show finally returns, we are forced to watch 8 more commercials and most of the time it will also not resume at right place but starts the whole show over again. If I fast forward go to spot where I left off... gotta watch 6-8 more commercials. Give impression that ATT has no clue what they’re doing or what they’re putting their customers through. It just wrong
  • You ruined this app! 1/5

    By screwytvwatcher
    Can’t even navigate through this debacle on Apple TV! Fix it!
  • Service OK, iPad app very buggy 2/5

    By Ckhess
    Each release of the iPad app seems to have more problems. Slow to load, video freezes (while audio continues), preview screen starts with 2 seconds of audio which is weird. Overall, the service is OK, but the app is very frustrating to use and gets worse on each release. Now that AT&T has raised their prices again, it is no longer the bargain it once was and there are better services for the money out there.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By gghuhvtagy
    The worst app - crashes and restarts the episode. I’ve had to sit through a an episode all over multiple times because fast forward is disabled
  • App trash 1/5

    By Lindsley92
    App needs help. Always restarts my library content when I multi task or get a phone call.
  • Think Twice 1/5

    By giaboricua
    Buyer beware: Signing up for service is conditional upon setting up AutoPay. They charged me three times in March 2020 to the tune of $200.00 for JUST television service. It’s been three months, and I still haven’t received my box from them. I’ve basically been paying to watch an app with commercials. And man are there commercials to watch! Also, if you add internet, they bill it completely separate from their TV service. So you’ll get one bill in the mail (for internet) and never see the one for TV. You’ll pay for internet; meanwhile they’re swimming around your bank account or credit limit like Scrooge McDuck claiming it’s for TV. Don’t do it.
  • Fast forwarding and rewinding 2/5

    By Hhhjll
    Why can’t I see what I’m fast forwarding and rewinding on my recordings? I have to sit there and guess how far to go. Just came from YouTube tv and they somehow have it down.