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AT&T TV is the streaming app you use with your AT&T TV or AT&T TV NOW service. Experience live sports, news, shows, events, and binge tens of thousands of on-demand titles - including hit movies and the most talked-about series. Watch your recorded programs at home and on-the-go with our cloud DVR and quickly find what you want to watch with our dynamic and easy to use interface. If you love your entertainment, AT&T TV is where you want to be. Please note: this app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which contributes to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. For more information visit:

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AT&T TV app reviews

  • 4.09 (prior review for 4.06/.07/.08) is so buggy it’s unusable 1/5

    By Mpffft
    Edit: 4.09 is as unusable as the last 2 revs (4.07 & 4.08), which were worse than earlier releases, if that’s possible. Seems like AT&T is in a race with itself to drive away customers 4.08 review: Now when the guide finally loads, portions of it disappear when you re-scroll up or down to them. Have to poke the screen hard, repeatedly, for any response; often have to reload for response. Running latest iPadOS, 2019 iPad, fiber optic WiFi @ 1GB speed. Really, AT&T devs, get it together Old review: I’ve used AT&T’s iOS apps since the DirecTV NOW days, and have never encountered a version so buggy as to be unusable. Until now. I even deleted it, did a clean reinstall of iPadOS 14.3, and reinstalled the AT&T app. No difference. The guide only loads about ⅓ of the way, then freezes while scrolling. It’s unresponsive to touch commands. I have to close and reopen the app each time I change channels, and it often freezes during reloads. Why bother paying for a subscription to a streaming service that is unusable on late-model Apple devices? Lots of competition in the streaming market nowadays.
  • Video feed from CBS doesn’t work 1/5

    By njalexsmith
    Multiple devices show an error during a playoff football game on channel CBS stating “channel isn’t working” The customer service hung up twice on me. I wish ATT didn’t offer HBO free with the package. You pay for what you get with this terrible service.
  • Crashes every time 1/5

    By JoeyB629
    Have not been able to use the app at all. Crashes every time I open it.
  • No. 1/5

    By ajk1001
    Called yesterday and signed up over the phone. The woman who helped me apparently did not register me or whatever. Never able to log in. Called the next day and they had no record of my tv service being initiated. So go that all set up again but the process was completely opposite and of course there were changes. Then none of our devices would stream the channels. Spent half the day trouble shooting. All they could do was reset my password. I signed up for the choice package but all the channels just kept saying it wasn’t included (even though we’re supposed to be). Nothing ever worked. Ended up cancelling that same day. So frustrating.
  • Needs some UI help 4/5

    By dickrichie
    The UI needs lots of work. Should work with picture and picture and most of all let us select a future show and have a pop up reminder to watch it on iOS and TVOS
  • Terrible 1/5

    By jt92677
  • Great Spanish add-on, app needs tweaking 3/5

    By eaguir4
    Switched to AT&T TV for the Spanish add-on which is unbeatable elsewhere. The packages offered are worth the money. I noticed resolution and sound is superior as well. Only problem is the interface of the phone app. Dark mode, Picture in Picture, as well as the ability to make videos full screen would be great. Another issue is the simultaneous streaming. It’ll show the last channel watched on your account, not on your TV. If you have 3 people using your account it can be pretty frustrating. This reason alone dropped a whole star for me.
  • Crashes frequently when I open 1/5

    By dschamis
    How is it that AT&T can be this bad?
  • Must restart all on demand shows if you leave the app 2/5

    By Rrg_girl
    If you leave the app for any reason you can’t go back and pick up where you left off on a show. SOOO frustrating if you don’t make it through something and then you have to just let the iPad sit and play the show by itself for an hour to where you were so you can finally watch again. No fast forward is available!
  • Stay Away for Sports—1980 VHS DVR 2/5

    By dsderouin
    $80 per month and terrible sports DVR. Community has been asking for this for years. Far inferior to YouTube TV. Unable to just select a team and record their games. You have you look through the guide like it’s 1980 and record each game. Yes..manual. Keep in mind...this has been the issue raised by the community FOR YEARS. All of us coming from YouTube TV because they ditched RSN are now going to pick this feature scab again.
  • Thanks 1/5

    By tahoenick
    Thanks to myself for reading the reviews first. I will not be subscribing until AT&T fixes this app.
  • Wont even open 1/5

    By icarusfox
    Seems to crash every time I open it. I uninstalled it and started over fresh. Worked fine for a minute. Came back to the app a few minutes later and the same thing.
  • Dark mode 1/5

    By t0xygen.
    Dark mode dark mode dark mode dark mode dark mode dark mode dark mode dark mode dark mode dark mode dark mode dark mode. Have been asking for this ever since this app came out in 2016, cmon already............. You guys are telling me no one in your team uses this and thinks “hey maybe a dark mode would be nice so as not to blind ourselves with the glaring white page when going back to guide from watching a film............ I think it should be fairly simple.
  • Siri doesn’t work 2/5

    By Sad405Freeway
    “Hey Siri tune to (channel name)” does not work for significant majority of channels. Please fix the coding.
  • Updates need mean 1/5

    By BabyBackThatAppUp
    Your updates need meaningful descriptions of what’s being updated. Even if it’s just bugs. You’ve had the same description for every update for a year yet very simple bugs for recorded shows I’ve deleted showing back up have not been fixed.
  • Volume is low of main content 2/5

    By kglong
    On demand content’s volume is so low that I need to crank up the volume of my device but the ads’ volume are so high that i need to physically turn up and down the volume just to watch a title. Live stream is also low. Samsung app is terribly buggy. Cannot watch an episode without pausing, ff and unpausing a show just to make it continue to play
  • Nice to be able to watch DVR but a lacking interface 2/5

    By Capt Dāv
    I have it two stars because I like the added ability from U-verse to watch recorded shows. Unfortunately who ever AT&T uses to develop their apps seem to remove simple functionality like a red dot & multiple red dots on shows that are programmed so that you can quickly identify a show as schedule or not. Or the ability within the app to adjust the recording option as you could/can with direct & u-verse. If anyone in the development department is reading please look at the other television apps and improve this app. The guide looks like it was developed by a high school freshman entry level class. I wish you would have adapted the u-verse or directv phone apps and tv box apps to work with the software and not redeveloped it to be a stripped down version.
  • Please stop signing me out on my Apple TV 3/5

    By DLeM
    Sincerely, Customer
  • Very inconsistent. 2/5

    By Atl8934
    I’ve had Hulu Live, Sling, and YouTube TV all before. I now have this solely because it’s the only way I can watch Charlotte Hornets games now. My Hornets games constantly freeze and I feel that it’s not as easy to use as other apps. As soon as someone else picks up rights to these games or the season is over, I’ll be cancelling immediately.
  • Needs a Fast Forward Button 2/5

    By rebopo
    Decent App but not being able to fast forward without guessing is very annoying.
  • Worse app ever 😡 1/5

    By bm201810528
    It keep saying that there another device Streaming l delete all devices that l,m not looking at and it sill says that
  • Great for you phone - Horrible for casting 1/5

    By JGuz1978
    I have never had success in trying to cast any show from my phone to my tv. It’s the most frustrating thing & I don’t know why I’m paying for this nonsense. I would love to see an actual show on a large screen but all I ever get in response is “You can’t cast cloud dvr recordings just yet. We’re still working on it. Thanks for your patience. “ For 2 years now they’ve been working on it. Ridiculous. Will it ever be fixed?! Apparently not. The actual app on a Smart TV is just as bad. Shows constantly skip, pause, jump back to the beginning. Everything that could possibly go wrong & frustrate you is exactly what this app delivers. The. Worst.
  • Be prepared for issues 1/5

    By Pink Maiden
    I don’t understand how an app can go from bad, to awful, to worse! This app gets worse with each update! It freezes up when the hours change. If you view in Picture in Picture and look at anything while you have it in Picture in Picture mode the app will re-load itself when you enlarge again...too many problems to list here.
  • run that back, please 3/5

    By adriangates
    how about adding the ability to rewind live tv, already. not sure why this hasn’t been done. once that feature is added, this will be, hands down, the best platform, and a 5-star app.
  • Add channels numbers 4/5

    By RyanDraws
    In the filter give the option to sort by channel number instead of just network names. Thank you
  • Terrible performance, get Hulu instead 1/5

    By bamam90
    Started on Hulu live and switched to AT&T TV since our internet is with them, what a huge mistake. It’s garbage across all devices, especially mobile. The commercials will play the same 1-2 every time, and will duplicate them. You haven’t felt true rage until having to listen to the same flipping Christmas car commercial 3 times in a row EVERY. COMMERCIAL. BREAK. on any channel you switch to. Including during recordings because the pause, fast forward, and rewind functions are a joke and do NOT work. Trying to FF/RW puts you at the beginning of whatever commercial you were trying to skip in the first place, and now your torture has been extended. Service is crappy at best; connection is constantly dropping from any devices. Restarting the app and device doesn’t work consistently, it just decides when it’s done crashing. Switching between anything in the app and trying to control is slow and glitchy. Channels you pay for and were literally in the middle of watching a movie on will suddenly crash and air a message basically saying you don’t have access to the channel. Also, my favorite problem is when I’m trying to find a channel on my iPad that I know is saved, but it doesn’t exist anymore. Turn on the tv though, and there it is! It’s not the devices or internet, as we are able to test and use other apps per usual with no interruptions or degradation of service. My husband and I have to travel for our work still, if I can get around Hulu’s crappy location tagging we will definitely be switching back to their live service and cancelling this!
  • Poor App 2/5

    By Fuzzy Reviews
    This is consistently one of the worst apps on my iPhone XS. Among other things, picture-in-picture rarely works and the app doesn’t work with a VPN because AT&T wants your location and wants to spy on you even after you’ve paid for your monthly subscription.
  • Extended recording of sports games. 5/5

    By ford624
    Att tv needs to show an option to extend recording of sports games. Very many times the game or program goes longer than scheduled. Then some times we/I miss the end. 🙁
  • Worst Streaming App I’ve Ever Used 1/5

    By thedirkknightrises
    This is hands down the worst streaming app I’ve ever used. I only got it because Sinclair/Fox Sports isn’t on YouTube TV. I will be cancelling this subscription as soon as the NBA season is over. It is a joke how bad this is. Recording anything is such a headache. So is fast-forwarding or rewinding. I have tried this app on Apple TV, a Samsung TV, and on my IPad (2019). It is terrible on every single device. Stay away if you can.
  • Watching on Apple TV 1/5

    By Angry Grandma Linda
    I would give this zero stars if I could. I always thought the app would improve over time, but it has gotten worse. Any recorded shows will suddenly start back over multiple times. It's very frustrating and we're looking to switch at this point.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By Eqvilim
    Such a headache to use. Constantly glitching and freezing when connected to any device. ATT works so hard to make the app “secure” for them that they sacrifice all usability unless you’re just using it on your phone.
  • Ipad app is glitchy 4/5

    By wrayf
    This update does not load very well. It has a long wait time to load the guide, it dims and sits with the pause symbol if you just touch the screen. Most of the time you cant use the discover tab to search for show because it never loads the screen. Long time user of this app.
  • Poorest quality of any streaming app 1/5

    By #calidude
    Use YouTube Tv, Hulu, Fubo as this goose is cooked and DirectTV/AT&T are still stuck in dishes and set top boxes. Absolutely the most unpleasant watching experience and funded with hundreds of advertisements. Who pays for that anymore is just stupidly handing money to others.
  • Never gets better. 1/5

    By mkss55442
    Still believe AT&T scams the ratings to make it look better than it is. Look at the number of 1 and 2 star reviews over the last year and compare it to the number of 4 and 5 star reviews for the same period. Explain how that translates to 4.4 stars. They were 2.3 stars just prior to becoming AT?T Still takes way too long for the system to realize that you’ve disconnected a 2nd stream so it can allow a new stream to start. Go into your Library and delete all episodes for a show. Exit back to the top level of your Library and the previously selected show still appears. Select the show and you’ll still see one episode that you just deleted. Why doesn’t delete mean delete? Has anyone heard what they’re going to do with Discovery+? Integrate it for free? Take away all of the channels that were part of your package, and raise the price to get the new network? Or ???
  • Please offer Dark Mode 4/5

    By makeli
    We watch at night and the white background is rough. Thanks!
  • Glitchy 3/5

    By catryan73
    I’d rate this app higher if there was an option to turn off the play on launch feature. I hate play on launch all by itself but then I get the bonus of having it freeze/slow down the app in the process. Super annoying in too many ways to list. Why not open the guide upon launch instead?
  • Disastrous level of unrepaired bugs 1/5

    By ebcomm
    Over the last few months, this app — especially on iPad — has declined dramatically. You literally cannot pause and resume without the pause icon remaining permanently on the screen. You have to either change channels or turn subtitles on and off to get the pause button to stop appearing. You cannot record while watching a show because the pause button appears and obliterates all other controls. I reinstalled the app, restarted the iPad tried on multiple devices – it’s just plain broken. Is there no one in the AT&T corporation who actually owns an iPad? If the CEO did, this would be fixed overnight
  • Needs to show vast improvement to become unsatisfactory 1/5

    By 999rash
    Latest update is at least 2 steps backwards. SLOW! No longer able to scroll back in time. unable to restart programming to beginning of selection. Unable to access chat support through app. ETC , USW, ETC,...... If it works, quit screwing with it.....
  • Miss most of everything! 2/5

    By Pazo Aruba
    I agree with those who would love to give zero stars! Not getting what I'm paying for. I've been trying to watch something for 15 minutes and get about a minute and then it freezes.not a rare thing, a rare thing is for it NOT to freeze. 12-30-20 tried to see what’s on tonight and everything is listed on the wrong channel and it isn’t even close! Netflix tonight
  • Nice interface, terrible dvr controls 3/5

    By Alex Di Giacomo
    I got this app because I wanted to switch all my television to streaming only, and this offered the same channels I get with directv. The app has a great user interface and exceeds expectations in mostly every regard, except when it comes to the poor support for fast forwarding and rewind controls on Apple TV. It does not support the typical gestures used with the Siri remote (like clicking on the right of the trackpad to skip 10 seconds, or holding to fast forward in a scrubbing manner). It only offers the option to join to a time mark using the trackpad, which is very inaccurate and it does not allow for precise selection or for a preview of the content for that time mark, unlike the standard behavior on Apple TV for Netflix and many other apps. It seems like this should be an easy fix, but the fact is not there already tells me the app is not ready for prime time. Everything else is great but this is big enough to be a deal breaker for me, as it makes for a very poor experience when watching recorded shows.
  • Worst app 1/5

    By zlkdnndbbsjsbbbnsi
    This app is useless nothing on it works there is no point to it whatsoever.
  • Yep - STILL TERRIBLE 1/5

    By dbhou65
    I’m going to just keep posting my 1 star reviews since ATT obviously intends to ignore problems. Bugs, bugs and more bugs — all very well documented in these reviews. I’m sure ATT will not take this long to implement price increases. It’s a shame a company with so many resources can’t show come interest in customer experience and satisfaction.
  • Slow and not pretty 1/5

    By Smothgreen
    The app is very slow and desperately needs a makeover. This would be acceptable in 2013 but is far behind the competition in 2020. Please update this app to make it faster and more aesthetically pleasing.
  • A buggy mess 1/5

    By pchris16
    This app has always been an unstable, buggy experience on iOS and is even worse on AppleTV. While I have seen some features get better, they are always just getting parity with other streaming services like YouTubeTV and not making the user experience stand apart in any way. For example, I cannot pause a live feed. If I press pause, the screen freezes and when I unpause, the feed skips ahead to the live broadcast. It’s no more than a mute button that pauses the picture. More than that, I regularly need to force quit the app due to being in a bad state with a blank screen not able to bring up the guide or live TV. And on AppleTV, there are times I just need to restart the device to get the AT&T TV app out of a bad state. That is really drastic measures for whatever exception has been thrown. About the only good feature is that streaming does not count against data limits when not on wifi, but that has nothing to do with the app itself or the user experience.
  • Landscape only⁉️ no way change it back❗️ 4/5

    By MommaSwinty
    We love AT&T now, used to be DIRECTV now, used to be DIRECTV LOL there are some glitches but those are “first world problems” they’re all workable, usually very fleeting & temporary but now the most unforgivable horrific change with the last update: landscape only⁉️ absolutely no way❗️change it back now IT’S SO ANNOYING PLEASE STOP LANDSCAPE
  • Plz flip the default display orientation 1/5

    By MapsyMaparam
    Can you change the default orientation so that the ipad volume buttons go to top? It will be a really pleasant feature to use.
  • AT&TTVNOW recent updates 1/5

    By unhappysubscriberme
    Since the recent updates this app has performed horrendously and I got no help from customer service
  • Att tv 1/5

    By dwbmslou
    Service is horrible. Can’t get answers on service questions. Closed a lot. Hard to understand reset directions on line.
  • Blah 1/5

    By Sweetly Pleased