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AT&T TV is the streaming app you use with your AT&T TV or AT&T TV NOW service. Experience live sports, news, shows, events, and binge tens of thousands of on-demand titles - including hit movies and the most talked-about series. Watch your recorded programs at home and on-the-go with our cloud DVR and quickly find what you want to watch with our dynamic and easy to use interface. If you love your entertainment, AT&T TV is where you want to be. Please note: this app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which contributes to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. For more information visit:

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  • Almost perfect 5/5

    By SH1956
    Has a few glitches here & there-sound cuts off for a few seconds, has small issue when someone is talking & their mouth isn’t in sync, usually on live tv-news mostly. Wish there was a remote in the app, similar to the remote in the Direct TV app. Switched from Direct TV to AT&T TV and LOVE IT. Thank you AT&T.
  • DVR functionality is a joke 2/5

    By Towjam60
    Although the app is functional with regards to the basics - such as watching live TV, etc., it is a total failure when it comes to using the app for discovering and recording shows. For example, you cannot add pre/post minutes to a recording to compensate for sporting events, etc. This is a VERY basic requirement that even TiVo had figured out >20 years ago.
  • Doesn’t work, app literally ceases to work on load. 1/5

    By XPortagoX
    Just installed this app moments ago, I allowed it to use my subscription and it is now stuck on loading and gives me “Please subscribe to AT&T TV” and is giving me the error code 8012. There is not a single shred of information on this error code and I can’t use the app because of it.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Mrtydbowl
    Awful. Terrible. Garbage. Poop. Doesn’t work. Have to give you my money to watch my team. Can’t ever get the channel to work though. Stupid. Infuriating. Bad. Bad bad. Doesn’t deserve a single star. Update months later: STILL doesn’t work. AT&T tv in general is garbage. The web browser player is blurry the whole time. The phone app tells me a program isn’t available in my area even though it definitely is. The apple tv app does the same thing but will correct if I uninstall and then reinstall. Still have no other option to watch the Atlanta Braves.
  • New version of the app has limitations 1/5

    By savagepete
    Even with the new version of the app you still can’t cast recorded shows from the library. Very disappointing.
  • $$& 3/5

    By hdhdhsshsjs
    For the money we are paying for this, more than most, it seems to be having sound issues... I thought at first it was my tv but seems all tv's in my house are doing it. Sounds goes way down and then starts crackling noises. Please fix this!!! Over all I do like this
  • Could be better 3/5

    By selcangri
    5 people sharing one profile is not ideal.
  • Update release notes never change = fake updates 1/5

    By Stintshot
    The reason why this app is so bad is because the version updates are fake. Seriously look at the version history for the past year. Nothing has changed. They literally keep their canned marketing nonsense verbiage and can’t admit there are literally no updates. Bugs continue on and on and on and on and on. Fraudulent. This service won’t be around in a couple years because it’s complete trash ran by fraudsters.
  • Lazy Developers 1/5

    By PinkiesOutNYC
    Update notes include “welcome to the new app”. It’s been over a year. It’s not new.
  • Cost way to much!! 1/5

    By Grauherr
    Get Philo it’s way cheaper like a third of the price $25 a month
  • Horrible user experience 1/5

    By VivSavage01
    Awful lag time trying to fast forward through recordings. Takes as long as just watching commercials . Only reason I subscribed was to watch YES network for Yankees games. Not worth it. Going to cancel service in September. Their app is the worst I’ve tried. YouTube TV and Hulu are far superior.
  • No Rewind or Fast Forward 1/5

    By Nevistn
    I just signed up with ATT TV only to discover there is no rewind or fast forward. This is unacceptable. I had these features over 20 years ago with TiVo. It’s hard to imagine anyone would use this product.
  • Crap 1/5

    By 44pig
    I have att cell service and this app works half the shows lte or 5g still doesn’t work
  • Not terrible 3/5

    By Cubsfan122112
    Not a terrible option for cutting the cord. But the guide could use improvements. For shows that are on now, there is no way to see the description without switching to the show then pressing the info button. It’s an outing switching to shows just to see the description. I wish voice commands worked within the app. Either via iPhone or from remotes such as roku. Occasionally there will be a sync issue with the sound and picture. Whether sports, or other shows, the sound will be delayed from the picture, then I’ll have to turn it off and back on to reset it in my tv.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By ManoliBallz
    Got rid of Spectrum and have not looked back since I got AT&T TV. Don’t blow your money on cable rip-off
  • From bad to worse 2/5

    By southpaw531
    This app had promised when I first started using it. It has gotten progressively worse. The latest version of it is painful to use. It is slow, sometimes, unresponsive. On top of everything they want more money. It should be awesome by now…it is far from it.
  • Please be aware of early termination fee 1/5

    By JBC9801
    With so many streaming services to choose from this is by far the worse! You can cancel Hulu Live, YouTube TV, Sling and many others without having to pay a dime for canceling. AT&T charges $255 to cancel and this is their streaming service and not their satellite service. Better options out there.
  • Sorry App! 1/5

    By BenH77
    We continue to have troubles with the AT&T TV streaming app. It can take it 10 to 15 minutes when you open it because it is trying to load the last program that was on when the TV was turned off. I have deleted and reinstalled and still no luck. Even the installation has to be done multiple times before it works. I only switched to get Bally Sports. I’m looking for other options.
  • App impossibly slow on AppleTV 1/5

    By TitoLebron
    The app is so slow to track to user inputs on HD Apple TV that it is almost impossible to use flip over channels or guide. It used to be better - please fix - the service is useless with this latest app…
  • Location Servies 1/5

    By KenoshaKyle
    Location services are so broken I can’t watch any MLB content without it giving me an out of market error. Multiple interactions with support have led nowhere.
  • Horrible app…has gotten even worse 1/5

    By B D R
    The app is buggier than ever now with Apple TV and Roku. It has gotten worse. It at least crashes once a day. If you pause a live show you can only pause 30 seconds, any longer it jumps to live tv. The guide loads very slowly. Scrolling through the guide takes for ever as it loads one network schedule at a time as you scroll through it…it’s very choppy to scroll. Also the non-mainstream networks available show all old programming, not much is new unless you’re watching a mainstream network. Any other network you have to go into that specific networks app to see anything current. For the price, it’s a racket and you can go to direct tv or another provider for a little bit more money and have a smooth experience. It’s just like att to take something that was good and turn it into a nightmare.
  • Recording movies 5/5

    By sad sad sad scooby doo viewers
    When I record a small kids movie (Scooby-Doo movies etc.) it does NOT get the ending. I am getting tired of explaining this to my children. This is more than a little bug. It’s a HUGE ANNOYANCE!!!!!!
  • Poorly developed- extremely buggy. 3/5

    By Scudder in Honolulu
    When it works, it’s fine. On the other hand there are way too many problems. The Apple flash the recorded programs you have savedAnd then come back microseconds later to tell you you have nothing available. You can be a horrible experience. Coming out of the app completely And then back in will not always work. Quality control was not a priority.

    By Imveryupset1000
  • Never fix issues 1/5

    By RedEyeProductions
    I just upgraded to an iPad and the time and date along with battery life do not exit from the top screen when watching something in full screen. Aside from that, always getting issues with channels or the guide not loading. Works sometimes then doesn’t. Doesn’t record DVR shows that are set to record sometimes. No real tech or phone support, only support is through a chat. I’ve never known of a tv service that doesn’t offer phone or email support for issues. It’s as if AT&T bought a service (direct to) then forgot about it…no love for the paying customers who experience issues day in and day out, but they know how to ruin something awesome that worked well before they bought it.

    By MBerm
    When using the app on Apple TV you cannot rewind. If you pause, the show will stop however when you hit play again it jumps to live TV and you can’t rewind it back effectively negating the whole point of being able to pause. This seems like such an easy fix get here we are…
  • Bugs ARE a feature 1/5

    By Captain Custerdome
    I’ve used DirecTVNow / AT&T apps and service for a couple of years now. On the Apple TV platform in particular, no matter how many updates are released, no matter which name the app bears, two basic bugs have persisted in EVERY version: 1 - frequent dropouts - the TV signal goes black and silent. Were this due to a weak WiFi signal, clicking the “menu” button would not bring the signal back immediately every time - but it does. Something in the software is apparently making this happen. 2 - quite often, the program guide will only update and populate when accessed from the “Watch Now” screen. Accessing the guide from the regular menu just stalls and blinks without updating. These two problems having persisted and never being fixed tells me that the app development at AT&T is severely flawed and mismanaged. It also tells me that they simply want to focus on new subscribers without focusing on providing quality service. I will likely be dumping their service and signing up with one of their competitors very soon. *Update 6/28/21 - so how many years now does a giant company like AT&T have to get an app right? Apparently not enough. The AppleTV ATT TV Now app is worse than ever before. Crashes daily on an AppleTV 4K HD. Very slow loading channels, the guide is still buggy, the app doesn’t respond well to remote commands and randomly exits to the AppleTV main menu. Why is it companies with deep pockets hire the worst app programmers? Perpetual epic fail.
  • Horrible performance for apple tv app 1/5

    By Audio issues
    Your performance in the apple tv app has gone from horrible to worst
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Mariozechu
    Extremely useless, ATT is dumpster trash, a hundredfold worse than xfinity
  • Volume issues 3/5

    By Reno NV 451
    Overall everything seems to work well. The one issue that keeps coming up is that on some feeds the volume varies from way too loud to almost no volume at all. These volume issues mostly come up with syndicated shows on ABC. I am using the AT&T streaming device on one tv and the Apple streaming device on the others and they are all suffering with the same volume issues.
  • Awful User Experience 1/5

    By ezschmitty
    Waste of money overall. Only valuable to me now for a few channels I can’t get from other apps. Experience is so bad I sometimes just quit watching those few channels anyway. Experience is a mix from skipping to forced repeating within the same live stream; complete blackouts as if the tv shut off; pauses with the spinning circle of streaming purgatory; trouble screens that say “hmmm this is taking longer than normal;” no clear or easy way to force reset. Most free apps serve their purposes better than this highly priced wreck.
  • Bad 1/5

    By Noneofyourbeezwax!
    So glitchy, always crashes
  • On demand doesn’t work 1/5

    By BumblebeeFlower
    After several installs on demand simply doesn’t play any movies. Awesome work!
  • No longer works 2/5

    By Inadia
    This was great but sloooooowww. Now, it doesn't work at all.
  • Used to be great, now it’s AWFUL!! 1/5

    By djBOOM
    We’ve used this app for years and it’s slowly gotten worse and worse but earlier this year it just got virtually unusable. I keep holding on hoping they will fix it but I don’t know what they’re doing because every time I think it can’t get any worse, it does.
  • Can’t record? 1/5

    By jefffort
    As best I can tell so far, unless I am wrong, and I hope I am, it is not possible to record a show away from home using the AT&T TV app? One of my favorite features of U-Verse.
  • Absolute garbage 1/5

    By ajt44444
    Don’t waste your time
  • They lie! 1/5

    By formee loyal customer
    So this is the second time in a year they literally doubled my monthly fee for the streaming tv app. It jumped from $50 per month to $98. No notice. Local channels are the only reason I’ve stuck with this garbage service. Same thing happened recently with my internet. I’m switching my phones, internet and streaming app to someone else. Do not trust these crooks
  • Horrible. 1/5

    By Bdashill
    As others are stating, this suddenly has become almost unusable on Apple TV. So laggy, barely moves around. It’s like ATT wants us to switch to something else. It’s making my decision to look elsewhere or just drop this completely a no brainer now. Do they not even test things out when they make an “update”. Just go back to whatever the app was a year ago when it at least worked a little bit.
  • Guide won't load, can't jump to a different channel 2/5

    By seasonsturn
    I cut the cord a while back and ditched cable. I was happy with DirecTVNow. Since it changed to AT&T TV, it's gone downhill. I primarily use the app on Fire TV. It takes forever for the guide to load, and you can't select a new channel to go to from the guide while the guide is loading. You can only go up or down one channel at a time. It kind of defeats the purpose of live TV if you've lost a few minutes just trying to navigate to the channel you want. I have 100mbps fiber internet, so it shouldn't be like this. Come on, AT&T. Fix your app!
  • Don’t watch movies 3/5

    By Buckshot722
    I like the AT&T TV streaming service. I would like to have the ability to pause live TV and stream on more than three devices but live TV is good Do not plan on watching other AT&T content. Ads are way to frequent. About one at every minute although they are not 30 seconds and are grouped together but way too frequent. Stick with Netflix, Hulu or Amazon.
  • It works. Suggestions. 2/5

    By NickSD84
    It works. The video plays. Now to make it a real replacement for the box you want to charge $120 for. On Apple TV: 1) when watching live tv record it while watching so you can rewind if you miss something. You do this on ATT TV Box you ship so why not iOS? 2) Since you can’t have a local DVR. DOWNLOAD THE LOCAL EPISODE TO A LOCAL CACHE so rewind and fwd aren’t slow If you’re gonna force us to not have cable and the benefits of cable using a streaming app needs to have the same upside of a real cable box.
  • No tv 1/5

    By 91241
    I am only getting hbo
  • so many bugs 1/5

    By bcdcnkvdt
    Like half the time the app works great. the other half it either crashes, logs me out randomly, won’t let me sign in, won’t cast, and the list goes on. VeryConvenient for watching tv & recodings. But the app is just unfinished, At&t is a big company I hope the get it fixed.
  • App Suggestions 2/5

    By mojohowski
    The AT&T TV service is pretty good overall. The TV and mobile apps lack filtering type options though. The mobile app (not connected to WiFi) has fast load times which is a plus. Here is a list of suggestions for the mobile app programmers: 1- If you click on a show/movie by accident it’s difficult to keep it from playing. If you select a category the show/movie starts up again. 2- There’s no way to filter/view movies for the packages you have. I can’t view all the movies that are in the Movie Extra Pack per the channel (ie Sony Movie Channel, HDNET movies, etc.). 3- The Cast To functionality doesn’t work. It’s possible I don’t have something configured correctly. 4- No way to clear recent watched shows/movies. 5- If any of the above suggestions are already available, I can’t find any online documentation on how to fix/setup my app to do these things. Still happy to have the AT&T service vs Comcast though.
  • Bad bad bad 1/5

    By Phillip825
    ***This review is for the Apple TV version and usage of this app. This app is one of, if not the worst, app I’ve ever downloaded from Apple. The list is long, but here are some of the most annoying problems. 1. On Demand is not really On Demand. You might be able to “Play Now”, but you also have a more than 50% chance of only getting the option to “Record” and then watch. That’s not really how “On Demand” works AT&T. “On Demand” is actually when you want to watch it. Not record and THEN watch “On Demand”. 2. For the actual “On Demand” shows, hope that you don’t actually want to watch the actual last minute and half of the show because if there is a next episode, it jumps to that before the other episode is over. You know, not at the credits but at the last minute and a half of the show where most of the important things might be happening. 3. Good luck getting “Live TV” to turn off if you actually do find something “On Demand” that you might actually want to watch. I’ve actually had them both playing at the same time. I don’t even know how that’s possible. (Except for the last minute and a half of course.). Those are just the top three. AT&T wants you to pay for their own “box”. I suspect it works a lot better on that than say my Apple TV. Could it be possible that developers are being told to make it not work well outside of the rental AT&T boxes? Hmmm. What are the chances? I thought it might be easier than having a number of subscriptions. It’s not. It’s bad. Just really, really, really bad.
  • App was great, now terrible 1/5

    By Bad upgrade 2017 FYI
    Been using AT&T now as beta testers from the start. Even in its beta form, it was better than what they are putting out now (2021). The app doesn’t respond to the apple remote. It often crashes and takes several attempts to select a channel before it loads the channel. We assume that because AT&T is selling off parts of the company, the app is falling by the side and not updating. It really feels like they are sabotaging the app. We were excited to be the first using the app but now it’s almost unusable. Shame.
  • What do we pay for… 1/5

    By clear it up
    I tried to watch the Euro 2020 Italy/Turkey game on ESPN and after halftime all I got was Baseball- ok, nothing against that… but, I know it was stated to show the match replay that evening and the best part of a WORLDWIDE first sports event (the first of the start of this event!). The guide still showed it as being the Soccer match - what gives. I paid for something I DID NOT GET! Not at all good. Quit disappointing. I do not recall seeing any ticker or otherwise something for the reason why. Note this is not a first - un-similar but not the first, the the one that boiled over.
  • Great App but needs some slight improvements 5/5

    By magnavox_junk
    The ATT TV app is definitely a quality experience when it comes to live TV streaming among the competition. The ability to stream it anywhere on the go is great as well as the on demand content and being able to record a program from anywhere. I love the fact that I can set my favorite channels and not have to browse through all of the channels that I do no care for or have any content I wouldn’t watch. I also like the ability to pause live TV and resume the content when I jump back into the app is great as well. Some room for improvement and features that should be added to the app would be: * Support for the Apple Magic keyboard for navigating the Guide would be great! * Support for Dark mode when using the app would also be a great improvement for the app