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AT&T WatchTV

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  • Current Version: 3.0.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: AT&T Services, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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AT&T WatchTV App

Stream live TV and on demand entertainment with WatchTV from AT&T. Enjoy news, events, and shows as they air. Your favorite TV series and movies can be viewed virtually anywhere, anytime. Looking to watch TV right now? You’re one click away from discovering TV bliss. Simply install the WatchTV app, subscribe, and join the streaming party! LIVE TV Watch news, events and shows you crave on 30+ live channels, including TBS, Discovery, AMC, CNN, TNT, Hallmark Channel, History, Lifetime, A&E, TLC, Cartoon Network, and so many more. Stream your favorite shows like The Walking Dead, Project Runway, and Conan in real time. ON DEMAND Sit back and chill with 15,000 movies and shows – ready when you are. Catch up on hit shows or watch movies. WATCH VIRTUALLY ANYWHERE WatchTV can be streamed on your favorite device, such as your smartphone, tablet, Apple TV, or Amazon Fire TV. Whether home or on the go, simply download WatchTV and begin watching live television and on demand movies. Start watching Live TV now! Please note: This app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which contributes to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. Please see for more information

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AT&T WatchTV app reviews

  • I can play on all my devices 5/5

    By Alldistricts
    It works on my TVs and my phones but not all at once
  • Not available for anything other than my phone 1/5

    By Reese0930
    Doesn’t download on any device except my phone so basically pointless if I’m at home.
  • Could be better, but it’s actually not bad 4/5

    By Mparmy25
    I don’t watch on my phone or iPad, but I did purchase the new Apple TV specifically for this app. When it works, I’d give it 5 stars... but it glitches pretty often. Randomly, I’ll get “Oops, we’re experiencing problems” messages... but this has been less frequent in recent weeks compared to when we first downloaded the app a few months ago. It was so persistent when we first started using it, we almost gave up... but the glitches seem to have steadily been decreasing... this leads me to believe they’re actively working on issues. Honestly, for what you get (between service plan and this TV app), it feels like a steal. I would recommend with a caveat to have a little patience.
  • Oops, Something Went Wrong 1/5

    By Crosheezy
    When I sign in I get a message every time that says “Oops, something went wrong, please try again later”. I don’t know when later is, but multiple days later it’s saying the same thing. I’m paying for this, hopefully it’s fixed soon.
  • We need the corporate death penalty 1/5

    By RubyRomaine
    Literally AT&T should be executed for this app and service. It will use tons of your data for ads.
  • Great free app included with cell plan but... 1/5

    By Is_ma_el
    Streaming always lags! Have multiple apps that stream and ATT is by far the worse in stream lag!! Hope they can fix this. Other than that it’s a great way to watch tv. FIX AT&T!!!!
  • Ads ads and more ads 1/5

    By Stfusellout
    SO MANY ADS! And they are SO LENGTHY! If you get a notification you have to rewatch the ads and if the app gets disrupted yup more ads.
  • Boooooo 1/5

    By Angry15422
    Making me watch a ridiculous amount of ads for a service that I PAY FOR is ludicrous. It might be okay if the content was updated properly or if that app worked like a decently refined app. Instead it’s just a bullish way for AT&T to make money off the people who already pay for their service.
  • Wasted potential 1/5

    By FixThisAppPlease!!!!
    This is a hyper competitive market and the watch Tv app presents a great opportunity for ATT to get folks to switch to get all the benefits and stick for value. But the app simply is not ready for prime time (no pun intended). It freezes all the time on my Firestick when other apps work flawlessly. Hire some talent and fix the app, it’s the main reason I’m still with ATT (for now).
  • Mine works 4/5

    By blackopsa115
    The login for this app is different than your regular account login as a heads up. And I was told by employees they haven’t talked to anyone that has got it to work but it works for me but so far my complaint is you can only stream one device at a time. I have 3 lines but can only stream one device

    By Zandaroth
    Just was excited to have streaming to TV... Upgraded today. Downloaded THIS app... It won't even let me sign in. 👎 How ridiculous. No link for help. Nada. I reset my password... Still the same error message. 9-15-19
  • App won’t open without a nonexistent update 1/5

    By Dr beastmode
    Tells me I need to update but there is no update available
  • One star as of now 1/5

    By HisQueen17
    First time downloading this app. I’m unable to login in. Keeps telling me “Opps something went wrong”. Please fix so I may enjoy the app and possibly give better rating of stars. Hopefully if I do ever get logged in the app is worth the download.
  • Never works 1/5

    By att shareholder
    Doesn’t even deserve 1 star. Seems like a cool concept though.
  • Scam Scam Scam! 1/5

    By Mkmmmmmmmm
    I was told by multiple employees at the AT&T store, that my new subscription to an AT&T mobile phone plan comes with ATT Tv. 50 plus channels, streaming to my smartphone NO EXTRA CHARGE. “You get all these channels free of charge, streamed to your phone, any time, any place, anywhere” they said. After signing, creating my ATT account username and password, downloading the ATT TV app, and creating a username and password for that as well.... The pop up problem code says “ATT TV is not available in my area” Well I live in the area where I bought the phone and signed up for the plan.... I have NO PROBLEMS streaming any other content. I have no problems with internet service or connectivity... How can a free (included in the cost of my subscription) streaming app be unavailable in areas where streaming IS available? They say the only way I can get the “free” ATT TV is if I sign up for a $90 per month package. Beware of the bull.
  • Never worked 1/5

    By SagieRN
    This stupid app never worked!
  • Won't allow me to sign in! 1/5

    By edovlat
    I have downloaded the app and tried logging in now for the past few days and it keeps givong a message saying "oops, something went wrong, please try again later"!!! I tried deleting the app and re-loading again and still no use.
  • Awful updated versions don't work 1/5

    By gps413
    I download the most reason versions of app and now I cant get access to WatchTV...try to log in and keeps telling me upload new version to continue even though I already uploaded last version of aug 22, is worthless now!! No way to login now!
  • Won’t start 1/5

    By SkipMcWilliams
    Damned app won’t even sign in. Keeps saying “Opps something went wrong, try again later” WHAT THE HELL???
  • Stunningly bad 1/5

    By Kvbrn23
    I’m surprised Apple allows a terrible app like this in the store. I guess Apple has no standards.
  • I like the app👌🏾👍🏾 5/5

    By Gabriellalb
    The app works perfectly fine for me I can watch all the shows I want and they don’t have the unwanted channels that no one wants.
  • Not working so please stop promoting 1/5

    By kiwilburn
    I signed up for this almost a year ago and still doesn’t work. I have called and spoke with lost representatives who assure me that this app works... Lies...
  • Repetitive commercials 2/5

    By etgargoyle
    They only have a very few commercials. Apparently Macy’s paid a lot, because they play it literally four times per commercial break. Unbelievably irritating.
  • Excellent app I totally recommend 5/5

    By Johnny.1975
    Excellent app I totally recommended

    By BklynnC
    I’ve had this app all of 15 mins and deleted it already due to 10 mins of commercials. THE SAME commercials over and over again! What a waste of space. I couldn’t even fast forward.
  • Can’t even get log in 1/5

    By Brittney J.
    The app won’t even let me go in. I’ve deleted and reinstalled so many times. Not worth it.
  • Activate the service 3/5

    By AtoZReview
    Not sure why ATT didn’t mention this but you have to activate the service online by going to
  • Horrible! 1/5

    By Mallowboyz
    I can’t even sign in. Based on all the other reviews, I’m guessing I’m not missing anything.
  • Awful app for loyal users who pays big bucks for such poor services 1/5

    By Hi0802
    Awful app for loyal users who pays big bucks for such poor services. Very disappointed. Considering switch.
  • trash 1/5

    By Sparks arson
    this app has so many problems i dont know where tO start its basically a scam and to many problems to name
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By mr,munster
    Way too many adds you watch five minutes of something then get double 130 seconds of Commercials it really is annoying don’t waste your time or the extra money to get unlimited data to watch tv look for a different alternative
  • Downloaded the app yesterday - still can’t get in 1/5

    By SabresFan1970
    I have no idea what the app looks like when opened, as I have only gotten an error message every time I try to open it. I reset my password, so it isn’t that. Until it lets me log on, it is 100% useless.
  • waste of time and phone space 😣 1/5

    By Cece mccleskey
    When we signed up for the unlimited plan i was excited to learn it came with a tv app i could watch in my iphone... well that lasted maybe a month, now every time i try to log in it gives me some crap message "oops! Looks like something went wrong. Try again later" 🙄😒 I have at&t, i have!!!! I've deleted and re-downloaded this app about 10 times.. still nothing.. same message, won't let me log in it.. so i have this useless no good app on my phone i'm about to delete again

    By sweetviolet79
    this is, hands-down, the WORST television programming app. Its design is awkward & irritating. if your engrossed a program, an accidental slip of the finger won’t just pause, fast forward or rewind your show... it’ll boot you off your show entirely & slip you right into another program you probably have no interest in.

    By VonHawk1960
    Just got this on yesterday with my updated plan and continually getting an error when trying to sign in. Not successful in getting signed in yet.
  • Update 3/5

    By rashad heyward
    Since they updated the app it has gotten a lot! Better. Thank you att! BUT the reason for the 3 stars is some shows on demand skips episodes for example lets say you have 1 season of a show with 10 episodes. For some reason the app will have episode 1 2 5 8 9 10. WHY??? Not all shows are like that but why would any be like that in the first place????
  • Horrible 1/5

    By nver 1111
    I have been trying for months and speaking to many CS at Watch ATT and still unable to watch this. Same error and all CS does is say they are working on it and nothing happens. Today the same thing happened. I have been with ATT for years. Back when it was Suncom days. I officially am switching. They are lying when they say Watch ATT is a bonus with unlimited. I can get an iPhone for another company which offers bonuses and actually follows through with them.
  • Failed update 1/5

    By copacoplot
    App stopped working after the update
  • Can’t cast to tv 4/5

    By Bikerat1993
    Love the free tv but disappointed I can’t cast it to my tv to watch.
  • I would give it a 0 if possible 1/5

    By OLH15
    Terrible ! Not as advertised at all . Tried to watch a movie LOTS of adds .. an halfway through the movie the adds cycle started repeating itself over and over so the movie couldn’t play .. ended up renting it instead so I could finish watching
  • I like the app hey it’s free 3/5

    By bbbbaaaa11345678
    I just changed my plan about two weeks so this app is new to me. You really can’t beat having free tv streaming which I can watch all my favorite shows! I was able to download the app on my firesticks to watch it on my tv which is a plus. I rated this a 3 because the app freezes up while watching the live stream or gets stuck on a part that jumps over and over again. There are too may commercials on the demand channels, every min seems like which is very ignoring but hey I’m just happy that I got free tv channels 🤷🏽‍♀️
  • The watch tv is great 5/5

    By rasstaDre
    The watch tv package with att streams On smart TVs that are able to download the app.
  • Log in issues 1/5

    By lookin-in
    I’ve changed password multiple times trying to log on to this app and still can’t. Yep advertise free tv that you can’t log on to!
  • Ad Loop 2/5

    By loudxintro
    Continuously gets stuck in a loop of the ad.
  • Just commercials. 1/5

    ... commercials and more commercials. If you wish to be bombarded by all ATT publicity, just run this app! The “show time” seems to be based more on the products they’re trying to sell than anything else... but they will tell you that all that matters for them is you! ha-ha!
  • If I could give it 0 stars, I would. 1/5

    By She's just not that into you.
    I’ve downloaded, deleted, re-downloaded, changed my password, restarted my phone, all the things... but I can’t even log in. If I submit the wrong login, it of course tells me that the info doesn’t match the system. Cool. Fair. But if I put in the correct info, it constantly gives me an Error message and says to try again later.... not cool. Not fair. Super irritating. I’ve been a long time customer of AT&T, and given them a lot of my well earned money. But this is just another crappy app to match their $h!t service.
  • Endless paid commercials and no tv! 1/5

    By Sullivans Papa
    I worked for ATT and have been a customer for more years that I wish to relate but this is just another Loser just like the other products they peddle. I quit Directv, upgraded my iPhones via Apple and will quite soon jump from ATT for good!
  • Great to see Commercials!!! 1/5

    By RolfRandy
    All Tv shows & Movies will freeze, break, blur, slow, and force you to reset, restart, log off and on about 8 to 12 times before you reach the end of the program. However, since AT&T favors and speeds all their paying ad/marketing sponsors, you will enjoy viewing crispy clear, full 4G LTE, unfettered commercials throughout before, during, and after each show. Yeah! I’m one of those people who love see Trailers but don’t have the attention-span to see the whole Movie or Pilot this AT&T Watch-not app is fanshistik grape!!!
  • Horrible and useless 1/5

    By yannishasanchez
    Total waste of time Customer service told me to download this app to get my free hbo well it doesn’t work. I can’t sign in and they are useless trying to help Got transferred to 3 people already to no help after being on the phone for over 2 hours now

AT&T WatchTV app comments

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