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  • Current Version: 2.2.2
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: AT&T Services, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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AT&T WatchTV App

Stream live TV and on demand entertainment with WatchTV from AT&T. Enjoy news, events, and shows as they air. Your favorite TV series and movies can be viewed virtually anywhere, anytime. Looking to watch TV right now? You’re one click away from discovering TV bliss. Simply install the WatchTV app, subscribe, and join the streaming party! LIVE TV Watch news, events and shows you crave on 30+ live channels, including TBS, Discovery, AMC, CNN, TNT, Hallmark Channel, History, Lifetime, A&E, TLC, Cartoon Network, and so many more. Stream your favorite shows like The Walking Dead, Project Runway, and Conan in real time. ON DEMAND Sit back and chill with 15,000 movies and shows – ready when you are. Catch up on hit shows or watch movies. WATCH VIRTUALLY ANYWHERE WatchTV can be streamed on your favorite device, such as your smartphone, tablet, Apple TV, or Amazon Fire TV. Whether home or on the go, simply download WatchTV and begin watching live television and on demand movies. Start watching Live TV now! Please note: This app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which contributes to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. Please see for more information

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AT&T WatchTV app reviews

  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By K. Brun
    Every time I try to sign in i just get an error, SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE.
  • Can’t login 1/5

    By Ray_Chat
    I have reset my password at least 20 times and every time it says the password is incorrect. I have even deleted and re entered the app after 3 days to see if maybe the new password needed time to validate. Not a fan of this app
  • Works flawlessly with apple TV & iPhone 5/5

    By Darrell A Brown
    I love it I love it I love it!!! I hope this service stay around considering I just got rid of COMCAST and this is the best deal & you get a seven day free trial...
  • Zero Stars 1/5

    By teidra1980
    So annoyed that the audio mutes after 5 seconds of live shows. BET is the only channel that doesn’t do this. I’m convinced that AT&T does not want their customers to utilize the option to watch live TV on this app. Smh..
  • Watch TV 1/5

    By Norm30010
    Still waiting since Nov 2018 for a Watch TV App for my 55” Roku TCL TV. Roku is built-in to the TV and there doesn’t seem to be a simple work-around that works without buying an additional device. So I can’t watch my HGTV on my wall-mounted TV. :-( A company as big as “T” can’t develop an App for Roku in 5-months???
  • Is this really just a scam? 1/5

    By An-je-51-98
    This new update does nothing to fix the fundamental problem. AT&T claims they listen to the reviews but I see no evidence of that claim. As best as I can tell, this app is designed for AT&T to make money by selling my location data. I pay enough every month - AT&T doesn’t need this additional revenue. If AT&T has been truthful and warned me that they require me to share my location data before I switched plans to get this “service”, I never would have switched. As I’ve said below, no other video streaming service requires my location data. I still can’t use what I’m paying for. This update follows AT&Ts tradition of not addressing real issues and doesn’t help the fundamental problem of being unable to use the app unless you allow them to collect your location data. Again,what could a video streaming app need with my location data? What does AT&T do with the data? Do they sell my location information to others to pay for the videos? Netflix doesn’t ask for location data. Neither does Amazon Video. I’d love to hear a clear explanation from AT&T as to why the need my location information and what steps they take to preserve privacy. In the mean time I consider this app a horrible scam. Shame on AT&T for creating the App and shame on Apple for allowing this into the App Store. How AT&T can get away with selling this service to me without prior disclosing that in order to use it I have to enable their likely abuse of my personal information?
  • 👎🏼 1/5

    By Bedlam08
    Still can’t sign in as usual. I have done 2 updates in the last month and still can’t get into the app. Why am I paying money for this “premium” channel but can’t access the content?
  • ATT app is USELESS!!! 1/5

    By 3 Sisters 3
    For weeks I keep getting the same error message. “Sorry for the inconvenience, we are having trouble at this moment. Please try again later” Needless to say this ATT app is USELESS!!!
  • Works great for me 5/5

    By IronJBear
    Running this on my Apple TV, iPhone and iPad including streaming to chromecasts. Honestly this has all the channels I wanted on cable, it’s included with my calling plan and I get HBO for free so I’m a happy camper. Career telecom tech and my WiFi / Lan confíg are hyper efficient.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By tallybrazel
    I’m new to ATT and wow..the struggle of getting thing done the correct way lol. Still having issues. Can’t long in to WatchTV and Att thanks. I’m paying for the premium and not getting. Went to the store twice and called a few times. I’m still confused about the bill because the person at the store messed up my plan from day one and mind you it’s only day 4 lol
  • Need to Stream Multiple Devices 4/5

    By Justripoff
    Nice app needs improvement only one device at time won’t keep me as a customer sorry
  • Massive privacy concerns 1/5

    By Snowman 4546
    On the second day of usage, the app requires approval of the Terms & Conditions. Deep within the terms in its Privacy section, it says beyond the typical app data usage tracking, it records GPS location, website usage and other app (AND ITS DATA) usage even while NOT actively using the TV-AT&T App.
  • cannot even get the login right 1/5

    By churinga123
    UI is horribly done, by amateur programmers, and after resetting password, new password still “does not match their record”... uninstalled!
  • Trash 1/5

    By lunchbox2780
    Can’t even log on to this app!
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By Yangim
    Extremely poor for a big company. Can’t login even after changing the password.
  • Still No Roku support . 1/5

    By Shinydesert0
    Funny, it says thanks for choosing DIRECTV Now lololol and doesn’t offer Roku support. Not worth the money. Philo has more features and a similar package.
  • App has never Worked 1/5

    By Jets Buckeyes
    I have had this app for two months and it has never worked. Just updated the app and it is still not working. They took away free HBO for something that just will not work.
  • Missing Starz Channels 1/5

    By KC1974
    As an ATT and DirecTV Now subscriber, I get a choice of a free premium subscription. I chose Starz. On the DirecTV Now app I get Starz Encore Action, Black, Classic, Family, Suspense, West, Westerns, and regular Starz Encore. No regular Starz as there’s obviously something jacked up with that app (again), but on WatchTV I get regular Starz, Starz Encore regular, and Starz Kids and Family. I have no clue what AT&T are playing at. Btw the description says “thanks for being a DirecTV Now customer”. Funny - since this is for ATT cellphone customers.. Do devs even know who this is for?
  • Worst Thing Ever 1/5

    By thedavids99
    This is the most useless streaming system ever.
  • Waste of space. 1/5

    By Scuba85
    Had this app for over a month and it has never worked. Always get the same “sorry for the inconvenience” message.
  • Works for me 3/5

    By MarinePapa
    The app works for me but why not allow local channels? This is something already setup on DirectvNow. It should be part of Watch TV.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By All4J's
    Thank goodness it came for free with my cell phone plan and I don’t actually need it because it is useless. Good selection of shows to watch except 50% of the time they won’t load, or they load and won’t play. Seriously horrifically bad!
  • Solve Issue 3/5

    By This_Nick_Name_Was_Taken
    Well I was having a hard time logging in at first, to be able to log in make sure to verify through the link AT&T gave you and set up an account, and then select on forgot user name on the app(for some reason AT&T decided to change my user name that I made, I just used my email but I guess AT&T decided to give me a random one instead)...Hope this helps anyone who had the same problem as me and no it seems AT&T won’t let me change the user name on the WatchTV
  • My rating 3/5

    By Tessieistrill
    I think AT&T WatchTV is really good but they need to put less commercials. I have been so annoyed with the commercials lately every time I reopen the app I have to watch like 7 commercials. And there’s already a lot of commercials while I’ve been watching tv shows. Plus I have the unlimited plan which means I should have hbo?!
  • Ad blocking show 1/5

    By ManiacalMatt
    I cannot get through an episode of any show without the WatchATT ad blocking the screen. I have to close the program and open it again to get rid of it.
  • Error every time I try to log in 1/5

    By billym732007
    So I keep receiving this error message every time I try to log in it says username and or password invalid when I know it’s correct so Honestly thanks for the free service but can’t use it kinda annoying
  • Bad App- Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Cell Phone Junky
    I can’t even get into the app. It says sorry for the inconvenience
  • The worst 1/5

    By anonymousabcdefghijklm
    I’ve greatly enjoyed AT&T for phone service but WatchTV is worthless. No live support, online chat never allows you to actually chat (keeps re-routing to home page), app doesn’t work. DO NOT spend extra money for this feature you’ll never be able to use.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Anonymous 91287
    I supposedly get this app for free due to my cell phone plan but wow. Why advertise it if it doesn’t work for me at all. All it keeps telling me is that my username and password don’t match. I enter the same credentials for everything I use and even the emails for “forgot username” send me back the same username I use. So what’s the point in even offering this app if it doesn’t work.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By teenikeh90
    I’ve tried multiple occasions to log into the app and it continues to tell me “sorry for the inconvenience having trouble at the moment try again later”
  • Hate to see this 1/5

    By meiebsidbeisbeje
    Sorry but now I will need to add to the “this app stinks” club. I upgraded to unlimited plan more so for the data needs but the tv option helped make the decision. I tried signing in and it continues to say-log in doesn’t match. I know it works cause i logged into the web site. After changing the password it now says . Sorry unable to log In due to technical issue please try again later . LOL. if you’re not ready to push out a feature that works , why push out this junk??? Needless to say, I am with the others. This app stinks and a joke. So now I’ll get my moneys worth and use the heck out of my free data
  • No sound when casting live tv 2/5

    By Nocoteddy
    If you stream on demand content, sound and picture are available.....but not for live tv.
  • Great Idea that needs Better Execution. 4/5

    By Music LuvHer.
    I previously wrote that I couldn’t stream to my TV. I actually can. This is new for AT&T and I will allow them more time for progress and to work out all of the kinks.
  • On The Go minus the convenience 5/5

    By hsvdns
    Despite not being able to use it on your television, the app isn't half bad. I guess they still want you to purchase direct TV or u verse and I'm not doing that because I'm hardly home to enjoy an episode of something. The greatest thing about this app is that it's a blend of its own service plus an extra premium service in one so that way you don't have to go through a million apps for pleasure. Last but not least, Missy movies are limited just like Hulu and Netflix so watch while you can.
  • Beware 1/5

    By Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm1234
    App does not work. Each time I’ve attempted to use the app on my phone, I get a “Sorry we’re experiencing technical issues please check back later”
  • Completely Useless 1/5

    By brilliant ordure
    This app is complicated to access and it simply doesn’t work. Another piece of crap from ATT.
  • Awful 1/5

    By Hulks-mash
    Pure garbage app. Impossible to log in and the tech support is awful. I’m actually paying for Amazon Unlimited, even though it is supposed to be a free service, because Watch Tv won’t let me log in. Tired of fighting it and getting nowhere. Avoid it completely unless you enjoy being frustrated.
  • Unable to open 1/5

    By Petemwc
    Have tried to open this for two days and get apologies about problems but no ability to find out anything about it.
  • Doe not work 1/5

    By Tekabaa
    The app does not work Always says sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Doesn’t Let Me Into The App 1/5

    By BossCat24
    I’d love to be able to give a review of how the app looks and performs but the sad and frustrating truth is that I can’t even log in to find these things out. It’s not a problem with my login info as I tried it on a desktop and it worked perfectly fine but as soon as I loaded the app and entered my login details it popped up with an error message saying “sorry for the inconvenience please try again later”. I did. In fact I have tried to log in regularly for over a month and not once has the app allowed me to gain access to its features. It sounds like a good idea but when you can’t even open the app there’s really no point. Such a shame really the content seemed promising. Highly frustrating and would not at all recommend.
  • I give up trying to make it work. 1/5

    By Mike3433233
    This is the worst tested application I’ve tried on the iPhone. ATT should fix this app so login at least works and Apple should pull this app down in the meantime.
  • Not functional 1/5

    By EASerrano
    I haven’t been able to log into the app since I downloaded it. I keep getting the following message “sorry for the inconvenience. We are having trouble at the moment.” Lousy!
  • Wow, att Failure 1/5

    By Borderflyer
    So I Downloaded this app a while ago, it took about a dozen calls to customer service to get it activated and working at all. Customer service was bouncing me back and forth between Att and Direct TV. Took over 2 months to be able to access content. Now that I can use the app. It’s super glitchy and not user friendly. It appears to have auto play, but that doesn’t function. Seasons and episodes are shown backwards. Newest first. Add fuel to the fire....... only works about 40% of the time to watch shows. I also have this app on fire TV same usage issues. Doesn’t make one want to sign up for any added features as the ease of use and stability leave much to be desired.
  • Trash 1/5

    By Scottie52
    Can’t even log in. Thank for the “free” perk at&t 🙄
  • Hope you like ads 2/5

    By JimiMat
    Tried watching one 30 min ondemand show. This is the ad pattern I experienced: Show: 10min Ads: 2min 10sec Show: 5 mins Ads: 2min Ads: 2min 10sec (was treated to 2 rounds of ads! Show: 3 min Ads: 2min 10sec I turned it off at this point, because if you weren’t counting that’s 18 mins of show and 8.5 mins of ads.
  • Great 5/5

    By alexisdonez
    The app is working great for me. I haven’t ran into any problems. I see some reviews where people can’t login and they changed their passwords a few times in attempt to do so. I did the same thing when I first got the app and became frustrated. But the reason I wasn’t able to login was because I didn’t verify my account. After I verified my account I was able to log in.
  • Completely dishonest marketing 1/5

    By Sharp Shooterkw
    Honestly I feel like this is a scam actually now. This offering for “free TV“ was a part of the reason why I signed up for the unlimited plan. I’ve now spoken to 10 people at AT&T, each one of them telling me that they would activate this on my account and follow up with me within 3 to 5 days. I have now called three times total and been on the phone for longer than an hour each time and spoken with multiple people each call. None of them know how to activate it on my account which is why they say they’ll follow up but they never ever do. Disappointed because they’re charging more than other companies like straight talk so that you can get these little bonuses but then you’re not actually getting them. Total bummer.
  • Still can’t stream via HDMI 1/5

    By allenthomasmusic
    Every 5 minutes the streaming pauses when connected via HDMI to my TV. This problem has been happening since an update before Christmas I’ve submitted tickets to the support team 10+ times.if it wasn’t a free service i would cancel this but I can’t.
  • Can’t even access the content 1/5

    By lae1960
    In two months, I have never been able to even get on the service. I always get up we are having trouble message and can never even log on.

AT&T WatchTV app comments

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