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  • Current Version: 3.0.21501
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: AT&T Services, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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AT&T WatchTV App

Stream live TV and on demand entertainment with WatchTV from AT&T. Enjoy news, events, and shows as they air. Your favorite TV series and movies can be viewed virtually anywhere, anytime. Looking to watch TV right now? You’re one click away from discovering TV bliss. Simply install the WatchTV app, subscribe, and join the streaming party! LIVE TV Watch news, events and shows you crave on 30+ live channels, including TBS, Discovery, AMC, CNN, TNT, Hallmark Channel, History, Lifetime, A&E, TLC, Cartoon Network, and so many more. Stream your favorite shows like The Walking Dead, Project Runway, and Conan in real time. ON DEMAND Sit back and chill with 15,000 movies and shows – ready when you are. Catch up on hit shows or watch movies. WATCH VIRTUALLY ANYWHERE WatchTV can be streamed on your favorite device, such as your smartphone, tablet, Apple TV, or Amazon Fire TV. Whether home or on the go, simply download WatchTV and begin watching live television and on demand movies. Start watching Live TV now! Please note: This app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which contributes to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. Please see for more information

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AT&T WatchTV app reviews

  • App won’t let me log in 1/5

    By help slip franklyn
    Changed the password 4 times, it won’t let me login
  • Hurry up 1/5

    By tonybuono
    fix this thing already. We’re not in the dark ages, get some kids to take care of these bugs.
  • Not perfect but not bad 2/5

    By Tuttutt
    Been using the app for quite awhile now and hardly have issues also have it installed on my Amazon fire stick it’s nice getting the channels they offer for the price with my plan. Every once in a while under discover it’s hard to get programs up but bam by pass this by searching. The on demand is lice for have the extras with out having to pay for them. If you follow the instructions on activating it works pretty flawlessly. The bonus of being able to stream tv away from home even using data (which no data usage is recorded due to stream free in the app) I assume a lot of the negative reviews are bots and not understanding what your getting included with the plan it’s pretty cut and dry and a great app to use. UPDATE: Now with some ondemand programs the Ads don’t fully play cause the app to not respond. Oddly enough it works just fine on Fire stick just not the iOS version. Update 2: not sure what’s going on but the app is literally getting worse with each update fast forwarding on demand makes the program go dark and not play video but plays sound.
  • Oops something went wrong 1/5

    By Strawberry Bluff
    Sorry for the inconvenience. Please try again later. Maybe I should tell ATT that when the payment is due. This app is part of my overpriced ATT plan. If I deliberately enter the wrong password, it tells me my password doesn’t match my user name so it knows my info, the app just doesn’t work!
  • porque no tiene español 1/5

    By Tapatia 19
    Si la preferencia de mi idioma es español porque no lo tiene. Tengo el plan elite ilimitado disque tiene hbo incluido pero me pusieron este watchtv y ni siquiera tiene un canal en español Porque siempre engañan a la gente ATT
  • Can’t watch anything 1/5

    By fix it asap pleaseeeeeeeee
    The app closes as soon as I tap it
  • Don’t bother 1/5

    By Annehweb
    Just crap. I’d give it a zero if I could. I should get a discount on my Unlimited ATT Wireless account just for including this useless rubbish.
  • Can’t log in 1/5

    By Americansailor84
    Disgraceful. Can’t even log in to use.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By jackiefiction
    This is by far the worst streaming app I have ever used. You can’t fast forward (and I can rarely successfully rewind), and if you have to close the app for any reason, once you reopen it, it cannot register that where you left off on a program. It’s not even worth the trouble.
  • Terrible update, worse support 1/5

    By Ad S.
    My Watch TV updated to include HBO Max. Great, Right? Now I have none of thr channels that I pay for. I go into the help section and try to chat, but it will not open chat unless I click onto another page in some magical, puzzle-like fashion, and then once I got it to work, it stopped letting me chat. Again. So I have no way to get support. Terrible App. I will be cancelling my subscription.
  • Streaming to AppleTV doesn’t work 2/5

    By Django2344_
    Tried streaming several movies & shows to my older model AppleTV. It generates an error that an error occurred loading this content. It keeps them flashing between the AppleTV home screen & the error message. Is this type of streaming supported?
  • Stopped working 1/5

    By eddie_b
    Stopped working for me about a week ago. Can’t get passed login, get message “Oops, something went wrong”.
  • Washburnxp 1/5

    By iHacker Xp
    Hope the Developers & or Att can do something about this . I have an iPhone XS Max 512 GB for almost a year & ever since I got Att WatchTV app the phone overheats like crazy. I have to literally place the phone right at AC ventilation to be able to watch a show. It’s funny that only happens with this Att WatchTV app from Att but when I stream from any other app my iPhone never overheats. The iPhone lowers the screen brightness by itself when this happens every single time. Making it difficult to watch on daylight. If my iPhone brakes because of this I will definitely take Att to court.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Keshia89
    The app hasn’t worked in 2 weeks. I am unable to log in at all. I have spoken to 3 different representatives in the last 2 weeks and they put a ticket in and I haven’t heard anything back.
  • Last Chanel button 4/5

    By Sois2381
    Can you guys put a button that takes you to the last channel you was viewing
  • Sound has problems 1/5

    By Rezan k..
    I wish you would add more channels, like others news channels. There are soo many problems with the sound when commercials come on. Whenever the programming goes to commercial break, the volume increases triple. Please adjust the volume problems, as I find myself muting during commercials just to not go deaf from the insane increase in volume.
  • Great convenient App 4/5

    By Qs Tesla
    AT&T Watch TV app is available on Apple TV and Amazon Fire stick. What about Roku? Also, can you add mirroring option to the app, so those of us who do not have Apple TV or fire stick can project from hand device to TV?
  • Unable to log in 1/5

    By vadimka73
    Not able to even log in. Getting “oops, something went wrong message”. Nice job at&t
  • Full screen for iPhone X 1/5

    By kiril
    Please update the app to support iPhone X full screen. It doesn’t let me zoom in for full screen picture when watching live tv
  • Not ready for prime time 2/5

    By Mongox1
    Ok, I get it, it’s free for att wireless customers. Still, you should have some pride in delivering a product so flawed and incomplete that often renders it useless. Buggy, crashes, stalls, and the guide frequently fails to load. This is a second rate streaming service that can not come close to the quality of Netflix or Amazon prime. You would think a company the size of ATT would have the capacity to deliver a superior product instead of choosing to settle for low quality.
  • R E A L L Y BAD Service and Functionality 1/5

    By AndrewA SF00
  • Horrible! It’s not even worth AT&T giving it free to their customers 1/5

    By Catchall103
    The app’s log in forgets your password, constantly asking you to reset. Once you select a “main premium channel” say HBO, you cannot watch other live premium channels ie Showtime. The platform is goofy... to many things to list.
  • What is wrong?? 1/5

    By caromiau
    Its been going on and off the whole weekend, is there something wrong with the app???
  • Works fine for me 4/5

    By Turbo6double
    I love the app does exactly what I need it to do.
  • Phooey 2/5

    By Dagnysmom
    For the last couple of weeks it won’t load at all. Annoying!
  • Ads? 2/5

    By Lah Duke
    Why am I forced to watch ads & commercials if I’m PAYING FOR THE SUBSCRIPTION?
  • Love & hate 5/5

    By Ms 241
    I normally don’t write negative reviews because I normally don’t have any issues with anything and I don’t have an issue with watch tv selections because they have all my favorite channels and I do mean all. I’m not a STARZ, hbo, and etc movies watcher. My issue is with the developers. I don’t have the money to buy a smart tv in order to Bluetooth my phone to in order to see a bigger picture of what’s playing on my phone. I spent $20 on a HDMI cable that connects to my phone and tv in order to watch tv but it doesn’t work with WatchTV but works great with my games, txt messages and iTunes. So can u please find a solution for those of us on fixed incomes who can’t afford to buy all the latest TVs and etc to enjoy WatchTV on our older model TVs with HDMI. Thank you.
  • App loses place on movies constantly 1/5

    By HB romance reader
    It’s really annoying that every time I pause a movie and my phone turns off, even for a minute, the app loses my place in the movie and starts over. And because most of the movies have commercials and don’t let you fast forward, you are stuck re-watching the whole thing or not finishing it.
  • I like it 4/5

    By steve232414
    I have no problem with the app other than the are you still watching prompt. With elite plan it’s free hard to beat that. Has get pic quality and rarely have any issues. I think some people feel better being mad
  • Good content, terrible functionality 2/5

    By Kenny W 55
    This is the least functional streaming app I’ve ever used. Constant problems loading, problems switching between episodes etc. Get it if it’s free under your att plan, but do not pay a dollar extra.
  • Too many ads 2/5

    By c.kit101
    Would be a great app but way too many ads. There’s like an ad every three minutes. The ads are extremely long as well.
  • Love it 5/5

    By 0012102
    Have no problems love all the channels and the price is great especially over AT&T regular tv subscription
  • Too many ads 2/5

    By Jrock-_-85-_-
    I was excited to use this as for the last 6-9 months of my phone plan i didn't even know i was paying for it. Somewhat limited options, don't think i should have to watch so many ads especially since this isn't a free service as it is. Also is not compatible with my Google Chromecast at home which is the biggest place the app would've been helpful as i don't really wanna watch stuff on my phone for 30+ minutes
  • Ever change the channel by pressing the Back button? 1/5

    By TechStuff8000
    You will.
  • It stopped working, why?????!!! 1/5

    By sam el charro
    What da hell happened??? It won’t let me login even after I’ve reset the password! It was working just fine before for an entire year! What happened??? I want the service back! I demand the service back because I’m paying for it! Hell nothing’s free! I’m paying for the service, get me back that service!!!
  • Never worked 1/5

    By dtnguyen02
    Never worked, always got an error Oops something went wrong...
  • Needs Updated 1/5

    By Hot~N~Sexy Firefighter
    1. WatchTV is suppose to be available for Family Sharing BUT you can ONLY view it on ONE device at a time on Family Share. 2. Apple TV+ Subscribers can NOT access WatchTV through Apple TV+. Clearly WatchTV needs some serious updating.
  • The app is ok 5/5

    By Geek1488
    I have been using the watch tv app for over 7 months to watch CNN and HBO it works great on my iPhone and Android phone I have never had any problems with logging in on both phones AT&T is the best phone company I will admit though the HBO Now app works a little better and it fully fills the screen with no black bars Bet to have free streaming that does not use up my priority data I can make do with the black bars on my phone screen When I’m on WiFi I usually just use the HBO Max app to watch HBO
  • Literally doesn’t work 1/5

    By rs539
    I keep getting messages from AT&T suggesting I get all this free stuff with my plan. I tried using this app and can never sign in without an error. I tried another app based on a different alert I received this morning and after signing in I was notified that I “don’t have access to this service with my account.” I’m tired of getting alerts about stuff I’m supposedly getting for free when none of it works.
  • IPhone 11 overheats 1/5

    By mtptmb
    While using this app every time my brand new iPhone 11 Pro will get way to hot to hold, whybis this happening with this app and no other applications
  • This app is a dumpster fire 1/5

    By Michael Critz
    The app exists to annoy and frustrate AT&T customers. It’s like AT&T needed to offer a streaming service, but didn’t want anyone to actually use it. Constant problems with login and authorization means I never actually use a service I actually pay for.
  • My ears 1/5

    By Jepsnspxnepns spzndofndjoe
    Really need to fix how loud the commercials are compared to the show. It’s so annoying to have to turn my volume up & down every 5 minutes.
  • Good 4/5

    By dementing
    It’s a good app. Sure there are better apps out there, but this is overall a good app. It has ads, but there are not many things left that don’t have ads. Even the cable/satellite that you pay for has ads. Overall this is a good app and does not deserve all the hate it’s gotten.
  • Has never worked! 1/5

    By 5th ave
    I’m supposed to be able to watch 30+ channels however I have never been able to use this app. Every time I sign in it says the something went wrong. I have deleted and added a 100 times. I changed my password also. No dice! If someone knows what I’m doing wrong let me know!
  • Volume is out of control 3/5

    By RCA27
    Haven’t used it much on my phone but on my smart tv it’s works well. Only issue is the volume. TV show will be quiet so I turn up the volume and then as soon as a commercial comes on BOOM! VOLUME IS AT 100! Incredibly annoying. Other than that it’s aight.
  • Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By alims92
    I’ve heard from numerous people that this app doesn’t work, but I’m stubborn and tried it for myself. I’m positive that my login credentials are accurate, but it will not allow me to log in or use the service at all. Very disappointing.
  • Typical AT&T crap 1/5

    By Nyancatisfun🐱
    Constant login issues, most times requiring reset, then still won’t log in. Will not sync with MY AT&T app. Support people have no clue. Complete incompetence. “Oops, something went wrong, please retry later” is NOT a helpful error code. Unbelievable.
  • Over heats phone 1/5

    By You are so many times do
    Anytime I stream on this app, it causes my phone to run hot, which then causes my phone to dim (a safeguard designed by apple) making it almost impossible to see the show. The phone is completely up to date and this only happens while using this app. Also, having to keep location on in order to stream is ridiculous. It’s a waste of battery and data.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By thdibfic
    That app is so horribly designed that customers watch less. No wonder why it comes free with the package. What can you expect to att?

AT&T WatchTV app comments

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