Athan: Prayer Times & Al Quran

Athan: Prayer Times & Al Quran

By Islamic Finder

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Athan is the most trusted prayer time app for accurate Salah times and also includes features: - Prayer Times with Azan Alarm: - Athan Stories (short Islamic Videos) - Al-Quran with Audio - Dua & Athkar - Qibla finder - Menstrual Mode for Women - Islamic calendar 2024 - Tasbih Counter - Hajj and Umrah Guides Azan Alarm & Prayer Times: - Accurate prayer timings worldwide - Listen to adhan five times a day by enabling azan notifications / azan alarm - View the remaining time for each Salat & see accurate Muslim prayer times of the entire day Athan Stories (short Islamic Videos): Athan Stories is a feature where you can watch and learn new things about Islam on a daily basis through short Islamic videos. Al Quran: - Read the Holy Quran in English and other 45+ languages Translations & transliterations - Bookmark surah & ayah of your choice Quran for iPhone - Get 2 free Holy Quran themes - Shareability of any ayah from the azan app on social media - Lookup any word, surah or ayah in the search bar on Quran for iPhone - Adjust font size & switch translations and transliterations on/off Menstrual Mode for Women Athan’s Menstrual Mode is a convenient experience for women's Prayer needs. - Mark Prayers as excused - Duas you can during menstruation - Dua & Athkar reminder - Customized notifications Dua / Athkar (Supplications): - Quranic and masnoon supplications / athkar & dua - Dua of the day card to strengthen your Imaan, daily Athkar & dua - Listen to Duas with Dua Audio Tasbih Counter (عداد التسبيح) - Count your daily Dhikr, Tasbihat and Wazaif with the help of Tasbih - Complete Tasbeeh e Fatima with Tasbeeh Counter - Tasbeeh Counter with dark and light color themes - User friendly Tasbeeh Counter for Azkar and Dua’s - Make Tasbihat and Azkar with Tasbih (تسبيح) counter/Dhikr Counter Qibla Finder: Integrated Qibla finder / Qibla compass / Qibla direction worldwide with the help of our Qibla finder feature Gregorian and Islamic Calendar / Hijri Calendar: - View current Islamic / Hijri & Gregorian calendar 2024 dates and Umm-al-Qura Calendar - View list of Islamic events of Hijri year PrayerBook: - Know your Salat progress - Track prayers by logging them in your personalized PrayerBook - Never miss your namaz and get notifications of namaz timings during Ramzan In-App Purchases: - Enjoy smooth Ad free experience with Athan Pro version (Monthly and Yearly Subscriptions) Note: Enable Auto settings to get the most accurate Islamic Prayer Times for your location. Second, kindly rotate your phone and make an 8 in the air in order to get accurate Qibla direction حافظ على صلاتك و أحصل على اوقات الصلاة مع تقويم رمضان تطبيق الأذان وأحصل على مواقيت الصلاة الدقيقة و اوقات الأذان و تنبيهاته و قم بتلاوة القرآن الكريم وادعية والاذكار وسجل صلواتك حتى تقوم بمراقبة أدائك للصلاة. صلاة الفجر، صلاة الظهر، صلاة العصر، صلاة المغرب وصلاة العشاء التطبيق التقويم الهجري 2024 (1446) / تقويم هجري / التاريخ الهجري / التقويم العربي / تقويم أم القرى يشمل تطبيق الاذان العديد من المميزات الرائعة الأخرى مثل قسم القرآن الكريم الذي يمكنك من تلاوة القرآن الكريم. أيضاً ستتمكن من بوصلة القبلة / تحديد اتجاه القبلة بكل سهولة مع دليلك اتجاه القبلة. كل هذا بالإضافة الى التقويم الهجري، اوقات أذان، دعاء رمضان، الدعاء المستجاب، اوقات الصلاة، القرآن الكريم، مواقيت الاذان، أذان الصلاة، الاذكار، مواقيت الصلاة، اذكار الصباح و اذكار المساء Follow us to stay connected.