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Atlanta News from 11Alive App

Stay up-to-date with the latest news and weather in the Atlanta area on the all-new free 11Alive app from WXIA. Our app features the latest breaking news that impacts you and your family, interactive weather and radar, and live video from our newscasts and local events. LOCAL & BREAKING NEWS • Receive real-time notifications for breaking news • Read the latest news as it happens in your area • Explore exclusive investigative stories • Browse photos, news clips, and raw video LOCAL WEATHER • Daily and hourly forecasts for your city • The latest forecasts from our meteorologists • Interactive radar maps LIVE VIDEO • Watch live video newscasts and breaking news from WXIA PERSONALIZATION • Discover and dive into topics that matter to you • Favorite topics to receive personalized updates Other Features: • Share stories & videos directly with your friends and family • See the latest updates and behind the scenes photos from your favorite anchors and reporters • Get information on school delays & closings as they happen This is the official app of WXIA and, the NBC affiliate serving the Atlanta area. Got feedback? Let us know how we can make this the best app experience for you! Send us a note at [email protected] Privacy Policy: Terms of Service:

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Atlanta News from 11Alive app reviews

  • Review 5/5

    By jackson1s
    Love 11 Alive
  • Update was terrible 2/5

    By yourphantomthief
    It's been months since the new apps were released and there have been no improvements. Aesthetically the update is nice, but functionally, it's a nightmare. Every time I open a push notification the app crashes and I can't find the story again; the old version of this app had a notification bell where you could find all the stories you got notifications for, but now they just disappear. It's frustrating and incredibly disappointing. I used a number of Tegna's apps to read up on the news but the update made it a pain.
  • Great App 5/5

    By LALives
    Easy to use. Good flow.
  • Not an upgrade 4/5

    By Rankincats
    The new app used to crash more often than not on my iPhone X. It is much more stable now, so upgrading my rating to 4 stars. Because it isn’t PERFECT but really good now.
  • Mrs 5/5

    By Sadie May May
    Love 11 Alive
  • Great weather coverage! 5/5

    By Fastlil
    Appreciate all the weather alerts. They really keep me updated.
  • Tha Duchess 5/5

    By Tha Grand Duchess
    The best News and Weather team in Atlanta. Chris Holcomb and team are #1.
  • Less Fluff and Fake 5/5

    By Country Music Lvr
    I became a fan of 11 Alive during the Ted Hall and Brenda Wood era. I have always been a Jeff Hulinger fan and I think Cheryl Prehim is a great addition to the team. They seem to get to the heart of the news faster with less fluff than the other local stations. We don’t need these lengthy wordy explanations on every little story covered. Locally 11 Alive seems to echo more conservatism but the NBC National News is one of the leading , tell a bad story about a Trump tonight, even if they are not true.Lester Holt acts as if President Trump has done something bad to him personally and he is going to get him back. Not very professional.
  • Currently useless 1/5

    By Sully1979
    Can I write less than 0. Click on any story and app crashes. Way to go!
  • On point 5/5

    By My Tmobile
    Such a great app that gives you stories all around Jefferson county and southwest Louisiana. They have come a lot way. A must have do to all the wonderful changes that have taken place. Download it and see for yourself
  • Your updated App 2/5

    By Albertp831
    Looks very attractive, but doesn’t work for me. It freezes up pretty consistently. Please fix because I depend on it. Thanks!!!!
  • Completely ruined the app 1/5

    By Betehhdks221
    They have completely ruined the App with the recent changes. I hate the new pictures, time to load anything, trying to find anything now. It is the worst changes ever made to an app. They need to change the layout back to everything loading right away on the first page. Now I have to wait for things to load and then search for everything. They ruined the weather portion and the radar too. Doesn’t load right or takes forever to actually open. You can’t always close the ads to read the stories. Don’t know what happened to the traffic. They are trying to get you to spend more time on the app, and it is making me not want to use it all. So backfire. I will be looking for a new news app. Hate everything about this new app. Absolutely the worst app ever!!!!!!
  • Crashes and too many ads 1/5

    By JM's unhappy
    Uninstalled the “new” app. Kept crashing and just too many ads.
  • New Version of app buggy 2/5

    By Jell-bean396
    Keeps crashing. Layout is too busy. I liked the clean.simple layout of the previous app a lot more. Get to work.
  • Crash, crash, crash 2/5

    By QkRead
    I would truly appreciate this app if it wouldn’t crash multiple times during a single broadcast. Just a thought, don’t have an app if you can’t make it dependable.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Gatennguy
    The latest redesign fined this app. Stories are difficult to access, format makes no sense and the app shuts down for no reason on my iPad. I ditched it.
  • Big Step Backwards 1/5

    By 8206chap
    The new app is an improvement visually, but in terms of functionality and performance, it’s a mess. It seems more thought was paid to design rather than usage. Takes too much scrolling to find stories compared to previous version. Near impossible to get to previous location in app without having to start over. Developers thought they had created an intuitive design, but they failed. Previous version, despite its lack of visual “pizzazz”, was far more user friendly.
  • Don’t like the new update 1/5

    By Zoemax1
    Very jerky while scrolling. Not sure what I’m looking at. It needs easy to click on categories. I liked the old version.
  • Worse app ever 1/5

    By Atlanta streaker
    I deleted it b cause it was so bad
  • Terrible update 1/5

    By pho shizzle
    A cluttered mess, with a less than intuitive UI, and a host of issues app wide. The old app was absolutely dated and clunky, and less than sleek, and needed updating. The update is a train wreck
  • Crashing/Loading Errors 2/5

    By LVDogg
    I enjoy the features of this app, but there are several technical issues I have encountered using it. The first issue I have is opening the app. The app tends to crash and I have to close and reopen it a few times until I can use it. Sometimes when I am reading a news article I get extremely poor loading times and/or the app opens the wrong article. Also, I have encountered a problem with the app crashing as I check the notifications section. Overall, extremely poor quality.
  • Great app but has a major bug. 3/5

    By Jeann99
    It says to leave feedback in the app settings but there is no place to do that so maybe they will read this. This is the best news app but there is a bug that started when they redesigned sever updates ago. When I look at the list of notifications and find an article I want to read a lot of times it will bring up a totally different article. It doesn’t happen on the latest 3-4 notifications but ones a little earlier. I also have the same problem within the app after I click on the bell to see the notifications list. Also it’s so annoying to start reading the article and then and as pops up me after Xing out it returns to the top of the article.
  • Constantly crashes. Has ads that cover the article 1/5

    By MichaelsTunes
    I have reinstalled this app multiple times. It gets to where an ad for some Bomber podcast comes up and blocks the screen and you can’t clear it off. Nothing works. Useless. Was great before they covered it with ads and made it not work. Fix it. Update- I’ve tried and tried to get this to work. Nothing helps. I get updates on stories and then try to view them and nothing happens. I load the app on its own and it crashes. It used to be awesome but something is way wrong with it now.
  • Ads so large you can’t even see the article 1/5

    By Comedyman95
    Look, I get are the only way to make money off of a free app. But each time you open an article, it takes forever to load, and about 15 seconds later an ad the size of the whole screen covers the article and you have to scroll all the way up to exit. Many times the whole app freezes and the article disappears. Why can’t you just have the ads at the bottom like everyone else? If you’re looking for local Atlanta news, get the WSB app. Same news, just no impossible ad system. Please fix!
  • too many notifications 3/5

    By AmeliaC17
    i love 11 alive but this app sends wayyyyyyy too many notifications that have nothing to do with “local” news
  • Terrible app! 1/5

    By BNeilan
    This is the worst performing apps on both my iPhone and iPad. I will get an alert about a story which I would be interested in reading and click the link. It takes FOREVER to load. Once it finally loads, it makes me click once or twice again to get to whatever meager content there is they alerted me to in the first place. Constant pop up ads. Even if you close them, a blank box will remain where the ad would have displayed. It continues overlaps the text of the article you want to read. Sometimes the audio of a video will start to play but the video itself is nowhere to be found. Just awful!
  • News? More like drama 1/5

    By BradOnair
    I get alerts for stories that not my dead mother would care about. I signed up for alerts and I’m getting them. But the news alerts that aren’t even news worthy. Who’s writing this stuff? It’s gotta be an intern or some millennial and it’s their first job. If someone that works there reads this....take note of WTHR in Indianapolis. That’s a news station...and an NBC affiliate! They are on point.
  • Fantastic Reporting 5/5

    By MJamescorrect
    11 Alive has the most factual and cutting edge reporting in metro Atlanta. #christyethridge is national news anchor material. She’s brilliant, timely, beautiful and has a unique way of telling any story. We’ll enjoy her here in Atlanta until she’s snatched up by the big boys in news. Thanks 11 Alive!
  • All done here 1/5

    By Pbpbpbpbpbpb
    Incredibly weary of notifications that don’t lead to the articles. I have also moved away from watching 11 as my morning news. I have no idea what Beyoncé is up to now, but I seem to be continuing to live a fulfilling life.
  • Informative Network 4/5

    By NavyPeach🍑
    I start and end my day with 11Alive. Engaging...check! Upbeat...check! Relevant...check! With an A+ team.
  • Former President Jimmy Carter 5/5

    By Off daWall
    It’s truly great to receive good news. We need so much more of it. Our nation has become so focused on negative reports we miss so many great things that’s happening around us. Blessings to Jimmy Carter and thank you 11 Alive.
  • Too many ads now 1/5

    By PamelaDH
    Deleted recently as there were too many ads and not enough news
  • Poor news app 1/5

    By Jonjcarlo
    I click on notifications and story is nowhere to be found deleting now
  • This app will ruin your day. 2/5

    By Hgfhydgtdz
    I’ll admit that I do not like the majority of local news. It makes me feel as though I’ve tuned in to a reality show about the misfortunes of others, and I do not see the value in that. So when I downloaded this app, I immediately went to the settings and changed them so I only get very limited alerts about benign things like the weather and sports scores. However, I am constantly getting phone notifications that randomly appear on my screen about all kind of horrible tragedies, like people being murdered and animals tortured. When I got an alert yesterday about a the rape of a 16 MONTH old (in another state) splashed on my phone screen, I vomited, then went to delete the app. Never mind that I have more than once verified that I have disabled notifications like this; the fact than any purported news outlet could think a pop-up notification is the appropriate channel to communicate such a horrendous story is disgusting to me. End rant.
  • Needs improvement 3/5

    By DATC8canote
    Adds popping up and literally preventing the article being read seems counterintuitive. Takes away from the reading experience. There is also no way to share an article with a friend which is surprising. The app is also crashing a lot. Can’t be browsing on it for more than 5 minutes it seems before it crashes and 2 of those minutes are adds! This is at 11 alive news itself. I just want to say what a terrible job has been done with the Governors race. The most recent notification I have right now is (Abrams pulls 8,245 votes in just one week!) Never was there an optimistic headline for kemp. This type of bias is what covered the whole election. I have no idea what the kemp campaign did because you only covered Abrams and her “Positive” attitude!
  • Problem stopping notifications 1/5

    By T1ck3d
    Even with changing the settings, I can’t seem to get the app to stop sending me notifications. Frustrating.
  • Liberal Bias 3/5

    By PurpleRoseLuvr
    Most stories show too much liberal bias. News reporting is supposed to be neutral, unbiased
  • Shiba Russell 5/5

    By Lase mcbride
    I live in a diff state so I was made aware of Shiba’s talent when she was in NY at NBC. She’s an incredible broadcaster; the best in the business. #11aliveNews #IWriteFilms
  • Awesome and current 5/5

    By KimmieoE
    I recently purchased a Smart Watch and it’s nice to get the current alerts on my wrist without grabbing my phone to check!
  • Can’t even read news! 1/5

    By Weu Weuuu
    11Alive used to be my go-to for news but not anymore! You can’t even read the news on their app!! Whenever I get a notification and I want to read it, I am bombarded with ads! When I exit the ads, then the article won’t even load anymore! Half the time, the notification topic I click doesn’t even bring me to the correct article! This has gotten beyond frustrating and just flat out annoying. I’m switching to use the WSB app. This app is a joke.
  • Live Life with 11-Alive 5/5

    By LisaNanetteAllender
    I can honestly say that checking-in with 11- Alive News, whether by using my App here on my phone, or watching tv, curled up at home, is part of how I “live life.” The news that 11-Alive shares with me contains (of course!) the top stories of the day, but this station also gives me something that I don’t see, anywhere else: stories that remind me that living life means learning about those who make a difference in our communities. From the feel-good stories early morning with Chesley and crew, to the evening updates on families in need or homeless dogs, (Kaitlyn Ross is my “go-to” reporter!), 11-Alive definitely leads with intelligence and compassion. Keep doing what y’all do; you’re helping us all, to do better!
  • Clumsy app but can be informative. 3/5

    By Ditch Dr. Doug
    Slow load, choppy performance. Ads get in the way!
  • Unusuable 1/5

    By Contay The Hero
    Ads in front of the article that can’t be moved or removed makes this app unusuable. Use other news apps instead.
  • Ad spam galore 2/5

    By tadrewcook
    Constant scam ads pop up whenever I open the app and try to read an article. I don’t need to win a new iPhone 6, thanks
  • Try another local news app before downloading this one 2/5

    By justassignmeone
    As many others have said...screen never loads right, you spend more time trying to get to the story than reading it. Way too many ads.
  • Too many ads 1/5

    By Keishamama
    It seems that there is an ad showing after every couple of sentences in the news story. At times the story you’re looking for (that you specifically clicked on the notification for) can’t be found. I thought the app used to be better than that. I love 11Alive and watch NBC more than any other network but this app is not up to par at all with the other ways I enjoy this network.
  • Needs work 3/5

    By Lilleesee85
    I use this to watch the news in the morning. The app crashes, plays ads during the broadcast, and will play them repeatedly until it finally gives up and crashes. I have the option to close out the ad, but it will continue to pop up and play with no sound.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By SML4Q
    Links don’t work, take you to other stories-NOT the one you wanted! Often IMPOSSIBLE to find the story you ACTUALLY want!
  • Don’t get this app! 1/5

    By K-dawg-OU
    This is the most outrageous, horrible app I’ve ever had the misfortune to get. It is nothing but clickbait and obtrusive ads. It is impossible to go straight to a story without clicking through 2-3 links, and the ads won’t go away—they will often spontaneously begin replaying even as you’re reading or listening to a story. Any of the local TV apps are better (although each also has its annoying proclivities). I give it 1 star only because the negative star number line is disallowed.

Atlanta News from 11Alive app comments

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