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  • Current Version: 1.0.4
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  • Developer: Aetna Life Insurance Company
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Attain by Aetna App

Earn rewards for healthy actions. Not all members are eligible to earn an Apple Watch®. Download Attain by Aetna and sign in to see which rewards are available to you. Designed in collaboration with Apple, the Attain app combines your health history with Apple Watch® activity to offer personalized goals*, achievable actions, and rewards.** This app integrates with the Health app and helps you: • Earn rewards for hitting daily active calorie goals. • Get reminders for important healthy actions: flu shot and other vaccinations; scheduling primary care visits and screenings; and refilling and picking up prescriptions. • Get tips to sleep better, improve nutrition and increase mindfulness. • Build healthy habits through challenges and daily activity. • Get support for serious health moments, such as finding lower-cost options for lab and imaging tests like MRIs. Who can enroll? The Attain program is available to Aetna® commercial medical members aged 18 and above. Other eligibility and participation requirements, including certain state restrictions and exclusions, may apply. How do I earn rewards? Hit your activity goals and complete healthy actions to earn points. Activity goals are based on your weight and sex. Some healthy actions are based on your personal health history. Meet your weekly activity goals to earn enough points each month to cover your Apple Watch payment (if eligible). Or use your points to get gift cards from popular retailers like CVS, Amazon, Target and Best Buy. Find out which rewards you’re eligible for by downloading and logging in to Attain. How is it determined which rewards I am eligible for? Eligibility for particular incentives varies by health plan type and location. Download the Attain app and sign in to see which categories of incentives are available to you based on your health plan. Do I need an Apple Watch? Yes. Activity from your Apple Watch — along with your Aetna health history — powers the program. Can I earn an Apple Watch? Depending on your health plan, you could be eligible to earn a base model Apple Watch Series 3 (38 mm) over 24 months. If eligible, you will purchase the watch using the Attain app. All you’ll pay initially is a one-time activation fee of $15 plus sales tax. You can choose to upgrade to a different model for an additional up-front cost. You will use the points you earn in Attain to cover all or part of the monthly payment of your Apple Watch. *Goals and suggested health actions should not replace your doctor’s advice. If you have a medical condition that prevents you from meeting your goals, or if your doctor advises you not to take part in physical activity, there may be an opportunity for you to earn the same reward in a different way. **Eligibility for particular incentives varies by health plan type and location, including availability of Apple Watch as a reward. Download the Attain app and sign in to see which categories of incentives are available to you.

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Attain by Aetna app reviews

  • I completely my goals but says i didnt complete it 2/5

    By BlueStar519
    This app is supposed to encourage you to do your goals by giving point so my goal a day so by monday if complete 3 goals you get the bonus points well i have complete more than 3 goal but by the end of the week i dont get my bonus points because supposedly i didnt do any or just one
  • Frozen 1/5

    By aly7706
    After I login, all I get is the Aetna symbol frozen on my screen.
  • Hanging 1/5

    By Varunfbd
    Not showing any thing after signing in
  • App doesn’t even start up 1/5

    By Sframsden3
    Since the update 2 days ago, can’t even get the app to open. Great!
  • Great incentive, but can be hazardous to your health 3/5

    By PoliGP777
    I've been consistently using this app for over a month now. I've always gone to the gym, but had trouble staying consistent with my schedule. This app helps me stay consistent. However, the app has gone from requiring 3 days a week of exercise to 7 days in just less than 3 weeks. I'm happy I can keep up with it, but your body needs rest you know? Well, not according to this app. You better get up and go to the gym 7 days a week or you won't gain any points. Ever since the app caught that I've been consistently meeting the goals, it stopped offering any other ways to gain points. It used to offer challenges for 400 points. Then the challenges went down to 100 points. And three days into the new week -- ZERO challenges. It seems that the app is useful at the beginning, but God forbid you meet your weekly goals -- it'll try to destroy you. Not giving your body a break from a work out can result in injuries and overwhelm your heart, so I wouldn't call this app safe if you're trying to meet its demanding goals.
  • Worked well at first but... 1/5

    By Cjesse_09
    I’ve lost about a dozen or maybe even more of my completed workouts. They’re logged in my watch workouts but they disappeared from the Attain app. Basically useless since you lose the bonus points for the week and have to start all over. Will no longer use the app.
  • Won’t work 1/5

    By fablsa
    Sounds like a great app. Too bad I can’t get past the two factor identification page. My phone was already set up like their instructions and the app won’t continue with the setup.
  • Terribly buggy 1/5

    I have never logged into this app without experiencing major bugs. It’s as if they never bothered to test this thing out. All the account team does to “fix” the problem suggest I delete and redownload the app, which doesn’t work. It’s almost funny just how bad this app is. It’s also clear that no one really thought this program through because when I called to ask pretty basic questions, I was bounced around to different people who did not know any answers. Things as simple as how exactly it sets the goals you are required to meet or what happens if you decide this program is setting impossible goals.
  • A changed will 5/5

    By A Changed Will
    It sounds melodramatic to say this app turned my life around but it almost did. I was trapped in an unhealthy lifestyle. I didn’t exercise, ate unhealthy and haven’t visited my doctor in years. With this app I have been able to track my progress, keep myself honest and be mindful of my wellbeing. This app is easy! On boarding was not only seamless but painless!
  • Latest update = least functionality 1/5

    By Jrichar3
    With latest update I am no longer seeing daily actions (therefore losing opportunities to earn points to gift cards). I tried to uninstall and reinstall and now it keeps asking me for my weight but continues to show my daily goal as 0 calories. My history and earned points are still there but the app is barely functional now. Very frustrating as I have been enjoying the program and doing well at meeting the goals.
  • Lies 1/5

    By Spleenman
    As others have stated, this was a kind of lame program that was ruined by the marketing team. The entire premise is the free/discounted watch. It should be taken down from the App Store imo.
  • Great incentive to make healthy choices 4/5

    By MNRasch
    I got an email from Aetna about this app a few weeks back, saying I could earn gift cards simply for wearing my Apple Watch and achieving goals. Since I already wear my watch and try to meet my daily goals, of course I was willing to keep doing those things AND get free gift cards. There are a few things that could be changed - it would be great if you could tap previous days and see what you achieved, goal and action wise. The daily tips disappear after you read them the first time and you can’t go back and look at them again. Other than those two tiny changes, I’ve been very happy with the app - and in less than four weeks, I already have enough points to get my first gift card!!
  • Hits the mark 5/5

    By dffyhjvf
    Finally a health app app that delivers on its promise
  • Attain keeps me on a healthy track 5/5

    By KillerD82
    I love getting rewards for being on top of my health.
  • 404 not found 1/5

    By mrlemer4
    Unable to order iPhone watch through Attain. No support. The requested URL /vitality-maint/index.html was not found on this server.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By zkram70
    Error when it pulls up the Apple Watch options page
  • WARNING: Do not sign up in September!!!! 1/5

    By PatrickTheDev
    This program includes a major bug: if you sign up for it in September you will not be able to earn an Apple watch no matter what you do. It's literally impossible and has been confirmed by Aetna Atain support in writing. The Attain application requires you to pick between the "Bring your own device path" (aka "I already have a watch") path and the "Earn Your Watch" path at signup time. During September, the "Earn Your Watch" path is not available since the Attain store is being updated, presumably to include new devices from Apple. The problem is that if you ever pick the "Bring your own device path", you can NEVER go back. Aetna support can't even undo it. So don't become doomed like me. DO NOT SIGN UP IN SEPTEMBER.
  • Misleading! 1/5

    By ShelbyP123!
    When I read about the app, you were supposed to be able to earn a new watch or pay on the watch you have by earning rewards. Don’t fall for it!
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By jon goku
    Great concept but it's not okay to offer a watch and then charge people when the app isn't working properly it's almost like being punished for something that wasn't your fault. It's like giving someone a free car if they pass a daily test and then making us pay when the teacher is sick and can't grade.
  • Nothing but problems!!! 1/5

    By tuxedo712
    I’ve had nothing but problems with this app. You need to remove it from the Apple store and bring it back when it’s ready for prime time.
  • UnATTAINable Goals 1/5

    By HoJoUCLA
    How can I meet my weekly goals when they set it at 7x per week? Give us a break. Let us set the goals!! How misleading :(
  • Lose Points 1/5

    By Rob43231
    The App is easy to use but it loses access to the servers often. I changed jobs and lost access to the App and all the points I had accumulated to turn into a girt card. No notice that I would be removed or that I would lose the points. The help desk was not much help. I talked to four people from the Help Desk before I was told that I could no longer use the App. Two of them told me I should get access reinstated.
  • Goal increase 2/5

    By ErinTayCamp19
    I enjoyed the app at first bc the goals and bonus’ are attainable: hit your move goal 3x per week. It does this for a month and then one week it says to hit your move goal 4x per week. Rather than staying at the 4x per week goal for a few weeks it automatically goes to 5x, then 6x then 7x per week. Everyone needs a rest day. This is crazy. It’s almost like once you start doing well they want to make your bonus points unachievable. It’s very discouraging
  • Stupid 1/5

    By mrhydra
    Doesn’t work with iPad, why aren’t iPhone background apps available on iPads too? I pay for this insurance but I cannot participate in this program. Even when they’re giving the technology needed to us, I still can’t use this app. Doesn’t compel me to buy more apple products or keep this expensive insurance.
  • Misleading, just like everything else in our health care system 1/5

    By Cyraks
    The usual, trying to benefit on the back of end customers. Process starts with completing your goal 3 days out of the week and then suddenly increases to 7 days. I won’t recommend this app to anyone. Lying or in a more polite way -misleading people is not okay.
  • Free watch/interest fee payments/discounts 5/5

    By Super Shmoo
    Of course they market it as earn a free watch, it’s how they get you interested enough to learn more. If you download the app it requires enough of your information from you to see if your health plan is eligible for the watch offer or if it’s just eligible for gift cards. They can’t check that eligibility without your information, so I’m not sure why folks are mad about sharing their info. And yes you will have to be super active in the app to complete enough tasks to earn credits to pay off a whole monthly payment entirely, but it also does partial credits, which are like a discount for good behavior. And if nothing else and you have a lazy couple of weeks you are on an interest free plan with low monthly payments so it’s still a win. Also, on a side note, I have called in a couple of times with questions and have gotten prompt pickup of my call, and courteous helpful people who stay on the phone while you try their suggestions to make sure your issue is fixed or they bump it up the chain. Whatever original issues were had with customer service seem to have been addressed.
  • Can’t complete signup 1/5

    By ITriedz
    I get to the end of the setup and it says two factor authentication is required, shows instructions on how to do so, and says to come back when complete. However, two factor was already on. Cannot proceed into app, so that’s a fail off the bat. Still months later, same issue is occurring
  • Frustrated 1/5

    By appleaetna
    I have tried five times to get this to work . I get all the way through to the end put my credit card in hit submit then it says this page is taking a break try again later....grrrr Still not able to get it to work. Is it a scam? Hmmm then to send this review it seems every nickname I choose to submit it is taken?
  • Poor app 1/5

    By Chaudhary2
    We were able to use the app but today for some reason, we are unable to login. There is no support available at all over the weekend
  • Worst program ever 1/5

    By Unhappy Program User
    I joined this program through the insurance we have at work. They have now and have for several weeks raised my goal up to seven weeks to receive my bonus points which by the way is about the only way you can get anywhere. If you get hit the daily goal it is only 10 points. So it’s not enough that you don’t even get a day to just rest but three different times now they have said I missed my goal in a Friday. This. Of course would cost me my weekly bonus. I had proof that I did indeed hit my goal but had to be aggravated with calling and trying to prove myself. I’m on a mission to hit a certain point value which I am close to and then I am definitely pulling out. My advise is don’t be aggravated by joining this program and definitely don’t join to get the so called free watch. I did not opt in for the watch thank goodness. I’m just trying to get the gift card I’ve so hard for them that’s it.
  • Can't even start 1/5

    By Ang99ela
    Let me know when you get your app to work properly. I downloaded, signed in but it keeps kicking me out and giving an error code.
  • Dead app 1/5

    By DJ SolarDaddy
    Downloaded app. Started it up. “Let’s get started...” Dead. White screen. Useless. Restart app. Dead. White screen.
  • Stop making me log in 3/5

    By DreamZ is a Nightmare
    This app is fine except that I don't want to have to log in. I'll look at my watch to check on my calories and it asks you to log in on your phone. This is inconvenient in the middle of a workout. Just let it stay logged in.
  • Won’t even let me place initial order 1/5

    By neenerneener99
    I downloaded this a few days ago and initially couldn’t even sign in. When I got that sorted, I thought I would be able to order the watch and get started. Infuriatingly, after entering pages of info and agreeing to all the terms, I encountered an error message like all the other recent reviewers. I must have tried 10 times on LTE and WiFi but it makes no difference.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Elsa let it go
    So this app isn’t working.. every time i try to purchase an Apple Watch it keeps telling me that the site isn’t working
  • Broken App 1/5

    By PC0815
    I’ve gone through all the steps, registered for the account, and then went through all the various agreements put my payment in and then it says “Error”. I’ve done this 4 times now and even closed the app, deleted it and re-downloaded it. Nothing is solving the issue and it’s really annoying. It’s already a long enough process to sign up for it but to complete all the steps just for there to be an error is extremely aggravating and now I’ve done this 4 times. Good luck getting it to work
  • Rarely can launch without crashing 1/5

    By Wickersty
    Worthlessly coded app. Not reliable.
  • App not working 1/5

    By nmh1133
    Downloaded and tried logging in app is giving an error.
  • Limited utility 1/5

    By Sparke09
    I received a card in the mail for this - downloaded the app and it refuses to log-in. It has timed out repeatedly, so as of right now I can’t even give feedback on the actual program. I could care less about Apple watches; I have zero interest in purchasing one to ‘earn it back.’ I use Garmin, so if you are looking to actually increase the utility of the app for real health reasons, include better devices that collect much more data. Or link to other apps such as Strava, map my run, etc.
  • Disappointing app/program design 1/5

    By jbeach05
    Tried to order a watch through the app so I could participate in the program. Once I hit submit on the payment screen it took me into the app where you’re prompted to pair your watch. Discussing with support, they never received my order and I was told that once the user is into the app, there is no way to re-order a watch. Support also can’t reset my account to the starting the process so I can try my order placement again. I was instructed to wait for support to look into this and was told I cannot attempt to reorder a watch until they figure out why my initial order wasn’t received- which could be 2 weeks.
  • Basically getting a FREE Apple Watch 5/5

    By GerardGTX
    The app lets you use your iPhone to track your activity and convert that activity into gift cards to Amazon, iTunes, CVS, Target, etc. OR credit toward the monthly installment of the cost of an Apple Watch. I have to walk around all day for work anyway and I am earning more than enough points to “pay” for my watch and a small gift card each month. Love this!
  • Great idea, horribly executed 1/5

    By Synbios1
    I have used this app for ~ the past two months. I acquired an apple watch through the app with the idea of achieving a workout goal each week would help pay for the watch and hopefully motivate me to continue exercising and promote a healthier lifestyle. My main concern going in was whether the goals would be realistic. The screenshots I saw showed needing to workout 3-4 times a week to get credit towards this goal, which seemed like a great motivation and achievable so I signed up. I went in knowing they would have access to the health information from the Apple health app and was ok with that. Things started off great. I completed my 3 workouts a week for a few weeks in a row. Then after completing three workouts and waiting to the next week to continue, I realized the app had changed my goal to 4 workouts a week without any notifications unless I happened to look at one number in the app that hadn't changed before. So, I missed a week. All good, I'd get it next week. Only then did I realize that despite failing 4 workouts a week, I was now on 5 workouts a week. Well, I decided to buckle down, and figured 5 workouts a week was a stretch but doable and took on the challenge and did it for a couple weeks in a row. Then it changed to 6 workouts in a week. Around this time I kinda threw in the towel, as I'm a fairly large guy and 6 workouts a week is going to be a lot of wear and tear on my knees, feet, and ankles. (Since they have access to my health app, they also know my height and weight and could have programming that takes this into account). But I basically stopped caring last week when it displayed 6 times as the goal and only did 4 of them. I signed in today, after 6-7 weeks, and the app is now expecting me to workout 7 days each week, without a rest day which is absolutely insane and honestly very unhealthy. So I'm making the payments manually on the watch that is owed and getting rid of this app as soon as that's done. What started as a great motivation has become a massive discouragement and a complete waste of time and money. If you're a workout warrior who runs several miles everyday, go for it, otherwise, as a motivational effort, it's terrible.
  • At least I got a new watch interest free for $11 a month 1/5

    By Fun with daughter
    If I could give this zero stars and tell others not to take the bait, I would. I’ve only been using the app for 10 days and have hit my daily goal of 650 for 8 days. I am not getting the bonus though my action points are adding up. I emailed “support” and have no reply to date. The app was not ready for release and they pushed it anyway at our expense, literally. I’m embarrassed that I fell for it but hopefully not as embarrassed as the developers are having to put this failure on their resumes.
  • Definitely has room to improve 3/5

    By tarrynyouapart
    I agree with a lot of other users that the way the app continues to increase the weekly goal from 3 days to 7 (I’ve only been increased to 5 so far) is pretty ridiculous. They don’t even warn you, I almost didn’t notice last week that the goal had been increased from 3 to 4 days until it was almost too late to reach the goal. I think at the very least if they’re going to boost it to 7, they should be reasonable and then go back down to 3 days the next week and slowly increase and decrease so that people can actually ATTAIN these goals. However I haven’t experienced any of the tech issues others have, so I’m still really enjoying the program regardless.
  • Points not awarded appropriately 2/5

    By Ephraimsmom
    According to my health data, I’ve been meeting my activity goal daily for this whole month. Twice this far I haven’t received my weekly bonus - attain sent me an email that my points would update, but they did not update in the time frame given to me by Attain. Just feels like they are promising something they won’t deliver. I have sent multiple emails with data to Attain and am awaiting a response.
  • Hard to reach weekly activity goals 4/5

    By jesssmygirl
    I really like the Attain app, and before I downloaded it, I already had an Apple watch, so that wasn’t a problem. What is becoming an issue, is earning points in order to get rewards. In the beginning, I only had to meet a my calorie goal 3 times per week, which was easy enough. However if I kept hitting the goal, my weekly goal increased, now to 7 times per week! It’s nearly impossible for me to hit my goal every single day since it involves going to the gym after work. If the app rewarded for hitting your goal on a daily basis, but for less points than the weekly, that is more attainable, and more motivation since I ensure points at least 5 days a week. Otherwise, I like the app and the reminders to be active.
  • What, me worry? 2/5

    By emmiroonie
    If I hit my activity goal seven days in a row, I get a thousand points. Sounds good, but what reward is that? One dollar for a gift card. If you hit the goal each day, you get 10 points. What’s that worth? One penny toward a gift card. This is not a misprint! A sad reward for a very active person. I’m doing everything possible and it works out to $10 a month in a gift card. A free Apple Watch? Never seen nor heard 🧐
  • Shame on Aetna!! 1/5

    By ML&Terry❤️
    How STUPID are you Aetna to be an apple PIG!!! My Fitbit is so much better than a STUPID apple watch. For you to be brand specific with your lousy app shows your greed. Stop sending me your postcards to download your lousy app. So glad I’m changing to a REAL medical insurance- Blue Cross!!!
  • Aetna’s tagline should be “You don’t join us. Period!” 1/5

    By riganati
    I downloaded the app and accumulated points and then switched from being a primary member with Aetna insurance to a dependent member on another Aetna plan. Aetna Attain threw a message about a server unrelated to the actual problem. Called Aetna Attain help desk and got shuttled around to 4 different people before I was advised to create a new account with my primary’s member ID and have the points transferred. Since there’s no way to logout from the app, had to delete and reinstall. LOST ALL DATA. Couldn’t complete new registration and was told to TRY AGAIN IN 7 DAYS. Tried again in 7 days and logged in and then called Aetna Attain help desk to request transfer. They had trouble locating ANY information and after bring placed on hold was told I had a NEW account with my OLD member ID. And that I shouldn’t register under my primary’s member ID. AND that even if I did create a new account THEY COULDN’T (WOULDN’T?) TRANSFER ANY POINTS I HAD ALREADY EARNED. They said they would investigate this and get back to me in 3 days and urged me not to post this review until then. However I am doing this review to make a record of this situation because Aetna Attain does not appear able to track and resolve this issue.

Attain by Aetna app comments

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