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Audible audiobooks & originals

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LISTENING IS THE NEW READING Welcome to Audible, an Amazon company. Home of the world’s largest selection of audiobooks, audio shows, and original series. Hear A-list celebrities narrate their favorite stories, enjoy full-cast performances, discover Grammy® award-winning audiobooks, and more. Listen to your audiobooks anytime, anywhere—at home or on the go with our free app. Even if you switch devices, you'll never lose your place. Download the Audible app free today. WHAT’S TO LOVE - Explore new releases, best-sellers, mysteries, sci-fi, romance, and memoirs – whatever your passion you're sure to find the perfect listen. - Keep up to date on current trends, news, and events with Audible original audio shows and top stories from The New York Times, The Washington Post, and others. - Whether you’re relaxing at home, commuting to work, at the gym, or just doing chores, there’s a story for every activity. WHAT WE’RE LISTENING TO - The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins - IT by Stephen King - The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson - I Can’t Make This Up by Kevin Hart - Artemis by Andy Weir EXPLORE FEATURES FOR THE AUDIOBOOK LISTENER - Download your books to listen to offline. - Automatically sync your audiobooks across all your devices. - Customize your narration speed. - Set a sleep timer for up to an hour, or until the next chapter. - Seamlessly switch between listening to audiobooks and reading ebooks on your Amazon Kindle with Whispersync for Voice AUDIBLE APP FOR APPLE WATCH Now you can leave your phone at home and take your Audible books with you on Apple Watch. Sync your Audible titles from your iPhone and play them from your Apple Watch via Bluetooth. Rewind, pause or set a sleep timer from your watch. Experience the freedom of hands-free listening: stay active while listening to best selling audio books or hit the road, sit back and enjoy while commuting. Available on Apple Watch Series 1 or higher. HERE’S HOW TO GET STARTED 1. Download the free Audible app 2. Sign in securely with your Amazon account 3. Choose any book to start listening. Your first book is free WHAT OUR LISTENERS ARE SAYING “I have felt every range of emotion while listening, getting so caught up that I’m actually ‘happy’ to hit traffic” – James C. Listener since 2010 “My son wouldn’t read. But he listened to book after book and loved them so much, he learned to read!” – Noelle C. Listener since 2006 “I find that audiobooks bring a story to life, and add a dimension to the characters that reading doesn’t always give me.” – Laura H. Listener since 2001 “After my daughter was born, I simply didn’t have time to curl up with a good book anymore. Audible gave that back to me.” Jay O. Listener since 2011 Download the free Audible audiobook player and start listening!

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  • Latency issues 2/5

    By foxycoffeesnob
    I am an avid audible user clocking 15-20hours per week. I am so frustrated with the latency issues!! This app delays starting books because it struggles with validating if there are any device to connect/project to. It’s the worse it’s been in the 4 years I’ve used it. Hoping they fix the issues soon. app works much better!!!
  • Love audible, hate the app 1/5

    By Aturns
    Audible is great, I love listening to books. The app is horrible, you actually need two apps, one to buy books and one to listen. The fact that these actions are not integrated into one app is ridiculous.
  • Great concept! Great way to relax 5/5

    By LTPICK61
    Presently, I am on meds. Hard to read. I love the audiobooks. It is all about the narrator. David McCallum and Charles Ketting are my favorite narrators. Old Time Radio-Orson Wells is the greatest as the Shadow.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By jay_bird130
    I love hard cover books and was very hesitant to get into the audio book world but audible is amazing and I am so glad that I decided to get audible it is amazing.
  • Awesome app 4/5

    By rewell12
    Great, easy to use app. If you have credits from amazon, it’s even better. Love the app.
  • Purchase of books 5/5

    By betthisnicknamewasnottaken
    My only con is the inconvenience of having to purchase books in one place (their website) then go to your app log out to refresh the app (even though there’s a refresh button that doesn’t refresh)log back in (if you can remember you password or username) and pray that loads your new book. Otherwise it’s a great app and passes time.
  • Audible app rating 5/5

    By Snowmash
    I had finished a book and for some reason thought I rating a book not the Audible App. So I am changing my review to reflect this assumption based in the email I received suggesting I put a book rating on the Audible Apps rating page. Oops! Yes I like the audible app. Sometimes they pick the worst “sample” to play of a book, or the sample is super boring and doesnt reflect any overall interest of the book. I don’t expect the best parts of an audiobook to be the sample but more effort needs to be taken to better samples. And yes, Apple needs to fix the watch issue that makes it difficult to download books.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Elise in class
    So amazing
  • Just wish I could purchase in the app. 4/5

    By jsturner.raleigh
    Sound quality and ease of use are smooth as is to be expected. The only real issue that I have is that I cannot make purchases within the app.
  • Poor integration with Apple Watch 2/5

    By Jfairb
    It is better to not have the function than to have it work so poorly. You need to start the sync with the watch unlocked (that means do not put watch in charger first). I then can take HOURS not an hour or minutes. If you do succeed, it then will not sync book placement when you switch from phone to watch, or iPad to watch, or any combination.
  • Great software but.... 4/5

    By hjvsudjrbxifjdh
    They don’t make it easy to figure out how to cancel after your free month or when it ends.
  • Fix the keyboard 1/5

    The app doesn't allow me to type certain letters sometimes....there is a glitch with the keyboard.. How can I rate it better if I can't type
  • Randomly Crashed 1/5

    By JOHNTB1
    Once every few hours the app will just crash out of nowhere. I’m or even touching my phone. Just listening through my senso Bluetooth headphones. I’ve tried deleting and installing the app 4 times over the past few years. Nothing works.
  • Blown for good 5/5

    By Shelly Livengood
    Wow. I can’t stop crying. I am so happy that they are together. You both are my heroes. But love and happiness to you both.
  • Syncing of iPad app w/Alexa needs help 3/5

    By Madonna N.
    I usually fall asleep to an audible book being narrated to me through my Echo Dot. The next day when I open the Audible app on my iPad, more often than not I have to hunt and peck for where I left off. Once in it while the app will ask me if I want to skip ahead to where I was last night. More synchronization also needs to be done between the book I read in my Kindle app on my iPad and the same book on my Kindle Fire. All these devices—iPad, Echo Dot and Kindle Fire—need further syncing help. The iPad and Echo Dot especially are of daily use.
  • Would be better if you could purchase books through the app. 4/5

    By Tammy-0714132003
    Would be better if you could purchase books through the app.
  • Poor user experience: unable to purchase books in app 1/5

    By Mac_User_01
    The user experience of this app is extraordinary poor, particularly because users are unable to purchase books on the app. Instead, users have to go to their mobile browser to purchase. Audible developers, please incorporate this very basic feature.
  • Love 5/5

    By acmicone
    I feel like audible is about the best thing since sliced bread. I do a lot of driving and I can carry a book with me at all times. thank you for this wonderful technology, flawless and I seriously love getting the Credit’s for books.
  • Great content available but hard to access 2/5

    By Angela del Pino
    Audible is a good app but I can't buy books in the app and I find it awkward to do it - they need to have in app purchases so I can go straight into my next book - or even better it needs to go to more of a streaming style so I can confidently jump to the next book asap and share with my family! Right now I inevitably finish a book, can't buy a new one so go do something else then forget to buy it and don't come back to audible for awhile after. Also I find the recommendations not very good, I want to be able to find books more intuitively. I don't find normal genres as useful, I want to know what influencial people are reading. I want to find the most listened to books that month, I want to know how many times people didn't finish the book, I want to find book lists from local book clubs and share my own lists... The app doesn't do much to keep me in it unless I am in the middle of a good book. They definitely need a team of designers to start thinking about what the user experience actually could be beyond the confines of improving what currently exists.
  • Born a Crime 5/5

    By Moon25
    Excellent book. Noah's voice is terrific as well as his voice effects. The story itself is not an American one but takes you into Southern Africa and into one very incredible woman's story.
  • He did it again!! 5/5

    By BLM363
    I am once again spell-bound by Joel Rosenberg’s books!! He pulls you right into the story and puts me on the edge of my seat! Hard to draw the line between fiction and current events!!
  • Expensive for what you get 4/5

    By Milliv214
    I love the app cause I love audiobooks. But it’s expensive for what you get
  • The Wife 5/5

    By Susanmary02
    It is hard to stop listening. The very very end pulls it all together but I was still left wanting more closure.
  • Crashes regularly 1/5

    By Will McTell
    Shockingly unstable app. Crashes when opening, switching to another book, pulling library, basically all the time. Great content but the app is slow and unstable and needs a major overhaul.
  • A five star app. 3/5

    By lcashless
    I’ve been using Audible and this app for many years. It is an excellent app, you can find your books easily, you can delete them easily, and it’s excellent for voiceover users and those were visually impaired. I find is the best app for audiobook reading.
  • Becoming 5/5

    By for the children
    As the tears fall from my eyes, I see what was and will continue! Thank you to the Obama family for continuing hope and love for our people and country. 💙
  • Utopia for skeptics 5/5

    By Prattaya
    I was very skeptical when my son suggested we should read this book for our family bookclub. I thought the basic income idea was a lunatic idea that harked back to the den Uil area in the Netherlands were government was taking care of you from the day you were born till the day you died. This is not that. I think that Rutgers idea of a basic income is the best plan to counter the huge income gap and a future were most will not get an income through work. He explains it really well and even for lay people like me the concept us understandable.
  • Terrible latest version 2/5

    By wmarbut
    I love Audible. Have subscribed for years. Two stars because I love the books, otherwise no stars for how badly they’ve broken the app. This redesigned app with the new “home” tab is awful. I could complain about it being inconvenient and not what I want to see, but that pales in comparison to how they’ve broken performance. The app hangs now. It’s slow. When I unlock my phone to interact with controls in the app, it frequently is unresponsive for 10 seconds or so. It also has a tendency to crash if you are impatient like me and just keep tapping on it until it does something. Audible took a great app and “fixed it”. Keep it simple guys. I just want to listen to the books I pay for. I’d rather that feature work well than have this home screen nonsense that advertises more books at me.
  • Beautiful & Powerful if only a little less Jesus! 4/5

    By Keuker
    Very beautiful book, some has some very powerful messages definitely worth reading/ listening. I believe in god but there is definitely one to many mention of prayer to Jesus in here... still great messages!
  • Perpetual crash 1/5

    By Mezzo who cares
    Still crashes. I have plenty of memory. It just doesn’t work anymore.
  • My love of Audible books 5/5

    By bookworm listener
    I love listening to books on Audible! In fact, I’m so adicted to it that I listen to it almost all day.
  • The River 3/5

    By Tom Jet
    Starts a bit slow, gets really exciting, the ending was totally unsatisfying.
  • Anonymous Girl 1/5

    By please, please me
    Inane filler mixed with brand name dropping pretension. Not believable. Scary to think that this is what others consider to be good reading. Sad state of affairs for America.
  • It’s how I get to work everyday. 5/5

    By Boom Cat Black
    It’s a necessity.
  • The Goldfinch 5/5

    By DunberryLane
    The great American novel lives in this book. I’ve not heard a better preformed book, this one is magnificently read by David Pittu. He brings each character to life beautifully with deep emotion and honesty. Donna Tartt strung the words of this book together as if it were a symphony. It flows so movingly, taking this simple character study into a depth of detail I had no way of expecting. It’s long. I took quite awhile to finish. I think I’ll listen again. I’ll miss these characters too much not do do so.
  • My new way to read book. 5/5

    By Cornmeal85
    I love audible. I’ve always been a book lover but haven’t had much time to read since our daughter was born. Now I can enjoy my books while multitasking.
  • Enjoy 5/5

    By Kimberly - Not Happy
    Have absolutely loved listening to the book far more than I thought I would. Could not wait to listen to the next chapter.
  • Audio is the New TV! 5/5

    By DeAnn.mail
    Listening to audio books, podcast, blogs, etc is becoming much more popular then listening to radio or even music. I will be very interested to see what the next generation listens to while commuting or are otherwise engaged in activities that restrain their movements but numb the mind. I grew up listening to radio in the car. My kids listened to self curated music without commercials, their kids watch movies but as adults my kids and I have all switched to audio books. Now we just need a way to share them!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By heygurlegurl3
    I’m super busy and hated the fact I was becoming someone that does not read at all!! We have so much to learn in this world and I wasn’t going to let my just schedule ruin that. I put this on when I’m cleaning, doing homework, working, in the car, etc. best thing ever invented
  • Enhance Your Life 5/5

    By MB98765123
    Make a long road trip short and enhance your life at the same time
  • Ease and Simplicity 5/5

    By mcrespo15
    It would be awesome to be able to read books all day... I love that even though life is busy I can multitask with ease and simplicity by connecting my headphones while I drive, wash dishes, check email, pay bills and so forth. Thank you audible! I am deeply grateful!
  • Beauchamp Hall 5/5

    By Tractor24
    Great book enjoyed it.
  • Love Audible but Watch Sync needs works 2/5

    By LizziLeigh
    I love audible and when I discovered I could sync directly to my Apple Watch to listen without my phone I was SO excited. Literally the only reason I invested in AirPods. Unfortunately the “sync to Apple Watch” feature is incredibly buggy and after 5 tries, when I finally did get it synced, it doesn’t sync with your audiobook location on your phone. So disappointing. There’s also no easy way to navigate chapters to try to find your place on the watch. Only on the phone, which then doesn’t sync. Until they fix this, I wouldn’t call it “sync” at all as that implies it syncs with all devices.
  • Deceptions 5/5

    By Wildcreek Desktop
    Not only do I LOVE this series by Craig Alanson, I love the audible app. I have listed to 30+ books on audible and I am always satisfied and impressed.
  • Do not use the Apple Watch app it will loose your place 2/5

    By Jeremy2487
    They should handle sync a lot better. Send me a notification of sync is lost and let me go back to where I was just like iPad and iPhone.
  • Fabulous 5/5

    By Tcarson3
    I love this lady!! She is just a normal gal which I love.
  • Becoming 5/5

    By 985422)??98
  • Almost didn’t buy 5/5

    By 1232463085
    There were a lot of reviews saying it was poorly recorded and I almost didn’t get it, even though I’ve enjoyed a lot of Brandon’s YouTube videos and podcasts. I talked myself into it and am very glad I did. They must have fixed most, if not all the issues. It was a great in-depth book. Would recommend!
  • New books 1/5

    By danbickel31289
    How can I get more books?

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