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Audible audiobooks & podcasts

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Find listens for every moment this holiday season. Indulge in binge-worthy audiobooks, tune into exclusive podcasts and discover genre-bending Audible Originals. Explore a growing collection of exclusive content waiting to be uncovered. Make Audible the best part of your day. Choose how you listen. Hear what you want. Enjoy Audible your way. Use your monthly credits to find exactly what you want, including the newest releases and bestsellers. Try the brand new widget that makes it even easier to jump right back into your last listen with simple access from the home screen. Browse our Plus catalog and unwind with a huge selection of compelling content. THE PLUS CATALOG - Listen without limits and download, stream or listen to the entire Audible Plus Catalog anytime you want, no credits necessary. - That means you get thousands of engrossing audiobooks, exclusive podcasts, and audio entertainment, with fresh content added every single week. - Unlimited access to fresh audio content, with new listens added to the Catalog every single week. AUDIBLE PREMIUM PLUS Get access to the Plus Catalog and even more: - Build your own Library and listen to titles from the entire premium selection. - Find a title you love and keep it with 1 monthly credit. - Choose from binge-worthy audio books, podcasts and Audio Originals. - Out and about? No problem. Listen offline. You can stream and download all you want. Sign in securely with your Amazon account for seamless cross-device listening with Whispersync, available with all titles and audio entertainment selections. Find intriguing stories that speak to you and discover inspiring voices. Listen anytime, anywhere. Make every moment Audible. -------------------- If you subscribe to Audible via iTunes where available, payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase and your membership will automatically renew monthly unless auto-renewal is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the then current membership period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours before the end of each membership period at the rate of your selected plan. You can manage your subscription and turn off auto-renewal anytime by going to My Account or through iTunes. See Audible Conditions of use at for terms applicable to your use of Audible, and see for the Privacy Policy. Note: in-app purchasing is currently only available in our U.S. marketplace.

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Audible audiobooks & podcasts app reviews

  • Lacks Integration found in Android, Web 2/5

    By The_Donut
    Can’t click on author or narrator to examine their other works — a useful feature that exists in the Android and Web-based version of the Audible app.
  • Customer service 1/5

    By HaiThereUnicornBish
    I love the app and their service, but my issue is with the customer service. My audible account is linked through my mother’s Amazon prime account because I wanted to get a promo during sign up. Because of this, every couple of months, audible will randomly charge whatever saved card they want instead of the default payment method that is selected on the audible account. We have to call every time to get them to issue a refund. The most recent time, the service rep told me there was no default card selected (when I can see clearly on my end that there is), and he told me to delete all other cards off the audible account to prevent this from happening again. I expressed my concern about the potential for this to also delete all these payment methods off the Amazon account as well, and he assured me that it would affect the audible account only, not the Amazon one. Well, he lied. All cards have also been deleted off my mothers Amazon account which is ridiculous considering I deleted them off audible’s site, not Amazon’s. There’s no reason the accounts should be linked this closely when the Amazon account was only used for a promo, and I’m tired of audible charging whatever card they feel like because they’ll almost always charge multiple cards as if we have multiple audible subscriptions when we don’t.
  • Very poor quality podcast app 1/5

    By Lopes187
    I only downloaded this app for a specific podcast that wasn’t streamed on other podcast apps. 1) it requires not just a login (what?), it requires an Amazon account. 2) the homepage is mostly ads. 3) I paused the first episode I listened to 15 minutes in. When I tried to play again, it wouldn’t work. It would only let me start new episodes but would not play episodes in progress. There are waaaaaaay better podcast (Pocket) apps (cast) that don’t require 3rd party accounts, aren’t advertising for your credit card info, and actually play podcasts.
  • Needs upgrades 1/5

    By Shores4now
    Not the easiest app to use to find out if you have read the book already. And extremely difficult to get a book off your wish list
  • Still no Mac app 1/5

    By quigglypoo
    I can’t believe it’s 2021 and they still have not released a Mac app. Not only that but they block the downloading of this on the M1 Mac. For crying out loud they still support the windows phone that doesn’t even make sense.They tell you that you can listen to it on the Mac but their solution is to force you to download the files and listen to them through the Books app. And they also advertise seamless syncing which it refuses to do with audible because they’re separate platforms.I would be more forgiving if this was a small company with limited dev power, but this is an Amazon own company with literally infinite money to throw at this problem. It’s unexcusable that they not only have not brought a native Mac app, but that they actively prevent the using of this app on on M1 Macs and have been known to ban audible accounts of people who use a third party option. We just want to be able to listen to the books we’ve paid for on our MacBooks. Get it together.
  • Closing the app 4/5

    By bedragun
    Why is it so impossible to get it to stop playing. Pause, force close, it always wants to start back up. If I could close the app it would be a decent program.
  • Awesome could be better 5/5

    By Mflorezz
    This is a really great app for listening to these books, and are such a good way to clear your mind after a busy day . They have such good actors/actresses and really good books. But I wish you could buy credits. you get one credit for free each month. But I would definitely recommend this to someone who needs it and is considering getting it. Also if you can buy credits please let me know how, Thanks
  • Don’t Overpay 3/5

    By Abort_Retry_Ignore
    This app does almost everything it should quite well with a few exceptions. My major complaint is that they are a little to happy to sell you a book for a credit without showing you the cash price. At a minimum the app should show the member price and let you know if you need to use the web interface to buy it for less. At best it should offer both options when you ask to purchase it. Until that happens I’m assuming the average price of a book is less than the average price of a credit and the “inability” to show the price in the app is part of the business model.
  • Just what I needed right when I needed it 5/5

    By GohanDesu
    Never in my life have I ever even thought of leaving a review in audible, but flowers need to be given. ✨Gratitude✨
  • Will 5/5

    By ballzyfish
    My best and favorite book so far, I have respected and admired this gentlemen my whole life, this book gives the audience even a greater depth into his life and personal beliefs. Very positive book and can also be read as a personal motivator.
  • Credits 2/5

    By jsheren
    I have credits that I’m not being allowed to use
  • Power of Now 5/5

    By tylerjfuture
    Book has changed my life
  • Great Company, Meh App 3/5

    By BensUkes
    iPhone version of app is missing so much compared to Android app or desktop… When viewing a book’s details, there should be a hyperlink on author to see all their works. Same for narrator and series. Series books should be numbered in chronological order in Book Details. And alphabetical order of library is randomly mixed up after last IOS update.
  • Ive been a member for years 2/5

    By SDav1973
    When I tried to change my email they canceled my account thousands of books gone!!!! I’ve emailed and got hung up on 3 times and on the phone for hours. Still my issues are not fixed. They say they will call back DO NOT BELIEVE THEM!!!!! SDav1973
  • So bad 1/5

    By J Large
    I enjoy listening to the books. The app is so not user friendly. You can’t send a credit via the app. You can’t purchase credits on the app. Come on get with the times. You should be able to do everything on the app.
  • Cancel 1/5

    By Junia113
    They make it so hard to cancel the membership!!!
  • It’s cool 4/5

    By Kandy5Ways
    First, I wish the Halo books were included with premium. Such a great collection Second, my app isn’t letting me buy credits or even showing me an option to buy them.
  • Miracle Mentality got me believing in miracles 5/5

    By Slve04
    Amazing audiobook that got me thinking about unlimited opportunities after being trapped with a limited thinking for so long. Thank you Tim Storey

    By fun person....!
    This book is amazing and the other books are to if you haven’t listened to any of them you definitely should it’s AMAZING!!!!
  • This update is buggy 3/5

    By DirtFarmer1
    The custom sleep timer no longer works.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By kksnduendnc
    Cant get a single book without having to pay I am 13 wanted to lisen to a book and could not on this Bc it cost money such a disappointment for me and I highly don’t recommend
  • Won’t sync with Apple Watch 7 1/5

    By silverzippo
    I have a new Apple Watch with plenty of space. The only time I listen to audiobooks is when exercising. Books don’t sync. Having worked in an IT help desk I’m tech savvy. None of the recommended fixes actually fixes this problem. If using an Apple Watch with this app is one of your goals, use iBooks instead. That works seamlessly.
  • Nice alternative to audible 4/5

    By @kylereyesceo
    I was looking for something different than something owned by Amazon and found these guys. Overall, I’m happy. Would be nice to be able to sort out English only and organize book search by length. Also the process to signup needs to be streamlined to be able to do it though the app. But overall not bad!
  • Stupid business model 1/5

    By Eggy von Squeak
    When I have to purchase a monthly $15 membership to spend extra $$ to “buy” a book, you lost a customer!!! There are plenty of FREE libraries…having a “free section” is NOT a perk. I will just READ the book elsewhere; either borrowed or purchased. What a crock of unbridled capitalist garbage to rob people for trying to better themselves….shame on you Amazon!!!
  • Great Way To Take In Books. 4/5

    By DavidChadfish
    In this app / medium is the most entertainment you can squeeze out of a phone. Convienient, selection...really a gem.
  • Audible 5/5

    By Jdawk
    Amazingly reliable and is my favorite app I wish I could rate it ten stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
  • Decent app marred by terrible sync across devices 2/5

    By Nickistakenqwerty
    It can play audiobooks just like my tape player from forty years ago. Difference is the tape would be in the same place that you left off. This app will happily jump back to the opening credits after saying the book is complete when at arbitrary places in the book. Using an echo then jumping back to the iPhone app is a crap suit about where it will pick up. It used to be better than this sync wise.
  • Apple Watch features buggy 3/5

    By EricRhysTaylor
    iPhone app works pretty well but I find the syncing of books on the Apple Watch to not work well. It is a pain to add a novel to the watch because it requires the watch be charging which I don’t see any need for. And the sync is slow and sometimes fails. When I’m using the watch offline away from the phone listening to a book it often will fail to sync with the version that’s on the phone when I return. So when I resume on the phone it’s playing from the wrong location. Ideally, books can be added at any time to the watch and when the watch is away from the phone it will properly sync again as soon as it connects with the phone. None of this should require the watch to be charging. I have a series 7 Apple watch and the battery is plenty to handle all of these activities without being on the charger. I also regularly use the watch away from the phone and disconnected from cellular so all of these features should be able to handle that scenario as well simply by waiting until the phone is within range or the cellular is turned back on to sync or resume transfers.
  • INFURIATING stopping while playing 1/5

    By Gull Able User
    I’ll be listening, app is working fine, then it will suddenly stop. I push play again, it immediately stops. Again and again and again. I’ve tried restarting, reinstalling, searching for fixes online, I can’t figure out how to fix it. The app is worthless if it won’t play!
  • Watch app needs improvement 2/5

    By youPhone
    Every time I look at my watch I have to select the tiny top button to go back to Watch and then select whether it’s on Watch or Phone I never download anything to my watch and this creates an unnecessary step every single time I’m listening. Very annoying
  • Used to be great 2/5

    By Hate tweets
    The latest updates have made Audible app unusable on older devices. Audible did not do due diligence to make the app retro compatible. Their customer service could not care less about this issue. I shall be using other apps like Libby and purchasing elsewhere in future.
  • Favorite authors no longer available 1/5

    By US transplant
    My longtime favorite authors are getting “no longer for sale in your region” errors. Not just one or two. And the “suggested” titles after listening—also not available. Incredibly frustrating. There is more “free” content, but mostly not of substance. I’ve been a member for nearly two decades, and own over 200 titles. I won’t be renewing this cycle unless this improves.
  • ADA and Programming best practices Non-Compliant 1/5

    By Heleva
    For anyone over 40 with or vision issues the app is completely inaccessible with minuscule size and thin weighted fonts and no settings to make it easier to read. The app is non-responsive and does not allow for punch to zoom to access the information either. Lastly, the app does not rotate either from portrait mode to landscape so that you can see in a larger aspect ratio and reduce how a phone weighs in arthritic hands when accessing an app. If there was such a thing as negative stars I would give this a -10 for these essential issues and the foundation to any program.
  • Missing some books in certain series 3/5

    By New I owner
    I would give it a 5 star if they had complete libraries of each book series.
  • I love audible, but not on apple 3/5

    By O. Hells
    The company is 5 stars, but this app is 3. On android, you can click on an authors names and see all of their works on one page. On android, you get the price of an audiobook AND the option to buy it with credit. On iPhone, …you get the point. Today I had to log on to the website in order to buy an audiobook with money… “why do I have the app?” Apple/audible fix this app.
  • IPhone users.No spontaneous reading allowed 1/5

    By RickyTickyH
    Auto-remove ‘Off’ does NOT work. This means you can’t rely on a downloaded book being on your device when you want to listen to the book. Audible constantly removes your downloads no matter how much space you have on your iPhone (12 nor 13 Pro). If you travel and want to use Audible to listen to books on flights, boats, cars or trains don’t bother. You have to remember to download the same books over and over and over again BEFORE and each time you leave your home/hotel (wifi) or you won’t have access to your book. Even if downloading books is fast (which it is not) it’s a huge inconvenience to have to decide before you leave wifi IF you might want to listen to a book today AND which one(s) you might want to listen to. I can download netflix movies and they stay downloaded but not audio on Audible? Think this will be my last year with Audible. Friends say they’re enjoying other services. P.S. please STOP dumping your Audible Originals into my Library.
  • Not Satisfied 3/5

    By C Bonner
    Just recently when listening to books the audio will go silent. But the audio book is still continuing. When it first started happening I thought it was my head phones, but after changing them out continuously it is still happening. Very frustrating. 😠😫
  • The Power of Now 5/5

    By Tony Phoeun
    Eckhart Tolle is the man. Changed my life!
  • Please allow Siri 3/5

    By Joefilo
    The best time to listen to audible is while driving. Please update so that we can tell Siri to play content on Audible hands free. We shouldn't have to pull over to the side of the road to select and play an audiobook while virtually all other podcast and audio content apps are fully integrated with Siri. Time to catch up. Please add this to the next update.
  • 2 Sisters detective agency 2/5

    By Baymenkid
    STUUUPID ! Not the typical Patterson. Don’t waste ur time.
  • Needs so many updates 2/5

    By 4th Blade
    I’m honestly surprised by how little effort they seem to put into updating this app. Basic things are needed like sorting your read titles based on how you rated them. When you have hundreds of books in your library, I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to try to sort through them all. If you could “drop” them into some sort of playlist so you can categorize your own titles, it would be really nice and way more efficient. It would also be nice to be able to sort in the app by narrator not just author. I haven’t seen any change on this app that actually made me go “wow, that’s staying ahead of the pack” since I downloaded it. Just very disappointing for having spent thousands on here.
  • A constant pain to get new titles 1/5

    By odegaard.daniel
    These guys make it virtually impossible to buy new titles. The credit system is absurd, you have to purchase new credits through Amazon, and the whole transaction process is convoluted. Just a bummer.

    By bem the puppy lover
    This was the best book ever ❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕💞💞💗💗💓💓💓💓💓💞💕💜💜❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💖💖💖💖❣️❣️❣️💕💞💓💗💞💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💓💓💓💗💗💗💓💓💓💓💞💞💞💞💓💓💓💓💓💞💞💞💞💕💕💞💞💞💞💕💕💕💕💕💕❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️💖💖💖💖💖💘💘💘💝💝💞💞💞💞💞💓💓💓💓💓💓💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗
  • Pay money to buy books 1/5

    By ssVikingss
    So after u spend money,you have to spend more money to listen to the books you want to? What a waste of money and such a scam..keep the money I’m deleting this crap
  • Scam don’t get membership! 3/5

    By Sourdough candle
    This has to be the biggest scam. You pay 15 a month only to be able to purchase the book you would like to listen to. They have a long list of books to listen to but nothing you want to listen to unless you buy more credits or wait for your free one each month. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!
  • MUTES on screen lock since July 2021 1/5

    By Major_Jynx
    As of Nov 23, 2021 — STILL UNUSABLE After an update—the app stops playing. Making it useless, as soon as your phone goes to sleep. It stops playing. Spent months back & forth with “support.” Nothing they have suggested has worked including; uninstall/reinstall, background app refresh, data, etc The app worked GREAT for years—but has been unusable since July 2021 without phone unlocked & screen awake. As of Nov 23, 2021 — STILL UNUSABLE
  • Watchers 5/5

    By Drostorm999
    By Deen Koontz an amazing story about how love brings everything together and fixes everything but only true love and how strong the love of a dog can be. Kind of book to read again and again
  • Great narrator 5/5

    By Sweet,sexy romance
    Melodramatic classic story with well deserved place in a 100 best book category. However, I could not have made it through this book without Kate Reading.
  • Worst app support on the App Store 1/5

    By DocMorgenes
    This app has been consistently buggy for years, making the user experience for more frustrating than it is enjoyable. Worst app support on the Apple Watch as well. If you’re not sunk in by a long time subscription like me try literally any other audiobook app. Update Fix your app. It keeps getting progressively worse and worse. You waste money on pride and stupidity when you could literally save the world with that much money. Or at least produce an app that works the baseline of what it was intended.