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Audio Books by Audiobooks App

Everything you need is right within the app: claim credits on titles, access your audio book wishlist, view your library, and play your audio books without ever having to visit the website. We add hundreds of new books every week, and your first premium audiobook is free! Plus, we have a library of 7,000 free audio titles for everyone to enjoy. Our top features include: • Your audio book library is yours to keep, forever • Variable narration speed at 1.25x, 1.5x, 1.75x and 2x original pace • Easy navigation with quick touch actions and a large visual interface • My Recommendations tool to generate customized suggestions for your next listen • Live Chat with our Customer Service team for instant assistance • My Achievements section that tracks member listening stats and rewards you when you hit targets • Notes tool to create custom bookmarks with memos • Detailed series information so you can browse popular series or easily find your next audio book • Member Deals make your credits go further with member exclusive audiobook bundles • Stream audiobooks anytime, anywhere over Wi-Fi and mobile data to enjoy your entire library without taking up device storage space, or download in full for offline listening • High quality mp3 sound The app has wide compatibility: • Download audible books directly to any Apple device, including iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. The Apple Watch app allows you to easily control selection and playback of audiobooks from your library. is also the only audiobook app available natively for the new Apple TV. • Enjoy audiobooks on the road with CarPlay and select manufacturer’s in-car infotainment systems, including GM, Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles • Listen in your home with Sonos, the smart speaker system – is the only audiobook service that integrates with Sonos You’ll love listening to these New York Times bestsellers and recently added new releases: • Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House by Michael Wolff • The Last Black Unicorn by Tiffany Haddish • The Woman in the Window by A. J. Finn • The Wife Between Us by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen You can also browse and listen from a wide selection of genres: • Fiction favorites including romance novels, literary short stories, mystery, and science fiction • Textbooks and reference titles for MCAT and other exams and courses • Make this your go-to Bible app for full-length audio versions of the King James Bible and other religious audio books, meditations and prayer books, including the Quran • Learn a new language with hundreds of new educational audio courses for 45+ different languages • Huge selection of family-friendly books for kids, toddlers, and teens Check out our top current book lists: • New York Times Non-Fiction • Oprah’s Book Club Classics • Perfect First Listens Don’t be stuck in the past with ebooks or books on tape. Digital audiobooks make audible stories come to life when you’re commuting, working out, cleaning the house, knitting, cooking and more! Make the most of your limited time and rekindle your love of reading with audiobooks from Featured user reviews: LeSante says, "This app is great! Easy to use, lots of free audiobooks too. I listen to books on this app in the car all the time." Lephreaux says, "Super easy to use, and I love that they give you the option to download the book so you can listen offline. Fantastic." erac1210 says, "I am an avid audiobook and podcast listener, and I was thrilled to discover and their convenient app. Love the selection of books and the easy-to-use app, in particular being able to speed up playback."


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Audio Books by Audiobooks app reviews

  • Great app to use on a road trip. 5/5

    By Rodchester Willens
    The app always holds your place and downloads books quickly. Will use again.
  • Great selections! 3/5

    By Lama.Aw
    I live this app, they have a great selections of books including free ones! I listened to many great classics, and my newest acquisition was The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson and it was a totally worthy investment! The on’y downside is that it doesn’t have chapter bookmarking, so if you lost your place (which can happen often when you restart the app) you’ll have to scroll your way through the play stream and hope for the best.
  • Great service! 5/5

    By LauraL77
    I really enjoyed listening to an audiobook through this app. I got the third Fifty Shades of Grey book and was able to listen to it while I worked and did other stuff instead of finding the time to focus and physically read it. Made time pass so much quicker and made everything more interesting. I cannot wait to get another audiobook!
  • Simply the Best! 5/5

    By heather.dawn
    I’ve been looking for an audiobook app that has easy access, affordability, a wide range of new and old audiobooks to fit my mood and taste at the moment, and I’ve finally found it! I’m on the prowl for audiobook apps that are feasible for my lifestyle and so far, this one is better than all the rest! I’m currently listening to the Lunar Chronicles and I am just starting on Cress, the third book in the series, it was super easy to find and I can access the audiobook anywhere!
  • Liking it! 5/5

    By Jodification
    Still in first-month free trial, but really enjoying this app. Had to resort to customer service because of inputting wrong email in sign-up, but the experience was good. Listened to Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place with the fam on a recent trip and the app interface performed seamlessly.
  • Great audiobook app with one of the best selections!!! 5 Stars 5/5

    By 119074172
    Would recommend to all my commuters out there.
  • Great app, though a little pricey 5/5

    By no NRA
    I downloaded this app in order to get through a book club read while doing chores. It worked great for me on an iPad mini once I got it all set up, but I didn't realize until I had already downloaded it that it only gives 1 book/month, and the monthly price already seemed a bit high to me when I thought I'd have access to more.
  • Fantastic experience for new user 5/5

    By Redofile
    I very much enjoyed listening to “Red Sparrow” by Jason Mathews using the free app. Both the website and app are easy to access & use. Very nice offer of 1 free credit during 30 day trial. Would definitely recommend!
  • Librarian loving audiobooks 5/5

    By talk_42
    I am a librarian and love to read but often don’t have enough downtime to do so. Audiobooks have been my saving grace! I have gotten addicted to listening to audiobooks while I do my morning stretches, shower, and get ready! I also listen while I cook, do craft projects, and on long car rides home to visit family! The audiobooks app is easy to use, has comparable pricing to other audiobook providers, and it has the series that I am currently reading, The Last Apprentice! Now, I can stay up to date on books for my middle schoolers in a fun and easy way!
  • Good alternative to podcasts 4/5

    By Annabuzza
    I downloaded the audiobooks app for a road trip and am glad I did! I browsed the book selections on the website & downloaded Ready Player One the night before. The app is easy to navigate. Drawback is: I chose to download the book vs stream bc I knew I’d be losing connectivity at some points. I figured the book would continue to play regardless, but the app kicked off when the signal did.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Meggiekirks
    I listened to “when things fall apart” by Pema Chodron - I enjoy using this app. It’s the best thing for a mama who has no time to sit and read. I can actually listen while getting things done around the house. I highly recommend this app :)
  • Easy to use! 5/5

    By Morichka
    Easy to use, love the different speed options and the variety of book choices.
  • So far, so good! 5/5

    By fatwhitey97
    This app works really well and deserves a five star rating, but I think it could be improved in one small way. There is a function that allows listeners to speed up the audio by several different factors. This is useful. However, when listening to dense, hard-to-follow material, it would be nice if the app allowed the listener to slow the audio down also. Just a thought. Other than that, this is a great app, and definitely worth the download!
  • Great fit for me. 4/5

    By Bilbo3101
    So this app really fits me well. I’m a road warrior sales rep. Logging lots of miles in my car. Listening to books not only helps me pass the time but I am able to learn a lot and get through a lot of books. Love that aspect of it.
  • Mellow commuting 3/5

    By 😾😼🐭 lowers road rage☺️
  • How to get the guy 5/5

    By 79mommyof2
    Love this! Read by the author. He’s natural, funny and easy to listen to! Love his advice and insights! Excellent book!
  • New to Audiobooks 4/5

    By Mark7gon
    My 7 year old and I just started listening to “Secrets of the Book” using Audiobooks. The app is user friendly and we have had a good experience so far. Will consider dropping my Audible subscription once we have more interactions with the app.
  • Easy to Use, Excellent Quality 5/5

    By onlyloveisreal
    I am loving my Audiobooks app. It is easy to use and the sound quality is stellar! I highly recommend it!
  • Commuter 5/5

    By mruttan
    I drive about 45 min to and from work a day. So, I spend about an hour and a half in my car each day. I love listening to audiobooks. It makes my life and commute so much better. I also love that I stumbled upon the app. I was searching for a specific book and looked quite a few places before I finally found it on app. I'm glad I found it, both the book and the app!
  • Great selection & app 5/5

    By come @ me br0
    Wide selection of many genres / titles. was able to find something in science fiction and bestseller. Just did a long mountain drive and the app was easy to use!! Love this app
  • Pretty Good App 4/5

    By tarashollywood
    Offers a free trial with a free credit for thirty days. Streaming is pretty seamless. I haven’t had any problems. Also offers samples of each book so you can listen before purchasing. Overall a pretty good service.
  • Love my audiobooks app! 5/5

    By Nate Nate Nate Nate Nate
    I don’t have the time to read anymore, but with this app I can get all my reading in while on the go. It’s perfect.
  • Covers the basics 4/5

    By Bellarke123
    Pretty good app. I listened to Heartless by Marissa Meyer and really enjoyed the narrator. The only problem is I always speed up my books and this app made is difficult to listen to unless it was at the normal speed.
  • Great app 5/5

    By BrookerTWashington
    It is functional and convenient, I love it.
  • Easy and Perfect 5/5

    By LisaMac1975
    I have a long morning commute and this app is easy and just perfect for when I’m driving. No fussing around. Easy and to the point. A wonderful app that does what it promises.
  • Busy college student friendly! 5/5

    By uhmcameron
    I work almost full time, about 32 hours a week while taking 13 units in college. I downloaded this app hoping it could take the reading load for my english classes down a little bit and boy did it deliver. I can now “read” my assigned chapters for Palace of Illusions while driving to and from class and school, at the gym, and on lunch breaks! It’s been so crazy helpful that I can’t imagine not having it now, and I know I’ll definitely use it for some books that aren’t for school too! Would highly recommend for anyone, busy working students included :)
  • Audiobooks so far is the best! 5/5

    By skylermarie39
    I don’t have a ton to say just yet, as I am new to audiobooks. But I used to have audible for couple years and it was ok but audiobooks offers so much more especially with the use of their app. I really like the features much better for instance just to name a couple the sleep timer since I listen every night which last I checked audible didn’t have since I fall asleep during listening it makes it much easier to find where I left off instead of continuing to play only to wake up to see the book is finished and have to try and remember where I left off. Also like the ease of fast forwarding and track list. I decided recently to try and find audio app that better suited me so I decided to give audiobooks also another one a try to see if I liked them better or if I should just go back to my old subscription. And as of right now I’m definitely leaning towards audiobooks. I definitely like it best of the three I have tried.
  • Great app 5/5

    By pjsmud
    Had a 10 hr road trip listened to 1984. App is easy to use and works like a charm.
  • Great! 5/5

    By Matsuda Trollin'ski
    Much better than Audible and easy to use.
  • Fantastic App 5/5

    By RMichaud53
    Very easy to use and very well set up. I love using this app to help with the readings for my history classes in college.
  • The reaper is the best book ever 5/5

    By Olamiiii
    I love the book and the app can’t wait to listen to more
  • Necessity 5/5

    By Anokit
    Get it
  • Fantastic service 5/5

    By BigGolaieMom
    Just listened to Ian Doescher The Force Doth Awaken and it was fantastic. The app is easy to use and well designed. I
  • Gets the job done! 5/5

    By FroznYogurt
    Listened to the book Captivate. Clean and easy to use interface, enjoyable experience, no qualms here!
  • Love love love 5/5

    By superfunpolice
    Compared to audible’s app, this one’s great. No need to go back and forth from a website to pick a book to the app to download and listen. It’s all in the same app! This is how convenient and simple listening to audiobooks should be.
  • Okay, but the moving bookmarks are annoying. 3/5

    By Dusty Jackson
    I downloaded this app the other day when I started my membership. I just finished listening to Oathbringer by Brandon Sanderson. The app build is fine, but not on the same level of the Audible app. Still it works for the most part. I dropped it from 4 to 3 stars because of the trouble I’ve had with it’s bookmarking. Almost every time the app is paused, especially if it’s more than a minute or two, the place it starts changes. Sometimes it’s a minute, sometimes it’s 5 minutes. I found it super frustrating to rewind or fast forward every time I pushed play. It that issue was fixed then I would adjust my rating to 4 stars.
  • Great for Car rides! 4/5

    By Viethanator
    I love reading but don’t have much time to sit down and read as much as I would like to. Audio books makes it easy to “read” books and still be productive. I listen while cleaning, getting ready, and especially driving my long commute to work. Perfect!
  • Could be... more. 4/5

    By EllieLou65
    I can listen to more than one book a month, but paying more than $15 for a monthly subscription isn’t great... I wish there was a way to trade in audiobooks, since I only listen to them once anyway. Basically, I’m not sure how much better this is than just using the library. I’m paying $15 to listen to one book when I want it instead of putting it on hold and getting it a month later.
  • Perfect for listening to books on the go 4/5

    By TG678471
    Perfect for listening to books on the go
  • Love it 5/5

    By Trac13face
    I’m currently listening to Fifty Shades Freed because I have been struggling to get the book finished so my friend and I can go see the movie. I’m a slow reader and have a hard time focusing so listening to the book has been wonderful & interesting....considering the contents of the book ;)
  • Great audiobooks selection and app! 5/5

    By nicoliemeoww
    I started with the free trial and it’s great, looking forward to listening to more books.
  • Great App 4/5

    By LJHuerta
    This app had a ton of books to choose from. The books are easy to download. I very much enjoy Audiobooks. I do have a small complaint, I wish when you pause the book and restart it, it wouldn’t go back so far. It jumps back about 30 seconds per hold. I do have to pause the book quite frequently, so it does become a little irritating.
  • My first book 5/5

    By Skeena23
    I was so happy to find the book, we are going to need more wine by Gabrielle union on this app. I was pleasantly surprised to hear Gabrielle union reading the book herself. I also love the fact that I could listen to this on my phone, get in my car and it will pick up on Bluetooth and continue in the last place I was at, as well as listen to on the computer. I didn’t have to fumble through and find where I was at in the book. It new every time, it didn’t matter what device I was using. I’m very happy with this app
  • Great App 5/5

    By Sbenson4324
    Downloaded the app and listen to love and respect. Very happy with the quality. Thanks for a great app
  • Great App 5/5

    By JuMaldo
    Really easy to use and navigate, I also like the look and “feel” of it as a whole. Makes finding and listening to audiobook so easy!
  • How do I sign in 3/5

    By gab_lars
    I keep on trying to download this one book and it says I have to sign in but I don’t know how. Please help
  • Love it! 5/5

    By gtdunn94
    Finally gave in and tried audiobooks; i love it! I’m old fashion and like to have hard copies of books. But it’s hard to find the time and the concentration to do that as much as I’d like. I can do this while i drive or clean. I fall asleep listening to it. If you’re like me, there’s a sleep timer you can set so it won’t go too far ahead of you.
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By ccatherinej
    Easy to use and great titles. Would highly recommend!
  • Easy to use, convenient 5/5

    By AKB1101
    I love the convenience of listening to audiobooks while I'm on the go. Good selection.
  • Audiobooks makes it all better 5/5

    By therealee
    Super easy platform makes my commute and job so much more entertaining.

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