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Carry thousands of books - in your pocket! Download & listen to bestselling audiobooks on the go, wherever you are. From addictive thrillers to the latest top novels, stream your favorite stories across all your devices. 3 Reasons to get listening now: 1. Browse thousands of best-selling audiobooks. 2. Download books for offline playback - perfect for a long drive or flight. 3. Use the customizable sleep timer for bedtime reading. Got that ebook on your kindle but there’s just no time? With more people finding less time to read, lets you indulge in your book list - just press play! AUDIO LIBRARY FEATURES • Over 100,000+ titles for you to choose from • 8,000 free titles that anyone can listen to • Browse by book list or genre, and discover what others are listening to • Keep kids entertained with family friendly all-time favorites • Use our smart recommendations feature to curate books picks just for you FICTION & NON-FICTION • From the latest releases to bible readings - access an unbeatable selection. • Revise for that exam, learn a new language or take up a new hobby with non-fiction titles. • Discover premium reads - beautifully narrated books, hand-picked by us. Rediscover your love for books. Digital audiobooks make audible stories come to life when you’re commuting, working out, cleaning the house, knitting, cooking and more! Join and listen to your first book on us. Once you've finished your free trial, you'll enjoy one audiobook every month for $14.95 USD. If one book just isn't enough, you can buy additional credits at anytime.

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  • Used for trip 5/5

    By Dbear42
    Used this for a 17 hour drive and loved it. Really makes the drive go by “faster”
  • Better read the fine print or you’ll pay for it! 1/5

    By Intentionallife
    I bought two books after seeing a great offer. Unfortunately I didn’t read the fine print and ended up with a reoccurring charge of $14.95 (PayPal) for five months. I called and explained I didn’t mean to enroll in a monthly program (obviously because I didn’t order anything else during the five months). After the smug rep pointed out where I could find the language he made no offer to refund anything. Had he been pleasant and/or offered some of my money back, I would have purchased again. As it stands, I won’t be back. I deleted the app.
  • Great app 5/5

    By MikeHol
    Enjoy it.
  • Read and knit 4/5

    By mlmetz5612
    The title says it all. Audiobooks is great.
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By Coromoto7
    I like very much this app. Easy to use and at a reasonable price.
  • Teen Tested, Granny Approved 5/5

    By iluvmytreefrog
    If you are like me, you love books but don’t always have the chance to sit down and read amidst the busyness of everyday life. With Audiobooks, you can listen on the go or whenever you have time (I’ve been listening to Call Me By Your Name in my car on the way to work, while I’m thrift shopping at Goodwill, and at night while I’m winding down in bed). The app is designed so that even the technologically challenged can maneuver it. In fact, I think I’m gonna download Audiobooks on my grandma’s phone to test this point... Anyways, 10/10 would recommend this app, it saves your bookmarks for you PLUS you get a free credit to download a book of your choice when you sign up (hence how I am able to listen to Armie Hammer’s dulcet tones read my favorite novel over and over... and over!)
  • Uber Fast!! 5/5

    By Hi;)😷
    I love how fast everything downloads and the quality of the books!
  • Loving 5/5

    By jserio2335
    I found my favorite books from childhood here and found a voice outside of my own to read the words I had once enjoyed so much inside my own head now inside my ear read to me and it gave me a since of childhood once again a sense of innocence that has long ago left me but some how found its way back to me if only for a hour here or there that I thought had long sense been gave me hope that even tho I had grown and now work 13 hour days to provide my kids with a life much better than my own growing up that on my long lonely drives I could once again find the boy that wanted nothing more to drift away into his imagination to escape the horror of his life with a stolen library book read under a stolen flash light hoping not to be caught still existed inside me...even tho now I have a beautiful wife two wonderful kids a house I owned and brand new cars in the drive way to once again have that fleeting moment of childhood freedom spring up inside me if only for a moment was such a wonderful in sort I think I love this app more than any on my phone or tv or Xbox for that matter and as I have only got 1 of the 50 books from my childhood I can only imagine how much my fondness will grow in the coming if I may say so get it and thank me later....
  • ***Revised 4/5

    By Michaeltthegeek
    Advertiment I clicked said these books were free. I was super excited when I found a book I wanted and started playing it. Only to find out it was only a sample :( ***update “Free books can be found under category’s. Not a huge selection but willing to change to a 4 star review because I did find some interesting books in that free section!
  • Oathbringer 5/5

    By 90sGolfman
    I love I used them on and off for many years. I only tend to listen to audio books a couple months out of the year, and it’s always easy to maneuver through the site. You still get access to audio books even if account isn’t active. It’s such a good deal!
  • So far so good. 5/5

    By Ckubz
    So far so good! Easy app interface.
  • Couldn’t buy credits 1/5

    By Neb_87
    Tried to buy a book but didn’t have enough credits
  • Great app 5/5

    By BestMoses1001
    In the beginning I was skeptical how good it will be , however this app will deliver! It’s easy, friendly, and covers a lot of areas for you to read. I give it A+!
  • New to audiobook 5/5

    By SasySandra
    I’ve downloaded some books for my daughter and myself. We’ve only listened to one book so far, Six Little Ducklings. I was surprised to hear that there are different readers through out the book. So far, I really like this app. Can’t wait to hear the other books I’ve downloaded!
  • Great app 5/5

    By Fluffy fusco
    Works great, easy to use and tons of choices.
  • Great App! I use it only for free books! 5/5

    By Dr KEF
    Great library of free books! Librivox and Audiobooks help people get to discover and hear books they would never have exposure to otherwise.
  • Ahhhhh 1/5

    By But then
    I can’t find where to sign up and it’s really annoying
  • Really worth it! 5/5

    By Arilove2121
    So I like free. But being as big a reader as I am but as busy as I am it’s sometimes hard to sit down with a book. Audible books makes it so much easier to get through my books! I will never go back!
  • Doesnt work 1/5

    By Deezeezy
    Downloaded the app. Tried to download the audiobook “The life of Greece”. Never finished downloading. Cant see how much it downloaded. Been a few days now. I do have crappy wifi but audible, overdrive, etc work. Waste of time
  • I honestly love it 5/5

    By LaylaWilesxD55
    It’s perfect for everything I do in my daily life-walking to and from school, during art class, and just laying down and relaxing.
  • New options 5/5

    By Jdjebend
    I love hearing a new selection of books like the biography of Helen Keller and John Muir’s first summer in Yosemite.
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By maralshante22
    I love the books that are on here. I’m able to listen to soooo many genres and soooo many different writers.
  • Vinceuk1 5/5

    By Steelerfanz
    Excellent alternative to reading. I travel for a living and getting these books on audio for me to listen on the plane makes the time fly by! I drive a lot, and well you can’t read while you drive, so audiobooks is a life saver (literally) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Great but.... 4/5

    By Ansleyandanna
    I love audiobooks. This app is super easy to use and the audio is great quality. The only downside to me is the price. I’m paying it, but it feels like that “new book” price when several of the books I want to listen to are older. 🤷🏼‍♀️
  • Maximum use of time 5/5

    By neasdad
    As a solo attorney, I’m in my car traveling every day. Thus, my discovery of audio books is the best use of my travel time and an excellent opportunity to read something other than law.
  • Audiobooks 5/5

    By noonah12
    I love this app I listen to books at work all day never had any problems
  • Audiobooks 4/5

    By Mussylou
    I have just started using this app but have found it to be full of good books. I like the fact that I can enter a type of book that I enjoy and it will show me several titles and authors.
  • Great Audiobook App 5/5

    By kdwinchester
    I really enjoy the great selection of audiobooks. The app is easy to use and not buggy at all. Would recommend!
  • Dragon bound by Thea Harrison 5/5

    By applebookreader
    Great brain candy. Easy app
  • Love Audiobooks 5/5

    By Chief573
    I spend time while commuting getting educated on all sorts of non-fiction topics while everyone else listens to commercials. Great app and service
  • My review 5/5

    By Eddrix
    Audiobooks is an awesome way of listening to books. You can still do things around the house or at work and etc. This is an awesome app to have. Very nice.
  • Awful Customer Service 1/5

    By Handyc7
    You would think that a company that is competing in a saturated market would make more efforts to standout when there is a transactional misunderstanding. Nope. I I talked to one person that I hope doesn’t represent the 50 people that work there. Certainly don’t have that kind of conversation with Audible.
  • Audio books fan 5/5

    By #new fan
    It's had for me to take the time to pick up a book to read. I bought one over a year ago and haven't had the time to finish it. I joined Audio books just a few days ago and I have gotten mush further with the same book. I hope there is an option to get another book before next month's credit 😄
  • SCAM! 1/5

    By laney62794
    This app is a joke. You only get one book a month for $15 unless you get more credits. Such a joke. And the customer service is terrible.
  • My own little life line 5/5

    By neices14
    Where have you been all my life. With you I let my heart and mind be as adventurous as I want without leaving my home. I keep you close wherever I go. Thanks for being there.
  • Audiobook 5/5

    By Fishyisntit
    Great app many books to choose from. Thanks for making this app! :) This is by far the best audiobook app!
  • Walking with Abraham 5/5

    By Bravery01
    We are going to Israel and this book has given me so much history and many thoughts to help me experience this country more fully.
  • Great for travel 5/5

    By Jack - The Woodlands TX
    We travel by RV often and have been listening to books on CD. Downloading books from Audio Books has been a major step up. Great selection of books and easy to download. We prefer unabridged mysteries for our mult-day trips. Just finished “Two Kinds of Truth” by Michael Connelly. Will be starting a Jack Reacher novel next.
  • The Elephant Whisperer 5/5

    By Barbara Jae
    No words can describe how interesting this book is. The story of how wild elephants ultimately became “friends” with the author and even mysteriously appeared at his home when he passed is spellbinding. The narrator Graham Spence has the most soothing voice. I’ve listened to this book over and over so many times I’m too embarrassed to tell anybody.
  • Great app 4/5

    By Xwoman26
    Fun and easy to use. Best reader app I’ve used!!
  • Great app! 5/5

    By JDubbser
    On a loooong trip by myself I decided to give this app a try. I listened to Michael Bennet step on a crack. Although I wasn’t thrilled with the story itself, it kept me entertained enough and busy on what might have been a very boring drive. I’ll definitely give this another try with a different book. The app itself is very intuitive and I had no issues while listening.
  • Better thanAudible 5/5

    By chellebelle 66
    I dropped Audible cause the app had gotten too hard to use. This app is str8 forward and easy to use
  • Stuck logging in 1/5

    By EZT205
    Can’t seem to log in not sure if it downloads audiobooks to the Apple Watch either since that’s the main reason for downloading this app and signing up for the trial
  • Patterson fan 5/5

    By nina024
    New to audiobooks but so far so good, listening the 17th suspect by James Patterson!
  • The three body problem 5/5

    By 087437742842
    Great app for a long car ride. Drove to Florida and the app worked beautifully and really helped pass the time.
  • Love to listen 4/5

    By skyroxxu
    I love Audiobooks. This app works great. I haven’t checked out the company but it appears like they’ve copied the company Audiblebooks (to which I’ve belonged for years) almost exactly, even to the color of the interface, orange, so you can easily mistake one for the other. That’s weird... but I don’t know the circumstances so other than the observation, I’ll hold my judgement until further enlightened. 4 stars for copycats but we’ll see...
  • Makes travel fly by 5/5

    By Ansgar Silverstreak
    I have really enjoyed this audio book. Listening to a book while driving long distances or fly anywhere really makes the time fly by. Before you know it you are at your destination and don’t want to get out of the car because you are so engrossed in the book. Thanks
  • Multi task 5/5

    By Debi Hearn
    Love listening to book while cleaning the house, working in the yard and driving. Otherwise I would have the time to read a book.
  • awesome 5/5

    By 285stephalicious928
    fantastic app, i have had the app for a month! great book choices, excellent narration, awesome customer service! it’s a must!
  • A must download 5/5

    By Cowboyfan_06
    The Audiobook app is great! It has so many options and so many books, I’ll be listen for months. Will keep my subscription. Audio Library app comments


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