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  • Current Version: 9.0.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: RB Audiobooks USA LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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  • Does the job 5/5

    By PM226739
    I’ve been listening to books on this app for 3 years. The narrators are all good for the most part. No complaints overall.
  • New upgrade 4/5

    By 1/3;
    I don’t like the new version, I find it hard to locate things. But, I love your book club because I am a serial reader, saves me so much money.
  • Audio book lies 1/5

    By Ficfhv
    It says 3 free books when you sign up. That is a LIE!!!!! You get 1 free book and 2 from their choosing. And I had never heard of any of the books they wanted me to use the other credits on
  • Fantastic and friendly service 5/5

    By obh06
    I had a very pleasant experience when I was having issues logging into my account and looked to the live chat feature for help. An assistant replied right away and helped me fix a typo in my account that was preventing my login right away! Pleasantly surprised how easily and quickly the issue was resolved!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By k9hall
    Charged for a free trial and the audio randomly stops and skips every few seconds. Terrible
  • E 5/5

    By rirjrjrgygygygygygyb
    I love this app and all the audio books but there are a few bugs where it won’t let me open a audio book so not the greatest but I can use my other devise to listen to it because it decides it do that.
  • So glitchy 2/5

    By LoveLouis777
    I decided to try this app as a long-time audible user. I was considering making the switch over if I ended up liking more. The amount of times I’ve tried listening to a book and it glitches out on me is insane. The audio will be playing and then it will glitch and stop completely. When I go to press play again, it ends up repeating the same issue. It’s not an issue with my internet connection, but even if it was, I’ve listened to audiobooks on Audible in the same area with zero issues or technical difficulties. It’s weird that you can’t see the chapters when you go to the tracks. It’s also weird that even when you speed up the audio, the remaining time of the book does not change. It may not bother others, but it definitely bothers me. Overall, this app is way more glitchy and less user friendly and easy to navigate than I thought it would be. Definitely will not be keeping my subscription.
  • This should be a 5 star review 2/5

    By hamira
    I like the app just fine, but updating it deleted all my bookmarked notes, leaving me in a bind. Unforgivable oversight on the coders’ parts.
  • Please add chapter titles 3/5

    By Sparklefeshjurs
    I am enjoying listening to my books here, however, being unable to find a certain chapter because there are just Tracks listed is really difficult. It just took me like an hour to find one passage! Also, every time I open the app it asks me if I am at one place or another in the first book I ever read on here - seems like a glitch and I’m tired of clicking one or the other every time I open the app.
  • impossible to use 1/5

    By tech in kc
    audio repeatedly stops making it impossible to use
  • Good app 5/5

    By Badge406
    I will not call it perfect, but it’s better than all the other audiobook apps I’ve downloaded from the AppStore.
  • American Dirt 5/5

    By Yanquit
    Great app. I listened to American Dirt.
  • Way better than audible 5/5

    By The Prepper2016
    I listen to a lot of audiobooks and is awesome the app is great and way better than the horrible audible app the monthly VIP credit is a nice bonus and the ability to buy extra credits at will is a huge feature that most audiobook services lack This feature alone makes the best audiobook subscription service available Highly recommended
  • It is great! 5/5

    By ZachChanning
    It is a great app I enjoy it very much!!! I recommend it to anyone!!
  • Tricked me into paying 2/5

    By apreut
    I started a free trial to see if I liked it, and couldn’t find a way to cancel the trial in the app. I had not received any email about my free trial status so I had to keep checking the app to see that I was still in “free trial” mode, until one day I got a charge on my credit card. It took me online research to find out they only “allow” cancellation of the free trial by logging into their website. I feel deceived and do not trust this company.
  • False Buy In 1/5

    By foxgyrl
    I am new to audiobooks. I said I’d never read a book on a tablet, I do it all the time. I downloaded this app for a three book trial. I listened to one book. I’m not convinced audiobooks are my thing, but still willing to try. I found a second book to listen to, but I can’t download it without paying. If I absolutely loved listening to the first book I’d pay in a second. Please don’t lure in customers this way.
  • Needs serious work! 2/5

    By barbella21
    This app is terrible. It skips and stops for no reason.
  • Needs a lot of work. 1/5

    By Divaesque07
    I find it very frustrating that the app repeatedly randomly turns off. It repeatedly cuts out midsentence, and I have to start the app back up.
  • Chapters 3/5

    By Beckgamble
    The audio books aren’t separated into chapters, just one long recording. I find that very impractical. You can add bookmarks at any point in the recording but chapters would definitely be better. Especially if you’re reading along while listening, it would make it much easier to find your place. I got two free books for a free trial, however I wouldn’t consider paying for a subscription until they add chapters.
  • Can’t find my library books anymore 1/5

    By M_a_x_w_e_l_l
    Seems with the latest patch the my library tab now directs to current listens. Really frustrating that I can get to any of the books I’ve purchased anymore
  • App suddenly started requiring connection to cellular or wifi. 1/5

    By Real Jake McCoy
    2/2/23: Review follow-up. Customer service is no help. This app does not work outside of cell or wifi, even when my books are downloaded. Hire just one proper programmer to fix the problem. 1/30/23: Use outside of those has not been possible. This a feature that should never malfunction.
  • It’s got some bugs but worth it 5/5

    By JustABarbiGurl
    According to the app I’ve been a member for 1222 days. I’ve also joined the book club to have access to even more than just the ones I buy. I’ve listened to so many books that I started creating booklists for series that I want to listen to so I don’t forget about them. Sitting down with an audiobook going with some classical music playing in the background while I do my embroidery projects or when I’m typing away at work is the best stress relief. My only complaint right now, is that many multiple books series are not ALL available in the book clubs. It’ll be the first 4-5 then a couple not in it and then the rest of the series. Which keeps me from starting the series until I have more credits and creating a booklist to wait for later. Unfortunately now, when I go to create a new booklist, it crashes the app and I cannot create anymore so I know I have forgotten quite a few books I wanted to read later when I can afford to buy them. That’s a bug I would welcome having fixed.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Tennysonmmmmmm
    Really enjoy this audiobook app. I loved the free books I got during the trial and have since listened to the whole wheel of time Series on this app multiple times. I like being able to purchase instant credits to get a book before the month is up (sometimes I can’t wait). Only downside are minor glitches. Sometimes the bookmark where you’re listening gets confused with a previous one, but it’s an easy fix. Sometimes it takes a minute for the app to respond after initially opening.
  • Speeds only up to 2.0 3/5

    By The Desolation of Honey
    Big time Audible user. First time with Player is okay as is selection but speeds only go up to 2.0 on this app. On audible I generally go up to 2.5 or sometimes 3.5 x speed which is great for me. I can’t see myself using this app with such slow capped speeds. Only 3 stars for the podfaster.
  • Sound 1/5

    By Serverguy8
    This is a good service if listening in quiet place but volume is too low to hear with ambient noise. Nine of my sound preferences Adjustments help.
  • Review follow up 1/5

    By Recure
    7.7.5 version does not allow me to view all of my books at the bottom. Purchased or wishlist. Did contact customer service. They are aware the problem exists for iPhone. I was told fix wax in process. Just checked problem still there 1/30/23 Worst update yet. Screen cluttered with all my books, and all the other choices. I have the classic book to on position but doesn’t work with the latest update.
  • Difficult to use 1/5

    By baoQliang
    I signed up for just the plus membership to start with and I wish I tried a different app. So difficult to use. Basically almost every book you need credits to listen to. There’s no option for me to pay for the credit of that one book with my plus membership. Tried to call their customer service and got hung up 3 times! I just canceled my membership and going to try a different app.
  • Audio Keeps Pausing 3/5

    By LxiBird
    I only just downloaded this to help me get through a rather lengthy book (Babel by R F Kuang) I noticed that every minute or so the audio would sputter and then stop. I keep having to rewind a bit to get the part I missed. I don’t know if it’s because I’m using cell data rather than Wi-Fi, but it’s frustrating to keep resetting. Not sure if anyone else is having this issue as well
  • Good Service: Minor Requests 4/5

    By RazRazRazRaz
    Overall, good service to use for Audiobooks. The app does irk me in a few minor ways. First, I’d like to see a more clear indication of which books have been finished. Having the option to mark as read would be nice. Also, I wish the library section would be in a list of some sorts as opposed to defaulting to a carousel. Takes longer to find what I am looking for having to flip through the carousel.
  • Poor function. 1/5

    By Augustine101
    This app really doesn’t compare to audible. There is no real way tk cancel your account or to get into contact with their customer service. The functionality needs a lot of work.
  • Scam 1/5

    By duvall0654
    Cancelled my account and they still charged my account and don’t even let you keep the credits you pay for. Scam
  • Good customer service 5/5

    By Picks-Up-Rocks
    They have some better books than audible for real.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Sweetss505
    I really enjoyed listening to the book, The Butcher and The Wren! I like how you can change the speed of the the narration and also take notes. I love how they email offers as well for books. Over all I really like the app so far. I have read three books in about 2 weeks.
  • pretty badly design app 1/5

    By Lilyxx20212121
    when I try to listen to the story, it told me that I need to go to their website to upgrade my account , in the app I can't find a way to upgrade in the app. when I search their website and click on the link, the link lead me to the app? what a stupid app! the designers didn't even use the app as a normal user or what? Bad experience.
  • Rae 1/5

    By raelynn clark
    Terrible that’s it
  • App does what it should 5/5

    By NickSlyness
    Downloaded app to listen to audio books on iPhone. No issues so far. Easy to use and navigate. Works well.
  • Credits? Buy? Complicated! 2/5

    By BadSingerforwverlol
    I downloaded this app in hopes of stirring my imagination and to once again enjoy listening to stories I wish were movies. But, after an hour of trying. I cannot find any way to pay for a book or buy credits through this app. I signed up via apple and it looks like I have to log in on a website to make it happen. But, signed in through apple! No password! So I will have to go through the trouble of resetting a password to log into an account then buy credits so I can use the app. Too much trouble. Just make it to where we can buy the books through the app or buy credits. You are just trying to skip the middle man “apple” so you don't have to pay them a percentage.
  • Great ap for audiobooks 4/5

    By Tira Dito
    I love audiobooks and this ap does a great job at presenting most books I could think of plus a selection of recommendations I’m actually interested in. There’s a little too much happening in the ap and makes it a bit overwhelming to simply enter the ap and listen to my chosen book, besides that it’s fantastic.
  • 1 year later… 3/5

    By $e#o
    This is my first real app for books. It all started well and good, and I love having access to my books at all times. Lately, the app just shuts down mid way; 2)I hear random static sounds; 3)when I open the app, instead of my recent read, I get the last book I listened to - so, I’d have to reopen the actual book and reading, and wait for a while before i can begin playing. It’s just little irritation that’s getting bigger with more reads. Also, the books on VIP rewards have plummeted - the first 2 months they were great, and now, I barely use my VIP rewards. I’m very close to switching to ‘audible’
  • Great 5/5

    By mooremj
    I listened to Someday by David Levithan. I was able to find it on and listen through the app. The app is easily navigable.
  • Sis, Don’t Settle 5/5

    By sis, dont settle
    I enjoyed reading this book. It gave me insights and clarity on how I need to heal and the process to do it. Every little detail in this book, I’ve went through it and all the men that said they wanted relationships but just wanted to keep tabs on me and now I have a better understanding of men. I will not settle again. This is a great read.
  • Books 5/5

    By Chuckymonster64
    Great source to get audible book
  • Good app, more transparent than Audible 4/5

    By Thewiseben
    I’m not a huge fan of the whole book club subscription system, but so far this app seems to be more up front and less opaque than the other guys. The library seems extensive and the titles have good audio, but it has crashed on me a few times when switching between wifi and 4G/LTE.
  • very easy to use 5/5

    By lauren m hanson
    love this app! very easy to use to find books and navigate through the app
  • An echo of other reviews 3/5

    By Lacherry09
    After using this for about a month I feel I can give an honest review. gets the job done, especially if you’re listening to an audiobook in one sitting. However, there are some things I would change: -If you sign up for a free trial, they shouldn’t charge your account until after that trial is over. -Include the chapters on the tracks -Have more options for audio speeds Will update if anything changes. - Include trial/membership date on the app.
  • Great audiobook platform! 5/5

    By J. Stovall
    I downloaded and decided to give its free trial a whirl. I was looking for an alternative to Audible. I was very enticed by the notion that you got two free credits plus a VIP credit, essentially adding up to three book credits total. I decided to check out Lisey’s Story by Stephen King before I watch the television series. I am very impressed with the apps. The platform has all the basic functions you would want an audiobook app including various speed times and bookmark options. It also has cool functions like “Member Deals”, “VIP Recommendations” and “Audiobook Clubs” to check out. Not to mention a host of free podcasts to check out. I would definitely give this app a chance if you looking for an audiobook app with lots of perks and benefits!
  • Good app, better than Audible! 5/5

    By ana102201
    I’m a big fan of The credit system and user friendliness is much superior to Audible. Would definitely recommend!
  • Enough 4/5

    By JoeR.34
    Has everything you need. Definitely came in handy when trying to find the first 8 books of the Harry Bosch series. The app has a lot going on and can be a bit confusing navigating. My only gripe.
  • Great app, with one caveat 4/5

    By kaddylac32
    I do recommend the app and have enjoyed it. Apparently they don’t have publisher control to have chapters in the audiobook. But they do have tracks you can select or refer back to, it’s just not as meaningful if you want to quickly find a chapter/topic to re-listen to. My overall experience has been good and I think this and audible are good apps for anyone wanting audiobooks. There is a lot of selection.