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Audiobooks App

Thousands of FREE audiobooks await. Whether you're stuck in traffic, powering through your workout or cramming for an English test—Audiobooks puts the most beloved audiobooks at your finger tips. Or if you don't have time for an audiobook you can listen to a Podcast instead. Podcasts are like your own personalized radio station, proving a steady stream of topical, fun episodes to enjoy. Features include: - Thousands of fantastic, free Audiobooks for you to choose from - A carefully curated collection of Podcasts to enjoy - Offline download perfect for your commute - Background and AirPlay enabled playback - Fully customizable Sleep Timer. Enjoy!

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  • Confessions 5/5

    By otinam
    It changed my way of thinking for the better. Thank you so much.
  • Fun 5/5

    By John Austel
    I really enjoy listening to books that I have never read as well as books I remember reading as a child. This is a great app for books and while driving to and from work I can get lost in the stories!
  • God is Love, Christ is God’s In Us! 5/5

    By Momma Larlar
    Love is why we are here. We are called to show the Love God has shown us through and in Jesus! I never realized the true joy of fellowship that I can have with my Savior, Brother and friend in this life on earth but have been waiting until I see Him in Heaven. This book, written by Andrew Murray, has helped me to understand that Christ has Loved me with an everlasting Love which started long before I was born. Everlasting Love is God and God is everlasting Love! Both are true and Jesus is the fountain through Whom all of God’s Love and Blessings flow! Read or listen to the words written in this book. Think on them. Dwell in them as you learn what a blessing it is that Christ abides in you and learn of Him for the Glory of God the Father! May God’s Love be made manifest through you for His Glory through Christ who will give you the strength to Glorify our Father in Heaven. All Glory belongs to God and, through Him, His Son with whom He is well pleased! With all my heart, May the Lord bless you and keep you all the days of your life and may you live in the House of the Lord forever. In Jesus’ most Holy Name, Amen and Amen!
  • LOVE IT just one question..... 5/5

    By kimk lover#kimk
    So I LOVE this app it has SOOOOOO many amazing authors and books!! With that being said their is one thing I wish that I saw more....KID BOOKS!! I wish their were more books for kids such as Nancy Drew, and what about comic books? Can we see some of those?, and what about Magic Treehouse? Speaking of Magic Treehouse can you guys make a feature where you can search Series of books and guys group them together so all the books in the series in one group that would be awesome! If you guys have these features please let me know thanks! 😘
  • Great Selection!! 5/5

    By Stickybenson
    This app is great for listening to the classics! I only wish there was one more speed setting between Normal and Medium. Please?
  • Selections are endless 5/5

    By AlanM234
    I have had the app for a couple weeks now and have no problems playing books. The selections are endless. I love old time radio and they are hard to find but audiobooks has a large selection and it grows everyday. Very good app!!!
  • The best app I have... 5/5

    By Wolverine368
    All of the classic’s I never got around to reading. And it has enriched me more than I would have thought. Sure there are great Writers, Today. But can they really hold up against The masterpieces. Of all time ? I will unequivocally Say, NO! Dickens , Twain, Arthur Conan . Just three of Icons who I have been re- acquainted with. And the Orator’s, you will find your favorites. Make our Books even more compelling. Jimmy M
  • Extremely beneficial to anyone who wants to better their life by learning from others 5/5

    By 8 tries
    Excellent couldn’t be any better
  • Great free app 5/5

    By Kreative Pro
    This app is great, kudos to the developer and thank you. For all your work.
  • Needs serious work 2/5

    By Lexiconius
    The current version must not be playing well with the current IOS update. Intermittently when it’s paused or I get a notification the player randomly goes to a prior point. I’m using an iPhone 7.
  • User friendly, great selection 5/5

    By Smitten with written
    The format allows easy playback and review. The timer feature helps me make my own little bedtime story list, and the categories listing Narrators and Genres has helped me find new gems for my reading and listening pleasure. Sometimes its the only reason that I carry my tablet!
  • 0:00 1/5

    By Kp1111--
    Books won’t play. The player reads 0:00 of 0:00
  • Too fast! 3/5

    By djallen60
    Talks speedy I can’t even catch it! I click to Med but no change!
  • Buggy after latest update 1/5

    By saraht_alj
    I loved this app but after the latest update it stops playing after 30 seconds then it glitches and freezes and the app can’t be used. I constantly had to close and try to relaunch the app but even that is hit and miss.
  • One of my favorites 5/5

    By Mischief1945
    Looking for something different? I like that I can listen at my pace. This App has helped me broaden my reading experience. It’s like having my very own library. Mary Jane
  • Don’t Get 1/5

    By This is a dog not a cat
    Terrible, so glitchy, it keeps freezing and then the app shuts out...
  • Excellent narration by Mr Stinson 5/5

    By HuskerNit
    I’ve enjoyed and appreciated the consistent quality of narration provided by Sam Stinson. Thank you, Scott Nitzel, MD
  • Limited selection 1/5

    By furnituregirls
    They can’t get books that are extremely popular... you have to give them a credit card to find out if they have what you want to read.... only to find out they don’t have it but now they have my credit card number... There is no place in settings that says cancel my subscription so I sent them an email with the subject Cancel my subscription now I wait to see if I get a bill It would be better to find what you want to read before you commit to the app
  • Bad books 1/5

    By yeetus feetus stage inc.
    It says it has many books but i searched up 5 of my books and not one of them showed up, i started looking through them and none of the books they have are books that i have.
  • Perfect 5/5

    By AddiesLove
    I had a hard time to sleep... But I wanted a good book. I couldn’t find a good book I have. I looked for a app but there was none that I could understand. I saw this and I am listening to Alice in wonderland and I love it! Please can you make great apps like this?
  • No response from Audiobooks! 1/5

    By Edie M G
    When I sent Audiobooks a notice that 16 out of 50 chapters in Dragonfly in Amber had not downloaded, I got NO response! I love this book and want to reread it but want the full book! 😢😢😢
  • Almost functional. 1/5

    By wavetraced
    If it didn’t crash constantly, speed up a book on it own, freeze in the middle of navigating in the app, it would get 3 starts for being functional but with a UI that is old and inefficient.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By ###################^%<
    Nope. “Free” means garbage. Want a good book? Don’t try this app.
  • Perfect when too tired to read 5/5

    By need2playmore&worryless
    I always read before sleeping but when I am wired or too tired I use audiobooks. I love the voices and the free books! A grateful user.
  • Used to be better 1/5

    By DrRickNiles
    Now buggy, unresponsive during down loads, crashes frequently on 1 year old ipad 12.1.4 Speed control does not work reliably throughout.
  • Wonderful app 5/5

    By Tatachka8
    Easy to use. Enjoy it very much!
  • Better than the many movie and TV productions 4/5

    By CJMVH
    Since this is an all volunteer effort, all levels of experience were evident in the readers, and their volunteerism is greatly appreciated.
  • Hopefully Gets Fixed 2/5

    By La'Vontez
    Was great, now crashes every time.
  • Can’t get anything to work 1/5

    By cfsfyugds
    I decided to try this but I try to play a audio book and it freezes and won’t play. I wish it would work so could you try to fix it?
  • So very helpful 5/5

    By Mickmac
    The app’s interface is clean and easy with a good feature set: back up, jump ahead, sleep timer, etc. Enjoyable and helpful. Thanks also to LibriVox!
  • Horrible 1/5

    By kulekgirl
    To many classics and stuff like that I want new stuff that I haven’t read yet People I’ve read Anne of green gables adventures of Tom sawer and stuff like that I want new stuff DONT BUY APP IF YOU DONT LIKE CLASSICS
  • Review 1/5

    By fall 1972
    I generally enjoy listening to audio books while lying in bed before I fall asleep. However, most of the Audio books I listen to come from the local library. The book that are on my phone are not that relatable to me. I am an African American and I find no romance,drama, comedy in these audio books. I find no African American narrators and basically no non fiction or fiction books in this library that I can relate to.
  • Treasure island 5/5

    By joe the old
    Great love to listen to classics
  • Ted Show 5/5

    By f0n3b0y
    Very interesting show, especially the bullying sitcom.
  • Frustrating 3/5

    By problem with location app
    The most frustrating thing about this app is how many books are cut up by being narrated by persons with thick accents or very annoying cadences! Some narrators accents are so thick that you cannot understand them at all, or their reading style is so weird and annoying to listen to. Then there are a couple narrators who are a Andy minter. I choose the book by the narrators for this reason
  • Recent update freezes 1/5

    By Melanie289
    My rating of two stars should only reflect on the recent update. I have been using this app for many years, but since the update, the app freezes so frequently that it has become essentially unusable for me for some reason. I’m sad. Hoping for a resolution soon!
  • Yeagcv. 1/5

    By frdkh
    I’m a mom trying to multitask and I wanted it to read to my baby and it doesn’t even work after I read my first half.!!!!!
  • Expanded my reading breadth. 5/5

    By BookLover 100
    I’ve listened to a greater variety of wonderful books than I would have expected. There are many undiscovered treasures in the public domain and read by talented narrators in this app. Ten stars! Sometimes I wish I could slow the reading down a bit. It seems too fast.
  • The window at the white cat 5/5

    By little lopo
    I first downloaded this book around 10 years ago and have been listening over and over as one of my absolute favorite books, and the reading by Robert kiper is one of the most soothing voices as a narrator. Thank you
  • Exceptional!! 5/5

    By Abbygreener
    I am loving this ap. There are quite a few very good readers and so many classics that I would honestly have trouble reading on my own. This is a fantastic way to tackle these works. Thank you, volunteer readers!!!
  • App Crash Report 4/5

    By Johnnyhotpocketzzz_33
    Every time I open the app, it allows me to operate it for a few seconds and then it begins to lag, then it freezes and finally the app crashes. Idk what the problem is, but I hope the developers can fix it.
  • Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson 5/5

    By ral2018
    Not working can’t listen to books I choose
  • Pride and Prejudice review 5/5

    By Kitkat2012a
    Excellent work! Hours of great entertainment.
  • Yes 5/5

    By wylee
    Best app yet lets your mind go off
  • Backward steps in my experience 3/5

    By ejmjensen
    I have listened to Librivox books with this app for years. Enough so that paying the small fee to access plus titles was easy. However, for reasons unknown, the app now irregularly purges completed downloads. I dod not want to leave a review regarding this, but it happened again this morning: 15-20 books went from “all files downloaded” to “0 files downloaded.” I’ve written and received responses several times on this single issue though no resolution has surfaced. The customer svc response time is fine; it’s just that this malfunction persists. The explanation they offered was that the app might purge previously complete downloads if/when a device’s available storage is exhausted or close to it. I have averaged 8-12gb of free space throughout my correspondence with developer, and have never run out of space. Unfortunately, I am to the point where I will trial the many competing apps. Resigned, EJ
  • Update-keeps erasing my downloads 1/5

    By Ambjg
    Below this you will see my original 5 star review. However, in the last couple months it continuously deletes my downloads. Instead of indicating a 100% download, everything is now 0%, awaiting download. I live in a rural area with very poor internet connection, so it is essential that I have books on my phone. Also, I rely on this app when I travel, but I can’t anymore if it keeps deleting my downloads. Please fix this. I had it on my iPhone 2, my iPhone 4 and now my iPhone 6s. If it were the only app on my phone, the cost of my phone would be worth it. So many books and so many genres to choose from! Some readers are better than others, but, hey, they are volunteers. I have about 50 books downloaded to my library which has slowed things down a little so I make sure now to delete the file and just keep the title. I love being able to store books to have on hand when I travel. I love being able to listen to all the science fiction selections and the history and biographies. I love being able to fall asleep to a book after a stressful day. Just download it and enjoy!
  • Uncle Tom's Cabin 5/5

    By tri-grace
    What a passionate and meaningful book. Written intelligently and motivationally. A must read for those desiring a better society now and in the future. Don't miss the epilogue!
  • Io bizk 4/5

    By txcgrv
    H Which lawful day gwe can bring our Gj XX
  • Great resource 5/5

    By elmalimoe
    I have listened to the greatest books of all time all for free and I have enjoyed hundreds of book. I have listened to the classic ones, as well as have discovered many authors will marvelous writings. Ali...

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