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Audiobooks App

Thousands of FREE audiobooks await. Whether you're stuck in traffic, powering through your workout or cramming for an English test—Audiobooks puts the most beloved audiobooks at your finger tips. Or if you don't have time for an audiobook you can listen to a Podcast instead. Podcasts are like your own personalized radio station, proving a steady stream of topical, fun episodes to enjoy. Features include: - Thousands of fantastic, free Audiobooks for you to choose from - A carefully curated collection of Podcasts to enjoy - Offline download perfect for your commute - Background and AirPlay enabled playback - Fully customizable Sleep Timer. Enjoy!

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Audiobooks app reviews

  • Audiobooks 5/5

    By doesun's mom
    Free Audiobooks is a great service. This free app works better than 2 others I’ve tried, one being a paid service. Some of the readers are annoying, difficult to understand, while others are excellent. But, as long as their speech is intelligible, I’m grateful. Most of the time the readers are very acceptable. The classics are the best!
  • Uncle Toms Cabin 5/5

    By jeytrey
    Great book, the title has been a part of American history but the story is far more important than just a term in our vocabulary. Easily one of the most important books ever written.
  • Great except 5/5

    By SL Library Reader
    Love some of these. Wonderful selection. Only problem is that I can’t pause it using the control on my ear pods. A real problem
  • ME MAD 1/5

    By tellison1964
  • Sometimes great 3/5

    By verkingetorix
    I love this as a resource but I wish they curated some of the people who do the reading a bit more critically. When listening to the Count of Monte Cristo, chapters 25 and 26 are nearly unlistenable. The woman has thick accent and is clearly uncomfortable reading English, also her audio equipment is terrible. There is a high pitched sound in the background. Very difficult to listen to. Some of the readers are great, with good voices and high audio quality. But some aren’t nearly as good. I especially the narrator in chapters 25 and 26. I can’t really under what happened in those chapters. Looking back I should have just skipped them and looked up what happened. It gave me a terrible headache.
  • Great but has a problem 3/5

    By Windywindblade
    I LOVE this app... But it has trouble playing books, even when their downloaded.
  • Three Musketeers 4/5

    By HerbCraft
    Almost 5 stars excepting the few chapters read by a heavily accented female. Very hard to understand. Thank you for many entertaining hours. H Craft
  • So thankful!!!! 5/5

    By Blaquebuttaphly
    I am so appreciative of this app. Most audio book apps cost money. I am a wife and a mother of five children. Money is very sparse in my house especially for extras. I used to be an avid reader but with the business of caring for a large household as well as dealing with focus issues as I get older, it is very difficult to find the time to read a book. Now, I’m able to enjoy literature as I wash dishes or care for other responsibilities around the house and it is helping to keep my spirits up. Thank you!❤️
  • easy to use for streaming and download books 5/5

    By Tina-Kops
    I use voiceover. This app is the easiest to use when streaming and downloading book using voice over. I have tried many other apps.
  • W 5/5

    By Tester286
    A I
  • Crashes a lot 2/5

    By Polanco's
    Every time, I use the app the books are always downloading even though they had already been downloaded previously. So while it’s downloading, a book would play for a couple of mins then crashes and starts over the audiobook. It’s very frustrating.
  • Shakespeare 4/5

    By circus sue
    All Shakespeare all the time😜😜😜
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By MarTheStar56
    Thank you!! I just listened to my first book on this app and it was GREAT!! This is so cool! Free! Thank you!!!
  • Huck Finn 5/5

    By Seaside Joe
    Excellent ready. Made me appreciate the writing of Mark Twain.
  • Jane Eyre 5/5

    By gkobran
    Elizabeth Klett reads clearly and beautifully. Have not heard better.
  • Authors 1/5

    By Done 57
    They don’t have a lot of the authors I was looking for and I know they have many books on audio very disappointing
  • I love this app! 5/5

    By beth2963
    So many wonderful classic books to listen to; I strongly recommend this app!
  • Good books, Okay narrating 4/5

    By CameronJConrad
    I have enjoyed these books so much! I got Audiobooks Plus, which is somewhat better. Some narrators are good, but the quality varies. I had to stop reading one audiobook because I could barely understood what they said. And another Plus book was read by a child. Not an enjoyable read. But you can sometimes get a good reader. Overall, if you want to hear a book, regardless of how you hear it, this is the place to go. The Sherlock Holmes reading is excellent (If you do the ones by David Clarke.) There are some small errors in the organization of the books in the authors, for example. My rating (out of 5 stars) Narrating ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Books ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Can't listen to my audiobooks 1/5

    By dojiijii
    I have a large library of audiobooks and this app won't allow me to listen to them.
  • Yeah 5/5

    By mcccczxwxf
  • Anne of Green Gables 5/5

    By Marmee13
    It was so pleasant to go about my work while listening to this audio book. The soothing voice rose and declined perfectly to the excitement of the novel. I am grateful.
  • Glitchy 1/5

    By Ebsith
    Used to really enjoy this app, but since at least the last update, it’s been freezing and glitching our both when I am using the app actively and when it’s playing in the background. Was hoping they’d fix it with another update, but no luck so far... [update 2020.03. - still no improvement. App just crashed 3x in a row. Every time I don’t use the app for a day or so, I have download all of my books again]
  • Amazing 5/5

    By beily 1974
    What agift
  • Satisfied 5/5

    By Ltrautman
    A wonderful app. Great selection and perfect voice clarity
  • Best audio book app 5/5

    By Spookg
    This is the simplest and easiest to use audio book and it has a lot of free books from all genres to keep you entertained.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By hvtct
    Has no books about NASA
  • Crashing 3/5

    By Afigveuvcf
    I’ve been using this app for ages without problems but it has started crashing after 90 seconds of playing. How do I resolve this?
  • Not a good book app 1/5

    By I Want My Book.
    I have been searching for this one particular book but it will not show up, the book is called roll of thunder hear my cry and that’s a book I need for school and if this stupid app doesn’t have it, most likely and 100% already known other apps don’t have it either I have been searching for it and no luck yet.
  • Doesn't even have Harry Potter books. 1/5

    So, if your looking for the book called Wings of Fire or Harry Potter books, THIS IS NOT THE PLACE. These two books I'm looking for, and this said it was free, so I thought: "Maybe this has Harry Potter or Wings of Fire books! BUT NO.
  • Splendid 5/5

    By Solitaire jujnky
    Love the books!
  • Spell binding 5/5

    By Slim Jane
    Surprise at every turn. I didn’t know where it would lead & was forced to keep listening. Really enjoyed the short story. It said a lot about where power will lead a person.
  • Great app except 3/5

    By Bjxski
    You have changed the view on this app so that the font is much larger. It isn’t something I can change. When you want to do a search for a new book you only use 1/2 to 1/3 of the page so you can only see a few titles at a time. I can no longer scroll through quickly to find a new book. Also is there a way the app could know which books we have already read without downloading it again to find out?
  • Anne of green gables 5/5

    By The Anne of Green Gables story
    What happen In the story was so interesting and dramatic
  • Keeps deleting my books 3/5

    By JammyBear4
    It was great until last update. Now every time I open the app, it has to redownload all my books.
  • No library, no problem! 5/5

    By Evelynsgram
    I really prefer books written in the 1800s and have found most of the authors I like to read. The readers have taken time out if their lives to read these books for our enjoyment. I really appreciate them.
  • Jane Eyre 5/5

    By katdebtim
    Elizabeth is a fine reader and brings the book to life.
  • Speed 2/5

    By Sweetart1
    The “normal” speed is entirely too fast
  • around the world in 80 days 5/5

    By poodle time
    Very well read by mr Smith , fun to listen to .
  • Best audio library for classical lit 5/5

    By Hfggghgfffg
    The biggest problem I have with other audio-book apps is that in many cases they only offer abridged versions, so it’s really just an interpretation of a work. Not here, you get the original version by the author. The recordings vary in quality, there have been a few that were so bad, I couldn’t even listen to them, but some are as good as the pay sites and read by pro readers. Also, I highly recommend forking over the $10 for the featured audiobooks, it’s such a great value! I’ve listened to about 60 books from this app.
  • Star Stories for Little Folks 5/5

    By jeoules
    Good. The stories are in attentive detail. Easy to understand and see. A good beginning.
  • Uncle Tom’s Cabin 5/5

    By readerinredford
    Gripping. book. The reader does an AMAZING job.
  • Heir if I Redclyffe 5/5

    By Sully Fabriholic
    Starts kinda slow to set up the plot but in the end it’s a good story
  • A great reader! 5/5

    By tariqhasan
    Cate Barratt, kudos and thanks, just incredible, you did le Fanu proud, perfect mixture of author and reader. Wow
  • The app is freezing 2/5

    Used to be good but now out of sudden the app is freezing and is not usable and useful ... please fix it ASAP!!!!
  • Does not work. Slow. 1/5

    By Antony iTunes
    Slow. Crashes. I am using ios12. So slow to load books.
  • could be fantastic 4/5

    By jia48
    this is a good app that could be made great. i love the collection of classics and old books plus the options of newer title. there are, however, some ofd glitches. the app starts playing by itself. i closed the app, still did it. deleted the book, still plays it from the lock screen. also, the play/pause via earpod feature has a glitch where it will pause at the first attempt, but not at the second or third. have to revisit the app to “reset” play/pause.
  • Good Reading, French Voices Need a Little Work 5/5

    By Zach & Sonia Summers
    Passepartout’s French wanes in and out, but otherwise excellent read.
  • Wooo 5/5

    By thisrapgame
    Love the free books!
  • Confessions 5/5

    By otinam
    It changed my way of thinking for the better. Thank you so much.