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Audm - New Yorker, Atlantic App

Audm presents the world's best long-form journalism, read aloud word-for-word by celebrated audiobook narrators. Listen to hours' worth of new stories every week, from publications including: * The New Yorker * The Atlantic * WIRED * Rolling Stone * New York Magazine * BuzzFeed News * Vanity Fair * The New Republic * The Daily Beast * The New York Review of Books * Outside Magazine * ProPublica * London Review of Books * The Atavist * Texas Monthly * Epic Magazine * The Texas Observer * The Times Literary Supplement * The Bitter Southerner * POLITICO Magazine * Esquire * Backchannel * Foreign Policy * Harper's Bazaar * Marie Claire * Road & Track * Popular Mechanics * First Things * Tablet Magazine * Pacific Standard * Guernica * World Policy Journal * The Marshall Project * The American Scholar * Places Journal * Coda Story * The Morning News Add stories to your playlist to download them, then listen on the go -- even with no Internet connection. Within a story, jump to any paragraph by tapping on it. Choose the narration speed you like best. After your free trial you will be charged. Payment will be handled through your iTunes account. The first charge will occur when your trial ends. Your subscription will automatically renew 24 hours before the end of each subscription period. You may cancel your subscription by going to iOS Settings > iTunes & App Stores > Apple ID > View Apple ID > Subscriptions > Manage. If you cancel in the middle of a subscription period, your cancelation will become effective at the end of that period. Terms of Service: Privacy Policy:

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Audm - New Yorker, Atlantic app reviews

  • Stopped loading on 7/5/19 2/5

    By 赫赫赫赫
    Maybe their backend is having issues, but the app stopped loading today (literally went dark).
  • Amazing Longreads read by great voiceover talent 5/5

    By Tr In sf
    If you like both the Longread format and podcasts, this is a great app to check out. Audm manages to get really interesting longread content (in a variety of lengths from 15 minutes to well over an hour, sometimes in multi-part serial articles) in a huge variety of topics. I like episodic podcasts also but sometimes on my runs or at the gym, I want to plug into something different and have the ability to curate a really interesting listening queue. I’ve listened to tracks on crime, politics, science, health, pop culture, and some totally random stuff that is so compelling. Some major publications with great credibility. You won’t be disappointed by the content or the audio quality. Over the 18 months I’ve been a subscriber they have made major improvements to the interface and quality. If I ever have a technical issue the dev team responds rapidly - a rarity with apps today. I’ve recommended Audm to several friends so far and they’ve signed up. The bottom line .... I don’t go for my long distance runs or short plane rides without it :)
  • Good idea BUT 2/5

    By Flymann14
    It may be the worst app I've used. Today it refused to show me new content even though I had selected "all" in the settings. And it also keeps forgetting who I am forcing me to relog in each time I open the app. Keep the new releases coming...
  • Keeps getting better 5/5

    By ScottBurton
    There were some technical issues with the app in the past, but I encourage you to re-download it. The offline features work better than ever, and a variety of other weird issues have been fixed. Same great content. Give it a try!
  • Game changer 5/5

    By nadiaconners
    I don’t know how I got through my bookmarked readings before this app! I catch myself saying ‘have you heard this article?’ People are confused and then I turn this on to this incredible app. I love the narrators and feel like we are on a journey of discovery together. I can’t say enough good things ... I just wish it had a share article function so I could pass it along.
  • Peerless content, responsive developer 5/5

    By Tomq242
    The previous version of the app had some issues, but the most recent update seems to have fixed them.
  • Really Amazing 5/5

    By kellanstanner
    This is the first app review I’ve ever left. I’m really confused by other reviewers issues with the interface. Everything works seamlessly for me. The content is reliable and has entirely changed the way I commute. It’s also basically allowed me to cancel my beloved New Yorker print subscription. I had an issue with a beeping in my wireless headphones and the developers were prompt in responding to it. Even if there are some kinks - which I myself have not seen - the content far outweighs them. Get in on an early and affordable rate because I really think this app is going to take off.
  • Great content, awful app 2/5

    By wordnerd.appcreator
    I work in app development and I have to say, I’m sure it’s the weaving together of so many sources of content that weighs this app down but—it’s a substantial issue and only getting worse. I used to recommend this app to people. Now I do not. Debating whether to keep paying for something I can barely ever use. Stories won’t load or stop playing suddenly, something I am listening to will just disappear. It’s very frustrating. Such a cool idea but the execution needs a lot of work.
  • I was rooting for you!! We were all rooting for you!! 1/5

    By rokrokroko
    I really want this app to be good. The content is absolutely superb, and the app just plain can't handle itself. 1) downloaded content disappears 2) deleted downloads RE-APPEAR 3) play/pause functionality is barely there if the app is in the background 4) when paused, the app times out in a heartbeat, requiring the whole app to be restarted if you wanna continue playing Of all the things I pay for, audm is the service where I feel my money is least well used. I am quite sad about that.
  • Content is wonderful but app is impossible 1/5

    By soleilmeg1023
    I love the content but the app is impossible, it is constantly crashing and every few minutes I’m having to push play or restart it. Really is starting to make it not worth it
  • Great app! 5/5

    By RJ169232
    I am not a podcast guy but came across this app on the New Yorker site. Been using it about 3 months, primarily as I walk or bike around the city. It’s great; excellent readers and well curated articles. I listen to probably 10-14 articles a week and it’s great!
  • audm 5/5

    By rouge male
    since writing the review below the developer has been working to correct the problems that i and other reviewers have noted. this concept is really solid so it's gratifying that the developers seem committed to doing the work to make sure it works. "the app is glitchy af. the content is good but it hiccups so bad in the playback it is impossible to listen to a story."
  • Wait for a new version 2/5

    By ke’elikolani
    I bought a new phone so I could use this app but so far it’s full of glitches. They’re very nice and respond to my complaints but so far all the updates and patches have failed me. Maybe save your money for now. It might get better.
  • Great idea, unbelievably buggy 3/5

    By grumpy2390u5
    Gave up after multiple conversations with support team. Every time I open it the app hangs. Needs to be reset, re-installed...and then it forgets where I was. So every use involves me being my own support person. Would’ve worth it if it worked predictably. But it is predictable that it won’t work.
  • Previously given this a one-star, but... 5/5

    By OregonKatana
    But since I can’t seem to revise that review, I decided to write this new one. After an update, the app became very glitchy, with a lot of pauses between paragraphs and crashes. When I got in touch with support (mainly to tell them I’d never recommend their app to anyone), one of the developers, Ryan, responded almost instantly. Over the course of a day, he helped to resolve the problem (and acknowledged that they knew of this and had been working to fix it) and another update was also released. The app now works beautifully and delivers exactly what I’d hoped it would: an audio selection of terrific long-form articles from a variety of publications. I have discovered new magazines through this service (who knew The Bitter Southerner even existed?) as well. If you enjoy good journalism but don’t want to spring for multiple subscriptions, this is a very nice compromise.
  • Great idea, poor tech 2/5

    By __kw__
    I love using Audm’s service, but the app is rather buggy. It keeps wanting to re-download already downloaded and queued articles. It also hangs or crashes more than it should. Time for a code review and cleanup?
  • Excellent app! 5/5

    By EBeckmann
    There were some bugs but I reported them, was responded to promptly, and they fixed it really quickly with a new upgrade! Excellent content, readers, variety and selection. I’m recommending it to everyone I know.
  • This is the glitchiest app I’ve ever encountered. 1/5

    By gprobst
    The current iteration buffers every paragraph with long pauses in the playback and often requiring repeated presses of the play button to keep it going.
  • Such a great idea, so poorly executed 2/5

    By Cocobooreview
    I’ve used Audm for years. The download for laser function has never worked. Confusingly long pauses between paragraphs. App will stop playing multiple time mid-article, and getting it to play again is frankly a hazard when driving, which when I most like to listen. The scroll feature will freeze randomly. It’s such a simple concept — basically podcasts that you can read along with — and it is beyond me how it continues to be so buggy.
  • Too many bugs make it worthless 1/5

    By MariposaP
    This is a great idea, but this app turned out to be a total frustration. I signed up for the three day free trial intending to pay for at least a month to try it. Unfortunately, I was able to listen to only one article. I tried several others, but each time the application froze up while “searching “ for the piece. The only way I could get out of it after several minutes of waiting for the piece to come on was to shut down my IPad completely. So, this app wa s just a waste of time. If I could, I would give this zero stars. What a shame! Need need serious work on your iPad app.
  • “Download for Later” doesn’t actually download 4/5

    By Picoides
    I love Audm; the content and the readers are great. But I don’t understand the “Download for Later” feature. It makes a nice list in my queue, but even if they appear to be downloaded, they aren’t actually downloaded the next time I open the app. When I open the queue, all the articles say “Buffering.” Eventually, if I am in a place with good connectivity, they finish buffering and download again. But if I’m on a plane, or driving somewhere without wifi or good cell reception, they “buffer” indefinitely and I can’t play the “downloaded” articles. Why aren’t downloaded articles actually downloaded, and why don’t they stay downloaded even when I turn off the app or go somewhere without good wifi? That’s the point of downloading, isn’t it, so they are on my device to play later when I’m not connected?
  • The Best App 5/5

    By fhydbdhhdhhfhdhshss
    This is easily my favorite app. I use it every day. The best journalism, longform nonfiction, and most interesting stories out there, read by professional readers. Wonderful variety of content, with new stories appearing all the time. I’ve learned an immense amount and found out many new voices and stories I wouldn't have known about otherwise. Plus it reads to me the articles I always intend to read but never do, or will—I finally finished an issue of The New Yorker! I listen all the time: in the car, cleaning house, sunbathing, doing yardwork, hearing a story before bedtime. It has taken over Spotify, even. I also love the ability to control the speed of the reading.
  • Traveler?! 5/5

    By Sitting Today
    If you travel at all or just don’t have the time to read all of the interesting articles you’d like, Audm is incredible! My favorite new app. I listened once and immediately subscribed for a year.
  • App needs much work 2/5

    By Cristabel lucia
    The magazine collection is quite good as are the readers. But the app is awful. Articles played are not marked, the app takes forever to recycle and shuts down more than any other app I’ve ever used. I can’t share the article with anyone (always a good way to let others discover it). Magazines/newspapers to consider adding: Christian Science monitor Utne reader Commonweal Sojourners
  • Love Audm 5/5

    By elladav
    Flat-out awesome app. Such a reasonable price for the quantity - and quality - of the content you get. And this latest version fixed all the little bugs!
  • What a gift! 5/5

    By Jonhseed
    I'm free of seeing my New Yorkers pile up and now getting to more long form article than ever...and while walking and biking! What a gift. Thank you!
  • Say goodbye to podcasts 5/5

    By despitedenseweed
    This is an excellent app. I haven’t opened Audible or listened to a podcast since I downloaded it. There is so much great, vital long-form content out there, and it’s such an important time to consume it, but who can keep up? Audm is the answer. Excellent selection, great narrators, no bugs. Highly recommend.
  • App only lets you listen once 2/5

    By mojo0990
    Once listened to, an article won’t play again- the play button is grayed out and doesn’t work.
  • No clue - won’t launch 1/5

    By Sullivpl23
    I have no clue whether this app is great or not because all I see is a black screen.
  • Miki 1/5

    By ck20018
    App bugs need to be addressed Cannot launch the app now
  • The articles and voices reading them are glorious, but... 2/5

    By ruthschaefer
    ...Audm’s buggy software is a piece of work. Anyone expecting the ease of use and reliability offered by Apple’s podcast app will be rudely disappointed.
  • My new favorite 5/5

    By dvdstrk
    Great app; terrific service.
  • Content is the best, app improves by day 5/5

    By Episode yang
    Just want to give some props to the developers. There were some bugs with the audio playback not working with controls on Bluetooth headphones, but now they are fixed. Looking at there version log, it’s clear that this is a new app and they are improving rapidly. I think this app would find a market in ESL students, so making it easy to look up words would be helpful.
  • Fabulous App 5/5

    By Babs 100
    Enjoying it more and more each day. So much to explore. Just ordered a one-year subscription for my sister.
  • Indispensable App! 5/5

    By travelscott
    Long form journalism is essential to getting past the headlines and understanding the world. I am often on the move so audm brings great 30 to 60 minute articles to me. For a low monthly price I get the best writing from several top magazines. I use this app daily, and recommend it to all of my friends.
  • Terrific content 5/5

    By waitingT
    The app that will whisk away your guilty feelings about all those unread New Yorkers. Fantastic audio renditions of the best magazine articles. This is one of my favorite apps.
  • I’m using it every day 5/5

    By murenkot
    really love it. It’s like I finally started to read much more without spending additional time. Just listening to it while walking or driving. Good selection of articles, so pleasant voices and the app is made really well. Thank you guys!!!
  • Fantastic App 5/5

    By oryfromlosangeles
    Great selection of articles from some of the finest publications read to you by folks with very appealing and interesting voices. I became a fan of Epic Mag, Atavist mag, Texas monthly, etc. I never knew these existed before, frankly. All in all a great source of fascinating articles.
  • True Innovation 5/5

    By maiway
    This app is a delight. So many fascinating articles, from a wide range of publications. For a low monthly fee, you’re basically subscribed to all the top magazines and investigative journalism sites, and their best content is preselected for you. The readers are highly talented voice actors, so listening is a pleasure. The developers are constantly improving the app (it’s very reliable now), and are instantly responsive if there’s an issue. I swear these guys never sleep. Podcasts are great, but access to the finest journalism in the English language is a different level of pleasure and learning.
  • Brilliant app 4/5

    By bobbiepepper
    What a find! Keeping up with all the great writers in today’s world of journalism is a real challenge. This app offers those very long articles presented to me by professional readers, so I can listen to an article in half the time it would take me to read it. Now I can listen to important and interesting current magazine articles, along with listening to books and short stories read aloud to me. What a terrific idea! I’m so excited about this app.
  • Echoing the top review: amazing content, app is garbage 3/5

    By Ctucket
    Almost every time I use the app, it shuts down. It can’t handle if someone sends me a text, my phone rings, an alarm goes off, etc. etc. while it’s reading. It just shuts down. The search function barely works and leaves a lot to be desired. Also using it causes the app to (you guessed it!) shut down. The queue works in mysterious ways. Sometimes things I’ve added show up, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they show up in my queue after I’ve already read them. The content is hands down amazing. Y’all have got to take advantage of the (I’m assuming exclusive) contract you have with these magazines before it runs out and Audible catches on. They clearly have the content delivery down, if y’all nail that, I’ll be shouting about this from the rooftops.
  • Another great way to read 5/5

    By hocktooey
    The recent app revisions have made Audm one of the top iPhone appsthat I use. I love reading my magazines throughout the month. To be able to listen to a great article while driving or working out or cooking dinner has been a huge benefit to my daily life. The readers are terrific. In fact, Grover Gardner, who I fell in love with as Tom Parker, and who has read The Dharma Bums, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, and The Adventures of Augie March--all favorite audio books--is one of the featured readers in Audm. I was surprised and delighted to hear his voice--and to learn that his real name is Grover! The variety of well-written prose and the high quality audio readings makes Audm a treasure.
  • Simply the best app out there! 5/5

    By djsolomon
    Listen to articles written by the best journalists in the world - read by the best voice talent in the world ! There is nothing that compares to Audm ! I give it as the perfect gift ! I enjoy it every day ! I cook and listen , commute and listen and when I want, I set the timer and go to sleep while listening. Treat yourself and your friends to the best of the best: Audm!
  • Excellent reader voices 5/5

    By Bill__A
    If you appreciate the excellent readers found on Audible audiobooks, then you will like the voices that read articles for Audm. I like that the same actress presents New Yorker articles by Susan Glasser each week - or the calm clear British voice who consistently reads LRB articles. My wife enjoys that I can often tell her about a New Yorker story that she has not yet read in her paper copy. (Having grown up in Boston, I find it hard to admit that nowadays I enjoy listening to many New Yorker articles.) I find Audm a nice way to stay informed, but at a distance from the daily news cycle, while exercising or doing mindless work. A magazine article is a much smaller commitment than a Dickens novel on Audible. I used to complain that the app would disconnect my Bluetooth headset during long pauses between paragraphs, but this problem has been fixed in recent months. I am hoping someday to see a web portal that lets me manage my queue and history from a real computer’s web browser, so that I can follow up on interesting things I learn in articles. I hear that this is on the roadmap. When I occasionally use The Economist’s app to listen to its articles read aloud, I am struck by how much less easy on the ears their presenters are than Audm’s. The presenters are by far the nicest feature of Audm. The Audm subscription is not super cheap — it feels like a bit of an indulgence. But it is an indulgence I enjoy. It nicely passes the time during exercise, yard work, laundry, etc. And the articles are drawn from an enjoyable range of different publications. I wouldn’t read an LRB or NYRB article on my own, but I enjoy having one read to me now and then.
  • Goodbye public radio 5/5

    By Cmascis
    This is it. I’m *finally* “reading” most of each issue of the New Yorker. And, thanks to the excellent Audm recommendations, finding content I would not have otherwise noticed in other publications I pay scant attention to. In addition to the basic value proposition of the content they make available, the scrolling of the text is a great feature in and of itself. I’ve taken to turning the volume all the way down and listening at 2X or greater speed (a speed I can’t listen to) and then reading the text as it scrolls quickly by. It’s a small thing, but not having to tap the device to advance the text makes a big difference in the ease of content consumption. All by itself worth the subscription price.
  • Update: Awesome after reinstalling! (Formerly: I love it, but it takes forever to open it) 5/5

    By Iwannamango
    Update: 5/9/19. After reinstalling the app a couple weeks ago, it has performed perfectly. It even kept my long queue of saved articles. It is now as awesome as its content, and I look forward to a richer and deeper content selection as the team grows. I especially love content related to the environment and outdoors. Status as of 4/29/19 (10:52am): I really do love the concept and content of Audm. The format of the app is really well laid out as well. My big problem, however, is that every time I leave the app I have to reopen it, and the load time takes longer than any app I’ve ever had. I’m talking several minutes, just watching the black screen with the Audm logo, wondering if it will ever load and often just giving up and listening to a podcast or an audiobook instead. It got so bad that I just deleted it from my phone, and now I’m going to try reinstalling it. I’m wondering if it bogs down when you have too many articles in the queue. I had a lot and I tried deleting a bunch of them, but today it seemed like it just wasn’t going to open anymore. I’ll try to update this with my results after starting over with a clean slate.
  • Exceptional content 5/5

    By ERWT%
    Audm helps me get through all the articles I mean to read, but don't. It is the best companion for a road trip. It is my go-to app in the car.
  • Great way to ‘read’ lots of worthwhile content 5/5

    By Kathy the Nomad
    Audm makes it possible for me to ‘read’ the entire New Yorker issue which I would never have time to do otherwise. I also have access to journals and periodicals to which I do not subscribe or that I would not ordinarily seek out (Outside, Atavist, New Republic, Buzzfeed, Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, and more). The staff are very responsive to requests for help and have corrected sv real bugs that made the app difficult to use at first. It is well worth the subscription cost.
  • Happy subscriber :-) 5/5

    By Listnr
    I love this app! This is the only app I pay to use, and I can say I am happy with this subscription. I really enjoy the high quality articles and superb journalism featured on this app. I also love the excellent narration and appreciate that several of the narrators are award-winning in that field. As others have commented, the app is how I am able to listen to long (and superb!) articles that I likely would not take the opportunity to read.

Audm - New Yorker, Atlantic app comments

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