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Audm - New Yorker, Atlantic

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Audm - New Yorker, Atlantic App

Audm presents the world's best long-form journalism, read aloud word-for-word by celebrated audiobook narrators. Listen to hours' worth of new stories every week, from publications including: * The New Yorker * The Atlantic * WIRED * New York Magazine * BuzzFeed News * Esquire * Foreign Policy * The Daily Beast * The New York Review of Books * Outside Magazine * Backchannel * ProPublica * London Review of Books * The Times Literary Supplement * Harper's Bazaar * Marie Claire * Road & Track * Popular Mechanics * First Things * Tablet Magazine * The Atavist * Epic Magazine * Pacific Standard * Guernica * World Policy Journal * The Bitter Southerner * The Marshall Project * The American Scholar * Places Journal * Coda Story * The Morning News Add stories to your playlist to download them, then listen on the go -- even with no Internet connection. Within a story, jump to any paragraph by tapping on it. Choose the narration speed you like best. After your free trial, you will be charged $6.99/month for access to the entire Audm catalogue. Payment will be handled through your iTunes account. The first charge will occur when your trial ends. Your subscription will automatically renew 24 hours before the end of each subscription period. You may cancel your subscription by going to iOS Settings > iTunes & App Stores > Apple ID > View Apple ID > Subscriptions > Manage. If you cancel in the middle of a subscription period, your cancelation will become effective at the end of that period. Terms of use and privacy policy:


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Audm - New Yorker, Atlantic app reviews

  • Would be great to share article and advertise for your amazing content 3/5

    By CiScO7MaVeRiCk7
    Amazing content. Great professional readers. App stability gradually improving. Still a bit quirky but tolerable. Would be great to be able to share the content with others (limit ? two articles a month). Would be great advertising and get lots of people to purchase this wonderful service.
  • Turn Your Commute Into Your Favorite Part of Your Day. 5/5

    By JJP33
    I love this App. It turns that New Yorker article you wanted to read but didn’t have time to read into a podcast you can listen to in the shower, or in your car, or on the subway, or walking to work, or while doing the dishes, or whatever. Amazing content, great interface. Makes life better.
  • Extraordinary content, great interface 5/5

    By BPC20002000
    I'm blown away by all aspects of this app. First off, the content is no less than premium. The New Yorker addition has been phenomenal. Enthralling articles that are so well written that you can't help but to lose track of time while listening. This is a big difference from many podcasts out there. The narration adds a level of quality that most rough podcasts miss. Second, the user experience is flawless. Easy to keep track of your articles and with the new update the app has been stable with no issues. Can't wait to see what else comes out. Listening during my commute has been a godsend. I love that there is a variety of short and long articles. Keep up the great work!
  • 5 star content, 2.5 star app. Still worth it. 5/5

    By G Mon
    Amazing concept and content. If you love long form journalism, but are too busy to read the latest articles, this app is great. The content readers are excellent as well as is the selection. That all being said, the app is a bit frustrating. The developer needs to add controls to sort, filter, and search. I’m sure that’s on their roadmap. I gave the app 5 stars because since signing up, I’ve listened to at least an article a day and think this is a great concept. If you love audiobooks, this will be right up your alley. So, in this instance, I don’t mind it being a work in progress. I recommend checking it out!
  • Login on 1/5

    By RobertaLombardi
    I don’t have a Facebook acct - can’t get an account
  • Nice app. Needs update for iPhone X 3/5

    By Bgiese
    Lots of good material. Needs update for iPhone X
  • Loving it 5/5

    By Gustaf.A
    I’ve been listening to Audm every week for almost a year. Their articles are super-we’ll produced and the choose the best from each publication. Only getting better. Thank you!
  • Initial problems with app resolved 5/5

    By Sonoranwoman
    Initially, I had problems signing in and it was frustrating. I was able to get this problem resolved and now the app works fine. Terrific customer support. Looking forward to all AUDM has to offer
  • Productive commutes 5/5

    By Audio142837
    I live in L.A. so I spend quite a bit of time in the car. Not sure what I would do without Audm. The team is super responsive to user feedback and questions. A+ overall!
  • Great content, great developer support on a less than stable platform 4/5

    By JamesEscondido
    Update: within hours of leaving the review, the company had reached out to me and resolved the issue. Great customer support: I can see that this app is a labor of love for the Audm crew. Again, if you are a reader of the Atlantic, London Review of Books, and similar literary magazines, the content will absolutely speak to you (I couldn't resist the pun). Ive updated the review to four stars and am hoping that the app will now prove stable. If so, it is bargain at the subscription rates. Old Review: I wasn't sure how many stars to award. I've subscribed for quite a few months and what seems like poorly executed updates. On one hand, I love the content and the readers are first rate: they read with assurance and emotion. On the other hand, there have been so many updates, so many bugs. For the longest time, the app would keep asking me to verify my account--invariably after I had just begun a long drive and couldn't safely enter my password. The developers fixed that one, then the ones that followed. Another long running bug was getting a different selection than I loaded. They seem to have fixed that one now. Another update today and I can't even get to the content stream. I just keep looking at the black screen with the logo. I've restarted my phone without any consequence. By rights, I should give one star since I'm currently getting no use out of an app for whichI am paying. I should cancel my subscription. I know I should. And, yet, I think to all the long Southern California commutes that this app has enlivened and enlightened. I want to love this app. I really do.
  • How have I not reviewed this already? 5/5

    By alfhNY
    Good app
  • Update: great customer service, they are really trying 4/5

    By greenlimouzine
    The app has growing pains but the staff, including the cofounder, work around the clock to make it right.
  • Never seen customer service so responsive 5/5

    By Booth H
    Like most of its subscribers, I love the content of this app. Audm utilizes riveting articles from some of the most erudite English-language magazines in the world—the New Yorker, the Atlantic, the New York Review of Books—and had them narrated by speakers who uniformly have superb diction, inflection and pitch. Like many subscribers, I was annoyed when the app crashed, but also struck by the company’s urgency to correct the issue. When I couldn’t get it up and functioning again, even with the repair, I sent an email to Co-founder Christian Brink, who immediately responded, told me how to correct the problem and then followed up to make sure all was well. Audm is a great app, but most of all this is a tech company that takes customer service seriously. I’m a fan of the product, but most of all of the people behind it.
  • Fixed! I love this app, now that it’s stable 5/5

    By Observanti
    I’ve used Audm since the beginning. The app has had technical problems, but now they seem to be solved. It used to pretty often “stall” if I was using it with the screen closed, or if I had another app running. I think I had more trouble with this than most, because I usually listen at 2X. Now it works great! I can listen to these great articles, without the frustration of long pauses, stalls and the occasional crash.
  • Latest update now app crashes at open 1/5

    By Procat
    App won’t open. I have latest iOS. Latest app update. iPhone 8+. No open. Was going to give it once last try before canceling.
  • Insanely good 5/5

    By WindyAnne
    How are these people getting such good content? I will say one thing: they need to add GQ and Vanity Fair and carry more content from New York Magazine. Terrific, though. Indispensable.
  • Wow 4/5

    By tastyrerun
    I love Audm but I gave a previous version a poor review because the app crashed non-stop. They reached out to me and got it fixed and I couldn’t be happier. I have a couple features I hope they add but overall, it’s excellent.
  • Audm is a civic duty! 5/5

    By HotJohnnyHot
    I have never written a review of an app before. However, Audm is so great it deserves my commendation. The content is wonderful. All the best long-form journalism from venerable journalistic outfits read by great narrators. What more could you ask for? How many apps make you a better citizen? Not only that, the responses from the Audm team are immediate and very helpful. The app is somewhat spartan, but it is stable and improving with each update. I’m proud to support such a worthy endeavor.
  • Crap 1/5

    By Mjeloudmputh
    For the first time an app won’t download. What a piece of garbage!!!
  • Great content, great app 5/5

    By Flaflafloofly
    Great stuff from the New Yorker, various book reviews, Atlantic, wired...
  • we’re all rooting for you 4/5

    By flibbertigibbet_
    this app is pure class. content is second to none, well curated and narrated. like everyone else though, i’m having major issues with loading and sudden pauses during play. the newest update didn’t help. it worked fine on day one, but then i filled the playlist with 30 essays and perhaps this is the issue. i really do love this service and hope you figure it out, would hate to see this project fail. i spent all day yesterday loving it and now it’s bricked on me. no sense paying for something that doesn’t work. i would consider alternative platforms like rss or web based on addition to the app. anyhow, cheers.
  • Great product 5/5

    By Rskey
    This app/service has had the biggest impact on my day-to-day life since Spotify. I can never carve out enough time to sit and read articles in my favorite magazines and journals. Now I listen while I drive, do chores, etc.
  • Sign up failed 1/5

    By CS-kreechan
    Could not get past entering my email address and a password...
  • It stops/freezes too often 1/5

    By Zoyo3
    This is kind the APP that I would like to be a long term subscriber. However after six weeks of use, it becomes too painful to continue using. It stop playing midway, repeatedly. So, I cancelled my subscription.
  • Surprised but much room to improve 3/5

    By hogmonkey123
    Wow the audio content in this app is fantastic! I love the concept of the app I just wish you could filter the articles by category/content rather than simply by publication. Additionally there are some bugs like the inability to pause playback from my airpods (but you can resume no problem) and the fact that the status bar creature like crawls along behind the notch on the iPhone X.
  • Best app in long time 5/5

    By Azer I.
    We may be in this golden age of podcasts, and as much as I love them, they’re no substitute for high quality long form journalism. This app is fantastic for those of us who love journals and magazines, and rely on audio. Great selection, terrific narration, intuitive UI. Best app of 2018, now just needs Apple Watch app!
  • Can we just fix this thing already? 3/5

    By kbr123writer
    Very perplexed about how frequently the stories stop after just 30 seconds, maybe a minute or two, and then continue to stop repeatedly until you give up on the possibility of listening to a full article. It seems to be an issue with autolock, but not exclusively. It even occurs when song is fully downloaded. This hasn’t changed since the last update. Three weeks seems like a long time in between updates for an app with this many issues. I’m pretty sure I began using audm almost as soon as it launched, and I love the concept. I use it all the time, despite how painful it can be. It’s gotten much better, but the problems that still exist are astounding. Yes, the last few months there have been huge strides, but how is it that I still can’t listen to an article all the way through without it stopping, freezing or crashing? It’s been out for more than a year right? I sometimes wonder what boardroom of geniuses decided this app was “ready for the public”. I also find it curious that often when someone comments about the horrible app functionality and experience issues, the developer comments “sorry you’re one of the small number of people who have issues” — I respect how responsive your team is, but it is clearly not just a small number, can we just be open about this? Or at least not lie? I think we all want to support this app, don’t make it even harder. I’ve tried to think of my monthly subscription as a “donation” to hopefully keep the developers in business long enough to get this app up to par, but honestly I have to avoid calculating how much I’ve spent over the last year because it’d probably bum me out. As a journalist, I always think about recommending it to my reporter friends as a great way to get more “reading” in... it’s getting close to being “recommendable” but at the moment I think I’d still be too embarrassed.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Emily842752
    Yes, I've had it crash a few times, but those have been few and far between. The content is amazing and the readers are phenomenal. What a difference it is to have actual human instead of robotic text-to-speech voices! My new favorite app.
  • Wow 1/5

    By Bob Jones VI
    Now you can get your liberal propaganda read to you! An amazing app for lazy liberals to learn about the world while you sit at home collecting welfare benefits that working Americans pay for! Truly groundbreaking!
  • Not a good app 1/5

    By jmaff
    Very difficult to set up with painful subscription set up
  • Good idea, not ready 1/5

    By Dave Estlund
    The app shuts down when your phone cycles to autolock. Fine if you only want to listen for a few minutes at a time!
  • Love the concept but the App needs some work 3/5

    By Pippinsan
    I really love the concept of Audm and I think it was a service I was hoping someone would come up with. The content is diverse with articles from several news outlets. Also the readers are proficient and I have enjoyed listening to all the articles so far. It really makes driving a lot more entertaining. But.. the app is not very user friendly and probably the most frustrating app I have ever used. Sometimes, not always, the app takes a really long time to start, I mean 5-10 minutes of waiting for it to load. Again this does not happen all the time but it does happen once every 4-5 times of use. I hope the developers can fix this problem as I really do think this is a great concept.
  • Pretty good but... 3/5

    By Lemeb
    ... for some reason, the transcript often spontaneously goes back to the middle of the article.
  • Terrible onboarding 1/5

    By ReadThis1First
    A 'free trial' should not force you to subscribe and cancel to see if your like the app. Disappointing
  • I like this app 5/5

    By BduPont
    I like this app, more than I thought I would. I’m always looking for new interesting things to listen to while driving. These are interesting articles from several sources in a well done app.
  • Please someone make a better Audm 1/5

    By Competitors please contact me
    If anyone is reading this, can you please make a copycat of this app? The idea is dead simple, popular, and the app could be made by a child. Unfortunately, whoever made this app is blatantly incompetent. When I first used it, it was pretty bad. Freezing, random stopping of playback, unresponsive buttons. It could take you 15 minutes of button pressing to even get a 20 minute story to play. Now I can't even login in despite being charged every month. I've emailed them multiple times with screenshots and even bank statements and they "can't find my account". Seriously, I would pay triple just to put these clowns out of business. Awful app and awful customer service
  • Amazing content - terrible app 5/5

    By Greatdreamer1980
    Update: Since I wrote this review two things have changed - the app has become much better and stable. All the things I criticized have been resolved - downloading articles, seamless playing, etc now just works - the app is still not perfect, but now the problems are minuscule. At the same time the content has further improved - now the app also carries articles by the New Yorker, the last significant holdout. Al this makes this offering now almost perfect and I’m super happy having returned as a subscriber! Old review: Just to be clear: The content offered is first class. A great selection of some of the finest journalism the US/UK has to offer (only the New Yorker is missing). Unfortunately the app is frustratingly buggy that I gave up: Frequent crashes, articles stop playing right in the middle, downloads not working, button in-active (e.g. the "+" button to start a download works approx. every 10th time for me...), downloads suddenly vanishing (especially frustrating when you boarded a 12 hour flight and were looking forward to listening to some articles) etc. Unfortunately the app also did not improve at all over the last few weeks - which is annoying as the problems are so glaring that also the developers have to be aware of them.
  • Great Content, unreliable 4/5

    By Larry_Hinman
    The content provided by this app is super. However, it’s always been slow to load, etc. But now with the latest update it just doesn’t work at all. I worked with tech support and most of the problems are now resolved. Very responsive.
  • Great idea, horrible team, horrible execution 1/5

    By Audm come on
    Cool idea but wow is this company incompetent. I've never used an app that is so non functional. I honestly can't suggest this to friends and family because the app is so bad. It takes 10 minutes of clicking an article to get it to play. The app freezes 2 out of 3 times you open it. The audio player just randomly stops and won't load. I emailed the founders and they say they are aware of the hugs. That was 3 months ago. No update! Get your **** together
  • At times troublesome 2/5

    By legnews
    A great idea... and wonderful when it works. The app tends to be very slow, and it frequently crashes on my phone.
  • Come on folks! 1/5

    By gsbrokaw
    I so want this app and service to work! Most of the time I can’t even get past the splash screen, it just freezes. When it works it’s great, but so far totally unreliable.
  • Content is good. App is junk. 1/5

    By vladvino
    It crashes *all* the time without any discernable pattern. I have to say, I've never seen a less stable app. With an app that buggy one would expect frequent updates and fixes. Nope, not in this case. I am almost at a point of cancelling subscription and getting rid of the app.😡 After updating to the latest version per developer's suggestion app crashed every time I swipe down to refresh.
  • Great app and idea! 5/5

    By Nick46789975
    Updated Review: I've been using Audm for over a year now I think, and love it. Not only have I continued to find access to great long form journalism in audio form super convenient, but the expansion of the offerings (wired, new yorker, outdoor) has been stupendous. My only reservation is that the apps seems to have huge performance issues. Admittedly I'm on an iPhone 5s, but it has 64 gb ram, and from comments seems like others have similar issues. I hope the team is working as hard on rebuilding the app architecture as they are working on content expansion -- I'm willing to put up with the app, but I live in dread others won't and that that will limit the company's success, putting the future of one of my favorite apps in jeopardy!
  • Great content, player VERY frustrating 4/5

    By Mismeasure123
    Great articles and narration. It is frustrating that player does not respond to headphone remote. App crashes often when using player. Takes a long time to load app and player. Once those problems are addressed, this would be 5 stars! Also, it would be great to have an option to “favorite” particular magazines, and be alerted when new articles are added to your favorites
  • So much potential 3/5

    By satans weed cave
    Audm is such a great app so poorly executed. Please fix your bugs.
  • Great content and concept 3/5

    By jbrew001
    The application apart from the quality content is okay. Unfortunately, the playlist functionality isn’t fully functional after recent updates. When I close the app, upon return my playlist no longer remains. Fix would be greatly appreciated.
  • Slow and frustrating 3/5

    The content is great as long as you have the patience waiting for it to open. Search and store capabilities very lacking.
  • Great content, terrible app performance 3/5

    By Miguel Azo
    The article curation is great, and there are lots of excellent sources. Most of the voices are wonderful. That being said, the app is too buggy for prime time. It takes at least three times longer to load than any other app I have used, but that’s not the main problem. It constantly pauses articles for no apparent reason and sometimes loses its place. The interface is fine conceptually, but the actual programming needs to be completely reworked.
  • Great find 5/5

    By Popcorn fan
    Great range of content, great voice overs and pleasant layout. A world removed from robotic voicing. And a nice option vs. more time intensive audio books. Support is top notch too.
  • Commute companion 5/5

    By T863
    This and the economist app are my go to apps for the daily commute. High quality content and they seem to add more publications every month.

Audm - New Yorker, Atlantic app comments


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