Autio - Travel Companion

Autio - Travel Companion

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  • Current Version: 4.4.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
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Autio - Travel Companion App

Autio - Audio for Travel *** Apple App of the Day, Apps We Love, & New & Noteworthy *** Webby Award Winner for Best Travel App 2022 Ready to take travel to the next level? Autio has 10,000+ location-based audio stories from coast-to-coast. Try your first 5 stories free - no strings attached - then choose a plan for 30 Days, 1 Year, or 3 Years. Ever curious about the deeper story behind that bronze historical marker you passed on the highway? Autio is an invitation to discover — a hands-free experience that delights, informs, & entertains by fostering a deeper connection with the people, places, & histories of the land you are traveling through. With rave reviews from Forbes, Travel & Leisure, The New York Times, Outside, TechCrunch, & more! FEATURES: NARRATED BY YOUR FAVORITE VOICES — Many of our stories are narrated by voices you know and love like Kevin Costner, Phil Jackson, John Lithgow, and more. DISCOVER INTERESTING STORIES — Autio notifies you when you’re in range of new stories you haven’t heard yet. ALWAYS SOMETHING NEW — New stories are released weekly, so no two trips are ever the same. NATIONWIDE COVERAGE — Unique stories from coast-to-coast. FOCUS ON WHAT MATTERS — Audio stories keep your eyes off your phone and on your beautiful surroundings. HOW IT WORKS As you travel, Autio serves up stories based on your geographic location & interests. The audio vignettes, generally 2-3 minutes in length, tell the history around you, painting a multi-dimensional picture you’re unlikely to get from a history book or visitor's guide. Autio answers the questions we all ask as the odometer turns. ABOUT AUTIO Humans are moved by stories. Stories that make us laugh and cry. They move us to come together and do amazing things. Since the dawn of time, stories have been the way in which values and knowledge are passed from one generation to the next — each adding their wisdom and experience along the way. It’s time to connect with the sum of our experience, to enrich our lives with the stories of today, and to inspire the great storytellers yet to come.

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Autio - Travel Companion app reviews

  • Great information 5/5

    By jmonroe388
    I saw this app on Shark Tank and as a truck driver decided to download it. I’ve had the app for about 30 minutes and not only have I learned things around me, I’ve learned things about where I live I never even knew.
  • Wen FREE AD Based Service 5/5

    By TallGwiz
    I seen this app on Shark Tank. I am wondering if there is a chance in the future that you offer the service for free with ADs.
  • Ugh 1/5

    By gogopez
    Why do apps block my password manager or make it difficult to use. I gave up creating a log in when I couldn’t access 1Password easily. Seems like an interesting idea but too much effort required to try.
  • Absolutely tired of monthly subscriptions. 1/5

    By fly go go go bp
    Deleted immediately after seeing the monthly subscription option. Give me a one time flat rate or give me nothing.
  • White men explaining white history 1/5

    By Lixrngdmxz
    Excited to hear the rich history in my favorite places but all I heard was the white history. Nothing about the indigenous peoples or miners who lived in the area. The areas were Colorado Ski Country- keystone, Silverthorne, Dillon. Out of touch!
  • Best App for road trips 5/5

    By Rincon -
    Exactly the type of information we should all be wanting to absorb when traveling thru parts unknown, or even seemingly known. I’ve learned more about my hometown from Autio then in just being here. I love everything about it. Cool when folks like Kevin Costner and Phil Jackson drop in with a story even now and again, too. Five big stars!
  • Difficult 1/5

    By JaneRN2b
    Great idea but it didn’t work for me. I got it for a cross country RV trip but didn’t get to use it even once. Couldn’t log in. Now I’m notified that it’s up for renewal. Difficult to cancel. Waisted $35 of my travel budget on this app.
  • Best travel companion ever 5/5

    By NanaJune
    I love road trips and the stories in Autio have guided me through travels on both the east and west coasts of America. They are entertaining, educational and humorous. The app works seamlessly as you travel from one area to another. Wish Autio was around back in the days when I had an RV!
  • Normally I wouldn’t pay for something like this 5/5

    By Bikeneil
    But we were going on a road trip and I figured, this would be a good investment for some entertainment. Well, we’ve used it on 3 road trips in the western US and have learned a lot of things you wouldn’t normally get from a textbook—and it presents the pieces to you when you’re right in the area each thing happened! Pair this with Mike Rowe’s 10-minute “The Way I Heard It” podcast episodes and you’ll keep your brain going on your drive. This was worth it. I wish it was just a one time fee and not a subscription, but I get that they have to pay for all the research and all that goes into making this app. I think it’s well worth it!
  • Awesome!!! 5/5

    By TimBuck211
    Makes driving much more enjoyable !!
  • Awesome App 5/5

    By Afro-Jew
    I love this App, it gives you a lot of good information.
  • CarPlay 4/5

    By Moondougie
    I’m looking forward to hearing stories based on my current location as I drive around. Update: it still says that I have no saved stories and even though I tell it to update all the time, now both the iPhone CarPlay don’t show any stories!
  • Star power narration - mediocre writing 3/5

    By Trevor Wilson
    I listened to five stories as a free trial. The copy could be lifted straight from a roadside plaque. The facts hang there suspended in motes of the driest prose illuminated by scintillating narration but still bloodless. In this age of ubiquitous brilliant podcasts I need better writing or a well-produced interview. Even Kevin Costner can’t make me care about these stories.
  • Pronunciation 4/5

    By guirgutdg
    We are enjoying this and look forward to using it again but narrators or producers really need to make a quick call to the State Travel board or any state native and get their pronunciation correct. There were a dozen mispronounced names or words listening to the Utah state stories. Just a tiny bit of homework would have fixed that and the mispronounced words or names really distracted from the stories. And it made you doubt the correctness of the facts.
  • Great, but… 4/5

    By Picking a nickname is hard!
    The stories are great and well put together, but the app is only as good as the cell signal. We like it though.
  • Can’t reset password to access app 3/5

    By my app wont connect
    I got a new phone and I am trying to reset my password. I can reset it with the link they send to my email but can’t use the new password to log into my phone. Very frustrating.
  • Inappropriate for Under 18 3/5

    By PLULute92
    My husband and I have loved the stories as we have traveled across the country. The sharing of alternate lifestyles and referencing us to the COVID websites is totally inappropriate for this type of platform. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR THOSE WITH CHILDREN OR TEENS.
  • Awesome App! 5/5

    By mr fireman1232
    I am a nerd when it comes to history. I have always wanted to travel around the country and stop at every historical marker I came across. This app makes that a whole lot easier to do. While traveling to Missouri over the weekend, I learned a lot of history of various places along the way. Now I can’t wait to do some more traveling, or I may just sit at home and listen about places that interest me. If you are traveling anytime soon, I highly recommend getting this app.
  • Consistent and irritating bugs that make it frustrating to use this app. 1/5

    By Azz3879
    Love, LOVE, the idea behind this app, but if it doesn’t notify me of the fact that there are stories to listen to, it’s nearly worthless. Yes, I have every notification on, every notification asked for allowed. I have deleted and reinstalled, multiple time, as recently as this morning, and for reasons beyond me, no notifications. Zero. Nada. None. When it works, and it used to, as I did get notifications regularly, it was great, but as of the latest update…. Frustrating and not worth the value it brings. NOTE: The notification reminding me to resume listening after 30 minutes…. Works every time. The notification to tell me when there’s something nearby worth listening to, nope!
  • Could be better 2/5

    By Skillbit
    Signed up for a year. This is the first app I have ever paid for and I am disappointed. Listened to several hundred stories over 3 weeks driving cross country and back. Don’t know exact count because I have had to delete and reinstall app several times and the count resets. The app is still freezing up and not working for me anymore. The premise is great and 80%+ of the stories and most of the narrators (I never heard any of the marquee narrators) were enjoyable. However, I do not like WF Strong, who narrates most of the Texas stories. It is obvious he is full of himself and some of his stories are personal musings and not related to history or interesting places at all, e.g. “quotes from my brother.” He also ends every story with “…some of them are true.” Isn’t the whole point of this app true stories of history and interesting facts? Additionally, I think the stories load to far in advance from their location. I found myself pausing the story and then starting it closer to its location on several occasions.
  • Great travel app 5/5

    By Texan in the snow
    Like the short stories. Can stop and pickup quickly. Interesting stories beyond tourist stories. Just wish there was a cheaper monthly or a upgrade path If you want to buy the year or three years option after the first month. I was not sure how good it was going to be.
  • Rotten app 1/5

    By R Janks
    I installed this app, tried to use it. The app took over all the audio in my car, disabled the music app, and froze my iPhone. I could not get a refund. I cannot given this app enough negative stars. Rj748
  • Meh 1/5

    By borderblondie
    I added the app for one day then deleted it. I love the idea but it’s just not much better than googling the place you’re driving to/through, which is of course free. I was raised to be budget minded and seeing that I’m using up my allotted number of stories gave me anxiety! lol Maybe it would be worth it for a one time trip to a particular place. I love to explore weekly and this app doesn’t encourage me to use it in that manner.
  • Such a great way to pass travel time 5/5

    By Saugatuck450
    And learn!
  • Awesomeness! 4/5

    By busymomma
    I downloaded Autio for a road trip-it was so fun finding places as we went and listening to stories about it. The vignettes are brief but provide great history and information. Provides a great diversion on a long trip.
  • Coolest ever travel tool 5/5

    By Maggiepants1
    Absolutely love the Autio verbal informational recordings as I travel through new areas...or old places that I never knew history about!!! This is truly the coolest travel tool. “Not all who wander are lost”...some are just craving info 🤔
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By KiHa1963
    I wish I knew about this app a long time ago. The History is so awesome. I can’t believe how much we missed before we had this. Best road trip ever. Just get the app you will be amazed.
  • Worth it for travelers 3/5

    By Jasonindahouse
    Sometimes the small town descriptions get old. ‘This town has a corn festival.’ ‘This town has a watermelon festival’. But the Native American history is awesome, as are the mountain men/pioneer stories. I do wonder if they gradually add more stories, and/or replace the lowest rated ones with higher rated stories. I haven’t been able to tell if they add content. If not, a three year subscription would be a little exploitive, and a myopic business strategy that only a Californian or New Yorker would think up.
  • Not enough content 2/5

    By Tbub5252
    For the price there wasn’t enough content . Went from Omaha to Texas and maybe 6 ques, also some were generic about the state and not the place
  • Road Trip-7 States 5/5

    By RLB-Austin
    We love this App! We traveled through 7 states and because of the Autio App learned so many interesting facts and actually stopped in several locations to see what we had just heard! We enjoyed it so much and looked forward to what we were to learn about the next town!! I am excited for this App to grow and add more material. It is truly my favorite discovery for road trips and basically anytime I am in the car! R Brown 6/2022
  • Not worth the cost 1/5

    By Evclave564
    Entertaining but not with the cost. This is a $2 app, not more.
  • Eats battery life like pac-man 1/5

    By FredJed
    All of a sudden my battery was 25 percent at the end of the day. When I checked Battery usage this app was top of the list by a wide margin AND I NEVER USE IT. Great concept terrible execution.
  • Not good app! 5/5

    By no costomer service!
    Could not even get on the app! Had support to help and still could not get on!
  • Informative 5/5

    By Iwanttoloseit
    This app is so informative of the area you are in! It gives you history and facts. Makes travel more fun while getting perspective and being educated on different topics at the same time!!
  • Love this app!! 5/5

    By Campers of SC
    This app has made our last few road trips so much more interesting! Lots of fun stories, historical info and details that we would never know just driving by an area. I have recommended to many friends and fellow travelers because it’s educational, interesting and helps the driving time fly by…
  • Made for Road Trips, but no Car Play? 3/5

    By Stumusic
    I was quite surprised that this app is not listed as an option to add to Car Play. It’s designed for using on Road Trips… that you take… IN A CAR! Also, I used the contact option in the app to make this very suggestion and got a “mail undeliverable” reply. That doesn’t bode well for customer support. I also wish it was easier to choose the stories one might want to listen to. I’d like to be able to see a listing of all the stories related to my location, within a customizable radius. The interface feels a bit clunky. So, I’m a bit disappointed to have paid for three years, but perhaps these issues will be addressed in a soon-to-come update, especially the ability to add the app to Car Play.
  • Best app for traveling 5/5

    By Handy Silva
    Definitivamente esse app proporciona uma ótima experiência nas minhas viagens. the best ever!
  • Beautiful 5/5

    By jeffs photos
    I didn’t realize all the beautiful things we have around here.
  • False information 2/5

    By allpasswords are taken
    Downloaded this a while back and was disappointed with inaccurate pictures on the 2nd article I opened. Today we were driving through our state and, again decided to try this app. First article we pulled up was full of inaccuracies. I would love this app if I could trust the content. Reminds me of the tv commercial ….”They can’t put anything on the internet that’s not true”. I wish.
  • Worth 5x more than current current price 5/5

    By Purple smile
    Even in my hometown, This app teaches me so much about the history that I would have never discovered on my own.
  • Unhappy 1/5

    By Tim-837465
    The interoperability of this application is limited and overbearing control. I can’t even get my gps app to reset after this app decided that I wanted to go to a landmark. There is no in app feedback method once you are stuck in receiving directions to a place that you don’t want to go. I pulled the trigger on renting this app way too early.
  • Surprise!! 1/5

    By Jimmil43
    The app might be good but other than 5 free stories nothing is free. “In app” purchases mean for anything to work it will cost a minimum of $29. Not a gambler. There should be a one time trial of the app maybe 24 hours to see how it works
  • Great idea in theory… 1/5

    By happysoulliving
    I was so excited about this app. We were going to explore the Alamo and some other places full of history. There were a few stories in the area so I downloaded the app. The couple stories they did have were just a couple minutes long. So much history. So many stories to be told and there weee mere minutes offered. I’m sure this is great for some people but a few minutes worth of stories is definitely not worth the paying money for unfortunately.
  • Best road trip ever! 5/5

    By ugotdebs
    Mom and I are doing an 8 day road trip and this has been awesome!!
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By Danny Pomeroy
    Finally got to take a trip with this app. We’re driving through Nevada and she asks a question about the Salt Flats, that was the next story up. I drove 12 hours, listened to this almost the entire way. Two thins would put this over the top. 1. CarPlay support. 2. Give it your trip, it allows you to download and store some stories. There were a few places where there was no cell service.
  • Pure political propaganda 1/5

    By Jazzerciser1012
    Installed, first story popped up was false propaganda editorial. Immediately deleted app. Should be advertised as political app, not historical stories.
  • The app I never thought I needed but always wanted 5/5

    By Mindfulskatergirl
    This app has enhanced our road trips so much. I’ve learned so much about towns throughout this country and landmarks that we always passes through but never thought much of. Bravo! Highly recommend.
  • Great Stories and Information 5/5

    By Habits 4 Life
    I only listen to three stories before I decided to buy the three years subscription. It’s such a wealth of knowledge and interesting facts of where I’m traveling and what there is to do and see. Things I didn’t know even in my own hometown. Thanks! 😊😊
  • Great app with quality content 4/5

    By SwansonBrian
    Just wish they had a Car Play interface.