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Auto Club Mobile improves on-the-go access to trusted Auto Club services including membership, insurance, travel, and roadside assistance. This mobile version also shows members Cheapest Gas, and Branch offices nearby. KEY FEATURES INCLUDE: * View membership details and insurance policies * Pay bills for membership and insurance * Request Roadside assistance * Book hotel, flight, or rental card * View upcoming trips * Access to Trip Planner * Find cheapest gas prices near you * Find member branch offices * Get traffic and road conditions for frequent commutes * Get an insurance quote for auto, home and other products (not available in all areas) * Get instant battery replacement quotes (not available in all areas) * Find Approved Auto Repair facilities


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  • Can’t Get Roadside Service Via App 1/5

    By John Peter Zenger
    Since last update, app responds “we could not complete your request at this time” when roadside assistance is sought. Since my AAA membership exists only for that benefit, the app is useless for me. I would give it zero stars if that was possible.
  • Stop logging out 1/5

    By Grue
    Or at least allow keychain/face id for login.
  • Completely Useless Application 1/5

    By dsjskljn
    Trying to create a triptik and this function just doesn’t work. Not sure how this made it out the door.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Medengineer
    TripTik simply does not work. Cannot find any thing. Simply says location not found no matter what I type in. Does not sink with trip too on line either. What a waste of 1’s and 0’s.
  • App is useless. 1/5

    By NickKam
    This app is useless. Old app allowed you to request roadside assistance and track it through the app. The new one wants you to call a number. Why do we need the app if I need to make a call? Pretty stupid. Deleting the app and will probably cancel my membership. Better offers and technology out there. Rated 1 star because I can’t give it zero.
  • 5 stars!!! 5/5

    By Askme 12738377
    This app is informative and easy to navigate. Thank you!
  • Easy and convenient 5/5

    By AAAmember
    I tend to do all my bill-paying on my phone, and having the AAA app makes it super easy to view my bill and account info anytime, from anywhere.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By The ole Red Head
    Lots of useless steps/ads just trying to find how to get directions from one place to another !!!!
  • TripTik is useless 1/5

    By Dont be Fuelish
    Cannot use triptik to build a new trip, and it insists that a road trip that I planned and saved on my PC did not exist.
  • Not worth the hassle! Even if, it is free. 1/5

    By KianaJae
    Trying to pay my insurance bill per the website one time pay and it tells me I can’t do it that I have to log into my account so I do so on the website. Still unable to log in to my account I head over to the app hoping to have better luck but unfotunetly it’s the same situation. Now I’m in danger of having my policy cancelled because of the app and websites are not efficient. And it’s too late to call because it’s after hours. I have been trying for the past hour and a half to pay my insurance bill. It’s now 11pm pst. Not happy at all with the website or the app!!
  • Roadside service bug 1/5

    By escottr
    I can’t type in your address for roadside service. When I do I get multiple error messages. I tried also to position the location took over my address and it won’t stick or work. Hard to believe they released this. There is also no way to adjust a current service request or to check its status. All this is in the web tool.
  • This app is stupid 1/5

    By jsa0108
    Why is there an app if I can’t even do pay through the app?
  • Worthless App 1/5

    By ThatGuy3223
    The app rarely actually launches. The few times it does launch, there’s an error, or it won’t log me in, or when I try to do anything at all it just spins and never actually does anything. Tried updated version on 3/30 and it’s the same issues.
  • Disappointed 3/5

    By W1t9
    Needs the print option to login on the app.
  • Delete and start over! 1/5

    By Voyagr61
    I can’t even log in. I get stuck in this loop of being asked to enter my zip code and user information. The few times that has worked bring me nowhere. Anything I try to see just has the spinning icon. I had the other AAA app that used to work well but that one doesn’t work anymore either. I can’t even log in. All it does is refer you to download this app which doesn’t work. My husband tried downloading the apps with the same results. These apps are completely useless! They error out before you can get anywhere. What a waste! I tried to use the contact form to inquire about my issues and more than two weeks later when I finally got a reply was told that issues with the app should be directed to my local AAA office. Why?! Since when does the AAA office in town have an IT guy?! Useless! Both these apps are being deleted.
  • Worst App for Emergencies 1/5

    By derfowitz
    This app was designed primarily for ease of reporting a roadside emergency. It fails miserably. It does not know your location even after inputting the zip code and directs you to call an 800#. After numerous voice prompts and waiting for a live operator they have to forward your call to someone in your region where you have to repeat ALL of your info again!! Come on AAA, get it right already! We are paying members!! This is equivalent to calling 911 and no one answering.
  • AAA app is pure crap! 1/5

    By Tallone63
    If you ever wanted to see a useless app then definitely download this one! Signing in is a horrible mess with constant crashes and then it’s says you are not a valid member and your car does not exist! Totally useless!

    By Professional Hider
    I used the app to find out the option to request service via app isn’t available anymore... Sometimes the situation where my phone battery is low, and calling isn’t fast as using the app so I can conserve energy
  • Can’t even open the damned thing 1/5

    By CPG35223
    Seizes up on the open screen. Did AAA not even test this? Whoever the developer is should be flogged.
  • Pathetic application 1/5

    By Maheshiyogi
    Installed on phone for AAA Onboarding. This will consider you took hard break if you ever stop on a Traffic signal
  • App crashes when opening 1/5

    By AndoliniP
    As soon as you open the app, it crashes and closes. I’ve got the latest iOS and I even deleted and reinstalled the app. Same issue. Pleas fix!
  • New app is awful 1/5

    By 34for3
    Go back to the old app. The old one used gps and when you clicked roadside service it was done, the new app when you click on roadside service is makes you call AAA. Why are we moving backwards with technology? Also thanks for not telling me about how with the new app you had to get on the website and we up a new online account to use the app. Couldn’t use the app for 2 months, then called when I needed it and spent 30 mins on hold to find out I have to register on a computer first, even though I’ve used it for a year without doing that.
  • Worst App Ever 1/5

    By Angylgirl
    I downloaded this app after I recently returned to AAA. I tried to create an account, but it told me my email address was not valid. (I’ve had it since 1997). I created a new password. It told me to enter my expiration date. Every time I tried it defaulted to the current date plus one year. I called AAA 14 times and held 45 minutes and got disconnected. Then cycled around from department to department. I finally give up and accept the wrong date just to create the account. I decide to test out the Roadside Assist portion. Imagine my surprise when my fancy new app opens to a screen that says if you need Roadside Assistance call 1800whatever! I have a phone book/contact list in my iPhone so I surely don’t need an app to tell me to call a phone number. You seem more interested in opening the app to some dumb coupon for a half price appetizer than pricing roadside Assistance. This app is a real disappointment. I tried to contact the app developer and up comes California AAA. 🤦🏻‍♀️

    By JamieCherie
    Crashes! Won’t keep me logged in! Not very many features that actually work!!
  • Current version crashes 1/5

    By Nukyeler
    Current version will not open. Crashes immediately.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By 9robins
    I’ve belonged to AAA for decades. I’m paid up. My physical card is out of date by a few months in spite of that. I’m pretty careful to dump only JUNK junk mail unopened. But I just recently used some services at the local club, which honored the card. Now I decide I should activate the app. I get nowhere. It’s never heard of me.
  • Sorry 1/5

    By David in Newport
    I wanted this app to be so helpful, but it was the opposite. I love AAA so I gave it every opportunity. It is really nothing more than annoying advertisement.
  • Needs to be Better 2/5

    By DanaRodocker
    Still no way to change the amount of a payment (other than the minimum due or full balance) and you still can’t change the credit cart # using the app. It’s 2018...these things are possible, yet AAA won’t allow either with their app. Need to be able to select a different payment amount. The only options are to pay in full or pay the minimum amount but if you want to pay more than the minimum, you have to go online using a computer.
  • Touch ID and Face ID needed. 1/5

    By porterman
    Requires zip code, user name, and password every time you use app. Makes you not want to use it.
  • TripTik Needs Help 1/5

    By MX$1
    I REALLY LIKE THIS APP for a lot of reasons, for which I will not go into detail here, but TripTik (v5.4.0) needs help. When planning a trip where you insert two addresses and ask for routing directions, the app does not allow you to type the address directly into the ‘router’. You must type the address into the search feature first, and the app must ‘find’ the address before it allows you to use it. What happens if the search feature can’t find the address? This has happened numerous times with legitimate addresses. It seems that I recall that you used to be able to insert addresses directly from your phone contacts into the routing feature, but the app won’t allow you to do that either. Finally, you should be able to use the location of ‘dropped pins’ in the routing feature - you can’t do that either. This needs to be fixed. Thanks for listening, AAA. Just “upgraded” to version 2.15.1 (902). “Here to There” v1.0 (10) no longer works. “Live Parking” v1.0 (1015) no longer works. 😕
  • What happened? 2/5

    By Corey Trice
    The AAA app used to be extremely convenient for scheduling roadside assistance. You could fill out the request right in the app, see the ETA, and even where the tow truck was. Now you just get a notice that says to call them. I got stuck on hold and was bounced around so they could try to find the right state club for me to set up service which used to take 1 minute to do in the app. Please add real roadside assistance scheduling back to the app.
  • Needs new developers 1/5

    By Fanaticks krew
    This app is so irritating. I open the app and it says download. ???? I already have the app. Then it links to App Store and then I can open it there. Then I have to punch in my zip code. Get it together AAA. We pay a lot of money and I don’t use all my toes every year
  • Does not load 1/5

    By kp waiting
    I have an iPhone 7, I have re-started my phone after an update, reset my password and reinstalled the app. It has not worked in months. I want to use it, but can’t. Don’t waist your time.
  • almost as bad as aaa’s webpage 1/5

    By rojorojo
    If you can find a way to pay your bill without spending 2 hours having to change your password, reset your username, etc., etc., my hats off to you.
  • NOT HAPPY 1/5

    By BellaLove7
    It keeps logging me out too often, and I am now forced to have to actually call to request roadside assistance. Whereas on the older app I had the option of requesting directly from the app, or calling. The fact that the app keeps logging me out is what is most annoying.
  • Roadside assistance??? 1/5

    By Eldonjon72
    If there is a way to request roadside assistance with this dumb app I sure can’t figure it out. I’m frustrated enough with a breakdown - I don’t need the aggravation of a crappy app right now!
  • Can’t use letters - no way to login 1/5

    By leaving AAS
    Just terrible design. Try to put in policy number and can only input numerical #s not alpha letters. Go back to the drawing board - so late to the App game anyway...
  • Useless 1/5

    By Haukei
    Simply directs me to open or download another ap.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Crushingyourhead
    I haven’t been able to login into this app ever. As much as I like AAA this app is useless.
  • Map Is incomprehensible 1/5

    By Bill koeppe
    Tried to use it to plot a trip from A to B. The Here to There section just is badly designed and does not work (i use to be a GUI designer). The other section i used plain did not work whatever i entered for the search was not found though i typed in "Plano, TX".
  • Online payment 1/5

    By BanLan
    Disappointed the the new app. I found I had the choice of making a minimum $10 payment or paying the balance due. I wished to make 50% payment of balance due. As I recall that was possible in previous version
  • Maps not working 1/5

    By Trishious
    I’ve been trying to do Trip Tik Travel Planner and it doesn’t work.
  • Don't waste your time!! 1/5

    Worst app ever. You go through the sign-up process and then it doesn't let you in - tells you your information is wrong even after you have verified it with them. It's built wrong by people who have no idea about what they're doing. I sure hope their tow service works better if I ever need it. What a joke!
  • No Good 1/5

    By 🍓🍓🍓💙💙💙🌅
    Still can not log on.
  • Doesn’t work on iPhone X 1/5

    By Ballooz teramint
    I installed the app but after I entered my information the app kept on trying to load “home” information.
  • Beyond useless 1/5

    By bosfrankieb
    I primarily use the app when I need roadside assistance. With the latest updates, with location services turned on, the app cannot location me. To add insult to injury, the app also won’t let me type in my address—it tries to autofill the address after every single letter you type and hides the keyboard in the process. If by some miracle you manage to get your address entered, it tells you the request can’t be submitted and instructs you to call AAA. I give up.
  • Pathetic App 1/5

    By Humher
    This app is: 1. Very slow at best. 2. It is too focused on how they can make more money. 3. If you want to pay your yearly premium you have to work your way through a maze. 4. If you are out of town it wants to tie you into your zip code area. What good is this in other locations like Disney World.
  • Slowest app ever 1/5

    By Afternoon walker
    This is the slowest app ever. Slow to open just to add my card to wallet. Can’t imagine what will happen if I need this I an emergency.
  • Waste of Time 1/5

    By FirePIO
    I’ve attempted several times to register as a new member and the expiration date will not allow me to change he date. Keeps automatically going back to current date. Therefore I’m getting an error message saying the information doesn’t match what’s on file. Completely useless!
  • Worse than just using website ; Apple Watch integration not working 1/5

    By VicViper255
    The Apple Watch integration does not appear to work for people with membership in the Northeast US AAA club. On the watch, it says to enable Location Services on the phone. On the phone, it directs me to a different, AAA app. In iPhone Settings, only one app shows up as Location Services aware, and enabling it seems to do nothing on the watch.

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